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February 2018

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« We’re all human and it’s OK to make Kylie Minogue


mistakes, get it wrong, to want to run, to want to belong, to love, to dream. To be ourselves.


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4. Step back in time! 6. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU 24. Paris Fashion Week 26. News 28. Interviews 34. „Golden“ promo tour 36. EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCING 42. Kylie‘s been dancing for years ! 44. Collection 47. STRIKE A POSE 48. Fashion

Here we come back with a new issue of Kylie Times and with much more news this time! The singer has released her new single, « Dancing », that you really seem to enjoy! So we decided to focus on this song and the music video, as well as on the different formats of « Golden » and the new merchandising. We also put a few interviews that came out in the press, so you can learn more about the album. In the main news, find out Kylie at the Paris Fashion Week, check out her travel to Chile for the Formula E or the lastest info on her return in The Voice! And a little step back in time with Isa who will tell you the whole story of « Especially For You » ! We hope you enjoy this issue and that you managed to get tickets for Kylie’s promo tour! xx Laeti, En & Isa

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Laeti, February 2K18


FEBRUARY 1987 - 2018 Enjoy Yourself Tour 02/03/1990

signers afterwards. The duration of the concert was almost equivalent to the previous tour, with 15 songs plus 4 in the « Encore ». Planned VHS release for the show, recorded in Sydney Australia was cancelled in favour of an updated version of the tour following its extension into Europe in late 1991.

The Enjoy Yourself Tour is Kylie Minogue’s second tour (and first as a solo artist!) to support her album Enjoy Yourself. It kicked off on February 3rd in Brisbane, Australia. The singer did 3 dates in Australia, 16 in Europe and 2 in Asia (a total of 21 dates In My Arms on 3 continents). In France, the concert was initially scheduled at the Zenith of Paris and was moved to a 02/15/2008 smaller venue, La Cigale. At the beginning of the European tour, Kylie began to take control of her image Launched at the same time as « and musical direction. « Better The Devil You Know », Wow » and the second official the first single of her third album was also released single for « X », « In My Arms during the time of this tour, on April 30th 1990. she » was written by Kylie, Calvin sang it after the tour in Australia, in Europe and Asia. Harris, Richard Stannard, Paul The concert lasted a little over an hour, with 15 songs Harris and Julian Peake. The song and 3 in the « Encore ». The concert never came out was produced by Calvin Harris and on VHS or DVD, but a video of the Sydney show ap- Stannard and if you do some research on the interpeared on the internet in 2008. net, you will find some pictures of Calvin Harris quite young, it’s pretty funny. However « In My Arms » was the third single in England, Australia and New Rhythm Of Love Tour Zealand. As for « Wow », the song worked very well 02/10/1991 in the charts, and the video was filmed by the same Another tour that kicked off in February, on the 10th director. There are several versions of this song, esof the year 1991 to be specific, was the Rhythm of pecially with local singers: Jolin Tsai added her voice Love Tour, and it started in Australia. Kylie did not on the Taiwanese version and Aleks Syntek on the travel to Europe for this tour and only had 12 dates Mexican version. in Australia and 7 in Asia (a total of 19 dates). Kylie Wow has clearly gained more confidence on stage, and this new album allowed her to have a new sound. At that 02/15/2008 (Australie) time and just like for the other two tours, the cos02/18/2008 (UK) tumes were made by Kylie’s family and friends. It was her mother, Carol, who was in charge of this service. « Wow » is the second excerpt from Kylie Minogue’s This tour marks their last collaboration, because Kylie « X » album for Australia and England. « In My Arms would then go on to work with well-know fashion de- » was chosen for the rest of the world. The song was 4 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2K18

written by Kylie, Greg Kurstins and Karen Poole during a writing session in Ibiza, where they also composed other songs for this opus. Originally, Kylie would have liked « Wow » and « Like A Drug » as the first single but it was finally « 2 Hearts » that was chosen. The song was a real commercial success and was also certified silver disc in England. The music video was shot in Los Angeles in early January, along with the one for « In My Arms » and they were both directed by Melina Matsoukas.

than two hours of concerts, with no less than seven acts and 26 songs. Two dates changed either their venue or city : On march 11, Kylie was supposed to play at the Zenith of Nantes, and finally sang at the Galaxie Amneville and on march 17, she was supposed to sing at GelreDome Arnhem and performed at Heineken Music Amsterdam Hall. The concert was filmed in London during two nights and later released on DVD. A 3D version was played in cinemas in England and Ireland and on Sky 3D, then in other countries.

In Your Eyes 02/18/2002 Second single from « Fever », « In Your Eyes » was written by Kylie, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher and Ash Howes, and produced by Stannard and Gallagher. This song talks about the theme of sexual temptation. The song was due to be out in January, but with the success of « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » its release was delayed and it was not sent to the United States because the first single was at a very good place in the airplays of radios. « In Your Eyes » hit the charts and was certified gold in Australia and silver in England. The video was directed by Dawn Shadforth in an environment quite similar to « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head ». « In Your Eyes » is one of Kylie’s classics and is performed at almost every tour.

Aphrodite, Les Folies 02/19/2011

Cut 02/23/2000 A little less known (or even unknown) of the general public is the movie « Cut » which we talked about in a focus last year. This is a horror film directed by Kimble Rendall, with Molly Ringwald, Tiriel Mora and Kylie Minogue, who plays the character of Hilary Jacobs, a film director. On a set and annoyed by Brad’s faults, Hilary decides to humiliate him by making him look stupid in front of the film crew. She summons Brad into her office and explains how easy it will be to put someone else at his place, place, mentioning that even a monkey would do his job better ... The actor goes crazy and starts mutilating himself before cutting Hilary’s tongue... And that’s already the end of Kylie’s role in the movie (yes she dies, again...). More murders follow and twelve years later, young students decide to re-film « Hot Blooded! » despite warnings that the shoot is cursed...

Aphrodite The Folies, also known as Aphrodite Live is Kylie Minogue’s the twelfth tour and probably one of the most extravagant ones ever. The tour went on all continents and Kylie did 77 concerts over five months. It took almost a year to plan everything and repeat this gigantic show. Kylie performed for more 5 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2K18



Ok, I know we’re already livin’ the new Kylie era and maybe you’re not in a « remember the old days » mood right now, but still I’m here to make this month’s focus and if you read the last 4 Kylie Times you’ll know this one is all about Especially For You. During his March 2017 interview for the Guardian, Mike Stock said « I think the peak of the madness was when Woolworths said they had thousands of pre-orders for the Kylie and Jason duet for Christmas 1988 & asked when we could deliver. We hadn’t even thought about it! I didn’t want to do it because of the Walt Disney thing: you never see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the same poster because you don’t confuse your brands. But I felt if so many people were asking about it, then that was a vote of confidence from the public, so I had to really live up to it with a song that justified their belief. That’s where Especially For You came from »... The thing is, we can’t possibly talk about the duet without first talking about Kylie and Jason. And we can’t talk about Kylie and Jason without mentioning Charlene and Scott. And Charlene and Scott wouldn’t even be without Neighbours... So here’s the (long) story (cut as short as possible - but it’s still a bit long, so grab a cuppa lovers) of Neighbours, Charlene & Scott, Kylie & Jason, and of their beautiful duet.

SKYWAYS Contrary to what many people think, Kylie and Jason didn’t meet on the set of Neighbours in 1986, but in 1979 on the set of Australian TV drama series « Skyways ». The series (1979-1981) counts 188 episodes of approx. 50 minutes each, and was set at the fictional Pacific International Airport. It dealt with the lives of the pilots, airline staff and management team who worked there.

Jason was already in Neighbours as Scott Robinson when the first episode with Charlene aired in Australia on 17 April 1986. He was actually the first person to « meet » her (well, to get punched by her, and I’m sure you know this but Kylie punched Jason for real during the take). Kylie and Jason got on so well on the set of Neighbours that it echoed on their characters. So Scott and Charlene fall in love and from there, the couple became the locomotive of the series. Despite breaking up several times during their relationship, they end up getting married.

It was Kylie’s first professional acting role. She was only in one episode - episode 58, called « Kristy » and she played Robin, who was no other than Adam’s (Jason Donovan’s) little sister.

In the episode, they are both waiting for their pilot father to touch down, and while doing so, they are being naughty and driving crazy the assistant airport manager (and the whole airport staff after that) with In mid-1988, Kylie decided to leave the show because Jason’s big ugly rubber spider among others. the workload between her acting & her music career was impossible to manage. So in Neighbours, for her AND 7 YEARS LATER... last appearance in July 1988, Charlene leaves Erinsborough (fictional Melbourne suburb in which the NEIGHBOURS soap is set) when her grandfather gives her and Scott (SCOTT & CHARLENE) a house in Brisbane. Scott stays until he can find another journalist’s job and follow her there. In February 1986, Kylie joined the Neighbours’ team as Charlene Mitchell (nickname « Lenny »). Charlene In those early years, when Kylie was interviewed, she was coming to Ramsay Street to see her mum as she said Charlene was « gutsy » and « a tough little nut was fed-up of living with her dad after they had sepa- », adding « She’s nothing like me. I wish I was. She rated. Kylie was only meant to be in Neighbours for would come right out and say things. She would ne12 weeks but her character was so popular that she ver be afraid of saying anything, I’m much more restayed for nearly 2 years and a half (episodes #234 served ». to #777). 8 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18


The thing is that the public had a lot of trouble dissociating fiction from reality. Talking about this, Kylie The Scott and Charlene wedding was THE most fa- said « I’d have people come up to me thinking I was mous Neighbours scene EVER. It attracted over 20 really in love with Jason and getting married. They million British viewers and earned itself impressive were so excited and their whole lives seemed to be press coverage. It even made the cover of the Time revolving around it, it was really strange ». Magazine in OZ. Charlene's wedding dress was donated to the TasmaThe episode (#523) was aired on 1st July 1987 on nian Museum and Art Gallery by Grundy Television OZ TV and on 8th November 1988 in the UK, and re- in 1989. It has also been shown at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum & briefly toured Victoria and the UK. mains, to this day, Neighbours’ defining moment.

As for the wedding theme song, the rock-ballad « Suddenly » by Angry Anderson (which according to rumours was personally chosen by Kylie), it leapt to #3 of the UK charts for 3 weeks after the wedding episode was aired. And, quite ironically, the single was denied the UK #2 spot because of Kylie and Jason’s duet! But from Kylie’s point of view, it was definitely one of the hardest shoots she’d had to do.

Here is the cover of the single:

« It was a really tiring day. I must have walked up and down that aisle 20 times, while we were trying to capture the right mood, the right lights... I must have spent about 10 hours in that wedding dress ». The day before the episode screened on Australian TV, Kylie and Jason attended a Sydney shopping mall to promote it, the aim was to make them cut a replica of the wedding cake. More than 4000 fans turned up to see them - and some of them were hysterical - so windows got broken, people got crushed, injured and some fainted: it was crazy! The police and se- But, the question that was on everyone’s lips (inclucurity guards had to whisk the pair away. Kylie and ding the media) since 1986 was: « Were Kylie and JaJason had actually become bigger than the show that son dating in real life ? » had created them. 9 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

KYLIE AND JASON « Jason is not my boyfriend. We have never been involved in that way », or « Just because we’re a couple on-screen, people want to label us a couple off-screen as well. I don’t see why people can’t understand that we can be friends without having a relationship. That’s all we are! Kylie and I are purely friends », are things that could be read in OZ and UK newspapers and magazines when Kylie and Jason were interviewed during the Neighbours’ years.

But the truth is that indeed, Kylie and Jason were a couple as of 1986, and it was kept a secret for a very long time. They denied the rumours because they considered their relationship as precious and special (and that it was nobody else’s business!). They also felt it would spoil the mystique to admit they were together, for their individual careers, it was better if people thought they were single and unattached. Years later, Kylie admitted :

« Jason and I (...) had little choice but to become friends early on. Friendship did indeed lead to something more and to cut a long story short, we dated for almost 3 years. It was a unique and exciting time and I don’t know how we would have survived without each other ».

Rumours about the possible romance between them got even bigger when they were seen in Bali during one of their vacations in 1988. The island was probably not the best place to go to because many Australians go there on vacation, so Neighbours’ viewers and fans literally covered the beach where Kylie and Jason were. One of them was interviewed & said « Most of the time they seemed to be all over each other like any young couple and it’s pretty obvious that they were a couple ». Jason immediately denied « Kylie can be my friend without being my lover! We went on holidays together because my friends couldn’t come but Kylie and I have the same schedule ». Out of the holiday season they also travelled very often together to promote Neighbours so, of course, it’s logical that they were often seen in each other’s company.

« We were the only ones to really appreciate what the other was going through. We were the best of friends and the line between professional and per-

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Isa, February 2K18

sonal became ever finer. We only did what we thought was best and tried to keep our relationship under wraps. This being near impossible we tried the second best thing and did our utmost not to confirm or deny our romance. This nebulous zone made us feel safer, but I do believe that we instinctively knew what was best for us and the show, for Jason and Kylie, for Scott and Charlene ».

2 years ago, Jason admitted to The Mirror « She is definitely one of the great love affairs of my life, it was an extremely painful parting of the ways and, without doubt, I took a long time (years, definitely…) to recover from it. It was bad enough that she'd run off with anybody, but she happened to run into the arms of the greatest rock god of the period, the very guy who I secretly wanted to be. That was a pretty big punch to take ».

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU In October 1988, Kylie’s records were selling really well, and as in September 1988 Jason had also released his first solo single (« Nothing Can Divide Us As for Jason, in 2007, in his autobiography « Between ») with PWL, soon everyone was asking when they The Lines - My Story Uncut », he confirmed that « would record a duet. The public clearly wanted a KyWe wanted to keep our relationship private and hold lie and Jason song! Pete Waterman was absolutely something back for ourselves. Our fans had the ro- convinced a duet would claim the number 1 spot, but mance between Charlene and Scott to get on with, it needed to be recorded ASAP as Christmas period after all ». was fast approaching.


So, on 9th November 1988, P. Waterman and M. Aitken flew to Australia, where they spent the next The relationship between Kylie and Jason had never 36h in Mushroom's Sydney studio with Kylie and Jason really been official as far as the press was concerned, (writing the lyrics and recording the song), then they so there were no big newspaper stories when they rushed back with the finished recordings under their separated, which happened sometime during 1989. arms to London to mix the song. Jason recalled :

« We didn’t actually sing the duet together. We had to learn the song very quickly and recorded our parts separately ».

Rumour has it Kylie broke up with Jason on the phone after having met (and fallen in love with?) Michael Hutchence (but that’s none of our business anyway). It seems more likely that their relationship couldn’t work any longer because at the time, they both had very busy lives and didn’t have a lot of time to see each other anymore. Kylie had left Neighbours and was divided between OZ, UK, Japan etc...to promote her music, whereas Jason spent most of the year in London.

Waterman admitted « When I heard the finished version, I hated it. It had absolutely no passion. Mike hated it and everybody I played it to in the office hated it. But it was going to be a smash hit because of who was singing it ! » Stock & Waterman spent time remixing it, and « Somehow it came together at the last moment, so we rushed to the pressing plant and got it out in time for Christmas ».

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Isa, February 2K18

And indeed, just 3 weeks later, on the 28th of November 1988 (1 week after Kylie was at the Royal Variety Performance) the eagerly awaited duet was in all UK shops.

The B-Side to the single releases « All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine » is also a Kylie & Jason duet, and the intro slightly sounds like the Olivia Newton-John/ John Travolta duet « You’re The One That I Want ».

CHART INFORMATION The single was an absolute triumph (it had already reached silver status in pre-orders!) and made Kylie the first female artist to have her first 5 singles all sell at least 200,000 copies apiece. In the end, Especially For You sold 400,000 copies at Woolworths alone! It became the first of Kylie’s biggest-selling single in the UK until Can’t Get You Out Of My Head in 2001. In 2014, the UK Official Charts Company confirmed the duet had sold over a million copies. « The idea of a duet was taboo for a long time » admitted Kylie a few years later « Jason and I were always dead against the idea, but PWL were telling us they had thousands of pre-orders for this song that no one had ever spoken or heard about. So I guess we’ve done it because of public demand ». But of course, the duet did nothing to deter the « are they or aren’t they » rumours. The song is a beautiful, simple but yet truly romantic ballad, with luscious opening backing vocals and a gentle guitar, about lovers who have been apart for some time and that are now together again. It is written like if it was a love letter that lovers would be writing to each other. It wasn’t on the tracklist of Kylie’s second album Enjoy Yourself (except for the USA version) but it was included on Jason’s first album called Ten Good Reasons.

• UK: The song debuted at #2 and stayed there for 4 weeks, behind Cliff Richard’s song « Mistletoe and Wine », so it didn’t obtain the number 1 spot for Christmas. But in January 1989 the duet finally hit the top position (making it the first #1 of 1989) and stayed there for 3 consecutive weeks. In total the single spent 14 weeks in the charts. • Australia: It debuted #2 and stayed in that position for 4 consecutive weeks. It stayed in the charts for 16 weeks. • New Zealand: It debuted at #4 and then peaked at #2 for one week. However, it stayed in the charts for 21 weeks, making it Kylie’s longest-charting single there. • Germany: debuted at #23 and peaked at #10, staying there for 2 weeks. • Hong Kong: #1 in February 1989 and during 6 consecutive weeks.

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Isa, February 2K18

According to some other critic, the song is « a perfect 3-minute and 36 second long pop moment ». • Switzerland: debuted at #22 peaked at #2 for a sole week, but stayed in the charts for 15 weeks. • Austria: peaked at 12 for a week. • France: debuted at #39 peaked at #3 for 2 consecutive weeks and stayed in the charts for 20 weeks! • Norway: number 10 for only a week making it one of her lowest singles there. • Sweden: debuted at 15, and peaked at 12 for only a week.

TV PERFORMANCES • They performed (well, lip-synched, like everyone at the time) the song towards end 1988 on several TV shows (« Terry Wogan’s BBC1 chat show », « Top of the Pops », Des O' Connor, VTM Belgium etc...) and in 1989 on The Children's Royal Variety Performance. • Kylie performed the song during her 2001 TV Special « An Audience With Kylie Minogue », with Kermit the Frog.

AWARDS The video was nominated for the « Most Popular Video in Australia » Logie Award in 1989.

CERTIFICATIONS Australia: Gold. UK: Platinum.

CRITICS The single received many positive reviews. Most critics said the single was one of both Kylie and Jason’s strongest singles. The song is also now considered a classic. On 30 November 1988, Smash Hits gave Kylie and Jason their first dual cover and a 3-page spread in which Chief Scribe Chris Heath wrote « They’ve just made a slushy, drippy and utterly romantic duet, and it’s rather brilliant as it happens ».

• 2008: The Kylie Show The song itself wasn’t performed, but during one of the show’s excellent sketches, at some point Kylie comes across Jason in a corridor. Kylie goes up to him really excited « Hey, Hi! (it’s) Kylie! » but he doesn’t recognize her. « Hi » he says looking very shy. And then he grabs her notebook and starts signing an autograph « hmmm so..., To Kylie, Love Jason », and Kylie just laughs but doesn’t say anything. He hands the notebook back to her « Here you go » and she says « Come on, Jase, Especially For You...» and he answers « sure sure and writing « To Kylie, Especially For You, Love, Jason » pretending he’s kinda irritated with her fan request.

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Isa, February 2K18

Love, Jason » pretending he’s kinda irritated with her walk off without her, leaving her to finish the song fan request. alone before she pretends to cry. Definitely worth a watch! (Thank God for YouTube where these can all Then he goes off saying « Perfect, take care » and be seen!). she says « No, I was your co-star in Neighbours and we had a big wedding and everything ...we actually dated for a few years so...it’s Kylie, Kylie Minogue... » and he stares at her, trying to recognize her but looks really puzzled.


And suddenly his face changes « Oh Kylie! Kylie MINOGUE! That’s such a funny name...I’m sorry I’ve been so busy I’ve been promoting my autobiography » (this part looks like an advert for his book actually), so Kylie takes it to have a look at the index, she suddenly looks really disappointed and says « I’m not in it! ».

• The song was performed live during Kylie’s following tours (without Jason): - Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour - Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour - Kylie Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall

So Jason - feeling slightly awkward - says he can certainly put this incident in the next edition and calls her Keelie, before quickly walking off. This is oh so funny - and makes me want to watch the Kylie show all over again!

The Hit Factory Live Christmas Cracker December 2012


After a very long wait (24 years!), fans finally got the chance to see Kylie and Jason perform the song to• In 2014, during the 6-hour Sport Relief TV show live gether and live for the first time! from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Kylie turns Originally, the Hit Factory Live Event organized as up on stage and starts singing the song alone. Then part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for legenshe is joined by David Walliams (be careful, he mi- dary British pop label PWL and the songwriting team ght just make your ears bleed with his singing lol), of Stock Aitken Waterman was meant to take place in and they sing and dance together, pretending to be July 2012 in Hyde Park but had to be cancelled due to in love and smiling from ear to ear. severe weather conditions (heaven rainfall and mud). The event was then rescheduled on 21st December Then suddenly Jason appears and Kylie, really sur- 2012 in London’s O2 Arena and renamed « The Hit prised, walks up to him to sing with him, but he just Factory Live Christmas Craker ». It featured, among walks right past her to finish the duet with David. It is others, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Steps, Sinitta, Soso funny, the 2 guys dance together, and Kylie tries to nia, 2 Unlimited, and of course Kylie and Jason... come between them, looking for attention but they 14 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

To introduce them, Pete Waterman took the micro- Just so you know, a proportion of proceeds from phone and said « 25 years ago, I had a dream. I had a ticket sales were donated to Hit Factory Live’s desidream that we’d still be singing songs 25 years later, gnated charity, Cancer Research UK. and this one song is very special. Please Welcome Kylie and Jason! » Kylie arrived first (looking absolutely gorgeous may I say) in front of thousands of screaming fans, and then Jason arrived. They really seemed happy to perform the duet live together, dancing and singing enthusiastically. At one point Jason even picked Kylie up and twirled her round.

The performance was awesome! The Guardian said of Kylie « She exuded genuine star power and it was like seeing the Queen turn up at your child's end of term school play ». Kylie asked the crowd « How long have you waited for this for? » (There were too many screams to hear the answer, sorry) and at the end, they gave each other a hug, and that was really sweet.

Kylie tweeted afterwards « The entire audience sang along with us, thanks everyone. Amazing ». 15 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

LYRICS Especially for you I want to let you know what I was going through All the time we were apart, I thought of you You were in my heart My love never changed I still feel the same Especially for you I want to tell you I was feeling that way too And if dreams were wings, you know I would have flown to you To be where you are, no matter how far And now that I'm next to you No more dreaming about tomorrow Forget the loneliness and the sorrow I've got to say, it's all because of you And now we're back together, together I want to show you my heart is oh so true And all the love I have is Especially for You

Especially for You I wanna tell you you mean all the world to me How I'm certain that our love was meant to be You changed my life You showed me the way And now that I'm next to you I've waited long enough to find you I want to put all the hurt behind you Oh, and I want to bring out all the love inside you Oh and now we're back together, together I want to show you my heart is oh so true And all the love I have is Especially for you .... And now we're back together, together I want to show you my heart is oh so true And all the love I have is Especially for you

16 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

THE VIDEO The video was again directed by Chris Langman. Filming took place in Sydney soon after the single was recorded. Unfortunately the video was filmed during the coldest November temperatures recorded in Sydney in over a century! Kylie & Jason were freezing but certainly didn’t show it, the video radiates warmth. « I can laugh about it now » Kylie said « but we were exhausted by the end of it, we spent the whole next week recovering ». To summarize, it shows Kylie and Jason wandering around separate parts of the town looking for each other, until they finally meet up on stage, where they finish the song together. Then Jason finds the right building and runs to go to the auditions, but at the same time Kylie leaves the The video starts with Kylie standing in front of Har- building by another door behind his back. bour Bridge then we get a quick view on the Opera House and the city of Sydney. For the first verse Screen divided into 2 again, Jason on the left in front (which is sung by Kylie), we see her at a table on a ter- of a house waiting, then when he leaves, Kylie aprace. She’s writing a letter and smiling while thinking pears on the right side in front of the same house of her lover. looking for him, but he’s nowhere to be found and Kylie seems slightly desperate. Then we have more or less the same scene but this time, on a beach. We have to wait 2min20 to finally see them together. Jason arrives at the audition wearing (a vintage) suit & tie, while Kylie is already singing on stage. They finally see each other (oh god they look so in love at that very moment) and Kylie runs into his arms.

During the second verse, we see Jason on a train, he’s also smiling and supposedly thinking about Kylie. The screen is then divided into 2, Jason coming out of his train on the right looking for Kylie, and on the left Kylie is looking for Jason on a station platform, but apparently she’s not on the right platform, as there is no one there. We then see them both near a building looking at their watches, Kylie hurries up to go to an audition (a sign says « Auditions Today » and shows the way to go) but it seems Jason is not at the right place. During the chorus, we only see Kylie, singing the song alone on stage, in front of 2 people. She’s wearing high-waist jeans and a simple black long sleeve top.

Then they are about to kiss each other when suddenly the scene changes, we see photos of them both on a screen and they appear in front of it, this time finally singing together. For information, those shots are from Kylie and Jason’s own photo albums. If you look carefully, you’ll see Kylie is singing her heart out when it looks like Jason can barely stop

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Isa, February 2K18

himself from giggling (proof below with Kylie looking the nation’s 20th favourite 1980s number one in a at him like « hey would you mind being serious Jase? poll for ITV. » Lol). • Among others, the single: - was number 4 of the Top 50 Singles in the UK End Of Year Chart of 1988. - was number 32 of the Top 50 Singles in the UK End Of Year Chart of 1989. - was number 14 of the top 50 Singles in the New Zealand End of Year Charts of 1989. • When the duet went to #1 in the UK in January 1989, Kylie also signed to star in the film The Delinquents. • At the same time, Turn It Into Love reached the top spot in Japan and The Loco-Motion hit #1 in Canada.


• In 2007, Charlene and Scott were parodied as puppets in The Spencer Show promoting UK pop artist • Kylie became the first Australian TV star to win 4 Spencer. « Charlene Boomerang » and « Scott WaterLogies in one year (1987-1988) : man » both appeared in 2 of Spencer’s music videos, - Most Popular Actress - 1987 and in December 2007, Charlene and Scott recorded - Most Popular Personality on Australian Television their own track « Two Hearts ». 1988 - Most Popular Actress (Jason won the Most Popular OVERALL Actor one) - 1988 - Most Popular Music Video for Locomotion - 1988 • Kylie ended the year with a N°2 single, and also with the biggest selling UK album of 1988 (6 times This made her the youngest Gold Logie Award win- platinum! – and it was still N°2 after 6 months of rener ever. lease!). At the same time, her first UK video collection also debuted in the top slot over Christmas 1988, going double platinum within 3 weeks & remaining the bestseller until February 1989. • In 1989, British musicians The KLF released their humorous dance single « Kylie Said to Jason », which also refers to Angry Anderson singing « Suddenly ».

1987 Logies

1988 Logies

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU • In 2015 the song was voted by the British public as 18 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18


• Filipino acoustic band MYMP covered the song for their 2005 album Versions, and their first major • Big Breakfast team Denise van Outen and Johnny concert in 2005 was also named « Especially For You Vaughn made a cover of the song Especially For You ». for 1998's Children In Need. With an added boost from Steps, the track peaked at Number 3 on the Of- • The UK electropop band Imogen Styles covered the song for the 25th anniversary of Kylie’s career in the ficial Singles UK Chart. music industry. • Indonesian singer Sierra Soetedjo covered the song in her 2010 album Only One.

• Peter & The Test Tube Babies, which is a British Punk Rock band did a ... hmmm let’s say very rock cover of the duet in 1990: have a listen to it if you’ve never heard it! • French guitarist Noël Akchot’s album « So Lucky » • Japanese Band called Wink did a cover version of includes an instrumental cover of the song. And ac- the song on their second album named « Especially tually this album which we already spoke about in the For You (Yasashisa ni Tsutsumarete) ». I Should Be So Lucky focus contains 20 instrumental versions (all are covers - not the initial instrumental versions) of Kylie’s tracks and honestly, they are all worth listening to. • Taiwan pop singer Genie Cho covered the song with Leon Jay Williams in her 2009 album called « Play n Fun / 1 + 1 ».

• Although the single was not released in Brazil, the track appeared on the tracklist album of the soap-opera « Que Rei Sou Eu? » (« What King Am I? ») in 1989. 19 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

RELEASE INFORMATION The same pictures were used for all front and almost all back covers of the physical supports. Sometimes, the font is not at the same place or white borders have been added for example. Photoshoot was done by Grant Matthews (you already saw his name in the last Kylie Times for the Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi photoshoot).

• All the 7” vinyls (and the OZ cassette and Japanese 3” CD) contain Especially For You and All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine • All the 12” vinyls (and the German 3” CD) contain the Extended Versions of both songs (except for the German 12” which contains normal version of Especially For You & Extended version of All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine).

French 7” and 12” cover

OZ Cassingle

Japanese 3” CD

• The NL & UK CD’s and the French 3” CD contain Especially For You + Especially For You Extended Version + All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine Extended Version too

UK CD cover 20 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

SOME PROMOTIONAL SUPPORTS There is also this little jewel, the Japanese Promo 3” CD single (I love the back) :

UK White Label Promo 7” Front

Spanish Promo 7”


UK Jukebox Promo 7’’

Sources: personal collection and mixkylie.com 21 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18


Jan. 1987 - TV Week OZ

May 1987 - TV Week OZ

June 1987 - TV Week OZ

June 1987 - TV Week OZ

Jan. 1988 - TV Week OZ

Apr. 1988 - Time Australia

June 1988 - Woman’s Day OZ

Aug. 1988 - Woman’s Day OZ

May 1988 - TV Week OZ

Sept. 1988 - TV Week OZ

Nov. 1988 - Woman’s Own UK 22 www.kylie-world.com

Nov. 1988 - Smash Hits UK Isa, February 2K18

Dec. 1988 - Number One UK

Jan. 1989 - Number One UK

Jan. 1989 - Smash Hits OZ

Mar. 1989 - Radio Times UK

Mar. 1989 - Salut! France

Mar. 1989 - Countdown NZ

May 1989 - OK! France

May 1989 - Woman’s Own UK

Aug. 1989 - Télé Poche France

Sept. 1989 - HIT NL

Nov. 1989 - Smash Hits UK 23 www.kylie-world.com

July 1990 - Fast Forward UK Isa, February 2K18

Paris Fashion Week

Kylie Minogue has been to the Paris Fashion Week (like almost every year now) to see the latest trends in fashion. We followed her on January 22nd during this very busy day, between fashion shows and personal outings.

Kylie Minogue arrived in Paris on Sunday evening, and on Monday, at 10am, she went like last year to the Schiaparelli show under a big downpour (which summarizes the time we had in January here in Paris) , alongside Melissa George and Laura Carmichael.

After this fashion show, Kylie went back to her hotel to change, before leaving with her team to go to the CafĂŠ De Flore, a place she particularly likes and where she spent a lot of time when she was younger.

The singer then changed again and opted for a beautiful pink dress signed Ralph & Russo to go to the fashion show of the two British designers. Kylie made a sensational appearance, but just a reminder for you : the outside temperature was at that moment around 5 degrees: yes, we had on us two sweaters, a coat, a scarf, a cap and gloves. And we still feel ill.

25 www.kylie-world.com

Then Kylie went back to her hotel again to guess what ? Change for the 4th time before returning to her train (which is understandable because the beautiful pink dress by 5 degrees in the Eurostar would not have gone unnoticed!). She put on jeans and a sweet ChloĂŠ jacket, as well as boots from Biondini. Laeti, February 2K18

NEWS BACK IN THE VOICE ! Four years after appearing on the show «The Voice» as a coach, Kylie Minogue will be back soon on the tv show not in the red seats but as a mentor of one of the coaches of the English edition. So we should see her on television after the blind auditions, alongside Will I Am, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and Sir Tom Jones. Other artists like Kylie should be added to the list of names, and spend a day with the candidates of a team to give them their advice for their future. Kylie joined Sir Tom Jones’s team, and her episode will be broadcast on march on the television. We can not wait to see this, and let’s hope that we will see Kylie perform a song from her new album «Golden» during the show!


After appearing at the Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Minogue went back to London and took the opportunity to attend the 60th birthday of Jools Holland. If you do not know him, he is a pianist, who founded the band Squeeze, before focusing on his solo career. He also has a TV show called «Later with Jools Holland», which brings together well-known artists with new talents for live shows. The singer appeared radiant in a pink satin dress, with a little sweater of the same color. The birthday party took place at the Boisdale of Belgravia restaurant, and many guests were present, including Mel B of the Spice Girls, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Turner and Mary McCartney. 26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2K18

KYLIE MINOGUE IN SANTIAGO FOR THE FORMULA E Ten years have passed since Kylie Minogue’s last concert in Chile, during the X Tour. The singer went back to the country not for a new show, but for the Formula E in Santiago on February 3rd, where she was guest of honor. Kylie went first to dinner at the Palacio Cousiño of Santiago, in a Dolce & Gabbana floral dress. We saw her back the next day in one of the boxes to attend to the Formula E, where all cars are electric. The singer and her team even had the opportunity to get a short ride around the circuit in one of the cars following the race, and then she gave some interviews for the local press and meeting the various participants. Kylie wore a dress from the new Ralph & Russo collection. The singer has many fans in Chile but also South America. She was greeted at the airport by some of them, and on each of her outings she was expected to sign autographs and take pictures, and that’s exactly what she did.

THE PROMOTION OF GOLDEN HAS STARTED ! Even if some of you find this still very discreet, the promotion for « Dancing » and of Kylie’s new album has really started! The singer spent two days in Paris mid-January to promote « Golden », including with the press (interviews for « Les InRocks » and some women’s magazines were done) and for television programs (« Alcaline » recorded an interview with Kylie). These interviews should be available during the month. Our Australian girl also spent a day or two in Germany (Berlin) to answer to various questions with the local press, and also gave some interviews in England. In the following pages, you’ll be able to read some of these interview, it will give you a good idea of what the album is about and give you insight on how Kylie worked on « Dancing ». 27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2K18

INTERVIEWS ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What led you to channel country music at this point in your career? KYLIE MINOGUE: I always like to do something a little different, but the country suggestion came from my A&R guy. I’ve just been reunited with him because of my new label [BMG]. I worked with him for 10 years when I was at Parlophone. We did « Can’t Get You Out of My Head » and « Spinning Around » — all the good years were us working together. I’ll try just about anything, so when he said, « Think of a country inspiration element » I said, « Sure! » Followed by: « What do you mean? A sample? A cover? » I didn’t get it. He couldn’t really express so it, so I just went in and carried on recording and synth-pop dance songs that were more like what people would expect from me, I suppose. Then I went to Nashville in July, and it all started to make sense. We managed to find this country inspiration but bring it back into my world. It was super fun. It felt like it took an eternity to get there. You go through so much experimentation to get to a point where you go, « Okay, this is the foundation, we’re going to build on this ». Once we had those foundations after my two weeks in Nashville, everything I did when I got back to London was colored by that.

cited the « Dolly Parton » test as a songwriting tool during the making of previous records. It’s funny how things come full circle like that! Yeah, that was with [producer] Stuart Price [who worked on 2010’s Aphrodite]. Don’t ask me how it came to be — you can go a bit loopy in the studio! We must have just started singing « All the Lovers » with a country wilt and coined the phrase « the Dolly Parton Litmus Test »: If you can sing a song in that style just with a guitar, [then it works]. We used to sign off emails and texts to each other as Dolly and Kenny — they were our alter egos. But I had no idea I would be having this much of a country influence or having anything to do with country music.

Two of your collaborators, producer Nathan Chapman and songwriter Liz Rose, are known for their collaborations with Taylor Swift. Did working with them feel different from your usual process? I will say, Liz is pen and paper, which is refreshing. Most people are tip-tapping away at their computers these days. I have gone to do the dark side — I do a bit of both now, but I was holding onto pen and paper for ages. The day I worked with Liz, I said, « I have a bee in my bonnet and really want to write a song called ‘Golden,’ and these are the points I want Did you have any idea that your time in Nashville to get across ». She said, « Do you mind if I have a was going to be so fruitful? look at what you’ve written down? » She assessed I was hoping! I may have even said a silent prayer. I it almost like a doctor — fresh eyes taking a look at remember clasping my hands and going, « I just want what I’ve written and picking out the choice bits. I one song! Please! Three would be great, but I really learned a lot. Each week I had one British writer need one! » The search for not only an album’s wor- with me as my co-writer, and both of those people, th of songs but a song that’s the first [single] really Steve McEwan and Amy Wedge, had apartments in feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was so Nashville. They’re in and out of there all the time. I excited about my trip to Nashville. I had to postpone think that really helped me bridge the gap. a couple times because of other commitments, and I started to get a bit worried. I was thinking, « God, This album marks the first time since 1997’s Imposam I going to make it? I really need to get out there! sible Princess that you’ve co-written every song. Did » So I must have had this feeling or strong hope that you set out to do that, or did it just flow out of you it would do something. Once I knew I was going, I when you got to Nashville? started asking people I was in sessions with, « Hey, I didn’t intend to, I just kept writing. I recorded outside I’m going to Nashville, have you been there? » Any- songs that came in, including one that I thought was body who had spoke so glowingly about it. They were really good, but it didn’t fit in with this theme for the tripping over themselves to go, « Let me send you record. I had to say goodbye to a couple songs I was a list of where to eat, where to get coffee, who you really fond of. So as far as me writing, I found it really need to see »? It was such a sense of community, I cathartic, and then kind of celebratory as a means of felt welcomed before I even arrived. You have that being honest with myself about where I am in my life. spirit there. It was amazing. It’s something that’s I think most of my songs are normally about escagoing to stay with me forever. pism more than anything, not to say that they don’t have stories and emotions. But on this occasion, I was You’ve described the sound of this record as « Dolly conscious about wanting everything to be authentic. Parton standing on a dance floor », but this is not With songs like « Shelby ’68 », they are vignettes of a your first time finding inspiration in Dolly. You’ve story, but it’s believable — I could be the girl in that 28 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

story. That was a really conscious decision. When people talk about what makes the music of Nashville special, I think the idea of storytelling comes up more than any one sound or instrument. Did that tradition speak to you in particular? It really did. I went to the Bluebird Cafe and Listening Room, and I think almost by osmosis, just being there, [you’re inspired by it]. I’ve said it’s like being at the altar of the song. The song is king and queen. It was a writing mission, not a producing mission. Whatever songs were written there, they could have been produced in any way. I could do all the tracks on the album in a basic way, and it could still be pleasing. But I didn’t want to make an album that sounds like that. That’s demonstrated in « Dancing », where you have electronic sounds and cut-up vocals. It isn’t a campfire song in the way it’s produced, but it could be, if that’s the way you want to perform it. You could just do another Anti Tour and perform everything campfire-style. I would be in heaven! That was so much fun. I’ll take my time in Nashville and my experience making this album with me into the future. I can’t unlearn that stuff, and to tell a story is a beautiful thing. That’s not to say I won’t do [less conceptual] songs in the future. « La la la, can’t get you out of my head » — by repetition, it does something to you, even though it’s not really telling a story like the lyrics of « Dancing ». I don’t want to sound like I’m discrediting songs that are otherwise. And actually, some of the simple things are the hardest to do. If I could have 10 more « Can’t Get You Out of My Head », I’ll take them. They just don’t come around that often. I also found the vocal delivery on this album really different. The verses are a bit more talk-singing and kind of relaxed. I did it on a number of tracks, and you can hear it on « Dancing » as well. They still have big choruses, but I enjoyed doing those differently. I didn’t do that many takes. We liked the imperfection, the human quality to it. I can make myself sound like a robot, but it was a nice change to present myself as I am at this point in my life. I can’t wait to work on these songs live. I haven’t performed any of them yet. That’ll be the next truly exciting step, to do rehearsals with my band and give a different life to these songs. I’m curious myself to see how many of the songs have a big production, how many are going to be stripped back. I don’t know yet.

video for « Dancing », your dancers have Day of the Dead-inspired makeup. Is the song about death? When I’m singing along to it, well, yes, it is, but it depends on which way you look at it — I think that’s clever writing. The concept of the song was Steve McEwan’s idea, and I went, « Wow, okay, let’s go for it! » Then the director, Sophie Muller, got very excited about that part of the song. Her synopsis came back as « Dolly Parton meets Day of the Dead », so there is a lot about death. We wanted to reference it, but we in no way wanted it to be somber or scary or depressing. It’s just a fact of life, isn’t it? It’s about how we deal with the life we have. But « When the final curtain calls » could be about the end of the show! The finale of every [concert] is an end: all the trucks get packed up and you move onto the next place. So it is and it isn’t about death. The balance of seriousness and levity reminds me of how pop stars like Lorde and Sam Smith say the ideal pop song is one you can dance to and cry to at the same time. I love that! Yeah, I love that [« Dancing »] doesn’t hit you over the head. For a lot of people, it dawns on them slowly. I think using the Day of the Dead [imagery] as a means of expressing that makes it accessible. It’s almost like Halloween. I know it has its own importance, but it’s translated as beautiful, dark, sparkling dress-up. You could go to all different levels about it: You only see sparkling things in the darkness. We wanted to keep it shiny and gorgeous and dreamy, and that’s a Sophie Muller special. Some of your fans have already tweeted about how they want « Dancing » played at their funeral. That must be an unusual honor. Oh my gosh, that’s the first time I’ve heard that. That’s amazing.

The other day I saw a tabloid headline that described « Dancing » as being « all about DEATH ». At the time I thought that was a little dramatic, but in the 29 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

ROLLING STONE - « Dancing » feels like an instant Kylie classic. Oh, thank you. I'm at that stage where it's just getting out into the world, it's a weird transition period for me. It's a strange letting go of everything, although that was the point – that's what you aim for. It's an anxious time. Do you still have that nervous feeling, releasing new music, even after all these years? I absolutely do. There's a little area where nerves and excitement cross over and you're not sure what it is. It's quite surreal to me – thank you so much for the compliment – that people are reacting in such a way. We love the song, we love what it stands for, but you just never really know how it's gonna translate. It takes on a different life when it hits other people's ears. It's joyous, but there's a bittersweetness, too. « When I go out, I wanna go dancing » can be read as a reference to mortality, right? Yes. I have to hand it to Steve McEwan, one of my co-writers on the track – it really was his concept. The closest thing I've ever done is « Where the Wild Roses Grow », that I sang with Nick Cave. There's no ambiguity in that song, that's what it's about. But it remains beautiful; how he manages to pull that off I don't know. It's a crazy subject matter. But I think what's beautiful about « Dancing » is it can totally depend on your mood. On one day I might feel, particularly in its last verse, « When the final curtain falls » – well, for me, it could be about a show, that could be the end of performance in that literal sense. But yes, what we did have in mind was, at the end, you want to go out dancing. It's also not a traditional shape of a song, as well, it's verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus, as opposed to verse-chorus-versechorus-middle-eight-chorus-chorus. I took the liberty of changing the melody slightly on each verse to avoid it becoming overly monotonous.

You know when you're excited and your voice goes up an octave and double decibels? A few label reps were just testing the waters. « Would you like to go to Nashville? » And I replied « Nashville?! Yes! When can we go? Yes, yes, yes! Please! » I'd never been, and it just made total sense. If you're trying to find this element, and we were just going around in circles and not landing on it. So I was beyond excited to go. When I did get there, I basically just sort of clasped my hands and prayed: « Please, please, please, I just need one song! » And it turned out I did get « Dancing » and I got « Golden » and « Sincerely Yours » – I got three songs from Nashville. And the influence, I just wax lyrical about it: The city's so cool, it's so historic. And music, that's what you're there for. If you're not there for bachelorette night, which I now know: Nashville is the number one bachelorette destination in the U.S. My eyes were opened! We call them hen parties – total aside, but that was funny. People are there to have a good time. As soon as I met one, two people, I suddenly knew four, five people, and then I knew 10 people, and before I knew it, I'm connecting people in Nashville myself. It's such a community. To put it succinctly, I felt like I was at the altar of the song, and you get to watch all of these people perform.

Are there particular Nashville legends you've loved over the years? Dolly, Dolly Dolly! And as part of my research, I watched A Coal Miner's Daughter – that was a really good representation, but what do I know? A beautiful thing to watch. Crazy Heart. There's parts of it were totally new to me, I don't come from a family of musicians. I didn't go on the road – I kind of became famous in music before I knew what I was doing. I released a single (« Locomotion ») and it was the biggest single of the decade in Australia. Compared to a lot of Australian artists in the Eighties – certainly not someone who’d come from a TV show (Neighbours) like me. I wasn’t in a band, I hadn’t been playing grungy pubs, packing into a van and traveling around « Dancing » has a strong country element, and you the country. I hadn’t done any of that. It’s a bit like recorded in Nashville last summer – your first time the circus: You pack everything in the van, roll up there. What was it like? somewhere and entertain people and provide a bit At the beginning of last year, when I gently meande- of magic or emotion and then roll on. red back into the studio, one of my longtime producers said, « if you can think of some sort of country I saw you perform at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2009 angle or influence or feel... » For better or worse, I'm – a tiny venue compared to the arenas you play always happy to try anything. So I immediately said, elsewhere. Your connection with American fans is « Sure », followed by « but what do you mean? » special, because it’s not as huge as your internatioCountry has never played a part in my work. nal audience. And then there was the suggestion to go to Nashville. 30 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

On paper, it's not the wisest thing to do. It costs a lot. On a purely financial boring logistical note, It's not something that bean counters would say, « Yeah, that's a great idea » ! But at this point in my life and my career, I think, « Man, I really wanna go and see these people! Find a way and make it happen! » I did try and pack a lot into those shows. They felt magical. I think with this next album, we can scale it back even more and connect in a different way. I'm just so inspired by Nashville, but in no way will I do a show where I just sat on a stool. But part of the show – it's just about connection. Do a lot of the songs on Golden have a country element like « Dancing »? We really wanted each song to stand up as a song, not be dependent on bleeps and sounds – I'm not dissing those things. Now that people have heard more, I know a lot of people were nervous – « What? What do you mean country?! » – it's a flavor that I love. I can't unlearn or take out of my system what I now have from the experience of making this album. You've been frank about how difficult 2016 was, and how emotionally raw you felt in the studio. Have you ever been this vulnerable during a recording process? How do I say this? Yes, it is different for me. I know I did some songs after I'd been through my cancer treatment [in 2006]. But I didn't want an album full of songs about that, I'd just lived through it. A lot of the songs were actual escapism. When I first went into the studio [this time], I was a bit broken. I wasn't so heartbroken – I was just a bit broken. And there's a difference there. I just needed to get a few songs out, get the words out of my system. I suppose it's like, in any situation, if you hold onto something, as soon as you say it out loud to a friend or a therapist or a stranger, it just takes the weight off once you verbalize it it. This was last January and February – I went to Nashville in July, and it was by July that we started to really find the foundation of the album. I definitely wanted to be truthful to myself and therefore to my fans. They're with you for the journey – the amazing highs, beautiful stratospheric times – they're also there when you hit rock bottom. I really wanted to be truthful with it. It was pretty refreshing. I don't think I have ever gone into an album -- I haven't written a whole album about heartbreak. Just making sure that whatever I am singing is authentic. So something like « Shelby 68 » – that's an invented story, but it stems from wanting to write something that somehow links

to my family. My dad's been a bit of a Mustang maniac his entire life, basically. I played it for my dad, and of course he loved it. He was thrilled. So, the video for « Dancing »... Directed by Sophie Muller – her pitch was « Dolly Parton meets Day of the Dead ». It's not specifically Parton, but I thought it was a very bold and good interpretation of what the lyrics are. She specializes in dark but sparkly. So I've never done line dancing before in my life. I worked with a longtime choreographer of mine, Ashely Wallen, who did the choreography on The Greatest Showman. We both started wildly going down YouTube tunnels of line dancing. Consequently, I'm almost embarrassed to say, I found it really difficult to get it at first. And I get so bored in the rehearsal phase, like « Ugh, ugh, are we done yet, are we done yet? Can I go? » But I stayed for hours. I had to really figure it out mentally. « Why is this ...? It should be easy! Everyone does it! Seven-year-olds and 70-year-olds do it! Am I just really unfit? Why is it so difficult? » What we concluded was that it’s almost the opposite to a lot of the dancing that we normally do. We normally do stuff that’s really fluid in the torso, a lot of circular or figure-8 movements. You’re moving your whole body. With line dancing, God knows none of us are experts – it’s like a duck. The top half doesn’t seem to do much, and everything is happening below. The dancers were struggling as well. We’ve got our version of line dancing, and at the end of the video I’m dancing with death. It sounds grim, but it does look beautiful. But if we avoided that, it wouldn’t be true to the song. The world basically cheered when you won a tussle against Kylie Jenner over the trademarking of « Kylie ». What can you tell us about that? I’ve never met Kylie Jenner. I’ve never met any member of the family – actually, I’ve met Kendall just in passing at a fashion event – but I honestly don’t know them. It’s awkward, because fans get so loyal and vocal, and we love that! But it was nothing personal at all, I’m at pains to say. Trademark is long, it’s boring, it’s expensive, and it’s really important. I’ve been doing that for years and years. It was just causing confusion with customers. As long as it’s clear, then we can all win. What was upsetting to me was that there was – they attributed a quote to me – Yeah, « A secondary reality television personality who appeared on the television series Keeping Up

31 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

With the Kardashians as a supporting character « whose » photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts « on social media » have drawn criticism from, e.g., the Disability Rights and African-American communities » Can you imagine me saying that?! That was just unfortunate that that is how those lawyers speak. So I genuinely hope that it's understood: That certainly did not come from me. Good news is, that's all wrapped up, we didn't have to go to court. That's all done. And I'm sure I'll meet them one day. The weird thing is, in America, when I am there, they would never introduce me just as « Kylie »; it's still « Kylie Minogue ». It took so long for people to get my name in the first place. « Kyle? » « No, Kyle-E! »

32 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18

Kylie presents : Golden Kylie surprised us all by confirming a promotional tour for the release of her new album «Golden». The mini-tour will take place in five cities. By the time you read this article, the tickets will be on sale, or most likely sold out already. However, we decided to give you a little recap of the different arenas and packages that are planned.

Five dates available

or pre-order the album. This system was created to avoid the selling of tickets at incredible prices on the internet. It’s a shame the same wasn’t applied for the other European dates.

Kylie Minogue will travel through London, Manchester, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Berlin in March. It’s super cool, and and even more super cool when you check the venues’ capacity - all of them are extremely inti- Categories and packages mate, so there will be even less people than at the anti tour. Here is the information on the different There is only one category available: standing, except London where there will be a seating category, places: included in special packages. Two packs developed by LiveNation were available: Meet & Greet (London, • London (March 13th) - Café De Paris Barcelona and Paris) and Early Entry (for all the dates Capacity : 700 people apart Berlin). • Manchester (March 14th) - Gorilla Capacity : 700 people

Meet And Greet - One seated ticket on the balcony to see Kylie live Capacity : 660 people - Post-show Meet & Greet with Kylie • Paris (March 18th) - Café De La Danse - Individual photo opportunity with Kylie Capacity : 500 people - Red carpet entrance into the venue • Berlin (March 20th) - Berghain - Champagne reception Capacity : 1500 people - Bowl food and canapes served pre and post-show Kylie said « I’m so excited to perform songs from - Complimentary drinks pre and post-show (beers, my new album « Golden » in these iconic European selected spirits and soft drinks) clubs. Each of these venues is very special and – just - Merchandise item designed exclusively for package as I found making the new album in Nashville to be purchasers so energising – these shows will be new, intimate and - Souvenir Kylie tour laminate + lanyard fun. I just can’t wait to bring these new songs to life - Designated check-in with on-site concert host and of course, throw in a few surprises for my fans ». Early Entry - One standing ticket to see Kylie live Tickets selling - Early Entry to the venue floor before standard Unfortunately those small arenas mean we literally ticket-holders have to go to war to get the tickets. So much stress, - Red carpet entrance into the venue but then we should be used to it already after the - Souvenir Kylie tour laminate + lanyard already mentioned Anti-Tour and the Royal Albert - Merchandise item designed exclusively for package Hall shows. At the time you will be reading this, some purchasers of you will propably be really disapointed because - Designated check-in with on-site event staff you didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticker, and we’d just like to send you all a big virtual hug! We We will conclude this article hoping that you maare actually even considering opening up a support naged to obtain at least one ticket for the date of group - like the anonymous alcoholics, but for Kylie your choice... And if this is not the case, you need to know that Kylie has planned to do a «real» tour a ticket loss. :( little later this year ... So, in any case, you will have English dates: London and Manchester got a code on the opportunity to see her live, and let’s hope that February 13th if they registered on the site of Kylie the ticket stress will be less intense ! • Barcelona (March 16th) - Bikini

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Kylie Minogue is (finally) back with a new popcountry song, «Dancing», the first single of her new album «Golden» which is to be released on April 6th. Let’s have a look on the creation of this song, the anecdotes, behind the scenes of the shooting of the video and the different formats and remixes.


On one day I might feel, particularly in its last verse, «When the final curtain falls» – well, for me, it could be about a show, that could be the end of performance in that literal sense. But yes, what we did have in mind was, at the end, you want to go out dancing. It’s also not a traditional shape of a song, as well, it’s verse-chorus-verse-chorusverse-chorus, as opposed to verse-chorus-verse-chorusmiddle-eight-chorus-chorus. I took the liberty of changing the melody slightly on each verse to avoid it becoming overly monotonous ».

«Dancing» is the first single from Kylie’s fourteenth studio album. Initially, the song was meant to be released at the end of January or mid-February, but the leak of the single on social networks led to a premature release, on January 19th. Even if Kylie worked with many different artists on this new album, it was mainly during last summer, when Kylie was in Nashville, that the opus started to come to life. Actually, «Dancing» was written over there, with the help of Steve McEwan, Nathan Chapman and Sky Adams, and was produced by the latter. Although the song remains pure Kylie’s style, the singer has chosen to add a country influence she was able to apprehend in Nashville. Some people who had heard the song first described it as being similar to Rita Ora’s « Anywhere » with an acoustic guitar ... and for once we agree with this ! Kylie spoke about the production of the song in an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia: « You’ve got the lyrical edge, that country feel, mixed with some sampling of the voice and electronic elements, so it does what it says on the label. And I love that it’s called « Dancing », it’s immediately accessible and seemingly so obvious, but there’s depth within the song ». Some have seen references to Joshua Sasse, others to her fight against breast cancer, or to the fact that she wants to sing on stage until her death (some have compared this to a song of Dalida: « Je Veux Mourir Sur Scène » (I Want To Die On Stage). In an interview for Rolling Stone, Kylie explained the meaning of her words, including the mention of death:

« I have to hand it to Steve McEwan, one of my co-writers on the track – it really was his concept. The closest thing I’ve ever done is «Where the Wild Roses Grow,» that I sang with Nick Cave. There’s no ambiguity in that song, that’s what it’s about. But it remains beautiful; how he manages to pull that off I don’t know. It’s a crazy subject matter. But I think what’s beautiful about «Dancing» is it can totally depend on your mood.

Dancing was chosen as the 1st single, not only because it brilliantly illustrates the theme of the album, but presents the view that life isn’t always a bed of roses so we should enjoy the sparkling moments.

CRITICS Criticism from fans and the press is overall very positive. Joey Nolfi from Entertainment Weekly called it a « welcome return to form for the singer-songwriter », and believed it to be her most « refreshing » offering since her work on Impossible Princess. Sam Damshenas at Gay Times agreed, calling it a « country-pop banger » that may « become a future Kylie classic ». Matt Bagwell, writing for The Huffington Post, wrote an article defining 10 moments of Kylie’s career where she « redefined pop music », and listed Golden and « Dancing » as one of them; he called it her most « surprising » material yet.

CHARTS The song came out on January 19th on legal download platforms, and was immediately ranked very well on iTunes. Here is a small recap of the best places that « Dancing » reached: # 1: Sweden - United Kingdom - Finland - Slovenia # 2: Australia - Cyprus - Lebanon - Sri Lanka

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# 3: France # 4: Argentina - Hungary - Poland - Lithuania - Greece # 5: Ireland - Spain - Chile - Qatar # 6: Mexico # 8: Colombia # 10: Brazil Top 20: Luxembourg - Ecuador - New Zealand - Belgium - Philippines - Israel - Singapore - Netherlands - Germany.

THE VIDEO The « Dancing» music video was released on February 1st, and was directed by Sophie Muller, who also worked on No Doubt, Blur, Coldplay, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Mika, Beyoncé and Lana Del Rey or Rihanna videos. Her pitch was «Dolly Parton meets Day of the Dead.» It’s not specifically Parton, but Kylie thought it was a very bold and good interpretation of what the lyrics are. The video was shot over 2 days at London’s Bush Hall and re-imagines Kylie in collaboration with Dolly Parton on the set of ‘The Day of the Dead’, with a depiction of a 1970’s Nashville motel room. The small guitar with many crystals on it was found at a junk shop for £12. The crystals were added later, but Kylie was delighted to find a guitar small enough to be the perfect fit for her petite frame. If Kylie was kind enough to post a slow motion video of « Dancing » choreography, we still have trouble coordinating our feet and arms. The singer confessed that for her too, it was quite complicated (phew, that reassures us!):

ly difficult to get it at first. And I get so bored in the rehearsal phase, like « Ugh, ugh, are we done yet, are we done yet? Can I go? » But I stayed for hours. I had to really figure it out mentally. « Why is this ...? It should be easy! Everyone does it! Sevenyear-olds and 70-year-olds do it! Am I just really unfit? Why is it so difficult? » What we concluded was that it’s almost the opposite to a lot of the dancing that we normally do. We normally do stuff that’s really fluid in the torso, a lot of circular or figure-8 movements. You’re moving your whole body. With line dancing, God knows none of us are experts – it’s like a duck. The top half doesn’t seem to do much, and everything is happening below. The dancers were struggling as well. We’ve got our version of line dancing, and at the end of the video I’m dancing with death. It sounds grim, but it does look beautiful. But if we avoided that, it wouldn’t be true to the song ». In 24 hours, the « Dancing video » ranked number 1 on UK iTunes and number 1 trending on Youtube.

« I always thought I could learn routines quickly but this was different. So I’ve never done line dancing before in my life. I worked with a longtime choreographer of mine, Ashley Wallen, who did the choreography on The Greatest Showman. We both started wildly going down YouTube tunnels of line dancing. I’m almost embarrassed to say, I found it real39 www.kylie-world.com

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LYRICS No one wants to stay at home Nobody wants to be alone When you come knocking, I’ll be at your door I don’t ever wanna stop I’m gonna give it all I've got And when they ask me, “who could ask for more?” Can’t stand still I won’t slow down When I go out, I wanna go out dancing Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah When I go out, I wanna go out dancing Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah I wanna go out dancing I wanna go out I wanna go out, dancing This is where I wanna be With you your arms wrapped around me And fireworks reflecting in your eyes This is how I wanna feel The wine, the kiss, the music reeling Getting down, riding all the highs

Can’t stand still I won’t slow down When I go out, I wanna go out dancing Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah When I go out, I wanna go out dancing Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah I wanna go out dancing I wanna go out I wanna go out, dancing Everybody’s got a story Let it be your blaze of glory Burning bright, never fade away And when the final curtain falls We could say we did it all The never ending of a perfect day Can’t stand still (Can’t stand still) I won’t slow down (Won’t slow down)

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FORMATS « Dancing » is available in classical CD version only on the « Mardi Gras Special » pack and also as MP3 download. However, a 7’’ vinyl version is available when buying « Golden », depending on the bundle you choose: you can have it if you order the Golden Super Deluxe Bundle, Golden Deluxe Picture Bundle Bundle, Golden Deluxe Bundle and Golden Album Bundle. For your information « Rollin » will be the B-side of this disc.

Golden Super Deluxe Bundle

Golden Deluxe Picture Disc Bundle

Golden Deluxe Bundle

Mardi Gras Special Pack

Golden Album Bundle

REMIXES In order to continue to promote the single in club and radios, 3 remixes of « Dancing » have now been released: 1. Anton Powers Remix 2. Initial Talk Remix 3. Anton Powers Radio Edit Anton Power is known for his song with Phillip George « Alone No More » which ranked number 1. He has also done many remixes for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding or Selena Gomez. Initial Talk are known for the 80’s touch they bring to the songs they remix. The most famous remix from them is probably the one for Dua Lipa on « New Rules ». 41 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie’s been dancing . . for Years ! Kylie’s never the last to talk about dancing, to hit the dance floor or even to invite us to dance and here is the proof, over the years, with some of Kylie’s lyrics. « He smiled at me, asked me to dance, he told me he’d seen me before » Love At First Sight, 1988

« Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now »... The Locomotion, 1987

« Non-stop dancing the bus stop to the funky music » Step Back In Time, 1990

« Don’t talk about romance, talk about let’s dance » All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine, 1988 « You’ve got a good beat, I can dance with you » Rhythm Of Love, 1990

« Why'd you leave to find yourself? I can't dance with no-one else » Disco Down, 2000 « Like a butterfly, and I’ll dance in the Sunlight » Butterfly, 2000

« No-one else l know can thrill me like you do I only ever want to go-go dance with you » Koocachoo, 2000

« When strong hands are healing I'm dancing on the ceiling » Fever, 2001

« Please stay, my babe, who knows when we’ll dance again? » Please Stay, 2000

« I'm still standing, Keeping you dancing, yeah » Still Standing, 2003

« On the Dancefloor, gonna lose it in the music » Dancefloor, 2001

« Dance like I’m the only, only Like I’m the only lady, like you want me » Like A Drug, 2008

« Come on and dance with me yeah, slow » Slow, 2003

« Right now they're playing our song, the dancefloor is ours » All I see, 2008

« Their feet are itching to dance, their bodies ready to rock » Heart Beat Rock, 2008

« Oh, oh, oh, don't, don’t ask me to dance » Magnetic Electric, 2008

« Just the way that you dance »... « The way you walk, the rhythm when you’re dancing » Wow, 2008

« That body was made for dancing, so follow me down this way » King Or Queen, 2008 42 www.kylie-world.com

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« Ripping up the disco, raving on the dancefloor » Ripping Up The Disco, 2008

« Dance, it’s all I wanna do so won’t you dance? » All The Lovers, 2010

« Tonight, the heat of the dancefloor’s just too sexy » Carried Away, 2008

« I’m dancing like I am the only one » Higher, 2011

« What’s the point in living if you don’t wanna dance? » Better Than Today, 2010

« One more dance and I’m takin' over I need your touch » Sexy Love, 2014

« I wanna, wanna dance like it was the last dance in my life » Timebomb, 2012

« Here we are again dancing in the dark » Golden Boy, 2014

« You wanna dance but you don’t trust your feet » Fine, 2014

And of course... « I wanna go out dancing » Dancing, 2018

« Oh, we’re gonna dance tonight oh let the temperature rise » 100 Degrees, 2015

And last but not least, let’s not forget Kylie choice to sing “DANCING QUEEN” during her Intimate and Live Tour in 1998, and of course during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. #KYLIESBEENDANCINGSINCE1987 43 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, February 2K18


Golden x Merchandising As you probably know, you can now pre-order «Golden», Kylie’s new album that will be released on April 6 in several formats. The singer has reserved some exclusive surprises on her store, to discover now, in addition to a new merchandising! Put on your cowboy boots on, we will decrypt everything for you!


Golden Deluxe CD Album 1 CD €13.99

Golden Picture Disc Vinyl LP + Exclusive Portrait Photograph 1 Picture Disc €33.99 • Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card • An exclusive portrait

Golden Super Deluxe Edition + Exclusive Dancing Photograph 2 Discs + A Photobook + A Photo €56.99 • Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card • CD Deluxe (with 16 tracks) • Photobook of 30 pages • Exclusive photo of « Dancing »

Golden Super Deluxe Bundle 3 Discs + A Cassette + 3 Photos + A Photobook €112.99 • Vinyl Picture Disc of « Golden » • A download card • A exclusive photo • Vinyl with 12 tracks • An exclusive picture of « Dancing » • Cassette with 12 tracks • Vinyl of « Dancing » • Exclusive picture of « Golden » • Photobook of 30 pages

Golden Vinyl Test Pressing A signed vinyl €169.99 This vinyl is a limited edition of 50 copies, all signed by Kylie, and it was sold out within minutes after appearing on the site. • Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card 44 www.kylie-world.com

Golden Cassette 1 cassette €7.99 Laeti, February 2K18

Golden Deluxe Bundle 4 Discs + A cassette + 2 Photos €67.99

Golden Album Bundle 3 Discs + A Cassette + A photo €45.99

• Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card • CD Deluxe (with 16 tracks) • Vinyl Picture Disc of « Golden » • An exclusive portrait • Cassette with 12 tracks • Exclusive photo of « Dancing » • Vinyl of « Dancing »

• Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card • CD Deluxe (with 16 tracks) • Cassette with 12 tracks • An exclusive photo of « Dancing » • Vinyl of « Dancing »

Golden Vinyl LP 1 disc €22.99

Mardi Gras Special 2 Discs + One tee-shirt

• Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card

• CD Deluxe • CD Single of « Dancing» • Tee-Shirt « Dancing »

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Golden Deluxe Picture Disc Bundle 3 Discs + A Cassette + 2 Photos €50.99 • Vinyl with 12 tracks • A download card • CD Deluxe (with 16 tracks) • Cassette with 12 tracks • An exclusive photo of « Dancing » • Exclusive photo • Cassette with 12 tracks • Vinyl of « Dancing »

Dancing Tote £15.00 Tote bag

Laeti, February 2K18


Dancing Litho £20.00

Golden Litho £20.00

Cowboy Shirt £60.00

Numbered litho of « Dancing »

Numbered litho of « Golden »

Denim cowboy shirt with K on top and Kylie logo on the back

Dancing Hoodie £50.00

Dancing Tee £25.00

Sheriff Badge £15.00

Black hoodie « Dancing »

Grey tee « Dancing »

Sheriff Badge

Red scarf £15.00

Keyring £10.00

Kylie Waterbottle £15.00

Red scarf



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STRIKE A KYLIE POSE ! Lovers! We’re starting a new thing in this month’s Kylie Times! And we hope you’re gonna like the idea! Have you ever dreamt of striking a pose just like Kylie? Now is your chance! We’re sure you’ve ALL seen (or at least heard about) Celeste Barber... She is an Australian comedian who spends her free time reproducing/imitating or making parodies, with her means and material, of stars’ photos, most of the time in a more natural way. And it’s always really funny - because yes, the aim is to have FUN lovers, it’s not a competition. Here are some examples of Celeste’s pics, just in case you’ve never seen them :

Well you get the idea, right ? So basically, what we’d like to do it this: • Each month, we’ll share a Kylie picture with you, and we’ll ask you to reproduce it – using all your imagination and sense of style. You can do anything you like, as long as it looks like the original. You can even dress up your cat or dog, your children, grandma, grandpa, whoever you want ;-) • You can then:
 - send us your pictures at our email address: contact@kylie-world.com
 - private message us your pics via messenger on our facebook page
 - post them on instagram/twitter by identifying @kylie_wold on your pics/tweets & use the hashtag #StrikeAKyliePose • We’ll post all pictures received in the next edition of the Kylie Times, and our favourite will get the biggest space with his/her picture next to Kylie’s, and it will be shared on our Twitter and Instagram pages. So, this month, we’ll start with the GOLDEN ALBUM COVER below

Send us your pics and we’ll make you your own GOLDEN cover! This month, Isa from our team gave it a try – see it can hardly be any worse hahaha. GO LOVERS ! Get creative and surprise us ! 47 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Promo in Paris Coat : Karl Donoghue 48 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Paris Fashion Week Dress : Schiaparelli 49 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Paris Fashion Week Dress : Ralph And Russo 50 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Diner before the Formula E Competition - Santiago Dress : Dolce & Gabbana 51 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Promo in Paris Clothes : Temperley London 52 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Paris Fashion Week Coat : Chloe Bag : Lancel Shoes : Biondini Paris 53 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue - Formula E Santiago Dress : Ralph And Russo 54 www.kylie-world.com

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Kylie Minogue in London Shirt : Gucci 55 www.kylie-world.com

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The Kylie Times #26 • February 2018  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on « Dancing » and « Especially For You », Kylie Minogue at the Paris Fashion Week, everything about t...

The Kylie Times #26 • February 2018  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on « Dancing » and « Especially For You », Kylie Minogue at the Paris Fashion Week, everything about t...