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The Anti-Tour

Better The Devil You Know

TOP : 5 times Kylie Minogue met the Royal Family NEWS : Kylie receives the BritainAustralia Award from Prince Philip !

RECIPE : Let‘s make some Lamingtons !

Hello Lovers ! New month new Kylie Times! If everything is still very calm on Kylie’s side, the singer is back in the studio to continue recording her album, scheduled for the end of year. She also received the Britain-Australia Award from Prince Philip. On our side, we have prepared a focus on the anti-tour and Better The Devil You Know, the bullet journal, a top on the royal family and something new, a recipe that is 100% Australian: lamingtons ! We have a little game for you since it’s Easter : we have hidden 5 small eggs in the pages of the Kylie Times ... Find them, add the numbers of the pages and send the total to contact@kylie-world.com to win a little present ! Laeti, En, Melanie, Kirstie & Isa



APRIL 2017, #18

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Better The Devil You Know 8. BULLET JOURNAL 22. Focus : The Anti-Tour 24. News Kylie Minogue joins the Red Nose Day Kylie Minogue & Zoot Woman : „Still Feels Like The First Time“ Kylie receives the Britain-Australia Award from Prince Philip At home with Kylie Minogue - The Sunday Times 28. Top : 5 times Kylie Minogue met the Royal Family 29. Recipe : Lamingtons ! 30. Fashion 32. A Meeting With Kylie





FEVER TOUR 04/26/2002


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Laeti, April 2K17


The focus of the month is a legendary song we all know, one that made its big comeback during the Kylie Summer two years ago, with a splendid remix by Steve Anderson who knows how to give us the adrenaline before Kylie arrives on stage... We are of course talking about Better The Devil You Know!

A turning point in Kylie’s career Better The Devil You Know was written by the trio of producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman, who were at that time in charge of composing and writing Kylie’s songs. The song, released on her third album, Rhythm Of Love in 1990, is the first single of the opus. This was a radical change for the singer: She became sexier, more confident, and the music was more pop/dance than before. While she was working on this new album, Kylie announced that she would leave Neighbours, to devote herself entirely to her music career. This was a disappointed for many fans, as Kylie was really important in the Australian soap. But that didn’t stop fans from supporting her in the other aspect of her carreer. Better The Devil You Know ranked at the 2nd place in England and 4th in Australia, but also in the Top 40 of many countries. According to many rumors, this song also refers to her relationship with Michael Hutchence, with the lyrics «I’ll forgive and forget», which most probably relates to the extravagance of her boyfriend at the time, and his behavior on tour.

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Laeti, April 2K17

An unexpected video The Better The Devil You Know music video was directed by Paul Goldman, and filmed in Australia, Melbourne. Kylie appears much more mature, especially in her style, which was somewhat criticized at first because it changed from the image she gave in Neighbors. The style and artistic direction chosen for Better The Devil You Know followed her career : Kylie entered in a sexier and more sensual line. Another detail referring to Michael Hutchence in the video is when we can see Kylie wearing a silver ring with a big M on it. Moreover, it was Michael’s mum, Patricia Glassop, who made Kylie’s make-up for the filming. Another small video for Better The Devil You Know exists, but it’s not an actual music video : it’s a promo video made for Coca-Cola in Australia, where you can see Kylie and hear the song . In case you haven’t seen it, it’s available on Youtube!

Better The Devil You Know: a classic The song is now a classic of Kylie’s career: she performs it in on most of her tours and when it’s not in the original setlist, the audience sometimes ask her to sing it). Better The Devil You Know is also present in many compilations and was re-recorded for Kylie’s acoustic album: The Abbey Road Sessions. Numerous covers of this song were also created, including one by a group of the 90s, Steps, in 1999. This song opens their 3rd studio album. Even though this cover did not have the same success as the original, it ranked well in the charts, especially in Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

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Week #16

April 17th - April 23rd

Mon 17th Tue 18th

Wed 19th 8 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 20th Fri 21st

Sat 22nd

Sun 23rd

• I Was Gonna Cancel‘s 3rd b-day!

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Week #17

April 24th - April 30th

Mon 24th

• Hand On Your Heart‘s 28th b-day!

Tue 25st

Wed 26th • 15 years ago, KylieFever2002 tour kicked off in Cardiff!

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Lyrics of the week:

Thu 27th Fri 28th

Sat 29th

Sun 30th • Better The Devil You Know‘s 27th b-day!

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May 1988: Got To Be Certain

1991: Shocked 2011: Put Your Hands Up

2012: Timebomb 2011:

Les Folies/Aphrodite New York City 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Atlanta 6th, Sunrise 7th, Orlando 8th, Houston 10th, Mexico City 12th, Guadalajara 14th, Monterrey 16th, Grand Prairie 18th, Los Angeles 20th, San Francisco 21st, Las Vegas 22nd



Enjoy Yourself Whitley Bay 2nd, Paris 8th, Cologne 8th, Hamburg 11th, Brussels 12th, Glasgow 14th, Aberdeen 15th, Birmingham 17th, London 18th, Hong Kong 24th, Bankok 26th


On a Night Like This Melbourne 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, Sydney 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th

KylieFever2002 Manchester 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Birmingham 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Manchester 11th, 12th, Sheffield 14th, 15th, Glasgow 17th, 18th, 19th, Newcastle 21st, 22nd, London 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, Stockholm 30rd, Oslo 31st Showgirl: The Greatest Hits London 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th KylieX2008 Paris 6th, Antwerp 7th, Stuttgart 9th, Frankfurt 10th, Prague 12th, Vienna 14th, Budapest 15th, Bucharest 17th, Sofia 18th, Istanbul 20th, Athens 22nd, Zurich 25th, Cologne 27th, Munich 29th, Geneva 30rd



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__ years ago, _____________________ was released.

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Week #18

May 1st - May 7th

Mon 1st Tue 2nd

• Got to be certain‘s 29th b-day!

Wed 3rd 14 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 4th Fri 5th

Sat 6th

• 9 years ago, KylieX2008 tour kicked off in Paris!

Sun 7th

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Week #19

May 8th - May 14th

Mon 8th Tue 9th

Wed 10th 16 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 11th Fri 12th

Sat 13th

Sun 14th 17 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K17

My ultimate fave throwback from MAY is...

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En, April 2K17

My fave tour

of Kylie was....

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Week #20

May 15th - May 21st

Mon 15th Tue 16th

Wed 17th 20 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 18th Fri 19th

Sat 20th

Sun 21st

• Shocked‘s 26th b-day!

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The perks of being a Kylie

What better time to look back at the most memorable event of K25 than now at K30. The smallest tour Kylie ever did, yet the one we treasure the most.



The glamorous Les Folies was fully on with all it’s sparkling gold beauty, and somewhere between mighty pegasus, pink feathers and water fountains and dancers hanging off the air, our greek goddess got an idea… How about doing this whole thing the opposite way? What if she just gets away from all this for once, and simply comes up the simplest stage doing her own thing?

America, and more or less in a joking way. To be specific, she mentioned it in an interview with Perez Hilton. Little did we know she would bring her plan to life, and that it was going to be happening very soon. K25 was, after all, the perfect opportunity. IIt was really everything that fans, and I believe also Kylie herself, had always been waiting for.. A stage, Roxy and Lucy, and b-side songs, never heard live before. First, she shared this No lalala, no lucky lucky lucsimple idea with us while still ky…. “Aphroditing“ out there, in

In fact, it turned out to be an event that so many people wished to attend, that the tickets for first two dates, (18th March 2012) in Melbourne and (20th March 2012) Sydney were sold out within seconds. And that even despite the fact that the concerts were scheduled for just a week after the confirmation. Ticketless fans were crying, and it wasn’t just a few of them. And because this tour was REALLY for fans, Kylie didn’t leave it like that. She decided to add a concert in each one of these Australian cities and because of lack of time, they would be the same night as the previous ones. YES, she literally did double shows! You also couldn’t purchase more than two tickets at once, and you couldn’t get them for anyone else (ID was asked at the door). You weren‘t allowed to get in if you were under 18 years old.

gland. Just like down under, the tickets sold out immediately and one concert was added. The total came to two shows in Manchester (1st and 2nd April) and one in London (3rd April). I myself was very lucky to attend the closing one in London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Being a so-very-in-love-with-Kylie fangirl at her craziest, I took a plane at like 4am with fellow so-crazy Kylie fan from my country, and by 8am, we were already sitting in the queue with numbers 37 and 38 written on our hands. It rained through the whole day, it was crazy windy, we spent the day with trash bags wrapped around our heads, but nothing would have made us sad that day. Nothing.

Just a few weeks after, highly anticipated concerts got confirmed for Kylie’s adopted home country, En-


And the concert itself?

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En, April 2K17


Kylie took part in the Red Nose Day project with a small video filmed with other artists. As you know, she is always out there supporting charities close to her heart. This year, the singer took part in a short video featuring Stephen Hawking, a British physicist and cosmologist with a rare form of sclerosis. He is looking for his new voice. The sketch shows him watching the candidates’ auditions, ranging from Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, Simon Cowell to Kylie Minogue. The singer defends herself by saying that she is addicted to science, that all her songs are about that and that Spinning Around tells the story of centrifugal force. During the Comic Relief, the singers, actors and presenters are mobilized, changing the program schedule to collect as much money as possible to help poor children. This year, Red Nose Day managed to raise over £ 73,026,234! If you wish to make a donation, it’s still possible, just go to the website of Comic Relief.

KYLIE MINOGUE & ZOOT WOMAN : A PREVIEW OF „STILL FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME“ Kylie Minogue collaborated with Zoot Woman on a song called «Still Feels Like The First Time», which will be released on the band’s upcoming studio album on June 16th. Currently working on her 14th album, Kylie took a break from her own stuff to collaborate with Zoot Woman, a band made up of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. These names might sound familiar to you and if so, it’s because Stuart Price collaborated and produced songs on Kylie’s album «Aphrodite», released in 2010. They also worked for Madonna, or Scissor Sisters, which are very close to the sound Kylie is doing. Zoot Woman is back with a new album (called «Absence») which will be released, as already mentioned, on June 16th. A few snippets can be heard on internet, among which this track with Kylie, that is a nice surprise for fans, and that we personally already love!

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Laeti, April 2K17

KYLIE MINOGUE THE RECEIVES BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA AWARD FROM PRINCE PHILIP Kylie was honored for her role as cultural ambassador - by Prince Philip himself and the Britain-Australia Society Award of 2016. This award was created for English and Australian people contributing to the bilateral relations between the two countries, whether in public services, education, culture or sport. The singer, born in Australia, has chosen England as a second home. Kylie Minogue was invited to a private ceremony on Monday, April 3rd, along with the members of the Britain-Australia Society at the Australia House in London. The singer wore a yellow dress by The Vampire’s Wife, a brand that belongs to Nick Cave’s wife! If this dress seems familiar, it is probably because you saw it in a short video on which Kylie was captured in a few months ago. The singer was accompanied by her friend Kathy Lette for dinner. Kylie said : «I am delighted to accept this award from the Britain-Australia Society. I’m a proud Aussie but Britain has a very strong place in my heart having lived and worked here for many years.The Society does a wonderful job to promote the rich cultural ties between the two countries and I am honoured to be recognised by them in this way». Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer said : «With a career that has spanned almost three decades, Kylie is a global pop icon and one of the UK’s most loved Australians». Kylie Minogue honored by Prince Philip The singer was invited by Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle to receive her Britain-Australia Society Award. He also took the opportunity to exchange a few words with Kylie (I mean he’s a prince but still...who wouldn’t!).

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Laeti, April 2K17

NEWS AT HOME WITH KYLIE MINOGUE - THE SUNDAY TIMES The Aussie pop princess reveals how she balances high glamour with relaxed comfort to the Sunday Times.

My design style, as in my own life, is between high glamour and chilled-out comfort. My house is made a home with all the things that surround me. Over the years, I have collected lots of furniture, fabrics, art and bric-a-brac, which is so precious to me.

ter finishing school, I had no option but to keep it really simple. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by travel, friends’ homes, hotels, books and films. I have furniture and pieces that are valuable or dirt cheap. I’ve always loved markets and finding those special one-offs.

As nice as it is to shop high design and antiques, I still adore trekking to markets in different countries. My dream home would have all of these things, but would also have lots of land, extra guest accommodation and a huge roaring fireplace. As a true bonus, I would be able to see and hear the ocean.

I don’t know what their previous life was, or where they came from, I just know that I like them. I’ve gone through a couple of radical changes when there’s been a big shift in my life. In the 1990s, I went from quite minimalist whitish living to going for colour everywhere. The entrance to my apartment was painted bright red, in a shade called Lipstick. All the other walls were muted pastel tones. I loved it and I must have needed it. After that came a love for art deco style, so the house was redone. Now it’s changing again. I’m always striving for the balance between comfort, glamour, practicality and expression.

Which is your favourite room in your current home? There is an attic space. I love the energy there. It feels like a secret escape. But the best room is the living area attached to the heart of the home, the kitchen. That is where most of life happens. How do you describe your style? My style in interiors is ever-evolving. When I left home af-

Who would make the list for your dream dinner party? Oh, I hate this question! I think it’s a hard one for most people. I would want a mix of funny, entertaining, wise,

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Laeti, April 2K17

inspiring and enlightening people. I’ll just throw one name out there: Jane Fonda. Who are your favourite interior designers? My style is eclectic. My references can seem worlds apart, but somehow they make sense together. I’ve worked with Martin Kemp on two interiors, and he has done beautiful work when I’ve been in two very different mindsets and with different influences. I love Maison Jansen from the 1970s (I own some amazing brass palm-tree sets), David Hicks, Gio Ponti, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dorothy Draper and David Collins, among many. Interior design is fascinating to me. It says so much about who we are and who we want to be. Your home environment can project a dream life with beautiful and inspiring things, but needs to reflect and accommodate real life.

Favourite family heirloom? I have lots of bits and bobs that are not going to set the world alight, but their value to me is immeasurable. I have a melamine tray from the 1950s that my mother used to have in her kitchen. It is blue, with a ballerina on it, and I somehow convinced her it would be happy with me in London. Which items in your home could you not live without? Difficult. The first thing that comes to mind is a vintage cane chair that has been with me for about 25 years. It was already old when I bought it for a song at the Clignancourt flea market, in Paris. From memory, a girlfriend and I lugged it back to my apartment in a taxi. It is now in London. It’s nothing special, but it’s my favourite seat in the house. Naturally, it’s covered in one of my other favourite things — Australian sheepskin. I’m also quite obsessed with lights, lamps and the ambience they create.

Do you garden? My mother is a keen gardener, so I’ll join in. As and when this happens, I love it. We have beautiful roses and gardenias.

Guiltiest pleasure at home? Nothing. Just doing nothing. Which is, of course, impossible. So let’s call it pottering; or, I’ll confess, binge-watching the latest drama on TV. There’s a tagline for my bedding range that I came up with the day I met the Ashley Wilde design team. I said: “One of life’s greatest luxuries is to be at home.” I stand by that. Home is the place where you can express yourself the way you like.

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Check out the interview on the Sunday Times’ website

Laeti, April 2K17



1988 - Charity Dinner «Help A London Child»

She was just 20 years old : Kylie had the honor of meeting Princess Diana at a charity event, along with Phil Collins, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.


2015 - Royal Variety Performance

Another Royal Variety Performance, in fact the 6th one in her career. She performed the song «It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year», from her first Christmas album. She was greeted by Prince Harry behind the scenes.


2008 - Kylie received an OBE from Prince Charles Kylie Minogue was made Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2008 by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. This distinction was given to her for her musical career and her services to music. She was also honored the same year in France, and was made «Knight of Arts and Letters».


2017 - British-Australia Award

Kylie was honored by Prince Philip for her role as cultural ambassador and was awarded the Britain-Australia Society Award of 2016.


2012 - Royal Variety Performance

Kylie took part in the Royal Variety Performance in 2012, a television show made to collect money for the Royal Variety Charity. The singer, dazzling in a golden gown sang «On A Night Like This», and then greeted the queen Elizabeth II. 28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K17

RECIPE LAMINGTON Ingredients (6 people) 300g of dark chocolate 60g of grated coconut 60g of soft butter 200g of sugar 6 eggs 250g of sifted flour

Preparation STEP 1 : Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Mix the eggs and sugar with electric mixer for 5 minutes until the mixture whitens and doubles in volume. Add flour and mix it well again.

STEP 2 : Add butter. Put it into small individual cake tins and cook for 10-15 minutes. Remove it from the oven and let it cool down.

STEP 3 : Melt the chocolate, put each cake in and then put them in the coconut. Shake off excess, place on a wire rack over a baking tray and let rest until chocolate is firm. Serve !

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Laeti, April 2K17


Kylie Minogue at Windsor Castle Dress : Alice McCall 30 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K17

Kylie Minogue in Londres - Australia House Dress : The Vampire’s Wife 31 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K17


The first time I met Kylie was during her concert in Munich during her Les Folies tour on the 5th of March, 2011. It was a rather cold and sort of cloudy day and it was my first day in Munich. I had planned to give Kylie two comic books I made about her- one of which I made in 2008 (and failed to give her during her X tour show in Singapore), and the other which I made in 2009- and had already made a huge sign asking her if I could go onstage and give her the books. Me and my mother woke up quite early so we could be the first in line and we got to the venue at about 11 am. There were already a few people there and I met a few fans. I really enjoyed talking to them and getting to know them throughout the entire wait and we joked about what Kylie would do onstage during this show. During the whole wait more and more people began to show up, and by the time the doors were ready to open the line was already full of people. It was getting rather tense at this moment, but I had a strategy to just follow this girl who has been to far more Kylie concerts than any of us to make it easier to find my way to the front row. Then, when the opportunity came I ran as fast as I could to the gate. I ran with a bunch of other people. We had finally reached the right door- only to find out that it was in fact the wrong door that led to an upper level of the arena with seats. So we ran back as fast as we could until we were finally able to find the correct door which led to the cat walk of the stage. However, by the time I got to the end of the cat walk I was surprised to find a bunch of other people at the front row that were not with us in line at all. But I eventually found an open place in the second row and immediately took it. Unfortunately, I ended up losing my mother- and she had my sign. But fortunately, I still had my books! And I knew I still had the chance to give them to her! Then the show started. It was very spectacular, and Kylie looked absolutely gorgeous. It was also the closest I have ever seen her onstage. Then the Samba act came on- and it was time for her to chat to the audience. I tried screaming her name many times as she walked around the stage to chat with various sections of the audience. I held out one of my books as far as I could towards her- and suddenly she saw me!! She at first asked if I wanted that signed, and I told her I wanted to give it to her. She couldn't

hear me very well at first so I said it again louder. She then said "you wanna give it to me"? Which I replied ,"yes, I want to give it to you". She then sang a few lines of Madonna's song, 'Give it 2 me', and then to my joy, she brought me up onstage! I was anxious to get up, so anxious that I forgot that I left my bag open and all of my stuff fell out as I was lifted by security. I quickly started climbing up the stage, but I was climbing towards the wrong side (the side with the gap) and Kylie started freaking out and told me to climb towards the left. And I did that eventually. The moment I got onstage images of videos I have seen of other fans onstage began flashing through my mind, like a guiding tool of what to do. So I waved to the audience as Kylie was saying "you almost gave me a heart attack. Hello". Then Kylie took my hand and brought me closer to the front. Touching her was quite weird as I was so used to seeing her on TV and online. She then asked what my name was and I told her, then she asked where I was from and I told her I was from Brazil. She appeared to be quite impressed. Then she hugged me!! It felt so surreal and dreamlike. I knew at that moment that this was no longer the fantasy- this was really happening. And I was so overcome with emotions that I said "I love you Min". All I cared about was that I was finally standing right in front of her talking to her! I then quickly gave her my two books. She then pointed to the cover of my second book, which had a picture of me and her. She then asked, "is this you and I"? And I said, "yes". And she laughed and told the audience, "look me and Maria here". As she said this she showed the book cover towards the entire audience. Then she asked if I would like to request a song, so I requested 'Got to be Certain', as that was the song that me and her sing onstage in my second comic book. So she ends up singing 'Got to be Certain' as I walk off stage, all happy and relieved that I had finally managed to meet her after so many years of trying and hoping! It was relief, joy, and pure happiness throughout the rest of the night. It was one of the best days of my life and I realized that I could truly achieve anything if I made the effort. I went to her Barcelona show a week later. It was awesome, I was in the Splash zone, and nearly met her then boyfriend, Andres. But in my opinion, it still didn't compare to the joy that Kylie gave me that night in Munich.

32 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K17

3 years later and I was going to see Kylie for the 5th time in Paris! I was also going to see her in Cologne, but unfortunately her German shows got cancelled due to her German promotional company being bankrupt. This time I would be wearing my Kylie costume. The outfit that she wore during her Samba act at her Les Folies tour. I first wore that costume at this dinner at school back in October 2011 and immediately thought to myself that I would wear this costume the next time I see Kylie on tour. So, three years later, here I was, keeping my promise of wearing my Kylie costume, with a few revamped touches of course. I also made a sign asking Kylie for a selfie, as I was pressured into it by many fans, some of which took selfies with her. I didn't arrive at the venue so early this time as I had Early Entrance tickets, so assumed I could arrive there a bit later. So after I had lunch, I arrived at the Bercy Arena immediately. At first I remember seeing a black truck and immediately hoped it would be a truck belonging to her crew. Then I arrived to the entrance where there were a lot of people there waiting. I met up with a good Kylie fan friend of mine and we took a selfie. Then all of a sudden this woman came up to me and marked my hand with a number. My friend's hand was also marked with a number as well as everyone else's hand. I concluded that a group of people were marking everyone's hands to "keep everyone in their place" so they could be in front. But I didn't take it seriously as I knew their meaningless plan would fail. But I still had a good time waiting and met a few new Kylie fans. Then came the time to open the doors. They made us line up and they checked our names before giving us our pack- which consisted of a Kylie charger. Then we all rushed inside and I nearly got into a huge fight with a huge guy who started shouting at me because I was supposed to be in line "according to the number marked on my hand". After much tension and adrenaline I finally managed to reach the front row! I took a few pictures a bit before Kylie came on. Then the show started and Kylie finally appeared! She looked as gorgeous and as perfect as ever (and I even tried shouting that she was perfect)! Then the fourth section of the show came and after Kylie performed, "Can't Get You Out of My Head", she started chatting to the audience. So many people then held up signs, including myself, and I worried that she would ignore my sign and choose someone else for a selfie instead! She acknowledged a few people holding signs from the other side of the catwalk before slowly coming towards my side. Finally she spotted my sign and said "there's a Showgirl asking for a selfie, do you see that?". As she did that she asked the camera guy to show me with my sign. I was sort of anxious at this point and really wanted to see whether she would invite me up or not. Then finally she managed to invite me up!! As I was running up towards the stage she started singing a little tune. Then finally I got up and immediately hugged Kylie! This time I knew what to do so I was a bit more confident in myself. Then she asked me how I was and then she said, "look at this Showgirl! Is this normal? Is this every day?". To which I replied, " no not really, I just wore this once for this international dinner and I thought 'you know the next time Kylie tours I'm going to wear this costume". And as I said this the audience started laughing as Kylie praised me and started getting ready for the selfie. At this point I didn't even realize how much I was shaking until I started typing my passcode and almost messed up. As I held up my phone Kylie asked me to hold it up a bit higher. I noticed how incredibly sweet she was as she was saying this. I also noticed that she sounded a bit more Australian than usual! During this moment I felt as if I was actually seeing what the real Kylie was like. And she's incredibly sweet and calm! We then took three pictures. And afterwards we

said our goodbyes with a kiss exchange- and I couldn't help but actually kiss Kylie on the cheek. I hope she didn't think I was stupid for actually kissing her! LOL! I couldn't have been more elated, emotional, and full of joy afterwards throughout the entire night. I felt as though miracles really are possible and that there truly is hope in this world. Kylie really knows how to make someone's night and bring joy and hope to people's lives. Maybe this is partly why she has been honored with so many awards! After the show everyone was coming up to me and asking to see my selfie. By this point I had already gotten used to people constantly coming up to me and asking what it was like to meet Kylie and could handle the attention better. That night, just like the night in Munich, was one of the best nights of my life. The way I would describe it would be like watching a sequel to one of the best films you could ever see (only this sequel was just as good as the original)! And I couldn't believe that I managed to get onstage with her twice!! I had always fantisized about meeting Kylie and getting onstage with her, but I never expected that I would actually get onstage with her twice!! Truly incredible and shows that anything amazing is possible. I am truly privileged to have met Kylie and I am always greatful for the great experiences that she has brought to me. She has brought nothing but joy, happiness, and inspiration to my life and has taught me to be strong and to never give up on my dreams. I do hope to meet her again eventually, but right now I am enjoying the satisfaction of having met her twice.

33 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K17

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #18 • April 2017  

The ‪#‎KylieTimes‬ #18 - April 2017 is now out !! • This month in the Kylie Times : Focus on the anti-tour, Better The Devil You Know, Kyli...

The Kylie Times #18 • April 2017  

The ‪#‎KylieTimes‬ #18 - April 2017 is now out !! • This month in the Kylie Times : Focus on the anti-tour, Better The Devil You Know, Kyli...