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BRIGITTE... what was WKOF video inspired by?


„The whole thing was FUN!“


Why can‘t we stand WILLIAM BAKER? LOVE IS IN THE AIR! KYLIE IS OFFICIALY TAKEN! Follow our facebook page!

HELLO AGAIN, LOVERS! It should have been an editorial full of love. An editorial about our new tattoos we did together in Prague when I came over to En‘s. I never thought in my life I would have to write one about this, but here we go. It was a friday night, I was too tired to go out and both me and En just decided to rather work on Kylie Times instead. And now I am about to explain to you, foreigners, what we had to get through in Paris that night. The magazine has a special cover, yet again I never thought we would do that, but I feel like it’s important for us to tell you. When something like a terrorist attack touches you closely, you see it really differently. You never realise it could happen to YOU. That evening, I was scared for my friends, that evening I received farewell messages, that evening I told my friends how much I loved them, that evening more than 130 people ended their lives the way no one should. That evening, November 13th, was a nightmare. Those assholes wanted attacked freedom, my freedom, the way I enjoy my life by going to concerts, listening to music, going out to cafés, terraces, seeing my friends… The shooting happened mainly during Eagles Of Death Metal, but it could have been a show of Kylie (which actually took place a year ago, and I’m pretty sure it would be cancelled this year). It was actually the place where she went with OANLT tour. It could happen… anytime and anywhere. I was supposed to go there at first, but as I said - I was too tired for anything. I can’t imagine what would happen if I did. My friends were there, a few kilometres far from my house, in my city… I just can’t describe the feelings I had when following information in the news. Unable to think about anything else than the number of victims increasing and increasing... The following day, everything was a chaos. Everyone in the tube watching each other and crying, but being unite. By this time, Kylie tweetd a link to win a meet and honestly we couldn’t care any less. It was one of the rare times where nothing could bring us back to life. The Xmas spirit was gone, so was any Kylie mood, or happiness in general. We all felt that it was kind of out of place to be that festive in that moment… Also, we saw some french fans kind of misusing the situation to actually win the contest, and that is, let me say, the most disgusting thing I have ever seen online. I thought it was a joke. I thought by saying „to forget what happened,“ „it would be really the best day of my life,“ „a way to feel better,“ it was really a joke. In a time where we hope not to see the face of friends or their names in the list of victims, some people were onto meeting Kylie. Life should go on, but this was just too soon. How about TO REMEMBER, TO NEVER FORGET, guys? Now you won’t, but quite for a different reason. You guys are just heartless and I hope you are reading this. I thought that as French, as a person loving shows,

everyone would be united and support others but no. This was the opposite of Kylie values - love, mutual assistance, solidarity. I want to dedicate this Kylie Times to all the victims, their friends and families of people who are unfortunately missing. And especially Marie, Manu, Thomas, Bataclan’s team and those working in the entertainment world. To Sasha & Melanie, to entertain you a little. We made this profession our passion, love, and these idiots with guns will never stop us to do what we love. Because we love music, to go around for a drink, we like to think about the fun future, such as when new Kylie album is coming out, when we see her again, when she appears public with Joshua again….and so we will continue. Love, happiness and friendships are the strongest powers in this world anyway. We will make this world a better place. FUCK YOU TERRORISTS. We are not afraid. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages, thought of me… it really made me smile in the worst times of darkness. Thank you Kylie Lovers, love you.

Hope this issue will entertain you and hope you understand the week delay. Take care of yourself, your family and friends and make sure you tell them you love them. Glitter and love rain on all of you. Laeti PS - Special thanks to Steve Anderson for his collaboration in this edition and his kindness.



NOVEMBER 2015, #3

4. Step back in time! A throwback calendar Fashion signing blog 10. Life: All the haters 14. GET MINSPIRED! And God created Brigitte 16. Fashion: Read my BODY LANGUAGE 17. What‘s new? The other boys Love is in the air X-mas lights in London Always here for charity Sloggi collection is out now 22. WE LOVE: Kylie Christmas Steve Anderson 30. Can we be Jake Shears? 32. DISCOVER: London 33.: Meanwhile on social medias...


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En, november 2k15

Since I know how much you all love tour diaries and those life-Kylie-blogs, I decided to tell you about one of the funniest and most embarassing trips of my life... Before reading this, you have to agree with the terms and conditions: NEVER tell anyone and do not laugh too loud! FASHION

KYLIE signing



was 17yo, and a fangirl at her finest. But really... I had only met Kylie once and I would have given my life for another time. And then it happened... Fashion book was released. I instinctively knew a signing wasn‘t out of the question. Don‘t ask me how because I have no idea, I just KNEW it... I was actually at my part time job to make some more money for a potentional trip when Kylie confirmed it on twitter.

All the work I was doing just went out of the window straight away. It took so much effort to even call up mom considering how much my hands were shaking. „MOM, I‘M FLYING TO LONDON, BYE“ I said while jumping

under the table in an attempt to hide from my boss. „Have u gone crazy?“ I heard mom asking a few mili-seconds before I hang up. She was absolutely not willing to let me go. 3 days in London would mean having to skip school, lie to my teachers, boss, spend all my savings. But let‘s admit it, I was excited about it all. I was only 17yo but already had 2 Kylie trips to London on my fan-cv and a never ending list of troubles I had got into thanks to being a die-hard lover. After hours of literally talking my mom‘s brain off her head with reasons why she should allow me to go, she went all silent, send a very desperate look my way and left the room. Five minutes after, she returned with a printed travel insurance in her hands. „You might need that, you‘ll meet Kylie.“ Oh, she was so right...The only condition I was given wasnot to travel alone. I had this friend, Tom, who liked Kylie, too. Well, kind of. You know, not like me... So I worked my persuading powers again. Who would say no to London in the beautiful time of Christmas anyway... He even agreed on camping outside Harrods the whole night with the thought of wearing his new super warm jacket. Double win. 5

En, november 2k15

We booked everything and the countdown begun... And so did my crazy fangirl feelings. „WHAT IF I FORGET HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH INFRONT OF HER? WHAT IF I FAINT? WHAT IF I LOOK LIKE A COMPELTE WEIRDO AND SHE WONT LIKE ME? BLAHBLAHBLAH...“ It just makes me laugh now but I meant it back then. I wasn‘t even able to eat for a few days before the flight. Too nervous to care about the world, all I thought about was Kylie. Oh dear... We landed around 10pm. It wouldn‘t be me if I didn‘t miss my pre-booked bus. And it wouldn‘t be me if I hadn‘t had printed all my maps in a reverse way, so once we got to London (two hours after planned) we managed to get lost immediately. Walking down random streets, I was asking each person passing by for directions, and of course every single one of them asked why on Earth I was trying to get to Harrods at midnight. The pleasure of saying I was gonna go queuing for a Kylie signing... It was rather awesome to be alive that night. When we FINALLY found the right street, my nerves started working it‘s best - even more than before. I stopped for a second to catch a breath, and all of sudden I wasn‘t able to move anymore. „WHAT IF THERE‘S TOO MANY PEOPLE ALREADY AND I WON‘T GET IN????“ I was crying. Tom moved out of the way for a car passing by, took my hand (also my luggage and two blankets) and saying I was the biggest idiot he had ever seen, he dragged me infront of the entrance. I hadn‘t even managed to sit down when a guy came to me, screaming and jumping all around. I didn‘t understand a word he was trying to say say and so he just threw his camera on me. There was a picture of Kylie from exactly the place where we were standing at that moment. Taken one minute ago. I suddenly realized... the car we saw was KYLIE‘s car. ONE MINUTE AGO!!!!! It still makes me laugh hard now, how on Earth did I get SO unlucky?? Yet trust me, right there at the moment, the situation didn‘t seem any amusing. The opposite actually. I just broke down crying, ended up sitting on the cold wet ground not caring about anything, and absolutely not being able to keep it together. A few fans came to me, showed me videos, hugged me and made me promise I would not cry or shake anymore, because you know, I was gonna see her the following day... But I just couldn‘t. I wasn‘t even realizing the cold, and trust me, it WAS cold. Tom hated me until 7am-ish when he finally went to get a morning coffee.

Around this time, a lady from the staff was coming one by one to us and giving us sweets and biscuits saying Kylie wanted them to. I started crying again, for about the billionth time since our plane took off the previous day... Oh well. As I said, I was in that state where you can‘t even consume any food so I just put the biscuit into my pocket and carried on. At 10am, they let us in and we bought the books we would later get signed. I am telling you my hands were shaking so much, I even dropped change the guy at the till gave me back. LOL. They also put special wristbands on our hands and told us to come back later in the afternoon. We went to Oxford street to shop a little (you can imagine how much I was concentrating...) and checked in our hotel. Turned out it was more a ruin than a hotel, but whatever. If you red the summer tour diaries, you know it‘s kind of our normal anyway... Around 5pm, we went back in front of Harrods and joined the new queue - for meeting Kylie. We spent about two hours there, and I have only 3 memories in total. The rest is just gone. First, I remember taking a picture of my tattoo with the wristband and thinking „oh wow, I have this person in my skin forever, that‘s her whom I‘m meeting so soon,“ and also I know I was freezing when I took gloves off. Second, when Tom asked me „What do you think she will be wearing?“ and I answered „I bet a yellow dress.“ „Why would she? She barely wears yellow.“ „Yeah right... well, we‘ll see in a while.“ Yet again, I have no idea how I knew... I just did. And another moment I remember as if it happened yesterday was when they started letting people in by groups. I was literally praying I would not get into one of the firsts, to get some more time and compose myself. We were walking walking walking and right in front of the entrance, the security stopped us saying we would have to wait 10 more minutes. As if an elephant fell off my heart in that moment. The opposite happened to my mind inside, I remember every sigle detail. The halls inside, the stairs, roses by Jeff Leatham all around the place, Kylie‘s louboutins mixed up with them, Abbey Road Sessions playing... Before actually meeting Kylie, I managed to break in tears about thousand times, my mascara was all over my face and I looked like a panda. Some girl from the stuff was helping me to fix it while security guards were giving me killer looks and telling me there was no way I could keep the wristband.


I didn‘t properly caml down until I was standing in front of Kylie herself and she was the one in charge of my feelings. All of sudedn, I was fine. What can I say... It truly was a moment to treasure forever. We talked about my tattoo, about me and Tom flying over alone for her, and then she gave me the sweetest hug EVER. After that, she looked right into my eyes and said I was looking really beautiful by the way... RIP ME. This sentence and her smile were on repeat in my head for the rest of the day. When we said good bye and I slowly walked away, I could feel all my emotions falling down on my body... One of those nice staff girls who had helped fixing my mascara a few minutes before noticed me. All excited, she ran to me and yelled „HONEY! How was she?“ She was the first one to dare to talk to me after I had left... and I just emotionally broke down again. I mean, really. I just ended up crying on her shoulder and saying that it had been the bestest day of my life, and other regular fangirl stuff. She called up for help and I ended up being taken care of by 4 woman from stuff. They brought tissues, put my make up back on, kept on hugging me... After coming back to our hotel aka a ruin, I wouldn‘t fall asleep. The next day, we went out and about London, did some Xmas shopping and so on. I was in a Kylie heaven. I didn‘t even wanna go back home, well just like after every time I do cool stuff in London. When we sat into our bus, we didn‘t even talk to each other with Tom. We just both listened to Kylie songs in headphones, and in one moment, he passed me his phone with a text message he typed himself: „I can‘t imagine all of this didn‘t happen.“ I gave him that smile, and played Paper Dolls (fave song ever). It was time to fly back. I‘m just laughing re-reading it all, I was seriously in my craziest fangirl years back then and eventhough I am glad this hysteric phase is now gone, it was SO MUCH FUN. Traveling for Kylie and this kind of lifestyle is absolutely the best. PS for those who experienced the signing themselves: I hope you DO NOT remember me. LOL. En, november 2k15

„She looked right into my eyes and said I was looking really beautiful by the way... RIP ME.“



aka I do NOT blame William Baker! It’s been a few weeks since I first saw the I BLAME WILLIAM BAKER t-shirt around, and it made me laugh a lot. It’s a hilarious idea, really funny. But when Will posted a pic on his own insta saying he didn’t know if to cry or laugh, I decided to have a few words about this topic. I was always gonna do it and I am happy that Kylie Times are now giving me a chance.

I like to separate us lovers into two groups (you might have noticed already). The “older” and “younger” ones. I now sound like I wanna blame it on the age, but numbers are not actually the main factor. Let me explain.

Group A

= those who have outgrown off the fangirl phase, who have supported Kylie since the very beginning, or joined somewhere halfway her career, and those who know a lot about it, those who have heard all the stories, seen every show (at least online), understood the meaning of every song… fans who are !usually! older (than me, for example) but they don’t necessary have to be…

Group B

= the younger ones, who have fallen in love with Kylie recently (last few years?), and are catching up on everything they missed in over 20 years. They might hold the same amount of love for Kylie as A group does, but they just haven’t heard the rumours about When the cats away being a leaked demo for Kylie when it’s actually said not to be her voice.

The newborn lovers are logically under the influence of love, they look at the Kylie bubble through rose-tinted sunglasses shaped as hearts, and only see glitter, while - just like in life - the older ones have got skeptical. As I said, they know the „Kylie thing“ better - don’t get confused now, I do not mean Kylie’s personality, but the whole “thing” - such as the fact about When the cats away… Her whole career, artwork, history. There is many people covered under the two words, not just Kylie herself. Her, label, management, stylists, producers… Ok, I think we all have the point now, let’s finally move somewhere. As they know this all better, they tend to think they also understand it better. Sometimes at higher stages than Kylie and her team might like. They tend to point out each flow, complain, and spread the rant around. That is, I think, how the whole William Baker joke started.



Will Baker, Kylie’s creative director and a friend, was hired by Kylie in late 90s. Since then, has been responsible for pretty much everything creative you can imagine in the Kylie thing (we all already understand this phrase). Styling, costumes, photography, tour designs… That is him. During glorious times such as Fever or Light Years, everyone loved what he was doing. Obviously, because Kylie was as high on the top as one can ever be. The whole world wouldn’t get Can’t get you out of my head out of their heads… but then something went wrong… By the times when I was becoming a full time fan (around X times), everyone was on it already: Baker is to blame. Kylie’s star is falling lower and it’s William Baker’s fault. He is the copy cat without an ability to bring new and fresh stuff. When he tries, it’s too cliche, it misses the point. He is a real bad photographer without a creative eye. His styling sucks. He usually makes Kylie look ridiculous. Too much glitter, a high coutoure attempts that fail each time… Too much feathers. When he goes for more casual and down-to-earth stuff, it’s insanely boring. His influence on her is simply too strong. Last albums flopped (this sounds too harsh - let’s say “were less successful than planned”). It is obviously Baker’s fault, too. Everything is on him. He is to blame.


En, november 2k15

WAKE UP PEOPLE! What gives you the right? I often ask myself, are you still fans or do you consider yourself experts on Kylie’s career? I remember when we first saw the tourbook of KMOT in the torsion. The whole queue was confused and went like “Oh wow, that’s weird.” None of the fans knew The face of Mae West, and they couldn’t understand. They started judging. It was actually genius but they wouldn’t know. Baker would. What I want to point out by that? HE IS SO ABOVE YOU. Don’t think you know what he does better, because you don’t. You are simply wrong. Almost all of you who talk critisism the most are not even creative people, nor art-focused or managers of pop stars on Kylie’s levels who would understand how the show business works. But you dare to share the hate all around. Fans don’t do that. Fans respect their idols and they look up to them because they have chosen to. If you feel too old, too clever, too above this, then you’re probably not a fan. Kylie is literally the last person you could pick up flaws on instead of enjoying what she does. The whole concept of her work is joy, love, happiness. What on Earth leads you to spending hours on hating and spreading negativeness on something that was made for you to ENJOY?! Why, why why,

just WHYYYYYYYYY. Don’t bother explaining because you’re wrong anyway, my “WHYYYY” isn’t really a question, more like “I’m here banging my head against the wall.” If you are not a lover, if you just don’t have that exciting feeling, why don’t you just stop wasting your time. It’s not like you would be able to change it anyway. You can either accept the fact that William Baker is a part of the team because Kylie has chosen him to be, and start respecting him, or leave. Hating on him equals hating on Kylie’s decisions, and fans don’t do that. Fans are not trying to change their idol by saying “Kylie would be better without him” because it wouldn’t be Kylie. Kylie is what we have here, with Baker. Take or leave. We all should realise that he is one of the closest members of the team to her, she obviously loves him. Let’s give an example: She trusts him to that point where she gives herself away and allows him to film documentary movie about her coming back to business after having cancer. White Diamond was a real commitment, and something we should be grateful for even after years. Without him, we would never have probably the most personal portrait of Kylie from the darker times. How about HELL YES WILL, 12

...THANK YOU. Help me, lovers. What else do we have from the Baker-hated times? How about The Aphrodite photoshoot? To me, that was one of the most beautiful album covers ever and the whole promo photoshoot was even more stunning. The full concept of Aphrodite and Les Folies in general was the best idea ever. CLAP CLAP BAKER, THANK YOU! Sleepwalker… I am still speechless and it’s been more than a year. There’s nothing, nothing, N O T H I N G I could reproach. STANDING APPLAUSE BAKER, THANK YOU. The Kiss me Once cover. I loved how shiny it was in iTunes. Have you ever kissed a window pretending to be Kylie and laughed about it? Thanks for that, Baker! Summer shows promo shoot. SMOKING HOT. Great job Baker, THANK YOU!

And I could go on forever… but don’t let me hang on alone, share your faves with us as well! I beg you all, take a deep breath and spread some glitter around and share your fave Baker moment with hashtag #GoodJobBaker. Let’s show that there are not only experts on Kylie’s career, but also many real fans. We are hell of a fab fanbase, so let’s act like one! The bubble needs more sparkle. PS: I don’t expect this article to change the world, but I hope younger fans will follow my opinion and maybe some of the old veterans will double thing the next negative thing they will be posting on SayHey. PS2: I’ve already said that the tee idea is awesome, but the design is poor. Baker would do it better.

En, november 2k15


En, november 2k15


I had Laeti staying over for a couple of days last month. We were both sick and we literally didn’t even move out of the bed… After watching ...And God created woman pretty much every movie with Kylie, I remembered another one which is important for us, lovers. Have you ever seen „…and God created woman?” It was released in 57, so I suppose my-age lovers probably haven’t (unless you’re weird like me) while the older ones probably already know what I’m gonna talk about… Look at those pics.

Looking familiar? yes: continue reading no: go watch What kind of fool music video Yes. The whole video is basically re-creation of the movie, from Kylie‘s Brigitte Bardot look to exactly the same scenes. That is nothing weird knowing that Kylie has a thing for this “old stuff.” „I often think I was born in a wrong time because I just adore, I mean ADORE the movies, musicals especially, from the 30s,40s, 50s, 60s.” Marilyn Monroe, Ann Margaret, Jane Russel, Shirley MacLaine, Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Tallulah Bankhead… are only a few out of all icons Kylie has ever mentioned. Not only she talks about it quite often, you can also see the reflection of those times in pretty much every part of her work if you look closely. Tours, photoshoots, costumes… I’m getting out of the topic though, let’s focus on Brigitte Bardot only. What kind of fool was definitely not the only time Kylie got inspired by her. Let’s have a look at who she was/is, and what And God created woman is about.


Juliette, 18 year old orphan is living with her foster-parents in St. Tropez, France, and she is definitely not giving them easy sleep. She doesn’t act half as abstemious as girls her age at this time, which obviously attracts attention. She doesn’t bother to hide her sexual energy, walks barefoot, sunbathes naked in the yard, goes to dance every time… All the women talk about her, and all the men want her. The one she fancies, Antoine, has moved far away for work. He makes promises to her about taking her away with him, but they would all be gone at the end of the night which Juliette doesn’t realise at first. Ready to go out and enjoy an evening with him, she hears how he talks about her as an one-night-stand, she jumps into a boat of another men right in front of Antoine’s eyes. Her foster-parents can’t stand this behaviour anymore and Antoine’s younger brother asks Juliette to marry him so he‘d save her from being returned to the orphanage house. Despite his mother disagreeing and Juliette still fancying Antoine, they get married. It doesn’t take much and Antoine comes back home… What happens next? Go and watch the film, I will reveal nothing more. Today’s kids might think the plot is too simple, too stupid, too bizarre (haha love the word! Am I french yet?) or whatever, but it certainly wasn’t 50 years ago and watching movies like this is the best therapy from the world in 2015, at least for me. Go on and try.

Who is Brigitte? Brigitte was born on the 28th September 1934 (she is 81yo now!) in a Parisien upper middle-class family. Her parents led her to dance since very young age, and later she was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris, a school where she focused on balley. As I can say, she was a very beautiful young girl and that’s why she she concentrated on becoming a model, too. At the age of 15, her picture appeared on the cover of Elle magazine, which attracted (not only but mainly) a young film director, Roger Vadim. She was soon given a chance to audition for a movie role by his friend. Even though she made it though and got it, the film got cancelled. Once she tasted the silver screen life, there was no going back. Roger Vadim became her first husband, and with him by her side she stepped into this world fully. She appeared in 16 movies between 1952 and 1956. The breaking point in her career came right away in 1956 - she played Juliette in the film which brought us here at first place, “And God created woman”. It became an enormous all over the world, and turned her into an international star. Apart from many european actresses those times, she was enormously popular in the United states as well. A sensation, new sex symbol. She was known for being a wild young lady, changing her loves fast. She has had 3 husbands (and a baby boy with the second one). She retired from her career at the age of 39, early we could say, but as she said it was „a way to get out elegantly.” Anyway, she handled more things in the short time period than many do in their whole lives - she appeared in more than forty movies and recorded several albums. A decade later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she survived (!). Don’t think she just disappeared out of the planet - she decided to use her fame to fight for animal rights, which she is doing until now. She has been married to a french politician since 1992, and also has written 5 books.

Fun fact: Back in 2008, when a reporter asked her whom she’d turn gay for, she said it wouldn’t be anyone alive


a girl‘s gotta suffer for...

FASHION ...READ MY BODY LANGUAGE! ….I only finished the article about Brigitte Bardot, went to H&M and bumped into those cropped tees. They are in the basic section in every country I believe, and they are just awesome. You can wear them with pretty much anything and secretly feel like Kylie. This is seriously the best, because when you wear an obvious-Kylie tee, such as merch or something, everyone sees you’re a fan. But when you wear a secretly-Kylie outfit, such a stripped crop, even the people who joke about your love for Kylie the most sometimes go like “I like your look today.” And then you just smile…and smile…and smile. Winner takes it all! Tip: Get a red umbrella, too!

En, november 2k15


Laeti, november 2k15

The Other Boys FINALLY, this is the word! We were slowly starting to think that they were all just kidding... The music video for The Other Boys where Kylie has worked alongside Jake Shears, Nervo and Nile Rodgers came out. While the song is already a hit in the charts, the music video was released as preview on « Time » website. Directed by Hannu Aukia and produced by Jaakko Manninen, the music video was filmed at the Old Truman Brewery, with an English and Finnish team. Kylie wears a vintage dress from a collection of the brand „Comme Des Garçons“ & Casadei boots. As intended by the director and the producer, the music video is very fun! We can see a great complicity between Jake and Kylie, who have been long time friends, and the energy of the song is reflected in the video. The last thing we can say is that Kylie is so sexy ! Of course, makeup and hairstyle were made by Christian Vermaak (hi Crystal), who takes care of her during most events and photoshoots and he did so on the Kiss Me Once Tour, too. The appearance of Kylie on this song was kind of an accident .. In fact,

it was produced for the album of the sisters Nervo, entitled Collateral, and was made for Jake only. He couldn’t contain his excitement about the song and shared it with Kylie. She fell in love with it and asked the Nervo girls if she could take part, too. And obviously, when Kylie Minogue asks you to sing on your album, you don’t say no. Nile Rodgers, Jake Shears and also the press are all delighted with the result of this collaboration. According to the legend of Chic, The Other Boys was a delightful disco-dream coming true. The singer of Scissor Sisters said it was „just one of those shoots where everybody was happy to be there, and we had great time getting to hang and dance around. It was Aussie overload in the best way with those three girls. I could write an album out of all the funny stuff that falls out of their mouths. » Cool, then we are waiting for that Jake! The song made it to number 1 on the Billboard Dance. A great reward for this track, which is available on all platforms of legal downloads, and also with some remixes, enough to successfully make you dance all the winter (alternating of course with Christmas songs).

NEWS Love story

If there was no official confirmation about their relationship, there is now No just one now, but let’s talk about the 1st one. Kylie and Joshua appeared hand in hand on October 18th after at the premiere of the musical « Gypsy » with Imelda Staunton at the Savoy theatre in London. Gypsy is the tale of a stage mom, Momma Rose, who goes to any lengths to showcase her daughters’ talents, especially her favourite child, Baby June. Evening performances of Gypsy start at 7.30pm and take place Monday – Sunday till November 28th. The show running time is 2hrs and 50 minutes including interval. By the way, you need to know that Joshua Sasse found fame on the London stage in Mamma Mia! and is of course a star of the US TV series Galavant.

Kylie went to Magic FM studios on October 30th for promotion for her recent projects. For this occasion the Australian was simply resplendent in the streets of London, with a little gray dress with black fringes signed again by Dolce & Gabbana (what a surprise!) And high heeled boots. With blond hair more than ever (as an angel, amen) and a very nude makeup, Kylie illuminated the street with her smile !

X-mas lights Kylie switched on the Christmas lights on November 1st in Oxford Street in front of many fans who were attending the event. 26 years after she did the the same in Regent Street, Kylie made the English capital shiny and bright, ready for the most beautiful time of the year. She joined the long list of artists who have participated at this event, such as Robbie Williams, Jessie J, The Spice Girls and more recently, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Organized next to the Pandora shop of Marble Arch and hosted by the team of Capital FM, the event was broadcast live on Periscope but also on social networks. Kylie gave an interview to Sky News channel before taking pictures on the photocall. Meanwhile, a free thirty minute concert was offered to the public, with performances by Flower East, Foxes, Gabrielle Aplin or the winner of X Factor, Ben Haenow.


Kylie appeared after that, dressed in a green dress with red roses mega xmasy look) made by Dolce & Gabbana. She said a few words about her Christmas album which she had worked on since June, and said she would spend Christmas in London. After the countdown, she switched on Oxford Street, and 445 light globes which were set up especially for the holidays season. For the first time in the history of the event, the street had also stopped all traffic.

Laeti, october 2k15

NEWS ...and love story goes on On October 31st, the Rugby World Cup took place in London,. It was a match between New Zealand and Australia at Twickenham Stadium. We’ve seen Kylie on Instagram alongside Natalie Imbruglia supporting Australia’s team, but it was a real shocker to see her in the stadium to support her country during the final. Anyway we did not hide our joy because it was the only glamor moment of the game, and the only time we found an interest in watching the game surrounded by men and beer, for us, women who never understood anything about this sport.

Next to her boyfriend, Kylie came to the match (yaaaas now it‘s official, it‘s too cute and we are so happy - even more that if I found a boyfriend, except that I already have one, yeah it‘s weird but good reflection as they are so cute together and it makes me want to live the same love story because it sounds like a fairytale - sorry if you are reading that darling #love) This was also the first time that the two lovebirds shared a picture of them together on social networks. That moment was a shock. As some may do it already, I enable notifications when Kylie publishes something on Instagram or Twitter, to be always aware as fast as possible. I was chilling before the game, with my boyfriend and his friends to my delight (or not). I looked at my cell phone, wondering how to pass the time of the match when suddenly I saw „Kylie Minogue just shared a picture.“ I was expecting a picture of Christmas, or a selfie... Surprise: Kylie and Joshua. Together. On a selfie. At the rugby. They are mega cute. At this time, I was already sold for Rugby. The Australian anthem began playing, When I saw her there, I screamed like all the men do when someone scores. Kylie also gave a small interview to the British channel ITV Sport, alongside Joshua Sasse (TOO MUCH LOVE SERIOUSLY, I CAN‘T COPE). She talked about the adventure of Australia in the competition, admitting that it was Joshua who explained her the rules (he should explain to us, too).

And it was finally New Zealand that won with the score of 3417, despite a good recovery of the Australian team late in the game. Anyway, in our heart it is the victory of the couple Kylie / Joshua, and that‘s the most important (awwww it‘s beautiful and we are mental, aren‘t we).

Rugby for dummies (by a girl)

Even if the Rugby World Cup is over, it‘s never too late to learn the rules, especially when Kylie loves the sport which is a good reason to be interested in it! Firstly, the thing is that it is a true sport for men, where everybody is fighting with the others, going up on everyone and it must hurts so much. So players are protecting themselves a minimum, putting something in their mouth to avoid losing their teeth for example. No, rugbymen are not toothless as En asked : but they have no teeth ? Erm. Well. Before getting into the substance of that case, the rules, check them out briefly: the ball must be always passed rearward. Then there’s some scrums, tackles, try to score a try, transform it or mark penalty points. And as everything is easier with a drawing, you can see than yourself with this beautiful explication made by Laeti thanks to Photoshop. 19

Laeti, november 2k15

NEWS Always here for charity Once again, the beautiful Australian has participated in several actions to help people who has diseases. Remember, earlier this year, Kylie was been chosen as Australian of the Year, and had appeared in a beautiful white dress signed by J’Aton couture. A dress which costs £ 20,000, was just auctioned for a good deed, as The British Heart Foundation launched an operation to raise funds by selling luxury items and unique experiences with artists. The opportunity for you to do a good deed, and to have a dress Kylie wore! And if you don’t have the money, the one thing we totally understand unless you‘re rich or you have not spent all your $$$ in albums / tickets to see Kylie, you can take part in the project leads by the Matalan brand (remember, last year they did scarves with all the letters of the alphabet on it), whose the funds will be donated to Alder Hey Children‘s Hospital Charity.

NEWS Sloggi collection out! The Kylie Minogue’s capsule collection for Sloggi is out! Good news! The Kylie Minogue’s capsule collection for sloggi entitled #sloggiNightDay is finally available in stores. For this occasion, Kylie worked with the designers of the brand to customize her favorite models and give new ideas. The collection is in a very cute small square box, and includes two models day and night: one is nude colored and the other is black and red lace. Those small boxes are sold at the price of 30 euros in stores called « Le Printemps » in France. If you are a bit too far, you can get them for 22.95 euros on the Triumph website (plus the postage). We just love it !

Laeti, november 2k15

KYLIE CHRISTMAS Yeeeees yes yes! Kylie‘s first Chritmas album called „A Kylie Christmas“ is finally available! The opportunity for us to do a special focus in this end of the year on this first Christmas album for Kylie. We will not hide it from you, the idea of a Christmas album didn’t really amaze us at the beginning, especially as I (Laeti) hate Christmas celebrations. Even though I love Kylie, I was a bit afraid of the result. But over time, we were getting more and more information and even the least Christmasy person like me started to like it. The tracklist of the album (and feats) seems just wow: Dannii Minogue, Iggy Pop… also the fact that it was being recorded with orchestra immediately reminded me of the Abbey Road Sessions. Really tho, what is there not to love about a bit of orchestra mixed up with a Minogue, or in this case MinogueS! The lead single, Only You, doesn’t even sound that christmasy. Basically, the album managed to meet it’s audience and touch even an anti-xmas person like me. Santa Kylie released three versions: a classic version with 13 tracks, a deluxe version with 16 tracks and 6 bonus footage, and Kylie paper gift (awww) and a vinyl release. Cause yes, as she said, Kylie prefers to give presents over receiving them. Recorded this summer at Angel Studios and Sarm Music Village, this album is composed of many surprises, such as unexpected duets with Dannii Minogue or Iggy Pop. All the songs were produced and rearranged by a longtime collaborator Steve Anderson, except for White December


and Cried Out Christmas which were produced by Matt Prime and Everyday‘s Like Christmas by Stargate. Gift bonus, the DVD lets us to see the process of recording, with 6 video music. How lovely our Miss Christmas is? :) If we go a bit more inside, we get to know the album is perfectly balanced. It’s not lacking classic catchy song, nor slow ballads such as the single. We can feel the Christmas enormously, without it being „too much.“The time of each song is also quite balanced: the shortest ones are those where Christmas spirit is hitting hard and longest ones are “typical Kylie songs.“ The opening of the album is in a totally festive spirit of the end of the year (this is a perfect way to welcome guests at your Christmas dinner or when you’re starting to open your pressies - that‘s also maybe why the title is the first). It’s followed by a virtual duet with the legend Frank Sinatra, „Santa Claus Is Coming To Town“ which is also “calmer” kind of a Christmas song. Winter Wonderland is a pretty transition, just long enough (It is the shortest one, but as we said before, the songs for the most beautiful time of the year can get too long sometimes…). It’s great to listen to before moving on to something much more rhythmic: Christmas Wrapping feat Mr.Iggy Pop. Good. This is clearly one of our favorite tracks on the album, maybe even the

Laeti, november 2k15

most favourite one. It is also the longest track on the album, but it goes as fast as Winter Wonderland which we found much longer as it when we are listening to it. Their voices together are perfect, and it‘s also fun when Iggy Pop says „Cool“ in the song. It sounds the same like when you play to Candy Crush and you have a „cool“ (Sorry my mother is a geek, that drives me crazy). We are totally in love with this song which could be a really great single as well (hint hint)! Talking about the singles, there it goes again: Only You. A duet with James Corden (an actor and British TV presenter) who’s voice collides with Kylie just perfectly again. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it for the first time or billionth time, you’ll always have goosebumps. There’s a very big chance the Royal Albert Hall will flood with all the tears falling down when Ky sings that live. The original version of Only You (yes, it’s a cover) was sung by Yazoo, released in 1982. It was a success in England (where it was ranked as number 2 in the charts), but also in the United States. Kylie’s cover was not the first one. Our fave, Enrique Iglesias, has made a spanish one which was also number one in the Billboard US Latin. Kylie explained that it was James Corden who had suggested Only You. „I knew he would sing beautifully on this title. It is subtle, beautiful, and it‘s gonna surprise many people.” A rather good choice. All comments on social networks are positive and it’s touching much further than just in the Kylie Bubble. It seems that it was also

sent to radio stations, played on BBC, and simply climbing up the charts in England. To mention that, we believe that the album will be mainly popular there and in Australia, aka the Kylie base. Us french people are not half as festive during Christmas and En who lives in Narnia is probably just laughing now as in mid european countries it’s even worse). Let me also mention that we still haven’t received the single in French radios. The lyric video was also released (it’s not really a big deal tho, maybe not even worth watching…), and Kylie recently shot a music video for this song ... Maybe! After this lovely ballad, we continue with a more rhythmic track, „I‘m Gonna Be Warm This Winter“ which is super nice with little notes “Warm.” Those are really really cool. „Every Day‘s Like Christmas“ could also be a Kylie’s song, cause it doesn’t sound like a Christmas track that much, and we love it too! We are not gonna talk about“Let It Snow“ and „Santa Baby“ - everyone knows them already, and it really sounds and fully reflect the spirit of Christmas - a bit too much for me, I’m not really a fan of them (but then there’s En who will blast them till my head explodes)... But „White December“ and its chorus is really a favorite. „2000 Miles“ is a bit like the „Only You“ and have us in a very calm atmosphere and almost a depressive one as the song is really soft (but that doesn’t mean it‘s bad, just that we must get out our tissues at the Royal Albert Hall or avoid listening to it if you‘ve been dumped before Christmas holidays). Fortunately „Christmas Is not Christmas‘ Til You Get Here“ puts you in an atmosphere a little more joyful. The classic version of the album ends with „Have Yourself A Merry

Continue reading for an exclusive interview with Steve Anderson on how making this album was! 23

Laeti, october 2k15

Little Christmas“, a way for Kylie to wish a Merry Christmas to all her fans! But hey, we still advise you to get the deluxe version because there are 3 additional titles including „Oh Santa“ and „Cried Out Christmas“ but mainly, I mean BUT ESPECIALLY for „100 Degrees“ recorded with Dannii Minogue. INCREDIBLE. JUST AMAZING. Super disco/dancefloor and not a Christmas song at all apart from Christmas in the title, I’m just a mega fan of the track. CAN YOU HEAR US??? IT’S A MINOGUE DUET!!!!! Fun fact: as you know, Kylie recorded the album this summer, and this title was recorded the hottest day of the year ... 100 Degrees so well named! Another reason why you should buy the deluxe version, you will have 6 music video as a bonus, and there’s one with Dannii, too. You can also see Steve Anderson as Santa, Luke’s most beautiful sweater… Actually, that sweater might be the absolute highlight of Kylie Christmas in total. We didn’t even know it was possible to create and sell this kind of sweaters.


Anyway, I‘m really surprised by this album, I didn’t expect that at all, and I must admit that I might like Christmas this year (while I’m typing this, En is already building 28th snowman and adding Kylie’s pictures on the tree). Thank you Kylie.

STEVE ANDERSON: The whole thing was FUN!

We were interested if celebrating Christmas since July (when the team started recording) can get annoying and so we decided to ask the Papa Christmas himself. Dear lovers, we are proud to release the first interview we have ever done for Kylie Times and once again, we are extremely happy to have had the nicest music producer as the victim. So.. how do you think it feels to have Christmas a bit longer?

For the start, can you introduce yourself a little by your own words? What your role in Kylie’s team is, how long you two have worked together, who else you work for... I’ve worked with Kylie for over 20 years initially starting as producer when she signed to deConstruction and soon after that as her Musical Director for every show since Intimate And Live alongside William Baker her creative director. Other artists I’ve worked with include Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, Take That, Markus Feehily Christophe Willem and Susan Boyle.

her. Two weeks later she was at our studio and we played her the first song we thought could work which was “Confide In Me” which we did a demo of thinking it would be far too different from anything she’d done before to work but deCon were real mavericks and pushed for it to be the first single.

first Christmas album you worked on?

I had produced a Christmas album for Susan Boyle 2 years ago and another one for a new artist called Harriet but Kylie and I had always talked about doing a Christmas album , it just had to be the right time. I think it was mid What are Kylie’s qualities July when she said ‘I’ve got one that you like the most about word to say to you, Christmas’ and her? Do you have any funny we both started laughing. A month stories of you two that you later we were in the studio recorcould tell us about? ding it!

She is the ultimate muse, she inspires artists whether it be writers, producers, designers or any creative professional person she can bring out the best in them which is down to so many people being a huge fan (including me) How did you and Kylie and her being one of the kindest, meet each other? most genuine, loveliest people on the planet. Technically she’s the As part of the remix team best singer I’ve ever worked with Brothers In Rhythm with Dave and personally she’s the best friend Seaman we used to work a lot with anyone could ever wish for. deConstruction so when she signed there we literally called them and Was Kylie Christmas the asked if we could try working with 25

This album is a perfect mix between classy Christmas sound and typical Kylie pop. You know, those that we only hear and we know it was made for the most beautiful time of the year, and then those that have the word “Xmas” only in the title, and sound just like a Kylie song… Was that the purpose?

Thank you , thats exactly what we were going for. From an original song point of view Christmas allows you to do so many things you wouldn’t do on a contemporary pop album which is incredibly liberating. I always wanted it to sound classic but with an edge so the big band songs would be a bit dangerous like Count Basie’s orchestra on „Sinatra At The Sands” and the pop songs would have a Phil Spector or Motown roughness about them. A lot of people find it quite tough to write new Christmas songs but because she‘s been wanting to do this for so long they literally came flooding out! I think she is one of the best pop writers out there especially if you think of songs like “Love At First Sight”. She knows what suits her voice and personality and I love her writing so any opportunity to have more of it is a good thing in my book!

This album was recorded with an orchestra, too. What do you consider harder to record - a regular pop album or something like Kylie Christmas, The Abbey Road sessions…? They both have challenges but the main difference is for Kylie Christmas and Abbey Road all of the time is spent in preparation of the songs and arrangements with rehearsals and routining. The actual recording is relatively quick as all the musicians are in the same room playing at the same time as it used to be so something like “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” we probably did 3 takes so in total 15 minutes to record but a lot of time beforehand prepping it. I love working like that but its rare to get that opportunity and its about having the most incredible musicians and studios around me to make it magical. For a regular pop album which is more programmed elements it can take much longer as the vocals are usually more layered and programming sounds can take longer finding exactly they right thing and often changing the direction of the production a few times during the process. The Markus Feehily album I produced this year is more like that and I’m equally proud of it. 26

What was the most diffi- have produced both duets the girls have recorded. cult thing during recording this album? How do you feel about Absolutely nothing. This seeing both sisters perwas without doubt the most en- forming again together joyable recording process of my after 29 years ? entire career and I think if you ask anyone else that worked on it they would agree. We literally smiled and swayed through the whole thing , she was there for all the sessions and when you watch the videos the joy you see on peoples faces is exactly what it was like every single day. I couldn’t be more proud of the record or more thankful we got the opportunity we got to do it.

I’m pinching myself its actually happening! Its important to remember that despite my job I am a huge fan of both artists so its going to be so special to see this!

On the DVD, we saw that everyone got a little Christmas present under the tree… What were The duet EVERYONE was yours and Kylie‘s ones?

ce moves and screaming at the top of their voices, so much fun. Watch out for one of our BV’s Adetoun’s signature dance move at the end of it too - I think it might catch on!

What is your favorite song on this album? Oh thats a hard one , if I had to pick it would be “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” as she sings it so beautifully and it was one take live with the orchestra after which they all stood up and applauded her. I’ve worked with orchestra’s for a long time and I have never seen that happen before.

waiting for: 100 Degrees. How did the idea to do a Mi- I got a lovely mug with nogue Xmas duet came up? its own Christmas jumper and a Was the song written with Da- couple of novelty items , I actually nnii around? can’t remember what she got!

Could you tell us something about the Christmas show? Can we expect only Christmas songs or also Kylie’s classics?

Amazingly even though we’ve all known each other and worked individually on KM tracks this was the first time Kylie, Biff Stannard , Ash Howes and I had actually ever written together. Kylie had the idea for „100 Degrees“ based on her Christmas’s in Australia and started singing it to me as I was playing piano and it all came together very quickly. It was such a perfect first song for us all to write and as soon as it was finished Biff and I all looked at each other and said to her ‘you should do this with your sister’. Dannii absolutely loved the idea and we had so much fun recording the two of them in their Wham style t shirts as you can see in the video. The reaction to this song has been more than I ever hoped for and we are all really touched people are loving it so much. Also I’m incredibly proud to

Aren’t you guys sick of Christmas already considering you’ve been on it for a couple of months already?

Its going to be the biggest Kylie Christmas party ever so Christmas songs, Classics, surprises , literally can’t wait!

The whole thing was fun which you’ll see on the videos. The 100 Degrees BV session was a particular favourite as we had everyone whooping and clapping for some party overdubs which you can hear a bit at the very end of the track. They were busting out dan-

Thank you so much for asking me - I love that there is a Kylie Times! Thanks for all your support and we are all so genuinely touched by the reaction to this album , I hope it is the soundtrack to everyone’s Christmas’s this year and for many years to come!

You were our first interview we ever did for Kylie Times, YAYYYY!!!! Thank you so much for your time and we’re looking excited for seeing Do you have some fun your future work. We let stories from recording of you the last words to conthis one? clude this interview! We started in July and its been non stop ever since. How could you get sick of Christmas ? That feeling is so infectious!


Laeti, november 2k15

Can we be Jake Shears? Just one look at The Other Boys video is enough of everyone to be sure Kylie and Jake are made for each other. Their longstanding friendship is so cute, and just makes us all want to be Kylie’s bestie, too. We already have thousands of ideas of activities we could do… only Kylie doesn’t know about it yet.

Taking Kylie to your Prom

Getting a hug when we‘re a mess

Going to themed parties together

Who has never dreamt about Kylie coming to pick you up at school? Or even better, taking her to your prom? I’ve recently got my diploma and she did not come, awkward… It wasn’t even worth it going to the ceremony, so I at least thanked her in my speech. So many of my homework were done while queuing (and En taking selfies in the background), so thank you again for contributing to my study life Kylie. Love you.

For those who already have had a hug from the princess herself, we know how it feels in her arms. This point is actually not that dramatic, we don’t have to be her bffs to get a hug… but still, imagine your boss having a go at you at work so you just go like “KYLIEEEEE” *cries a river, hugs her and never lets her go*…GOALS.

I was never a fan of those parties for which you have to dress up for (as the opposite of En, who would happily make a head-dress from books and pencils and wear for school instead of taking a briefcase). But imagine, IMAGINE, how awesome they’d be with Kylie… preparing the costumes together, putting make-up on, taking fab selfies and having fun… or imagine Halloween party with Kylie. IMAGINE CHISELING THE PUMPKINS WITH HER.

Sharing our make-up sets

Going to any other parties

Gossipping and drinking coffee

She could help us out with the winked eyes and stuff… Imagine drinking something and asking: “Hey Ky, is my lipstick fine?” Then she goes like: “Not really, wait, here, use my mirror.” PS: En’s got the whole collection of Marilyn Monroe themed lipsticks from MAC, that’s worth it Kylie!

Laeti, october 2k15

This is a real reason why we all want to be Kylie’s best friends. If you remember her appearance in Los Angeles in a club with Giorgio Moroder and Fernando Garibay, you see what we mean. Bring on some mochitos and let’s lose ourselves in beats per minute!


This is a part of a basic life we all have with our friends. But Kylie’s presence would immediately take it to another level. Imagine you talking about love stories, the newest gossips... how annoying it is when Joshua never does the dishes or what song ideas Kylie has next. I don‘t even drink coffee but I wouldn‘t hesitate to start for K.

Taking them perfect selfies

You know those days when your whole look is on point, you take a selfie and you go like: “Gosh, I’m so fab”…and now imagine taking a selfie with Ky in the middle of the street and screaming “Look how good we look omg!”…and if it’s not one of those days, you can just be happy about Kylie looking good, because as we know, that is every day.

Going on holidays together

You know, when she goes to Portofino and does all those cool things, such as a private boat ride, swimming in the sea, drinking glasses on the harbor... we all really want to be by her side ! Solution: rent a canoe and follow her boat. We are not sure how long you can make it, but it’s the beginning! Follow your dreams!

Going shopping

Imagine a shopping session with Kylie. Trying on the little black dress and her bringing you 6 more types of them, finding an ugly Xmas sweater and both putting it on and taking pics in the fitting room…

K-araoke with K-ylie

ULTIMATE DREAM. If you saw us doing loco on stage, you know how bad dancers we are. Now imagine it a thousand time worse and apply to singing… that’s us. Standing next to us is a real pleasure for the ears. But the fact that we can’t sing won’t stop us from singing (if you follow En on insta or worse snapchat - you know that it’s true). We are all up for drinking loads of whatever alcoholic, and doing a Kylie karaoke with Kylie.




s you already know, Kylie will perform in the Royal Albert Hall on December 11th. If you‘re lucky enough to have a ticket, your trip to the English capital is nearly here. Since we know the seats are all numbered, we don’t need to queue in front of the arena. Oh how do we appreciate it in this weather! It means only one thing - an opportunity to visit London in this magical time of the year : Christmas. How perfect is this year first we did picnic in the Park on summer, and now we can enjoy Christmas in London, too. Thank you God aka Kylie for making this happen. So… what must-see places do we recommend? You just HAVE to go to Oxford Street at the evening. You will probably kill the rest of your bank account you have left after booking the trip. But it’s a great way to finish Christmas shopping. It’s awesome even to just walk there with a group of friends or your love, under all the lights and in the complete winter spirit. On the way to the Royal Albert Hall, you can also make a stop to Harrods,

Laeti, november 2k15

where took place the signing of the „Kylie Fashion“ book 3 years ago. Try not to get lost there tho, it would be a shame to miss the concert. Harrods is not any rubbish place to go to, also there is food and wine for at least 6 years inside ... AND KYLIE COLLECTION AT HOME. After seeing Kylie singing her Christmas album, and sitting in the arena, there is nothing better than a little back-to-disco party in a nightclub to end the day. We recommend you the G-A-Y club where Kylie and Dannii have performed many times. The Kylie World team is 110% ending up on a bar and doing the spinning around choreography. Join us! We can bring you the golden pants if you need it. A good night will be necessary to recover from your emotions, and to stay in a Kylie mood, we recommend you go to Madame Tussauds museum the day after. It‘s located near to the Baker Street underground station. You can finally have your meet & greet with Kylie! We are not really sure how chatty the wax version of her is, she might be quite shy you know... Then you can go to a pla-


ce where Kylie is seen quite often, the Chiltern Firehouse, either for a drink or to eat a good meal. And to complete this beautiful weekend, you can go to the Wembley Arena, where you will find the handprints of Kylie she inaugurated in 2007. We will do a full report of our activities and tell you all about it in the next Kylie Times issue, and we are also doing a vlog on our Youtube channel. Do not hesitate to send us your photos from your stay in the English capital, and if you see us there, we will be delighted to meet you and talk with you!


Let‘s admit it, this month on twitter and instagram was mainly Xmasy... While everyone was sharing stuff about how excited we all were for the album to be released and stuff like „oh it‘sKylie Xmas eve“ etc, a brand new and amazing account popped up... remember that one time when Kylie‘s bum started tweeting? Well, now it‘s the Minogue Brow. Kylie‘s and Dannii‘s brows just got online and started tweeting, ant the account is everything. Just go and follow. @MinogueBrow. You won‘t regret. That‘s it from us for this month and we are already excited for December with another crazy travel adventure coming up. Love and sparkle, Kylie World