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You can be very efficient with lyrics, and you can get the heart fluttering or soaring or make someone cry with a really amazing dance song Kylie Minogue


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SUM UP 4. Throwback Calendar 6. WOULDN‘T CHANGE A THING 16. Storytime with En at the Echo 26. Minspiration : Kenny Rogers 28. Kylie Eyewear 36. 50 Facts about Kylie 40. 50 Kylie‘s best songs 44. 50 facts about the charts 50. 50 top outfits 58. News 59. Happy birthday your Majesty 62. Kylie made the White Party GOLDEN 64. KYLIE‘S PROMO IN THE USA 74. Fun Facts about Nashville 78. Interviews 96. Birthday Wishes 105. Fashion 114. Kylie Reactions






What’s up lovers! Kylie’s album in the charts, that’s what’s still up but oh well, we didn’t mean it like this... Anyway! How have you all been? It feels like we’ve just released the #GOLDEN issue and a whole month is already gone! Time flies... It’s also over a month since the album was released, and I still haven’t stopped blasting it. At one point I think I wasn’t even aware of other Kylie albums’ existence. I have no clue how many times I’ve hit the replay button... 400? 600? More? LOL. My co-workers, roommates and family know the lyrics by heart as well as I do and all I can say is THANK YOU, Ky! It truly is a masterpiece and we are all so blessed to live in the same time as Kylie Ann Minogue :) This issue is a bit special just like the last time, now it’s because it’s certain someone’s bday.... Welcome to another issue of the Kylie Times!

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xx En x Laeti

With the help of Mélanie, Isa & Koelen En, May 2K18

THROwback CALENDAR MAY 1988 - 2018

Let’s have a look back at the most important events in Kylie’s career through the years and that took place in may.


hird single in Kylie’s career, « Got To Be Certain », from the album entitled « Kylie ». The opus, composed by the team Stock, Aitken and Waterman was recorded in London, meanwhile « Got To Be Certain » was recorded in Melbourne, in the hometown of Kylie, in April 1988. For many countries including England, this song is noted as Kylie’s second official single after « I Should Be So Lucky ». Indeed, the 1987 version of « The Loco-motion » was not produced by the trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman and was re-recorded in 1988 before being released as the third single in most of the other territories. This song was originally written for a singer named Mandy Smith for her first album, also produced by SAW. For some unknown reasons, the song was not retained and Mike Stock even denied having recorded this version in the book « The Hit Factory ». MAY 2ND, 1988 However the song was found later and was released in 2005 on the compilation « Stock Aitken Waterman Gold » before being added to the reissue of Mandy’s album in 2009.


« Got To Be Certain » worked very well in the charts, ranking in the Top 10 of many countries, but was not released in the US with « It’s No Secret » being chosen instead. The music video was shot in Melbourne and this song was sung in many tours including the « Anti-Tour » and more recently, the « Kiss Me Once Tour ».


nother song produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman : « Shocked », fourth and last single from the album « Rhythm Of Love ». This song appeared on the biggest compilations of Kylie like the « Greatest Hits » (with the DNA 7’ version) or « Ultimate Kylie », but « Shocked » still remains rather unique from the point of view of the collectors since it is the only single picture-disc released under PWL, Pete Waterman decrying this format saying that « the songs can do their own work ». In Australia, the song remained eleven weeks in the charts, reaching the seventh place. In England, it remained seven weeks in the rankings where it reached the sixth place. Kylie also became the first artist in the history of the British charts to have her first thirteen singles ranked in the Top 10.


MAY 20Th, 1991

The music video was shot in Paris while the singer was doing a photoshoot. According to William Baker, her team intended to re-create her previous video « What Do I Have to Do » to this video. Kylie said she liked her look in the video a lot : « It’s strong and it’s sexy. It’s quite deliberately different from what people expect of me ». Kylie hasn’t performed this song since the « For You, For Me » tour in the United States.

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Laeti, May 2K18



MAY 6TH, 2008

enth tour of our Australian (as you could expect from the name ): the « X2008 Tour », in support of the album « X ». Kylie did almost a whole world tour for her fans, she just missed North America, but it was filled with the following « For You, For Me » tour. In total, the singer did more than 74 shows, starting her tour on May 6th and finishing on December 22th. It featured seven acts and the costumes were created by the famous Jean-Paul Gaultier. On the stage side, we had a giant dancefloor with a bright floor, enough to put us in the mood ! And let’s not forget legendary Nora - the glittery skull! #BiggestDiscoInTown


ut your haaands up if you feel in love tonightttt... Last single from the album « Aphrodite », « Put Your Hands Up » was written by Finlay Dow-Smith and the two sisters of Nervo, Miriam and Olivia. The song was co-produced by Dow-Smith (under his stage name Starsmith) and Stuart Price, and done in one night ! Kylie was then invited to record her voice in February 2010. The song was released as a single in May 2011 in Japan, in digital version only, with a bonus track, « Silence ». It was then released in Europe on June 3rd and then with remixes, just like in Australia. The Australians also got a special edition with a single including two versions of the song « Cupid Boy ». The cover for the digital version is a photo of Kylie posing in one of her Dolce & Gabbana costumes, specially designed for her tour. The cover of the CD is completely different, using a picture from the photoshoot of the album. Due to a lack of promotion by the record company, « Put Your Hands Up » did not work in the charts.




MAY 25TH, 2012

his one was a big surprise for Kylie’s 25th career anniversary: the song « Timebomb » ! It was written by Karen Poole, Matt Schwartz and Paul Harris, and produced by the latter two. To listen to this song, fans had to use social networks to unlock the video by posting a hashtag. Originally, Kylie would have liked this song to be on her twelfth studio album, « Kiss Me Once », but Parlophone had another idea. Due to a lack of promotion (again), the song did not hit the charts, but has is definitely loved by all the fans and belongs to the section of « Kylie’s classics » for us. It was also performed at the « Kiss Me Once Tour ». The music video was filmed by Christian Larson in Soho, London. We see Kylie in the streets of the city at day and night, but also in a studio where she wears a very short and very open black dress which she actually admited to had bought in a sex shop! We also remember the biker jacket with a big red heart on it and the Peace & Love symbol on the back that some of you also purchased (we did, lol)! The song was released as a limited edition CD and on all download platforms. It was also included in the special Time Capsule K25, released in October 2012. 5 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING Kylie’s seventh single wasn’t released before 24 July 1989 in the UK, because her filming commitments for The Delinquents were not completed until then. This single was the catchy « Wouldn’t Change A Thing ». If you read the last edition of The Kylie Times, you may remember that this song was recorded in London in February 1989, and that it was once again written, produced and arranged by SAW. So, shortly after completing work on a movie, Kylie had to promote this 2nd single and in parallel she had to continue recording other songs for her second album « Enjoy Yourself ». Admit it lovers! If you are around my age, you learnt the whole dance routine to this song during hours in your living room back then, right ?

Focus • Wouldn’t Change A Thing


It’s important to know that at the time Stock, Aitken and Waterman were constantly under fire because « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » was a perfect choice they kept producing happy songs that lacked depth as a follow-up single to « Hand On Your Heart ». It or meaning. They indeed made songs containing was more mature, funkier, had a more contemporary dance beats when the lyrics were actually most of groove and was much more RnB oriented than Ky- the time about heartbreaks. So this time around, lie’s previous songs. It was also a perfect choice of they gave critics what they expected, an upbeat song song for the summer of 1989. When the track was where Kylie sings the joy of being in love despite the recorded PWL instantly knew it was clearly a strong fact that no one else around her seems to be approving the romance. proposition and single material. Despite the fact that we could recognize the SAW stuttering vocals, the song was much clubbier and was a good insight on the more contemporary sound we were later to get on Kylie’s second album. On a personal level, as time went by Kylie was becoming more and more frustrated by the public’s perception of her as a SAW/PWL puppet, so she vowed that she would start taking more control of her career. By now, she had a personal full time stylist, Nicole Bonython, who was no other than Grant Matthew’s wife (this photographer’s name must sound familiar to you if you are a regular reader of the Kylie Times). Moreover, at this stage Kylie was more or less based in London now, where she started meeting de- As Kylie said it herself : signers, directors and artists, both on and off duty, all « The song says that even if no-one of which was really fun and inspiring to her.

else in the whole world can understand what you see in someone, who cares? It’s what you believe that really matters, you shouldn’t have to change a thing for anyone. It’s good to have confidence in what you’re doing and trust in your own judgment »

The B-side to the single is « It’s No Secret » (which was released as a single in North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in 1988). And last but not least, even though she didn’t write CERTIFICATIONS the lyrics, it was the first single to really be in line with Kylie’s own tastes. She later admitted that she The song was certified gold in Australia. was very fond of this song, and that it was one of her faves from the PWL era. CHARTS The song starts with a hip-hop flavoured drumming, that was apparently inspired by James Brown’s song « Funky Drummer ». The single is dance-pop related, with other instruments such as guitars and also contains tambourine effects.

Commercially (and compared to most of her previous singles) the song received quite modest success on the charts.

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Isa, May 2K18

TOP 10’S • UK : It was Kylie’s 3rd single in a row to debut at #2, but unfortunately it never made it to #1. Instead, the top spot was held by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers’ first single « Swing The Mood ».

TOP 50’S • New-Zealand : The song debuted at #34. The week after, it went up to #21 and peaked there, just missing the Top 20. Kylie’s song stayed in 2nd position for two consecu- • Other countries : The song peaked at #24 in Gertive weeks before slowly dropping out of the charts many, #26 in Sweden, #27 in Switzerland and #43 in after 9 weeks. In total, 370,000 copies of the single the Netherlands. were sold in the UK. Additionally, the song ranked 35 in the Top 100 1989 UK Charts (« Hand On Your Heart » was 14, « Especially For You » 16 and « Never Too Late » 64). • OZ : It debuted at #10 and stayed there for 2 weeks. The song then rose to #6 for 1 week, and stayed in the charts for 8 weeks in total. • Belgium : It peaked at #5 and stayed there for 4 weeks. • Ireland : It peaked at #6, and stayed 9 weeks in the charts. • Finland : It peaked at number 8.

TOP 20’S • France : It debuted at #44 and only peaked at #19 (same peak in Spain).

PHOTOSHOOTS • The photos used for the covers of the UK, European and Japanese releases were taken by Lawrence Lawry (who also did Kylie’s first album’s photoshoot and the pictures for « Got To Be Certain »).

• It was ranked 11 on the European Hot 100 Singles chart (which is based on national singles sales charts in 16 European countries: Austria, Belgium (separately for Flanders & Wallonia), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK). 9 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, May 2K18

Focus • Wouldn’t Change A Thing • The photo used for the cover of the Australian physical releases were taken by Grant Matthews, and as you can see Kylie is wearing the lycra bra and miniskirt from the official video (pic below).

On the Kylie « Fashion book », Simon Fowler said of Kylie:

« When Kylie bounced into my studio for the first time in 1989, with no make-up, jeans and a woolly hat, she had a very big smile and said « Hi mate ». For one split second I didn’t recognise her! All in all I photographed her four or five times. I knew the sessions would produce great shots because she had this ability to try out new things without a care or worry. There’s a synergy that happens between her and the camera that makes the end result come alive. Very few people process this talent, but she does in abundance, and she can make any fashion piece look good. Kylie rocks! »

• The photo used for the US physical releases were part of a photoshoot done by Bill Bachmann. Another pic of that photoshoot had already been used for the cover of the Australian release of « Hand On Your Heart » (other outtakes below).


• To promote the single, some other pictures where Kylie was wearing the same bra and miniskirt were taken by Simon Fowler. A few other photoshoots were done on the same day; Kylie was wearing different outfits, as below.

Breaking news lovers! This is Kylie’s first video that was NOT directed by Chris Langman and was NOT filmed in Australia! Indeed, it was filmed in July 1989 in London, and directed by Peter Cornish. Funnily enough though the costumes were from Australia and it’s worth noting that the sun was out in London that day! Most importantly, this was the first time that Kylie was given a bit of freedom in terms of her own image and styling, and it was also the first time she was actually doing a real dance routine with muscular male

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Isa, May 2K18

dancers around her. This video is a clever mix of the « Girl next Door » Kylie and the « soon-to-become-glamorous-fashionqueen » Kylie.

with several strands. Her dancers are wearing tophat-and-tails.

If we explain the video dividing it into three let’s say we have three different scenes and Kylies. • Scenes of a playful and very natural looking Kylie, wearing cut-off jeans and a type of white and golden bra. She’s having fun in the Pete Cornish’s garden, picking up a cat and showing it to the camera, taking pictures of the person filming her with a Polaroid, falling backwards when trying to unfold a garden chair, pretending to be asleep with a newspaper on her face to hide from the sun. Honestly it’s really funny and those scenes are filmed like if it was a family video, not a professional one. She’s acting like a candid little girl, it’s really cute.

DID YOU KNOW ? • The cream lycra bra and miniskirt were donated to the Art’s Centre’s Performing Arts Collection in Melbourne, for « Kylie - The Exhibition ». It was designed by Ian McMaugh (Australia).

• Scenes of the casual, streetwise Kylie dancing with her natural hair down, still wearing cut-off jeans and a black chiffon shirt knotted in the middle, surrounded by her dancers also dressed in streetwear.

PERFORMANCES LIVE Kylie performed the song during the tours listed below: • Disco in Dream/The Hitman Roadshow • Enjoy Yourself Tour • Rhythm of Love Tour • Let’s Get to It Tour • On A Night Like This Tour • Scenes of a much more mature-looking and « formal » Kylie, wearing the cream lycra bra and miniskirt trimmed with strands of artificial pearls. She has a sophisticated hairdo and also a white-pearl necklace

She also performed the song during the 2001 TV Special « An Audience with Kylie », as part as the Hits medley (along with « What Do I Have To Do », « Shocked », « Never Too Late », and « Celebration »).

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Focus • Wouldn’t Change A Thing

PROMOTIONAL APPEARANCES Kylie did quite a few TV shows to promote the song, here are some of them: • Live Wogan TV show (UK) : She is dressed with the cut-off jeans and black chiffon top from the video, her hair is just the same and she’s doing exactly the same choreography, so we have the impression of being in the video on the TV set. The performance was followed by a 5-minute interview. She talks about the fact of being more mature, but not too much so that fans don’t get frightened. She speaks about leaving Neighbours, about Jason, The Delinquents and her character in the film, the story of the film and the love scenes in there. She mentions she’s nearly finished the 2nd album and that she’s not writing songs herself at this stage.

• Live VTM (Belgium) : Kylie performed « Wouldn’t Change A Thing », « The Loco-Motion » and « Especially For You » with Jason Donovan. • Top of The Pops (UK) • Live Die Spielbude (Germany) • The only time she sang it live in 1989 was during the Miss Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant in Hong Kong, after « Hand On Your Heart » and « Got To Be Certain ». It had an extended (30 seconds) introduction to allow her and the dancers to shake it a bit longer before the song.

• Live Formel Eins (Germany) : This one is weird because Kylie is actually dancing alone in what seems to be a huge cut-out pumpkin and two dancers (sorry we don’t know what happened to the two others) are dancing in front of the pumpkin. She’s still wearing some cut-off jeans but with another glitter top this time.

• She also appeared on EuroTops, and if you haven’t seen the video, check it out on YouTube lovers, Kylie is dancing on her own on a riverside - it’s quite awkward and weird.

• Motormouth (UK) : Kylie performed the song with her four dancers, smoke was coming on the stage and there was even a wall with Kylie posters on it. It was followed by an interview where questions were asked by Children. 12 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, May 2K18

THE LYRICS I-I-I I wouldn’t change x 5 Some people don’t understand What I see in you, if only they knew They think my head’s in the sand They’ll never see the best side of you Is my heart ruling my mind? Maybe I’m not right every time But I know I’m right about this love of mine If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a single thing There’s no questioning in my heart When it comes to our love I wouldn’t change a thing Yeah, I’ve had my doubts My ups and downs On the merry-go-round They say my heads’ in the cloud But I’m keeping one foot on the ground

I know they say love is blind But he’s the best thing that happened to me And I’m not ashamed for the world to see If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a single thing There’s no questioning in my heart When it comes to our love I wouldn’t change a thing I-I-I I wouldn’t change Is my heart ruling my mind? Maybe I’m not right on everything But I know that I’m so right about him If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a single thing There’s no questioning in my heart When it comes to our love I wouldn’t change a thing (chorus until the end)

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Isa, May 2K18

Focus • Wouldn’t Change A Thing

RELEASE INFORMATION The same picture was used for all covers of the physical supports in UK, Europe and Japan, they more or less all look like this:

US 7” and cassette covers • The Japanese 7” and 3” CD1 contain the single version and the instrumental version of the song. • All 7” (except the Japanese one) and cassettes contain « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » and « It’s No • The Japanese 3” CD2 contains the single version, the instrumental version and the « Thang Mix » of Secret ». the song. • However, for some reason, the UK CD (pic below) contains the normal single version, « Wouldn’t Change a Thing » « Your Thang Mix » and « Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi - The Revolutionary Mix ».

• The OZ covers are different but the 7” and cassette contain the same songs.

Japan 3” CD1

Japan 3” CD2

• The OZ CD contains the single version of the song, the « Thang Mix » and « Turn It Into Love ».

OZ 7” vinyl and cassette covers 14 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, May 2K18

• All 12” (except the US ones), as well as the German 3” CD1, contain « Wouldn’t Change a Thing - Your Thang Mix », « It’s No Secret Extended Version » and « Wouldn’t Change a Thing » instrumental.

UK 12” vinyl

REMIX VINYL There is only one 12” Remix Vinyl, and it’s the UK one. It contains « Wouldn’t Change a Thing - Espagna Mix », « It’s No Secret - Extended Version » and the single version of « Wouldn’t Change a Thing ».

German 3” CD1

SOME PROMO SUPPORTS • The three usual promo supports (UK Jukebox 7” promo, GE 7” promo and Spanish 7” promo) contain « Wouldn’t Change a Thing » and « It’s No Secret ». • The US promo 12” below contains the « Espagna Mix », the « Your Thang Mix » and the instrumental version of the single. OZ 12” vinyl • The US & Canada 12” contain four songs: Side A: • Wouldn’t Change a Thing Espagna Mix • Wouldn’t Change a Thing Your Thang Mix Side B: • It’s No Secret Alternative Extended Version • Wouldn’t Change a Thing Instrumental • The US promo CD contains the single version, the « Espagna Mix », the « Espagna Mix Edit » and the « Your Thang Mix ».

US & Canada 12” cover

Source: personal collection and mixkylie.co.uk

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Isa, May 2K18

Storytime with En

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En, May 2K18

Red carpet at Echo Awards, Berlin April 12th, 2K18

You could have seen a little vlog on our Facebook page, but it wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t spill all the tea about it in the Kylie Times, would it ? So yeah, after all my attempts not to do any promo event of Kylie telling myself I had just seen her on the mini tour, I went to Berlin anyway. Who’d listen to their inner angel voice when you can follow the devil…

my h after appy fa ce ri seein g my G Kyli ght e an sign olden albu d ed in Gold m en < 3

I had known she was gonna do promo in Germany for about a month, but my bank account was very keen on me staying at home, even though it’s just 5 hours far from where I live. I also didn’t have any tickets, didn’t even know exactly which shows she was gonna be in, and so it didn’t bother me much. But of course something had to happen, and right after the Echo awards confirmation, I got this bug in my head… Wikipedia said it was going to be on wednesday the 11th and I knew I’d be able to take the time off work, and it sounded like a great idea to do an (extremely) extended weekend in Berlin on my own, spending the D-day waiting by the red carpet praying I would get a sight of Kylie at least for a second. No, actually, it didn’t sound like a great idea at all. It sounded like a CRAZY idea. Last two times Kylie attended the Echo, she didn’t even walk the red carpet. I considered getting tickets for the show, but that was even more insane. The only ones for sale were extremely far away and it would be ONE SONG anyway… It made absolutely no sense to go. On the other hand, what’s life without a bit of fun? Let’s leave it to destiny, I told myself. Let’s check the weather, the hotels

and the buses… 25 degree and sun, hotel cheaper than what I spend on coffee weekly (not kidding), and bus tickets even cheaper. Yup, defs going to Berlin… I texted my boss saying « Yoo, how much will you actually need me in the second half of the week? it’s Kylie Emergency ». Her reply was fast and short and apt: « I’m not asking any questions and I don’t wanna see you till the monday after ». YAY! I was about to book everything when Kylie shared this picture on instagram, saying…

THURSDAY? lol no, you got it wrong miss Minogue, it’s wednesday! I thought. I actually even commen-

ted that. I mean, after all, they must be confused with all the promo they are doing, I bet the description will be fixed in a couple of minutes… And so I checked later. It still said Thursday, with my commend hanging under it looking extremely stupid. What the heck? I googled the event again. IT REALLY SAID THURSDAY????!!!! But how would Kylie Minogue herself get it wrong?? Extremely confused, I opened eventim’s webpage to see what the tickets description said. To my shock, I found not only goo-

gle was wrong an it really was Thursday, but also something called a Red Carpet Ticket. WHAT?? I’d actually have to BUY A TICKET for a red

carpet? Wow. Trying to get the point of the crappy translation from ger-

man to english that I got, I figured out that there was a special fan-zone with the red carpet with a lot of entertainment, projecting of the event, a concert

of some german singers afterwards, and so on… for 49€! My bank account balance cried. And I didn’t know it was gonna get even better: No e-tickets, only delivery for 10 euros. Shipping ONLY within Germany. Fab. There goes my cheap trip… Having an ultimate YOLO moment, I booked it. And got onto the bus heading to Berlin wednesday afternoon. I watched the Facebook live with Kylie and Seany on my way, and it felt really funny. It turned out I was completely right about how nice it would be to have a little getaway on my own, at least for these 5 minutes before I managed to get lost. After taking a 3rd wrong train that day, I knew why me and Laeti were best friends. The loneliness got even more real the next day, when I joined the line of Echo Awards at about 11am. The other big celebrities attending were Liam from one Direction, Shawn Mendes and Rita Ora, so you can imagine the sort of crowd I was in. Sixteen years old girls painting banners and each other’s foreheads in the most chaotic line ever, and then me, sitting on the side, with my mac on editing the Kylie Times. After about an hour (that felt like forever) a girl approached to me asking if I was in a line for regular red carpet or the one with the ticket. What?

First of all, did I spend 60 euro on a red carpet ticket when there was another red carpet accessible for free? Second, why are there two red carpets? The girl tried

explaining, but her english wasn’t exactly on point and all the information I managed to understand was the number she wrote on my hand - 26. Not bad, I thought… It was about another hour later when everybody started getting up and leaving somewhere, and before my confused non-german-speaking self realised what was going on, the number 26 was long time expired. Yep, they moved the whole line somewhere else, where other people had been lining up for hours already, and it all turned out to be such a mess. Whatever, I thought. I’d just ask any of these Liam obsessed teens to let me in front of them when Kylie walks by. If she does. Sitting there texting to everyone out of pure despair and boredom, the time was passing by extremely slow… About another hour later, a random girl saved me. « Hey, you here alone? » Finally someone who spoke english, HALLELUJAH! I thought. And so we chatted and shared cookies and you know, all this concert-buddies kind of stuff. Her and her friend were telling me all about the One Direction fangirl life, while I was explaining why Kylie is the ultimate stan-worthy legend.

About another hour later, and to m biggest surprise, one of my Kylie Facebook friends came to me saying « Hey!!! I thought you’d be coming! » And so everything got even better… The 60€ worthy ticket said that the door was supposed to open at 4:45pm. In fact, there wasn’t even any door, we were an enormous group of crazy fans in the middle of a parking lot, having absolutely no idea how they were going to organise us up when the time would come. Since they didn’t know it either, they just yelled something in german at something about 4:30pm and that second, everybody got up and SPRINTED ...somewhere. I almost got run over a group of Helene Fischer’s fans (with huge H and lip prints on their cheeks). It took me about 3 seconds to throw my mac with an unsaved Kylie Times article to my bag, and follow the crowd… It led us into a building. They checked our bags and tickets by the entrance, and then we got into a room with a little stage with the red carpet going all around it. I finally understood the thing about two red carpets. It was actually just one, but it was LOOOOONG. The celebrities would arrive, get out of their cars, walk past the people outside by the first part of it (the unpaid one). Then they’d continue inside, by the press wall where they’d take pictures and straight to us, the special fan-zone. Wow, i thought, I should have given Kylie my fitbit for this whole walk, the amount of steps I’d get would probably help me reach my daily goal. LOL.

st o m the king t u abo ish loo to get in d Berl anage I m L... e i f LO s el

Me and my friend got a spot in the first corner, so we’d have a side view of the stage and also a little bit of the press wall where the celebs would be coming from. Nice ladies in front of us agreed to leave the front row for us when Kylie’d come in exchange for good pictures, and so everything was fab. Except for the fact that I had absolutely no clue what was going on the whole time. At least 90% of the famous people coming by were germans and I had no clue who they were, and the host managing the whole entertainment obviously spoke german as well. Fun.

is doing a live stream, OMG I HOPE YOU’RE IN IT, she’s wearing such a fab dress omg get ready!!!!! »

« Kylie

Laeti texted me.

OMG. OK. Five seconds later, I saw Christian coming. OMG. She’s coming. OMG. It took about 20 minutes from that moment until she actually made her way though (told you, long walk). As promised, the girls in front of us immediately pushed us to the front row and Kylie noticed me immediately. She went straight to me, looking like the golden angel she is, and I couldn’t help myself from

saying « You look SO BEAUTIFUL, Kylie! » I doubt she heard me through all the screams coming from the crowd, but she did smile when I handed her my deluxe version of Golden with a golden marker to sign. She couldn’t open it, so she asked me to take the lid off, took her time signing mine and my friends’ albums with the biggest smile on her lips, and we were in heaven. It was all super quick as she was called off for an interview right after, but it was still absolutely amazing and definitely worth my trip. What a BABE. Right after she walked off, I made my way out of the crowd and sat down on the floor in the middle of the half empty room, right under a sparkly disco ball. I opened my mac and continued my work on the Kylie times until the beginning of the actual ceremony that was projected. Then I ran away, feeling extremely over-german-ed and exhausted. I walked through Berlin a little next day, enjoying the city and feeling funny seeing the same places me and Laeti were at just a few weeks ago. The Kylie life is the best life.

PS: The golden marker on the Golden deluxe was a brilliant idea, only if it wasn’t COMING OFF. LOL. If you read this Kylie, yeah, I might need you to sign it again at some point…

heâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s e k i l g n i ok Seany lo of his e m i t e h having t life :D

me, m y my v self and iolet hair :D

lieness y K l a y h er r o and y r o l g s in all it r kl e a p s d n a beauty now... all k and you LOL that.

KYLIE‘S ECHO AWARDS MOMENTS « At a meeting held yesterday (April 24) in Berlin, the executive board of Germany’s Music In-

dustry Association (BVMI) decided to discontinue the ECHO Award, an honor that has served as one of the country’s foremost music prizes for decades. The decision to end the awards, which have been running since 1992, comes amid an intense backlash after rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang won the ECHO for hip-hop/urban album on April 12, despite the duo having a song with explicitly anti-Semitic lyrics. At the meeting, the executive board decided that the ECHO brand has been damaged to such an extent that it requires a complete overhaul and a fresh new start ». - BILLBOARD.COM



Promo for « Body Language », performing « Red Blooded Woman »

Promo for « X », performing « In My Arms »



Promo for « Kiss Me Once », performing « Into The Blue »

Promo Golden,»,performing Promo forfor « Golden performing Dancing» « Dancing



It‘s all about the country nowdays. We have talked about Dolly, now it‘s time for another one of influences Kylie has mentioned... The other part of « Islands in the stream » : KENNY ROGERS! Kenneth Ray Rogers is an American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He was born in Houston, Texas, in 1938 (79yo). As a fourth of eight children, he grew up in one of the poorest parts of the city. His father worked as a carpenter and his mother was a nurse. He started playing guitar while studying high school and he created a band called « The Scholars ». In 1959, he began attending the University of Texas,

« There has to be chemistry in a duet, but if you go beyond the point of friendship and attraction, you lose something » - Kenny but his next steps were directed solely towards music. Between 1958 and 1974 he worked in several musical groups and his first hit came in 1967, a song called « Do not Take Your Love to Town ». After the break-up of the last band he decided to go on a solo track and in 1975, he moved to the country music center Nashville. He became very successful, his hits reached the top of the charts, and in 1978 he received a Grammy Award. His collaboration with singers Dottie West and Dolly Parton (about whom you could have 26 www.kylie-world.com

read in the previous issue of the Kylie Times) was also successful. His recordings have outsold a hundred million and the number keeps growing even today. During the 80s, he kicks off his acting career as well. His first appearance was in a musical comedy called « Saga of Sonora ». His 1982 movie « Six Pack », in which he played a racecar driver, took more than $20 million at the United States box office, while made-for-TV movies such as « The Gambler series », « Christmas in America », and « Coward of the County » En, May 2K18

(based on hit songs of him) topped ratings lists. He also served as host and narrator for the historical series « The Real West ». In 2015, Rogers announced his farewell tour, titled « The Gambler‘s Last Deal ». He stated his intention to retire from touring at its completion, although he is considering the possibility of recording another studio album. In announcing the tour, Rogers indicated at the time that his final tour appearance would be on NBC‘s Today show. Concert dates were scheduled through 2018 and included visits to the United States, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England,

The Netherlands and Switzerland. On April 5th, 2018, it was announced that Rogers canceled his remaining tour as advised by doctors due to a series of health challenges. Kenny Rogers is very active even out of the acting and singing careers he has, he’s also a photographer of several books he has published, and owns a chain of restaurants with chicken specialties. He has five children from four out of his five marriages. One of his sons followed his path and started a singing career of his own. Let’s also mention Kenny has his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Yes, we have included loads of pictures with Dolly. You know, it‘s Dolly...

Kylie wears : LIGHT YEARS SUN RX

Love at first sight After her first foray into eyewear exploded onto the scene, Kylie is back with her fabulous new designs.

28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18


rom teenage actress to internationally adored pop star, Kylie Minogue OBE is one of the few people in the world who is so famous that they are known by their first name alone. Aside from her acting and music successes over her 30-year career, she’s also worked closely with elite designers, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Dolce & Gabbana. Last year, her first collection of glasses for Specsavers proved so popular with customers that they propelled her to the top of the Specsavers charts ! « It’s amazing », she says. « I’ve been involved in one of the top Australian designer collections at Specsavers ! It’s mind-blowing to me. I’m very proud ».

« It’s amazing how the inspiration was already there… I’ve owned a lot of specs ! » Such has been the success of her first launch with glasses for every occasion, that Kylie is now refreshing the collection with lots of exciting new designs, including some fabulous sunglasses, rose-tinted and blue fashion lenses and some stunning Swarovski crystal detail. «  It’s amazing how the inspiration was already there. Once I went through my drawers and cupboards I realized I’ve had these glasses for 20 years and held on to them because I love them, these are brand new, these I found at a market, these I picked up at the airport, I’ve owned a lot of specs ! ».

29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Focus • Specsavers


Fashion chameleon Again, keeping true to her own eclectic style, the collection is built upon three key themes : modern classics, subtle bling and reinvented vintage. « I like to shape-shift into different characters and styles. That’s why Specsavers two glasses from £99 works for me, as I can opt for something quite over the top, but then also tap into my more wearable, real-life style.

« I have always been and always will be influenced by classic designers and Hollywood icons… » « Modern classics is just as it sounds - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ! There are classic shapes like round-eyes that work for most people, so we took those and put my twist on them ». «  Subtle bling is another part of the collection - I think the crystals worked really well in the first collection because there’s just that surprise element. I think I will probably always have a bit of sparkle in my life somewhere - thank goodness I have a job where I can indulge myself in that a lot. I’ve kept it subtle and wearable, so that it’s not overpowering ». « Reinvented vintage is something close to my heart because I have loved vintage since I was a child. I have always been and always will be influenced by classic designers and Hollywood icons, who wore styles that are still so relevant ».

Size matter Kylie’s love of vintage began at an early age. She learnt to enjoy finding clothing at local second-hand stores and markets, altering them so they would fit her because she was the smallest child in her neighborhood. « At my request, we have a number of styles that are available in petite size. If you are a little on the smaller side, like me, you’ll know that when you try to find glasses they’re often huge on you ». « I honestly hope that this new collection appeals to everybody. I don’t know what the fashion rules are - I hate rules, so maybe they are none », she laughts. « I hope that there is a little bit of everything in my collection so that people can choose exactly what they like ».


THE EYEWEAR COLLECTION Kylie is back with nine new gorgeous looks to add to her collection. Starting from £99 with single-vision lenses, Kylie renews her penchant for vintage styles with modern details, and from £125 you’ll find must-have looks featuring beautiful Swarovski® crystals.

Or to really step up your style game, you can choose pink or blue-tinted lenses on certain styles for just £24 extra. And for two pairs from £99, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one style.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT In Kylie’s twist on an iconic Aviator shape, delicate silver pairs perfectly with black, leather sides and marble-effect tips for an undeniably chic summer look. Add pink tinted lenses to really step up your fashion game. « These frames are great for adding that little splash of colour to your wardrobe on holiday. The pilot-style adds a touch of masculinity which contrasts with the rose-tinted lens. These are my favourite - it was love at first sight ! »

TIMEBOMB Make this slim, rounded frame your go-to summer style in an eye-catching mixture of copper eye wires, mirror-like gold sides and marmalade tortoiseshell tips.

SPINNING AROUND A feminine, upswept shape in sleek black adorned with a sprinkling of luxurious Swarovski® crystals on the sides. Heels, LBD, glasses – you’re good to go.

31 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Focus • Specsavers

NEVER TOO LATE Retro nostalgia meets modern detail in this twist on the classic Aviator shape. Delicate rose-gold metal pairs with dusty pink translucent sides featuring luxurious flecks of pearl and shimmering metal. « Dare to be different with these edgy, angular ‘pilot-style’ glasses which are totally versatile. The rose gold hue on the metal frames is mirrored by the pink marble temple tip, adding that feminine touch »

CHOCOLATE This classic rounded tortoiseshell frame is an effortlessly versatile addition to your favourite looks, whether you’re power dressing for the office or catching up with friends.

LIGHT YEARS Stay stylish wearing this vintage-inspired frame in timeless tortoiseshell with subtle gold details. Go for tinted blue lenses to really make those baby blues pop.

AND ALSO... SLOW Make your every day look effortlessly stylish with this squared frame with ombré effect. Warm tortoiseshell blends to honey-coloured acetate on the bottoms for a soft, but gorgeous look.

FEVER This teacup shaped frame makes for a simple and feminine look, while hints of minty blue add a refreshing twist on a timeless tortoiseshell style.

2 HEARTS This cat-eye look in mottled-grey acetate is unmistakeably feminine. But really, it’s all about the sides - embellished in glittering Swarovski® crystals that draw the eye with each turn of your head.

Come into my world A glimpse behind the scenes of Kylie’s design process with Specsavers global frame buyer Stig Hansen.


s everything she puts her mind to, Kylie Minogue’s passion for her projects means she’s fully immersed herself in Specsavers internationally bestselling Kylie Minogue Eyewear, resulting in a very personal collection complete with distinctive materials, colors and finishes. The new designs she has created include Kylie Love At First Sight, which has rose-tinted lenses, and a geometric take on the pilot-style - Kylie Never Too Late. Here she talks to Specsavers global frame buyer Stig Hansen about the new launch, and picks out her favourite pieces from the collection.

You’ve included some distinctive designs this time round - like the Kylie Light Years glasses with tinted blue lenses.

Now you see, uber mega-stars don’t leave the house without a bit of a tint to soften the blow ! When I wear my Kylie Light Years I don’t feel blue, I feel great - these are my Steve McQueen dream, I’m crazy Why do you think your collection has become about the hints of blue in the frames as they pick up the tint in the lens. Beautiful. such an international bestseller ? I think because the designs are authentic - glasses are part of my everyday life, I don’t go anywhere wi- Which of your designs have been particularly thout them. popular ? The Kylie 07 worked really successfully as sunglasses Which styles do you like best ? and prescription glasses. The Kylie 08 also worked My rose-tinted glasses, Love At First Sight. Perhaps well, so I’d love to do some more bling using Swarwe could call the rose-pink designs « our » color ? It ovski crystals - let’s do it. could be called « Kylie Pink » !

That’s great, because the Kylie 08 in northern Are there any unisex specs in your new collec- Europe were actually your best-selling glasses. Way to go, specs ! I’d love to explore that style furtion ? I love that women are beginning to wear men’s glasses, I have done it myself, Kylie 15 in the original collection is more unisex, but I guess they just weren’t big enough for most guys. The Kylie 05 in a larger size was bought by a lot of men.


What do you think of the sparkly case ?

It’s very nice on the dinner table when you’re out, especially in the restaurant lighting. It’s kind of gleaming at you. The next step will be another option that’s more slimline, more subtle.

Have you enjoyed this next phase of the Kylie Minogue and Specsavers journey ?

Yes, it’s so exciting. It feels so right and such an organic project. I’m just delighted about what’s to come. I can’t wait to see you all out soon wearing your new Kylie Minogue Eyewear.

Focus • Specsavers




Specs that’ll see you Spinning Around Kylie reveals the second instalment of her bestselling eyewear collection Pop superstar, fashion icon and designer Kylie Minogue has unveiled the latest additions to her eyewear, available exclusively at Specsavers. Building on the success of her bestselling debut collection launched last year, Kylie said she has kept a keen eye on detail when crafting her new styles. Each new pair in the Kylie Minogue Eyewear collection takes its name from one of her classic tracks, including All The Lovers and Spinning Around. The six glasses, two fashion-tinted glasses and one sunglasses frame join the rest of the glamorous collection in Specsavers stores nationwide on 9 April. With Kylie describing the style cues as « reinterpreted retro », the collection features a chic mix of rose gold, soft pastels and classic monochrome, adorned with delicate Swarovski crystals – and her unmistakable « K » tag. To complement the specs, Kylie has for the first time designed a selection of stylish glasses chains in black, midnight blue and dark brown faux leather. Kylie said: « My debut collection becoming a bestseller was incredible, so naturally I was so excited to start on the second phase ! ». « The sparkle detail I’ve included in a few of the frames means they can be easily switched from daytime wear to night-time. We’ve also continued the inclusion of petite sizes and introduced some larger sizes so there really is something for everyone ».

Specsavers notes to editors • Specsavers is a partnership of almost 2,000 locally-run businesses throughout the world -all committed to delivering high quality, affordable optical and hearing care in the communities they serve. • Each store is part-owned and managed by its own joint venture partners who are supported by key specialists in support offices • More than 28 million customers used Specsavers in 2014 and the partnership had a turnover of more than £2bn. • More than one in three people who wear glasses in the UK buy them from Specsavers. • Specsavers is a champion of the National Health Service – of its 19.2m customers in the UK, 60% are from the NHS and the company is the largest provider of free NHS digital hearing aids • Specsavers supports several UK charities and is in partnership with RNIB for a public awareness campaign to transform the nation’s eye health. 34 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Exclusive to Specsavers New styles now available

Available in store only. Multifocals and bifocals also available at an extra cost. Second pair must be from the same price range of frames and lens range or below. Must be same prescription. Š 2018 Specsavers Pty Ltd. 35 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

We all know a lot about Kylie, but let‘s have a look at the top 50 things only us, fans, know... Maybe you‘ll learn something new about our beautiful Australian as well... 1. She has the phobia of hangers (just like Joan Crawford reportedly had). 2. Talking about Joan… She loves the Feud, Murphy’s 2017 TV series about the relationship between Joan and Bette.

THE GOLDEN 50: The facts only fans would know

3. Her fave treat is dark chocolate, the darker the better. 4. Her younger sister Dannii was famous before than Kylie, and Brendon, her brother, is a camera guy. Thanks to him she understands a lot of the tech stuff, and when on the Voice, they joked she‘d fix the recording equipment herself if something went down... 5. She’s a master at « the look ». She never yells, quite the opposite. When she gets mad at you, you get the death-silence and THE LOOK. 6. The weirdest thing she was ever asked to sign was body-parts, and she says she’s not too good at it, so she’d much rather sign something else and you can copy the signature and apply it on your body later :) 7. She hates running late. 8. She started a career on television when she was 11 years old with her sister 36 www.kylie-world.com

Dannii in « The Sullivans », « Skyways » or « The Henderson Kids ». She took time off school because of it and her mother Carol was not impressed… 9. She is the first person to win 4 Logie Awards during the same ceremony thanks to Neighbors. 10. Can‘t Get You Out Of My Head remains her biggest hit, but don’t dare to think it goes like NA NA NA… 11. After Aphrodite Les Folies Tour she wished to make more intimate show: no dance, no light, no pat in the eye, and so she did the Anti-tour, which had a completely different meaning to Rihanna‘s Anti Tour she went on years after… 12. She had the honor of singing at the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and meeting her. 13. She once roller-skated in 100% glitter outfit. 14. She loves vegemite (quite salty spread). 15. She just released her 14th studio album, we all know that... but what makes this fact special is that she co-wrote every single song on the album, making it one of her most personal ones. Something like Impossible Princess, but without all the Mélanie, May 2K18

darkness... and with banjo. 16. She starred in two short movies in the late 90s: « Hayride to Hell » in 1995 and « Misfit » in 1996, and both are super weird 17. She acted in Bio-dome, but now she jokes it wasn’t actually her, but her evil twin. 18. In 2006, she gave her voice to the animated film « Pollux: the enchanted carousel », where she plays Margotte. 19. If you go to Australia, Melbourne. She will advise you to go to the restaurant Donovans: Fresh seafood + view of the bay! 20. She’s not against plastic surgeries at all, as long as it’s not overdone. 21. If she could be someone else she would be Jane Fonda: so beautiful and so funny. 22. She speaks French very well, eve though she denies it because she’s shy. 23. She’s a gay icon, but as she herself says, she doesn’t know how it happened… there never was any big tragedy in her early years, just tragic outfits... 24. She’s a big fan of Prince and the first concert she ever went to was Culture Club, with ribbons in her hair... 25. Fave book of hers is Immortality by Milan Kundera.

37 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, May 2K18

26. Her favorite movie of all time is Cinema Paradiso, and she loves the soundtrack of it as well. 27. Her fave color is pink. 28. She is addicted to the Breaking Bad series. 29. She’s often referred to as the « Princess » or « Goddess » of Pop. 30. She is hyperglycemic. 31. Even she herself isn’t allowed to touch the legendary gold hot pants without gloves nowadays. 32. She does yoga (Namasteeeee Kylie). 33. Her and Madonna have been gay icons for decades and they have always been compared, yet they don’t have one single picture together, except for one from 2012, where you can only see Kylie’s hand and the rest of her is covered by Madonna’s ex. 34. Let’s not forget she is the mother of a little leopard named Aphrodite, after her album (although she must have grown by now...). 35. She has so far won 172 awards with 296 nominations. 36. She studied at Camberwell High School in Australia. She graduated with a certificate of high level in Arts and Graphic and English. 37. In the 2000s she started creating fragrances such as: Darling.

39. She was honored at the Music Industry Awards ceremony in 2007 for her 20 years of career. 40. By her own words, she’s « swears like a trucker ». 41. She wrote her first children‘s book « The Showgirl Princess » in 2006. 42. Kylie means « boomerang » in Australia. Accurate, isn’t it? 43. Kylie was born on 28th of May, 1968, which makes her life-path number 3. People with such life path number tend to be very creative… She’s also a Gemini. 44. She inspired INSX song. « Suicide Blonde » was written about her. 45. She has a range of approximately 3,5 octaves. 46. Kylie’s mom worked for her for years as « quick change Carol » but Kylie fired her when she wanted her to rest. 47. Her single I Should Be So Lucky was written in 40 minutes while she waited in the hall, because they forgot about her coming to London. She later said she didn’t feel like unpacking her luggage as she could have been sent back to Australia any minute… 30 years later, that is yet to happen. 48. She once said she had trouble making friends at school.

38. There was a point in time when the only person who had equivalent number of statues at Madamme Tussaud’s to hers was the Queen. 38 www.kylie-world.com

49. She‘s only 152cm tall. 50. Kylie Says Relax.

Mélanie, May 2K18

39 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, May 2K18

THE GOLDEN 50: Best Kylie songs ever by En

It‘s impossible to pick the best song ever, and I‘m not even going to try... But what I can do is pick 50 faves of mine. It‘s my personal point of view and it I‘m sure it will differ from many of your lists (for example Laeti is a hardcore Kylie stan but doesn‘t like any songs before 2000s, so I know for instance that she couldn‘t relate). But on the other side I always find it refreshing reading such stuff from a fan‘s perspective, not just a talk about singles that media love, and so I hope you will, too... I decided not to even number the songs in this article simply because I would spend about an extra hour deciding which one deserves #1, and I don‘t even want to think about the time I‘d have to invest into the total order... :) Enjoy Yourself Such an underrated song, one of my personal all time faves. It’s so easy, but to me it’s a song with deeply ignored meaning.

amt about taking Kylie, shaking her and screaming WHYYYYYYYY??? There’s zero regrets and shame for playing leaks in me with this one, I’d have voted it for a single.

Tightrope Taking this song into afterlife

Sincerely Yours A love letter to fans, what else can I say…

Paper Dolls The best In-love song out there. The end. I also think Kylie wanted to kill me when she performed Tightrope and this one in a row at the anti-tour, my spirit truly left my body and I died

Shelby 68 Along with SY, this song became my ultimate fave from Golden. You know, when you play the album about billion times and you’re still not sure which songs are your faves except for this one, or in my case two, that simply get you…

The One Have you ever tried yelling « I’M THE ONE » in the middle of the dance floor at 3am when you’re wasted? fun. On A Night Like This My most fave song out of those she performs ALL. THE. TIME. With On A Night Like This I hope it stays this way… then there are some others which I wouldn’t mind hearing less often, such as Wow… Voodoo Was to be released on Japanese Deluxe of KMO, but was taken down. It leaked years later and I am not afraid to say I have dre40 www.kylie-world.com

No More Rain No words, just so much love. Hand On Your Heart Especially the acoustic version from TARS… Pure masterpiece Turn It Into Love Maybe my fave Kylie song from the before-i-was-even-born era Look My Way I’D GIVE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO YOUUUUU. En, May 2K18

Sexercize Do I really need to comment on this one or? Cupid Boy Fave underrated bop from Aphrodite. I even got the cupid boy t-shirt from merch. I am a girl. Aphrodite Such a powerful song that remains the most pure comeback ever for me. Where The Wild Roses Grow One of the Deconstruction masterpieces that actually become popular. It makes me proud to this day to hear this song on the radio, especially since so many people roast me for being a fan of the pop icon Kylie is, and when this one comes on, all of these just shut up and admit it’s a hella good song. Fever Is there any other song about the obsession you feel when in love? Let me answer that for you. No. There is NOT. Love At First Sight The second one, of course… I have a love-hate relationship with all singles. Basically, I can’t love them as much as I love other songs from the albums, especially then the ultimate hit ones, simply because a) they are played everywhere, b) Kylie sings them all the time, so it’s like, they are given loads of love from other people, right? This way, I divide the album into single faves and non-single faves and mixing it up simply doesn’t work for me… This song is the rare exception that I adore with my whole heart. Breathe Masterpiece. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Makes me wanna get a croissant and play it under the Eiffel tower.

41 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K18

I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) Fave since the Anti-tour. Better The Devil You Know Another single that I still enjoy, maybe because it’s not over-sung live. It makes me feel the challenge Kylie took up with this record and her finally forming her artistic self. Heartstrings Luv me some b-sides or unreleased tracks… I’m not even sure if I actually like them more, or if it’s the fact that they simply are unreleased, but ahhh <3 Mighty Rivers Such an energetic summer anthem. If Only The music has me flying through the roof. Black And White Huh… somehow every single song Garibay worked on and we got to hear turned out to be SO GOOD, it’s impossible for me to pick one and so I am giving all 7 of them a place in my top 50. Big deal, I know... If I Can’t Have You Your Body Chasing Ghosts Break This Heartbreak Glow Wait All The Lovers I still remember being on a school trip when this song started playing nearby an ice-cream place and I pretended to be deciding which flavour to get until it stopped playing, just so they all would have to listen to the bop it was.

42 www.kylie-world.com

Radio On We all need a love song to rescue us. THANK YOU S*SSE FOR BREAKING HER HEART AND DELIVERING THIS MASTERPIECE, the most successful project you’ll ever contribute to. Baiiiii ! B.P.M. Have you ever played it in the gym? Highly recommended. Extraordinary Day Another love-anthem . Timebomb Truly a bomb. Ocean Blue I’m a sucker for a slow Kylie love song. Flower If you don’t love Flower what are you even doing with your life… Who remembers that black and white youtube fanned video on youtube long before it was a single? Lost Without You I don’t understand how this is JUST a bonus track, would vote it for a single. Sleeping With The Enemy Huh, I’m obsessed with the b-sides, can’t you tell?? This one is just so real... Skirt Still trying to find my wig tbh. All I see The X Kylie was DOPE. I absolutely adore the simple video and her look in it. It’s such a positive vibe. Like A drug Accurate description of my addiction to Kylie. Lol. Les Sex SINGLE MATERIAL. love love love. Bette Davis Eyes Both the studio version and Kylie Summer live version have me dead, I love En, May 2K18

Bette Davis and the connection of these two, oh yes I’m here for it

the video… oh and.. live at the promo tour? RIP ME.

In Your Eyes Another single I feel like is not overplayed for me.

Finer Feelings Another masterpiece, no words needed.

Your Disco Needs You Who doesn’t love 80s-like disco bomb. Put Yourself In My Place I even dyed my hair the color she has in

Dangerous Game And another masterpiece. Wait...I might be on 51... oh well.

THE GOLDEN 50: 50 facts by officialcharts.com

Our queen has obviously spent loads of time in the charts, but no one would have been able to put it in a nutshell with 50 facts like the officialcharts.com. Since not many people have seen their article, we decided to include it in the Kylie Times for you.

1. Kylie Minogue has had 7 UK Number 1 singles – the same number as Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Elton John and George Michael. They are: I Should Be So Lucky, Especially For You, Hand On Your Heart, Tears On My Pillow, Spinning Around, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, Slow. 2. Across those seven singles, she’s logged a total of 16 weeks in pole position. 3. She’s spent a total of 20 weeks at Number 2 over the years. Argh! 4. Rihanna, The Spice Girls and Madonna are the only female acts to have more UK Number 1 hits than Kylie Minogue. 5. Kylie’s singles have so far spent 316 weeks in the Official Singles Chart Top 40. 6. Of that, 118 of them were in the Top 10. 7. Kylie is the most successful Australian on the Official Chart. Her Neighbours chum 44 www.kylie-world.com

Jason Donovan trails her, with four visits to the top spot. 8. 11 of Kylie’s singles peaked at Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart. Only Madonna has more, with 12. 9. She’s had plenty of Number 2s (if you know what we mean) but only two Kylie songs have peaked at Number 3 – In Your Eyes in 2002 and All The Lovers in 2010. 10. Kylie has been kept off Number 1 by the same band on three separate occasions with three different songs, but who is this chart nemesis? It’s Scottish quartet Wet Wet Wet. 11. Kylie has scored at least one Number 1 album across four decades, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. 12. Kylie has landed at least one Top 10 single across four decades, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. 13. After Kylie’s fourth Number 1 Tears on my En, May 2K18


Pillow, she had to wait ten and half years for the next one — Spinning Around in 2000. 14. Wow peaked at Number 5 – the highest charting ‘Wow’ song in the UK. Kylie’s track peaked higher than songs by Kate Bush, Lil Bow Wow, Blackstreet and The Stylistics. Wow! 15. Only six artists have more Top 10 hits than Kylie – she has 34 as a soloist, and 36 if you include her involvement in the Band Aid II and Helping Haiti charity singles. 16. Four of Kylie’s Top 10 hits are collaborations, the first being Especially For You with Jason Donovan in 1988, and the last being 2011’s Higher with Taio Cruz. 17. Between 1988–1991, Kylie had 13 consecutive Top 10 singles in the UK. Word Is Out broke the run, peaking at 16. 18. Kylie’s last Number 1 single to date is 2003’s Slow. 19. Slow is also Kylie’s lowest selling Number 1 – 169,000 sold. 20. On a happier note, Slow was the first Number 1 on which Kylie had a writing credit. 21. Kylie has scored 50 UK Top 40 singles, apt considering she is turning 50 in 2018. Her first was I Should Be So Lucky in 1988, and her latest was Santa Baby in 2017.

22. Speaking of Santa Baby, it was originally released as a B-side in 2000, and took 17 years to hit the Top 40. 23. Santa Baby is also Kylie Minogue’s most streamed song, with 14 million plays. 24. Santa Baby is among five cover versions that Kylie has taken Top 40 – The Loco-Motion was first in 1988, Tears On My Pillow was next, hitting Number 1 in 1990, she then released two in the same year, Give Me Just A Little More Time and Celebration, both in 1992. 25. Kylie Christmas is the 15th best-selling Christmas album of the century. 26. I Should Be So Lucky is Kylie’s longest reigning chart-topper, sitting pretty at Number 1 for 5 weeks. It’s sold over 700,000 copies. 27. Kylie Minogue has two million-selling singles, 1988’s Especially For You and 2001’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. 28. It took Can’t Get You Out Of My Head just over four months to sell a million, but Especially For You took over 25 years. 29. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is Kylie’s longest-running single on the Official Chart, notching up 30 weeks in the Top 100. 46 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K18

30. Peaking at Number 7, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was Kylie’s first Top 10 single on America’s Billboard Hot 100 since The Loco-Motion reached Number 3 13 years earlier. 31. The Loco-Motion is Kylie’s biggest selling single to peak at Number 2, with 434,000 copies sold. 32. When The Loco-Motion entered the chart at Number 2, it was the highest entry ever by a female artist on the UK charts at that time (Whigfield would break this record in 1994 when Saturday night debuted at Number 1). 33. Kylie has five Number 1s on the Official Albums Chart. They are: Kylie (1988), Enjoy Yourself (1989), Greatest Hits (1992), Fever (2001), Aphrodite (2010). Only two women have more: Madonna (12) and Barbra Streisand (7) 34. Kylie’s first album also spent longer at Number 1 than any other of her releases, spending six weeks at the top. 35. Across her five Number 1 albums Kylie has spent a total of 11 weeks at the top of the Official Albums Chart. 36. Kylie’s debut album yielded her strongest run of singles from an album – five Top 2 hits. 37. Kylie’s self-titled debut was 47 www.kylie-world.com

released in July 1988 and was the biggest selling album of the year, shifting 1.29 million copies in that six months alone. 38. Kylie has two Top 10 albums both with the same title. Her 1998 studio album, originally entitled Impossible Princess, was renamed ‘Kylie Minogue’ in Europe following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. When re-released in 2003, it reverted to its original title. 39. Only two of Kylie’s 13 studio albums have missed the Top 10 on the Official Albums Chart: Let‘s Get To It (1991) and Kylie Christmas (2015). 40. Kylie and her sister Dannii’s collaboration 100 Degrees was the 17th best-selling single on vinyl in 2016. 41. In June 2017, Kylie’s album Fever reached Number 4 on the Official Vinyl Albums Chart after being released on wax for the first time. 42. Love at First Sight peaked at Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart in 2002, but did you know Kylie had previously released a song of the same name? The first LAFS appeared on her debut album from 1988. 43. All The Lovers is Kylie’s most downloaded song in the UK, with 361,000 downloads. 44. All The Lovers has sold more copies than three of Kylie’s NumEn, May 2K18

ber 1s, and more than 10 of her Number 2s – it truly is the one that got away for Kylie. 45. Spinning Around was Kylie’s first song to debut at Number 1, with first week sales of 82,484. 46. Kylie’s first headline single to miss the Top 40 was Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love), the fourth single from her 2010 album Aphrodite. 47. Kylie’s longest gap between studio album releases is four years, from 2003’s Body Language to 2007’s X (though she did release a greatest hits in between). 48. Kylie’s biggest ‘non-single’ (i.e album track) is Love Affair from 2001’s Fever album. 49. Kylie is all about the love – three of her singles feature the word: Love At First Sight, All The Love(rs) and Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love). 50. When Chocolate went to Number 6 in 2004, it was the second time Kylie had seen all the singles from three consecutive albums reach the Top 10, starting with Light Years’ Spinning Around four years earlier. Her last streak had been with her first three albums from 1988– 1991. Strictly speaking, she improved on that when the two singles from her Ultimate Kylie hits collection also went Top 10, giving her four Top 10-producing albums in a row.

48 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K18

THE GOLDEN 50: The top outfits over the years

50 years but (way) more than 50 legendary outfits and looks. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s a chronological list of our faves. Enjoy!




















































Stop Me From Falling Bienvenido a Cuba !

Number 1 in the charts in Australia and in the UK ! Kylie was overwhelmed after reaching the number one place in the charts in the UK with her new album « Golden ». This is the 6th time that Kylie’s album ranked at the first place in the UK. The album is also certified platinum by the BRIT. And the cherry on the cake, Kylie also received a reward in Australia for being ranked number one on the ARIA charts. Let’s celebrate !

Chosen as the second single from « Golden », « Stop Me From Falling » finally has its own music video ! Not only one but two actually ! After releasing the first video shot mainly in Paris during part of her promo tour, Kylie released a second music video, this time for an alternative version with Gente De Zona and filmed in the streets of Cuba. This newer Latin version is ideal at this time, as summer is approaching. Kylie is in the streets of La Havana but also on a beautiful beach, and it must be said, this is one of her best music video ! Kylie is radiant, wearing a long red dress reminiscent of the outfits used for the salsa and seems to really have fun alongside the two Cuban artists. We can also hear some words of Spanish from our Australian, muy calienteeeeeee! You will find out a complete focus for this song on the next issue of the Kylie Times next month !

BBC Sounds Like Friday On May 4th, Kylie appeared in BBC Sounds Like Friday, a show that films and broadcasts the performances of various artists in front of their fans. Our Australian has performed two songs: « Stop Me From Falling », her new single, and an exclusive song she had never sung on a set: « Radio On ». And it was extremely emosh ! On a very small stage, the singer interpreted her song with her luminous « K » inside the heart, surrounded by her band and all on a small stool. Everybody was silent in the room, it was a real moment of emotion. You can see both performances now on the BBC Music Youtube Channel. Laeti, May 2K18

Happy Birthday Your Majesty On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II 92nd birthday, a big concert was organized at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate this event, with many artists including Kylie Minogue. The show, broadcast on the British television, was also accesable to the public, the tickets were for sale on the website of the Royal Albert Hall (and it was way easier than for the Christmas Show to get them!). Artists such as Craig David, Sting and Shaggy, Tom Jones, Shawn Mendes and of course Kylie performed in front of the Queen as well as the Royal Family. Our beautiful Australian appeared on stage with a beautiful golden dress. The bright « K » was not present behind her, but it was projected on the floor where Kylie was singing « Stop Me From Falling », in a slightly more acoustic version than the one we had during the promo tour. On stage, she was accompanied by dancers as well as her two vocalists. At the end of the concert, Kylie came back with the artists present at the evening to sing « What A Wonderful World » with them all, originally performed by Louis Armstrong. The show ended with a magnificent balloons-rain on the audience, from the top of the ceiling. The artists and musicians then put themselves on one side of the stage to sing a « Happy Birthday Your Majesty » for the entrance of the Queen and her son, Charles. The Queen saluted the audience before Prince Charles made his speech and did a little « Hip Hip Hurray » with the audience. Let’s note that he also greeted Kylie before leaving the scene, the singer being very close to the royal family. The artists then sang again some notes of « What A Wonderful World » to end the evening. 59 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

WHEN Kylie Minogue PERFORMS for the royal family ROYAL REWARDS

JULY2008 - OBE AWARD Kylie Minogue received an OBE from Prince Charles. Kylie caused quite a stir when, as she said her goodbyes to him after being given her award, she grasped his hand in hers, strictly against the British etiquette of avoiding physical contact with the royals that goes beyond a quick handshake. She was also reported to have done so for 33 seconds – much longer than the usual time given to present an OBE.


DECEMBER 4TH, 2000 - Royal Variety Performance We are now in the 2000s, this time Kylie performed in front of Prince Charles, « Spinning Around » and « Please NOVEMBER 21ST, 1988 - Royal Stay », all in a very cabaret Variety Performance version. The singer wore a Kylie performed « I Should very large hat with feathers Be So Lucky » and « Made In and was accompanied by Heaven » in front of Queen dancers who waved feathers Elizabeth, Queen Mother and on her, as well as dancers Princess Margaret. She then with costumes and big hats. introduced ten members of Kylie even did a few steps of the Neighbours series but french cancan! did not appear with them on stage. If you want to see the DECEMBER 2ND, 2002 performance of the singer, Royal Variety Performance simply go to Youtube to find New appearance two years the video! Note that Kylie later, again in front of Prince also met Princess Diana the Charles, at the Apollo Theasame year. ter in London. The singer performed her songs for more APRIL 14TH, 1989 - Children’s than six minutes with a medRoyal Variety Performance ley from the album « Fever ». Kylie sang two songs in front of the Princess Margaret: « Hand On Your Heart » and « Especially For You » alongside Jason Donovan. The videos are also available on Youtube, and it’s quite funny to see them again when we see the concerts and performances now, especially talking about the choreography! (And it’s also worth seeing for the hairstyles they had at this time!) Since the 80s, Kylie has been adding a touch of radiance to the concerts of the royal family. Back on her different performances!

On a screen, we can see the head of Kylie with stars behind before a loud noise and the beginning of the medley, where the singer is on a staircase, with a golden jacket and a hairstyle... which

Kylie received a British-Australian award from the Duke of Edinburgh for her significant contribution to the British-Australian relationship. And it looks like Kylie had a good laugh with Prince Philip ! 60 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

was original ! She begins with « Love At First Sight » in a pink-orange outfit, in kind of a barbie style, and goes on with « In Your Eyes ». Kylie also plays « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head» her biggest hit on the album. If you have never seen this performance, you should run to see it because it is really amazing, whether Kylie’s voice, the mix or the visual! The singer then met Prince Charles behind the scenes, alongside Anastacia.

NOVEMBER 19TH, 2012 - Royal Variety Performance It’s 2012 and we are now at the Royal Albert Hall, where Kylie sings « On A Night Like This » in front of the Queen, in a Julien MacDonald’s long golden dress... She also greeted Elisabeth II behind the scenes after the concert.

DECEMBER 9TH, 2010 - Royal Variety Performance A few years later but still in front of Prince Charles, Kylie performed at the London Palladium where she sang « Better Than Today », from her album « Aphrodite », in a beautiful red outfit and with hight boots.

NOVEMBER 13TH 2015 - Royal Variety Performance In front of Prince Harry and on the occasion of the release of her Christmas album, Kylie Minogue performed « It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year » in a small white dress with a few diamonds. She also had a large headdress with a small crown and feathers. JUNE 4TH, 2012 - Queen’s Jubilee At the end of the concert, Kylie kissed Prince Harry, a This is, in my opinion, the greatest royal event to picture that did not go unnoticed! which Kylie has participated. In 2012, the Queen celebrated her jubilee. On this occasion, many events took place in London, including a concert in Buckingham Palace Square (what a place!). Kylie was invited to sing a medley of four tracks: « Spinning Around », « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head », « Step Back In Time » and « All The Lovers », dressed up by Dolce & Gabbana. At the end of the ceremony, the singer had the honor to present the artists to the Queen.

MAY 15TH, 2016 - Queen’s 90th birthday For the Queen’s 90th birthday, Kylie performed at Windsor Castle her song « I Believe In You» in the Abbey Road Session version, while the French Jean-François Pignon offered a show with his horses during the performance. We will truly never forget the little dwarf pony, but the same applies to the beautiful white dress of Kylie signed by Ralph And Russo. 61 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Kylie made White Party



here, under a full desert moon, clad in a lacy-white dress blowing in the wind, standing in golden healed-boots, the newly anointed Goddess of Pop took the stage at White Party Palm Springs and slayed us all. When it was first announced that Kylie Minogue would headline one of the biggest party weekends of the year here in the United States, shortly after the release of her 14th studio album, I snatched up a VIP ticket as soon as it went on sale. Kylie has rarely toured America, and, as far as I know, hadn’t performed in the States since 2013 when she had a brief performance with Deadmau5 at the House of Blues in Hollywood. And I knew her show was going to be epic. When Jeffrey Sanker, producer of White Party Palm Springs, began billing the global superstar as the Goddess of Pop in the weeks leading up to her desert performance, a new moniker was bestowed upon Kylie Minogue. And after White Party 2018, the Princess of Pop has officially become the Goddess of Pop. I must admit, after seeing Kylie do one of her stripped-down March shows in Barcelona promoting her new album, Golden, I was a little bit worried about Kylie headlining such a massive party. The stakes were very high. Previous performers, Lady Gaga for example, had headlined White Party Palm Springs in years past and had somewhat missed the mark and misjudged the audience. White Party attendees don’t want to see Gaga behind a piano singing a ballad. They want to see a performance and something they can keep dancing to. They want to see the legend that is Kylie Minogue. There are plenty of fun bops on Kylie’s Golden—and a few club bangers—but I was wondering if she wouldn’t bring the same type of show to Palm Springs: Kylie, a microphone, a stool, and a guitar. As I said before, White Party revelers want electronic dance music and club bangers. I was concerned Kylie wouldn’t necessarily be what party attendees were looking to hear. Boy was I wrong... Music selection was also a topic with my friends and I leading up to the show. Would she do anything from Golden? Or go classic Kylie? All dance pops? Or all her biggest hits? America has always been her hardest nut to crack and not all of her hit songs have translated to successes in the States. So, would she do her biggest American hits? If so, she was certain to do « The Locomotion », « Love at First Sight », « Can’t Get You Outta My Head », « In

by Koelen

My Arms », « Slow », and « Come Into My World ». If she was going to do songs from Golden, she was most likely going to do « Dancing », « Stop Me From Falling », and most definitely « Raining Glitter ». But, instead of being predictable or playing into what was expected of her, Kylie Minogue did was she does best: stay true to herself and her art. And she surprised us all. The wait at the Tea Dance for Kylie to come onto the stage seemed like forever. It was rumored that she had to perform before the sunset. But when the sun went down, Kylie still hadn’t gone on. The last light of day was waning over the mountains in the distance, and a cool windy breeze had begun blowing. Suddenly, the music and the lights dimmed. The crowd went wild. Knowing Jeffrey Sanker and White Party, I was almost surprised some kind of introduction didn’t take place. But when you’re the biggest pop star on the planet, I guess you don’t need one. All of a sudden, the stage shown with light from giant TV monitors that lit up the desert night. A light drumming could be heard and then the bridge music to the title track from Golden could be heard. Silhouettes of cowboy hat clad dancers began walking into the stage as the music got louder and louder. Finally, the drums broke, a spotlight came on, and there was our girl, Kylie Minogue, clad in all white. She started singing the song « Golden » : « Your feet move just like a dancer. Your soul beats just like a drum », and the crowd again went wild. She quickly removed the white sequined cape she entered the stage wearing and sang into her golden microphone. The wind had picked up, so Kylie looked like the living embodiment of an actual

62 www.kylie-world.com

Koelen, May 2K18

goddess: center stage, performing her heart out, surrounded by thousands of her fans. « Golden » was an epic opener that just worked. It was smart, upbeat, and a perfect testimony to Kylie and her music. She immediately broke into her beyond incredible White Party Medley: « Spinning Around », « Wow », « Get Outta My Way », and « Can’t Get You Out of My Head ». It was a thrilling way to enjoy some of her biggest hits, and her vocals were stellar. There were several moments Kylie joined in on the dancing—including the trademark « Can’t Get You Outta My Head » robot moves—and it was a joy to see her enjoying what she does so much. A total surprise was performing a large portion of « Your Disco Needs You » : a song the crowd, this writer, and Kylie were wild for. She performed the first single off her new album, « Dancing », in its entirety, with her audience singing along— word for word. Her dancers performed the choreography from the music video, which was fun to see. Kylie joined

in her and there with a little bit of dancing, instead choosing to connect more with the crowd. In the end, she chose to give her Lovers/fans an appropriate treat by closing her show with « All the Lovers ». This version was stripped back and then explodes into the dance track that is her successful single from her Aphrodite album. Kylie sounded incredible, she looked like a million bucks, and the show itself was non-stop delight in one of the best performances I’d ever seen Kylie do. All in all, I was more than pleasantly pleased—but also, not surprised—that Kylie delivered such an epic performance with a jaw dropping lineup of her hits. The show was smart, fun, upbeat, and definitely one for the books. The images of the cool desert wind blowing Kylie’s hair and lacy white shear dress, against the backdrop of a full moon and mountain range in the distance at White Party Palm Springs 2018 will be memories that last a lifetime. Kylie Minogue made White Party GOLDEN.

63 www.kylie-world.com

Koelen, May 2K18

KYLIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s promo in the usa 64 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18


he whole world loves Kylie’s songs, but the United States have always had trouble with the music of our beautiful Australian. When we look a little on the internet, many forums try to explain this lack of popularity in the charts and you will also find Kylie in several articles on important personalities in the world of music who have never succeeded in the United States. So how can we explain that ? Many people say : « probably because the Americans are crazy », but we can find the real answer in the promotion made by the medias. Facing the competition of young pop artists such as Ariana Grande or Miley Cyrus, our Australian is struggling to compete, some even saying that the US already have Madonna, and therefore, it is difficult to playlist her on the radio. The only times the singer ranked well in the charts, were for « The Loco-motion » in 1988 (# 3), and fifteen years later, with « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » (#7). « Love At First Sight » appeared at the the twenty-third place in the charts. But of all the singles that Kylie has released, only five have reached the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100. A pretty disappointing result when you know the charts in the rest of the world... Kylie has always been known in the United States, but is constantly relegated to the Dance / Club charts. Twenty-three of her songs are ranked there, including 18 in the Top 10 and 14 at the number 1 position, such as « Slow », « Get Outta My Way », « Better Than Today », « Higher », « Timebomb », « Skirt » or « All I See ».

Her latest promo in the United States goes back a long time for Holy Motors and her Fashion Book, in 2013. Five years later, Kylie was back in America to promote « Golden », partly recorded and created in Nashville. The singer has given many interviews that we have summarized and we also came back on the reasons why Kylie doesn’t have the same success on this continent as in the rest of the world. Enjoy !

Another reason why Kylie is not popular in this country (and which also make us love her so much elsewhere in the world) : there is nothing shocking about her. Kylie has never been filmed or photographed shaving her hair, fighting with someone, completely drunk or drugged to the point she couldn’t walk and so on. The singer also remains very discreet about her private life and is rarely headlining newspapers on about that. Her songs are quite universal and Kylie doesn’t denounce our society or politics. Americans and tabloids love this kind of gossips, which serve in a way to promote the artist. Indeed, aside from the fans of this country, no one in America knows that Kylie fought against cancer, that she was with with Michael Hutchence or that she released « Kiss Me Once » in 2014. The word « Kylie » simply evokes thoughts about the sister of the Kardashians, who knows how to make people talk about her with a life in which everything seems to be made for the buzz.

65 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Focus • Kylie in the United States In an editorial for the Billboard a few years ago, Bill Werde said that the world of pop should focus more on the music than on the people themselves because this musical genre has suffered too much from various scandals and cults of the personality. Which is what we talked about before: Kylie has never been involved in any scandal and people do not know much about her. And yet, when we look a little more on her career, we learn a lot by looking

at the lyrics of the songs or her outfits either on stage or in her music videos (we talk more about the « basic » outfits, such as the golden pants or her costumes for « Aphrodite »). She also has great scenes, offers performances of about two hours, collaborates with artists such as Pharrell Williams and Sia and is a true gay icon. Here are five reasons why Americans should get interested by Kylie :


During the promo days, Kylie is always late because she loves to chat and take photos with the journalists who are there, which can take a very long time! We also remember a press conference to which we were invited, which was to least about 40 minutes and ended up after only 15 minutes due to the delay... Kylie said at the end « Oh, it’s over already ? »... Yeah sad right.

Because she makes big shows

Americans are used to incredible concerts in arenas all bigger than the others, and Kylie Minogue also offers a great show. The latest big one was her world tour « Aphrodite », which has traveled five continents with more than 77 dates. On the program : fountains, flying pegasus and incredible costumes. Which is actually cool to satisfy americans’ taste ! Unfortunately, they only got cut off version of the tour called just « Aphrodite » instead of « Les Folies », without most of the crazy stuff.


Because her story is inspiring for every woman

Kylie fought breast cancer in 2005. In many interviews, the singer talked about her story and came back on this complicated time for her and on the importance of having a cancer screening as soon as possible and regularly. Kylie had launch a movement called the « Kylie Effect », linked to the fact that many women went to get tested after learning the story of the Australian singer. Honestly, with how many artists did this happen ?


Because her songs are all about love


Because she brought country touches to her music

Kylie chose to renew herself with « Golden » by adding touches of country following the advice No vulgarities, in her lyrics Kylie’s ambition of her artistic director. Recorded in Nashville, this is to only give love. We remember in particular « All should appeal American fans, especially since the The Lovers » which is in the heart of all fans a true singer has given many interviews in New York and hymn of love, or the song « Golden » which speaks of Los Angeles. She has also sung for the Palm Springs accepting yourself as you are. White Party and will be attending to the New York Gay Pride. And the audience seems receptive because « Golden » ranked in the Top 10 iTunes in the United States when it was released, something that had not Because she is very cool happened for a long time !


The Australian singer is probably the coolest person on interviews, whether during or after. 66 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18


First interview in the United States for Kylie for iHeartRadio. The singer recalls her performance for the Queen’s 92th birthday saying she was nervous about twenty minutes before showtime as she realized the number of people from the royal family who were present. She also added that she was a fan of the Queen. She then spoke about the story of the creation of « Golden » and its recording in Nashville. Kylie also mentioned that she would sing a few days later in Palm Springs for the White Party. She spoke of the LGBT community saying that she had been adopted by them and said that she had always worked with people with different sexual orientations and

that everyone is different. She talked about her performance at the G-A-Y saying that the first time she sang there was in 1991 or 1992, and she was excited to headline the Pride Island in New York. She was asked if she would like to do more concerts in the United States, to which she replied that she would of course love to. She mentioned that she had already announced a few dates in England and Ireland and more are yet to be confirmed. Kylie also talked about the filming of « Slow » which is one of her favorite music videos. She apparently also performed some songs from the album we hope to hear soon!

The Late Night WITH Seth Mayers - NBC APRIL 25TH, 2018 USA

The singer was the guest of Late Night with Seth Mayers on NBC where she did not give an interview but sang two live songs with her band : « Dancing » and « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » in acoustic version. Both videos are available on Youtube! 67 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Focus • Kylie in the United States


As a guest of Build Series presented by Kevan Kenney, Kylie did probably one of her best interviews in ages. We found a completely relaxed singer, smiling and making jokes. The interview begins with a video of Betty Who, a new pop artist who tells how she grew up with Kylie and loves her music. Kylie explains that although some people may not know her songs by heart, they have probably heard them somewhere, and they are part of people’s lives this way. She then talked about her renewal in music with this more country-oriented album she recorded in Nashville and the fact that she co-wrote all the songs on it. Kylie also spoke about the song « Radio On », which refers to the fact that music is very important in our lives, evoking her personal story, when she

was listening to Prince back in the time, who was one of her idols. She then spent the rest of the show answering the questions from fans. She’s hoping to do a tour in the US, her favorites songs on the album are « Radio On » and « Lost Without You », she talked about her promo tour, she said « Slow » was her favorite music video because it was simple enough for everyone to do the choreography and she added that she would like to collaborate with Tove Lo. Kylie also said that country music had inspired her current look. The singer then said that she had written a song called « New York City », which failed to be on the album, but despite the fact she was scared she’s get in trouble, Kylie sang some notes for our greatest joy!

Kylie Minogue visited the Sirius XM studios on April 26th for an interview on Jenny McCarthy’s show. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to Sirius XM to listen to the interview, which we have not found anywhere else yet. We hope to have it soon to give you a summary, and if you have it, do not hesitate to send it to us!


68 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18


Good Morning America’s guest on Time Square on ABC, Kylie gave a short interview about her performance for the Queen’s birthday, how this album was kind of a therapy for her because it’s more Meeting Kylie at Good Morning America! How it all started… It all started with Kylie’s tweet the week before the about how she was going to appear on GMA. I promptly opened the GMA website to find out how one could secure tickets for the show and was happy to learn that they were absolutely free ! I had to simply write a short essay about why I wanted to be on the show and what I liked about it the most. Couple of days later, a representative reached out to me asking if I would be interested in being a part of a special « Kylie Superfans » segment where I would compete with other Superfans for a chance to meet Kylie and my answer to that was a resounding YES ! The day of filming GMA, Friday 27th 2018… The show’s recording was from 7am to 9am, so I was there by 6am and 6:45am I was brought to the room with a starshaped sticker that had « Kylie’s Biggest Fans » written on it, where other Kylie Superfans like myself, were waiting. We had to wait in the room until our segment was to be recorded, the producer of the show was super nice and she kept us company throughout, plus I loved interacting with my fellow Kylie #Lovers, we talked then we danced and sang gleefully to Kylie songs. Thus, time flew by and soon it was time to record our segment. At the producer’s cue we started singing and dancing to « Golden », which they said was going to appear as a teaser for the segment and after a few minutes we were asked to perform « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » which would be broadcast live and the audience would vote for the best performer, who would then get to meet Kylie. As we were innocently recording for the segment, Kylie unexpectedly entered the room, with presenter Michael, and took us all by surprise! We stopped singing momentarily but soon resumed, but with Kylie this time ! Shortly after Michael told us : « You

intimate, she spoke about Pride and the fact that she was on the cover of Vogue Australia before performing « Dancing » and « Stop Me From Falling ». She also met and danced with fans. thought only one of you is gonna meet Kylie ? All seven of ya’ll met Kylie ! ». This was undoubtedly the most memorable statement of the day which left me stupefied for a while, good one Good Morning America ;) Kylie had to leave to record for her performance that was up next, but before she left, she said « I’ll be back » and we were ecstatic as we would get to meet her again! During the performance, we danced our heart out and cheered for Kylie, who performed « Dancing » and « Stop Me From Falling ». The audience was beyond delighted and the room was abuzz with excitement as she staged an incredible performance. Kylie was glowing and sang beautifully and I enjoyed every second of the show. At the end of the performance we went back to the room and were thrilled to find Kylie in there, patiently signing all of our albums and pictures. At this moment, she truly won my heart, Ms. Minogue keeps her promises to her fans ! Before leaving she took a group photo with us, thus concluding this unforgettable experience of mine. Kylie is incredibly warm as a person, very down to earth plus an amazing singer. I’m happy and a proud fan. I have grown up dancing to her music with my sister, who is also a HUGE fan, and after 15 years of watching her on tv and Youtube I finally got to meet her in person. I cannot wait to see her again on the 24th of June, when she will perform at the Pride Island event in NYC. I had a smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day, even my professor couldn’t help but comment on me during class saying, « You look happy today » and he was very right, it was the afterglow of this Kylie adventure. Priyanka

69 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K18

Focus • Kylie in the United States


This is time in Los Angeles, we saw Kylie again as part of her promotion in the United States, to present « Golden » in the Late Late Show of James Corden, a friend of hers because remember, he is featured on the song « Only You » on the Kylie Christmas’ album. He also hosted the Brit Awards with her. If you do not know James Corden, you NEED to google him to see his Carpool Karaoke, where he invites the greatest artists to sing their songs in his car. We hope that Kylie will do it one day ! Let’s go back to the interview. Kylie talked about the creation of her album in Nashville and her meeting with Dolly Parton. James Corden then spoke about her music video for « Dancing », including the choreography, asking her to show an example for himself and Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor. Benedict did a little dance in his own way, finding Kylie’s

choreography way too complicated, before trying it again with James Corden to the perfection! She was later told that she was very popular with drag queens, and James asked her if she had ever been to a special Kylie night with Drag Queens. She explained that she had been there once but she was not really dressed for the occasion... James then showed a picture of Benedict dressed as a woman. He explained that he played a lot of female roles when he was younger in boarding school, and that he was always very comfortable with that. To end the show, Kylie sang « Dancing » accompanied by her whole band, with the bright « K », golden curtains and a disco ball just above her. You can check out this performance on the Youtube channel of the Late Late Show!

Kylie went to Apple Music to give an interview at the Beats One Radio. The host talked about the fact that he was a big of the singer and that he loved pop music thanks to Kylie. He also mentioned that he was gay and that a song such as « Confide In Me » somehow tells his own story of coming out. Kylie explained that this song also marks a change in her career, as it was produced by SAW. The singer just left PWL at this time to team up


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with Deconstruction. The host also came back on the fact that Kylie chose an interesting perspective by mixing the good and bad things in her life and accepting where she was in her while some people make music and try to escape from the reality. Kylie confirmed that adding this look on her current life would perhaps allow her to understand more where she would like to go. The host then talked about the fact that the press wouldn’t stop saying she made a country album, which is true according to him, before adding that the singer had known how to mix that with her pop style. Kylie approved this and added that she has always been cataloged in pop, and that for example, if the song « Slow » had not been sung by her, it might not be in this category. She added that she loves to try new things based on how she feels. The singer then spoke about the fact that Nashville clearly helped her for this new fashion style thanks to the atmosphere on the spot : « We can produce a song where we want but to have THE song we must soak up the atmosphere, and I learned so much just by being there ! ». The singer also commented on « A Lifetime To Repair » : « I think this song is a great demonstration of the fact that having been influenced by country can offer a new style. I would never have a song like that in the music or in the lyrics without the influence of the country ». Kylie explained that she knew some fans were nervous about this album, but « Golden » represents her very well at the moment. She also added that there were tons of e-mails, messages and exchanges that were pretty funny when she made the album to know where to add banjo for example, and it was funny because she did not know that she was going to do that someday in her life. However, Kylie does not consider herself a country artist.

songs on the album. The singer explained that she works as much on lyrics and melody and that it works together. Sometimes it can be a sentence or idea that gives her inspiration, for example for « Golden » it was a sentence and the singer was determined to include it in her album : « We are not old, we are not young, we are golden ». She also had a melody in her head, but it ended on « Sincerely Yours ». Kylie was also obsessed to put some « Whoop » somewhere, which was done on « Raining Glitter » and « Golden ». She added that the creation of songs is always different, but when you have a good melody the first time, you must directly record it. Kylie also gave her opinion on pop music at the moment, saying that the market has a lot of artists but she is still a fan of pop and she always finds something that she really likes. For the singer, when you listen to a song for the first time and something happens in your head, your heart and your ears and you wonder who the artist is, what is the song and if you want to listen to it again, this is the best time. Before the show, Kylie had to give the names of songs she would like to hear, and many of her suggestions have in common Julia Michaels, singer and author of many hits including for Justin Bieber. They chose to listen to « Jump », feat Trippie Redd and to finish the show Ariana Grande, « No Tears Left To Cry ». Kylie said the artist was very talented, adorable and had a hard time, probably referring to the Manchester attack after her concert. For our Australian, this song sounds a bit like a track of the late 80s and early 90s mixing very well these influences with the current music.

To conclude the interview, the host asked Kylie if she would like to work with Max Martin who cowrote and co-produced Ariana’s song. The singer would love to, saying she did not expect to make an album like « Golden », so the next step might They then talked about the pop music style, with be different too! many people saying it is a very commercial style and that it is not enough considered. The host wanted to take a closer look at the songwriter hiding behind our Australian, who co-wrote all the 71 www.kylie-world.com

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Focus • Kylie in the United States


Kylie spoke again about the recording of the album in Nashville and her country influence. She explained that she was going to have a party for her birthday in London which she had organized herself like an adult and that she was not going to sing for her birthday but she would probably end up on the highest piece of furniture in the room to dance. She spoke about her admiration for Dolly Parton and the fact that she was not tired of singing her biggest hit « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » because she does

it in different versions. She talked about her performance at the White Party, her legal battle with Kylie Jenner, her concert for the Queen’s birthday and the wedding of Harry and Meghan. She also did a small demonstration of the choreography of « Dancing » before answering a questionary. Kylie said her first job was to be an actress, although she worked at a video cassette store a couple of weeks later and her first concert was Culture Club when she was 14 years old.


Elected the cutest interview of all time: the one from radio.com who sent kids to ask Kylid questions. They asked her if she had ever met Kylie Jenner, if she was wearing glasses, what was her favorite color, if she was playing Fortnite (ahahahaha), what

were her favorite songs she wrote (« Love At First Sight » and « Dancing ») before dancing a little with them. Kylie met the little Maggie with whom she had a great time, as you have probably seen on her Instagram story!

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: EXTRA SHOW n - The O2 Fri 28th Londo

Fun facts about


Since the capital of Tennessee is the talk of the whole Kylie bubble during this era, we decided to check it out. On google, obviously… at least until Kylie tours there. LOL.


: USA State: T enessee Founde d: 1779 Populati on: 691 243

an Karl De : r o y a M 2 5 km , 2 6 3 1 Area: .gov ashville n : b e W de: 615 Area co

Located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County in the north-central part of the state, Nashville is the main center of health care, American Country Music, Music Publishing and Transportation Industry. The area of the city is 1362.5 km² making

it the second largest city in Tennessee, after Memphis… Ok, we don‘t want to bore you to death with all the facts so we put a few of them into the tab on the left side. And now, let‘s skip to what we really find interesting... Fun facts about the town!


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1. This famous city was founded on Christmas Eve.

2. It was a Nashville native, Capitain William Driver, who nicknamed the U.S. flag « Old Glory » in 1837.

3. One of the most visible buildings downtown, the AT&T Building, is called « Batman » because the two towers look like the caped crusader’s ears.

4. Oprah Winfrey’s kicked off her career in Nashville TV: She actually became the first female and African American news anchor (while still attending Tennessee State University).

5. Here‘s one for the coffee addicts (not naming anyone, of course): The late U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, upon drinking a cup of Maxwell House Coffee, pronounced it « good to the last drop » — the slogan the company still uses today... So, how did YOU enjoy the Nashville coffee, Kylie? :)

6. In 1928, blind Vanderbilt University student Morris Frank decided to look into a rumor about using seeing-eye dogs as guides. He brought the very first dog back to the U.S. and started The Seeing Eye Inc. in Nashville.

7. Elvis (who by the way recorded over 200 songs in this city) couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit while recording his Christmas album, so they put up stripes of red blue and green lights for him. And left them there. Until now.

8. Nashville native William Walker became the president of Nicaragua in 1856. No other American has become president of another country since.

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9. It was in 1950s day when a radio announcer David Cobb called Nashville « Music City » and changed their image in history forever.

into hospital those who are in the slightest degree diseased. 3rd That a building suitable for a hospital for the invalids be taken for that purpose, and that a weekly tax of fifty cents be levied on each prostitute for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said hospital. 4th That all public women found plying their vocation without license and certificate be at once arrested and incarcerated in the workhouse for a period of not less than thirty days ».

10. The Country Music Hall of Fame‘s windows are designed to look like a piano.

An additional one (couldn‘t let you guys miss this, honestly):


In 1863, Nashville became the first city to legalize prostitution. After unsuccessful attempts to evict all prostitutes, they decided to try this experiment... « 1st That a license be issued to each prostitute, a record of which shall be kept at this office, together with the number and street of her residence. 2nd That one skillful surgeon be appointed as a Board of Examination whose duty it shall be to examine personally every week, each licensed prostitute, giving certificate of soundness to those who are healthy and ordering those

r weve t o h ( fish ting tha Believe it or not, every mp ...) e t American state has a is legal l i s i couple of these... In - It are a ne o y New York, for example, n to d o pur- A ading t d l l b r it‘s illegal to carry an chi roller not tie a bee e s a ice cream cone in your ch may herself l pocket on Sundays. Also illega s his or moving s i t I k c very tempting, isn‘t it... to a le on a ce ta c i If you feel like being a h to pla highway ve hway a g n i o rebel and breaking the h y a m law, Kylie‘s performance rson nks ried e u p k S o for the Pride Island is on -N e car roller not bthe state may and a sunday, so you know into skate to a what to do! Lol. n l e a t g s i d l e l lc - It is ther rsonat the e p a a to g sume layer time. p n o c and kill (bon same d ) roa ite y‘all only appet - The l it is nima shoot istian a r h C to - No nt may legal of your e r r a i p out indow e the requir ren to car wwhale d l i h h c is a ????) p tras pick u the hi(???? from ay on l illega le s ghw r day i t I i e wh p v i Easte r d e to le al ‘re as g u e l o l i y - It is a lasso e to uscatch a to



A new interview with Kylie was broadcast on April 16th. The singer met up with Dan Wootton, who had already interviewed her for his podcast that we spoke about last month. The interview also took place behind the scenes of the Spotify concert. Kylie said that the album was extremely protected by her record company and that it was sent to a very few journalists. She then explained the creation of the album in Nashville, talked about « A Lifetime To Repair » she wrote after her trip to the US applying the lessons she learned there. She explained that it took her time to find the DNA of the album, she also talk-

ed about her thirty years of career and the fact that she was going to turn 50 years old and talked about her beauty tips to stay young like a real Youtuber ! She explained that she always wears sunscreen, that she washes her face every night from the make-up, that she consults a dermatologist to check that everything’s fine and explained that she does not really do much sport but she is already doing a lot of exercises in the day with photoshoots, music videos... And that she should buy a pedometer to count her number of steps during the concerts!


Carlos Bustamante interviewed Kylie when she was in New York for ET Canada. The reporter talked about her performance for the Queen and Kylie confessed that she was still very confused when she met the royal family and did not necessarily use the right terms or shake hands twice. She also explained

that she had made other tracks that were not great enough so she did not put them on the album and she did not want a break-up album. She said that her voice had changed a little and diminished with the recent events because she was very fragile but everything was better now.

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ESQUIRE MAY 2018 Still Spinning Them Around Kylie Minogue celebrates turning 50 with a new album and her 18th — 18th! — arena tour later this year. But first, an exclusive sit-down with Esquire... I started young, with no experience in the music industry. But I was very famous. So that was a bit strange. I remember being on-set for the « Can’t Get You Out of My Head » video and looking at the monitor and we just went [whispers], « God, it’s really good ». To get everything to work in harmony to become something greater than its parts, that takes luck. My mum revealed that she was doing transcendental meditation when I was born. I thought, « Well, it was 1968, it kinda makes sense ».

go... she’s off ». But when the park is closed, there’s nothing. I think I’ll be asked less of the age-related questions with the tone I was asked a few years ago, because of everything that’s happening at the moment. I know they’re asking because of sexism and ageism, as I’m a woman in this industry, but the more you’re talking to me about it the more you’re perpetuating it. I’m bored of the question. I look like my mum. I am my mum. I get the movement from my mum, she was a dancer. I don’t get singing from my mum. She can’t hold a note.

When I got the part in Neighbours, there was one phone in the house. I got the call and there was no On the Fever tour, I came up on a riser in a cyborg one at home. I think I celebrated with the dog. suit at the start, and there’s a bloke who has to press the button to release the thigh panels, the I went to Minneapolis. Prince was suitably normal chest panels and the face reveal. One night nothing and weird enough. If he was perfectly normal, that happened and I was trapped. I was thinking, « This would have been weird. would be so Spinal Tap if they just take me back down again ». They had a back-up plan: a dancer I’ve not been raised with religion. My faith is in hu- came over, in character, and lifted the things and I manity, and people, and believing in a higher realm. got to the microphone. People were none the wiser. I was in Santiago last year, and this guy says, « I gotta tell you, your song is the first song I ever learned ». I said, « Did you learn it on guitar? » He said, « No. It’s the first song I learned ». « Oh, the first song you learned the words to? » He answered, « Yeah, it was ‘The Loco-Motion’». I love hearing these stories.

I’m sure that my business acumen came from my dad. When we were bought up t’s were crossed, i’s were dotted.

Grease. My brother [Brendan], sister [Dannii] and I would recreate the routines as kids. I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John, obviously. My sister played Rizzo in an arena tour of Grease the Musical years I don’t know where the clown side of me came later and that says it all about the two of us. I’m the from. A friend calls me an amusement park. He’s blonde one, and she’s the dark, tough one. like, « Uh-oh, it’s open, every ride’s open, here we 79 www.kylie-world.com

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Forever Kylie. On the eve of turning 50, Kylie Minogue reflects on a tumultuous year from which she has emerged with a new record anD a renewed passion for life.

By Sophie Tedmanson Styled by Kate Darvill Photographed by Nicole Bentley


ylie Minogue is dancing on a bed in a Schiaparelli mini-dress. She launches herself high into the air, as if leaping from a trampoline, kicking her legs up behind her. Her long blonde hair flings across her face, which is filled with absolute childlike joy, eyes closed, a grin from ear to ear. For a moment she resembles the pre-tween Kylie who used to play elastics and run free under the sprinklers with her sister Dannii in the backyard of the Minogue family home in suburban Melbourne in the 1970s. But this is Kylie on the cusp of 50, an international superstar, dancing, carefree, healthy and happy. Minogue is entering her next decade with a new lease on life. The past 18 months for Australia’s pop princess was turbulent, marked significantly by a very public broken engagement to British actor Joshua Sasse that she initially refused to admit was a problem – the « troubs », as she refers to it, her eyes steely as she brings up her troubled love life, which led to an emotional breakdown and her losing her voice and retreating into the freedom of songwriting in the sanctity of Nashville. But as she reaches her milestone birthday this month, with a new album, a new sound and new happiness, she’s achieved closure with the break-up, celebrated 12 years being free from cancer, marked 30 years in the music industry, made a successful return to acting, and is even accepting the idea of looming menopause: Minogue is embracing a « no troubs » 2018. « It’s really great to be back and have no troubs … last year was a little stressful », she says warily. It is just before Christmas and we are now sitting in the back room of Franque, a design, art and antiques store in Toorak, sipping herbal tea and picking occasionally at a bunch of grapes on the table. She continues unprompted: « I think we all know that things were not going great in my relationship, but, you know, when you’re kind of deluded and you’re thinking maybe, maybe … maybe this needs saving. Turns out, it didn’t. But your family, they can see through all of that, and they probably just want to shake you and go: « Can’t you see what’s happening, and what’s happening to you? » ». « And what was happening was I was having like a slow, steady nervous breakdown, seriously! So jump to this year, firstly I don’t know where the year’s gone. I think I was in studios for most of it and I really am feeling better than I have in such a long time ». She contemplates this for a moment, then adds: «  I don’t think life is ever smooth sailing; you’ve still got to navigate your way. But all in all, I feel pretty good and the process of making an album all of this year has been good to kind of centre me. I’ve learnt a lot about songwriting … having two weeks in Nashville, that changed so much for me ». Minogue finishes her herbal brew and pours us both another. She prefers classic « robust builder’s tea » – a sign she is a true Londoner after three decades living in England – but there isn’t any to hand. I notice she’s taken her The Row slides off under the table and while moments ago she seemed so tiny – she is only five foot tall, and the loose-fitting cornflower-blue Viktoria & Woods pantsuit she is wearing drapes her petite frame – the longer we talk, and the more Minogue, or « Min » as she calls herself, opens up about her extraordinary life, the bigger she becomes. She is confident, funny, charming. Self-deprecating, even. (« That’s like the glossy version of me, not the bogan-at-home-wearing-Uggs-or-thongs version » she amusingly reveals at one point.) And surprisingly honest. She is a fighter who bounces back time and again, whether it be over issues of love, health or her position in the ever-fickle music industry. Re85 www.kylie-world.com

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silience springs to mind. I ask if she would describe herself as resilient, and she says she is like a pony at the gate – a somewhat feisty, optimistic pony. « Yes, I think I am, I mean, I’m sensitive, but I’m resilient, and that makes me a contradiction in many, many ways », she laughs and rolls her eyes. « I drive myself crazy. I’m a Gemini: yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, both! I’ll say one thing, and then ‘on the other hand …’ But I’m pretty pragmatic as well. What else are you going to do? I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve always had opportunity in my life. I’ve never really felt like all the doors are closed. I don’t really know what I mean by that. It’s not necessarily a career thing. It’s just how I was raised; it is my lot in life ». « The one thing that would drive me crazy, and I’ve used this analogy before, I’ve said: ‘Just don’t close the gate on pony. Pony is very happy.’ You know, I can amuse myself. I’m more of a clown than anyone ». I’m still trying to figure out the pony analogy as Minogue continues. « Crystal [her hairdresser, Christopher] says I’m like a theme park: it’s open, all the rides are going, everything’s going, and when it’s shut, it’s shut. There’s no inbetween. But the pony analogy is: just don’t shut the gate. If you shut the gate, I’m going to go wild. I will kick up a real stink. But if you leave the gate open, I’m not going to leave. It’s a mental thing, knowing that there’s a freedom. I like that there’s the option ». « I mean, I’m like a serial monogamist, but there’s still something that … it’s like the horse whisperer. Give him a long leash, he’ll do what you want! It’s the same with clothes. The amount of times I’ve said: ‘Just cut it, cut it, cut it!’ A sense of being trapped, that’s the thing that sends me crazy ». Since she brought up the subject of monogamy, I ask why, after so many years in long-term relationships with partners – Michael Hutchence, Olivier Martinez – who made significant impacts on her life without her walking down the aisle, why did she decided that Sasse was the one she actually wanted to marry? Minogue admits she felt she needed to conform to see if perhaps this time it would work differently; maybe not marrying was where she had gone wrong in the past. « I never thought I would », she says. « And I think part of the reason I was engaged was I thought maybe that’s where I’m going wrong: that’s what people do! And I’ve always been too afraid of it or too, I don’t know, I didn’t give off any signals that I would ever say yes ». What is it that she is too afraid of? « It’s just the pony thing  »! she smiles. «  Like: ‘Oh my god! I’m not going anywhere, just don’t [shut the gate].’ I need to see a psychologist, clearly ».  I ask Minogue if now, being single at nearly 50, she would consider having children on her own? And she nods. « Yeah, I did pursue that », she says, considering her response carefully. « That didn’t … that obviously wasn’t the path for me, either. But, I think now … I love being an auntie. And I mean, if I was to meet anyone – that sounds really gloomy – but if there’s one person on the planet Earth who might like me and I might like them, [then] the

chances are pretty high that that person would have children anyway. So I think it’s more [likely] in that vein, than having children of my own ». Spending time with her family, and her nieces and nephews, helped Minogue enormously with her breakup. As did getting back into the recording studio, one as far away from her London home as Nashville, Tennessee. You would think Nashville, the country-music capital of the world, would be an odd choice for Minogue, Australia’s chameleonic pop princess, to migrate to. But her new album, Golden, was transformative in many ways for the singer. Maybe it was her heartache. Country music is, after all, best listened to while wallowing in the blues. Or maybe it was the milestone she is facing this year. Gold is, after all, traditionally the colour of the 50th anniversary. But the result is a country-pop crossover, and Minogue’s most personal lyrically since Impossible Princess 20 years ago. « I look back at lyrics and I just think: ‘My gee, you weren’t having a good day!’ » she says. « And I remember the days, some of those lyrics that I just went: ‘Raaa.’ So they were very personal, but I think that these songs are probably more accessible. If you speak to anyone else about Nashville, they’ll tell you the same thing: there’s just something there. So I worked with great people and what I took, my takeaway from there, was putting the story in the song ». « I didn’t want any songs that weren’t believable. So even if they’re not necessarily, like, that actual thing didn’t happen to me, it’s something that my near-50-year-old self is going to sing and it’s believable, and it’s truthful in that respect. It’s not kind of: ‘See you down the club.’ You know, I’m a bit more wine bar at this stage! I’ll party once in a while, but it’s really once in a while ». Minogue adored immersing herself in Nashville, even with the « billion degree » summer heat. She spent several weeks in maxi-dresses (her current sartorial preference: «  These days I like to let it all hang out!  »), ensconced in songwriting and collaborating with locals. « It was so hot and summery », she says. « I wasn’t recognised, just got about my day in a floaty dress, went to the studio, worked with great people, went to [Nashville’s iconic clubs] the Bluebird and the Listening Room … it was absolutely instrumental. So, after that, when I went back to London, I couldn’t un-know what I just learnt ». She is at pains to point out Golden is not all about the break-up with Sasse, it’s more an existential examination of break-ups in general and what they mean to an individual. Or at least to Minogue. « Initially what I wrote, that cathartic kind of time or being able to work through that stuff, was way more literal, and they just weren’t very good songs. So I’m kind of glad that they didn’t make it, because I don’t want an album about my ex, » she says. « And what I think it’s turned out to be is more a kind of stepping back and going, well, what’s my relationship with any life? What does it all mean, and what just happened? God knows it’s not the first break-up for me or the first time I’d thought I got it right but I had

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not, so it did give me some content. But I’m just glad that it became more about the broader question mark ». She admits Golden is heavily influenced by her surroundings. The film clip for the catchy single Dancing even has her dressed as a line-dancing rhinestone cowgirl, but she did not want to turn too country. « We did some songs in Nashville that were a step too far for me », she says with a laugh, adding they sounded great in Tennessee, but once she got back « into my real world » they were a step too far. Too Dolly Parton? I offer. She grins. « I actually bought a great T-shirt in Nashville that said: ‘What would Dolly do?’ Because my love for her just grows and grows really. I’ve met her once and my hands ended up around her waist. I don’t know why, I was so star-struck, I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was before seeing her perform at the Hollywood Bowl, and it was the first time I’d seen her live and it was like seeing the light ». At one point during recording the album Minogue admits she lost her voice, something she blames on her emotional state. «  Interestingly, when I first started recording, because I’d had such a … it wasn’t so much heartbreak, it was stress, because I knew I wasn’t being kind to myself and I wasn’t being truthful to myself », she says. « And yet when you’re in that state where you look back and go: ‘Why couldn’t you?’ It’s painfully obvious what was happening. But, of course, we’ve all been there, and in the moment, you’re still like … you just got to make it. I didn’t even know what I was trying to do, but my body was suffering, so I was in the studio and there was a part of my voice that didn’t entirely go missing but was very different to before … This rasp, and it made sense to me because I thought my body is having a bit of a nervous breakdown. You know, the shakes. So, of course, that’s going to be reflected in my voice, and, it’s better now, it hasn’t really left, but I quite like it ». Golden also marks Minogue’s return to Mushroom via BMG. Mushroom Group’s Michael Gudinski has known Minogue since she was a teenager on Neighbours, as she first dipped into pop music via Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Gudinski and his wife Sue are considered second family to Minogue, and he has been one of her biggest champions throughout her career – his company Frontier Touring has always been her promoter in Australia and New Zealand. In early December, Mushroom hosted a listening party for selected Australian media to introduce Minogue’s new music. It was a like a bizarre silent disco: dozens of critics sitting in a bar with earphones playing several exclusive tracks, initially a little surprised by the boot-scootin’ beat of Dancing, then slowly starting to shuffle their feet to the tunes, including the splendidly poignant driving ballad Radio On, and the disco classic Raining Glitter. An emotional Gudinski fist-pumped the air at one point. « Our girl is back home », he said figuratively and literally as Minogue then made a surprise appearance and the energy in the room lifted 100 per cent. She had just flown in from holiday in Thailand fresh-faced, tanned and dressed in yet another maxi-dress, and the affection for her was obvious as seasoned journalists honed in to

have a quick chat and their photo taken with her. Gudinski says the key to Minogue’s enduring success is her continued ability to reinvent herself and knack of surrounding herself with the right creative people. « It’s something that really builds from within her, she’s grown over a period of time, much more confident » he says. « She knows what she wants, whether it be the curly hair, the gold hotpants, the performances in different situations, the duets she’s had ». He adds that her strength of family has held her together. « She’s just a really decent, well-brought-up girl », he says. « But she’s no wimp! She will put her foot down. In this business you need to be a leader not a follower, and she’s kept pushing the boundaries and her parents have been right behind her, her mother is an absolute gem and used to go on the road and do her wardrobe with her, so she has stayed remarkably grounded through a journey that could have … sure, she’s had her trials and tribulations, but she’s just remarkable ». Minogue’s sister Dannii, herself a chart-topping star, says the family unit – mother Carol, father Ron and brother Brendan – are extremely tight-knit. They bonded like most Australian families over their « low-key » suburban childhood, including « daggy » family caravan trips driving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with nothing but ‘I, spy’ for entertainment. « I remember Kylie was always into fashion. She loved it and she was sort of putting on characters and becoming characters, so I think that’s why she was initially drawn into those things », recalls Dannii. « But I think now with the songs and the music videos and all of that I think she gets to create all these different worlds. I think she always liked being cool. She had to have certain things … but our best memories are the daggy stuff like playing under the sprinkler outside. I used to play a game with her called elastics … it was a lot of fun, a very low-key growing up ». « Even though we get to do these extraordinary things and go to amazing places now, and we love a lot of that, we laugh because we didn’t grow up with that, we were very, very low-key and had some great memories. Back then it was holidaying in the caravan and driving up to Queensland, going to a theme park and the beach. We would drive all the way from Melbourne and there were no iPads or iPhones or whatever, you just had ‘I, spy’. It’s hilarious to look back on all the times, but they were great times. And I guess that created a close bond together, that’s why we are so tight knit ». The Minogue sisters FaceTime regularly or leave WhatsApp voice messages for each other and for Dannii’s seven-year-old son Ethan, and Dannii says they share a shorthand when one is on stage: «  We have this thing with each other if we see each other before the show, we will be like: ‘Okay, you do the nerves and I’ll just get up there and do the show’ ». Dannii says her proudest moment with her older sister was when Minogue returned to performing after her cancer treatment in 2007, for her Showgirl tour, and asked Dannii to perform the duet Kids onstage at her homeco-

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ming concert in Melbourne. « It was unbelievable. Every time I hear that song, even if it comes on the radio, it takes me straight back there. We rehearsed it and I didn’t know if I was going to go on stage, and my mum was saying: ‘I think she wants you to go on.’ And I’m like: ‘Cool, anytime she needs me I’m there’, and I did and it gave her a little boost and there was a bit where we were just twirling at the end at the stage and it was just like us as kids playing in the back garden and running through the sprinkler and being free, and it had that energy of family ». Last Christmas, says Dannii, the family saw a refreshed Minogue, one who is ready for her new album and her next chapter. « Now she’s clearly so happy that it’s resonating through … people who know her very closely know how happy she is, »Dannii says. « And I’m glad she is also going further afield with her work. It is so important to her that it’s great, that it’s wrapped up with good energy. Because she puts everything into it, and I think you can’t but help have all of your personal life in songs and bring it on stage with you, like it is a part of you ». Back in Franque, our tea has gone cold and our time is almost up. Minogue puts her slides back on: « They’re The Row – I like a lot of what they do ». I mention her fashion connections and how, on a recent holiday to Portofino, I had the best langoustine I’ve ever eaten at an off-the-track seaside restaurant and, because I was Australian, the staff immediately showed me a photo of Minogue eating the same dish while at dinner with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who own a villa nearby. « Did you go to Da u Batti? Stop! I’m so happy for you! It’s the best thing », she, says grinning at the memory of the exquisite dish. « One of the reasons I have been to Portofino a number of times is because Dolce and Gabbana have the house there. It’s a non-holiday holiday, a glamorous holiday. Non-holiday because there’s so many paparazzi around, you can’t kind of just spend the day on the boat ». Fashion has been significant in Minogue’s working life and she’s forged long-term and often personal relationships with international designers. As well as holidaying with Dolce and Gabbana, Minogue is a muse to Jean Paul Gaultier, with whom she has collaborated with on tours and album covers, and she also took respite at the Biarritz holiday home of Karl Lagerfeld after her chemotherapy treatment in 2005. While Minogue has been delving into a country-themed wardrobe for her most recent stage performances, she says she is enjoying supporting newer labels, including Alice McCall and Ralph & Russo, for her various appearances. As we stand to leave, she muses: « I wonder what I would be like if I didn’t have this job and I didn’t have

the opportunity to dazzle up, gown up, be flamboyant … if I had a nine-to-five office job ». For someone who has had such an extraordinary career, which has included performing at the Sydney Olympics closing ceremony and being presented with an OBE by Prince Charles, the concept is bizarre. I ask Minogue what her highlight from the past three decades would be. Without a beat, she recalls: « I love the moment of first hearing Locomotion on the radio. There was a station called Eon FM, and Locomotion had been released, and there was a show called Top 8 at 8, so 8pm, but they were listener-voted songs, so it wasn’t the charts. And all of us were at home. At this time, we had the radio on, they were started at number eight, then seven, six, but the closer it got, the more dejected we became. Then they said: ‘We’ve got a new song in at number one … Locomotion, and we were just like: ‘Ahhh!’ » She squeals and her face lights up like a schoolgirl again. That was 30 years ago, when Kylie was just 20. And what about now. How does she feel to be turning 50? « I don’t know », she ponders for a minute. « I’ve been more comfortable with myself, and I think that’s something that does come with age. I was just telling my friend [50] is a lot of years on planet Earth! But to be at this age and still have possibilities and having been through some ups and downs, you know, being unwell was the biggest. So, I don’t even know how to answer that question. But I would like to think that I’ll just embrace life more, as much as possible. Yeah! »

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Happy 50th, Kylie! sincerely yours, the team of Kylie-World and all the lovers :)

Kylie... thank you for the music, your time, and briging the greatest girls as friend to my life.. Joyeux anniversaire! love you., Melanie

, e i l y K r a e D s r a e y 0 3 r e v o r o f n a f a h n t e r e i b B e v y a p h p a I H y r e v a u o y g n i h s i W ! day! d n a h t 0 5 y p p Ha F L E S R U O ENJOY Y ris T xx Love K

The happie st of birthda ys to my angel! I hope yo u have the most wonderfu l day, an d I hope this er a bring s you the most joy and sparkle! I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t put in to words ho w much you mean to me, b ut let me ju st say this; I would n ot be where I am today, living, br eathing, smil ing, laughi ng.. al ive, wit hout you.. even in my darke st times you brin g me light, than k you for everyt hi ng and I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t wai t to se e you in September!! You are GOLDEN đ&#x;&#x2019;&#x203A;đ&#x;&#x2019;&#x203A; Je ss @queenmin ogue

Kyliei,ng such an

for be Thank you though n e v e e m to inspiration donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t know it. ly you probab all the incredifor have Thank you u o y t a h t ork ble hard w ut the years. I gho done throu r your Showou fo first saw y I was 10 years hen girl tour w not wait to see can old and I r your o f r e b m e t you in Sep PPY BIRTHur. HA o t n e d l o e the v G a h u o y e hop DAY!! I al day. â&#x153;¨â&#x153;¨â?¤â?¤â?¤ c most magi ve, lots of lo zâ?¤ Laura We @lilkdmâ&#x20AC;&#x153;

st o m e h t of ou have e n o o t s . Kylie, y such â&#x20AC;&#x2122; y a d h t r bi the world people in is f o t s e i p Hap l ladyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in of so manyope this daynospeciahed the lives le way. I hYou deserve touc unforgettabas you are. best. an as special g but the onally for yeouwrith thin k you pers e you shar just han ht and lov of a kind. d I t o t t n I wa and the liguly are one ears now an have music us. You trver for 10 yywhere. You lo going an forever. d a n e e b Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ise Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not and support. We love anver prom my love r everythingn you will e fo ore tha u o y k Than eciate you m know. appr ys, a w l a e Withalođ&#x;&#x2019;&#x203A;v Ren enatalarico) (@r bourne đ&#x;&#x2021;Śđ&#x;&#x2021;ş Mel

l day.

ery specia

e your v o celebrat th love t y! Lucy Made wi da 0th Birth Happy 5

a fan n e e b e yl ie, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;v K y a d h I even t ) r i ! ! b ! r h e t v 0 rs a lo Happy 5 a e y e your 1 m 3 t ( h . 7 g 8 u 9 o since 1 um br m y m n n k you e a h h w T ! r e e t b t remem n c asse o ife and m l u y b m l a f o t deb u e part v i s s r aba o m m e a m g g n amazin for bei n self a r e u v o a y h y u o I hope yo t hday bash. En j you e e s l l i r i w le 5 0t h b br at ions and I cele e h t ber! h m t e i t w p e S in r ah xx a S e v o l Lots of

Kylie Minogue - Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday - April 21st, 2018 - London Dress : Alberta Ferretti 105 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - April 25th, 2018 - New York Dress : Diane Von Furstenberg 107 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Late Night with Seth Meyers - April 25th, 2018 - New York Dress : Michelle Manson 108 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Sirius XM - April 25th, 2018 - New York Dress : Emilio Pucci 109 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - April 26th, 2018 - New York Dress : Alice + Olivia 110 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - April 27th, 2018 - New York Dress : Gabriela Hearst 111 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - May 2nd, 2018 Dress : Mara Hoffman 113 www.kylie-world.com

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KYLIE REACTIONS When roommate asks who ate all the pizza :

The floor when I take my bra off after a Kylie show :

When your friend has already taken 765765 pics of you but you still don‘t have the bangin‘ one for the gram :

When he says he‘s into sports :

What I think I look like at the beach :

What I actually look like at the beach...wait. No. Not even like that...

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Me : I‘m not gonna go too extra on my make-up Also me :

When they ask if you want a re-fill on your wine :

The life before coffee be like :

Hairdresser : « How do you like it? » Me : «..............it‘s really nice thank you »

When you realize it‘s summer but you still have to go to work and live an adult life anyway :

Me seeing Trump‘s bullshit retweeted to my timeline :

When I ran out of doritos :

When your see your ex and his new gf approaching :

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The Kylie Times #29 • May 2018  

Check out this special birthday issue with everything about Kylie's turning 50, a focus on Specsavers, her US promo, her performances for th...

The Kylie Times #29 • May 2018  

Check out this special birthday issue with everything about Kylie's turning 50, a focus on Specsavers, her US promo, her performances for th...