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Since nothing is happening in the Kylie Life, it‘s not En who’s doing the editorial but Laeti (yes we try to share the pleasure as we can). As you can imagine, you‘ll really not learn any amazing and fresh things in the Kylie Times. Melanie and I went to London at the end of April. We were supposed to support Joshua with our girls, Kirstie, Jodie and Holly but as he did not participate, we simply had drinks and walked through London. It was not so bad, except for the ferry we took (yes, we went there from Paris by bus), and where Melanie wanted to vomit almost 200 times. Thanks God, she didn‘t. However, we wanted to introduce our new team member (yes again) Kirstie! You most likely know her already, on twitter: @Koystie or Instagram: kirstie_bo. Anyway, we are preparing fun stuff for this summer! Also...If you make a mega party to celebrate Kylie‘s birthday at home with glitter, loud music and alcohol, do not hesitate to send us pictures on our social networks, we will be happy to post them in the next Kylie Times ! Laeti x (En & Melanie & Kirstie). Laeti, May 2k16



MAY 2016, #9

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Time bomb 6. MATT IRWIN 8. News: - Hi Charlene‘s daughter! - Collab with Prince - Curlllllllllllls 10. SHE CAN(NES) 16. The prince of the world

#STEPBACKINTIME MAY 1987 - 2015 What happened in all the MAY-s over the years??

05/02/1988 Got to be certain

05/06/2008 X2008 tour

05/20/1991 Shocked

05/29/2011 Put Your Hands Up

05/25/2012 Timebomb

TIME IS TICKING! HA-HA. We stepped back in time and it literally got us onto a time bomb. Let‘s take a minute to appreciate this precious song and a video we got in 2012 during celebrations of K25, Kylie‘s 25th singing career anniversary. 2012 was in general the best twitter year in Kylie‘s career ever and there is no doubt about it. Each month, on the 25th, she posted a link which would not open until there was a specific amount of tweets with a specific hashtag. I honestly don‘t remember the number, but it was probably something to do with 25. One of the ultimate TOP months was May. Of course, it was supposed to be a supersecret surprise but as it happens, we did know everything in advance. I, for example, did not go to

school that day (little rebel, huh). We were getting a NEW SONG! To be exact, we knew about it since the filming. First, one lucky fan, Cesare Polini, who played a little role in the video, was hinting on his instagram, and then... it was filmed outside. There was actually a huge crowd of people in Soho, London, watching Kylie high-fiving someone while „driving.“ That did not make it any lease exciting, and the whole fanbase went MAD when Timebomb was officialy released.

5 www.kylie-world.com

It w a s the perfect hymn of summer rocking all the gay clubs around. The heart jacket (by Moschino) became legendary around lovers and it even appeared for super low price on a webpage called „famous jackets“ which is basically a company that fakes expensive designer jackets used in videos and sells them for lower price. Yes, that‘s where me and Laeti got it! :) If you want one too, keep on checking ebay!


Matt IRWIN A star and a fashion photographer

6 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

You maybe don’t know him, but you've seen his work. Matt Irwin, English photographer died on May 5th at the age of 36 years old. This is an opportunity for us to honor him by mentioning his work through various photoshoots he did with Kylie. Something hit us when we started this article: there is not much information about him on the internet... His career was unfortunately stopped too early, but he managed to impress even in this short time. Matt Irwin was indeed a great photographer, and highly respected in fashion world. He mainly photoshooted for major fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ , Elle ... with many models as Cara Delevingne, but also singers such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, One Direction or Kylie Minogue. Matt was born in Southport in 1980 and, at the age of six, he moved to Exeter with his family. His interest in photography began at fifteen years old, while still at school, when a friend gave him the gift of a super eight camera that he would go on to use throughout his life. As a teenager he embarked on a life-long project recording intimate moments with friends, his generous and fun-loving nature making them feel instantly at ease in front of his camera. Matt’s desire to become a fashion photographer took him to London where he worked as an editor, and later, as in-house photographer at style bible, Dazed & Confused. By 2007, Matt was shooting covers for Dazed & Confused and continued working for the magazine throughout his career. He went on to work on editorial projects for Vogue Russia, Vogue Japan, and American Glamour magazine.Matt’s unprecedented access to a generation of musicians, models, and actors of our time leaves behind a visual chronicle that reveals – and pays testament to – his infectious passion, enthusiasm and talent. Matt’s passing leaves a huge gap in the fashion world and in the hearts of all those who had the privilege of knowing him. Matt Irwin passed away on May 5th 2016 at the age of 36.

The pictures have also served to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, which was published in December 2011.

Many messages were posted on social medias, such as Jefferson Hack’s one, founder of Dazed Media, said Irwin was an “inspirational individual and an iconic fashion and celebrity photographer. He was part of the first generation of digital natives who alongside his friend and fashion director Nicola Formichetti helped usher in a new bold new aesthetic and direction for Dazed and then pop culture in the late ». Minaj posted a picture on her Instagram account, with the words: “I just don’t want to believe he’s gone. He literally took my pics 3 months ago after I specifically requested him!!! Always made me so happy on set. Always so loving and sweet and optimistic. This is so surreal. He was just so unbelievably talented!!!! God bless his family. Rest in peace my love.” With this little focus, you will have an overview of his work through the pictures he made with Kylie. Matt Irwin had his own style, a style you can recognize with the different photoshoots he did. And I can only advise you to go see his work by doing some research on the internet.

Kylie Minogue and Matt Irwin collaborated on several occasions, including for fashion magazine covers, such as "VS" for the Spring / Summer edition released in 2011. He also made the photoshoot of the first edition of the magazine "PONYSTEP" , also released in 2011 during the Paris fashion week. 7 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

NEWS CURLS ARE BACK April 23rd, Kylie Minogue & Joshua Sasse were photographed leaving a hotel in London for which the singer gave a private concert for a wedding. After the concert, the two lovers went to a restaurant in Mayfair, an area of London. And what got everyone’s attention are those beautiful curls which remind us her style in the 80s. Beyond that, also the blond beard of Joshua surprised all the fans, knowing that no one has found explanation for why he dyed it this way. Our thoughts were he kissed Kylie while she had the bleach on, and a disaster happened. Now he’s wearing it proud way and starting a new fashion trend. Are we right? Are we not? We will never know. Thanks God, he actually returned to a normal color.

KYLIE MINOGUE DID AN UNHEARD COLLABORATION WITH PRINCE Following the death of Prince, Kylie reacted by posting on Instagram a picture of the cover of Purple Rain, Prince’s most popular song. She reminded us that he has been her favorite singer since she was a teenager, and he had really marked her life. It was the version you probably saw when she posted her picture Instagram. But the singer has added a few lines after... She said she had collaborated with the artist at a time! « My musical crush since my teenage years. I met Prince after his concert at London’s Earls Court in 1992. I said I would love to work with him and he said, come visit the studio. He asked me where my lyrics were and where would I like my mic set up. Joking with me. I did end up giving him lyrics for a song called Baby Doll. His driver delivered a cassette to me later that night. It was a demo of Prince singing and playing the song Baby Doll he had written using the lyrics. We never recorded it properly. I then had the privilege of visiting Paisley Park. It was a dream come true. Thank you for the music and memories. #ripprince #whendovescry » Fans have asked the singer if she could release the title, either as a single or on her next album. Let’s hope... 8 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16


Actress Sarah Ellen debuted in the series Neighbours on April 22nd. She plays the role of Madison Robinson, daughter of Charlene, the character played by Kylie. And her entrance was quite similar to that Kylie could do a few years ago! In an interview with Radio Times, Sarah Ellen spoke about Kylie "She's on a different level than me, she is a superstar in Australia and her success is a dream for me ... I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to be able to give life to her daughter ". A few months earlier, the two artists were pictured together on the red carpet in Australia while Sarah Ellen did not know she was going to incarnate the daughter of Charlene. "I told her I was a big fan of her work and I took a picture with her. It was great. " On May 9th, the producer who helped to create Neighbours and many other series, Reg Grundy died. Kylie Minogue honored him by posting a photo on social networks.

MORE PICTURES... Spotted ! Kylie and Joshua were seen many times in London and Los Angeles recently, here are some pictures :)

9 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16


Yes, she CAN(NES) !

10 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

Yes as you can see, we got a huge inspiration for the title. But at least you know what I’m gonna talk about. While the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is happening right now, I decided to do a little focus on the highlights of Kylie Minogue in Cannes as our favorite Australian went there three consecutive years for different reasons. Of course every time I missed her and last year I’ve decided to go there and hope she will be there too, she did not come. LUCKY FOREVER.

11 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

Cannes 2012


hat year was most notable for Kylie on the Croisette. Indeed, the singer returned to her first love, acting, for a strange movie shall we say (I watched it a dozen times, I still do not understand it): Holy Motors. With the whole film crew, Kylie came to present this film in competition for the Palme D’Or. Press conference, photocall ... it’s in a Emilio Pucci green and black dress with a geometric neckline she chose to appear for the first interviews. And the day was long: lunch at Mathis and an afternoon with the international press to tell their experience and promote the film. Later Kylie went to Carlton for a new photocall for the jeweler Chopard, in a red dress absolutely magnificent. The same dress she wore a few minutes later on the Grand Journal. The projection of Holy Motors was sche-

duled at 10pm. That just let the time for Kylie to eat something quickly before going on the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals alongside Edith Scob, Denis Lavant, Leos Carax and a big part of the film crew. Despite this marathon day, our beautiful Australian was shining in her sequined dress by Dolce & Gabbana. That’s all ? Yes for this day. (And that’s a lot, we do agree). Kylie Minogue came up again the steps of the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 for the closing ceremony, in a beautiful mauve dress by Roberto Cavalli. In competition for the Palme d’Or (That Holy Motors finally not win), Kylie presented the « Ciné fondation » award alongside Jean-Pierre Dardenne, a famous Belgian director for Doroga Na (The Way), directed by Taisia ​​Igumentseva.

12 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

What to say about Holy Motors? This is a very dark and difficult film to understand which looks incomprehensible. When watching, do not look for an end, or hope something logical for us, the audience. And this is where you can find the genius of Leos Carax, the director.

And this is how the film starts, with a mix of the present life, past and future facts. Therefore quite difficult to understand the movie but you’ll end up taking the game. Especially when you hear Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie in the middle of the film, or towards the end, where she performed the soundtrack the film, «Who were we.» After waking up one morning, a man called The film has unfortunately not won the Palme «The Sleeper» locates and opens a secret door in D’Or, but the Youth Award in 2012 at Cannes. his apartment. He enters, wandering into a packed movie house, while a young child and a giant dog wander up and down the aisles. Meanwhile, a man called Oscar rides to work in a white limousine, driven by his close friend and associate Céline. Oscar’s job involves using makeup, elaborate costumes and props to carry out a number of complex and unusual «appointments», sometimes for the service of others, and at other times for seemingly no reason at all. The rest of the film is set in Paris. 13 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

Cannes 2013

In 2013, Kylie Minogue returned to Cannes as a simple guest to make an appearance on the red carpet alongside the director of Holy Motors, Leos Carax, to see the film « La Grande Bellezza ». In a white dress by Roberto Cavalli, Kylie was a real princess! She was

enjoying a lunch with the French director in the afternoon. In the evening, Kylie Minogue was expected on the boat of Roberto Cavalli for an evening alongside some stars : Sharon Stone, Barbara Palvin, Charlene of Monaco …

Cannes 2014

2013 has been a little less full than in 2012, but Kylie was caught again in 2014! In the promotion 14 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16

of her new album Kiss Me Once, Kylie performed two songs on the Grand Journal: I Was Gonna Cancel & Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. Two moments marked this day: in the afternoon, Kylie was doing some rehearsals on the Croisette and has a Marilyn Monroe moment with the wind lifted her dress ... And in the evening, our beautiful Australian regained her friend Guy Pearce, which began with her in the series Neighbours and Robert Pattinson on the set of the show. We can also remember this moment because Robert naughty boy - had a good look at Kylie’s butt. But that was not the only event. Muse of charm for the ice-cream brand Magnum, the

singer gave a press conference on the beach in a beautiful velvet dress, and hcreated her own Magnum ice-cream. In the evening she gave a concert on the beach for the 25 years of the brand. A concert which lasted about fifteen minutes, with her current songs and the classics such as Can’t Get You Out Of My Head or Locomotion, all in a shimmering dress signed by Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu pumps. Kylie Minogue took the opportunity to do a photoshoot on the beach which was used from the festival daily magazine: Kylie was on the cover. She also went to the Roberto Cavalli event on the evening on a yacht.

Will we have a Cannes 2016? For now, it seems a bit compromise because of the schedule of our beautiful Australian, but we can not wait to see her on the Croisette in all the most gorgeous outfits again one day! PS - Each year she’s there, she’s also going to the annual gala of the amFar - but we didn’t focus on it in this article.

15 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2k16


The doves cry… Minspiration is my favourite section in the Kylie Times because I can pass whatever Kylie has got inspired by (and I love) on you. This time it’s special. It has been nearly a month since Prince passed away and I still feel weird walking in this world where he is not present anymore. He will always be a

main part of the “pop gang” I love, and he will always represents what music is to me. I’m not ashamed of being all about the 80s. Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson are my holy trinity. The Queen, King and… Prince. I might be, as people say, “too young” for these, so I apologize to all the 00s kids who came here

for the Kylie and don’t give a damn about the past decade. I realise how not objective I can get writing about my heroes… they honestly are my whole life. I don’t know, tell me if there is something wrong with me when I can’t really become friends with people who listen to Kanye West despite being in my early 20s?

Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to John L. Nelson and Matti Shaw in June of 1958. His father was a songwriter and his mother was a jazz singer. With the music background he had at home, he started developing affinity of artistry since very early age - he started playing piano at 7yo. His childhood became troubled when his parents divorced. His mother re-married and Prince did not get along with his new stepfather. He left home and spent some time living with his real father. He gave him his first guitar. It didn’t work out either and he later moved in with neighbours. Their son Andre was his school friend, and the pair joined the a local band. Prince started as their guitarist but it didn’t take long for him to become the frontman. While singing and producing the band’s material, he recorded a demo as well. It quickly got attention of a record label. To be exact, Warner Bros. He was only 18yo when he signed up with them. His first album came out in 1978. Called „For You,” it did not produce any major hits, but it did introduce his unique style of of pop, rock, funk, soul, and rhythm and blues. Prince’s credits included producing, arranging, composing, and performing the entire album. It stayed this way throughout his whole career. His next year’s album attracted much wider audience, and included hits such as „I Wanna Be Your Lover“ and the „I Feel for You” which Chaka Khan later covered. It got into BillEn, February 2k16

16 www.kylie-world.com

board 200 and went platinum. He started appearing on MTV and became one of the first black people to chart there.

In 1993, while in a contractual dispute with Warner Bros, he changed his stage name too, with an unpronounceable symbol of man and woman, also known as the „Love Symbol“. He was referred to as „The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” or just “The Artist.” He released five records between 1994 and 1996 before signing with Arista Records in 1998. In 2000, he began referring to himself as „Prince“ again. He released 16 albums after that, including The Rainbow Children (2001). His final album, Hit n Run Phase Two, was first released on the Tidal streaming service on December 11, 2015.

Just to let you know, Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna were born on June and August of 58 in the same area of US. What was in the air there, we will never know... His stage performances and lyrics were leading some to speculate about his sexual orientation. He was only 157cm tall and often wore heels. When asked why, he said he liked what he looked like wearing them. Soon, however, he began a series of high-profile romantic relationships in the 1980‘s and 1990‘s, with such celebrities as Vanity, Madonna, Sheila E., Anna Fantastic, and Carmen Electra. His personal life calmed down during the 1990‘s, when he began investigating the Jehovah‘s Witnesses, under the direction of mentor Larry Graham (of Sly and the Family Stone fame). Prince officially joined the faith in 2001, and as a result he became increasingly vocal about his beliefs in his albums and in his live performances, replacing sexually suggestive songs with biblically inspired material. With little fanfare, he married Manuela Testolini in 2001; she filed for divorce in 2006. His most successful project we all know, Purple Rain, was released in 1984. The single also served as the soundtrack to the film of the same name, grossing almost $70 million at the U.S. box office. 19 www.kylie-world.com

Prince died on April 24th, 2016. RIP.

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The Kylie Times #9 • May 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : a focus on Kylie Minogue at Cannes Film Festival, on Prince, Matt Irwin, the news and much more !

The Kylie Times #9 • May 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : a focus on Kylie Minogue at Cannes Film Festival, on Prince, Matt Irwin, the news and much more !