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February 2016

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A month is gone and here we are again, with the 6th issue! That makes it 6 MONTHS, HALF A YEAR!!! Woooohooo! Thank you for reading us and for all your support, especially to kylie_lovers_only on instagram who gives us the biggest shoutout every month, and also to our Melanie, franceloveskylie! Since the Kylie-break that is happening right now (well deserved one), we have limited topics and almost no news. There is still a lot to talk about tho! This issue is full of a Les Folies throwback - the meaning of „Les Folies“ for Minspiration, a little bit of little-En‘s tour diaries, a dancer talk about filming... A sum up of Kylie at the Brit awards while we wonder if she attends this year, Valentine‘s day‘s playlists and much more! Hope you‘ll enjoy, Laeti and En



FEBRUARY 2015, #6 4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Les Folies:

- Minspiration: Folies Bergere (8.)

- Mermaids from backdrops (10.)

- En‘s diaries (12.) 20. Life: VALENTINE‘S DAY 22. News:

- Merchandise

- Prince‘s trust

- Guy Chamber‘s collaboration 24. WE LOVE: Brits 30. Discover: Barcelona 32. TOP 10: Love songs 35. Meanwhile in the fanbase:

New merch collection by Cesare

on the cover: Prince‘s Trust, London, Feb 4th 2016


February is a month of TOURS... As we don‘t have any starting this year, let‘s have a look at those that started this month in the past!

02/03/1990 Enjoy Yourself tour

02/12/2002 In Your Eyes

02/10/1991 Rhythm of Love tour

02/10/2004 Money Can‘t Buy DVD

02/16/2008 In My Arms

02/15/2008 WOW

02/19/2011 Aphrodite: Les Folies


5 www.kylie-world.com


LES FOLIES aka all about THE world tour Aphrodite

One thing was clear from the very beginning - the title of the album, , held uncountable amount of possibilities and creative ideas. The team had a lot to play with! No one of us was crazy enough to imagine what would soon take place in many capitals all over the whole world. Les folies, the craziest and most extravagant production to bring on road ever, a multi-million dollar visuals, THE world tour. One to remember forever… Well, the DVD captured during 2 of her 5 triumphant nights in London’s O2, on those 3D hi-tech multi-cameras, makes it easy to remember… What else could I say describe how glorious this tour was…. Ahhh!

11 heart stage with over heart stage with over 44 million movable parts million movable parts 77 lifts lifts 30 of thirty meters high fountains 30 of thirty meters high fountains 41 thousands litres of water 41 thousands litres of water 55 continents/legs of the show continents/legs of the show 27 countires 27 countries 150 days on the road 150 days on the road 575 000 fans in the crowd 575 000 fans in the crowd 6 www.kylie-world.com

En, February 2k16

The tour kicked off in Denmark, on the 21st of February 2011 with nearly 12 000 spectators in the crowd. Awesome reviews came straight away and followed Kylie and her enormously hard working team through the whole Europe to the UK, where they finished the first leg and also filmed a DVD. Although two almost sold out nights in London were not the only time camera crossed their path - we got a tour video blog with fans included updated onto the official youtube account after each and every show, and that makes it the tour we were in touch with our goddess the most. She also ran “best-dressed” contests on her twitter, and each show the most fab looking fan won a signed merchandise. After 10 day break, the tour moved on to USA, for the third time in history Kylie toured through the states. Unfortunately the fountains stayed at home and their leg

became much more intimate, with a classy stage without water elements, called just “Aphrodite.” The same applied for Asia and Africa which is very reasonable considering the fact Kylie entered Japan just a few weeks after the terrible earthquake, when the country was trying its best to get back together. It had been 20 years since Rhythm of Love times, and she said she really wanted to return there, especially in their hardest times, and the whole crew expended much effort to make it happen. Kylie’s home country, Australia, of course did see the tour in its full glory, with fountains, a splash zone, heart stage, and everything that made it Les Folies.


What does Les Folies mean?

It’s been five years since Aphrodite: Les Folies kicked off. Twelfth concert tour by Kylie, seventy seven shows all over the world including countries such as Japan, Mexico or Indonesia, and one of the highest technical production on the road to date… We have said this all. Yet - correct me if I’m wrong - we don’t even know what the french title means! I’d bet you five pounds (which is about my current bank balance) that you have no clue. Don’t feel ashamed, I barely knew how to pronounce it and my parisien colleague Laeti was only aware of what our showgirl said to this topic herself: “Les Folies” stands for cabarets in France experiencing their glory in the country’s golden times, late 18th century and early 19th. But what were these and why were they important enough to influence the pop star’s spectacular world tour?

FOLIES BERGÈRE The Folies-Trévise was the first building of it’s kind to be opened in Paris in 1869. The purpose was to entertain people with leading programmes such as operettas, ballet, pantomime, popular songs, gymnastics… quite not what you would expect, but don’t forget we are 147 years ago. The first step on the stairway to its glory and never-ending fame happened just 3 and a half years after it’s opening date, in 1872. The hall was on the corner of Richter street and Trevise street, that is how it got it’s name. Unfortunately The Duc de Trevise wasn’t happy about someone using what belonged to him, and there was no other way than re-calling it to the name it proudly holds to this day - The folies Bergère. Bergère, sometimes translated to english as “Shepherdess” was for another street near by, and „Folies“ came from Latin. It usually gets mistaken for “folle,” an original french word meaning “craziness.” Foliae, the original latin word, meant “field,” or as other translates say, a place where romantic couples would secretly meet. You’ll probably agree with me that this sounds a bit over-dramatic, but if we understand to the word just as “a place,” it makes sense. In any case, people were no different to us back then when it comes to shorting everything as much as possible, and so The folies Bergère soon became known just as “The Folies.” Translation of “The” to local language, french, is “Les”. And here we are: Les Folies. Let’s not end our class yet and go back to the history. By this time (early 1870s), it was taken over by Leon Sari, who remodelled the auditorium, put in a promenade which later became famous, and installed a large central fountain (sounds familiar?). Fourteen years later, the director Edward Marchand presented a whole new kind of performances - variety. A mixture of circus and cabaret’s elements with added value in the form of more complicated technical equipment, artistic performances, and making the whole look “bigger” than just a simple cabaret. And of course, with accompanying catering services… Writing this down, it made me think of Moulin Rouge. We do talk about something similar, but don’t get fooled. Moulin Rouge wasn’t even opened by this time! This new way of entertainment brought a huge success and so the Folies Bergere continued producing shows fully based on fancy costumes, decora-

rations, dance and singing… oh, and women! The main break, however, didn’t come until the new century. First nude dancer appeared on stage, and the show’s reputation would never be the same. A naughty new chapter opened for the hall on this one night in 1918. Their name grew fast and demand of the show quickly made it’s way through not only the whole country, but Europe as well. They managed to get it touring and countries all over the world started

9 www.kylie-world.com

opening their own versions of “Les Folies” clubs. One of them was also Ziegfeld Follies on New York’s Broadway, which was later featured in a movie that finally inspired Kylie to call her tour this. The word “folies” turned its meaning into a place where people would go and drink, have fun, or for something mad. The building is still working, not as a variety anymore, but mainly as a concert hall or place hosting french musicals. En, February 2k16


The special water stage demanded special dancers. And a team of synchronized swimmers, too. Remember those backdrops during on a night like this? Ironically, I used to do this sport for near-

ly 10 years and i don’t think this could be any more random, however, two of the girls hired for the filming were my local rivals. One swims for a decade and they pick some olympionics, meh... It

was a top secret and I didn’t realise it until I saw them in the tourbook. About a year later, one of them gave a few interviews on this topic and I will be happy to translate main storyline for you.

“I didn’t even believe my own ears when I was offered this. Our french choreographer, Stephan Miermont, was picked as a director of this project. We have worked together for a couple of years and so he offered us to take part along with 5 british girls and one american. Filming took place in some studio in London. It’s a place where they film many commercials as well - a swimming pool with all sides made of glass and cameras from all the angles. We swam there as fish in an aquarium… Stephan had an idea on what the final choreography would look like, but every detail and practice happened only when we got there. The swimming pool was available for us 2 days before the actual filming started, and so we spent 8 hours each day in the water and practiced. It was nothing technically hard, actually the opposite - but highly effective and good looking. The filming took two days as well, about 12 hours in total. We had our own make up artist, hair stylist (for normal contests, the girls put GELATINE over their hair so it stays fixed even under water - for real… I felt like a cake for about 4 days after each contest). A funny moment was when Kylie herself appeared. We didn’t properly meet her, but when she arrived to the place, dipped her toes into the water and was told she would have to stay at least 4 hours there, she decided to get replaced by a double body. They picked a daughter of one cameraman for this, but poor girl was barely able to swim. They tortured her for a couple of hours but she got completely cut out after all.” Alžbeta Dufková for Lukáš Slatinský, 2011

En, February 2k16

10 www.kylie-world.com


…And once we are focusing on Les Folies, let’s bring up your apparently favourite story times with En. I don’t know how I always end up having something to talk about when it comes to shows, but actually why not - we will not have any tour diaries coming up for a long time, so let’s bring the old. Well, for some of you the Aphro era is just a blink away, but it truly is old for me. I was 15 years old. Most of you have read the Harrods signing diaries, so imagine that material (me) but two years younger. “Fangirl“ doesn’t even begin to cover it. I had never seen Kylie, loved Kylie, kind of hated myself for missing out on X tour, and I did not believe she would ever come to the end of the world where I lived again. And travelling abroad for a SHOW, oh that was something I wouldn’t dare dreaming about. Just no. Imagine all the feels when I was sitting on my train home from school and my ancient mobile phone froze when I received a text saying “You know Kylie Minogue is coming to Prague?” OH - MY - GOD. Like… really. The phone was pure rubbish and took all its time to start working

again, and so I went through 5 minutes of proper hell. My heart stopped beating, I didn’t know how to breath, and in general my brain felt like squeezing itself out of my head… The older man sitting in front of me enjoyed a good show on his own. When I finally realised that it was all true and that I would see my princess live, like REALLY, I was the happiest girl in the whole world. First day of pre-sale, I was standing in the door of a local ticket-shop (such old school way, right) at 7am all ready for the

shocked-looking lady at the till to take my money. Despite all the looks she was giving me, I first forced her to make a ten minute reservation, print it, give me the paper and then print the actual ticket, just so I would have one more holy paper with the goddess’ name on it. Oh dear, how did I survive the following 6 months wait? It was my first english lesson after Christmas break and my teacher asked about my New Years Eve programme. Everyone already knew I was about to go to heaven and see my angel by this time because I would clearly not shut up about it, and so I proudly said I had spent the last day of 2010 making a banner for the show while getting drunk with my best friend. “Oh wow, are you meeting Kylie by the way?” the teacher asked. “N…o?” I answered, starting with a very strong N, but very slowly going on to an O, which came out sounding just as if I was just given an idea… I was simply a beginner at this whole fan thing, and all the dreams were automatically unreachable for me, so far away it didn’t even cross my mind. Until someone asked… So basically, I blame this teacher for everything. I wouldn’t stop creating theories on how I could make this happen for the whole day, and when I came home and sat down by the PC, I googled “a contest to meet Kylie Minogue.” For my endless surprise, something really popped up! It had been uploaded only a few days before. I had to have a phone number from one specific company with a special contract, register it under my name, wait for a password I’d receive on the phone number, and only then I could take part. I did not meet any of those conditions but YOLO. I asked a few relatives. They happily agreed to let me use theirs. After I received first password and registered myself, I realised this contest was no chill. The rules were simple, first round, you get asked 5 questions about Kylie including recognising one album’s cover and one single. You know, testifying if you are a real fan… If you get through, your destiny lays in the hands of your own luck - a Kylie puzzle. The fastest one

to finish both rounds wins. You see your results along with a current winner chart right after you finish. First gets meet and greet with Kylie, limo with a driver for that night, access to a VIP section at the show and a night in a luxury hotel. Silver and bronze place wins two meet and greet tickets, top 10 gets two vip tickets, and anyone scoring from eleven to thirty-fifth place gets two (rubbish) seats. Easy, I thought… I recognised Fever’s cover, I knew which year Spinning around was released, where Kylie sang at Olympics… I succesfully did Kylie puzzle as well, and was really satisfied to make it under 50 seconds. When I opened the chart, I thought my life would end. The fastest one scored under 25 seconds. How on Earth can you even do that???!! I needed practice. Also more phone numbers and addresses since you could only take part once. And so the collecting started… Relatives, classmates, friends, people I hadn’t talked to for about five years… I begged EVERYONE to give me their phone numbers that were ok for the contest. After some time, I had a list of about fifty numbers, addresses and names well organised in a doc. That was possibly the only good evidence I ever managed to do… I gave it a few shots and used about twenty of them to practice and get used to the contest. I realised the questions were frequently repeated and that some puzzle is super complicated while some only needs two clicks… The contest would run for next month and a half, and I felt like it was my Olympic discipline for the whole time. The big day, when it was about to close, I had thirty more shots and I was determined to win a few minutes before midnight, so no one else doing the same as me would have time to beat me. All was set up for me to win. An hour before midnight, I started my marathon and managed to get to first, second and third position by 11:50pm. I kept on checking the chart just in case, already feeling like the winner, when at 11:55, some cruel beast did the same as me. But better. I was no longer at any of the Meet and Greet winning places and

13 www.kylie-world.com

I had no numbers left. It took ages to create the whole registration, I would not make it down five minutes, or someone would be awake to get me their phone numbers on midnight. With tears running down my face, I texted all 5 people who were online on Facebook. A random girl understood fast, collaborated, and I managed to still take part using her number. But I terribly failed… While having a mental breakdown, another girl reacted to my message. It was too late, but I was emotional as… well, as a fangirl trying to meet her idol. I did the registration again, and went through the whole contest again while screaming at the screen. “PLEASE WORK, PLEASE LET THEIR CLOCK BE WRONG BY A FEW MINUTEEEEES.” It worked. It was probably in an app which they had forgotten to turn off, and it was still counting my attempts. And I got to the second place! YES, YES, YES! I kept on checking for next hour, it was still on, but no one had the same idea to try… Then I fell asleep in front of the computer. When I woke up in the morning, the contest was closed, and the organizators left a note saying they will email the winners during the upcoming week, and the chart was showing up my name on the second place. And then I realised… MY name. In the crazy panic attack I had on midnight with my last shot, I forgot I was not allowed to use my name again or it would be considered as cheating. But it WAS in the chart…

The following week was the longest of my entire life. My phone died around 11am every day because of constant refreshing emails, and they were not making the wait any easier by not saying a word until the very last day of the week. They did not email me, though… An unknown phone number called me, when I picked up, the voice screamed “MESSAGE ME YOUR ADDRESS, IMMEDIATELY.” I realised what happened - they CALLED the winner’s numbers, and one of my fake friends picked it up introducing herself instead of me. They didn’t know how to deal with such situation, and they told the friend they would call back. FUCK MY LIFE. HOW ON EARTH WAS I SO BLONDE NOT TO FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE… In any case, I had NO idea who was the girl on the phone since I made way too many random

people join in, yet I sent my address to this stranger, and alarmed everyone under whos numbers I knew I scored in the top 10. Next two hours were proper hell and mom decided to took me to the cinema to calm me down. Ironically, we went to see Burlesque… Cher was in her finest

why do I have 16 missed calls from your best friend?” H a h . Imagine… Me stealing her phone, sprinting out of the cinema, calling back the friend to get to know we had won the tickets from a completely different friend, me crying, screaming that I have to back to the cinema, running back and explain the guards why I had to leave, and then trying not to sob too loud through the film. What I did not understand at all was HOW we won the tickets under someone else’s number when this person was not on the first places? Then I checked my own phone and saw a message from the girl who had called me up earlier, asking just: “They ask if you want the limo and a hotel

too?”. W H A T? I had no clue what was happening, but I naturally answered yes. I mean.. who would say no? After coming home, I opened the webpage and realised I was first. And second too. Also fourth, fifth, and eighth under other names and other phone numbers. But my own name was F I R S T. I don’t know how and I will never know, but OH MY GOD. I won the meet and greet tickets, FOUR of them. And about a million other tickets… The only thing I really regretted was not having Splash zone ones, because that one was not included and there was no way I could ever afford it. A few days after I won, the official Facebook page of czech MTV asked for inspiration for contests - they wanted to know what we would like to win. I scrolled through the comments and saw only posts like “The head of Justin Bieber” and similar bullshit. Because my heart did not desire

any body parts like that, I said Splash zone Kylie tickets. Twice. Those were two comments in a hundred, but believe it or not, they made a contest to win Kylie Splash Zone tickets the following day. All you had to do was to send them an email. About a week before the actual show, I got an email saying meet and greets were cancelled and replaced by splash zone tickets. RIP EN. Seriously though. I just cried and cried and cried… I had my letter for Kylie ready, some drawings I had made for her, I HAD to meet her. I fought hard for it and my head wouldn’t stop imagining what it would be like, to stand in front of my idol. I was the most broken hearted fangirl, but soon the fact that I would at least see Kylie hit me. The show would take place on tuesday, and mum excused me from school for the whole week, because my sister was on holidays and she has pre-paid a family holiday in the mountains for us. I would stay at home until tuesday morning, go to see Kylie, sleep in the luxury hotel with my friend, and take a bus to the mountains on wednesday morning… On monday afternoon, an unknown phone number called me. “ Hello?” “Hello, it’s MTV here, congratulations, you are one of the two lucky winners of Splash zone tickets to Kylie’s show tomorrow!” I won’t be even surprised if you simply stop believing at this point but yes… it really happened. I won a contest

I had asked for myself on MTV and had 6 splash zone tickets at that moment. I should be so lucky? It would not be me if I didn’t get an idea how to meet Kylie… So, I knew in which hotel she would be staying, and I begged my friend long enough for her to join me on a stalking mission. Instead of spending the show day walking around cafes and the historical centre of Prague, or in the queue, we camped in front of the hotel with tons of media and a few other fans… It was freezing and we were all awkward but I didn’t care, oh the excitement! When about 3 pm another TV reporter arrived, I accidentally heard what she was saying to other ones… “Yeah, I’m just gonna film you guys here, wait for a bit and go back to the O2… I’m doing an interview with a girl who won one contest later…” “Oh that would be me! Nice to meet you! I didn’t know I was being interviewed though…” We talked for good ten minutes, laughed, and she explained me the whole interview thing. Basically, I was a part of the O2 arena’s official report from the show. She was about to leave when she gave me such a shocked face and asked: “Wait, if you are here, who is at the hotel?” “What?” “Well, have you checked in yet?” “No not really, I said I would come around 10am but then I ended up here…” She started hysterically laughing and said: “That means my other colleague has been waiting to film your arrival there for

6 hours.” I didn’t know if to cry or laugh, and mainly I didn’t want to leave… Soon I had to anyway, because it was getting late and me and my friend had to get ready for the limo to pick us up, and then for the best experience of my whole life aka the show. I seriously felt so bad for the camera guy so I tried to pull out my inner oscar-winning actress and give him some good shots. The room was SO FANCY. He filmed me coming in, walking through the halls, looking amazed when opening the door… and then he asked me to look up to the ceiling and do a “WOOOOW”. “On it!” I said, feeling really guilty and really playing this big… “WOOOOW!!!” I looked up, walked on and continued: “Look at the ceiling!” I turned to my friend… “How AWESOME“ and I tripped over a nightstand and ended up on the floor. ONLY ME. Once again I wasn’t sure if to cry or laugh, knowing this was just filmed for official Kylie Minogue report by the venue… Oh En, when will you stop being blonde… I’m still thanking heavens that this never ended up anywhere online. But I’m pretty sure it is saved in some archive and I am still in danger… It kind of reminds me of that one time I fell off a chair at the filming of BBC’s The Voice UK when the cameras were on. Actually twice. OH WHEN WILL I STOP… Ok, back to the topic. We got ready, I cried already when putting my make up on if I remember well, jumped into our limo which took us straight to the O2 arena. Imagine people’s faces when it parked right in front of it. I was so not coping… We parked and the TV reporter I already knew jumped in to do her interview. First question I was asked was: “What does Kylie mean to you?” Without thinking, I answered “EVERYTHING.” Oh the fangirl in me… I had to talk myself out of walking into the arena with the organisators of the contest as I had to go, pick up my friends, and tickets I won in another contest… after all, everyone told me they would be at the box office under my name, so all I had to do was showing my ID. I collected everyone, came there, showed my ID and had to explain why on Earth was my name mentioned 6 times. After a very exhausting lecture on what I had to do to win the tickets, I got a real admiration look from someo-

18 www.kylie-world.com

ne from Kylie’s team, my 6 tickets, 6 splash zone packs and I carried on to the arena. From now on, all I remember is loads of crying and love and crying and love… What else could I say! Kylie’s show live for the first time, a 15yo girl’s dream coming true. *pink hearts, unicorns and glitter* The next morning I realised what a kangover was. I was on a pink fluffy cloud and I did not wanna go back, and I did not want to give up on meeting Kylie yet. And so I went stalking her hotel again… As I said, I was supposed to take a bus to the mountains to meet my family but YOLO. My blonde brain came up with such a brilliant idea to turn off my phone, mom was not able to reach me until she somehow got phone number of my friend late afternoon, I did not meet Kylie and I knew mum was ready to murder me… so I sent her a text saying that I was not coming, I would take train back home in the afternoon and come the next day, and that my phone was dying and she would not reach me again… And I turned it off again. IMAGINE… And she didn’t know those were lies too, I would not go home afternoon, but LATE LATE NIGHT. I had been such a well behaved kid until then… Anyway, it was all worth it. Around 9pm, I was literally so done after the whole day of camping in a nearby café slash in front of the hotel with an annoying friend and tons of rude paps who would not stop talking about me. I was ready to leave, standing opposite street from the hotel and just sad, depressed and intolerant towards any other human being. When 19 www.kylie-world.com

one of the paps screamed “ LOOK IT’S KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!” I got mad. “YOU THINK YOU ARE BEING FUNNY BUT YOU ARE NOT. YOU KEEP ON MAKING FUN OF ME FOR THE WHOLE DAY….” when I saw everyone running closer to the hotel, I finally bothered to turn around. AND. I. SAW. HER. They were not joking, she was passing though a hall with see-through walls, quite far away but she was still recognisable. My heart skipped a beat. Turned out she was just going to the hotel restaurant, and even though the paps jumped behind its windows, I just couldn’t bother her any more even for the price of not meeting her. Next morning I woke up around 6am and saw a text I had received. Apparently, my friend who stayed longer the night before, bumped into someone from the hotel saying we were noticed by Kylie’s team, and to come at 1pm... O M G. So I turned my phone off again… I spent just a few seconds with Kylie, she told me that “my boyfriend was cute” when in fact it was my gay friend, our picture is the most awkward thing EVER, I feel so ashamed for hunting her down this way (until now), but I told her I loved her and in that moment, it was all that mattered… All my dreams came true. I still don’t know how mum did not kill me after those three days, she didn’t talk to me for ages and I knew she had all the reasons, but after all she let me go to see Kylie again in London from my savings, to cure my kangover number two. And that’s how it all started…


AKA HAPPY VALENTINE‘S DAY ! Well ok, we agree, we are on February 15th (if we didn’t miss the release of the Kylie Times), and the Valentine’s day was yesterday. But as the magazine comes out every 15th of the month, we can’t talk about that on the decent day. But who said that the Valentine’s Day necessarily needs to be celebrated on the 14th and not every day? Here we go, here’s a focus full of love !

Why is the Valentine’s Day the celebration of He is also known to be the hero of the legend of Psyche. It concerns the overcoming of obstacles to the love between lovers ? Psyche («Soul» or «Breath of Life») and Cupid, and their Everyone knows that the Valentine’s Day is the ultimate union in marriage. The celebration of love and lovers, but only a few people know the real story of this date. Indeed this is a legacy of Ancient Rome. At that time, as every year, the Lupercalia are celebrating Faunus Lupercus, the god of fertility, shepherds and flocks through a purification ritual organised at the end of the Roman year (March 1st). After a banquet, young men pick out their girl for the evening. A practice that sometimes leads to the formation of couples, and sometimes to the wedding. It is the Pope Gelasius who chose to commemorate this celebration on February 14th, the day of Valentine, who became the patron saint of lovers.

What about Cupid ? He is the key figure of Valentine’s Day: Cupid and his famous arrows. But who is he? In the Roman mythology, Cupid is the equivalent of the Greek god of love, Eros. Personified amorous desire, Cupid (from latin cupido which means desire) is often represented as a child, armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, faithful companion of his mother Venus, goddess of love and beauty. With a flower or, more often, a bow, he sent silver arrows supposed to figure the desire peaks in the heart of gods and men.

fame of Psyche’s beauty threatens to eclipse that of Venus herself, and the love goddess sends Cupid to work her revenge. Cupid, however, becomes enamored of Psyche, and arranges for her to be taken to his palace. He visits her by night, warning her not to try to look upon him. Psyche’s envious sisters convince her that her lover must be a hideous monster, and she finally introduces a lamp into their chamber to see him. Startled by his beauty, she drips hot oil from the lamp and wakes him. He abandons her. She wanders the earth looking for him, and finally submits to the service of Venus, who tortures her. The goddess then sends Psyche on a series of quests. Each time she despairs, and each time she is given divine aid. On her final task, she is to retrieve a dose of Proserpina’s beauty from the underworld. She succeeds, but on the way back can’t resist opening the box in the hope of benefitting from it herself, whereupon she falls into a torpid sleep. Cupid finds her in this state, and revives her by returning the sleep to the box. Jupiter grants her immortality so the couple can be wed as equals. The only mention of his name is a call to love, and each arrow shot by Cupid is supposed to create a new couple.

20 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

Are you alone on the Valentine’s Day? Don’t cry on Tears On My Pillow or If You Don’t Love Me, we made you a special day with what Kylie is listening and watching on February 14th. Well, some issues will not cheer you up if you just broke up with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) before the day of love, but tell yourself that Kylie did the same thing and that she is a little bit with you at this moment. Even if she is in Joshua’s arms (Ok, we are not helping...).Go get a McDonald’s and chocolate, a fluffy blanket, tissues, and discover music and movies Kylie has chosen to spend the Valentine’s Day with!

SONGS Kylie Minogue and Enrique Iglesias – Beautiful From my new album, ‘Kiss Me Once,’ this is the one and only true ballad. It’s a duet with Enrique Iglesias and it’s an honour singing with him. I actually cried the first time I heard it and I knew I had to be part of this incredible, romantic and touching song. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing What words can be added to this, the ultimate sexy song? Its magic never diminishes and it is still as hot as ever! Minnie Riperton – Lovin’ You


Stevie Wonder – As

When Harry Met Sally

The album ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ was a staple in my parent’s house when I was a kid. I feel like Stevie was over at ours a lot!

I love the director Rob Reiner and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is one of his best. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are adorable in this as they tackle the big question… Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout can men and women be just You friends? This song makes me melt! I adore Bridget Jones’s Diary Frank Ocean’s vocals. The 2001 British romantic coBonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of medy which had us all laughing the Heart and crying. Renee Zellweger IS Bridget Jones and we all fell in The ultimate power ballad. I love love with her, her men and her singing along to this and always, ups and downs. Guaranteed to ALWAYS include the ‘air grab’. make you feel less alone in the crazy world of love. Casablanca

Everyone get ready…. who will hit those high notes? Love this song and no-one does it like Minnie.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of the best films of all time exploring love versus virtue. 21 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

News New items ! STEP BACK IN TIME ! After the incredible success of Kylie in the charts in the 80s and 90s with PWL, the release of 4 albums and the re-issue of them last year, this is a new album which is experiencing the same thing for the greatest delight of fans and collectors! «Kylie Minogue», the fifth album of the Australian singer released in September 1994 under Deconstruction, allowed Kylie to make the album she really wanted, with a team of producers such as Dave Ball, Ingo Vauk Brothers in Rhythm, Manic Street Preachers and Rob Dougan. From this collaboration, songs like «Where Is The Feeling», «Put Yourself In My Place» or the classic, «Confide In Me » were born. This limited re-issue is - for once - not released in CD, but in deluxe double vinyl. The album is divided into two parts of 180 grams each, and costs 29 euros on the Kylie’s shop. Hurry up, there will not be pieces for everyone!

2016 MERCHANDISING We know that Kylie is back in the studio for new music - a new album? - And we will have a break for a while, but the merchandising of the artist is still on! New products have been added to pre-order: a mug and a T-shirt that we have seen on Kylie (and for which we have all fallen) when she was changing her costumes for «The Prince’s Trust» event, in London. And for every purchase of the crop top (men beware, we are not really sure that these shirts are for you, but you can always try it) a bracelet which was available during Kylie Summer and Kylie Christmas will begiven for free. So you can ask your girlfriend to buy the t-shirt (or even better, buy it for her) and have your bracelet! The crop top costs 40 euros. Those little and mega cute mugs are available for 17 euros, with small Kylie Dolls, where we can recognize several eras, including Showgirl and Aphrodite but also songs like Get Outta My Way and the classic Can’t Get You out Of My Head. Perfect stuff to add to your collection ! 22 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16


February 4th, Kylie Minogue made a surprise performance during the charity dinner of the Prince’s Trust Invest In Futures in London. In a beautiful golden dress by The Blonds, Kylie appeared on the red carpet alongside Joshua Sasse. She had a little talk and spent a few minutes with Prince Charles before posing for photographers with other guests here, such as Joanna Lumley and Hugh Dennis, who was hosting the evening.


Kylie Minogue was in the studio on February, 8th alongside Guy Chambers, with whom she had worked on X and Light Years. That let us think about a 14th album of the pop princess, two years after Kiss Me Once.

The Foundation «The Prince’s Trust» organizes annual gala to raise money for disadvantaged children and young adults and help them with their education and jobs. Kylie sung a few songs at the pre-dinner, including Spinning Around, before a break in backstage to change outfits. Later she wore another dress, in black lace, and then returned to the stage with a final outift: a skirt and turtleneck sweater with glitter on it. We know that Celebration and Love At The First Sight were interpreted in the evening, the full tracklisting of the event is not known. However, it seems that many of the songs that Kylie sang during the Kylie Summer were included.

«Fabulous day with the Queen of Pop» Said Guy by posting the photo on Twitter... Before answering about a Your Disco Needs You Version 2 with «it does feature the word Disco in it» No informations have been unveiled yet by Kylie, but she had said she wanted to return to her classic albums with a completely pop and dance style, and working with old friends such as Richard Stannard, or Karen Poole. She also said that new songs should come out in 2016... 23 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16


Regarded as the Grammys Awards in England, the 36th Brit Awards ceremony will take place as every year in London, on February 24th. Live from the famous O2 Arena, the ceremony will be broadcast on British television on ITV, and reward the British music industry and the work of its most popular artists. If the presence of Kylie is not confirmed and not really expected this year, we will take advantage of it to go back on the history and anecdotes of the ceremony but also the memorable moments in Kylie’s career.


The Brit Awards, often called « The Brits » are the British Phonographic Industry’s annual pop music awards since 1977 and were part of the Queen’s silver jubilee celebrations. This is the biggest ceremony of the country (there’s another one organized for classical music), and which has over the years become an unavoidable

music awards event on the international stage. The name was originally a shortened form of «British», «Britain» or «Britannia» (in the early days the awards were sponsored by Britannia Music Club), but subsequently became a backronym for British Record Industry Trusts Show.

THE TROPHY If the statue is changing of colors since a few years, the trophy wasn’t the same all the time. Indeed, the first one was pretty minimalist, looked a bit like an early mobile phone. In 1983, the award was more like a disc while two years later, it was a huge blue square with red stripes. In 1990, a new little statue has appeared: it was a bronze-coloured classical affair, a small statue of a helmeted woman lifting a trident. Later,

it was a more streamlined silver statuette. In 2011, artists and renowned designers have had to rethink the Brit Awards statuette. Several sizes and shapes are thus emerged, and we can count the people who worked on this unique trophy : Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Philip Treacy, or Tracey Emin. This year, Pam Hogg is giving it her own makeover of the statue !

24 www.kylie-world.com

THE HOSTS THE VENUES grosvenor house hotel 1982 - 1987 ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1988 - 1989

Russell Brand 2007

& other hosts have included : The Osbornes, Kylie, Chris Evans, Davina McCall, Noel Edmonds and many others

dominion theatre 1990 - 1991 alexandra palace 1993 - 1995 earls court 2000 - 2010 o2 arena 2011 - 2016






Madonna’s fall on stage when she was singing Living For Love A miffed Adele gave the finger after James Corden was forced to cut her acceptance speech short in 2012


Michael Hutchence has just presented Oasis with an award and Noel Gallagher hit out at the singer saying the awards shouldn’t be presented by «has beens»

He has been nominated 12 times but never won a Brit Award !



When Robbie Williams asked the audience if they’d pay to see a punch between him and Liam Gallagher Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood when they presented the Brits in 1989. They missed cues, looked under-rehearsed and music stars came on stage at the wrong time

Ant & Dec 2001 - 2015 & 2016

James Corden 2011 - 2014

In 1995, Blur won 4 Brit Awards : • British Group • British Single (Parklife) • British Video (Parklife) • Mastercard British Album








KYLIE MINOGUE AT THE BRIT AWARDS The ceremony rewards mainly British artists, but some categories are also open to international artists. Among awards, performances, giving awards and red carpet, let’s have a look on Kylie’s highlights at Brit Awards.

12 NOMINATIONS - 3 AWARDS 1989 Best International Female Nominated

• Anita Baker • Enya • Kylie Minogue • Tracy Chapman • Whitney Houston

2002 Best International Album Won

• Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor • Daft Punk - Discovery • Kylie Minogue - Fever • Destiny’s Child - Survivor • The Strokes - Is This It

1995 Best International Female Nominated

• K.D Lang • Kylie Minogue • Madonna • Sinéad O’Connor • Tori Amos

2002 Best International Female

2001 Best International Female Nominated

• Madonna • Pink • Kylie Minogue • Jill Scott • Britney Spears

2002 Best Pop Act Nominated


• Alicia Keys • Kylie Minogue • Anastacia • Björk • Nelly Furtado

• Westlife • Blue • Hear’Say • Kylie Minogue • S Club 7

2004 Best International Female Nominated

• Alicia Keys • Christina Aguilera • Beyoncé • Kylie Minogue • Missy Elliott 26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

2005 International Female Solo Artist

2010 The Brit’s Hits 30 Nominated


• Gwen Stefani • Alicia Keys • Anastacia • Kelis • Kylie Minogue

2008 International Album Nominated

• Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace • Arcade Fire - Neon Bible • Kylie Minogue - X • Kings Of Leon - Because Of the Times • Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden

2008 International Female Won

2011 International Female Solo Artist Nominated

• Alicia Keys • Kylie Minogue • Björk • Feist • Rihanna

• Alicia Keys • Rihanna • Katy Perry • Kylie Minogue • Robyn

• Spice Girls - Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are • The Who - Who Are You • Bros - I Owe You Nothing • Pet Shop Boys - Go West • Take That - The Beatles Medley • Michael Jackson - Earth Song • Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive / How Deep Is Your Love • Robbie Williams and Tom Jones - The Full Monty Medley • Eurythmics and Stevie Wonder - There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) • Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head • Coldplay - Clocks • Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama • Kanye West - Gold Digger • Paul McCartney and the Wings - Live and Let Die • Girls Aloud - The Promise

3 INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES YOU CAN’T FORGET A huge moment for all the lovers, and probably one of the most iconic performances at the Brit Awards. With an entrance where Kylie comes on stage lying on a CD with her name, she performs her biggest hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (the remix version of Blue Monday). This is one of Kylie’s most outstanding performances, no one in the audience wasn’t left without la la la stuck in their heads. Kylie also won two Brit Awards during this evening: Best International Female Artist and Best International Album.


27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16


If we thought that the performance of Kylie Minogue at the Brit Awards in 2002 was unbeatable, we were wrong! The following year, while Justin Timberlake was on stage to perform his song of the moment «Cry Me A River» followed by «Like I Love You», we were surprised to see Kylie appear on stage with him in a super sexy black tight dress revealing (not just) her neckline. It is on the cover of Blondie «Rapture» that the two artists sung together for the first time. The performance was strongly commented, not for vocal performance, but the gesture done by Justin Timberlake, who was touching Kylie’s bum ! (And not just a little, naughty guy!). After his performance with Kylie, JT even said: « On a scale of one to 10, Kylie’s bum is 58 ». Enough said!


She got it, she’s wow wow wow wow ! 2008 marks the return of Kylie Minogue after her battle against breast cancer. A return led by a new album, X, released in late 2007. The Australian singer performed her second single «Wow» on stage of the Brit Awards with a mas-

sive smiling in the audience and the crazy energy we all know. This performance was loved by the critics and also fans. As it wasn’t enough and to make this evening even more special, Kylie won an award, her third Brit for Best International Female Artist !

28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16




In 2009, Kylie Minogue presented the Brit Awards alongside James Corden (yes, the same who is in duet with her on Only You) and Matthew Horne. During the introduction of the ceremony, she danced with the two presenters and comedians on her hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, such a funny choreography! The singer also changed clothes about 5 times, outfits one more fab than the other!

In 2012, Kylie Minogue was back on stage to give the award of the British Female Solo Artist to the talented Adele. Alongside Pharrell Williams, Kylie presented the award of the best international male artist in 2014, which was Bruno Mars. The ceremony was also marked by the presence of the two Minogue on the red carpet, to delight all fans!

29 www.kylie-world.com


Laeti, February 2k16

DISCOVER : BARCELONA You may have noticed (at least you can’t miss it) this issue is mainly based on love. We could have chosen Paris, the capital of love and romance, but as we have already presented the city in our December issue, we decided to choose another city, Barcelona. At that point, you’ll probably ask me what’s the link between that and love. Remember, in 2003, Kylie Minogue has released the music video of a very sensual song... Slow...


es, if you didn’t know that yet, Kylie Minogue shot Slow music video in Barcelona, at the municipal swimming pool of Montjuic. The pool, built for the Olympics Games of 1992 is open to the public in the summer, in July and August, and offers an incredible view of the city. It is even mentioned in a chart of the pools with the best views in the world. We certainly know that the Spanish public is always on fire during shows of our favorite Australian girl, and we also know that boys are. Well, I mean they are really beautiful. And also very hot, it’s true. And Kylie knows that well, after spending some years alongside a Spanish model, Andres Velencoso. An opportunity for you ladies to go explore the city and meet new people (ok I went to Spain and Barcelona and it is true that you can quickly find “You just have to have a a lover, men are REALLY friendly little bit of Spain in your there). life. I like good S ­ panish

food. I like Spain. And one Spanish man.”

You can consider a walk in the city with your new Apollo, who will take Kylie Minogue’s secret formula for you through a stunning monument ­happiness of Barcelona, the Sagrada FamiThe Mirror - January 2002 lia, designed by Gaudi. Well I must confess to you that I saw it when I was on a school trip 10 years ago (damn I’m not that young) and it was on construction. You need to know that today, it is still under construction. And in 10 years, it will still not be finished. Yes, the end of that is scheduled for 2026, but you need to see the basilica. You can find 14 works of architect Gaudi all over Barcelona, including the Casa Vicens, the Casa Calvet, or Güell Park overlooking the city and where you can consider a lunch with your new lover SIIII SIIIIII QUE TAL (Spanish accent - Yeah I know I better shut up). 30 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

And if we are passionate of food, Kylie also is, especially by the Spanish food! One of Min’s favorite dishes is fried shrimp with coriander and spices, and you can also enjoy delicious tapas, or even better, a real paella. Well, with all this passion for food in each category Discover, I wonder if I should write the recipes of dishes Kylie eats, don’t hesitate to tell me if you’re interested!

gendary stadium of the FB Barcelona, Camp Nou, which has seen the greatest (but also the most beautiful) players or decide to go to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach, which is rather large, so you should find some space for you !

Good to know : one of the advantages of Barcelona is that the weather is really good and hot, and the days of rain and bad weather are rare. One more opportuTo digest your meal, you can have a walk in the streets nity to soak up the sun and escape the grayness before of the city which hides many treasures or visit the le- summer!

31 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

Top 10 Karaoke version

Aka the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist according to your situation ...If you want to spend a lovely Valentine’s day with your love... 1. Love At First Sight

4. Can’t Get You Out Of My I have is especially for you Head 8. Only You I just can’t get you out of my head, boy, your lovin’ is all I think Looking from a window above it’s about I just can’t get you out of like a story of love Can you hear my head, boy, its more than I me? All I needed was the love you dare to think about LA LA LA gave all I needed for another day and all I ever knew.. Only you LA LA LA LA LAAAAA

It was love at first sight ‘Cause baby when I heard you for the 5. Cupid Boy first time I knew we were meant to be as oneeeeeee Cupid boy, when we touch, I’m in heaven in your arms fire me 2. Paper dolls up, the way you love feels like heaven in your arms... Sky rocket As day becomes the night love is to Mars straight through to your in my life nothing I have known heart every time we touch I’m ever felt so right... There’s no shootin’ the stars Cupid boy, more that I can do than to fall a when we touch I’m in heaven little more in love with youuu 3. 2 Hearts 2 hearts are beating together, Im in love, Im in love ! Is this forever and ever? Im in love, Im in love <3

9. All I See My baby doesn’t matter what’s going on or who’s around us all I see is you right now they’re playing our song dance floor is ours all I see is you 10. All The Lovers

All The Lovers, that have gone before, they don’t compare... to you! Don’t be frightened, just And you saved me, I was woun- give me a little bit more, they ded, you saw it, and delivered don’t compare... All The Lovers! unto me, an extraordinary day. And it’s morning, you were golden, like sunshine. Discovered when you came, extraordinary day.. 6. Extraordinary Day

7. Especially For You And now we’re back together, together I wanna show you my heart is oh so true and all the love 32 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

... If you want to spend a sexual Valentin’s Day / Night... 1. Slow Knew you’d be here tonight so I put my best dress on boy I was so right ... Slow down and dance with me yeah, slow. Skip a beat and move with my body yeah, slow. Come on and dance with me yeah, slow skip a beat and move with my body yeeeeeah, slooooooow 2. Sexercize It’s not just your body gotta keep it up with me my mind is seven sea let me see you sexercize.. I wanna see you beat all your best times and if you’re lucky I’mma teach you... Let me see you sexercize Come on, baby, sexercize feel the burn, sexercize Let me see you take it down, take it down let me see you take it up let me see you bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce 3. Skirt

6. Spinning Around

known you

I can do this all night all those things you like got you high as a kite, like the way I Shake it ! Let’s get outta here come on where’s your car take me home up the stairs close the door and then my skirt came down

I’m spinning around move out of my way I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this I’m breakin’ it down I’m not the same I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it

8. Your Body Something in the rhythm of the body makes me loose control I can’t hold on, I can’t let go I’m on fire ‘Cause I want your body your body, your body, your body...

4. Les Sex

9. Red Blooded Woman

Take two of these and meet me in the shadows. In the dark we don’t say no, we say yes please. Les love, les sex, les drugs, les touch, we could call it fleeting, we could call it, we could call it, les love, les sex, les hand on les leg, we could call it I don’t care, we can call it love !

Boy, boy, Let me keep freakin around, I wanna get down, I’m a red blooded woman, what’s the point in hanging round, Don’t wanna keep turning it down, When this girl wants to rock with you. 10. Chocolate

5. BPM

If love were liquid it would drown me in a placeless place would find me in a heart shape come around Don’t wanna turn it down I’m 7. On A Night Like This me and then melt me slowly down hungry for your sound I wanna If love were human it would know lose myself and I can’t help myself Now, I’m, getting closer to you for me there’s no one else I wanna Hold, me, I just can’t be without me in a lost space come and show lose myself in your beats per mi- you - You kiss me, I’m falling it’s me hold me and control me and nute ! your name I’m calling you touch then melt me slowly down like chome, I want you feels like I’ve always colate 33 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k16

... If you are heartbroken, alone and so depressed (please don’t kill yourself or blame Kylie)...

most makes me sick that I have to hear like this It’s like I don’t know who you are feels like a dagger in my heart suddenly now it seems I’m sleeping with the enemy 5. Alone Again

There’s no escape from that choice We’re miles away so sad to say goodbye to you Alone again haven’t we been here before alone again I don’t know how 1. If You Don’t Love Me will survive alone again You can tell me anything I believe now we’re back where we you, you know it too share the truth started alone again I thank with lies set aside one flies will you God I’m alive realize... If you don’t love me you 6. If I Can’t Have You don’t love me 2. Dangerous Game I’m so in alone I feel so lonely, here on my own I’ve lost my way I never dreamt that it could hurt like this boy. Lost in the absence of your precious kiss why do I feel this pain loves just a dangerous game 3. Too Far Caught up in this house trapped my very own self in the snare of my mind.. No more space than a slither what I’d give for deep breath inside where the chaos has me captive where there’s no exit sign where I fuel the stupid fire with these feelings of mine Too many, too much, too hard help me, this time I went too far

Now it’s make or break it I’m picking up the pieces on my own You’ve got me feeling naked with nothing but a beating heart exposed Cuz if I can’t have you there’s just no way that I’ll forgive myself 7. Trippin Me Up It seems that you don’t understand not to bite from the hand that feeds you. Don’t know when you’ve got a good thing, I was out on a limb to be true. No good, you’re trippin’ me up like I knew you would, I thought it was love. Why wasn’t I runnin’ when I saw it comin’? (No good) No, no!!

4. Sleeping With The Enemy

8. Tears On My Pillow

What is it she does that I don’t do Is she far more beautiful does she make you feel at home was it not enough, that I love you but you’ve been giving her your kiss and it al-

You don’t remember me but I remember you, it was not so long ago You broke my heart in two Tears on my pillow pain in my heart caused by you 34 www.kylie-world.com

9. Never Too Late (Abbey Road Sessions) Why can’t you see that I’m still mad about you even though I’ve found out about you I’ll always stay forever true It’s never too late we’ve still got time it’s never too late you can still be mine it’s never too late to change your mind 10. In Denial Your in denial, and that is final your not admitting, you should be quitting all these queens and fairies, and muscle Mary’s The rough trade boyfriend, who in his pathetic own way denies he gay why can’t he see this is a fantasy Laeti, February 2k16

...MEANWHILE IN THE FANBASE Not a fan of the classic merchandise because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too girly, too fan... too whatever? The new Kylie-themed collection by Cesare Polini (yes, the Timebomb guy!) will be perfect for you then! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not officialy out yet, but Cesare has shared a few sneak peaks with us already and it looks f-a-b! Tees, jumpers and phone cases available soon, follow him on instagram to stay tuned! instagram.com/cesarepolini

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The Kylie Times #6 • February 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Learn everything about Aphrodite Les Folies, a Valentine’s Day with Kylie, highlights of the Brit Awards, di...

The Kylie Times #6 • February 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Learn everything about Aphrodite Les Folies, a Valentine’s Day with Kylie, highlights of the Brit Awards, di...