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TIMES March 2017


Lovers and their tattoos

FOCUS : Let‘s take a close look at Kylie‘s fragrances ! SPECSAVERS :

Discover Kylie‘s eyewear range !

IMPOSSIBLE PRINCESS : It‘s the album‘s 20th anniversary this year !

Hi, lovers ! We are back for a new issue that is (you must have noticed when you’ve opened it) really long for once ! Even if there is almost nothing happening for Kylie, apart the launch of her eyewear range in Australia, our team worked really well to give you a complete issue. Isa made a focus on the perfumes that Kylie has released (actually nothing to do with glasses, but it’s still a collection of accessories and beauty created by Kylie). We are also gonna present you the whole eyewear range that you can find at Specsavers (and if you do not have Specsavers in your country, we know it sucks, you can still walk around with your heart-shaped glasses from the Kiss Me Once Tour - after all, they have also been validated by Kylie), as well as the top reasons why you should buy these glasses (which, in the end, is also a top list that will make you feel even more depressed not to have Specsavers in your country.). To do her part, En contacted all of us fans who are tattooed, and prepared a picture book of Kylie related inks. Perfect as an inspiration if you are considering getting one done ! And Kirstie made a focus on her favorite album, which celebrates its 20th birthday this year: Impossible Princess Well, no more talking... let’s get reading! Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of the magazine! With Love, Laeti, En, Kirstie, Mélanie & Isa



MARCH 2017, #17

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Red Blooded Woman 6. IMPOSSIBLE PRINCESS IS CELEBRATING ITS 20 YEARS THIS YEAR 8. Bullet Journal 20. News Priscilla, Queen of the desert at the Casino de Paris Kylie Minogue launches her Specsaver‘s eyewear range in Australia 22. Discover Kylie‘s eyewear range 24. Let‘s take a close look at Kylie‘s fragrances ! 46. Lovers and their tattoos 52. Fashion 54. A Meeting With Kylie 55. TOP


BRE 03/16ATHE /1998

D WOMAN RED BLOODE 04 03/10/20


GIVIN GY 03/25/ OU UP 2005 SHOWGIRL TOUR 03/19/2005

ALL I SE 03/10/20 E 08

R ANTI-TOU 2 1 0 2 03/18/

KISS ME ONCE TOUR 03/14/2014 4 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17

THROWBACK RED BLOODED WOMAN I hesitated between Breathe and Red Blooded Woman as this month’s throwback, and after a long time thinking about it, I chose Red Blooded Woman - mainly because it was THE song that has made me completely fall in love with Kylie. I saw Kylie live for the first time in 2007 and she performed this one. And you know how it goes... I thought I’d go through her discography after being so starstruck and in love with RBW and it was like an electroshock : this woman is amazing. There was no way I’d miss an opportunity to look back at this song and its fabulous music video. A song that did not achieve the success it deserved Red Blooded Woman is the second single of my ultimate favourite album, Body Language . Written by Johnny Douglas and Karen Poole, this mix of pop and R & B, contains a reference to the 80s. Indeed the lyrics: «You got me spinning round, round, round, round like a record» are a reference to Dead Or Alive’s band and their song «You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)». A choir composed of men was present on the recording of the song, to provide backing vocals in a «ghostly» manner. Despite some very good reviews, Red Blooded Woman did not climb really high in the worldwide charts. The song ranked the 4th place in Australia and Scotland (which was the maximum worldwide), 5th in England and up to 33rd in France. The famous Billboard said it was one of the best song on the album, and that it was a «cousin of Justin Timberlake’ song ‘Cry Me A River’, a great compliment knowing the success of JT’s single. Unfortunately, it did not help Kylie to break into the United States... A very sexy clip I think the Red Blooded Woman clip is also one of my favorites ... Directed by Jake Nava, an Englishman who previously worked with Beyoncé and Kelis, the video was shot in Los Angeles in December 2003. There is one thing that absolutely got me for sure : the outfits she wears in this clip. I love them! The black outfit was given by Kylie to the Arts Center in Melbourne to be exhibited but also preserved. But the biggest crush that I had was for her pink / red pastel dress that was made by Balenciaga. I’ve always dreamt of finding the same at an affordable price, if you have any ideas where I can get it, please let me know. I have nothing to wear. Lol. A few performances And here we are : my biggest disappointment: the lack of performances of this song live. Kylie of course sang it during the Money Can’t Buy concert, a unique show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, for the launch of the album Body Language. The song has been included on some TV shows and promotions like «Top Of The Pops» in England or the German Music Awards. Red Blooded Woman has found its place in only three tours: Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour (2005) and Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour (2007) but also during the «For You, For Me Tour» in 2009 in North America. So I do not hide my disappointment of never having seen Kylie sing this song live, and I have very big doubts on the fact that she would sing it on a next tour ... Well, I must admit it , I think that at the next Kylie show, I will come with my little banner: «Can you sing Red Blooded Woman for me pretty please,» and there is a big chance that she’s gonna ignore me but if you don’t try, you never get anything ! 5 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17

ALBUM 2017 MARKS THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF IMPOSSIBLE PRINCESS We cannot believe that 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Impossible Princess!! This album holds a special place in many of the Lovers hearts, so we decided to take a look behind some of the songs Kylie wrote. This album really highlights Kylie's talents not only as a singer but also as a song-writer. En has already done a focus on it, but as it is the 20th anniversary of this amazing album, let’s have a look at it again ! TOO FAR Kylie says she wrote ‘Too Far’ very quickly and in a very bad state! The first lines are 'caught up in this house, trapped my very own self in the snare of my mind’ and she has stated that's how she felt. Kylie wrote Too Far herself and said "I think as I was writing it I imagined performing it that way; the verses are the way that I felt, quite claustrophobic, couldn’t find a way out, and then in the choruses is probably what I wanted to let out more, 'help me, this time I’ve gone too far’." When the song was released Kylie pointed out that it didn't sound like anything she had done before. COWBOY STYLE Kylie said that she wrote Cowboy Style a new relationship and how it feels when something fresh can bring out many emotions in you. This was one of the songs she wrote early on in the making of Impossible Princess. DID IT AGAIN Kylie said she wrote 'Did It Again’ as if she was basically talking to herself in a song. She said she was worried the song may come off as her telling someone else off when in fact it is her telling herself off. BREATHE Kylie wrote Breathe in Japan and it is based on how she feels when she is upset or angry. Kylie has said many times before that when she feels like this, she goes very quiet (but 'The Look' can come out!). "I think at that time I felt very still, and restrained and quiet, but actually there’s a lot going on and that’s typical of me". The song is about taking time to breathe and actually figure out what's going on in your head. DRUNK Kylie said that the song ‘Drunk’ actually has nothing to do with being drunk, but rather with the feeling of being 6 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, March 2K17

angry and having so much feelings for someone, that you are not satisfied until you take it all. Don’t just take some of me, there’s so much that’s screaming to come out and be involved with you and to be passionate or be mad or be happy about, you know every possible emotion that you could have with someone, that kind of desperate feeling of wanting to explore all that. I’m saying 'I’m not happy drunk till I’m drunken, till you take all of me’. JUMP Kylie wrote 'Jump’ with Rob Dougan. She said that the song is a personal story. She said "here I’m just saying if I’m sad, if I’m happy, if I’m dirty, if I’m whatever, just accept me that way" and that the song is a "lesson to myself to try to let myself do that because I’m like the worst one of putting constraints on myself. I know that society does and business does and other people do, but we put it on ourselves too." The song is saying aside from being yourself don’t be afraid of the future because it will come anyway. LIMBO Kylie wrote 'Limbo' in Spain. She said at the time of writing it she felt trapped and in a Limbo. The lyrics go «I see them all smiling those all around to me, they tend to my wounds and alert my senses.» Kylie said that people were trying to reassure her and even though they were being nice it wasn’t actually helpful at the time of being stuck in Limbo. THROUGH THE YEARS ‘Through The Years’ was written near the end of making the album. Kylie called it «another subconscious moment». She says that the song is about a time with someone and her feelings about it at the moment. Kylie said «being heartbroken, you go through so many different phases of emotions». Kylie said that she hoped people could relate to this song. DREAMS Kylie said «’Dreams’ is based on Impossible Princess. They are the dreams of an Impossible Princess, they’re wanting to have everything, wanting to have the impossible but none-the-less wanting all. Not wanting it to be greedy, but just wanting to experience everything.» Impossible Princess is a definite fan favourite and is indie perfection. We would love to know your favourite songs from this album and why - let us know on Twitter! (Information found on Tumblr and various forums -Kylie quotes from the Impossible Princess era) 7 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, March 2K17

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En, March 2K17

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• Giving you up‘s 12th b-day!

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En, March 2K17

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En, March 2K17

April 1989: 1990:

Hand On Your Heart Better The Devil You Know

1992: Finer Feelings 2014:

I Was Gonna Cancel



Les Folies/Aphrodite Manchester 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, London 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, Chiba 23rd, 24th, Osaka 25th, Montreal 28th, Boston 29th, Fairfax 30th


On a Night Like This London 1st, Brisbane 14th, Sydney 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, Hobart 21st, Melbourne 23rd, 24th, Adelaide 25th, 26th, Perth 28th, 30th

Enjoy Yourself Birmingham 17th, 18th, 19th, London 21st, 22nd, 23rd, Belfast 25th, Dublin 27th, 28th, 29th


Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Basel 1st, Aalborg 3rd, Hamburg 4th, Cologne 5th, Dublin 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, Birmingham 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th 21st, Manchester 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th, London 30th



Anti - tour Manchester 1st, 2nd, London 3rd

KylieFever2002 Cardiff 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th 12 www.kylie-world.com

En, March 2K17

__ years ago, _____________________ was released.

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En, March 2K17

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En, March 2K17

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En, March 2K17

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• Finer Feeling‘s 25th b-day!

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En, March 2K17

My ultimate fave throwback from APRIL is...

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En, March 2K17

My fave tour

of Kylie was....

19 www.kylie-world.com

En, March 2K17

NEWS PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT AT THE CASINO DE PARIS Kirstie spoke to you about Priscilla in our November edition of the Kylie Times: she’s the Queen of the desert, which is related to Flammable Children, the film that Kylie filmed with Guy Pearce and which is also realized by Stephan Elliott. And you have to know that until May 6, 2017, you can see the musical comedy extracted from the film at the Casino de Paris ! More than 30 artists, 500 costumes, 200 wigs and the famous bus are on stage, with an incredible soundtrack that gathers more than twenty disco songs, from Tina Turner to Madonna through Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, Cyndi Lauper or even a certain ... Kylie Minogue! You can go to see this tribute to freedom and tolerance until 6th May at the Casino de Paris.

KYLIE MINOGUE LAUNCHES HER SPECSAVER‘S EYEWEAR RANGE IN AUSTRALIA «It’s been an interesting few months, but fantastic for moving forward creatively» she said, adding that her new album would be full of love and very positive. Funnily enough, I feel like I just want to spread the love and that’s what the album is all about». Then she talked a little more about the end of her relationship, with a little backwardness: “I wish I had trusted my instincts on some occasions when I didn’t, and I wish I had listened to better advice when I didn’t» Kylie will now focus on finishing the album, which should be released by the end of the year.

Kylie launched her collection at Specsavers in Australia. The singer, who looked super radiant wearing a white dress, happily answered questions about her new album and her break up with Joshua Sasse. A successful launch Except for local media, loads of people from all around the world were invited, and Spacesavers did a Facebook live stream of the event. It all started with a presentation of the collection with models wearing the glasses, and right after their little fashion show, Kylie appeared herself to talk about this collaboration.

«I’m busy in the studio working on a new album, I’m so excited. I’ve signed with a new label. It’s fantastic new energy and I know what I want to do, I know it’s the right partnership. I’m looking forward to a busy few months ahead. » A commercial spot very soon? As you know, we love to investigate everywhere on the internet when it comes to Kylie, and while we were doing that once, we found a picture of Kylie with Matthew Smole. He works as a director for film shoots, series, clips or commercials. The photo, with the hashtags «filmmaking» and «specsavers» makes us think that the singer may have shot a promotional clip for her brand of glasses, which would be just super cool. Also, we love the pink dress!

20 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17









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Laeti, March 2K17
















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Laeti, March 2K17


LET‘S TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT KYLIE‘S FRAGRANCES As you know, in 2006, Kylie signed a perfume endorsement deal with Coty, Inc. Let’s start with a little bit of history around Coty Inc. Coty Inc. was created in Paris in 1904 by François Coty who is credited with founding the modern fragrance industry. For over 100 years, Coty Inc. has delivered innovative products to consumers in 91 markets worldwide. Today, Coty Inc. is the world's largest fragrance company and a recognized leader in global beauty. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, innovation and creativity, Coty Inc. has developed an unrivalled portfolio of over 35 designer, celebrity and lifestyle brands. The Coty Prestige brand portfolio is distributed in prestige and ultra-prestige stores and includes designer brands, such as (among others) Calvin Klein, Cerruti, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and Vivienne Westwood. The Coty Beauty brand portfolio is more widely distributed and includes designer brand Pierre Cardin; celebrity brands such as Celine Dion, Isabella Rossellini and Shania Twain, and lifestyle brands such as Adidas, Aspen, Astor, Esprit, Miss Sixty, Miss Sporty, Rimmel. For additional information about Coty Inc., please visit www.coty.com

24 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17


Coty Inc. signed Kylie to an exclusive licensing deal to develop and market fragrances (“eau de parfum” and “eau de toilette”) and ancillary products (shower gel, body lotion, deodorant etc…. as well as all the related-merchandising (clutch bags, make-up pouches rings, bracelets and necklaces…) that was yet to come. When asked at the time to comment on this partnership, Coty’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernd Beetz, said,

Kylie Minogue's incredible appeal among women transcends borders and ages. Her successes as a performer and a businesswoman, combined with her grace and perseverance in the face of personal adversity, have not only made her a role model but also have forged a tremendous bond with her fans. Talking about DARLING, Steve Mormoris, Senior Vice President, International Marketing for Coty Inc. said that,

Kylie Minogue’s involvement in the project was tremendous. She showed a real passion for and dedication to the development of the fragrance, as she wanted to capture a true reflection of her personality. She represents the many contrasting qualities of today’s modern woman. She is sensual yet sweet, sexy and charming. She is delicate as well as strong, seductive, glamorous and playful and so much more. The scent reflects Kylie Minogue’s multi-faceted personality

Kylie herself commented that,

The launch of my first fragrance coincides with a new chapter of my life. I chose Coty as my fragrance partner because their passionate and intimate approach to fragrance is similar to my passion as an entertainer. Sharing that same vision of fragrance made the partnership easy, smooth and exciting.

Here we’re going to talk about the initial perfumes, because if we start talking about all the merchandising around them and all types of gift sets that were yet to come, we’d have to write a whole book! 25 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Darling (2006) “Darling, my fragrance” In November 2006, after a tough year, Kylie launched her 1st fragrance: DARLING. It’s described as "glamorous and dynamic", it received favourable reviews from buyers.

WHAT THEY SAID Thierry Wasser (Creator of DARLING, from Firmenich Perfume Company): I wanted to combine strength & movement in order to reflect the intensity of my encounter with Kylie through this fragrance. The freshness of passion fruit and the fondant of lychee express her optimism and energy. The powdered sweetness of Boronia and creamy force of Australian sandalwood evoke the memory of Australia. The transparency of freesia and the delight of lily reveal a contrasted femininity. The greediness of vanilla and the sensuality of amberwood show the affection aroused by talent and passion.

THE BOTTLE DESIGN The bottle, created by Lutz Herman, is rounded-shaped, the glass is heavy and pink and also contains some “rainbow-oil-spill effect”, with a very simple black plastic stopper. Some people said it had the “shape” of Kylie’s derriere and others say it’s meant to be in the “shape” of Kylie’s smile… but I’ll leave that up to you to decide ;-). The Eau de Parfum version glitters with sparkles.

Perfume.com: Make an unforgettable 1st impression with DARLING, the innocent and feminine fragrance from Kylie. This fruity scent lifts your spirits and lingers on your skin for hours, enticing others with its sweet charm. It is intended for everyday use by women who embrace their youth and timeless beauty.

TV ADVERT It’s less than 30 seconds long! First we see the bottle, then a picture of Kylie with short wavy hair, then we see her smile and move slowly around to the music “You’re my everything, you’re my darling”. Everything in this video is PINK (the bottle, the light, Kylie’s make-up and dress), soft and slow.

WHAT KYLIE SAID Through this fragrance, I wanted to express today’s women multi-faceted personality. We can be playful, adventurous, serious, funny and sexy, and that’s what DARLING represents - the many sides of today’s woman.

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: passion fruit and lychee, freesia Heart notes: delicate bouquet of lily and boronia Base notes: sandalwood, amberwood and vanilla

KEY WORDS Tropical • Fruity • Sweet • Fresh • Flowers • Charming • Strength • Glamour

LAUNCH & PROMO • She launched DARLING in Melbourne & Sydney, she is seen lifting up a massive Bottle (twice the size of her head and probably twice as heavy as her). • In February 2007 Kylie launches DARLING at Harrods UK with her short hair just like in the promo pic, and that day the DARLING promotional EP was given out for free (it features I Believe In You, In Your Eyes, Slow, Loving Days and Burning Up). The EP cover sees Kylie holding a dove in her left hand. • Then she went to Paris, to her launch party on the Alexandre III Bridge.

27 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Sweet Darling (2007) After the success of “DARLING”, in 2007 Kylie launched “SWEET DARLING”. It was like a more oriental and sweeter version of DARLING, but it wasn’t as successful.

WHAT THEY SAID Thierry Wasser (creator of DARLING and SWEET DARLING) said that The unity of Kylie’s sensuality and seduction, with warmth and friendliness inspired him for this fragrance. kylieshop.co.uk: SWEET DARLING is a sweeter version of DARLING, as the name may imply, that is also more oriental in nature. Offering wearers’ a scent that invokes seduction and sensuality, along with warmth; the actual scent is reminiscent of fruit and woods mixed with enough vanilla and candy-floss overtures that your nose will be overwhelmed with delight

THE BOTTLE DESIGN The bottle reinterprets the shape of the DARKLING fragrance but this time, it has a mauve shade. It has a lovely pearlescent colour, with pinks and purples and is slightly frosted.

Celebrityscentsation.com: It is an oriental gourmand scent that radiates sensuality

TV ADVERT Well it is exactly the same as the DARLING one, except that it’s slightly longer because at the end, we see a pic of the SWEET DARLING perfume bottle and can hear a man say “Now discover SWEET DARLING, by Kylie Minogue)… And that’s it.



Top notes: passion fruit, bergamot and osmanthus Heart notes: freesia, cotton candy, boronia and patchouli

Promo bag (UK Limited)

Base notes: vanilla and Australian sandalwood

KEY WORDS Tropical • Candy • Vanilla • Patchouli • Oriental • Delicate • Sweet • Sensual

29 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Sexy Darling (2008) SEXY DARLING was created by Sophie Labbe of Firmenich and surfs on the 2 first perfumes’ success, but this time it is more mature and sensual, more refined. It embodies Kylie’s glamourous sexy feminity.

WHAT THEY SAID Fragrantica.com: It features sexy notes which show popular Kylie’s sexual charisma, with erotic accords. It is created of aromas of exotic floral bouquet and a blend of red rose and juicy pear, with a fondling touch of sensual musk and warm sandalwood. Perfume.com: Formulated to complement the singer’s trademark provocative style, this fragrance for women is in a class all by itself. Wear this captivating women’s scent to mesmerize others with your fun, fearless aura throughout your long work day and action-packed evening. Pair the scent with your little black dress and stiletto pumps.

THE BOTTLE DESIGN The bottle has the same shape as DARLING and SWEET DARLING. The bottle is deep red this time though, and the writing on the bottle is white, and the top is the usual classy black lid of the DARLING fragrance range.

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: expert mix of pink pepper, juicy pear and blood orange Heart notes: an exotic floral bouquet composed of red rose, belle de nuit, jasmine Base notes: heliotrope, sandalwood and musk

KEY WORDS Woody • Musky • Rose • Fruity • Powdery • Sexy • Classy • Warm

TV ADVERT No TV advert was done for this fragrance, and there isn’t any behind the scenes video of the campaign photoshoot either.

LAUNCH & PROMO On 11 December 2008, Kylie launched SEXY DARLING in the luxurious Myer shop in Sydney, Australia, where she posed for photographs. Personally, I’ve always wondered why she was wearing a blue dress and not a dark/deep red dress, like the bottle colour… but anyway, the launch started like a mini show, with 2 dancers dressed as showgirls dancing in front of the fans until Kylie appeared. Then Kylie was interviewed about her recent tour (X Tour), and she said it was incredible. Kylie then made a young girl (called Alana) come on stage with her, she gave her a hug and Alana started crying. But she took things further when she asked her “do you think you could compose yourself to sing a little bit?” And of course Alana said “No” haha. But in the end, they sang White Diamond together in front of hundreds of fans. Admit it lovers, even if you don’t like singing, you are currently wishing you had been Alana that day.

31 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Showtime & Showtime Sparkle (2008) “The World Is Your Stage” SHOWTIME is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women, created by perfumer Vincent Schaller. The fragrance however proved to be her least successful perfume. It exists in “Eau de Toilette” (Showtime) and “Sparkling Eau de Parfum” (Showtime Sparkle).

WHAT THEY SAID Celebrityscentsation.com: A striking, feminine, lingering, fruity-floral scent for a free-spirited woman who loves life, sensuality and seduction

WHAT KYLIE SAID I want a perfume that could be a mirror of my personality and described as my «second skin». This fragrance is all about SHOWTIME like the name states and me being on stage: it is exuberant, exciting, unique and sexy of course! When interviewed in 2009, by the Scotsman (Scotland’s national newspaper) she said I can walk into a room, and it has happened many times, and I go, ‘Woah, you’re wearing SHOWTIME.’ It’s a real thrill to smell your perfumes, a total kick!

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: wild strawberry, loganberry and blackcurrant Heart notes: roses, blue freesia, lilac, tiare flowers Base notes: rosewood, white musk and a mix of praline and vanilla

KEY WORDS Fruity • Spicy • Milky • Floral • Praline • Sensual • Second skin • Sweet

THE BOTTLE DESIGN The bottle, also created by Lutz Hermann is like half a disco-sphere at the base, with a metal circle over it. Its stopper looks like a huge pink diamond on a big ring (it looks like if you take off the stopper, you’ll be able to put it on your finger). The part that looks like a ring is silver for the Eau de Toilette and gold for the Sparkling Eau de Parfum. It’s really “chic”.

TV ADVERT Sun is falling down, a massive glass square (composed of other little squares) suddenly explodes in a million pieces and Kylie comes out of its centre at the top, dancing to the sound of electric music, and every “little square” becomes a loud speaker with light coming out of it. Then Kylie is in front of this huge square/loud speaker/light, dancing her head off and smiling from ear to ear. And at the end of the video, she ends up at the top of the square again, and opens her arms like she would do when on stage at the end of the show to thank a crowd before we can hear her voice say “SHOWTIME”

BEHIND THE SCENES There is a behind the scenes video of 1m20, where we see Kylie striking a million poses in front of William Baker, first with her hair a bit like Marilyn Monroe (but shorter), and indeed her style is very “Hollywood oriented” first. Then we see long-haired Kylie with a fringe, and a lot of blue make-up with a big smile, as always. William Baker says how much energy and vitality she has, among other things. And he finishes off by saying “Ok, I have to run it’s Show Time”. Nice one Will ;-)

LAUNCH & PROMO Kylie held a private evening at the « Showcase » in Paris. 33 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Couture (2009) “Dare To Wear” COUTURE was created by Alexandra Kosinski. Presented in 2008 and launched in 2009, it was of course inspired by Fashion! It embodies Kylie’s new aura, a modern icon whose radiant smile expresses her passion for life.

WHAT THEY SAID When creating the fragrance, Alexandra, said that she was inspired by Kylie’s aura, intelligence, radiance and passion for life.

WHAT KYLIE SAID When interviewed in July 2009, by the Scotsman (Scotland’s national newspaper) she said that COUTURE, was inspired by a scrapbook of pictures that Coty put together. Some of these pictures I’d forgotten about - me at an event, me leaving the house - and it was almost a reminder to myself: this is a part of you. So my perfume became like a diary. Like most women, I’m passionate about fashion and style, whether it’s red carpet glamour or everyday chic. With COUTURE I wanted to create a modern, sophisticated fragrance for every woman with a strong sense of style. I chose the name because Couture is the very heart and spirit of fashion

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: amarena cherry, lemon flower, vintage violet Heart notes: ylang ylang, night blooming jasmine, passion flower

THE BOTTLE DESIGN This oval-shaped bottle is very stylish and timelessly sober. It’s actually quite “sexy” with its stopper imitating a corset with knotted laces.

TV ADVERT There are 2 versions of the steamy COUTURE TV advert: the initial one lasts 23 seconds and the extended version 54. The background music to this video is “Infinity”, by Guru Josh Project. Kylie appears sexy and chic at the same time, in a long black dress, with a long black glove over her right arm and hand, and the lace at the top of the glove is a replica of the actual perfume plastic top. We see a drop of perfume fall on her shoulder, and it falls slowly down her arm. The whole theme of the video lovers is SEXINESS! And if finishes on Kylie holding the bottle and her voice saying “Dare to wear – COUTURE”.


Base notes: musk, vanilla sorbet, white cedarwood

KEY WORDS Exotic • Passion • Cashmere • Musk • Powdery • Sensual • Delicate • Feminine

In the making of video, William Baker tells how COUTURE is so relevant to Kylie because it’s the iconic elements of fashion, the untouchability of a popstar. COUTURE is very theatrical as well so it applies to her stage persona. Denise Mc Evoy, VP Fragrance Global Marketing of Coty explains us how they were inspired in making the perfume bottle. “The corset is the iconic symbol of the bottle”, and a lot more…

35 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Inverse For Men (2009) “Two facets. One scent” In 2009, Kylie presented INVERSE, her 6th fragrance and her 1st (and for now, her only) men’s fragrance, but she also revealed that the perfume would be suitable for both genders.

WHAT THEY SAID Fagrantica.com: It is strong, persistent and full of self-esteem, but also sensual and emotional. This game of contrasts shows a man with a lot of contradictions. The point of this fragrance is to show that a man can use this fragrance daily, but also for evenings out.


WHAT KYLIE SAID It feels very natural for me to create a male fragrance. After all, fragrance is a technique of seduction and men also want to play this complicated and beautiful game. My world is filled with wonderful men who, every day, break all sorts of stereotypes. These men are creative and experimental but can also be masculine and self-disciplined. With INVERSE, I want to celebrate the diversity of the opposite sex and create a fragrance for all these men I love. And yet, I also suspect that a woman may wear INVERSE to appeal to a man with a fragrance they both find irresistible.

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: lavender, warm spices, blood mandarin Heart notes: nutmeg with tonka from Venezuela and velvety heliotrope Base notes: labdanum, patchouli , musk, condensed milk, atlas cedarwood


The bottle designed by Denis Assor, is rectangular and crowned with a metal stopper. What attracts the attention if that the front and back side are different or let’s say inverse then (dark side vs light side), which reflect the theme of the fragrance of course. The white label side represents the strong, manly and natural side of a man, while the dark label side represents its exuberant and unconventional aspect. The fragrance itself is purple, so the mix the bottle design and the colour of fragrance makes it really modern.

TV ADVERT The advert for INVERSE stars Kylie with her model boyfriend at that time: Andrés Velencoso Segura. The entirely black and white video, with as background music “II B.S. by Charles Mingus”, first shows a (gorgeous) Andres dressed in a suit, looking at us before turning his back slowly. Then Kylie appears in flashing images, where she seems not to be able to take her eyes off him. And then it’s a succession of topless Andres and Andres in suit, he takes poses while topless (Gold help Me!) and Kylie keeps smiling coquettishly. At the end we see the bottle with the white label front getting turned around to show the side with the black label. It’s a very sensual video, they are just GORGEOUS.

Aromatic • Amber • Spicy • Balsamic • Charismatic • Masculine • Strong

37 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Pink Sparkle (2010) “Find your inner sparkle” In 2010, a few months before Aphrodite was released, came out PINK SPARKLE. It is considered as a “very happy and bubbly fragrance, like the lady herself !” It is also inspired by and named after pink champagne.

WHAT KYLIE SAID Kylie said it’s an: elegant, feel-good fragrance that takes you to a wonderful place of optimism and vitality. It’s for women who are in harmony with themselves and the world

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: pink grapefruit, lily of the valley Heart notes: white peach, champagne accord, gardenia, jasmine

THE BOTTLE DESIGN It seems the curvy shape of the bottle is actually the reminiscent of a champagne glass, the top is designed as a gold stopper which has the characteristics of the top of Champaign bottles.


Base notes: musk, vetiver, vanilla

The advertising campaign features photos of Kylie in a gentle pink evening gown which symbolizes the playful fragrance. We see her sitting atop a pile of champagne Exotic • Fresh • Fruity • Harmony • Citrus • Bubbly • Fizz crates. No TV advert was done for PINK SPARKLE. • Pop



BEHIND THE SCENES There is a PINK SPARKLE video message, which is a teaser video featuring Kylie presenting her upcoming release. She is surrounded of champagne crates, just like in the promo pictures. She looks really excited and tells us she is in London and shows us a massive PINK SPARKLE bottle. Then she runs off as she’s got “lots to do” ;-)

PINK SPARKLE is also a UK 5-track promo-only CD, given out free at the launch of the perfume in some shops in London in July 2010, and also given when purchasing Kylie’s PINK SPARKLE fragrance in participating stores. It features Can’t Beat The Feeling, Go Hard Or Go Home, live versions of Boombox/Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head, Speakerphone & I Believe In You recorded in New York, during the “For you For Me Tour”.

There is also a behind the Scenes video of the promo photoshoot, the background song to it is All the Lovers. Kylie says “it’s about your inner sparkle, your fizz, your pop, your effervescence, I know you have it, LET IT GO!” Then, as usual, we see Kylie looking stunning, and striking poses with basically glitter, feathers and balloons everywhere, and at some point even bubbles! We see her hold a massive champagne bottle (seems she is struggling, the bottle is huge, and she is nearly getting blown away by the air coming out of a fan at the same time), and at the end she throws glitter at the camera saying “it’s all about the pink sparkle”

39 www.kylie-world.com

She went on the Paul O’Grady show in 2010 (where she looked absolutely GORGEOUS) and among others, promoted PINK SPARKLE. She offered a bottle to the audience as a little present.

Isa, March 2K17

Pink Sparkle Pop (2011) The PINK SPARKLE POP fragrance (Eau de Toilette), created by Vincent Schaller of Firmenich, arrived on the market in February 2011.

WHAT THEY SAID Fragantica.com: PINK SPARKLE POP celebrates life and brings us pure and foamy joy. It is modern, eccentric and glamorous nstperfume.com:


The woody floral scent is inspired by «life itself» and is modern and glamorous

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: pink pepper, apple and white peach Heart notes: gardenia, tiare flower, marigold, bulgarian rose

The fragrance is poured in a glass flacon shaped just like PINK SPARKLE, but this time, the cap is silver, and the liquid itself is more “pink” (or, well, let’s say slightly less orange then)

PHOTOSHOOT As usual, the face of the campaign is Kylie herself. The promo pic is the same as for PINK SPARKLE, except that the champagne crates this time have the PINK SPARKLE POP name on them instead.

Base notes: sandalwood, musk, ambrosia

KEY WORDS Fruity • Soft spicy • Rose • Glamorous • Fresh • Modern • Sweet • Joy

41 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Dazzling Darling (2011) This is Kylie’s 9th fragrance, and the 4th in the DARLING range. It is described as a feminine and captivating aroma that emphasizes woman’s radiance and confidence, while remaining mysterious and intimate.

WHAT KYLIE SAID Kylie stated that out of all her fragrances, she compares DAZZLING DARLING to herself. Every woman deserves to dazzle! DAZZLING DARLING is a beautifully feminine and alluring fragrance that delivers an inner rush of confidence so you can sparkle and shine. Yet, at the same time, this is a very soft, intimate scent – it’s subtle and refined. I like to think that it’s very “me”. During an interview with Marie Claire she also said

white dress (which seems purple sometimes depending on the light), hanging onto the chandelier (but her feet are touching a white box, she’s not actually entirely hanging from it lol). Then we see a totally different Kylie, this time she’s wearing a white shirt and a black glitter hat and (OMG I want them) AMAZING laced black boots. In the third part of the video, she’s lying down with a pink glitter dress, with a very Marilyn-Monroe like look, curly hair and all, surrounded by crystals. And the last images are of Kylie, wearing a very sexy black top and black glitter shorts, sitting on a glitter chair, again with a black hat (the latter pics were actually used for the MUSIC BOX fragrance promo).

It’s exuberant and warm- like me on a good day!

ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: fresh and spicy scent of red pepper and violet Heart notes: passion flower, orris root and rose Base notes: sandalwood, cashmere and delicate musk

THE BOTTLE DESIGN As this is part of the DARLING range, the bottle remains the same as Kylie’s 1st perfume, only this time the perfume is more or less the same colour as the SWEET DARLING perfume, but in a lighter shade of purple.

KEY WORDS Floral • Woody • Fruity • Rose • Powdery • Feminine • Captivating • Alluring


PHOTOSHOOT Kylie is either sitting or appears to be hanging/swinging from a crystal chandelier. I wonder if Sia was inspired by this photoshoot.

BEHIND THE SCENES The 2-minute photoshoot behind the scenes video shows Kylie, first in front of a crystal chandelier where she states she is surrounded by one of her favourite things: “Crystals” and that she hopes we’ll love the fragrance as much as she does. The background music is awesome so check it out, it’s “LEDGE, NORTH POLE (Wize Remix)”. Then we see a gorgeous Kylie with a beautiful and really long

• CEW UK (Cosmetic Executive Women) Event, in November 2011. Kylie appears in a beautiful purple dress and brown hair. She is interviewed by Trish Halpin from Marie Claire about her fragrances (of course), Kylie says this is a welcome come back to the 1st bottle that she is fond of. They then talk about Coty, the fact that Kylie visited the perfume factory (with no hairnet lol), her favourite designers and that even Kylie has her good and bad days. She is asked what she would say to her 18 year old self (answer “to trust yourself ”), the nerves before going on stage, what she hopes Santa will bring her that year (answer: same as every year “bit more time with my family”)

43 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Music Box (2012) Kylie’s last fragrance to date, the “Eau de Parfum” Music Box, was released in 2012, as a celebration fragrance for her K25 anniversary. It’s described as «refined and sophisticated».

WHAT KYLIE SAID … As a part of this special anniversary (K25), I wanted to create a special fragrance for my fans to mark this event, and this is how I came up with MUSIC BOX. Music is always an inspiration to me, this is a beautiful way to represent this. I remember having a music box as a little girl and I was completely entranced by its magical quality. I was just really inspired by the way it made me feel. It was like a box of promise. It’s for women like me, women who like to dream, to dare and to feel feminine. I hope everyone finds it as captivating as I do.

THE BOTTLE DESIGN The bottle actually has the shape of a music box, lying on its side. It’s the first time ever we see this shape for a perfume bottle! The plastic cap is gold and reminds us of an antique door-key.

PHOTOSHOOT ITS SCENT AND MAIN NOTES Top notes: mara des bois strawberry, raspberry and bergamot Heart notes: bouquet of roses, freesia and orange blossom Base notes: sandalwood, amber and white musk

The photos used to advertise MUSIC BOX on paper were actually taken during the DAZZLING DARLING photoshoot. Kylie is sat down on a glitter silver chair, with the glitter hat, and dressed in black top and shorts with (amazing) black stilettos. The chair is actually in the centre of an open music box, on a little round stage that would turn around if you turn the music box on. And in front of that music box lies a big bottle of the fragrance MUSIC BOX.

KEY WORDS Fruity • Floral • Woody • Amber • Refined • Sophisticated • Graceful • Feminine

LAUNCH & PROMO In 2012, a new promotional CD was issued with purchase of Kylie fragrances at Superdrug in the UK for to celebrate K25, called “Kylie Minogue BEST HITS”. The CD contains Love At First Sight, I Believe in You, Get Outta My Way and All The Lovers.

45 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, March 2K17

Lovers & their Kylie tattoos!

STAY FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER... You know love is real when you get your babe‘s name under your skin - forever. Some think it‘s insane, some use their bodies as canvas with a lot of passion, but one thing is for sure: it is a hot topic of every fanbase at every occasion. Kylie‘s concert queues are like a fan tattoos fashion week and you‘re considered weird if you don‘t have at least the K tag... We called all the lovers who wanted to share their inks and stories of how they got them.

• The K tag kids social club


„I got the K tag on my wrist for obvious reasons (haha, who doesn‘t have one). Later on, I added Breathe as it‘s a thing that helps me through anxiety.“

LAETI „Mine is going to be 6 years old and you can see it‘s literally dissapearing. It hurt me so much, I nearly fained, and now I need to get it re-done. SEND HELP“ 46 www.kylie-world.com

Literally, when you attend any Kylie happening, you meet about 87587 kids with K tags on their wrists. Three (out of four) of us girls working for Kylie World can relate...

(picture above)


„The K tag was my second tattoo, I woke up one day and I just went to get it. I added a little heart that Kylie wrote on a Kylie at Home pillow I had won in a contest.“ En, March 2K17

„I got my tattoo the day after meeting Kylie at Harrods book signing in 2012. Kylie signed my wrist with her K tag and I had it tattooed over the next day! „

„I really wanted to get something but didn‘t really know what as my taste changes so quickly then I thought well there is one thing that I am never going to go off and that is Kylie.“

Danielle WALTON

Barry Byrne


„I got this Kylie tattoo as Kylie is such an inspiration to me with what she has overcome with her breast cancer and then men that have come in and out her life she just brushes herself off and comes out stronger than ever“

ametys cuquemelle


„I got my K tag when Kylie was diagnosed with cancer“



michael reinhart

„I got my Kylie tat, on the left ankle, last September. I have been listening to Kylie since high school... I‘m now 45. Since the Aphrodite album, I‘ve been obsessed with Kylie. I‘m hoping she comes to LA on her next tour... I‘ve never seen her in concert and am dying for that experience!“ SARAH TIBBITTS

AMBER, LAURYN & MORGAN „We had been talking about getting the tattoo for ages, and we thought right before the Hyde Park show would be best because it was Kylie and we were all together :)“

„Every fan needs a K tag!“ David Giles

• The autograph squad „I woke up one morning and the first thing I saw was one of my old post cards from the late 80s on my wall with her original autograph on. I just thought to myself „I‘ll get that tattooed today“. I‘d never had a tattoo before, so I‘m not sure what came over me!“



„I met Kylie twice and asked if she would sign my arm and hand for tattoos. One I got tattooed while in the queue for her show while someone held my place in the queue“

„A friend of mine came with an idea to trace my Signed CD from Kylie and then transfer it on to my arm. Getting it done did hurt at times, but it was worth the pain. My next mission was to show it to Kylie herself, and that happened when I won meet and greet in Liberty, London“

Nick franklin


„I was lucky enough to meet Kylie. I asked her to sign my arm. She smiled and said “will it honestly make you happy?!“ I said ‚yes!.... I‘ve been thinking about it for four years ! She started to do a massive signature on my lower arm.... and I said - oooh no - on my upper arm and not so big - lol - it will be my one and only tattoo!“



tomas moudry

„Me and my friend who is a Madonna fan really wanted to get tatts of our idols together. We had already booked the appointement and I still wasn‘t sure what exactly I wanted. Then I saw this logo/autograph on a merch tee I was about to buy and...“

48 www.kylie-world.com



En, March 2K17

• The lyrical lovers DAVID GILLES

„The lyrics to Dreams resonated so much with me, as they are very true words that I think we can all relate to at some point in our lives“


„I wanted to honour some early Kylie and this seemed most apt. I‘ve signed this „Enjoy Yourself“ squiggle in greetings cards for years and it‘s become a bit of a trademark of mine. And now it‘s a daily reminder to not wait til tomorrow, when I should be living today“




„We met Kylie and asked her to write Body Language and Paper Dolls for us as we wanted to get them tattoed together. She wrote it on the back of my press pass confirmation from her show the day before, and with a green pen. She looked at her finished masterpiece and said she didn‘t like it, and asked us to wait until the next time with the tattoos. The second she left, En asked me: „Are we waiting?“ ...I replied: „Are you crazy?“ :) „This one I got simply because stars don‘t shine in singular places“

„I was always told to be -too youngfor things and to wait until -laterwhen I was a teen. This is a daily reminder not to listen to cheap talk, and just enjoy every second of being me.“ „A matching one we got with En (this one is hers but I have the same one). We wanted something to forever remind us of KMOT and the love we felt“

49 www.kylie-world.com


En, March 2K17

• The LOVE lovers

„Kylie‘s handwriting is my fave thing ever and since a lot of people have her signature, I decided to get something kind different that I hadn‘t really seen before “

MATHIAS GEIRNAERT „I was drunk, impulsive and in a Kylie bubble... just kidding, I liked this idea so I asked Kylie to write it for me at the book signing in Harrods “


• The sleeve kind of dudes

DANIEL KAUER „The first Kylie-one i‘ve got was «Cosmic». That was in 2007 just about a month after «X» was released. My mother died at that time because of cancer. That‘s why «Cosmic» is such a special song for me. The next one i‘ve made was The Green Fairy. I have a Moulin Rouge Sleeve Tattoo on my left Arm so The Green Fairy is placed there perfectly. Then my right arm was on it‘s turn. I‘ve decided to make a «Music» Arm. So my most favorite Picture of Kylie (Put Yourself In My Place) is now there on my Arm. I just love it. I also did «Lucky Lucky Lucky», the Lyrics of «Better Than Today» and «Music Make You Lose Control» from Speakerphone there. Also on my Shoulder there are some Wings. Inspired by the beautiful «Try your Wings». “ DAVID HILL

„As a massive fan and collector since 1987 Kylie a special part of my life“ 50 www.kylie-world.com

En, March 2K17

„I went through a rough time a couple of years ago. I made it through with the help of friends and loved ones. The stars on my left arm each represent a person dear to me and lyrics from Stars were very apt.. so I added Stars Don‘t Shine In Singular Places. Come Into My World is the song that literally saved my life, so that went on my right hand. On my left hand the album from which it came... Fever. On the inside of my right arm are lyrics to Come Into My World and Kylie‘s signature... she signed my poster during Kiss Me Once in Brussels. And last, but definitely not least... the Let‘s Get To It portrait made by #TooCreative artists. I absolutely love their work and I think it turned out pretty good“


„In 2005 my world, as everyone elses, fell from underneath my feet when i heard the news that Kylie had Breast Cancer. I couldn‘t breathe. What did that mean? Was she gonna be ok? Was it treatable? What did the future hold... Fast forward a few years, and thank the lord, she got the all clear! My idol had proved that she was stronger than anything, and lived up to her reputation by bouncing back with the Showgirl Homecoming and X2008 tour. Seeing her perform, made me realise we have one life, and no matter what others think, you have to live it for you... That was the day i decided i needed a permanent reminder of the woman who has been my musical rock since 1997. And so it was... I got a tattoo :) “


• TAH DAH,our ultimate fave... ... our ultimate fave is our dear friend Mathias, who got THE ELEMENTS tattooed. We‘re not going to lie, if Kylie never releases anything elements-related, after all these hints, we might just join him and get at least one tattooed as a reminder of our never ending laughs :)

51 www.kylie-world.com

En, March 2K17


Kylie Minogue at Melbourne airport Sunglasses : Kylie Minogue Eyewear Dress : Rixo Bag : Lancel 52 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17

Kylie Minogue in Sydney Bomber : Scotch & Soda 53 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17


Iryna has met Kylie a few times, but we chose her last meeting with Kylie as this month’s Kylie Times’ story. You can read more on her blog that you probably already know : http://livelearnshineon.blogspot.fr/ When I arrived to NBC Studios building, it was 2.30 p.m. and I was quite sure Kylie was already inside (the New York Live show starts at 3p.m.), but I decided to hang around for a bit (thank you again, my dear intuition!) - and it did pay off - the car pulls up and this gorgeous woman, in this stunning dress comes out - «Kylie!» - was my thought. I see her smile and... swallow my tongue being absolutely Kylie-struck once again! Thoughts were running through my head «Come on, you came here to give Kylie a little present, just say it!» - and I did, I asked her if I could just give her this present. She smiled and said, «Of course!». She takes a present and there’s one thing that I loved at that moment : «Can I give you a hug?», she smiles and says «Sure», leaning closer and giving me a hug (someone standing next to us goes: «awww, so sweet!») Then she says: «I saw your tweet and your site - you’re doing an amazing job!» - and not expecting anything like this (and coming from KYLIE herself !!) I lose all the words and thoughts (not that I had many of 1sts before...) and the only few words I could squeeze in excitement were: «Oh my God, really? Thank you so much, this is so amazing!»

and we have a perfect one!!! I thanked Kylie few more times, she kept smiling looking gorgeous in that dress, shining like the sun in today’s cloudy NYC :)

That was not over yet!! So, I totally forget I took my Stylist mag with me (just in case I was lucky again), I go to the closest Starbucks to grab a cup of my favorite passion tea (so thirsty!) and realize I had a mag! So I tweet #KyliePride, unlock the Mardi Gras video, watch it (with few more people around me looking over my shoulder). Hope Kylie read my «is it ok if I show up again» tweet, cause I felt so embarrassed coming back for an autograph (I’m not a stalker - once again - that is one thing I would never do!). But when I got there, all the paparazzi came from who knows where and Kylie was just about to come out of the building. A lady was passing by with her husband asked me who all these people were waiting for, to which I replied Kylie Minogue, so she goes: «oh, the Australian actress!» - I nodded and that put a big smile on my face :) Just then Kylie comes out and few people around me (those two included) go «oh wow, she’s so beautiful!». Paparazzi take pictures, while Kylie can barely walk through all of them to the car... and when I did not realize all this time I was holding my iPod she gets into the car (definitely saw me holding a mag in my hand, but guess who did!? KYLIE! She goes: to sign), she rolles the window down (people start «Better take that picture!». So Terry takes the iPod sticking their things to sign) and says «hers» pointing from my shaky hands and click! Kylie asked to check in my direction and signs the Stylist (With love) in the if it was good - and after looking at it, we decide we car waving «goodbye» to everyone. They drive away... need another one, because Kylie looked like she’s and here I go, omg, did THAT just happen??? «about to punch someone» (her words!). Click again 54 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17



chase, to have your face retweeted onto Kylie’s timeline!

Because you have two pairs for £ 99

Since we’ve already spent a lot of money into Kylie’s various shows, we’re happy to have a small promotion that allows us to buy a few more glasses that we might not necessarily need, but who cares, it’s KYLIE, people.


Because if you don’t have Specsavers in your country, you can plan a little trip overseas with an excuse. IT’S A KYLIE THING, PEOPLE If you are for example from France, Specsavers does not exist in your country. Which is a shame because you really want to buy Kylie’s glasses. So it is time to combine the useful to the pleasant, and plan a trip to a country that has Specsavers’ shops! The choice is large: England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, or for the more adventurous: Australia!


Because you can be twinning with your fellow bling Kylie friends but at the same time be different to everyone else Goodbye Ray Ban squad, Hiya Minogue squad!


Because wearing a pair of glasses brings a part of mystery You can make a mysterious look, and it will have its effect on all of these people crushing on you !


Because it’s always better to not see a blurry Kylie If you really have problems with your eyesight, it’s time to make an appointment to see Kylie very clearly during next tour (It was the health advice).


Because if you accidentally get lost on a desert island, you can use them to make fire and survive Did you know that ? You can make fire with the spectacle lens of your glasses. So if you are planning a big trip far away and the plane crashes on a desert island, you can still make fire to eat some fish in a chic way. You’ll for example be safe if that happens on your flight from Australia. When it comes to me and En, we are definitely buying them for this reason because our Kylie trips tend to go wrong.

Kirstie & her mom


Because with the glasses, Kylie will obviously love you more than she does now


Kylie retweet very often retweets people who are wearing her brand’s glasses, or likes their photos on social networks. The opportunity for you, in addition of having made a good pur-

Kylie has released a collection of 21 pairs of glasses, enough to leave you a choice!

Because there are so many different styles, you can change your look every day

55 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, March 2K17

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #17 • March 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : Let’s take a close look at Kylie’s fragrances, Impossible Princess is celebrating its 20 years, discover Kyl...

The Kylie Times #17 • March 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : Let’s take a close look at Kylie’s fragrances, Impossible Princess is celebrating its 20 years, discover Kyl...