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MINOGUE Who inspired K‘s photoshoot?


Here is me using nearly a year facebook banner for this editorial because not many things are up at the moment and we have nothing else to use, LOL. Ok, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s admit it, Kylie taking a break is something we are SOOO not used to! Nor her nor Joshua are spending much time time on social media as well and Kylie World have to fill-up, so... how is life everybody? Ha - ha. As boring as Kylie-life is right now, the opposite of that is my personal life because I have moved from Narnia to USA for some time, and you can picture the madness. My fab french colleagues Laeti and Melanie were on it though, and in the times of upper boredom, they added a new section for the magazine: QUIZES. Keep on reading those few news we have for you, some throwbacks, and test which Kylie you are! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t forget to sparkle and see you in a month! xx En (and Laeti and Melanie <3)



APRIL 2016, #8

on the cover: Kylie as Marlene Dietrich

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar I was gonna cancel 6. What‘s new? Kylie‘s singing for the Queen again Disco for life, not just for Xmas Neighbors Again Gaga‘s b-day party In the studio again 8. QUIZ: Which Kylie are you? 11: Get Minspired!: MARLENE DIETRICH 16. FASHION: Denim lovers 18. Discover: LA (LA LA)

3 www.kylie-world.com

#STEPBACKINTIME APRIL 1987 - 2015 Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s have a look on the events of April !

04/24/1989 Hand On Your Heart

04/13/1992 Finer Feelings

04/26/2002 Fever tour

04/30/1990 Better The Devil You Know

04/22/2014 I Was Gonna Cancel

En, April 2k16

Should Kylie have THROWBACK


„I was gonna cancel“ remains probably the most hated Kylie song ever, at least by her fans. The others probably don‘t know it exists...


The whole hate thing was under control until the moment they picked it as her second single and the video was released. Both completely flopped and when Kylie was asked why she thought that had happened, she said she didn‘t have much time for promo, but also that she didn‘t really know how the chart thing worked. In that moment, the hate bubble exploded and there was no glitter around for a good day. What else should a singer have to do than promote her stuff and „know how it works?“ The truth is, she was recording the Voice OZ back in times and apparently Roc Nation thought that would be the best promo for the whole era itself. It was not. What can we say... We did pop a few bottles when Kylie left them... By the way, not only it flopped, but the video was just one big fail. First, some media said none of the dancers in it was paid which was a lie, but a lie that went viral and put Kylie into a very bad light (still didn‘t make the song famous tho). They also had very little time for filming and the message which was sup-


The song was is included in the setlist of Kylie‘s latest studio album, Kiss Me once. This album remains the only one ever released under ROC nation, an American management company that Kylie was signed to for two years. They are based in Los Angeles, and so it guaranteed great names for the album. Probably the most exciting one was king Pharrell Williams. When Kylie woke up in the morning she was gonna visit his studio, she didn‘t feel like it would be one of her days, but she pulled herself up and went to work. When entering the studio, she started crying and sort of broke down... Pharrell was the one to be there for her at the moment, and this whole thing sorted what their song would be about. We got to hear this story many times before the actual song, and we were excited to hear it. Some lovers love it, some ended up not meeting their expectations...

posed to be seen it - people walking past each other and not noticing anything - it is merely noticeable. Since then, she pretends it never happened and that I was Gonna Cancel doesn‘t exist. We like the song, but we also believe that is the way to go. After all, it‘s not so hard: there was never even any promo photoshoot for the single. The cover picture was taken by Ellen Von Unwerth for Stylist magazine.

5 www.kylie-world.com


Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce will be neighbors again! 30 years after playing together in the series Neighbours, the two friends will act together again soon, in a new movie directed by Stephan Elliott: Flammable Children, which is a nostalgic satire of the sexual revolution in Australia. The filming should start in early October in Australia on the south coast of Queensland.

sensitive girl-next-door Melly. When the town suddenly hits the spotlight after the body of a 200-ton whale is washed ashore, Jeff and Melly think it’s the biggest thing that ever happened in their lives. Meanwhile, their eccentric parents are catching up with the sexual revolution that has also washed up on Australia’s beaches. But it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong.

The film is set in an Australian beach suburb, Dee Why, in the mid-1970s. Fourteenyear-old Jeff tries to find his role in a world changing faster than his hormones, and deal with his crush on shy and

There are still some roles to be cast for the film, which explain the fact that the exact role to be played by Kylie is not known yet.


She had already performed in 2012 for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and now Kylie Minogue is booked for another event, the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. The beautiful Australian is indeed one of those selected by the Queen to sing at her birthday celebration which will take place from May 12th to May 15th.

Windsor Castle. The life of the Queen will be traced back, and more than 1,500 participants and 900 horses will be present at this event. Unfortunately, tickets to this very private event are no longer available for sale ... But do not panic, we can see the performance of our beautiful Australian on ITV!

Kylie Minogue will be joined on stage by Andrea Bocelli, the opera singer Katherine Jenkins and pop This event should include a setlist as long as the one star Jess Glynne. Ant and Dec will host the concert, of the Jubilee in 2012 (4-7 tracks). We can't wait ! which will be broadcast live from private grounds of 6 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16

IT‘S STILL DISCO TO ME ! Surprise! 100 Degrees is not just for Christmas but for all the party days! A new version of the song was published in an EP, with the original song (It's still disco to me), an extended mix by Steve Anderson, the 7th Heaven Club Mix and the Boney Remix.

While we still sing IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS TO ME, you will quickly get used to this new version! Especially as Dannii has confirmed a vinyl version which, according to Amazon, will be released on June 17th! Just on time to make it a summer anthem!


Kylie Minogue is currently in Los Angeles, with her fiancé Joshua, who is shooting a TV pilot. She took the time to go to the studio. A message with a picture was posted by her producers saying they were going to record some songs. It is a team that we already know: Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen and Cutfather (Get Outta My Way, Sexy Love, Million Miles ...) that Kylie is currently working with. Bonnie McKee, an author and California interpreter was also present, and is particularly known for co-writing eight songs which

reached number 1 place in the Billboard, including Teenage Dream Katy Perry, but also tracks for Britney Spears, Taio Cruz, Rita Ora, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera. The small band is currently working on Nightbird Studio and it seems that something has already been recorded since the photo caption was "What a great pre-anniversary session" ... We can't wait to listen new material ! Stay tuned!

KYLIE MINOGUE AT LADY GAGA‘S BIRTHDAY PARTY We found Kylie! After desperately looking for her to sing on stage with Madonna and not having found her - it was in Los Angeles that Kylie has re-appeared alongside Joshua Sasse, her fiancé (excuse us, we like saying that word). The beautiful Australian was out to go to the birthday party of Lady Gaga who celebrated her 30th -day. It was the event not to miss and many other Hollywood stars were present, from Taylor Swift to Lana Del Rey, Lorde or Nick Jonas. 7 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16


Which Kylie are you ? New category on the Kylie Times ! Mélanie is running this little quiz for you to help you to know which Kylie you are - you know, you can’t live without knowing… Sexy Kylie, Cute Kylie, Smiley Kylie or just Kylie, which one looks more like you ? Be ready for this little questionary and feel free to share the results with us ! » Let’s get to know you more and start with questions about your personality… Q1 • Which word describes you the most ? × Surprising × Original × Talkative × Ambitious

Q4 • What do you hate the most in people ? × A quick judgment × Lies × Dishonesty × Snobbery

Q2 • Your best friends see you more like... × Funny & crazy × Intelligent & Creative × Dreamer & charming × Nice & unique

Q5 • In general you are more (Boys we didn’t forget about you !)... × Dressed chic × Casual × You don’t really have a style × Get dressed? To do what?

Q3 • For a perfect evening with your lover you prefer...

Q6 • What’s your favorite picture ?

× Home, on the sofa with a plaid, movie & popcorn × Romantic diner, sexy music and cuddle on the pillow × You decide to do this night last minute and you bet it all on improvisation × Share an evening with friends Mélanie, April 2k16

8 www.kylie-world.com

» Now, let’s talk about your music tastes. (Certainly great cause you’re a Lover). Q7 • What’s your favorite love song ?

Q9 • Your style of music...

× Cupid Boy × Love At First Sight × Especially For You × Only You

× RnB × Dance × Pop × Variety

Q8 • Pick up the song you love the most...

Q10 • If you have to pick someone for a duet with Kylie, it would be...

× Paper Dolls × Skirt × Locomotion × All The Lovers

× Natalie Imbruglia × Madonna × Ed Sheeran × Pharrell Williams

Q11 • If you can step back in time, which era would you be ? × Body Language

× Aphrodite

× X

× Enjoy Yourself

» Be careful, it’s gonna get HARD (Especially when it comes to those choices) Q12 • Your favorite photoshoot (we know, it’s a though one)...

Q13 • Your favorite friendship...

Q14 • When you are at a party you are more like...

Q15 • Your favorite stylist for Kylie’s outfits



Moschino 9 www.kylie-world.com

JPG Mélanie, April 2k16


Which Kylie are you ? So, which Kylie are you ? To know the answer, count the colors you chose and scroll down for the one you chose the most times... Sexy Kylie, Cute Kylie, Kylie or Smiley Kylie ? Tell us on Twitter with the hashtag #WhichKylieAreYou !

Sexy Kylie

Cute Kylie


Smiley Kylie

As Kylie, you have the perfect look, and a sense of style that is close to the perfection, whatever the occasion is. You have an exceptional seductive power that makes you irresistible.

You can look tired, with your hair up or you can do a grimace and you’ll always look cute. You’re the kind of person who can do ridiculous things remaining cute because it’s you! Enjoy your cutest, others do not have your luck!

You’re simply Kylie and have all her facets. Are you her sister or her secret twin ?? You’re definitively somehow Too Minogue for us!

«It is not because a person smiles all the time whos life is perfect». Your smile is your strength. You love life for what it is made of, and you try to see things from the right side. Oh and yes, as Kylie, you have a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh!


10 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, April 2k16



Marlene Dietrich: THE QUEEN OF SIN! …or at least that’s how most articles about her life start. Think about any Hollywood actor from the past century and you can be almost sure he ever had some hanky-panky going on with Marlene. Some writers, musicians, politicians…then there were actresses, too. But despite hundreds of her love affairs, she only said “I do” once, to a man whom she was married to for 53 years, until his death.

She was born on the 27th of December 1901 (which she kept in secret for her whole, the date wasn’t confirmed until a few years after her death when documents were found) in Germany. Her father died when she was 6 years old and her mother later married a family friend who adopted both Marlene and her older sister. This phase unfortunately didn’t last long. Ten years later, Eduard was sent to world war I. due to his obligations, and he never came back. Loss of her second father broke Marlene’s heart. She was still a “good girl” back then - she played piano, studied french language, did ballet and aspired to be a violoncellist. Her teachers put high hopes into her musician future, but her arm injury never allowed to fulfill this dream. And so she started acting… Although she got fired from her first acting job after a month, her fame growth didn’t take too long. Her rare beauty (I don’t want to insult any German, but back then in Germany, her beauty truly was RARE) got noticed and by the mid of 30s, she was already famous in Germany. Her role in a movie called “The Blue Angel” became a hit all over the world and so did she. It’s director and her didn’t hang around and decided to make the sudden wave of fame and interest count, and took over to Hollywood. She was known to have strong political convictions and the mind to speak them, and so her country labeled her as a betrayer who ran away from pre fasist Germany. By this time, she was a sensation in America already… she got her citizenship and she never played a second character. She never stopped spreading her political opinions and fighting against Hitler. She joined the army in World War II., came back to Europe and worked as a translator from German to English. She was also very active in the Hollywood Canteen which was a place run by Bette Davis, where soliders passing through California could stop, eat for free, and famous stars such as her were serving them (for no profit). Her friends claimed she had plans for seducing Hitler and murdering him back then when she was still in Germany, or that if she was his lover, she could have talked him away from any of this. Well, who knows… give a woman the right shoes and…

En, April 2k16

She was also one of the first openly bisexual women in Hollywood. She had love affairs with Greta Garbo, french singer Edith Piaf, and many many others who weren’t speaking their sexual orientation loud back then. She had got married (and had a daughter) to Rudolf

Sieber long time before her american dream even happened, and despite all these love affairs she was known for, they never divorced. The opposite, actually. The two of them stayed great friends until Rudolf ’s death, and he had some great friendships with his wife’s lovers.


DENIM GIRL How Kylie wows denim ? Get the look !

It has become trendy again ! What ? Jeans ! Yes, you couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have missed that, Kylie wears that very often, especially in this season. Jacket, shirt, pants in a total denim look, here are some essential looks tested by our beautiful Australian girl over the years, and we totally approve it !

Picture taken from Kylieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2012 Calendar - May 15 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16

26.03.10 1990

Back to Neighbours! In 1990 already, Kylie was almost in a total denim look with a long overalls that reminds us her debut in the series Neighbours.

Yes, even if it was trend in 80s and 90s, denim overalls are not outdated and is always up to wear! So you will find it anywhere in store, in long or short version as the overalls from H&M for 39.99 €

2012 01.06.2010

She looked GORGEOUS when she came out with a shirt / long denim jacket accompanied by a leather slim and below the knee boots. An ideal style for both a walk on the week day or the weekend, to go shopping...

While shops are full of plaid shirts at the moment, it is always possible to find jeans, and for a very affordable price! ASOS offers some from 20 euros and in different variations: from very light to very dark.

THE MUST HAVE! THE denim jacket. It is essential for spring, or even cold mornings and summer evenings. Kylie wears it (of course) wonderfully, especially with a little white dress highlighted by the jacket.

Short as Kylie or a little longer, you will find THE perfect jean jacket very easily because it's a classic. Mango and H&M offer some to you from 30 euros, but it’s better to spend a bit more money for better quality and for something you can wear for years. 16 www.kylie-world.com

14.11.2012 Be careful of the fashion-faux pas. The skin-tight denim dress does not fit everyone. Kylie's one doing it quite well, but it is sometimes very difficult to reach this level of fab. If you have the same morphology as our beautiful Australian, which means, rather thin and small or tall and slender, go for it!

Not easy to find (because yes, it's not for everyone), ASOS offers a pretty one and in the same style as the one of Kylie from 38 euros (plus it’s on sale!).

She did it! TOTAL DENIM LOOK. Often very risky, Kylie has successfully combined a denim shirt with jeans, without a fashion faux pas. I must say that the colors are the same and that Kylie made an incredible impression with jeans that really highlight her buttocks.

In all the shops close to you, just be careful to have the same type of colors.

Laeti, April 2k16


In all simplicity, Kylie has chosen the mini denim skirt to go to the beach, and we of course agree with her because it is most perfect outfit to go there.

Zalando, ASOS, or your local shops will delight you. You need to wear it with a casual top, sandals and a small shoulder bag and you will be in perfect state to hit the beach!

02.04.2015 We just talk about the little short skirt for the beach, but there is also the skirt that stops above the knee, which is back in the fashion world. Kylie's wearing it wonderfully with a white blouse tucked inside the skirt and boots which have the same color of her jacket.


We will not lie to you, this is probably our favorite outfit of Kylie wearing denim. This denim dress is absolutely perfect, and Kylie knew how to highlight it with a belt that mark perfectly size and small sandals.

27.03.2016 Oh yes, the denim overalls is totally timeless! More than 25 years after the first picture of our focus, Kylie still wearing it. For the birthday party of Lady Gaga, the beautiful Australian has opted for a long, wide overalls with sneakers.

Everywhere in the shops that were mentioned just before! H&M, Levis, ASOS ... From 30 euros you'll find it to be sexy and pretty! However, be careful not to mix colors, maximum 2 plus your jean color, or you could look quickly like a rainbow.

ASOS obviously for about 60 euros, with an ample denim dress that will be perfect to roll with a belt. To go to work, or for an aperitif or evening with friends, this style is really perfect and will make heads turn!

17 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16

DISCOVER LOS ANGELES So we were looking for and looking for and looking for Kylie again to force her to go on stage with Madonna to satisfy our biggest pop fantasy - and we failed this mission, but we did find Kylie - on the other side of the world, in the United States and more precisely in Los Angeles (thanks to a few paparazzis pictures we must admit). The pretty Kylie - who is actually recording songs for a new album (we hope !) - is with her fiance Joshua Sasse, who is currently shooting a pilot for television. The opportunity for us to explore this city which makes people dream a lot!


os Angeles is the largest city of California and one of the largest in the United States: it stretches over 50km wide and over 70km long. So it is better for you if you have a car there otherwise it is gonna be complicated, even if the city has underground and buses. Some fans of the city will tell you you have to stay more than a week to fully explore Los Angeles, other will say a few days is enough. But it is true that in this city, you can touch the American dream, and discover the world capital of cinema and music. Pick up your Ray-Bans and HERE WE GO ! Let’s start by Hollywood, with the famous Hollywood Boulevard where you can see the stars of the biggest in the world (yes, we are still waiting for a Kylie one). If you want to see the ones of actors, you need to go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. We do not forget the famous Hollywood Sign, with the most famous letters in the world! You have two options to go there: to walk or take a car. Athletics people vs lazy ones ! You won’t get as close as all those movie scenes, but it’s still a must to do!

California in other words is beautiful beaches… The ones of Santa Monica should delight you, because it is full of beautiful surfers and a little more friendly than Venice Beach, where people often come to show their pretty muscles. Moreover, speaking of Santa Monica, you can also have a look to see many activities offered by the district, with beautiful streets full of pavement coffee shops.

18 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16

Another point - certainly quite touristic, since even guides are made for that - a little tour with your beautiful car in Beverly Hills to try to see between two trees - which are 6 times your size - a part of some luxury homes which are probably houses of a star or a billionaire. On a cultural side, and if you have a burning desire to go to museums, we recommend you the Getty Center, a huge museum in the hills between Westwood and Santa Monica, with many works of art and gardens which have views on the city. If you like stars - Staaars don’t shine in singular placeeees - go to the Griffith Observatory, which is public and will increasingly put you on the path of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign as well.

We can also recommend you the LACMA (art museum) and the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles, which are perfect for your culture. The Huntington Library, which is a very large park with beautiful themed gardens also has buildings that contain exhibitions and artworks. And because it is always important to entertain yourself (and enjoy yourself), Los Angeles is full of parks. At 30 min of the city (driving - see the importance of having a car there) you will find Disneyland. Towards the San Fernando Valley, something a little more cultural : Universal City. If you are a movie fan and especially love films like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, you should find your happiness. For the food, since you are in a paradise burger, we will understand the fact you’ll stop your diet. But if you want to eat healthy, more and more vegan and vegetarian restaurants open in the City of Angels :) With all these activities, you will, I think, find what you wanna do ! And we didn’t even talk yet about shopping. If you want to put a paper star on Hollywood Boulevard on behalf of Kylie, take a photo and send it us ,that could be fun! This article is sponsored by En and her photos during her trip to Los Angeles last year - ha ha, surprise bitch. With love, Laeti xx

19 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2k16

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The Kylie Times #8 • April 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Who inspired Kylie for this photoshoot ! Check out the news of the month, discover which Kylie are you and a...

The Kylie Times #8 • April 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Who inspired Kylie for this photoshoot ! Check out the news of the month, discover which Kylie are you and a...