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01 I’m Klaudia - enthusiastic student of architecture. I find architecture as a way of lifestyle. What I want to offer YOU are my ideas, passion, creative thinking and skills. I have a little of experience in architectural practice and it only confirmed mine convintion that this is what I wanted to do in my life. Feel free to see my works, how I feel, how I think and how I show it.



26/06/1994 +48 661 663 801 Rekreacyjna 1 19-300 Chruściele, Poland Architecture Faculty Poznań University of Technology in Poland 2013 - … / Bachelor with distinction Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft ARCHLAND LEIBNIZ UNIVERSTÄT HANNOVER 2015


2nd prize in the competition for the Best Architecture Project in the Architecture Faculty III 2016 final prize in SARP competition with projects REFUGEES and MINIMUM / Poznań Poland IV 2016


publication in HOME NOT SHELTER book with project REFUGEES XII 2016




AutoCAD ArchiCAD Rhino Revit 3DS max / V-Ray Cinema4D

SketchUp Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Microsoft Office

ENGLISH – advanced (certificate B2 80%) GERMAN – intermedia te (language course B2) POLISH - native Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects VIII - XII 2017 Helsinki Finland Skidmore, Owings & Merrill VI / VII 2017 Chicago US Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers VII / VIII 2016 Manchester England


02 Hidden House Playing with our dreams - this is what was the competition to us. One may think that the idea of moving house up and down is ridiculous. On the other side our minds have to be open. What if in some years technology would be so developed to realise our fantasy? See more on p.17

HOUSE 28 Czerwca 1956


The subject of the bachelor thesis is a design of Residential Tenement in 28 Czerwca Street in Posen. The primary objective was to integrate residents, whom one floor of the building was devoted. See more on p.5

Big pleasure and experience with projects that could really errect and which touch very serious social problem. Made during ERASMUS student’s exchange programme, fisrt made in such a detail. with “German precision”. The project was exhibited in Hannover, Berlin, München and Posen. See more on p.13

Minimum The second competition ever made - project I am very proud of. Milions sketches made, first contact with exploring and measures considered human’s ergonomy. By the way of making competition, Mateusz and I have visited many historical industrial factories from IX and XX century. Now abandoned, seem to be potential in future. See more on p.11


Models Fascinated with 3D forms from the childhood. I believe that making and comparing many forms of new project is the best way to check it. Ready made model is easy to understand and feel.

Winery Winery in Górzykowo follows rural forms of the architecture but is at the same time very modern. Fabric is connected with wine tasting and restaurant, Cuts in fields make and expression of going through them: one can touch and taste grapes, be the part of the production of wine in beautiful polish countrysides, which are famous of it. See more on p.19

See more on p.21

Experience/ exhibitions/ work I have gained first experience in architectural office on 3rd year of studies in Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Desingers. It strengthen my belief that this is what I wanna do in the future. I also feel very delighted to share my work in exhibitions with other students, architects and “ordinary” people, listen to their opinions, having the chance to be part of this show. See more on p.25

projects 4

tenement Bachelor: Residential Tenement dr hab. inş. arch. Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipińska, prof. nadzw.PP Posen Poland February 2017 The subject of the thesis is a design of Residential Tenement in 28 Czerwca Street in Posen. The report includes analysis of the area, process of form and function design and site plan. The primary objective was to integrate residents, whom one floor of the building was devoted. It is arranged in sitting tables, mini gym and urban gardens. This area was spread beginning from the first floor into the yard through the construction of wooden stairs. Ten flats are located above and there is a smoothie bar on the ground floor. Despite the innovative form the building fits into the context. The facade covered with milk glass makes very soft impression and the rythm of divisions corresponds to existing buildings.



7 5

8 6



minimum Housing Unit Minimum Mateusz Zieliński dr Maciej Janowski Posen Poland May 2015 Main idea of the project is based on three rules: to place all basic housing functions on the smallest area needed; to use certain elements to several functions and to arrange abandoned places in the city. Our module is based on 80 cm length and usable area of 5,12 m² that connects full functional programme. Maximilising area by placing shower with toilet and bed on the mezzanine. One wall of the house has a slope of 22° to create place for a wardrobe. Each element is design in a way to serve more than one function. Stairs are doubled flight and can be also used as a bookshelf. Mezzanine, on which is bed, is also the way to the rooftop. Everything makes the house a dynamic form which is built of cheap and easily accesible material. The place where the project would be put is the Fabric of Rail Tabor in Posen.




refugees Leibniz Universität in Hannover Daria Głąbowska Prof. Jörg Friedrich Hannover Germany January 2016 Safe and comfortable home is the necessity of every man. This problem concerns especially refugees who recently need our attention. Our task was to create a place, which these people will be able to determine as their home. It is important that each citizen have his privacy and a sense of closeness with their mates in a small area. THE STRUCTURE Project PARKHAUS is a modular, temporary structure that provides residents with increased safety and dignity. It is a solution not only for one unit but can be also erected in abandoned and useless places such as one in Hannover, near Roderbruch S-Bahn Station. THE CONSTRUCTION Based on 2.5 m and fits into the span of beans in Parkhaus. Materials are cheap and light: wood, OSB boards, plasterboards. INTEGRATION The idea of whole complex is to integrate refugees with local people by culture and language courses and enable inhabitants to work in carpentry or tailor‘s shop.


15 9



hidden house House for Architect Competition Marek Grodzicki Posen Poland September 2016 Residential building for hard-working architect who values functionalism, organisation and space control. Main idea was to create flexible form, which thanks to its mobility, could adjust to every complicated space situation. Once house could be seen and be open to nature and surroundings, the other time hidden under the ground not attractiong attention to anyone. Possible thanks to special hydraulic construction of elevator. When the building is above the ground level, new space is created: a big exhibition hall where many architects can gather and discuss architectural issues. The interion is rare and simple. Order of the rooms follows traditional one: from garage, kitchen, dining room and living room to more private: bathroom, bedroom and the end to architect’s cubic, which is open to internal baths.This can help to increase creativity of the man who is surrounded by trees, water and simple arrangement of the planes.


winery Rural architecture Marek Grodzicki dr inż arch. Hanna Michalak Górzykowo Poland June 2016 Winery in Górzykowo follows rural forms of the architecture but is at the same time very modern. Adjusted to the slope, open to beautiful seeds view. Part where the building is under the ground is useful for the production of wine, thanks to the shadow. Fabric is connected with wine tasting and restaurant, two other smaller buildings are devoted to agrotourism. They are connenced with paths which cuts in fields (1.2m deep) giving the expression of going through them: you can touch and taste grapes



models Spending hours on modeling and testing different configurations are, in my opinion, very important during concept design phase. Models are some of the best tools for exploring space, scale, materials and other considerarions in building design. My favourite materials are cardboard, balsa wood and plexi . My models are accurate and enable to be open. It is a big pleasure to share them with people from outside the architecture business, giving them the opportunity to dig deep into the project.



11 23

These pictures present the model made for my bachelor Thesis on February 2017. The scale of it is 1:75.

24 12




Publication of the project “RARKHAUS” in a book “HOME NOT SHELTER” 2016

University of Technology in Posen “Keep Calm Hostel” made in the 2nd year of studying won second prize in the competition for the Best Architecture Project at the Institute of Housing and Service Architecture in the Architecture Faculty. The exhibition was held in Lecture Centrum in Posen.


Castle Exhibition SARP In May 2016 took place the exhibition of the best student’s projects done in the last academic year. Two of mine projects were selected from University of Technology : project Minimum (with Mateusz Zieliński) and Refugees (Daria Głąbowska). The event was held in the Castle in Posen and was organised by Polish Institution of Architects.

The cooperative university initiative Home not Shelter! has worked on a task “Refugees” from the perspective of architecture and urban planning and has developed spatial concepts designed to meet the complex requirements of an increasingly diverse society. One of the focal points was the question of whether communal forms of housing for migrants and students, as well as hybrid typologies, can constitute such innovative spaces in the sense of an Open City. product/home-not-shelter.html

TUBĄDZIN AWARDS Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers practice To




TDA International is an inspiring competition for architects and designers from around the world. The project of the bathroom made in Tubądzin Tiles won the final prize in the competition that was held in the International Final Gala on February 8 2017 in Poznań. The project was made with Anna Gołaszewska.


During the 2 month internship Klaudia has excelled at Andrew Wallace Architects, working very hard while gaining experience of many aspects of architectural practice. In her time here she helped out on several project types and scales at various stages in the design process, but mainly worked on a bespoke large scale residential house that was new in the office at the time of Klaudia’s arrival. Klaudia was instrumental in developing a number of designs from the instignation of the project in stage 2, through the development process and the whittling down of options into the final approved client design, and up to the time ahe left with the project being submitted for full planning permission at the end of stage 3. Her physical model making skills are second to none. She also sat in on client meetings when the designs were presented and made worthwhile constributions when required. She was a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and never discouraged, and asked the right questions if she did not have the solution herself. She was hardworking and I found I could rely on her to produce the work that was required, whether on her own, with me or as part of a small team, and to right


deadlines when necessary. All this course, is undertaken in a second language to her. Though I have to say her spoken English is excellent. Klaudia is obviously very ambitious, and I hope her time working here has given her a taste of what it takes to succceed in architecture.

Andrew Wallace Director

work experience exhibitions



September 2017


New version of portfolio - 2017 edition ;) My bachelor thesis, new competitions and more ... Enjoy !

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