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January 2016


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HELLO EVERYONE! The fact that you are reading this means you’ve survived New Years Eve celebrations and you’ve made it to another year, woo! We want to wish you the best for 2016, even thought it might be a less Minogue-ish year than we were used to. There is literally nothing in Kylie’s schedule, and as much as we love her and seeing her, we are happy she is having a break, cause so far it has been probably the longest one since as she herself said - her unsuccessful time period in mid nineties, haha! Let’s wait and see what this year brings!

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JANUARY 2016, #5

on the cover: Kylie as the quuen on the set of filming Galavant

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Giorgio Les discos 6. We love: GALAVANT 10. Life: KYLIE‘S TAROT CARDS 15. What‘s new? Kylie‘s engagement! Only Josh Rolling Stone magazine: an album next year? Golden Kylie Christmas 17. Get Minspired: BETTE DAVIS 21. TOP 12: Kylie‘s year 24. Discover: Geneva and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc 25. Paper dolls

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As you can see, not that much has been happening in January over the years... and this one won‘t be much different we guess, and it‘s all right! Kylie deserves a break after a busy autumn and Christmas!

01/13/1992 Give me Just a little more time

01/03/1998 Impossible Princess

01/12/1996 Bio - Dome

01/22/2001 Your Disco Needs You 01/08/2007 Homecoming live DVD

01/27/2014 Into the Blue

01/20/2015 Right here right now

who is










We all know what Giorgio has done with Kylie, but who is he out of the Kylie Bubble? Giorgio Moroder, aka Hansjörg Moroder was born on the 26th of April in Ortisei, Italy. He started his career as a guitarist. He played covers in many european clubs, which did not entertain him at all. He moved to Berlin in 1967 and stated working on his own music. His first success was a song called Looky, Looky (play it... just play it). An album called Son of my father was also followed by success. Later, Giorgio started writing for more solo artists, such as Donna Summer. We all know I feel love, right? He built a studio in Berlin where he worked with people such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rolling Stones, Blondie, Cher... He also wrote music for films like Flashdance, Never Ending Story, Midnight Express and many more.



You migh be confused now with how things were with Impossible Princess. We have focused a lot on it in the October‘s issue last month, and we have also mentioned it in the throwback calendar there. How come it‘s noted in this one as well then? Impossible princess was first released in JAPAN, on the 22nd October. AUSTRALIA followed on the 3rd of January, 1998. And the last one was UK (that kept a different title - „Kylie Minogue“ because of Diana‘s death) on March 23rd.


One thing that definitely belongs to a Kylie Minogue fan starter pack is knowing the french YOUR DISCO part by heart. Do you?

german: french: Vous etes jamais seuls Du bist niemals allein Du weißt was du tun Vous savez ce qu‘il musst faut faire Ne laissez pas tomber Lass dein Volk nicht im Stich votre nation Deine Disko braucht La disco a besoin de dich! vous! spanish: Nunca estas sola Sabes lo que tienes que hacer No falles a tu pueblo Tu discoteca te necesita!

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En, January 2k16


Galavant is back on ABC channel and is certainly got all the attention of Kylie’s fans. In fact, she has made an appearance by her boyfriend’s side. This is only the second season of the series, but it already deserves to have it’s audience as it is really funny and will attract both young and elder people. Have you not seen the first series? Kylie World will tell you what it is about Broadcasted in the US, Galavant is a musical comedy based on a kind of medieval fairy tale. Created by Dan Fogelman, the first season of the series appeared on ABC Funny on January 4th, 2015, and was composed of eight episodes with two episodes aired each week. This sitcom is quite short, each episode was approximately 22 minutes, which basically doesn’t even leave any time for you to get bored of it, but it wouldn’t anyway as it’s SOOO funny! We will not lie, the first time we got to know that Kylie would act in THIS, without ever seeing it and just checking pictures of Kylie and Joshua from the filming, we were like whaaaat?. But after forcing ourselves to watch it, we understood why she had said agreed and we just loved it! If you will think at the first impression that the series is kitsch because of its medieval aspect mixed with the musical (and it is), humor, songs and actors bring modernity into the program. I’ve actually had the generic of Galavant in my head for a week, and I‘m still laughing on some jokes. And then we must admit, it‘s great and fun to see Joshua Sasse as actor playing when we know that it is now the boyfriend of our beautiful Kylie.

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Galavant (Joshua)

Galavant is a knight, much admired by all for many battles he won, for strength and beauty. He is in love with Madalena, the king‘s wife. They meet up in secret. The king is indeed well aware of this relationship, but pretends not to see it, though he hates Galavant and he wants to exclude him from his kingdom.

King Richard (Timothy Omundson)

King Richard has been running the kingdom since his childhood. He is married to Madalena but he has never even touched her. It is also the most comical character in the series, due to his lack of sensitivity, virility and humor. This is also why he is one of our favorite characters, and I‘m sure he will not fail to make you laugh as well!

Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

Gareth is the adviser of the king, but also just the opposite of him. He is muscular and does not hesitate to torture people of the kingdom to maintain laws. He is really like the king whom he knows from his childhood and does everything

Laeti, January 2k16

to protect him but also to transform him into someone like him, to be able to be virile and make the right decisions when it‘s necessary.

Madalena (Mallory Jansen)

She is the wife of King Richard, in love with Galavant, but she sleeps with almost the whole kingdom, including the King‘s jester once Galavant left. She also has an opposite character than the king‘s one, and loves strength, virility and above all the power and money. She is also very jealous and does not hesitate to speak up.

Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta Valencia (Karen David) Yes the name is too long and

during her presentation it‘s pretty funny! Isabella is the princess of the kingdom of Valencia that was captured by King Richard, and whose parents are in prison. Wishing to save them, she‘s going to need the help of Galavant. Isabella is Madalena‘s opposite character, and she is much more calm and as well as much more human.

Sid (Luke Youngblood)

He is the squire of Galavant, who is there to serve and help him. As the same level as Isabella, Sid is a very nice person, always ready to help and to save Galavant in any situation. He seems quiet, when he returns to the village and Galavant discovers he is considered as a true hero and he even has a statue of him. Maybe he‘s a little bit a pathological liar, actually! SPOILER ALERT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What was in the episodes? 7 www.kylie-world.com


Madalena, the love of famous knight Galavant, is kidnapped by king Richard. Galavant tries to get her back but she decided to marry Richard for the fame and fortune, which crushes him and makes him drink. During the next year, Richard conquers the kingdom of Valencia. Madalena starts a secret affair with the jester, and demands the jewel of Valencia from her husband, whom she keeps comparing to Galavant to his anger. When Richard threatens to kill the king and queen of Valencia, their daughter, princess Isabella, offers the gem. But instead of giving it to his ungrateful wife, he makes Isabella lure Galavant to him under the false pretense of helping her save her people, so Richard can take his revenge on Galavant.


To win money for their journey, Galavant enters a jousting tournament. He is up against his old rival Sir Jean Hamm (John Stamos). When Isabella realizes that Galavant is in terrible shape, she trains him and sabotages Hamm, to make sure that Galavant wins. King Richard asks Gareth to show him how to become more man for Madalena.


When a party stops at Sid‘s hometown, they are surprised to find that he has become a legendary hero through his exaggerated stories. Sid asks Galavant to be his squire and Isabella as his promised wife to impress his foster parents and the townspeople. This teaches Galavant a new perspective on Sid‘s role as his devoted helper. After king Richard burns the crops and the people of Valencia are starving, he organizes a ball to force them to cheer up, during which the eunuch accidentally reveals the secret affair between Madalena and the jester. Laeti, January 2k16


Isabella betrayed him, and is saved by Madalena just before the han The party is captured and ging. robbed by a group of stranded pirates led by the pirate king Peter the Pillager (Hugh Bonneville), an old acquaintance of Galavant. Hoping that Madalena saWhen finally everyone learns how ved him to run away and spend to work together, they free their their lives together, Galavant realiship and sail towards Valencia. ses that she does not want to leave King Richard thinks he can win her castle and fortune for him. Inback Madalena by becoming as stead, she offers to keep him on as funny as the jester, so he takes cothe queen‘s boytoy. Richard is fumedy lessons with him. When the rious about Madalena, so the chef jester becomes too scared and asks takes him to see the famous magiMadalena to end their affair, she cian Xanax (Ricky Gervais), who has him thrown into the dungeon. brings back memories of when his older brother Kingsley humiliated him. In the dungeon, Galavant and Isabella realise their love Richard is excited for Galafor one another. When Richard vant‘s arrival in Valencia and plans returns from Xanax, he wants to a feast for the execution. Madalethrow Madalena into the dungeon, na is impatient and promises chef but is stopped by Kingsley, who has Vincenzo a date with her maiden returned on Madalena‘s request to Gwynne in exchange for Richard‘s reclaim the throne. secrets. She finds out about Galavant‘s arrival and sends a letter. Galavant, Sid, and Isabella stop at a monastery. Riddled by remorse, Kingsley challenges RiIsabella takes a confession with chard for a duel over the throne the lead monk (Al Yankovic) and and Madalena, but with Gareth tries to negotiate with Richard, but as Kingsley‘s champion. Thinking he wants Galavant or threatens about his father‘s lessons on being with killing her parents otherwise. a hero, Galavant offers to fight for When the group sneaks into the Richard if his friends are releacastle, Richard throws them into sed when he wins. Just as the duel the dungeon. Galavant realises hat starts, Isabella‘s younger cousin




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Laeti, January 2k16

and fiance Harry arrives to save them. In preparation for his welcome feast, Gwynne wants Vincenzo to poison the royals so they can be free, but he only serves them food which causes their allergies. The jester, Sid, and Isabella break out of the dungeon. When seeing Isabella with Galavant, Harry leaves, and the duel is on again, but this time Richard for himself against Gareth.


The night before the duel, Galavant and Richard bond over drinks and decide to kill Kingsley in his sleep, but they get caught and thrown into the dungeon. Gareth sneaks Galavant and Richard out of the castle to flee with the pirates. Galavant promises to take care of Richard, and in return Gareth helps the others escape. When Kingsley finds out about it, he wants to punish Gareth, but is stabbed by Madalena, so her and Gareth end up on the thrones. Isabella and her parents, the jester, Vincenzo and Gwynne, have fled to Harry, who locks Isabella in a giant dollhouse so he can always have an eye on her. Sid has to stay

SEASON 2: Galavant is back with Kylie‘s appearance We knew since mid-August that Kylie made an appearance in Season 2 of Galavant alongside her boyfriend, Joshua Sasse. The episode, which is the first of the season and which was broadcasted on January 3rd , will make you die laughing! Kylie plays the owner of a gay bar, „The Enchanted Forest” where Richard and Galavant take a break in their research of the great way to the Kingdom. Kylie choses Galavant to recover the most money by serving customers, with the song „Off With His Shirt,“ which makes us extremely think of „It‘s Raining Men“! And obviously it works, because the hero is without his shirt, and Kylie does not hesitate to touch him gently into the episode. We understand better why she chose him as her boyfriend in real life! Unfortunately, we hoped for a longer scene... It was just a 4 minutes performance but we love it anyway, just like the series that we will continue to follow!


aka Kylie‘s portrait in tarot

I was thinking what I’d talk about in the “life” section this month for a long time…I mean, its the beginning of a new year, it’s supposed to be something WOW. And then I realised I had this witch kind of friend… well, you know, I am obviously weird, so I clearly need to be surrounded by weird people as well. And one of my close friends is this magic kind of person… I first though I would ask her for a horoscope to do, but then I thought, lets go deeper… Let’s check Kylie’s TARROT! So, if you’re not into this kind of stuff, don’t go on…but if you wanna get some magician sparkle on, keep on reading! This is something REEEEALLY different from what you normally read here.

En, January 2k16


CARDS, THEIR ORDER AND MEANING: From 1 to 3: What prevails in life and what you have to work out and focus on From 4 to 6: What a person is made of ? Nature, mind, tastes… 7, 8, 12: Life mission 9, 11: Karmic portrait of a soul 13 - A and B: Actions and deeds to work karma out

Card n.1: Childhood and youth until 25th year of life Kylie‘s one: LOVERS This card reflects the importance of analysis. At this time, a person starts to understand, what she is going to do in her life and has to make a lot of important choices. A really rare situation for nowadays. Not everyone is able to choose a concrete life way or make a decision, which will affect the whole life. Usually, the Lovers Arcanum describes a person, who grew up too fast, someone, who had to choose a career at way too early stage of her life. And of course, someone who has had quite enough love affairs.

Card n.2: Adulthood, age between 26 and 50yo Kylie‘s one: THE HIEROPHANT At this point, The Hierophant describes moral principles, which will guide life plans of a person in her future. It comes to time when she starts to doubt whether she made a right decision in past or not. Do certain things that were very important back in times still matter that much? A person starts to pursuit the point of her existence, lives in analyzing of every „movement“

It‘s time where her spiritual abutments and a system of values are being „inspected“, the time where you finally can distinguish what is „bad“ from what is „good“.

Card n.3: Life from 51yo Kylie‘s one: THE HIGH PRIESTESS With the previous card, I tried to describe a person with her doubts. This one shows us someone who is now sure in all of the choices she has ever made, in her moral or spiritual principles, in her role she‘s playing in this world. From this age, she will dedicate all her free time to herself. Her dualistic mind will disappear and she‘ll stop distinguishing black from white, bad from good. It‘s the time for a person to realize that there is no more distinction left. The time of pure wisdom.

Card n.4: Subconsciousness Kylie‘s one: STRENGHT It‘s a reflect of hidden fears, complexes. This card says that the person must not try to inhibit her instincts or her primitive strength but to stop enmity between civilized consciousness and her nature. The Strength describes a person as someone who is still being afraid of showing her real face, scared of reflecting everything she feels to the public.

Card n.5: Consciousness Kylie‘s one: THE CHARIOT This is something a person is looking for in life. Her system of values and everything she finds to be important. As it‘s clear from the name of the card - for such kind of human being the pursuit of success is the most important part of her life. She is insistent and intrepid, while building her own career way. She is tied to family and its values, but will not put her own personal life on the first place and will never try hard to create a family, will not search for a fiancé and, of course, won‘t try to get married early. This card perfectly describes a typical hard-worker.

En, January 2k16

Card n.6: Supersonsciousness Kylie‘s one: THE MOON This one is about hidden talents, abilities and spiritual patrons. The Moon reflects a human being who has dualistic mind: ability to transform from angel to devil, become demonic and calm down in a second. This kind of person has an amazing talent - ability to fantasize, create, dream and make the dream come true.

Card n.7: A mission you have Kylie‘s one: DEATH The most unpredictable card with a meaning which differs due to a situation. In our situation, we can talk about a mission, which consists of understanding what the death itself is and how to „treat“ it. From psychological point of view, the mission is to understand that death is never the end but always the beginning.

Card n.8: Talents, abilities, opportunities, which are the tools for working your karma out Kylie‘s one: THE MAGICIAN Let‘s say again that the name says it all. Its a card which belongs to someone, who knows how to „conquer“, how to light up the audience, how to attract public‘s attention. This is someone who is always above the others. It shouldn‘t be a queen or a king, it can be an actor or a politician or a famous cheerleader from your high school. A person who knows, what exactly she wants and always goes for it. She knows what kind of words to say and when is the best time for it. It is a Magician! A human being with a clear mind who can control everybody and influence their lives.

Card n.9: Previous life, who you used to be Kylie‘s one: THE MAGICIAN This one is same as the card number 8. That is actually very rare to have them in this order.

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13 www.kylie-world.com

Card n.10: What she used to do in your previous life, her „working field” Kylie‘s one: THE EMPRESS This card usually belongs to...no, not to empresses :) To every artist, an architect, a singer or a designer - to every person who creates art! Such kind of people have very vulnerable souls and a compliant mind. It‘s quite easy for others to affect their thoughts and decisions they make.

Card n.11: What she brought from her past lives Kylie‘s one: THE HIGH PRIESTESS We have already explained this card as it‘s number 3 as well. In this position, it symbolises that she has brought an ability to separate good from bad, the ability of deciding...

Card n.12: Psychological harmony Kylie‘s one: TEMPERANCE

Harmonious unity of spirit, soul and body. „Temperance“ describes conditions where a person feels more than just happy, loves herself and trusts her own feelings only when all above are in harmony.

Card n.13: Conditions and actions to work karma out Kylie‘s one(s): A(LL): The Lovers Same as the card number one. (PS from En: It was totally me who sneaked the (LL) there). ALL THE LOVEEEEEEEERS....

B: Justice The card says, that if a person wants to archive something important, she needs to be „sober“ in mind, must not be seduced by the world with low values and must not be succumbed by temptation. Tarrot made by Alexandra Alina Swarowski.

En, January 2k16

IS KYLIE ENGAGED?! rumours flying around If this title on the cover made you feel like you’re probably going to get to know something, you were terribly wrong. The purpose was to get you here and it obviously worked. Let me just say I did not want to write this article, but it would be weird if we kept silent about the most popular topic this month, right? So let me tell you what I think - not about any ring, pictures, weddings, Joshua or babies but about some people’s behaviour. I was at work when they got papped and the pictures went online, and once I opened Facebook in the tube on my way home, I thought it was the end of the world.Out of my 175 friends, one certain article was shared 56 times. That probably never happened before. All the fan pages went mad. So did twitter, so did instagram… It took me about 5 minutes of reading to realise that I need to close all the apps and not open them for minimum of 24 hours or move to Mars. Universe expeditions are quite pricy and I am saving up for Kylie, so I went for the option one thinking this madness would just pass around me. Since I am a fan and my friends are fans, it turned out it it was impossible and I still heard

things that gave me impulse to write this article the way I am doing it. About 85 percent of all the comments I saw were not negative, but extremely over the line. I heard people talking about Josh misusing Kylie to get famous, compassion to Cheryl Cole who is rumoured to have a divorce now because her and husband married “too soon,” Kylie losing her mind, then also posts like “it is definitely not true because she would have tweeted by now otherwise,” or “we know what she is like, she wouldn’t do that,” “They have been together for only 5 months…” I’ll tell you what. The fact that things are not shared on social medias do not mean that they are not happening. None of you who posted similar sentences are Kylie’s besties to know what she would do. There might be things that can happen soon and shock everyone that the public does not know about, and is not meant to know about. She might be engaged, she might be not. We will not know until she wants us to know. All we can do now is to be happy for her, because as we have all noticed, she is glowing next to Josh. And that is all that should matter if you love Kylie.

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NEWS ONLY JOSH! When we already started talking about Joshua‘s and Kylie‘s love story, let‘s continue with this one. After an awesome show in the Royal Albert Hall, Kylie performed more intimately in a pub! In a small village with 500 habitants only, alongside Duran Duran. Organized at Ring o ‚Bells in Compton Martin, the concert was a private party for Warner and their friends. There was a Christmas party where people could meet for a drink, before Kylie and Duran Duran popped up on stage as a surprise!

It was not the first time Kylie playsed in this pub, she also performed a few songs for the release of her album Aphrodite (you can see again this moment in the documentary of the tour, My Year As Aphrodite). Duran Duran, who are currently in the middle of their world tour, performed almost their whole set and Kylie picked songs from her album „A Kylie Christmas“, including Only You. This one was even more special - Joshua Sasse, he boyfriend, joined her and took over Cordon‘s bits!

She rocked our holiday season with her album „A Kylie Christmas“ (and continues to extend the magic of Chrismas even in January), Kyliehas been certified with a gold disc in the UK! And if you’ve spent your Christmas with your family (or if you do not live in England), you probably missed the show hosted by Kylie on BBC Radio 2. In fact, the Australian singer spent two hours as the main host of the radio during which she played her favorite Christmas songs. She also talked about her Christmas, her excitement as she was in the studio since July, that she loved to li-

ght up the Oxford Street, her Christmas in Australia but gave us anecdotes on the songs she chose, and didn’t forget to tell us after those two hours to go in the kitchen to check if we have not burn the turkey yet (quite useful, right En?). She also had small Christmas balls with numbers that correspond to songs that some listeners wanted to hear, and chose 3 of them. However, you can find the podcast of the show on our website: www.kylie-world. com (we removed the songs for you, but we let Kylie’s speaks, who could host really well a radio show) and the setlist of songs played.

The famous Rolling Stones magazine ranked the most anticipated pop albums for 2016 and we can find Kylie there! Remember, according to a source close to Kylie, she wanted to make this Christmas album first because she thought it was the right time, but also that she could not be away from the charts too long. She also said she‘d like to go back to basics: “I could see myself going full pop after this. Getting back to my dance/pop roots” she told to the website Idolator. “Recently it was the 12th anniversary of [the Grammy-nominated] ‘Slow.’ I think back to songs like that and I go, ‘Yeah, I’d like to do that again.‘” However, no album has been confirmed yet and she also said she hasn‘t worked on new songs yet. Let‘s see what this year brings! 16 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, January 2k16


Did you ever wonder if Bette Davis had heard Bette Davis Eyes?

“The first woman of American film,” Bette became a new

Sometimes called

kind of a silver screen hero. She was an independent woman in business ruled by men. She became famous for being able to play any complicated, weird, and simply unusual characters and thanks to that she completely re-built the standards of women acrtesses in general. Her free spirit was also seen in every fight with labels, contracts, or colleagues. Those became one of her definitions. In era where women not afraid to speak their minds were dismissed as difficult (isn’t that something we still struggle with…), she was an icon. Her abilities to throw shade would shine even nowadays. With a career longer than six decades, just a few could consider themselves her rivals. 18 www.kylie-world.com






Ruth Elizabeth Davis, known from early childhood as „Betty,“ was born on April 5, 1908 (108 years ago!) in Massachusetts. Her parents divorced and in 1921 and she moved to New York with her older sister and mum, who started working as a portrait photographer there. She got inspired to become an actress and changed the spelling of her name to „Bette“ after Honoré de Balzac‘s La Cousine Bette. She was first playing on Broadway but asChristmas she said,is“people BroadIt’s that annoying cold time of the year in Europe when over but come it onlytorecently way just because they can’t get into film” and in 1930, sheweather moved to Hollywood and is signed herself Universal. arted snowing. You can’t even enjoy the because your break over and you to literally have

After her contract o be at work/school all the time, and was younot just prayshe forfilmed this allsixtomovies be overwith and them, for spring to start. re-newed and she was going to go back to thea-

Then changed herdinner mind a- few THANKS o I thought, let’s bring a little bit of ter. sumer back.sheI was cooking days agoALL and THE blasGLITTER IN THE WORLD. She joined Warner Bros

studios “it“ around started… The man playedspoon, God, ing Kim Carne’s version of Bette Davis Eyes,and dancing the kitchen withwho a wooden Of Human Bondage, Dangerous… tons of films, tons of

hershe crazy nging along and then I though: “Hasnominations Bette Davisfor everoscars, heard you Betteknow. DavisDespite eyes? Did like sucit?” cess, Warner Bros were still offering only very unpleasant characters to play and she wanted to run away from them and go film movies in England. They sued her for that, but after she made a comeback they only gave her what she wanted. She finally started playing those really hard characters, also got an Oscar, another one, you know... She had this reputation of a hard working woman and she earned respect by men in times when it was impossible. Not just for herself, but for many hollywood actresses coming after her. She started running a project called Hollywood Canteen for American soliders passing through LA. She re-built one desolated night club into an entertainment centre for them, which she later considered as one of her biggest successes and also got an important public award for that. She never stopped accepting challenges and playing the weirdest and hardest characters. Her personal life was equally rough as what she played. She was married four times in total, gave birth to one girl and later adopted two more kids. With over a hundred movies in her resume, she was the first female to ever receive an American Film Institute´s Lifetime Achievement Award, and also the first one to run A Film academy of arts and technology. When she turned 75, she got breast cancer and 9 days after being diagnosed, she went though a heart attack. That did not stop her from doing what she loved until the very end of her fully lived life. Bette died on the 6th of October 1989 in France. She is buried at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles. Her tombstone reads, “She did it the hard way.”

En, January 2k16

A movie that you definitely must see? All about eve. My possibly most favourite film ever and as fans, you are going to love it. Bette plays Margo Channing, a sentimental movie star at a breaking at a breaking point, who has her own issues and also a number one fan following her… just watch it.

And how about Bette Davis Eyes? After Kim Carnes made it a hit, Bette wrote her saying she was a fan of the song and said thank you for making her a part of modern history, mainly because her granchildren thought it was really „cool.“

“I am a woman meant for a man, but I never found a man who could compete.” 20 www.kylie-world.com

BEST OF LAST YEAR aka 2015 on Kylie‘s instagram! It‘s the mid January and we are slowly getting to that point where lookbacks to last year are not acceptable anymore... Join us for the major and last throwback and check a list of the best Minogue things that happened last year along with Kylie‘s own instagram pictures!

1. January

Right Here Right Now Papa Disco aka Giorgio Moroder was finally back! After 23 year old break, he would release a new album called Deja Vu! The premier single, Right here right now featuring our pop princess, was released on January 20th

2. February

Your Body One collaboration was obviously not enough and Giorgio teamed up with Kylie again, and this time they took Fernando Garibay among them as well. On february 27th, this dream team popped up in Greystone Maner, a club in West Hollywood, and played their newest song - YOUR BODY. All we had until late september was a few instagram snippets, but we definitely knew something was up!

3. March

KMOT Australia finally got to see the Kiss Me once tour as well. ONE NIGHT ONLY kind of performances though - just 5 shows in 5 different cities around the country, and 6th and a last stop of this version of the tour happened in Dubai, March 28. Kylie performed in Doha during Qatar 2015.

4. April

Young And Hungry Young and hungry, US sitcom welcomed Kylie on set as a Shauna, an older woman in the main character’s life. She appeared in 2 episodes, first one aird on April 29th. And it was about the best thing to have ever happen. Just to remind you: „What is the thing all the American say??..ah! EWWWW“ En, January 2k16

21 www.kylie-world.com

5. May

San Andreas Another acting job for Kylie, this time in an award winning San Andreas which premiered on the 21st of May. Her character was blink-and-you-will-miss-it kind of, but priceless. “GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!!!!” *she screams 2 seconds before she dies…AGAIN.

6. June

Hyde Park And finally, Kylie Summer tour started and Hyde Park show during their British Summertime festival happened as well. As we were told, Kylie thought it was the BEST SHOW EVER. And we might just agree… June 21st in our heart 4eva!

7. July

Melt! Festival Festival tour took place in two more cities and finished in german Ferropolis. 18th June was one crazy night! The more we think of it the more we Melt! like ice cream! PS: Let’s also not forget Chrystol changing his job from a hairdresser to a dancer there.

8. August

Absolutely Anything Absolutely anything and Anything at all, a soundtrack from same titled movie was released on the 14th August. Probablythe best about this whole thing was Kylie‘s insta video where her dress nearly revealed absolutely everything!

9. September

Kylie + Garibay And finally, The Giorgio Kylie Garibay thing was released on September 11th! What a surprise it was, lovers checked iTunes in the morning and a brand new Kylie EP was there! If you haven’t heard it yet, go and search for “Kylie,” not “Kylie Minogue” there. We haven’t stopped playing it until now!

10. October

The other boys

Even though we had heard the song on summer already, it finally got released on October 23 and after the LONGEST wait ever, we got a crazy and fun music video on 28th. Nero, Jake Shears and Nellie Rogers all really suit Kylie. They look like one awesome band!

22 www.kylie-world.com

11. November

Kylie Christmas Unlike many other happenings in 2015, this one was not a surprise… We knew something was up since summer, we even guessed the duet with Dannii right… But once it came out on the 13th of November, we were left speechless. Kylie Christmas is pure perfection and delivered the best Christmas for all the lovers.

12. December

Royal Albert Hall We are one spoiled fanbase. Not only we have had our summer dream, a festival show in Hyde park. Kylie also made the opposite dream of that dream happen: her Royal Albert Hall Christmas show. It was a true fairytale with a surprise appearance from Dannii, Kylie’s boyfriend Josh on stage, fake snow, balloons…. someone take us back.

And here we have some more because why not.




ou probably noticed that Kylie and Joshua spent their Christmas together, along with Dannii as well! Kylie wanted snow and cold, and that’s what she got! They went to a winter paradise between France and Switzerland for two weeks and this is also where I‘ll take you this month to discover the joys of skiing and raclette (again and again). It is difficult to locate the exact area where Kylie and Joshua spent their holidays, but we do know that they were close to the French and Swiss borders, Chamonix and the Mont Blanc and Geneva. The first thing to know, especially if you come from abroad and you do not have a car, is to rent one to be able to go to the various ski resorts nearby. In fact, Geneva is easily accessible by public, including a train station and an airport, but this is not the case for ski resorts. Geneva, that an awesome city to visit - as all the cities in Switzerland - with wonderful historical monuments. The architecture is incredible, like the Palace of Nations, or the CERN, Laeti, January 2k16

one of biggest physics laboratories in the world. The city is also bordered by Lake Geneva, a nice place for a romantic walk. This city has a really rich population. Many boutiques all fancier than others: if you are looking for a gift for your dear and loving, (and if you have a purse that goes with it), the jewelery and watchmaking of the city will be your best friends. Personally I can just offer the McDonald‘s to En and even that costs more than in other countries… but that’s fine, cause she only eat fries there anyway. Win win. Around Geneva, many ski resorts will tempt you, from the most family one to the chicest. And if you have time, you can, why not do a kind of marathon of ski stations: one each day. From our side, let‘s look at the Chamonix station. The weather conditions are not very favorable this year as the snow is rare, the one of Chamonix still has half of its slopes open since the beginning of the year and offers optimal ski conditions. You‘ll enjoy the many ski runs and ski slopes (over 10) of the valley, and walks in the snow! (Cool when you don‘t know how to ski but we have aleady talked this before, remember?

En wanted to get you drunk by mulled wine). The city has many bars and restaurants (RACLETTE), but also a casino (useful if you want to win the jackpot to offer the famous gift to your love, less useful if you lose all your savings for Kylie‘s next tour). For relaxation, there is several SPA venues, among which the Serenity Spa at the Park Hotel Suisse which definitely our favorite one and offers a hot outdoor Jacuzzi with a stunning view of the Mont Blanc. Two glasses of champagne and it is the time to you ask your love to marry you. You need to know that it is never too late to plan a ski trip, since most of the ski runs of the station are open until mid March / April!

You may have seen on them around social medias already…little paper figurines of Kylie appeared! You can create your own: these dolls are super cute and fun to decorate your apartment, especially if you haven‘t had the chance to buy them in the Royal Albert Hall or on Kylie.com before.

Go on the website of Bruno, who is a graphic designer and who has created them:

http://kyliepaperdoll.tumblr. com/ and choose the doll that suits you

best: Kylie (album) Timebomb Aphrodite, Showgirl, In My Arms or Kylie Summer! Then you will have a page to print with the model to do it. The implementation is quite simple but you must be careful, however, the banks are really small to stick. First, you have to cut all the white paper, fold them (on the dotted line) and put the pieces to be glued (gray parts on paper). Then you will see small colored dots on each part to be assembled with the other color of another form. And that‘s how your doll come to life! So you can make a nice collection! Please show us your work!

25 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, January 2k16

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The Kylie Times #5 • January 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Kylie Minogue in Galavant, Kylie’s tarot cards, is she engaged ? Paper dolls DIY, Bette Davis and much more...

The Kylie Times #5 • January 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Kylie Minogue in Galavant, Kylie’s tarot cards, is she engaged ? Paper dolls DIY, Bette Davis and much more...