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TIMES December 2017

THROWBACK : A Kylie Christmas FOCUS : Got To Be Certain DIY : Christmas Baubles

WITH ALSO : - Kylie‘s holiday in Thailand - Covent Garden‘s Christmas lights - Swinging Safari premiere ...and more !


Kylie Minogue

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icons usually have some tragedy in their « Gay lives, but I’ve only had tragic haircuts and

Laeti, December 2K17


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Hi Lovers ! Here we are back for the last edition of 2017. This year we did not have a concert or a Christmas album to provide news about, so we decided to fill this gap with a throwback of « A Kylie Christmas » and many DIYs to enjoy this holiday season. You will also find the last pages of the Bullet Journal, which we hope you liked! Isa has prepared an ultra-full focus on another Kylie’s single, « Got To Be Certain », you will find the latest news, and Kirstie is back with the Kylie Reactions, a column that will make you laugh for sure ! Have a good holiday season, a merry Christmas, and don’t forget that Kylie will release new songs in a few weeks! See you next year, Laeti, En, Isa x Kirstie 3 www.kylie-world.com

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988 r 15th 1 e b m e c De ecret It ’s No S

Decembre 21st 19 88 Turn It Into Love

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Decem be Better r 3rd 2010 Than T oday

December 6th 2004 I Believe In You

December 1st 2008 Lhuna (Feat Coldplay)

December 11th 2000 Please Stay

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December 14th 2009 DVD Live In New York

Decembe r 29 I Should B th 1987 e So Luck y

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GOT TO BE CERTAIN Mike Stock reported in a recent interview (March 2017) for the Guardian « ... Kylie was the complete package. Unfortunately, we’d insulted her when we recorded I Should Be So Lucky, and she left not having had a happy experience. We didn’t know we had a hit on our hands and so when it went to No 1 for so many weeks, someone said: « What’s the follow-up? », but we didn’t have one. So I flew to Australia at the start of 1988 and met her in a bar with Jason and her manager. I basically crawled 100 yards on my knees and apologised profusely. She took it well and we did some more recording in Melbourne...At least this time I had the songs ready, the lyrics typed up and everything in order ». Here’s the whole Got To Be Certain story...

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When Mike Stock flew to Australia in February 1988, he had 3 « newly » written tracks for Kylie to record: It’s No Secret, Turn It Into Love and Got To Be Certain. Each of these could easily follow the I Should Be So Lucky archetype of pop perfection. The 3 songs were recorded in 2 different Melbourne studios: RBX in Richmond and Allan Eaton in St Kilda, and Got To Be Certain was chosen as follow-up single. I wrote « newly » between brackets because Got To Be Certain was actually initially not written for Kylie.

Indeed, unlike her previous single, the song was initially written for and recorded by British model-turned-singer Mandy Smith (who was also signed up to PWL at the time) and was supposed to be on her debut album, also produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman. However, for unknown reasons, Mandy Smith’s version didn’t make it on the album.

Just as a side note, at the time of these recordings, Kylie was also working on Neighbours, so she would go filming at 5am and would go recording at 6pm, so this was a very tiring period for her. But in the UK, the timing was perfect to release a new single, as Mike Stock later explained : « Neighbours was being moved from before the lunchtime news on a Wednesday to every day before the evening news. So we had an advert for her on the BBC every single day, which made it worth putting all our effort into her ». Released on 2nd May 1988 in the UK, Got To Be Certain has that dance-pop song funky, irresistible melody. It was a safe choice, as it was instantly recognisable as a Kylie record and was 3 minutes and a half minutes of pure fun.

In most countries including the UK Got to Be CerStock even denied that Mandy had actually recorded tain is Kylie’s second official single, but in Austrait in « The Hit Factory: The Stock Aitken Waterman lia, it was the third. Story » book, but it was finally discovered, and was released in 2005, as a surprise bonus track on CD2 If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll notice it’s quite of the Compilation Album « Stock Aitken and Water- a sad song for such an upbeat tune. Indeed, Kyman Gold ». lie laments having her heart broken and says how much she needs to be reassured before jumping Mandy’s version was also added to the 2009 re-issue into another relationship. It’s one of the catchiest of her album. hits of Kylie’s early singles, mainly thanks to the « woah woah woah » that we all love, in the middle The backing track of Kylie’s version is virtually identi- section. cal to Mandy Smith’s take, but the lyrics are slightly different (have a listen to Mandy’s version on YouTube if you’ve never heard it, it’s worth it). 8 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, December 2K17

Basically, the single got a top 10 position virtually everywhere, including in countries where Neighbours had never aired. This indicated that Kylie had a future in music and also that her success was not only dependent on her association with Neighbours. In fact, when she recorded the song, she had already decided to leave the show to focus on her pop career, and returned to London as soon as her schedule permitted to record the remainder of her debut album at PWL. And by the time Got To Be Certain was released, she had already filmed her final scene in Neighbours.

CERTIFICATIONS • Certified Silver in France and in the UK. • It was the 12th (out of 50) Top Single of the Australian ARIA 1988 End of Year Charts (I Should Be So Lucky being the 5th).

CHARTS In the UK, the single debuted at #15 before climbing the charts in the weeks that followed and peaked at number 2, remaining there for 3 weeks. The top stop was held off by Wet Wet Wet. Outside of the UK, the song was also very successful. It reached number 1 in seven countries, including Finland, Belgium and Israel. It peaked in the top 10 in many countries including Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany and New Zealand. Actually in New Zealand, it peaked at number 2 and stayed in the charts for 14 weeks, making it her most successful single in the country at that time. In Sweden though, it only reached number 19. In Australia, it became her third consecutive #1 and the first single ever to enter the charts in that position. It stayed in the top spot for 3 weeks. It lodged itself at #3 in the Eurochart Hot 100. 9 www.kylie-world.com

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LYRICS You keep on asking me, Why can’t we be together? I keep saying won’t you wait a while What’s all the hurry? I thought we had forever I just need time ‘til I can make up my mind I’m not asking for, a love to last forever I don’t expect to get a guarantee It’s just that I believe Lovers should stick together I’m only saying, won’t you wait for me I’ve got to be, got to be certain I’ve got to be so sure I’ve had my share of hearts broken And I don’t want to take that any more I’ve got some friends who say Boys are all the same They’re only looking out for just one thing

I’m only hoping that You won’t turn out like that I need some time ‘til I can make up my mind Been hurt in love before But I still come back for more Was such a fool I couldn’t stop myself If you believe in me If you want our love to be I know you’ll wait for me, oh, oh, oh, oh I’ve got to be, got to be certain I’ve got to be so sure I’ve had my share of hearts broken And I don’t want to take that any more Woah, Woah, oh, oh, oh I’ve got to be, got to be certain I’ve got to be so sure I’ve had my share of hearts broken And I don’t want to take that any more

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chorus, which takes place on the rooftop of the T&G (now KPMG) building in Melbourne’s Collins The videos (yes, 3 different versions of the video Street. She’s walking, singing and twirling around were produced!) were again directed by Chris Lang- for the camera. Her skin is slightly tanned, she man and all scenes were filmed in Kylie’s birthplace, looks gorgeous and more mature with her hair let down. She’s wearing a black boat-neck dress Melbourne. and golden earrings. As William Baker put it « she Why 3 videos? To be honest, I’m not too sure, but looked more chic and every inch the Australian sometimes alternate videos are made for internatio- dream, she was the perfect figure of health and nal markets. Anyway, all 3 versions are all about 80’s vitality, with her white teeth gleaming, hair a perfect honey blonde and skin as gold as coins…». fashion and perms.

VIDEO 1 (Original Version) In this version most scenes take place in a canvas room/artist studio (which doesn’t appear at all in the other videos). The video starts off with different scenes of Kylie making funny faces and joking around. Up until the chorus, Kylie is in the canvas room, just walking around, singing and stopping next to blank canvases on which paintings then magically appear. The room contains a step ladder and furniture covered in white sheets. In these scenes she’s wearing THE super famous skin-tight red t-shirt dress with a gold kilt pin bearing the word AMOUR and the Red or Dead platform shoes (outfit she’s wearing on the cover of the single).

During the chorus, she is walking along Melbourne’s Yarra River, dressed in high waist jeans and a big black belt, with a tie top/crop top with nautical style long, striped sleeves. She’s got a red and black headband with her curly hair everywhere all over it and big earrings. After that she’s back in the canvas room until the 2nd

Then it’s the « woah woah woah » part. First she’s on a carousel, at Luna Parc with THE red dress (and black gloves this time which she grasps the horse’s pole with – and that could have been judged as soft porn at the time back then lol). According to Baker, the merry-go-round « hadn’t been oiled since Kylie was born judging by the way that it jolted every time the horses moved up and down ». Then during the music interval, she’s back on the rooftop.

Then until the end of the video, we see her again on the merry-go-round, on the rooftop and then walking along the Yarra River. To conclude the video, we can see the red dress on a table with a paintbrush on it, and the camera makes a zoom when Kylie then puts the AMOUR badge over it.

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VIDEO 2 (Alternate Version) This video shows scenes that we already see in version 1. A long rooftop scene to start with then merry-go-round, chorus near the Yarra River, then back on the rooftop. Only the 2nd chorus is the different part. Kylie is walking along the Yarra River again, but this time she’s wearing a black t-shirt, with a red bolero over it, a green bubble skirt and a big red and black Ascot style hat and black gloves. What a mix of colors! She’s hard to miss! As usual then it’s the rooftop scene and chorus near the Yarra River. Then back to the coffee house, Kylie is walking around a table of friends (exactly when she sings « I’ve got some friends who say boys are all the same »). And again back to the rooftop and near the Yarra River with her colourful outfit. For the « woah woah woah » part, this time Kylie is dancing and having fun in the coffee-house with her friends (making this video a bit livelier than the other 2), and then chorus takes place on the rooftop. The end of the video are different bits and pieces of all these scenes and outfits, with Kylie making funny faces and messing around (like at the beginning of video 1), and walking off on her tiptoes at the end (well on the tip of her Red or Dead shoes).

Then basically it’s rooftop and carousel until the end (a lot of it being filmed on the rooftop).

VIDEO 3 (Official Version) The video starts off with Kylie being filmed during the photoshoot that would then be used for the single’s promo pics and covers. The big difference with this video is she spends half the time in a coffee house, wearing the nautical-style crop top. She first stops at the bar to sing to the camera, and we can see there are people sitting at tables behind her. 13 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, December 2K17

DID YOU KNOW ? • Got to Be Certain was influenced by the song « Take Me Up » by Scotch. • Mike Stock did some of the backing vocals for this track (actually he also did some for I Should Be So Lucky and Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi). • In the UK, it was the 1st time Wet Wet Wet stopped a Kylie song from getting to Number 1, but not the last. In 1992, Give Me Just A Little More Time missed the top spot because of their song Goodnight Girl, and in 1994, Confide in Me never got to number 1 because of their song Love Is All Around. • Contrary to I Should Be So Lucky and The Loco-Motion, Got To Be Certain was not released in the USA. It’s No Secret was released instead, in November 1988 (you’ll read more about it in a future Kylie Times). • William Baker explained that the red dress and Red or Dead shoes ensemble was the first sign of an English fashion influence on Kylie. In the UK, the kilt pins with slogans had then won the award for accessory of the year. Red or Dead was a rather new British fashion brand, so Kylie was becoming international. • The photoshoot to promote the single and which was used for the single cover was done by Lawrence Lawry, who also did the photoshoot for Kylie’s first album cover, among other very famous photos of her. Here are our 6 faves!

LIVE PERFORMANCES Got To Be Certain was performed during all of Kylie’s following Tours: • Disco in Dream • Enjoy Yourself • Rhythm of Love • Let’s Get to It • Showgirl: The Greatest Hits • Showgirl: The Homecoming • Anti-Tour • Kiss Me Once (during the Dollhouse Medley). She also performed it during the Kylie Show (one-off television special aired on ITV in November 2007).

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Isa, December 2K17

RELEASE INFORMATION The same picture was used for all covers of the physical supports, they more or less all look like this:

• The UK CD (pic below) contains the extended version, the « Out For A Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix » as well as I Should Be So Lucky.

• All the 7” vinyls contain the original and instrumental versions of the song.

• All the 12” vinyls (except the French one) contain the original and extended versions, as well as the « Out For A Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix ».

• The Australian Cassingle and the Japanese 3” CD (pics below) also contain the « Out For A Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix ».

• The French 3” CD contains the original version, the « Extra Beats Boys Remix » and Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.

All covers are identical, except for the Spanish one, where the font is black:

• The French 12” vinyl contains the original version and the « Extra Beats Boys Remix » (which is a mix that can only be found on remix vinyls otherwise).

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Isa, December 2K17

For information, in 2009, Itunes released PWL archived ‘remixes’ as a digital EP, and it contained a couple of mixes/versions that had never been heard before such as the Got To Be Certain Backing Track, or the Instrumental version of the Out for a Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix.

Remix Vinyls There are three 12” Remix Vinyls containing the 7” version, the « Out For A Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix » as well as the « Extra Beats Boys Remix ».

German Cover Promotional supports They all contain the original version and the « Out For A Duck, Bill, Platter Plus Dub Mix ». The German promo cover looks like all the other covers, and there is a white label OZ promo 7” which is not worth putting here (well you know, label is white, so not much to see) but here are some others.

OZ Cover

Japanese Cover UK Cover 16 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, December 2K17

Italian Jukebox Promo 7”

Spanish Promo 7”

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Week #51

December 18th - December 24th

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Lyrics of the week:

Thu 21st

• Turn It Into Love‘s 29th b-day!

Fri 22nd

Sat 23rd

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Week #52

December 25th - December 31st

Mon 25th

• Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned‘s 10th b-day! (RIP Astrid)

Tue 26th

Wed 27th 20 www.kylie-world.com

En, December 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 28th Fri 29th

• I Should Be So Lucky‘s 30th b-day!

Sat 30th

Sun 31st 21 www.kylie-world.com

En, December 2K17


A Kylie Christmas

Christmas is coming and this year we will not have any new Christmas album or new Christmas shows. A good thing for some of you, a drama for others. We decided to make a small throwback of the best moments, to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Christmas and relive all these good memories.

1 The choice of the place

2 The choir and the musicians Recalling a bit of the BBC Proms In The Park at Hyde Park, Kylie used a choir, musicians from an orchestra, and of course, her current musicians. The orchestration was made by the incredible Steve Anderson, who knows how to make the songs and their versions unique, and gives a different dimension to the songs.

The three concerts took place in the Royal Albert Hall, a legendary venue in London, and probably the prettiest. Kylie had already played there several times, but Kylie Christmas was her first time as a headliner. The building, oval in shape, measures 83 meters by 72 meters and has a dome at its top of 41 meters. It is from this place that the balloons were launched at the end of the concert. The arena can accommodate 5500 people, and to our surprise, no matter your location, the view is still amazing. We were at the top bottom in 2016, which gave us a great perspective of the place, and allowed us to admire the lights and the disco ball. The only disappointment is perhaps not having organized any concerts in Australia to allow fans from the other side of the world to have their Christmas show too.

3 The setlist Special mention for the setlists of the three concerts that particularly surprised us. We expected to have only Christmas songs, and no! A mix was made between the great classics of the singer and the Christmas songs, which pleased everyone, including friends that I took to the concert and who did not


30 minutes This is Kylie’s time to sell the tickets for her first concert at the Royal Albert Hall. With the Anti-Tour, it is actually the first time that we see such craziness for one of the concerts of the singer, and obviously no one was ready, not even the site of the Royal Albert Hall, which caused major nervous break-downs to everyone!

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It’s more or less the number of musicians who accompanied Kylie on stage for her three concerts, one of the most important configurations she had for her own shows.

Laeti, December 2K17

really know the songs of Kylie. It’s been mentioned just above but let’s say it again - Steve Anderson is simply a star with his music!

4 The pop-up store

6 12 Days Of Christmas

Yessssss! Thank you Kylie and thank you to her team for organizing this for the second year, the opening of a pop-up store! Everyone could access it and buy Christmas decorations, exclusive merchandising but also visit a small exhibition gathering the singer’s costumes of the previous year, as well as the famous lips sofa that opened the shows of KMOT.

5 The presence of Dannii Minogue For the first year of the Kylie Christmas show, Dannii Minogue blessed us with her presence to sing 100 Degrees with her sis. A surprise we all hoped intimately but that we did not think was possible (some of us even googled flighat from Australia to London wondering if she could really make it....). Well, the fact that it really happened was a TRUE Christmas miracle for all the fans!

Kylie wanted to make some surprises during her concerts including taking back songs well known to the English people, such as 12 Days Of Christmas, which she sang with the audience. Some of the English guys were already struggling to sing the lyrics (at this point in the show, the alcohol had obviously made its effect on many), but imagine people from outside England who did not know this song AT ALL. Epic fail considering the fact we ALWAYS know the lyrics at Kylie shows...

7 The atmosphere We do not know if it’s the fact that the arena is smaller, that we really fought for our seats or if it was the spirit of Christmas, but one way or another the atmosphere during these three concerts really was incredible. To share this with friends, to see Lovers from different countries, to get together to see Kylie ... so many things that made this event memorable. We hope that this article has brought back good memories, and if you want to get back into the mood, do not forget that a movie was made during the first concert of the Royal Albert Hall in 2015. If you prepare your Christmas tree or the Christmas dinner, it will be the best moment to play it and to be in the mood!



This is the number of guests that Kylie hosted on stage for duets on the three dates. Chrissie Hynde and of course Dannii Minogue for the first year, and John Grant, Olly Alexander and Katherine Jenkins for the second year. These were present on both concerts.

It is (if we have not forgotten any) the number of costumes that Kylie had for the two years of the Kylie Christmas shows, 6 at each concert.

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Laeti, December 2K17


A Kylie Christmas At the occasion of the end of the year holidays and as Kylie did not do much for this Christmas, here are some activities to do at home, to spend a Kylie Christmas at home!


Little Christmas Cookies Ingredients (12 people - 50 cookies) For the cookies

• 700g of flour • 150g of butter • 250g of honey • 170g of sugar • 4 teaspoons of gingerbread mix • 4 tablespoons cocoa • 1 packet of baking powder • 3 egg yolks • 10cl of milk • A pinch of salt For icing • 250g icing sugar • The juice of a small lemon

In order to achieve this recipe in the best conditions possible, we advise you to turn on your tv or your speakers with either the DVD or the CD Kylie Christmas, just to be in the mood !

1 The pastry base

Take the pastry base out of the fridge about an hour before using it. Knead it for a few minutes. You can First step of the recipe, the pastry base, which must then take out the pieces of different shapes: Christbe prepared the day before. mas trees, snowmen, stars ... Or make your own shapes (hint: the K tag!) In a saucepan, melt butter with honey and sugar over medium heat, stirring continuously. Once the mix- For this, spread the pastry base about 3 mm thick and ture is homogeneous, remove the pan from the heat. start cutting your cookies. Then put them on baking In a large salad bowl, mix the flour, gingerbread mix, sheets lined with parchment paper and bake at 180° cocoa, baking powder and pinch of salt. Then add the for 12 minutes. Once cooked, let them cool down. mixture obtained previously, and mix it to obtain a homogeneous pastry base. Let stand for 15 minutes.

3 The icing

Add the egg yolks and milk, and knead until smooth. Arrange it in a salad bowl, covered with a freezer In a small bowl, mix the icing sugar with the lemon film, and leave it in the fridge for the night. juice. Add the lemon juice little by little to obtain the consistency of a very thick cream. If your icing is too liquid add a little icing sugar. Put your mixture in Make the cookies ! a small freezer bag or use a pastry bag to decorate


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Laeti, December 2K17

your cookies as you please! Let them dry for a good half hour and enjoy!


Make your own Christmas baubles Another idea for Christmas, the decoration of your own baubles. Kylie had released some last year which were really pretty, however the quality was unfortunately not fantastic, mine having broken in my lugguage before even reaching the tree (Merry Christmas yeaaah ... I was delighted). So I offer you a little tutorial, if like me, your baubles have not held the shock of travel, or if you simply didn’t purchase them, you can do it yourself.

1 With transparent baubles Many stores sell transparent Christmas baubles, which allow you to customize them in thousand ways. You can for example buy small multicolored beads and a tube of glue, and pour the glue inside the transparent ball. You will only have to add the pearls, and you will have a pretty original Christmas bauble!

In the same idea, the paint: let it flow inside and you will have a beautiful personalized Christmas baubles! In addition, you can only let some inside, and have a half-color bauble, which is a pretty original idea!

Transparent balls are also super nice when you add elements of decorations, like small multicolored stars. It’s pretty easy to find it in creative stores, and you can customize them any way you like, in the color of your Christmas decor.

25 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, December 2K17

2 With colorful baubles If you want to stick perfectly to Kylie’s Christmas baubles of last year, it’s simple: buy red, white and yellow baubles, as well as glitter of different colors and some liquid glue. Put down the glue with a brush, and you just have to add the glitter on top of it with another brush. The cool thing is that you can write what you want and not just the K. So you can do a K Y L I E with five balls, which is fantastic.

If you go for it and create a masterpiece, do not hesitate to send us your creations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Diy to print We have prepared small stickers to stick on your Christmas presents (because we all know it’s a real hassle to find Kylie’s one). We hope you’ll like it !

26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, December 2K17

27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, December 2K17

NEWS Kylie to switch on the London Christmas lights This year we did not have a new Christmas album or new concerts, but Kylie still joined the celebrations in London and switched on the Christmas lights in Covent Garden, in London, on November 14th. In a faux leather dress with lace sleeves designed by Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini (it looked like she was covered in snowflakes, she is completely in the Christmas spirit) with waders, Kylie went all into a gothic and glam style, which suited her well, and which differed a little from what she wears all the time. She lit up the city with Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup artist, along the mascot of Children In Need, the Pudsey Pooh (and Kylie looked very happy!)

A little party with Nick Cave We found Kylie again on November 23rd, in London, at a party organized by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at Loulou’s Club. The singer arrived in a beautiful dress with long sleeves, and it was again quite different from what she tends to wear for her public appearances. This dress was created by Susie, Nick Cave’s wife who sells her clothes under a nickname, « The Vampires Wife ». Kylie had also been to Italy last month, where she tried different clothes of the designer. We also applaud the high heels and open boots that she wore (you can check them in our fashion section). They were not only beautiful, but also confirmed our suspicion of a new trend in the business: boots and waders (well we advise you to take close boots, to avoid the flu).

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Laeti, December 2K17

A break in Thailand Before heading to Australia for the Swinging Safari premiere, Kylie took a few days off in Thailand, alongside her makeup artist Christian Vermaak. The singer traveled to Phuket before going to Bangkok, where she ate at the Mandarin Oriental, in the Michelin starred restaurant of Arnaud Dunand Sauthier. Of course, Kylie did not miss the opportunity to share some photos with us, and what we can say is that she just looks gorgeous !

NEWS IN BRIEF Kylie to return with Mushroom Records for her new album

The premiere of Swinging Safari Kylie is finally back in Australia for the premiere of the movie Swinging Safari, which will be released on January 18th. She was with the entire cast (including Guy Pearce, with whom she reunited om screen for the first time since Neighbours), and was looking gorgeous in a beautiful long dress.

Thirty years on since first signing to Mushroom Records, Kylie is set to return home to the label for the release of her new album. Following on from her worldwide signing in February, BMG have agreed to a new deal that will see the singer’s forthcoming LP released through Liberator Music in Australia and New Zealand. The last Minogue album to be released on the Mushroom label in Australia was 2003’s Body Language. Kylie On Stage exhibition continues tour in Australia If you are in Australia and you have not seen the Kylie On Stage exhibition yet, it has just stopped at the Geelong Gallery, and will be there until March 4, 2018. You can check out all the stage costumes of the singer and the evolution of Kylie’s career on stage, with the creative procession behind each tour. Do not miss it if you’re in the area !

She did several interviews with the press, where she talked about her role in the film but also the filming. She has also confided her next album which will be released in a few months, and added that a tour was planned for the end of 2018 ... and that there will of course be shows in Australia! We will do a full focus on Swinging Safari next month, as well as on the different interviews that Kylie did. Meanwhile, we let you check out the photos and see how beautiful she looked! 29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, December 2K17


Kylie Minogue - London Coat : Dolce & Gabbana

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Laeti, December 2K17

Kylie Minogue - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ party at Loulou’s club in London Dress : The Vampires Wife

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Laeti, December 2K17

Kylie Minogue - Covent Garden, switching the Christmas lights on, London Dress : Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

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Laeti, December 2K17

Kylie Minogue - Phuket, Thailand Dress : Cocofennell

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KYLIE REACTIONS LET’S PARTY !!! Thinking about going out tonight Pros: 0 Cons: 99

Love At First Sight starts playing Friends : « don’t... » Me:

3 hours later :

The day after saying « I will never drink again »

Running away from the annoying guy in the club like...

34 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, December 2K17

THE NEW ALBUM IS COMING... Kylie last year when the album was coming soon

All the Lovers when we realise the album will actually be out SOON now

WE ALL LOVE KYLIE ! When someone says they don’t like Kylie...

Me when someone says Kylie but they mean Jenner

ACT LIKE A QUEEN Turning up to your ex’s funeral like...

Reading daily fail comments saying Kylie uses too much botox

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Kirstie, December 2K17

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #24 • December 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on "Got To Be Certain", throwback on "A Kylie Christmas", DIY : Christmas Baubles and more !

The Kylie Times #24 • December 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on "Got To Be Certain", throwback on "A Kylie Christmas", DIY : Christmas Baubles and more !