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Brushing the Dust Off of the American Revolution by Derrel Walters July 22, 2013

The American Revolution reached its apex the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Many think of the American Revolution as a war fought between the original Colonies and the British; however, that is more accurately called the War for Independence. Over the years, many countries have become independent of parent nations. For instance, Vietnam – then French Indochina – became independent of France circa 1949. Thus, it can be recognized that wars do not necessarily lead to a change – a turning around – a revolution. Revolutions are intellectual in nature. Particularly, the American Revolution brought Man’s attention to two realizations: 1. Kings are not necessary (ie no one man is above the rest); and 2. Governments rule through the consent of the governed (ie the State serves Man and not vice versa). The American Revolution has not yet been taken to its logical end. It’s time to brush the dust off. PERHAPS the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. ~Thomas Paine, Common Sense The United States is in a unique situation. Americans are weary of war. The State is enslaving our posterity through debt. Due to the endless printing of money, it now takes two people working to achieve the same standard of living that was once possible in a single worker household. Not counting inflation, Americans pay ~50% of their earnings in taxes (ie ~50% of their work week is in service to the State). The Right to Privacy has been destroyed by the gargantuan spying apparatus that keeps track of every call, every Facebook post, every Tweet, and every Skype conversation. Politicians represent K Street rather than Main Street. The President has a Kill List that has been known to contain – and has lead to the murder of – American citizens. The State operates a worldwide torture regime and imprisons people without any due process. It is

now acceptable by law for American citizens to be captured and indefinitely detained by covert means. The mainstream media has essentially become the propaganda arm of the State. The Administration has targeted journalists that investigate too thoroughly – one, Michael Hastings, recently died in a mysterious fiery onecar crash. The IRS has been used to target political opponents of the President. Domestic police forces have been militarized, and home invasions by SWAT teams – where pets are often murdered – have come to replace a knock on the door to serve warrants. People not suspected of any crime are detained at roadblocks, asked to present their papers, and are treated like criminals if they question these pre-crime tactics. People that blow the whistle on State abuses are locked away under inhumane conditions, branded as traitors by politicians and pundits, forbidden from seeking asylum, and are hidden from the public once captured. The State seeks out every excuse to disarm the American populace – in violation of the 2nd Amendment. And the list goes on and on and on. The train of abuses outlined in the Declaration of Independence barely compare – especially considering Our modern tax burden. King George III would blush if he were still alive. How have the once rugged individualists, known as Americans, become so thick-skinned to such abuses? The existence of a State spoils the People. Big banks have become spoiled to “too big to fail” bailouts. Politicians have become spoiled on kickbacks. The poor find themselves trapped in poverty due to being spoiled by “free” government money. Parents find themselves spoiled to “free” public education for their children. There’s a “free” police force, a “free” fire department, a “free” public library, “free” roads, “free”… “free”… “free”… People rarely consider that they pay for all of these things. None are really “free.” The State cannot give what it first does not take. The State tries to spoil the People so that it can maintain its rule – preserve the consent of the governed. This is why Americans have become so tolerant to abuse – where Our forefathers would have screamed to high heaven some time ago. With regards to all the services listed above, the State is simply a middle man. Order can be preserved by the market. The market can fulfill the demands of society. The State is an unnecessary gear in the machine. Please consider the following scenario: Suppose that taxation were made completely voluntary, and people could itemize the taxes which they decided to pay. If you want to pay for the wars, send the State your money earmarked for war. If you want to pay for domestic spying, send the State your money earmarked for PRISM or the like. If you want to pay into Social Security, send the State your money for that. You get the idea. Such a system would necessarily limit the State. You may say, “But people won’t pay any taxes in that case.” That’s fine. As the budget dwindles, the services will lack. If people come to find that they need a particular service – if economic demand is created – they will begin to pay, and supply would be restored accordingly. On the other hand, if it turned out a program wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, the People could defund it immediately rather than waiting for Congress to act.

But wait a minute! In the description above, the State has been transformed into a business servicing the demands of the market – de facto anarcho-capitalism! The market can handle the demands of the People – and likely at a much lower cost, I might add. So, how do We brush off the dust and complete the Revolution? The transition of going from State to Stateless will not be effortless. It will take work by the People. Nothing is free. In order for this transition to pass as painless as possible, people need to begin making the government redundant and less able to compete. For instance, rather than using State sponsored courts, appoint a commercial source of arbitration in contractual agreements. Theft insurance could be created whereby the insurance company would investigate instances of burglary, and upon solving a case, the perpetrator could be offered the options of working off the debt in service to the victim or could be treated like many communities do writers of hot checks and be made into a social pariah through advertisement. Police could begin quitting their jobs and working for such companies. Soldiers need to avoid reenlistment and communicate their bad experiences with those young people now being promised the world at the risk of life and limb. Sympathetic State workers need to begin looking for new jobs in the private sector. The same goes for those people working in the war – I mean defense – industry. Public school teachers that have a passion for teaching need to start offering internet based curriculum or home schooling supplements. Companies that have become dependent on State contracts – like small arms manufacturers – need to find ways to quit doing so (When you do, make it public, and the People will reward you). Communities need to start bartering organizations that are independent of the dollar – maybe consider using copper, silver, or gold – but don’t advertise. And if you do noting else, spread the message! Bring doubt to people’s minds about the need for the State. When someone asks, “Who would do so-and-so if the State didn’t exist?” challenge them to figure it out. Brainstorm together and find a potential solution. I promise you that a logical solution does exist! The State is not necessary. Bring up all the bad things the government does. There are plenty. Ask people, “Does the good outweigh the bad?” & “Is the good really good?” This can be done! No violence is needed to get rid of the State. The implementation of ideas is much more powerful. What can be done against a revolution which has so much right on its side? Nothing… The whole phenomenon lies in these few words. An invasion of armies can be resisted; an invasion of ideas cannot be resisted. ~Victor Hugo, The History of Crime Help brush off the dust! The Revolution is not over!


Brushing the Dust Off of the American Revolution  

The American Revolution reached its apex the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.

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