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Anti-War Protesters To Cop: We Don’t Need A Permit We Have The Constitution Joshua Cook September 1, 2013

On Saturday, thousands of citizens throughout the nation protested military strikes against Syria. A group of activists assembled at the busiest intersection in Spartanburg, S.C. to wave signs and bring awareness to the ongoing push to strike Syria by the Obama administration. A local police officer told them that if someone complained they would have to leave because they did not have a city permit. He also said that activists who continue to protest on the crosswalk would go to jail. Anti-War Protesters to Cop: We Don't Need a Permit We Have the Constitution (Part 1) VIDEO BELOW Many of the protestors considered this to be a violation of their 1st Amendment right and challenged the officer by asking him if they committed any crime. They also reminded the officer that they had a right to assemble on public property such as a sidewalk and did not need a permit to do so. Evan Mulch the organizer of the protest told the officer that in the future he would not apply for a permit but would let the police department know when they plan to do the next event. One protester asked the officer, “what about our right to assembly?” The officer said, “like I said, you have to fill out a form.” Dr. Bill Bledsoe asked the officer, “What laws am I breaking and are you arresting me?”

Anti-War Protesters to Cop: We Don't Need a Permit We Have the Constitution (Part 2) VIDEO BELOW v=hVE9Dp4GrKo “No,” replied the officer. “What I was explaining to him was that you have to have a permit to assemble,” said the officer. Bledsoe said, “you do not have to have a permit to walk across the street holding a sign.” One protestor told the officer, “you are pledged to support the Constitution, that’s the #1 law!” Evan Mulch the who organized the protest told the officer, “what you are conditioning us to do is to ask you for approval to be in a public place – we don’t need your approval.”

Under Colossal Global Backlash, Obama Holds Off on Syria Strike Julie Wilson and Alex Jones August 31, 2013

Obama decides to follow the Constitution and seek Congressional approval for Syrian military strike Obama addressed the public on Saturday from the White House Rose Garden. He confirmed the United States’ intention to use force against Syria, however, is reportedly waiting to enforce military action until Congress is able to hold a debate and vote on the matter.

“House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on Saturday that he expects the House to consider the measure the week of Sept. 9,” reported The Hill. Obama claims he has the authority to move forward solo, but surprisingly stated it’s important for the country to debate military intervention. “I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress. The country will be stronger if we take this course and our actions will be more effective,” said Obama. His position most likely stems from innumerable world allies and government officials who have strongly voiced their opposition to military involvement in Syria. Just as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote today in a piece entitled America Totally Discredited, he assesses this is the greatest diplomatic meltdown in US history. In his report he acknowledges the greatest danger now is that the White House may attempt to stage something else in order to persuade the unconvinced public into a war with Syria. “The rest of the world has learned to avoid Washington’s rush to war when there is no evidence,” writes Roberts. Ron Paul: Why Are We On The Side Of Al-Qaeda In Syria? VIDEO BELOW Both Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul have come out saying the chemical attacks have all the hallmarks of a false flag or staged event. In closing, Obama nonchalantly informed the public that the US is in a position to strike, and that the strike could come tomorrow, next week or even a month from now. A military response is “not time sensitive,” reiterated the President. Following the UK Parliament’s decision to vote no against Syrian intervention, “Obama indicated he will not wait for either approval from the U.N. Security Council or the conclusion of U.N. inspectors’ investigation into the Syria attack,” reported Fox News. Obama’s decision to follow the Constitutional law of the republic, for now, is a tremendous victory for America.


Anti-War Protesters To Cop: We Don’t Need A Permit We Have The Constitution