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TIMES september 2015

THE OTHER BOYS COMING SOON! what can we expect?

TOO MINOGUE FOR YOU. How much did it earn?

ON THE ROAD WITH KYLIE read about our journey on #KylieSummer!

A holiday in Portofino?


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My name is Nicole but everyone calls me just En. I live in Prague, the Czech republic (which I really like to call „Narnia“). I am the right hemisfere of Kylie world. The website, Kylie-world.com was established by my french babe, the one and only Laeti, in April 2011. It has become the TOP fanpage in France through the years, thanks to her hard work. She has managed to get Kylie herself know about it, and like it. Laeti is the left hemisfere. Since the two of us met each other and teamed up, we‘ve realized we can do much more than what other fanpages are capable of. Such as the Too Minogue thing. I somehow made up the saying, came up with the idea to use it as a b-day project for Kylie, and got Lovers interested. Laeti imediately took over our email, made a doc with everyone‘s addresses and orders and informed APREC. A dream team. We wanna keep this magic going and this magazine is a way for now. You can look forward for a new issue every month, full ofthe news from kylie world, throwbacks, ideas and thoughts. We hope you‘ll read us, support us and love it as much as we love doing it.

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On the cover: photo taken by Kylie World, Pori 2015, #KylieSummer

SEPTEMBER 2015, #1

6. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Sleepwalker 12. Tour Diaries #1 22. Too Minogue 4 U 24. GET MINSPIRED! Plaits please! 25. What‘s new? Kylie at home X-mas earlier? The other boys Hippie Kylie Absolutely anything Galavant 31. We love: Kiss me once 36. TOP of the KMOT 38. Feel your freedom! 40. Discover: PORTOFINO 42. This was the Voiceeee 45. A girl‘s gotta suffer for fashion! A moshino toy? 46. Meanwhile on the social medias... 5 www.kylie-world.com

En, september 2k15


Let‘s have a look at what happened this month in previous years of Kylie‘s carrer. Will time pass you by?

Kylie Minogue, self titled 5th album and also the 1st one released under Deconstruction, came out on the 19th, 1994

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erican e, the NorthinAm M r o F u o akland Y O r Fo 9 0 0 2 , th 0 3 e th tour, started on 6 www.kylie-world.com

Fl Abbeyower, a sin LLY re Road sessi gle from T o he as a pleaased on thens, was FIN rt of K 25th in A25 cele bratio2n012 s

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a.. l a l La

OOOOONNN A NIIIGHT LIKE THIIIIS..... the 11th of September 2000

ur started ron to e c n O e Kiss M in Liverpool last yea the 24th

Light Years, the album we all know as Kylie‘s comeback to dance pop music after her Deconstruction times, was released on the 25th, 2000 7 www.kylie-world.com

En, september 2k15

sleepwalker I was sitting on a cold dirty ground, wrapped in my country’s flag and a Timebomb jacket along with my equally crazy friends. We all had our ears glued to the door of Liverpool’s Echo arena trying to hear at least little bits of soundcheck. The sound was coming from behind a million walls and it took loads to actually hear what songs Kylie was singing. “What’s this one? A remix of In your eyes?” “Or WOW?” “She’s already done WOW” we were discussing another. Soon we ran out of ideas and started listening even more carefully. Yes, it was new material. We were listening to Sleepwalker for the first time.

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Shattered after the whole day of queuing, we were sat down again - this time inside Echo. After an opening act, some DJ that we didn’t really care about, we counted down seconds to see the KMOT in all its glory for the 1st time. Out of nowhere, the lights went down. Too soon for Kylie, too late for another guest. I quickly jumped on to look around. What I saw took my breath away and took me to heaven. Glow, Wait and Break this heartbreak. Three new songs from Fernando Garibay productions, perfectly visualised as a short film, Sleepwalker. This project is one of the most creative and artistic ones she has done in a long time. It shows our pop goddess stepping through a dream-like world, a fairytale. Within 8 minutes, she turns herself into Sleeping beauty, Miss Havisham, Snow White… Kylie’s version of those characters is not for little princesses, but it truly is a fairytale for pop art or fashion fans. Even the producer himself appears. Holding one white rose (Jeff Leatham’s one, of course!), he walks through a hall and with his last step, he drops it… “Aurora” finds it, touches it and we

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En, september 2k15

all know what continues. It’s a Kylie video, hot dancers are of course not absent. You can enjoy moves of Jennifer White (whom we saw on Les Folies tour), and Aaron Sillis (who also choreographed the whole Sleepwalker). The names in the credits are more than familiar. William Baker as a director, even though let me say this whole thing doesn’t seem Baker-like at all. Christian Vermaak hair and make up… New name for us is Tom Eerbout, stylist. He styled all the backdrops, and later he joined the crew on tour and also ran Bruce the Lobster’s account. The whole video was recorded as a first collaboration with an underwear brand SLOGGI. Their new collection all designed by Kylie is coming out this month. Right after the end of Liverpool’s show, Kylie tweeted a download link for those tracks and one more yet we were left unable to see the video. 2 months later, when the European part of the tour came to it’s end, she released it. It also didn’t take long for gossips to start. Will we get another one for Australia’s KMO tour? Is it to be continued? What we know for sure is, Kylie and Fernando have worked together again by the beginning of this year, there’s apparently even a collaboration between them and the legend Giorgio Moroder. A song “Your body” was played in a club in LA in spring, but all we have for now are instagram snippets. So what’s next? We have no idea, but if Kylie confirms anything Garibay connected in the future, my excitement will be out of control.

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11 www.kylie-world.com

tour diaries #1: KYLIE SUMMER Summer is now over and it‘s time to share our KYLIE SUMMER experience with you! Before starting, let’s make one thing clear - we are FANS, not members of Kylie’s team (yet!), we do pay for our travels and tickets, we do queue and we do scream really loud in the front row... You’ve had a chance to see what a tour looks like from Kylie’s point of view in many tour blogs and backstage videos (such as Les Folies - still love Jimmy!), now the two of us are gonna show you the other perspective!

Everything was supposed to start in Aalborg, Denmark. 1st date and already a trouble - no decent transport available. Laeti, who is from Paris, took a flight through London with 5 hours change gap. I gave up on any attempts to find a logical way to get there and just went to London as well. It really didn‘t make much of a sense - I live in Prague, and Prague London - Aalborg is like a triangle on a map. It also meant a night spent at the airport for me. My 1st plane landed on midnight and the other one wouldn’t go until 1pm, FAB LIFE! Of course I could have booked a hotel but why would I do that when I can spend the money on merch instead! A bed for one night or a new Kylie top.. priorities kids, priorities!

It was around 8am when me and Laeti finally found each other at the airport - don’t even know who looked worse, one of us has just gone through very comfy night spent next to a baggage drop-off to Moscow, and the other biked through half of Paris at 4am (Laeti took up this workout so she wouldn’t have to pay for a cab...priorities!). Excited for our upcoming adventure, we sat down next to our gate… and it took only a while for crazy things to come into our world… We ended up with the whole team on board, seated literally between Lucy and Roxy. VOCALIST SANDWICH. So us, wearing Kylie tees, Kylie sunglasses, Kylie bags and Too Minogue for you badges, we ended up eating Hairbos with them, the band and being introduced to those who we hadn’t known yet. We landed, said goodbye and “see you tomorrow” and left to our hotel. A big day ahead of us all! We weren’t half as calm as it sounds to me when I’m writing this down tho… the hype we were on was unreal! Complete Kylie high, even after not sleeping at all the previous night, it was really hard to turn our brains off. We arrived to the area of the show around 10am. It was a joke. A forest in the middle of nowhere. The imagination of Kylie performing THERE kept us entertained the whole day. What we thought was funny turned out as an amazing change from big arenas. Actually, there was about 5k people which is not that bad, I guess it was just the trees around that made it feel private and tiny. The whole day was so nice too, great queuing company of max. 10 people, local fans took us to see a singing tree which had been planted for Kylie, we also climbed a few hills (and some even trees) while trying to see the soundcheck… felt good to be “back in business” with our lover-friends. An absolute highlight of the day was Bette Davis Eyes, a surprise in the setlist. And of course SLOW! We pretty much featured this live version with our “YEAHHHH SLOOOOW” and „DOOOWN DOWN DOOOWN.” The following day, we took a train at 6am across the whole country to Copenhagen and a plane to Paris from there. It wouldn’t be us if we kept it simple. Laeti’s flight got crazily expensive by the time I was booking it so I took a different, cheaper one. 8 hours later. And it was delayed. #LUCKY. 13 www.kylie-world.com

En, september 2k15

After a holiday week spent at Laeti’s, it was time for another adventure - the UK part! As always, we travelled together but not together - I took an overnight coach on thursday night while my posh bestie booked eurostar. I was even blonde enough not to check if I was going by ferry or not and taken by surprise later when I realised I was. What a night again… We met up with our loves

it. Liar. The show was absolutely amazing. Stage a little too high, we didn’t even see the lips from the intro and thought it wasn’t there. But who cares when its a KYLIE TIME. None of our phones worked, what a surprise it was to come back to LTE and see Kylie liking our picture on instagram. Yes we cried… A LOT. And screamed and hugged each other and screamed more, must have been fun watching us. There’s nothing like best friends and a Minogue love at once. Imagine 20k people trying to catch a cab at the same place in the same moment - took us AGES till we got back to Travelodge. And following morning was again a very early one. it was time to get ourselves to Haydock! Four zombie-alikes, two trains, a stop in Birmingham, a cab…. but we made it. Soon after we arrived, Kylie started a soundcheck. We thought our vocals could get through one too, so while she was rehearsing, we rehearsed our fangirl skills for the evening with her. Of course she heard our loud scream and probably had a good fun. Had no place where to leave our bags and luggages so we just had to take them in with us. Shoutout to me having the smallest one when I was on the road for 10 days, LOL! While running to the front with those in our hands, Kylie tweeted Kirstie. Couldn’t have picked any better moment. How amazing the atmosphere was after that! We just placed the baggages to the front row next to us so they’d enjoy the show too, and had so much fun during the whole afternoon. And the show was amazing once again. Bette davis live is everything. No, the whole show is! Home is not a place, it’s a feeling, and you know where ours is… The taxi problem repeated itself. We had actually pre-booked one but it didn’t arrive on time. Rain falling down, another minute passes by, still no cab… Took at least an hour. Off Manchester we went, took another overnight coach to London and went straight to the queue for Hyde when we arrived. WHAT A LIFE. We didn’t look like zombies, we WERE zombies.

Kirstie and Jodie and checked in in our hotel - TRAVELODGE. HA HA HA. We sang a few Kylie songs infront of the mirror while curling our hair, dressed up into actual outfits and not just merch & leggings, and went to the queue. Mine and Jodie’s “headdresses” draw attention of a lady doing interviews and within a second we were filmed for ITV. She promised Kylie would never see 14 www.kylie-world.com

I don’t even know what to say about Hyde park as it had been my dream for a long time to see Kylie there. Was great to meet everyone, we also sold out Too Minogue badges there and YEAH SLOW paper were hilarious… Mika was awesome, so were Chic and Years and Years, Grace was a bit thraumatising and all together, it was a dream. True awaking was my 12 hour shift on monday starting at 7am. Don’t think I was realising it was in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY when I was walking London and eating pizza at 3am… 4 nights with no sleep and straight to work, fab life. But YOLO. 110% WORTH IT. A gap month went by and there we were again, packing for another crazy trip. Probably even more hardcore this time. As always, I went to the airport straight from work at night and flew Pra-

gue - Helsinki. Laeti waited for me already, we found the only one free spot - next to some romanian weirdo, and enjoyed 3 hours of sleep there. Again, could have booked a hotel but HEY ISN’T THE YOUR DISCO NEEDS YOU TEE CUTE? Took us 3 trains to get to Pori. Let me just say one thing - the city is A VILLAGE. Both of us were pretty happy that we didn’t have to spend that much time there. The show was a big deal this time though. Not only we were excited for it the most since the very beginning not even knowing why, but our lovely webpage also got press passes. Means we went there to work, I could take cams and take pictures. <3 After picking them up at the check in desk, we searched for our camping. YES, CAMPING. As I said, the city is not even a city, all hotels were booked within a while so we booked a tent.

Wish you could see our faces in that moment when they gave it to us all packed in a box. Like NO. Security guard of the camping realised we probably weren’t any experienced camping girls and helped us out. Still terrible.. after seeing what “showers” looked like there, we decided not to take one and walked to the show area. Halfway there, soundcheck started. We started running with the biggest smile on our faces and went inside through the press entrance. This is approximately what was happening in my brain those moments: RUN. RUN. RUN. HAH I LOVE LIFE. LETS GET IN, WE CAN WE HAVE PRESS. WAIT WE PROBABLY REALLY CAN. OMFG WE ARE GONNA SEE THE SOUNDCHECK. WHAT. OMG. I LOVE LIFE. RUN. RUN. RUN. IS THIS REAL? OK GETTING IN. NOPE, THE STAGE AREA WILL BE CLOSED. IT’S NOT. WHAT IS HAPPENING. WHAT IS LIFE. HI LUCY AND ROXY. *JUMPS ON LAETI* WHAT EVEN. IS THIS REAL??!!!!!!!…… Kylie wasn’t on stage yet and everyone else was just laughing and giving us WTF ARE U DOING HERE faces. We started a party on our own in the front row (NO ONE WAS THERE) while they sang Bette davis. Kylie came, we promised not to take any pics and danced our lives away

dering if it was even real. LOL. Kylie joked that we must know the show by heart already when we copied her choreography, and Lucy and Roxy wouldn’t stop smiling at us. 5 minutes after the soundcheck finished, Kylie shared a KYLIE WORLD pic from backstage on her insta... Jazz was boring, but a good mood didn’t leave us for the whole afternoon. And the show???!!! O - M -G. First OMG - my pictures. Not even press was allowed to enter the photo gap for Kylie though, but O - M -G, they turned out good even from just front row view! I REALLY wish I could do this ALL. THE. TIME. Kylie’s version of Peel me a grape was perfecto, our little feat for YEAH SLOW worked again, then I featured acoustic version of I should be so lucky (seriously feeling sorry for everyone around me:D), and life was fab. Three hours sleep in the tent and the sweetest wake up followed. DANNII RECEIVED HER TOO MINOGUE BADGES, POSTED THEM ON INSTA-

SHE WAS PACKING THEM FOR LONDON. #BYE. AND KYLIE LIKED THAT PIC. RIP US. A bus to Helsinki, a flight to Riga, total Minogue high, a flight to Berlin… Flight attendant was already giving us looks for not having our phones turned off yet when Kylie shared my picture.. lkhlkgefhajkgfakjshfgakhjfg. Berlin touchdown, Minogue high level infinity, and 10pm already. We had our train (actually 2 trains and a bus) to Melt booked for 3pm and we were scared we could never make it to front row, and it was all just terrible and depressing until something magical happened. We met Kylie. Let me say it was absolutely the best ending to the summer shows. Love you Ky. So so so so much <3 So yeah, we did NOT think we’d be F-I-n-e—e-eagain because of the worst organization ever, but we were. Even easily made it to the front, life was fab. Kylie wouldn’t be on until half past midnight, which was terrible. Some german bands and their fans… no, just no. One girl infront of me even

En, september 2k15

even flashed her boobs to the main singer, like what? *throws glitter and sings la la la la la la la la la la la* . Then I got this brilliant idea to get vodka… very helpful. More than entertaining bit was Giorgio Moroder. Ok... Maybe not only entertaining… more like O M F G. We danced so hard so 2 crew members gave us their phone numbers (NOT JOKING). ABSOLUTELY LOVED HIM. And what can I say about Kylie? Probably nothing, words are not enough. 99 red balloons was a killer. I was a mess when she said „Let them go“ and so many red balloon hearts suddenly went above the whole area and were floating on air...

Summer shows are over and all we can say is THANK YOU once again, Kylie and the team. This time it was something special. Love

...We just love you, Kylie. It‘s impossible to describe how much, it really really is. <3 Prague is thanks God not that far from Ferropolis, about a 4 hour drive, and our fab czech friends took us home. We blasted celebration and still danced in the car, and screamed off the little bits of voices we had left. Then we fell asleep and woke up in Prague.

19 www.kylie-world.com

you all and here’s to the next times, because we are sure that the best is yet to come.

En, september 2k15


It’s been ages since we sold out all the badges, and now also a month since the very last refund we had to do. That means only one thing - the project is finished and we can now confirm how much we earned for APREC. Excited to know? Let’s not make it short, I wanna tell you how the whole thing happened. Everything started in winter when I made my Too Minogue for you t-shirt and posted it on instagram. The idea itself was so random. I was having some music conversation with another friend and when she mentioned a song I didn’t really like, I was like “Naaah, I’m too Minogue for this. WAIT, that would be a fab tee! haha.“ Not even in my dreams I’d ever imagine Dannii’s crew member wearing it on Sydney’s Mardi Gras and Dannii herself posting it a few weeks after!!! Imagine the fangirl in me! …And imagine my direct messages folder. Everyone in both Minogue fanbases was asking for one. Me and Laeti have always wanted to open something like an unofficial merch shop, but it’s complica

ted. You know - to make sure everything’s ok with law, copyright, and so on… it’s a long way www.cancer-aprec.com process and unfortunately none of us has had time for this in our busy lives. I REALLY wanted to do something though, like really really reallyyyyyyyyy… It didn’t even matter what, but you know when DANNII MINOGUE loves your tee and everyone wants it, you can not just let it go. As I said, I am the right hemisphere in our team, I can’t even handle my own creativity somehow. When I am being pushed to get an idea, I just “take a walk around my brain.” I lock myself out of reality for a while, and I imagine myself shrimping and literally walking in my own brain and meeting ideas until the perfect one crosses my path. Then I need 5 more minutes to “bring it to this world” and make it a realistic plan. It usually doesn’t work,

22 www.kylie-world.com

my mum‘s name (since we used her paypal)

lalalalala lalalalala aka(my my address) address

but that’s why I have Laeti. She will make docs with everything needed, and just keep things together. And so one day Kristy Burton from twitter came to me saying we could do something like a fan-version of the Crystallize

project. BAM, that was it. Let’s make Too Minogue a charity project! We decided to sell pink badges from the 1st of May until 28th, Kylie’s b-day, and then send all the money we would earn to APREC that day. Yet again, not even in my wildest

fantasies I’d think that both Kylie and Dannii would start supporting us SO MUCH. The main idea to run it as a b-day pressie from all the lovers was gone fast, we just ended up selling as many as we could have, for as long as possible. We continued in Hyde Park etc. First, we had 150 of them. That w a s NAIVE. I ’ m

pretty sure if we took 500 badges there, they’d sell out anyway, and I regret not having more.…Of course through post it was a bit harder, but we got 100 more done and sold. Each one of them costed 2 pounds. After money exchange, the price of the actual badges, some paypal fees, and unfortunately some refunds, we’re proud to announce that we earned 502 dollars.Not bad for a fan project, huh??

En, september 2k15

Get Minspired! #1

Are you a lover who adores not only Kylie’s music but also the way she looks? That perfect face and figure, the fashion sense, make up.. Oh girls, I think we all are! She is an icon. And what do we do when we see one? WE GET (m)INSPIRED! Each month, I’ll focus on one “Kylie thing” and ttogether with you, we will try to adapt it to your own style. You can email me your requests to en@kylie-world.com and when you try one, don’t forget to share and hashtag #GetMinspired!

PLAITS PLEASE! Summer might be almost over, but one can always keep the spirit. It’s never too late for BRAIDS! After Kylie shared a few on her instagram, I checked a few know-hows and tutorials online. What I got to know is you can make basically everything you imagine. A tiny little plait, a braid crown going all over your head or a dinosaur sitting on it. I didn’t get to that point though - even a regular french braid seems to be too complicated at first sight if you currently don‘t have a personal Christian Vermaak. It took me about a billion light years to get it right, but don’t give up! Once you get into it, it turns into love. It gets really easy and won‘t take longer than 10 minutes. I am a living proof of it - I wear them every day for work and trust me, I am sooooo not that kind of person who would give up more than 10 minutes of sleep for HAIR. Also, my hair is really short and it still works perfectly! My fave has become a pony tail with a double braid. I first thought I would prepare a written tutorial for you, but it wasn‘t really going well. I will just link you to an AMAZING youtuber who will teach you everything you need. Look up „Missy Sue“ on youtube and check her hair tutorials. She‘s got versions for „beginners“ where she shows how to start, and then you can just go on and on! 24 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, september 2k15


Check what last month brought into the Kylie world!


Autumn/Winter 2K15 - The collection is here! Fan of glitter and Kylie Minogue? The new collection Kylie At Home is for you! Very recently unveiled to the public after a teasing on the Twitter account of the mark (@kylieathome), pictures were finally revealed, and this collection is very spangled! Beige, black, chocolate or purple, colors will match with your interior. In the spirit of Showgirl, it will bring the glamor of Kylie in your bed (and this is so cool, plus they are soft satin). New cushions, throws and curtains are also available.

If you live in the UK, you can easily find them in London in specialty stores or by searching on the www.kylieminogueathome.com website, which will show you the closest shops. Other countries can check eBay and amazon - thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find happiness! 25 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, september 2k15



lie said „She wants to take her time to release a An album for Xmas? This rumour has been going around the fanbase since mid-July. It new album but she can not stay too long absent would be her 1st Christmas album after an EP from the charts, so the xmas album is an obvious a few years ago which included the title « Santa choice. We still thought it was all just rumours Baby ». The Australian singer would follow many until corset designer Susi Henson from UK reartist who have already done (at least) one, such as vealed she had had an order from Kylie. She Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber or Kelly Clarkson. made two corsets According and according to her, to unofficial sources, they were used for a this album is a mix promo photoshoot of festive classics with for this album. They other Xmas songs have lacing at the influenced by disco. front and at the back. This would be a deal One is red and one in with Warner and Parblack satin. lophone. Also accor No release date has ding to rumors, there been disclosed yet will be an exclusive but we can expect title written by Karen it to be released in Poole. As some online mid-November just newspapers revealed, on time to promote. a close source to KyPS: SEEMS LIKE WE CAN EXPECT A MINOGUE DUET!

A CHRISTMAS STAR Back to the movies! We saw Kylie in cinemas in May, in a very short role in San Andreas. The pop star will be back very soon on the big screen ! Kylie has filmed a short appearance in a Christmas movie called „A Christmas Star‘. The plot tells the story of Noelle, a girl born under the Christmas star with miraculous powers. With her friends she will try to stop evil plans of McKerrod, who threatens the peace of the city. First production Cinemagic Internation

Film And Television Festival For Young People, « A Christmas Star » has appealed great actors including Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan. For its realization, many young trainees and beginners in the world of cinema have been mobilized to give them a first experience. So far we can only see Kylie for a few seconds (on the phone and wearing a bathrobe) in the trailer. We have to wait until November 13rd to see the movie (at least that‘s the UK premiere).

26 www.kylie-world.com

THE OTHER BOYS The video is coming ! The next single from the album of Australian twins Nervo, The Other Boys with Jake Shears, Nile Rodgers and Kylie Minogue has been filmed in London at the end of August. Directed by Hannu Aukia and produced by J a - akko Manninen, the clip was filmed at the Old Truman Brewery, with an English and

a Finnish team. The producer has also described the video as „the best clip he never did.“ He was also pleased that everyone on the set was having fun (who would have guessed with a team like that!) Many photos were posted on social networks. Kylie is wearing a vintage dress by a brand called„Comme Des Garçons“ & boots from Casadei. The video will be released in a few days. We cannot wait!

Laeti, september 2k15

HIPPIE KYLIE #FLOWERLOVER She just finished the #KylieSummer in July, during the Melt ! Festival in Germany but she was back on stage ! Kylie did a private performance in Switzerland on August 28th at the Dracula Club Hotel in St Moritz. The theme of this colorful evening was the „Hippie“ style and „Flower Power“. The singer has followed this theme, as dancers and vocalists (Lucy & Rocy of course), who have adopted the 60s & 70s style. Kylie wore a dre-

ss and a fringed vest created by Frank Strachan and Jo Irving. The full setlist is difficult to find because there‘s enough information on the internet, however some videos have been posted on Instagram. We now for sure she sang Can‘t Get You Out Of My Head, Spinning Around, All The Lovers, Wow, Love At First Sight, Timebomb. This setlist is still similar to the ones she already performed in private events, such as the Lancôme‘s show in Paris last July.

ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING AND ANYTHING AT ALL On screens since August 12th, Absolutely Anything, Terry Jones‘ movie which is a mix of comedy and science fiction with Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Rob Riggle and Robin Williams, has a charming asset ! Kylie is the singer of the original soundtrack of the movie, with a new song : « Absolutely Anthing and Anything At All », really pop, rhythmical and happy. A bit different from other Kylie‘s songs, the track is appreciated by many people : comments of fans and no-fans are really

positive. The clip, released on August 7th takes place in space. As crazy as the movie, we can see different videos of Kylie (with an amazing throwback : the appearance of the pink promo neon used for the release of Fever album) and some moments of the comedy before the presence by hologram of the singer. The song is already available on all the platforms of legal downloading.

Oops! Imagine: Kylie, dancing, when suddenly her dress falls. Yes boys, we know... This has happened not just in your fantasies, but also on the set of filming the video! To promote the track, the beautiful australian girl posted some backstage videos, where you can see her dance, when suddenly the dress‘ zip goes down and we nearly get to see ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. The drama was avoided though, and Kylue decided not to put that into the official video. Such a pity! 29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, september 2k15

GALAVANT Back on the TV! After an appearence of Kylie in Young & Hungry (new seasson is beginning right now btw! If you got as addicted as En, you‘ll know how valuable this info is! lol) the singer, who started her career as an actress will be back on TV... It took everyone by surprise at first when Kylie confirmed it on her twitter. She posted a picture of herself holding the Galavant book. Also,the produceur of the shows posted a tweet about her being a special guest of the season 2. Her apperance will probably be something like Young an hungry again, 1 or 2 episodes. This time we can expect new music too. Galavant is an american TV series based on its musical touch.

The sound from season 2 is REALLY different from what we are used to though. So what can we expect? To be honest, we don‘t dare to guess... First seasson was based on Galavant‘s adventures, a hero trying to win heart of his true love Madalena back, and beat his rival, the King Richard. It was broadcasted at the beginning of 2015 on the channels of ABC in the USA, 8 episodes, 22 minutes each. Don‘t worry, we haven‘t seen it either... It really isn‘t what a „typical Kylie fan“ would watch, I guess. That is making it even more exciting, right? The new season will be probably be brodcasted at the beginning of 2016, new episodes are currently being filmed.

30 www.kylie-world.com

KISS ME ONCE TOUR #throwback

Laeti, september 2k15

KISS ME ONCE Ferropolis, July 18th. The last notes of Into The Blue are playing. Kylie Minogue ended her tour at the Melt Festival in Germany. Less than a year and a half ago, she launched her twelfth studio album „Kiss Me Once“, before announcing the first dates of her tour. A show much more simplistic than Aphrodite, but which totally charmed us. Throwback to the Kiss Me Once Tour.

Liverpool, September 24th of 2014. After teasing fans on social networks by revealing costumes made by Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana, Julien Macdonald and Marchesa, Kylie Minogue is getting ready to go on stage for her first performance of the Kiss Me Once Tour. 3pm, soundcheck. No setlist has leaked so far, the surprise promises to be complete. Merchandising is aleady in our hands and it gives us a first impression of the show especially with the very colorful program created by Chandelier Creative. Fans are coming from all over Europe and from the world, and meeting each other, sometimes after years. Banners are getting prepared, in the queue, we are laughing, listening to Kylie’s latest songs and of course trying to find and guess which songs will be on the setlist. 5.30pm. Doors are nearly opening, people are really excited. 6pm, it’s time. The run to the front row! A large blue curtain is covering the stage. The wait is long now. After a DJ set as an opening act, the lights go down. Is it the beginning? No. The screens light up and a movie is starting. Sleepwalker.

32 www.kylie-world.com

Thirty minutes later, the lights go down again: Kylie arrives on stage. The intro makes us more excited : Breathe + Les Sex. On a sofa reminding the lips of Mae West by Salvador Dalí, the australian singer gets lift up on the stage looking as good as ever. People at the back of the arena can see the whole face of Mae West by Dalí - in Kylie‘s version. It‘s also the cover of the tourbook. The show continues with In My Arms, Timebomb, Sexy Love (which will be removed a few shows later, for lack of space in the setlist) and Wow. The stage for this tour is a catwalk which allows a

greater proximity with the audience. And we can feel it since the second act, when Kylie appears in the middle of it for Step Back In Time, followed by Spinning Around, Your Disco Needs You and the famous On A Night Like This. „WE WANNA WELCOME YOU TO THE BIGGEST IN DISCO DOWN“ said the singer before the song. Oh, the magic in the room! Lasers are starting to work when Kylie reaches the highest notes of the song. A little problem for people in the front row, including those in the Golden Circle: you can’t really see the effect given because of the proximity with the stage. The Australian starting a very sensual track, from Body Language too, Slow. She chose a French dancer, Skorpion, to accompany her on this track. And the least we can say is that the choreography brings a new dimension to the title. At the end, by simply touching the hand of each other, Skorpion and Kylie dissapear. A new interlude with Chasing Ghost and a new video is projected on the giant screen: another new track signed by Fernando Garibay! Then the first notes of Enjoy Yourself sound: let’s go for the medley 80s! Hand On Your Heart, Never Too Late, Got To Be Certain are interpreted in a very girly way. Huge surprise on I Should Be So Lucky: the bathtub, which is one of

the most important element in the music video, comes on stage. At this moment, we wonder how nobody thought of that before... Kylie disappears

again and an interlude with the dancers to Skirt arrives. Once again, the backdrop is completely new, with a video never seen before. In a very sexy atmosphere, Kylie sings a cover - not just a random one! Standing on a piano, the Australian performes a song of INXS, Need You Tonight. A nice tribute to her ex, Michael Hutchence. This title is followed by Sexercize, then a new costume change is made. After an interlude with Nu-Di-Ty, the first notes of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head come - we wanna thank Steve Anderson for this special version of the song (yes, we love it!). Then Kylie interprets Kids with


Laeti, september 2k15

with Roxy & Lucy, the two back singers. Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes calm: the noise of the rain and water drops are falling on the big screen. It‘s time for a ballad - Beautiful. After the excitement, it is time for more emotions, the version with Kylie‘s voice is amazing. In a long dress, the singer continues with Kiss Me Once, the album title. Lasers are back, and a rain of hearts falls on the audience: a unique moment. After all those emotions, it‘s time to get back into a dance atmosphere with Get Outta My Way. In a costume designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier (and with a hat which we never understood how it did to not fall), the arena is transformed into a massive dancefloor. After Love At First Sight, Kylie does not hesitate to ask the public for request song. Locomotion will be request the most and will be added to the setlist a few days later. All The Lovers follow. After a standing ovation, Kylie is back on stage to sing the first single of Kiss Me Once: Into The Blue. And after two hours of an amazing show, it‘s coming to the end. A few days after Liverpool, Kylie played the iTunes Festival, London. A great stage for the artist, who had never attended the festival before. Major changes in the costumes, the setlist was reduced to one hour

and thirty minutes long show. Kylie also forgot the lyrics of Sexy Love on stage, luckily Lucy and Roxy reminded her! Other intimate show, the one of Monaco. If you wanted to go you definitely had to be rich (tickets price was 250 to 350 euros), the atmosphere in the arena was not worth it though. Prices explain the problem: the majority of the audience was foreign millionaires, who only knew the classics of Kylie. Plus the show was seated. You‘d struggle to sit just like us, the bad kids in Kylie merchindase and not 75456365 pounds fancy dress. We just ended up dancing in the halfway, hoping not to get kicked out. But we were the only ones. Kylie tried to warm the crowd by talking in French, but we had to wait until Can’t Get You Out Of My Head to see other people moving. After completing the first part of her tour in Zurich, Switzerland, Kylie got a break for four months. The Kiss Me Once Tour was back in Australia, Perth, on March 14th of 2015. Giorgio Moroder was an opening act! And they also performed Right here right now and I feel love by Donna Summer! After five dates, and participation of Kylie at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai for a slightly shorter performance with other songs, we all believed it was the end of the Kiss 34 www.kylie-world.com

... surpriiiiise! Five Me Once Tour. Well ced for the new dates wereannoun enthough tho« Kylie Summer ». Ev OT officially, se dates were not KM lated to it. True, many elements are re ged, but not the outfits were chan there. The all, the lips were still ange, only setlist obviously did ch cluded as a Into The Blue was in ce album, but song from Kiss me on e added Bette thanks god (=Kylie) sh ation. And Davis Eyes and Celebr chandising! there was a new mer of courA date to remember, 21st of 2015. se, Hyde Park on June al of a princess Kylie made a real arriv e kept for the last with a crown which sh ore than 60,000 two shows as well. M to applaud her. She people were present show EVER for her told us it was the best le. On July 18th, at and it is understandab a Ger man audienFerropolis in front of apter called Kiss Me ce, Kylie ended the ch you for everything Once for good. Thank for the next tour ! Queen, we can’t wait

Laeti, september 2k15


because we did not know the playlist, and live this moment, discover new song with being in the arena is magical.

The iTunes Festival... London...

because the atmosphere was fantastic.


because we know she loved that time and the proximity she had with the audience (the size of the golden circle was the pit limit and she could touch people hands for the standing ones).


because thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s where the DVD was filmed.


because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s always great to see her speak in French, the arena was full and the atmosphere was crazy.

the TOP of the KMOT

because the arena was quite small, and it was cool to see her perform in this festival.


yes yes all dates in Australia simply because she was playing at home.

Hyde Park...

for the place, all the people here and the atmosphere. An incredible moment.

Melt! Festival...

because it was the last concert, and she took a lot of fun on this day. especially after the cancellation of concerts Germans.

The Kiss Me Once Tour was filmed in G William Baker. Released on March 4th, b available: either a double CD version and D In bonus, we can a

Glasgow, at the SSE Hydro and directed by before the Australian dates, two formats are DVD, and a Blu-Ray version, and double CD. also find Sleepwalker.

the TOP of the KMOT


when Kylie took someone on stage for one. Always so close to people and adorable!


or when she made fans dance on stage. We did and we were the most ridiculous ones, even Kylie was laughing. Oh and En messed up her ankle while jumping on stage...

Songs requests...

thanks to you, we got to Million Miles, Crystallize, Confide In Me, Chiggy Wiggy, Come Into My World, 2 Hearts ...


just because.


the banners carried in Lille, Paris, Prague and balloons...

On A Night Like This...

the lasersssssssss. <3


Need You Tonight, I Feel Love, 99 Red Balloons, Peel Me A Grape

Bette Davis Eyes...

for the summer setlist. BEST. THING. EVER.


it was pink. With feathers inside. LOVE.

Laeti, september 2k15

Huge thank you to the team of sloggi France, especilly AurĂŠlie & Charlotte #Heart&Unicorns









Berlin, April 23rd. Kylie Minogue is in the German capital for the launch of her collection of underwear with sloggi brand, where she is the new face. We got the privilege to be invited to this event to discover this exclusive collection which is OUT LATER THIS MONTH!

The day began at 1:30pm for Kylie by a press conference with many journalists from all over Europe in a luxury hotel called ZOO. Dressed in a beautiful pink dress (by Kilian Kerner‘, Kylie did a Q&A with journalists and television channels, she also did interviews with some fashion journalists such as Cosmopolitan Italy & Madame Figaro France. The launch A FACT: Pro- party started at 9pm mo pictures and was orwere not retou- ganized by ched. Yes yes Sloggi. The leaders of yes, the beau- each coun-

wears a black dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Vidoe of making the photoshoot, directed by Steve Shaw (who has already worked with her) is also shown to us. When she hits the stage along with a very naughty (and handsome!) german moderateur, they talk about the collection. Called tiful body that « Night Day », it is composed by a ni- you see was not ght underwear „to go out,“ and comphotoshoped fy ones for the day - both in the same box. Moderateur doesn‘t lose his and Kylie is time and asks Kylie what she is weperfect. aring „down under.“ She just laughs. You can pick up your lingerie on Triumph website, also on La Redoute website for France. If you live in the UK, you can check sloggi.com or shops such as John Lewis, Debenhams or House Of Fraser. So if you wanna look like Kylie in Sleepwalker, you now know what to do!

39 www.kylie-world.com

try were on the guestlist along with more journalists, fashion bloggers and local celebrities. The Kylie mood hit us even before we entered the club - the vibe was everywhere! As soon as we got in, we felt heaven - promo pics everywhere, the collection samples...A screen behind main stage shows models created by Kylie, as she herself designed the collection. The staff is as well in the mood of the evening, dressed in a T-shirt which K-tags. We can hear some songs of the artist, including „Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi“. Kylie appeares around 10pm, comes through the red carpet (well, it was white). She

DISCOVER: PORTOFINO We decided to extend holiday for you. You‘re welcome.

also cool to avoid traffic jams). Once you are there and your luggage is in your hotel room (or camping), you can climb the promontory overlooking the little harbor and visit the San Giorgio fortress from the 16th century, and the church, which offers you a stunning view of the village. After all this effort, it‘s time to eat someting. We recommend you „Stella,“ which offers fresh seafood from the day‘s catch. To start the afternoon slowly, you can go to the Dolce & Gabbana shop, located Piazza Martiri dell‘Olivetta, 7 - unless you have spent all your money in Kylie’s albums and tours like us. But with just a few euros in your pocket, you can still enjoy this village. They have the most delicious italian ice cream! If you‘re skint or not - the cocktail hour is coming! You can go by the harbor and its luxury yachts, straight to the famous „piazzetta“. Besides numerous restaurants, bars are also present. Go get drunk, it‘s your holiday!

Laeti, september 2k15

You stayed at home this year? You are looking for a destination for next summer? You just want to spend a weekend with your love ? Portofino, in Italy is THE ideal destination. We chose this beautiful village and as you can imagine, it is not an accident. Kylie (just as many celebrities) goes there for summer really often and we understand why! Located 36 kilometers far from Genoa, and 200 kilometers far from Nice, Portofino is an Italian jewel. Overlooking the sea, this elegant town with its colorful houses has 500 inhabitants for a total surface of 2km2.

Access to this paradise is either by car or by plane, landing at Genoa airport, which is the closest. You can continue your journey to Portofino via the Seaway in taxi boat, allowing the discovery of the Italian coast, for a very good price! (And that‘s

Po r t o f i n o is a magical village surrounded by a lush vegetation, oh and the sunsets! Some people will prefer to walk the tiny streets of the village, some the harbor... but the sunsets will be amazing anywhere! We recommend to take a boat or walk to one of small bays near the village. You can make a picnic on the rocks (take pillows - those of Kylie at Home’s

collection are really great - otherwise Kylie‘s „tomorrow you‘ll be sore“ lyrics may apply to you in a slightly different way). Those places are perfect for a romantic dinner. Finishing the evening there is faboulous, too. Imagine walking back, watching sound and listening to the sound of classic music performed by local street artists. Heaven!




Belmond Hotel Splendido, Salita Baratta 16, 16034 Portofino

The Stella - Molo Umberto 3, 16034 Portofino

Dolce & Gabbana Galleria d’Arte - Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta 7

Hotel Eden Via Dritto, 18, 16034 Portofino

Tripoli - Piazza Martiri dell‘Olivetta 49, 16034

Bays de Portofino (by boat)


Camping Miraflores, Via Savagna, 12, 16035

Pizzeria Da Nicola - Via Roma 8, 16034 Portofino

Church of San Giorgio


41 www.kylie-world.com


Laeti, september 2k15

THIS WAS THE VOICEEEEEEEEEE! After coaching The Voice UK & The Voice Australia 2014, Kylie gave up on next series due her busy schedule. The rumours had it that in 2016, she might be back... Since Paloma Faith was confirmed as a replacement for Rita Ora, all our hopes are officialy gone. We are not getting the coach Kylie back. Here‘s something you can read instead of watching TV... TOP 10 THE COACH KYLIE MOMENTS! When she dances everywhere

Butt presses

When she needs to compo...why would she press the se herself

...if there was a reeee- button with her hand when she can allly enthusiastic coach, it was do it with other body parts, right? Kylie! The singer did not hesita- Especially for someone like Leo... te to dance during performances of everyone. In Australia, she loved the performance of C Major on Crazy In Love by Beyoncé .. And she showed it to everyone! (This photo is sponsored by Loreal, because she worth it).

When she teaches other co ches something ...especially Tom, the olWhen she finds strange dest in the cast, the least we can objects that belong to say is that even when she tought other coaches him a saying he hadn‘t known, ...the seats are not very it made her happy. A Minonew and coaches do not nece- gue is happy, we are all happy. ssarily end up with the same one as in previous years. In Australia, Kylie found a pick of Joel Madden in her seat. Lovely.

...Leo, always him. His interpretation of Holding Back The Years made Kylie fall in love at the blind audition. And when she turned her chair, it was no longer only the voice that she liked (and we understand!). When Tom asked this beautiful stranger‘s name, she screamed „I DON‘T EVEN CARE WHAT HIS NAME IS!“ and went to hide at the back of her chair. We still understand!

When she doesn‘t want other coaches to take „her“ contestants to their teams

...oh, the threathening looks she was giving them when they were fighting for a contestant. We would just leave them all for her, lose the competition, let her win and it would still make us happy because she wou42 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, september 2k15

ld be happy. Not even joking.

When she sings with the talents of her team

...or the coaches. Hall Of Fame in Australia and There Must Be An Angel with Jamie Johnson were ultimate faves, right?

When she forgets that she is forbidden to turn around and look at the contestants

When she needs a step to

It happened to her once or get to her own chair twice, we saw it! ...did someone say Top 10? Because this is one 11...

When she uses all the weapons to get the contestants to her team

...especially then the ones from her handbag. Parfumes, sunglasses... bulbs...

When she hugs everyone

...lack of affection? Kylie will fill it up! We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t even sing, but we still want to take part in the contest just for the hug.

44 www.kylie-world.com

ch in the Kylie was coa ustraEnglish and A the lian versions of lso was a show, but she oice. In seen in other V her ined France, she jo s his friend Mika a lso she a co-coach, and edley performed a m s hit of her greatest T he for the final. In ng ylie sa Voice Italy, K er of the with the winn ristina show, Sister C ed I and she perform l... ance Was Gonna C OU Y WE WANT OBACK MIN GUE.

a girl‘s gotta suffer for...


You love Kylie‘s style? Oh same here! The singer is a fashion icon and besties with designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier or Dolce & Gabbana. So yeah, her style is too expensive for us as we already spent all our money into her albums or shows,. Do you remember how she once wore Topshop playsuit and we ALL got it because it was kind of affordable? LOL. The only clothes we have in common are the ones from her merch. But don‘t panic, we are here for you! Discover how to have the same style as Kylie, for a fine budget ! (Gentlemen, we are really sorry but this part is not really for you, unless you like to dress as a girl, in which case continue reading).

We must confess to you, we‘ve afallen in love with the Moschino sweater she wore last month. But not really with its price... We had a look through the internet and found some alternatives...

The bigger hair, the closer to heaven, right Marge? Zara, 32€ Daffy duck sweatshirt Forever21, 21€

Kittens are always a good idea! Forever 21 as well, aslo 21€

Well.. koala is also a bear and it‘s only 8€! H&M

If you didn‘t find yourself in any of those, there‘s one more thing to do. Do you know ali-express.com? We don‘t want to support fakes but go and try yourself what pops up when you type „bear sweatshirt“... 45 www.kylie-world.com

MEANWHILE ON SOCIAL MEDIAS... ...you know, magazines always have this „fun part“ at the end, and it took us long to thing what we would come up with. All we had to do was log in... You guys crack us up.

46 www.kylie-world.com

oh and... a picture of the month...


...and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s it for this month. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t hesitate to tell us what you liked or did not like about the first issue and we will be excited for a release of the october one! Love and glitter, L&N

47 www.kylie-world.com

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #1 • September 2015  

The first #KylieTimes is now available and you can download it on Kylie World ! This month, find out our adventures on the #KylieSummer, th...

The Kylie Times #1 • September 2015  

The first #KylieTimes is now available and you can download it on Kylie World ! This month, find out our adventures on the #KylieSummer, th...