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TIMES December 2015

Let‘s get skint!

NEW MERCH OUT NOW! KISSMAS IN ITS GLORY ! How was the Royal Albert show?


#2 !

„In a world full of Jenners, be a Minogue.“ Ok... that was just a pointless life motto by me, En. And now...Finally!!!!!!!!!!! December is here! We all know what this issue is going to be about - KYLIE CHRISTMAS, KYLIE CHRISTMAS AND KYLIE CHRISTMAS AGAIN! It is literally the main topic of our lives right now, and I wish i could just repeat it all the time and ignore everything else - KYLIE CHRISTMAS, KYLIE CHRISTMAS, KYLIE CHRISTMAS!!! We are still on a proper Minogue cloud after the show in Royal Albert Hall, and we are so happy to have met so many of you during this month, either in Paris or London! We hope you will enjoy reading our second tour diaries, re-live all those Christmasy news that have happened in the previous month, and we wish you the Kylies Christmas and Minoguest new year! PS: Yes, I have just sneaked Dannii and Kylie pic into the editorial, eventhough it‘s going to be inside this issue for about a million more times, and no, I do not have any regrets!

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on the cover: Royal Albert Hall performance, Dec 11th 2015

DECEMBER 2015, #4

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Astrid Peth Minogue 8. Life: TOUR DIARIES #2 14. Two Minogues for you 18. What‘s new? A brand new Kylie A day in Paris Royal Variety Every day‘s like Christmas Arias Promo and merch 22. TOP 10: New Year‘s Eve life 26. Fashion: Flower lover 27. Discover: PARIS 29. Meanwhile on social medias…

En, september 2k15


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ER T AN 12/3H /2010TODAY

D DV L 5 GIR/200 W 2 O 1 SH 12/

W YORK LIVE IN N4E 12/1 /2009

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C SO LU E B 7 ULD I SHO 12/29/198

It‘s n o 12/15 secret /1988

TURN IT INTO LOVE 12/21/1988

THIS E K I HT L ION) G I S N R E ON A(TARS V7/2012 12/1

D VoyagOCTOR W e of HO 12/25the Damne /2007 d

LHUNA (ft. Coldplay) 12/1/2008

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En, december 2k15

En, september 2k15



Started the career as an actress, and goes on. Dr Who and The Voyage of Damned is among fans’ most favourite movie Kylie has ever been in. What’s more - it’s also one of those rarest plays where she represents a main character, and not just a blink-and-you-will-miss-her kind of role (which we still love anyway). Doctor Who is a British (BBC’s) science-fiction television programme. It has been on since 1963. Each episode contains of adventures of the Doctor, a time traveler. Kylie’s one was a Christmas special first broadcasted in 2007, on the 25th of December. Let’s face it, it’s also the only episode we have ever seen. You’re gonna have to forgive us since we are not UK residents. If you’re like us and watch the episode for the first time, you might be confused at the beginning. But we promise you’ll get into the plot really fast, and then it doesn’t seem like you’ve missed any episodes to understand. You will feel like watching simply a movie with Kylie in. Her character, Astrid Peth, is a waitress aboard the starship Titanic, coming from a planet Sto. She dreams of seeing the stars. She randomly bumps into the Doctor, and they find out they have loads to talk about within a while. They become friends. The Doctor attends a trip organised by Titanic‘s resident historian, Mr Copper, and picks Astrid as his accompaniment. They land down to Earth, in London, by the time of Christmas. They stay just a second, but Astrid is in seventh heaven. She falls in love with walking on the ground and seeing the starts, even though human beings are scared of the past and that’s why the city is empty. Upon their return to the ship, she and the Doctor discover the plan of Max Capricorn to destroy the Titanic, its passengers and the nearby people of Earth with his villainous angelic robots, the Host. They look like golden statues and they truly are creepy at first sight. As the plot goes on, Astrid loses herself for the Doctor and kisses

En, december 2k15

him - as part of what she assures is an „old tradition“ on her planet, Sto. The feelings are mutual (who wouldn’t love Astrid, obviously). They go through tough times and situations while attempting to save the

boat, their lives, and friends they have collected on their way. In the very end, Astrid sacrifices herself to help the Doctor stay alive. It’s the well known scene where she drives Capricorn - the enemy - off a platform with a forklift truck. Doctor is devastated and realising Astrid was still wearing a teleporter bracelet, he tries to recall her atoms (huh that sounds mega chemical, let’s just say he attempts to bring her back from death). You know it - it’s basically a film rule that one can NEVER do that, and this time it’s the same. Astrid reappears spectral and bewildered, they kiss goodbye and when she’s about to disappear forever, another famous moment of the movie comes: “You are not falling Astrid, you’re flying.” The end.

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tour diaries #2: KYLIE KISSMAS

F i n a l l y, the time of the best kind of articles we could ever put into Kylie Times has come again! It’s time for our TOUR DIARIES! Oh the struggle of getting into the Royal Albert gig… We all know what I am talking about. But there was NO WAY we would miss that. If we were to book the whole trip without any tickets and just pray for our good karma to

and paying crazy money to second hand webpages while I was already booking flights. Oh how relieved I was... The wide smile on my face didn’t last long. As always with me, something must have gone wrong. I am in general one of the unluckiest girls walking on Earth, even though it might not seem like sometimes. I am that one who always takes a wrong bus and has to walk 10kms back or wait 3 hours for another one, who slams the door and then realises she has forgotten the keys, who accidentally blocks her own credit card or hits her own head with the door… As blonde as I am, I overcamed myself this time. I of course booked a wrong flight. I still feel sorry for the guy at the customer service, who went through re-booking it with me, linking me to the payments and explaining everything, and for all my colleagues who nearly died laughing when they saw my face in the moment when I checked confirmation email with the most random outbound date ever. It wasn’t even this year! Anyway, I don’t usually let those things stress me too much, the smile goes off for a second, but happiness in heart always stays. I mean HEY, A KYLIE HAPPENING AROUND THE CORNER! I set countdown on my phone, and went back to the daily routine... Work, Kylie World, the regular boring life…. It didn’t stop until I got crazily sick at the end of november. Antibiotics, looooads of tea and sleep on repeat. I had to stay off work for two weeks. It somehow happened that our princess confirmed she’d perform in Paris, for the 30th b-day of Bercy the weekend right after that. As you know, Laeti lives in Paris...

pay off and manage to purchase some last minute ones 10 minutes before the start of the show, we would have done it. I consider us reeeeally reeeeeally lucky for not having to - we somehow got the tickets at first shot. Not exactly front row, more like let-me-die-why-so-far-away kind of seats, but it was still acceptable under those circumstances. Unbelievable amount of fans was panicking

“COME.” “There’s NO WAY I could… too broke, too sick” “Just come.” “Okey…” I swear I was not going to, but ermmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. It was literally five minutes to twelve when I sorted everything out, jumped into the situation and got myself to Paris. I didn’t tell a word to anyone… flatmate thought I was at my mum’s, mum thought I was at my own place and my litter sister was covering me up while I was 8 www.kylie-world.com

sneaking out to the airport. I hadn’t even had the flight back booked. Some of you probably think that I am completely crazy, but it felt like oxygen to me. Everything was set up to look like I had never left the country, until we realised that the Bercy show had been pre-recorded and we wouldn’t get to see Kylie at all, so we worked all our powers to get into Le Petit journal where she performed as well. Let me give you one advice: do NOT go to any live TV show which is broadcasted in the main streaming time when you don’t want anyone to know that you are there. Not only we were on zoom basically the whole performance, but another short video of me and Laeti bumping into Kylie appeared online. Good going, En. If anyone owns that Harry Potter kind of coat of invisibility, please send contact, I REALLY need it. My mum has still no idea thou-

gh, and I’m extremely happy that she doesn’t speak english nor french, so she can’t read this. She would probably kill me first, and then bring back to life right after so she could laugh with me at what idiot I actually am. You know what… YOLO. Follow your heart, live fast, be free! Hahaha. I hadn’t even got a chance to properly get over this awesome spontaneous trip, and I was already sleeping at the airport in Stansted, which has moved my score of homeless nights for Kylie to number 9 this year. As always, I had no other option but to fly at night… Me and my lovely fluffy blanked placed ourselves in the middle of the airport and fell asleep fast, and you know what? It was quite comfy. I often tell myself it’s all fun, but sometimes I just stop everything and think “What the hell En…” When I was 16yo and went to a trip like this for

the first time, I was enjoying every second, truly believing things would change in a few years. I’m turning 21 soon, and hah, you see… My deep secret is, that I still prefer madness like this from fancy flights, hotels, cabs and this sort of “awesomeness“ in general… Once you get onto the posh travel style, there is no way you would end up on the floor somewhere in the UK at 2am, bot those memories are unforgettable. They make you feel alive, and trust me, you’ll cherish the memories forever. After all, what really counts is not money put into things, but the energy. So yes, for those asking: I am SO glad we have slept in a tent, airport, in the streets, YES, I would do it a million times again, and I can’t wait to be laughing at it all one day when we actually can afford the more fancy way. At 6 am, I took a coach to Victoria station to meet Laeti… We jumped on each other - as always - and went shopping. None of us had her outfit ready for the evening because nor Prague nor Paris sell clothes glittery enough. I managed to rip my top even before I put it on though. Blonde,

so so blonde… Later in the afternoon, we met our partners in crime, Kirstie and Jodie. We walked around the venue and bumped into Joshua by the stage door. We didn’t even manage to say a word, all of us just stood there, completely carried away, staring at his face. OH KYLIE, WE ARE SO JEALOUS. Then we went to get ready... Poor lady cleaning the hotel room after us. Jodie brought the most amazing things ever - lip glitter, and it ended up absolutely everywhere. You know you

have been to a Kylie show when you are finding glitter in your bra 4 days later... It didn’t seem quite real that we were going to see Kylie so soon. Maybe we lacked queuing, it was actually my first time being seated. But as soon as we entered the Royal Hall, the atmosphere totally hit us all and it suddenly became much more than just real. I started jumping around repeating “I’m so nervous I’m so nervous I’m so nervous”… This Kylie excitement, ahhhh… When we finally found merchindise and get through the queue, pretty much everything was sold out. The perfect hats were gone, the perfect scarfs were gone.. so we got mugs (NOTE TO SELF: DON’T DROP IT AGAIN). Two santa hats were waiting for us at our seats. I swear I had never felt any more myself in my entire life than right there with that on my head and glitter lips! While I was enjoying that state of mind Kylie tweeted lovers about a surprise waiting

or them. Kirstie and Jodie who were still outside ran there screaming GOLDEN BEES GOLDEN BEES GOLDEN BEES. I would have given my life to see Joshua’s face when he heard them, standing there wearing jacket with golden bees on it. Of course they messed it up, they were supposed to scream SNOWFLAKE, but don’t worry, apparently it was filmed, so let’s pray we all get to see that! Anyway, they were first, but didn’t get any surprise - that gift was a ticket to the show! How sweet! And then the show started… OH MY GOD. I don’t know what to say. It was awesome. RAH is the most magical place ever, and Kylie with her crowns and princess costumes belonged there. Fake snow, balloons, everything was so perfect. I felt like in a fairytale. Until 100 degrees. Since then, I didn’t even know what I felt…….. Kylie was introducing the song and all of us were there, wondering if Dannii has made it or not. We had stalked her twitter before, and we knew she was tweeting by 3am UK time. She could have been in Abu Dhabi having a break between the flights by then, you know… We all agreed that we didn’t expect her coming, but that we would be disappointed if she was not there. When the slow part of the song was about to end, my head was a mess. “She is not coming. She is coming, Kylie is making it look like she is not coming on purpose. She is not coming. Oh my god she is so coming, Kylie’s looking so sneaky. OMFG the curtain is moving. Oh no, it’s just dancers. OMFG IT IS NOT DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!” We cried. And screa-

med. We cried and screamed A LOT. Seriously… It has been 3 days and I still don’t have any words. DOUBLE MINOGUE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!!!! It was that one moment in life that simply gets you. I never believed I would see them perform together, or that I would see Dannii perform… and then she was there, and we were not able to hold it together. People are saying that the atmosphere was insane in the room and i obviously agree, but I think I don’t remember any of it. Just OH MY GOD. Our fangirl feelings were working 120% since then. I believe in you was breathtaking, the christmas songs were fun, celebration reminded us so much of summer tour… it simply felt like home again and we never wanted it to end. When Dannii came on stage again at the end, I literally though they will have to pull all the lovers out of the place when it finishes, because it was just TOO MUCH. The energy… oh my god. No words. Simply NO WORDS. A kiss with Josh was like a fairytale ending of an awesome night. We stayed in London until sunday evening with the girls, tried to get to disctrly and terribly failed, but turned it into fun, or walking around South Kensington at 3 am wearing our pyjamas… and so on. I am sitting on the plane back to Prague right now, and you can’t imagine how much I do not want to go back. After two mad weeks like this, who would want to… PS: I also have to apologize to the country of England for having eaten all the Doritos they had. Even though I regret nothing and I would do it all again. 13 www.kylie-world.com


aka Sisters are doin‘ it for themselves!

They are sisters and both singers, but as we all know - their collaborations are still rare. Kylie & Dannii Minogue haven’t really sung together that much. We had to wait 29 years to (that is actually longer than our lives) to see them on TV again. Now when it finally happened (HALLELUJAH), let’s celebrate by looking back and focusing on their work together in past years.

1986 • Young Talent Time (Australia) This was the first appearance of the two Minogue together in Young Talent Time, an Australian TV show which welcomes young talents from all over the country to interpret songs. Long before Kylie became famous, Dannii was already a star there. In 1986, Kylie, “Dannii’s elder sister,” hit the stage with her and performed Sisters Are Doin ‚It For

The original is sung by Eurythmics with the voice of Aretha Franklin. This song is also considered as a feminist anthem, and was supposed to be sung by Tina Turner. We suggest you to take a look at the cover made by Kylie and Dannii, just for the hairstyle of the era, it is worth it! PS: A current topic - Tina Arena was one of Young Talent Time’s ones, too. 14 www.kylie-world.com


Laeti, december 2k15

1987 • Young Talent Time I Say No (Australia) 2006 • Showgirl Homecoming (Melbourne)

In 1987, Kylie and Dannii Minogue participated at the Young Talent Time „I Say No“ concert dedicated to the fight against using drugs. They performed the song Twist My Arm, originally sung by The Pointer Sisters. The appearance of Kylie is also quite remarkable - she arrives on the scene on a motorcycle! After the song, Dannii leaves the stage and Kylie sings No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones alongside Jason Donovan. If the haircuts and styling were fab in the previous one, you need to go and watch this one too. And the accents… Just watch.

This is certainly one of the performances we love the most (probably because we had already been born so we can remember it). When Kylie returned to the stage after her fight against cancer, the singer invited Dannii at one of her shows in Melbourne to interpret Kids, which is originally a duet with Robbie Williams. Special mention for the outfits, and especially Dannii’s one which is just beautiful.

En, november 2k15

WE LOVE 2008 • The Winner Takes It All

In 2008, Kylie and Dannii Minogue recorded the song „The Winner Takes It All“ by ABBA. It was used as a soundtrack for a comedy called Beautiful People. The original was the first single from ABBA‘s album Super Trouper. The two sisters are obviously ABBA’s fans, but let’s face it, who isn‘t . It is a ballad speaking of a love story. The song was also released on Dnnii’s b-day, October 20th :)

2015 • 100 Degrees November 13th marks the release of Kylie’s new album, Kylie Christmas, but also the release of the duet between the two sisters, 100 Degrees. The video from recording is available in the collector edition of the album. Special mention for the t-shirts we love : Kylie Kissmas & Disco Christmas! (seems like outfits are just always something to mention when those two team up)

2015 • X-factor Grand Final (Sydney) And this is heeeeere ! We waited for 29 years, since Sisters are don’t for themselves, until they’d do it again. Kylie and Dannii sang together at the grand final of the X Factor Australia where Dannii has been coaching for some time now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover or a doll (or a Ken or just any other male version of a doll aka Dannii - fan), we were all set up to LOVE the duet. It was the first time they performed 100 Degrees, which is succeeding on all the platforms - both public and critics. No wonder, the song was written in part by Kylie and produced by Steve Anderson. 16 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, december 2k15

The performance of them two Minogue, full of energy, got only positive rating as well. We also noticed those half naked boys behind them, because they were pretty cute. Another point: when the dancers do that star with their feet, does it remind you of something? Personally we thought of the superb choreography on the ground for „Slow“ version in „Aphrodite Les Folies“! And small fashion point on the outfit of both sisters, which was the same, the only difference was the color: blue for Dannii and pink for Kylie. The detail is pushed to the end, since even shoes and microphones were matching. The inspiration came from Cher and Tina Turner’s duet called Shame Shame Shame from 1975. Well, all we can say is that it’s really Shame Shame Shame that the two sisters don’t collaborate often. Oh, imagine a tour together… ultimate dream!

... aaaaand that’s the end of the list. Reminds you of good memories? Same. Minogue heaven. We reeeeeeeeallly need more of those!

17 www.kylie-world.com

NEWS Aria Awards To promote her Christmas album „Kylie Christmas,“ Kylie joined the ARIA Awards, a ceremony celebrating the Australian music. The singer, who has won 16 ARIA Awards herself (out of 39 nominations!) was invited to present the award called „Hall Of Fame,“ to another Australian, Tina Arena. And Kylie lit the red carpet up! As always, she looked really beautiful in a dress designed by J’Aton Couture, shining thanks to many beads inlaid on it and a long tail in the back with matching pumps. Her hair and makeup was done by Mr Christian Vermaak (hi Chrystal), who did his job oh so well. Simple makeup, emphasizing her face thanks to nude gloss. During red carpet, Kylie answered many questions in several interviews, took selfies with fans and also did a little dance with Ed Sheeran, whom she had met in 2012 at Queens Diamond Jubilee concert. Even journalists were all excited about having her, some were even happy to have had a wave back from the singer! According to the Daily Mail, she also won the award for best dress on the red carpet! Well done girl

A few weeks after its recording, the performance of Kylie at „The Royal Variety Performance“ at the Royal Albert Hall was broadcasted this December 8th in England. As always, she lit the stage up wearing a white dress and Miu Miu shoes. Her dancers were wearing winter hats with KYLIE logo on them, they were also included in the merchandise but got sold out immediately.The newspaper The Telegraph also ranked it as her fourth best performance! Congratulations Kylie!

Every day‘s like Christmas December is definitely full of surprises! After the advent calendar where you can find exclusive videos from backstage the recording of „Kylie Christmas,“ our beautiful Australian has now shared a music video for the second single, „Every Day‘s Like Christmas”. We have already mentioned that the song is written by Coldplay’s member Chris Martin, but what’s hot is a brand new remix! Stock Aitken Waterman, the trio of producers behind Kylie’s first albums, have posted one. It sounds very 80’s and we love it! Back to the main topic: the music video. It was filmed in an „at home” atmosphere, and it’s a mix up between modern wide angle and classy and old school 4:4 home camera shots. And it’s just…. ugh. Me and En literally had to pause it in half because we were not able to take any more cuteness.

18 www.kylie-world.com

First surprise: there are no actors but the team and Kylie‘s friends. We can recognize Christian Vermaak, Tom Eerebout, Tully Bloom, ... Until comes the second surprise: Joshua Sasse. I repeat: JOSHUA SASSE. In the music video. Dressed as a leprechaun (yes it was needed to point that out there). There are even 2 children and a dog, which makes it all feel like a real family even more. And the cherry on top? THE KISS. Is it possible to do better for a Christmas video? Or for a music video anyway? No, no, we don’t see a way either. We can feel the whole atmosphere of the song in this video, with the festive spirit, snow, friends, family and lovers. Another cherry on top are those eye contact sequences with Kylie, which are a bit like if she sings for us #HeartLove.

Laeti, october 2k15

NEWS A brand new Kylie! During the promotion of her Christmas album, Madame Tussauds in London got a brand new Kylie statue! Dressed like her on the cover of the album, the statue is… How to say that… unusual, because in fact, the resemblance is not so obvious. At least in our view. The Christmas magic is on point though, she is surrounded by little presents and glitter everywhere. Kylie went to the unveiling of her wax self, too. She wore a red dress by Emilio de la Morena and Jimmy Choo shoes (Hey anyone, if you are rich and want

to make me happy, you know where to find my Christmas tree). We personally think she was not that impressed, but we understand… If you are going to see that, we would love to see the pictures next to her, so send them to us ! Her first wax statue was inaugurated in 1989 for the release of her second album „Enjoy Yourself »

A day in Paris! During her promotion for her „Kylie Christmas“ album, Kylie spent a day in Paris to answer to questions from various media and perform some tracks live. The day started early for the singer. 8am and she was already giving interviews for Journalists from Le Parisien, Madame Figaro, or 20 Minutes, where she revealed her plans for next year. She mentioned including that she had been working on new songs already, but for the moment she could not tell more. She wants to return to more into pop-dance tracks. She also answered the question we were all asking: she would NOT participate in Eurovision and she had already refused it once because she did not think this show would be for her and she would be too nervous. From the radio side, RFM, her french partner during the Kiss Me Once Tour did an interview that should be broadcasted soon! On the TV, she made an appearance on the news of M6 channel, in 50 Minutes Inside but also in Alcaline’s show, which will be re-

leased in a few days. (I advise you not to miss it, their interviews are always excellent!)

After this marathon, Kylie continued her day with the recording of her performance at Bercy, for thirty birthday of the arena. Kylie was not live, as she was live in England for the TFI Friday’s show, and recorded it around 1pm. The 19 www.kylie-world.com

program included two live tracks: the classic, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, and a Christmas song, Only You, a duet with the French singer: M.Pokora. Two songs and two outfits, a long dress by Kristian Aadnevik and a little dress/short by him too. Later in the afternoon, she went to Le Petit Journal, her first time on the show, for an interview and the first live of Only You in France.Special mention for the interview which was very interesting and fun. Kylie Minogue spoke of her favorite French artists, her favorite French food, spoke French most of the time and spoke about recent attacks that have affected France, a country she particularly likes because she lived there younger. Le Petit Journal team did a little close up on her career, Kylie spoke about her Christmas album and her collaborations, and the team went to where the video for Come Into My World was shotted to see the changes caused by the time. You can find all the pictures and videos on our site :) Laeti, november 2k15


Kylie Christmas promo! WHAT A PROMO IT IS THIS TIME! We love it. Thanks to Kylie’s management for all of what we are getting, such as our favourite thing - the advent calendar. Each day, we can go to Kylie’s youtube page and open a new video from the album recording. We do like advent calendars with chocolate, but this is better. WAY BETTER. And good news for the singers (or people like En who’s singing sounds the same like a dying frog, but the don’t care). Smule, an app, is now giving a chance to share a moment with Kylie and sing Only You with her as a duet. You can later post it on your social medias and share with your friends! It’s hilarious, those not-kylie ones will definitely think you actually were invited by Kylie herself to sing it with her! It’s just so much fun!

NEW MERCHINDISE!!!! Christmas merchindise and new dolls are up on Kylie.com now! Hurry up if you want to purchase anything, because mugs are already sold out, dolls are really near and who knows how many tees and jumpers are left!

21 www.kylie-world.com

it‘s time to


! R HE


It‘s not just Christmas coming, also the new year is knocking on our door... Did you know it would be 2016 already?!! Where on Earth does all that time fly... well, let‘s not get carried away and keep up with the topic. To welcome new advenures in a big style and say goodbye to oh-so-awesome 2015, we‘re all up for a CELEBRATION! A few shots of whiskey, some wine, vodka... you know how it goes...


First of all, let me star with how we will all look. Face it, the Christmas time has just finished...

DRINK (bottle?) 2... Um... Why is the glass empty? ANOTHER ONE, we‘re celebrating here!!

DRINK 5...

...and then you finally find out how great you look singing and dancing on the table...


...and this is how we will NOT look like. Face it again, absolutely no chance that our double chins would now match the dress..

DRINK 3... Let‘s take a selfie!

DRINK 6...

...and a bar. There‘s no way to stop you if Spinning around comes on.

DRINK 1...

The face when you see the welcome drink.

DRINK 4...

Your gay bff is already wasted but you still need another one...

DRINK 7...

Trying to take a selfie like... We all actually like this one, let‘s upload it.

And finally... DRINK (or bottle...) 8. even the costumes might be a real thing.

We of course hope you will NOT end up anywhere near the state of number 8, but from the bottom of our Kylie-ized hearts, we wish you the BEST celebration ever! And talking about it... is anyone spending the last evening of the year with a lover-friend? Me and Laeti are unfortunately not going to be together, we will stay in our countries probably with our parents... For those of you who have better plans, we have tested an easy and very entertaining...

...Kylie drinking game!

The inspiration came from a youtube video by two lovers, Steph and Shannon (look it up on their channel youtube.com/itsstephandshannon).

1. Make a playlist with all Kylie songs 2. Turn on random select of the songs 3. Cover the screen where there are the tittles written and pour yourself and a friend drinks 4. And now, just click on the NEXT button… Who guesses the song first doesn’t have to take a sip of the drink, the other one(s) do… If two say the title correctly at once, they have to say the release year to win Continue until you are wasted (and trust me, Kylie does have enough of songs even for the heavy drinkers) I highly recommand filming yourself during the game as well… We did, and somehow ended up doing Lalala choreography in the living room at 6am…

a girl‘s gotta suffer for...


LA FLEUR DE LA ROMANCE This time we are literally talking about SUFFERING for fashion. This tee is £75, which equals two pieces of a merchindase OR more, almost a golden circle ticket!!! Can you feel the struggle? Well ok, let‘s leave our priorities in tour diaries and not mix them up in here. We love the t-shirt! It‘s again a Kylie-fan-in-hiding kind of outfit, you can just wear it normally and secretly laugh when something tells you they love your tee. You can get yours at selfridges.com, look for an oversized La Fleur De La Romance t-shirt and it‘ll pop up.


They ship all around the world, and if you live in the UK, you can also pick it up in their shops the following day. 26 www.kylie-world.com





his is one of the most favorite cities of Kylie, where she spent so much time at the age of 19, and where she recently came for some promotion for her album „A Kylie Christmas“ ... Of course, we want to talk about Paris! If some people think it is a city in war after the attacks of November 13th, I can assure you that it is just the opposite. And I have the honor and pleasure to call it my home. The first thing to know when you come to Paris, is that it is necessary for you to make a schedule, because the city is quite big and when you want to go from one side to the other, it takes you at least one hour. Let’s start with the main monuments: you may remember the video of „Finer Feelings“ that Kylie filmed in the French capital. That is pure parisian romance and a place worth to see live! You can start your visit with the Place du Trocadéro that gives an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower, then you can go closer (and even take the elevator up in it, but you must be patient, the queue is LONG.

before treating yourself to a break in Champs De Mars. The idea for the Eiffel Tower is to come at night, at least before midnight to see it light up for 5 minutes at the beginning of each hour. Then you can walk up to the Champs-Elysées, which has an incredible view of Paris: on the Arc De Triomphe side, with a line in the business district of La Défense, on the other, Place de la Concorde and the Jardin des Tuileries right back. Actually, there is not much to do / see on the Champs-Elysees, this is rather a very commercial avenue with all the shops you can find in any country. If the big wheel is there at Place de la Concor

de during your trip, I advise you to go inside for a ride (unless you have vertigo), because the view of Paris from above is amazing! After all these activities, it will be time for you to relax... For this, two choices,

two luxury locations: George V and the Meurice. It is true that these places are quite expensive, meanwhile the price of TeaTime is quite affordable, especially at Le Meurice, located right next to the Jardin des Tuileries. But I advise you to go to the George V, a hotel where Kylie goes very often, particularly for its incredible floral decor signed Jeff Leatham. Especially at Christmas time with an interior design marked every year by big bears in the hall! This year, it‘s all styledin blue, and I must confess that I can spend hours contemplating this superb staging. If you still have a little time, you can also make a detour to the Colette concept store, located a few blocks far from the Meurice, which offers exclusive collections of objects and brands. You can also get in Kylie’s lipstick - Kiss Me Once, since the singer did done a signing there for the release of her album. Kylie‘s favorite area in Paris: St Germain des Pres! This is a nice space of paradise in the heart of Paris, which makes you feel like home. Cultural center, the area includes many fashion boutiques and bookshops, and is a key fashion location. Karl Lagerfeld has also his habits there, and goes regularly to the Café de Flore, a place where Kylie goes to during almost each of her trips to Paris. Another great place I suggest is Le Bon Marché, a place where all the latest trendy products are available. To complete your stay, I recommend you to take a short cruise on the Seine. You will see Paris as a whole, and you will have all the anecdotes about the city and its monuments. It‘s a nice way to finish this trip, which I am sure will please you: there‘s always something to do, or to visit in Paris! PS - If you are coming send me a message I’ll do the visit with you !

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The Kylie Times #4 • December 2015  

This month on the Kylie Times : Focus on Kylie adn Dannii Minogue, merch, Kylie Minogue's show at the Royal Albert Hall, French promo, Docto...

The Kylie Times #4 • December 2015  

This month on the Kylie Times : Focus on Kylie adn Dannii Minogue, merch, Kylie Minogue's show at the Royal Albert Hall, French promo, Docto...