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Elisabeth Nguyen (Kym) Service Project Paper 4688 Transitioning from College to Career Professor Suzanne Stromberg Stop and Serve For my service project in this course I chose to do the Stop and Serve on Campus that is sponsored by the Colorado University of Denver Experimental Learning Center and the Office of student life. I chose this project because it offered help too many different organizations and provided the opportunity to chat with other students on campus. In this project I spent time meeting the Kyra who coordinated the event in North Class Room Atrium. What I did for this project was help set up the event and made fliers, came up with a survey and provided other ideas for to help the project. This event was done monthly on campus and provided students with different projects. The event I help with was on Thursday November 10, 2011. I help set up and pass out fliers to get students to volunteer their services. This event went well, there were many students who drop by and help with the several different projects provided. The Stop and Serve had three projects. The first was for African American Refugees where beanies were knitted for the immigrants in America. The second project was project angel heart, where bags were decorated and filled with food to those with illnesses. The third project was making holiday cards for the military. This experience was exciting fun and felt good because it was nice to see other helping those in need. It was rare scene to see because experiences from the past not many people I know provide services. I felt many were too busy to care about the communities. The students on campus showed another view and it was delightful to see. I enjoyed how Kyra guided my experience and made this project fun and joyful to do.

For the stop and serve my role was to help Kyra set up on the day of the event. I created a survey for students to answer. Fliers were made and posted throughout campus and help coordinate the event and explain each project to volunteers. The first role I had was creating a survey for students to answer, Kyra wanted the survey to help answer which students are attending where and if this event was getting heard throughout campus. The type of questions on the survey was which campus do did you attend Metro State, University of Colorado or Colorado Community College and if what was you class standing. Others like how did you hear about stop and serve, was this your first time and the reasons you were coming, which was your favorite project, would attend another stop and serve and etc. Another role I had was making the fliers or the project. I came up with ideas to how the fliers should look and what to put in them for the current month event. I also had set up posters around campus to spread the word of the event and made announce to follow classmates. I help with facilitate the day of the event by showing other volunteers the types of projects available by showing and explaining which each one provide to the community. This event had three projects that provided back to the communities. The first project was knitting beanies for the African Community Center. This project addressed issues in the African Community by enriching the life of refugees. This project help refugees settle into their new communities by recovering from past trauma, help gain independence on personal level and it provided the tools in order to become productive and able people in adapting the American society by contributing back. Volunteers would stop and serve by knitting beanies for center because many refugees coming to America are not provided with the hats and gloves in the winter months. This non-profit organization is located in the Virginia and is a program by the Ethiopian Community of Development Council. The mission is to provide refugees with

who fled their homes in hope of a better life in America. They help those from places like Vietnam, Iraq and Congo as well as other places. The organization provided services like housing, cultural adjustment and employment and training are few. From experience my parents are refugees from Vietnam, my father said he wished organization like this were more available when he first came but is glad to know that they are out there for the future of refugees. There are programs are designed to help with settle in within the first year in America. This service project is very influential to the campus because the University has a diverse base of students that are refugees. The second project was Project Angel heart, where this addressed people with life threatening illness. This project offered decorated bags with meals inside at no cost to those with a life threatening illness. The life threatening illness could be anything from cancer, to hiv and aids or life threatening. This service provides hope to those not capable of leaving their homes to do the grocery shopping and meals to families. Project Angel heart improves the quality of life with healthy meals. Sponsors like King Soopers help over 1,800 clients with 400,000 meals in 2009 and is growing every year. Project Angel heart has been around for over eighteen years and strive to provide better lives to communities. This project is heartwarming and provides those with a life threatening illness with a better quality to enrich the physical and emotional health. The third project was making of holidays cards for the military who are currently serving in Middle East. This service is provided by offering positive holiday’s words to soldiers serving our country. Many of cards offered details of the individual, I wrote about my hobbies and interest and which state I am from. I offered encouraging words about the work they are doing and thanks contribution to our country, each card was unique in their own ways. This

project was exciting for many students. Many students enjoyed this service because it felt like many students and volunteers knew someone who has or is overseas and serving this nation. There are many families with a father, son, brother, sister, aunt and so forth serving our nation independence. Many volunteers expressed feeling of thanks and gratefulness to know that our nation is protected. Overall this service was the most compelling to volunteers. In this service project the tangibles were passing out fliers, creating them, creating a survey and help the event by setting up and explained to other volunteers about the projects to participate in. This service was about how it takes five minutes to stop and serve and offer something back to communities in our area. Kyra and I communicated through emails and met a few times before the event. The survey, fliers and projects of knitting, project bags for angel heart and holidays cards for the military. My role was to explain to volunteers the projects work and even join in many the festivities. My development in the fliers was to display them around campus and spread the word, create the survey by brainstorming questions to ask students and volunteers. This service project was a great experience to have because it offered ways to connect to the community. My reflection on this project was interesting and informative. Before this event the most volunteering I have done was in senior communities centers. After this experience, the changes enhanced my perspective in a large way because it offered me better understanding that services are wide in many areas not just the senior center. It was eye opening to see how many people out there are willing to help others obtain their life goals whether it life threatening, or just arriving to America or even serving our country. The civility of others makes a better community and that no service to small or big can still enhance someone else life. The way people provide a civic duty to be being a good citizen. My

perspective in service learning has changed because I know that five minutes to even one hour is still providing people with the warmth and kindness in love to make someone else day. As a citizen I want to strive to see a better community in less poverty, better health care and healthy lives and it starts with me. It taught me that communication is a great key to understandings people needs and wants in a community. This service offered me a foundation to further my services in the future. I enjoyed every aspect of the campus involvement and community services. I look forward to everything I have learned in this experience and applying it to future involvements. The tangibles‌.. Emails Kym, Thanks so much for contacting me. I apologize for my delay in getting back to you, my father passed away last week and I have been out of the office. I will be back on Monday, Sept 12th. Is there a time Tuesday or Monday that you would like to chat on the phone or in my office? Just let me know.

Thanks Kyra Kyra Tarbell, M.P.A. | Community Engagement Coordinator Experiential Learning Center | Office of Student Life | University of Colorado Denver Tivoli 260 | Campus Box 143, P.O. Box 173364 | Denver, Colorado 80217-3556 Phone 303.556.3944 | Fax 303.556.4728 ________________________________________ From: Kym Nguyen [] Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 2:03 PM To: Tarbell, Kyra Subject: regards to communication course for Suzanne Stromberg Hi Kyra, My name is Elisabeth Nguyen (Kym). I am currently taking the communication course with Suzanne. She had given us some information in regards to our service project that due this term. If you have time I'd love to chat and maybe work something out. My number is 7209335133. I had also left you a voice mail. Thanks Looking forward to hear from you. Best,


Great Kym! I just noticed that we have a meeting 11/1. We can figure things out more then. Thanks, see you next week! Kyra Kyra Tarbell, M.P.A. | Community Engagement Coordinator Experiential Learning Center | Office of Student Life | University of Colorado Denver Tivoli 260 | Campus Box 143, P.O. Box 173364 | Denver, Colorado 80217-3556 P 303.556.3944 | F 303.556.4728 From: Kym Nguyen [] Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:27 PM To: Tarbell, Kyra Subject: Re: Stop and Serve project Hello Kyra, I would like to set up a time for fliering the week of the event. I'm not sure what my schedule looks like for work yet but as soon as I know, Ill set up a time to meet that week. But I did set up a meeting on the 11/1/11to meet and maybe go over details and what else can be done before the event. I am interested in finding ways to promote donations and getting the word out about the event. Is there anything I can do before we meet? My planning time with Lo was informative and fun. We had both came up with questions for the survey. What did you think? I look forward to doing more. Thanks Kym ;)

From: "Tarbell, Kyra" <KYRA.TARBELL@UCDENVER.EDU> To: Kym Nguyen <> Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 12:18 PM Subject: RE: Stop and Serve project

Kym, That is a good idea. Homeless shelters also really need socks, gloves and scarves. When I send out the email to inform people of the event, I will also include that we will be accepting donation items as well. Thanks! It sounds like your planning went well with Lo. Did we set up a time for you to do any fliering the week of the event, before Stop & Serve? If not, are you interested in doing that at all? Just let me know.


Kyra Tarbell, M.P.A. | Community Engagement Coordinator Experiential Learning Center | Office of Student Life | University of Colorado Denver Tivoli 260 | Campus Box 143, P.O. Box 173364 | Denver, Colorado 80217-3556 P 303.556.3944 | F 303.556.4728 From: Kym Nguyen [] Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 12:44 PM To: Tarbell, Kyra Subject: Re: Stop and Serve project

Hello Kyra, Thanks for taking the time to meet with me last week. I am excited to be part of this project service on campus. Sorry I did not reply earlier, I never really check my emails. I am happy to hear that my idea is a good. I have been taking the time to figure out how we can deliver and or service the items to places if we get a plan in place for the next event that is. I was thinking about how to attract others to the events and well one thing pop out at me, something that help the homeless with possibility of providing donated coats. If students do not have five minutes to offer they certainly have 30 seconds to donate needed items. What do you think? To confirm, I will be there tomorrow 10/19/11 (9-12) to meet with Lo. Thanks, I look forward to getting started. Sincerely, Kym :) From: "Tarbell, Kyra" <KYRA.TARBELL@UCDENVER.EDU> To: "" <> Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 2:14 PM Subject: Stop and Serve project

Kym, Thank you so much for coming in today and being on time. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m glad you will be working on this project with us. I was thinking about it and you have a really good idea for the assisted living home. And I would love for you to have some ownership in this project as well. Do you have any other ideas of things that we could do during the event to attract students or help others? I want you to be interested in what we are doing and feel like you are contributing not just doing what I tell you.

So please let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts about the project. Also just to confirm that you will be coming in next Wednesday, October 21st 9-1200 to assist my student worker Lo with event preparation. Thanks again! kyra Kyra Tarbell, M.P.A. | Community Engagement Coordinator Experiential Learning Center | Office of Student Life | University of Colorado Denver Tivoli 260 | Campus Box 143, P.O. Box 173364 | Denver, Colorado 80217-3556 P 303.556.3944 | F 303.556.4728

Works Cited Experimental Learning Center at the University of Colorado Denver. Kyra Tarbell Tivoli Room 260 303-556-3944

African Community Center 5250 Leetsdale Dr. Suite 200 Denver, CO 80246 303-399-4500

Project Angel Heart 4190 Garfield St. Unit 5 Denver, CO 80216 303-830-0202

Event Stop and Serve (to help me better understand what the services the military did)


The Stop and Serve had three projects. The first was for African American Refugees where experiences from the past not many people I know pr...

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