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FOCUS : Kylie Collections of the Lovers

TOP : Why Kylie should run for President

Hello Lovers ! We would have liked to have a longer editorial, with lots of stuff to tell you, but Kylie is in the studio and not posting much on the networks, so we do not have much to tell you either. We tried to make you a complete edition with a focus on the X Tour, the Bullet Journal, a focus on Kylie in the studio, Kylie’s birthdays over the years, or a top on why she should run for President... And Nicole made you the most interesting article in the history of the Kylie Times: all these questions you are asking yourself and where you wonder if Kylie is thinking of them too. Have a nice read ! Laeti, En, Kirstie, MÊlanie & Isa



MAY 2017, #19

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar X Tour 8. BULLET JOURNAL 18. A pointless article about nothing 20. Let‘s Celebrate ! 22. Kylie Collections 28. Why should Kylie run for President ? 30. Focus : Studio, studio, studio 31. A Meeting With Kylie 32. Fashion



TO 05/0B2E CERT /1998 AIN

SHOCKED 05/20/1991

X TOUR 05/06/2008

TIMEBO 05/25/20MB 12

PUT Y OUR 05/29/HANDS UP 2011

4 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17



More than 74 complete shows, one (almost) world tour, costumes all more crazy and an amazing setlist ... What could we expect more for the X Tour? Let’s have a look back on an incredible tour, which celebrates this year its 9 years. I keep a special memory of the X Tour because it is the first concert of Kylie that I went to. I was 15 years old, and I harassed my parents for tickets to go and see her for my birthday. The amazing thing is it worked and it was also their first concert. It was kind of funny because while we were queuing up to get into the arena, everyone was asking my parents questions like «how long have you been a Kylie fan for ?» or «what concerts have you been to?». I let you imagine their depressed look in reply: no no we never saw her, it is our daugh-

ter who is a fan, not us. And the atmosphere at the concertwhen none of them recognized any song at all. The only thing my father said at the end of the concert was: it was good but the music was too loud. Well, ok. I no longer live with them anymore now, so now I can go where I want on my own when I want and that’s really cool. They never went to any other Kylie show after that, but they still love her and like to listen to her even though sometimes I talk about her too much, so they get bored and ask me to shut the fuck up.

Australia. Kylie performed more than 74 concerts: at the beginning, only the European tour was announced, but a second part in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and South America was added. This tour was extended in North America in 2009 and was called «For You, For Me ». The setlist and costumes were similar to the ones of the X Tour.

The scene was quite minimalist, in three parts, while being close to the public. No catwalk, but a central scene which looks like a giant dancefloor was built, with a screen Back to the main topic. The X at the back on which images and Tour is the 10th tour of Kylie, fol- videos were being projected. On lowing the release of her album the sides, two small scenes were X in 2007. It started on May 6 in installed for the band and the back Paris in France and ended on De- vocalists. cember 22, 2008 in Melbourne, 5 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

7 acts and costumes each more incredible created by Jean-Paul Gaultier The concert was divided into 7 different acts, with an « Encore » of 4 songs. Xlectro Static: The concert opens with a futuristic video that reveals Kylie’s face, made out of dots of different colours. Kylie arrives perched in a large circle with different wires while singing «Speakerphone» and then «Ruffle My Feathers» and «In Your Eyes». Cheer Squad: The second act begins with a tribute to Toni Basil’s hit called «Mickey», with Kylie and her dancers dressed as cheerleaders. A perfect environment to interpret "Heart Beat Rock", "Wow" and "Shocked"! Kylie later stated that this act was her favorite of the concert. Beach Party: I think this is the part I like the less, I found it a bit ‘kitch’. The act begins with "Loveboat" and continues with a cover of Barry Manilow’s song «Copacabana», before Kylie sings her hit "Spinning Around". At the first performance, the song "That's Why They Write Love Songs" was interpreted and then removed. X-Posed: An incredible entry: Kylie appears on stage on a silver skull to interpret "Like A Drug". The skull gradually comes down and ends up on the stage, then she sings "Slow" and "2 Hearts". This act is definitely a fan favourite, but unfortunately could not be reproduced everywhere because of the size of some concert halls. Naughty Manga Girl: The Asian fans must have been happy! A pyramid arrives on stage and opens, leaving room for a Kylie dressed as a Japanese manga to sing "Come Into My World", "Nu-Di-Ty" and "Sensitized". We congratulate Kylie who fell only once in this act, because when you see the heels she had during this scene, it's hard to believe she managed to stand up 99 % of the time ! Starry Nights: Probably the most emotional part of the concert: Kylie appears in a long blue satin dress to perform a new song : "Flower", and a ballad version of her classic "I Believe In You". The first concerts had the song "Cosmic", but they decided to not perform it anymore afterwards. Black Versus White: Last act of the concert, Kylie arrives on stage as a tsar to sing "On A Night Like This", "Your Disco Needs You", "Kids", "Step Back In Time" and "In My Arms" . It's a little "the biggest disco in town", and allows Kylie to close her acts on a high note. "Love At First Sight" was played in this session at the beginning, before being moved into the Encore. The Encore: If some Encore are made with only one song, for the X Tour Kylie did not joke with us. The singer goes back on stage for not 1 or 2 song, but four! "I Should Be So Lucky", "Love At First Sight", "All I See" and "I Should Be So Lucky". In Australia, "Better The Devil You Know" was sung on all Sydney dates in this act. 6 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

Interesting Facts » "Your Disco Needs You" was added to the setlist on May 10th in Frankfurt. Kylie also sang "Confide In Me" during the Encore. » "I Should Be So Lucky" was added to the setlist on May 17th in Bucharest. » "Come Into My World was sung during the Encore in Sao Paulo. » There was no Encore in Peru on November 6th. » Kylie sang "The Loco-Motion" in Santiago and Auckland » "I Believe In You" was sung in the act "Beach Party" in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and Auckland. » Kylie sang a little bit of "Please Stay" in Beijing. » Kylie sang "The Loco-Motion" and a little bit of Beyoncé's title "Single Ladies" in Melbourne on December 20th. She also did it on December 22, with "Santa Baby". » "The One" was sung in acoustic version in Olso and Stockholm. In Buenos Aires, the remix of the song followed the acoustic version. » The order of the acts was reversed in Zurich: "Xlectro Static", "Cheer Squad", "Starry Nights", "Beach Party", "Xposed", "Naughty Manga Girl", "Black versus White" and "Encore" . » Kylie sang a few lines of the song "La Camisa Negra" from Juanes in Tocancipa. 7 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

Week #21

May 22th - May 28th

Mon 22nd Tue 23rd

Wed 24th • Timebomb‘s 5th b-day!

8 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 25th Fri 26th

Sat 27th

Sun 28th 9 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

June 2000: Spinning around 2002: Love At First Sight

2004: Chocolate 2010: All The Lovers 2011:

Les Folies/Aphrodite Brisbane 3rd, 4th, Sydney 7th, 8th, 11th, Melbourne 14th, 15th, 16th, Adelaide 18th, Perth 22nd, Bankok 25th, Bogor 27th, Singapore 29th


On a Night Like This Melbourne 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, Sydney 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th


Kylie Summer Aalborg 12th, Suffolk 19th, Merseyside 20th, London 21st


Intimate and Live Melbourne 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Brisbane 6th, Sydney 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, Adelaide 14th, 15th, Melbourne 17th, 18th, Sydney 20th, 21st, 22nd, Canberra 29th


KylieFever2002 Copenhagen 1st, Munich 3rd, Vienna 4th, Zurich 6th, Berlin 8th, Hamburg 9th, Frankfurt 11th, Rotterdam 12th, Oberhausen 13th, Paris 15th, Milan 18th


KylieX2008 Lyon 1st, Madrid 3rd, Esch-sur-Alzette 5th, Hamburg 7th, Copenhagen 8th, Oslo 10th, Stockholm 11th, Helsinki 13th, Moscow 16th, Saint Petersburg 18th, Riga 20th, Berlin 22nd, Rotterdam 23rd, Belfast 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th 10 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

__ years ago, _____________________ was released.

11 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

Week #22

May 29th - June 4th

Mon 29th • Put Your Hands Up‘s 6th b-day!

Tue 30th

Wed 31st 12 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 1st Fri 2nd • 19 years ago, Intimate and Live tour kicked off in Melbourne!

Sat 3nd

Sun 4th 13 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

Week #23

June 5th - June 11th

Mon 5th Tue 6th

Wed 7th 14 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 8th Fri 9th

Sat 10th

Sun 11th

• Love at First Sight‘s 15th b-day!

• All The Lovers‘ 7th b-day!

15 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

My ultimate fave throwback from June is...

16 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

My album

of Kylie is....

17 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17




Dear lovers. We were fearing this day since the very beginning of this magazine, and after over a year and a half, it has really come. There are absolutely no news in the Kylie World and we still have to fill up XX pages of Kylieicious texts for you to read. 18 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17


Another pointless page As much as we tried to keep it professional and come up with cute throwbacks, nice pictures and other talk, we just couldn‘t. These two pages are a proper waste of your time, but we hope it will at least make you laugh. Also, we hope you appreciate all these Kylie heads on the left. The picture is taken from google so shoutout to the highly qualified artist who made it, we legit want it as a pyjama print in official merch shop... Ok, anyway, here‘s some deep thoughts to think about. You most likely have done it already and if not, you‘re doing something wrong with your life, but we thought we needed them all on one paper....

Have you ever wondered if Kylie....

- knows how much we are now fed-up with hearing the song Kids on every tour ?? - hates „Can‘t get you OUTTA my head“ as much as we do? - realizes that if someone took a shot every time she said „epiphany“ in 2014, they would most likely die? - knows wether she‘s singing „smells of desire“ or „spells out desire“ in Wow? - knows that her tagging skills on insta are really weak sometimes?

- googles info about Jenner? - realizes we still don‘t know what these *** elements mean? (!!!!) - ever re-watches Bio - Dome and knows that we know it was NOT her evil twin who played in that movie? - stalks our twitter profiles when we are bored? - sees Andres Velencoso liking every single insta pic she posts? 19 www.kylie-world.com

En, May 2K17

LET‘S CELEBRATE ! This month marks Kylie's birthday and we wanted to wish Kylie a very happy birthday and take a look back at some of Kylie's birthdays over the years.

2002 Flashing back first to 2002 and Kylie's 34th birthday party. Which included a very extravagant cake! Kylie looked gorgeous (as always!) in a greek style dress. Footage from Kylie's 34th birthday party can be seen on the documentary from the Fever tour 2002.

2008 Now we jump to 2008 and Kylie is celebrating her 40th birthday! Kylie celebrated this special birthday whilst on her X tour- first in Istanbul with a private dinner and then mark the milestone birthday with another party in Paris!

2009 The next year saw her celebrating her 41st birthday with another dinner and friends (and partner at the time Andres Velencoso). Super cute and that cake looks very yummy!

2013 Now we are jumping to 2013, which saw Kylie spending her 45th birthday in the studio. This was actually the day she recorded Into The Blue! (She also released Skirt as a buzz single). This shows that even on her birthday Kylie is still a sucker for hard work!

20 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, May 2K17

2014 The next year showed Kylie leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in London with a great big smile the day after her 46th birthday. Kylie looks like she had an amazing time - we hope she did!!

2015 In 2015 on her 47th birthday Kylie posted this throw back picture to her Instagram- once a cutie always a cutie! This year marks Kylie's 49th birthday- we want to thank her for all she does for us and all the joy she brings! So Kylie wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate it we hope you have the best birthday- you certainly deserve it! By the way, have a look on En’s birthday cake ! How amazing !!!

21 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, May 2K17

KYLIE COLLECTIONS We asked you Lovers, to send us the pictures of your collections and to answer some questions about them for Kylie’s birthday project. We decided to publish in this month’s Kylie Times the collections of the lovers who wrote back to us first, and honestly WE. ARE. SO. IMPRESSED. Here’s a preview of a big museum, you still can send us your collection at laeti@kylie-world.com or on our Facebook !


• Why are you collecting Kylie's items/ cds/newspapers ? Because I have always liked her and I think that a collection is the dream of every fan. • What is your favorite item/cd/newspaper ? My signed items. • What was hardest item/cd/newspaper to have ? The maxi CD of ISBSL (I’ve only had it for a year!). • What is the rarest item/cd/newspaper you have ? Hard question. I’m gonna say the bracelet from her «TOUS» collection. • What is the dream item/cd/newspaper you wanna find and buy ? It’s not really an item, but it would be a picture with Kylie.


22 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

• Why are you collecting Kylie's items/ cds/newspapers ? I am collecting because it’s kinda turned into a hobby of mine, I love to have really rare things and show them off. • What is your favorite item/cd/newspaper ? My favourite item is my greatest hits 87 - 97, they are limited edition 4 colour wallets. • What was hardest item/cd/newspaper to have ? The hardest item I’ve had to find was your disco needs you promo which I searched for 2 years but was really expensive. • What is the rarest item/cd/newspaper you have ? The rarest item I would say is my greatest hits which come in 4 colours and also my cup and saucer from x 2008. • What is the dream item/cd/newspaper you wanna find and buy ? I would LOVE to own live and other sides - and the k25 umbrella.

23 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17


• Why are you collecting Kylie's items ? I've started to collect Kylie items over the years and for last five years or so I became a bit addictive, to the point where my poor postman delivered 30 parcels in one day. However nowadays I've slowed down and still get the odd item I need. I like collecting Kylie items from all around the world, different covers or maybe the added track. I’m a massive collector of OBI ( Japan labels) I just don’t know why but I adore buying the albums, always a must if Kylie brings out a new album !!!! Most of the cd albums I have at least four of the same cd just from different countries. I also have records, books, CDs, VHS, cassettes, calendars, dolls, merchandise and Tshirts I had two dreams 1. To meet Kylie and have a photo done 2. To have a Kylie room What is your favorite item ? I have 2 first off the KM94 Canadian Album with the

different cover and It's No Secret 12" record . Possibly the hardest items you can find without not spending a fortune, KM94 is worth £100-£200 and It's no secret £400-£600 . Why do I like them ? Different covers and plus I just love the photo shoot from its no secret. I was lucky lucky enough to buy these gems from an Aussie Lover. It's my dream to have them signed from Kylie. • What is the rarest item you have ? Probably It's no secret as you hardly ever see it • What is the dream item you wanna find and buy ? Um !!! I have many Kylie bible Where is feeling Japan If you were with me now Japan Kylie live and other sides

24 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17


25 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

• Why are you collecting Kylie’s items? Because I have loved Kylie since 1987, she is my idol, & started buying & collecting pictures, magazines & UK editions of music. I started seriously collecting in 2010 & now have a whole room for my collection! It is an obsession; I collect anything & everything Kylie related (as far as my finances will allow!) I have always been fascinated by the image of Kylie which is why I particularly like to collect magazines with Kylie on the front cover. • What is my favourite item? That is an impossible question to answer but if I'm allowed to pick a few items they would be: All my photos of me with Kylie My collection of 200 mags with Kylie on the cover My collection of clippings folders, nearly one A3 sized

folder for each year from 87-2017 • What was hardest to get? Probably the wash bag given to the dance crew of Aphrodite Les Folies by Kylie. It is embroidered with a message in the style of Kylie's handwriting & has a photo from the tour on the other side. • What is the rarest item I have? The wash bag The Kylie Bible Deconstruction promo photo book • My dream item? Dutch I Should Be So Lucky CD single Spinning Around promo lamp An item of Kylie's clothing e.g. Pair of shoes or a dress

ISABELLE, FRANCE • Why are you collecting Kylie's items/cds/ newspapers ? I started collecting when I was a child so it's like a natural thing to me now. I'm addicted to Kylie but also to Kylie items !!! It's my only drug (if you don't consider chocolate that is) • What is your favorite item/cd/newspaper ? My fave Kylie item is definitely the X T-shirt that Kylie signed when I met her at the Fnac in 2014. I was pregnant and I asked her to sign on my belly and she did ! It's unique. • What was hardest item/cd/newspaper to have ? I waited 26 years to get it, but it was worth it! The photo of Kylie and I during the Meet and Greet in Paris in 2014. Best memory ever ! • What is the rarest item/cd/newspaper you have ? I was lucky enough to get the Sloggi promotional stuff and it's really rare ! The outside looks like a Vinyl cover but it contains a paper vinyl with a promo DVD on it, a poster and some knickers :-) it also came with a signed picture. • What is the dream item/cd/newspaper you wanna find and buy ? I want a Timebomb jacket but it's too expensive *cries*

26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

TOP WHY SHOULD KYLIE RUN FOR PRESIDENT ? You probably saw it everywhere, France was in full presidential campaign this month to elect its new President. This campaign has not been easy, and we must admit it, we, French people, are glad that it’s finally over ! To lighten our moods up a little bit, we thought it would be nice to see the reasons why we would all agree for once and be delighted to have Kylie as President. Because she sings pop songs full of love Yes, this is one of the main qualities of Kylie's music: always love each other, and preach love. When we know how divided the world is today, a President full of love would be welcome!

Because she could create a governement full of famous women Imagine a government with the whole world of pop: Madonna for foreign affairs, Cher for social affairs and health, Britney Spears for Work, Katy Perry for Defense, BeyoncĂŠ for Justice ... That sounds amazing, right ? And as Queen B says, who run the world? GIRLS! Because she is friend with the English Royal Family, and has received many awards in many countries

Because she is engaged into campaigns and supports good causes Kylie has always supported many causes, including cancer research and same-sex marriage. Those causes are very important these years and Kylie would be a superb ambassador for them.

Kylie has met the Royal Family many times and has played a lot for them, including at the Queen's Jubilee or at her 90th birthday. She has also received various awards in England with an OBE for music services, and was also made a Knight of Arts and Letters in Paris.

Because she always listens to us (or almost) when we request songs during her concerts During most of her concerts, Kylie allows us to chose one or two additional songs that she then sings acapella. It only works with one condition: that Kylie remembers the melody and lyrics of the chosen song. So we recommend the classics (We tried with Paperdolls and Cherrybomb, and it was a big fail). 28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

Because she proved that she was a true goddess during her Aphrodite tour This picture speaks for itself. Amen.

Because she is chic, classy and young Did you know that ? Kylie would be one of the youngest presidents in the world! And she is always so chic and classy in every situation.

Because she knows how to captivate and gather the crowds Let’s be honest, we listen to everything she says, we learn it all, and scream her lyrics at every show. And especially in Hyde Park, where Kylie had gathered more than 60,000 people! A beautiful place to preach the good word: love.

The national anthem will be Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, and everyone already knows it! Well everyone except Madonna (hey Madonna, it’s not «na na na» but «la la la»)

If you want to campaign for Kylie, know that the next presidential election in France will take place in 2022. Join the movement, we can do a campaign together (we never know, it can work!).

KYLIE 2022 LOVE LOVE LOVE 29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

FOCUS STUDIO, STUDIO, STUDIO ! Kylie has spent so much time in the studio recently ! Even if we have no idea of when the album will actually be released (rumor has it that it is 80% done and it will be released around October), let’s focus on the last studio sessions Kylie did, in particular with Biffco. April 7th „I was doing something a lot like this today.... #tbt!

April 8th „Saturday looks like this ....“

April 13th „And so it continues .....“

April 14th „One of today‘s friends. #studio“

April 24th

April 28th „Another day at the office #lovers #writing #studio“

April 29th „Happy weekend #lovers“

May 4th „#studio #lovers“

30 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

A MEETING WITH KYLIE ROBBIE MET KYLIE AT THE SECRET GIG BY I HEART RADIO Never believe anyone that tells you that dreams can’t come true. In 2014 I won a radio competition to attend Kylie’s iHeartRadio secret show in Melbourne – and to MEET HER! When Kylie walked into the meet and greet room my heart did the Locomotion triple time!! KYLIE was RIGHT THERE!! Kylie greeted me with a warm smile and a hug that I will never forget. It was an incredible experience to be able to stand face-to-face with my favorite artist and thank her for taking the time to say hello and for the impact she’d had on my life through music and performance. Of course, the meet and greet was only the beginning of the night! Afterwards, Kylie took to the stage in front of an excited and intimate crowd of a couple of hundred people to perform songs from the recently released ‘Kiss Me Once’ album – many for the first time live! Highlights included ‘Sexercise’, ‘Into the Blue’, ‘Love at First Sight’ and (the eternally perfect) ‘Cant Get You Out of My Head’. As Kylie walked off the stage I was SO overwhelmed by the whole night that I just burst into tears in the middle of the crowd (tears of joy, of course!). Kylie – thank you so much. Thank you for sharing yourself and your talents with us. Thank you for being the soundtrack to our lives. We are lucky, lucky, lucky to have you! Love and light, always! x 31 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17


Kylie Minogue in Thailand Dress : Diane Von Furstenberg 32 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

Kylie Minogue in Thailand Dress : Diane Von Furstenberg 33 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, May 2K17

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #19 • May 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on the X Tour, a pointless article about nothing, why Kylie should run for President and more !

The Kylie Times #19 • May 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on the X Tour, a pointless article about nothing, why Kylie should run for President and more !