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Kylie Minogue, a fashion icon


What to expect from Kylie‘s new album ?

Let's send some love to Kylie ! Kylie obviously plays a part in our lives, in both good and bad moments, thanks to her music. As she is not in the best period of her life, we thought it could be cool to send her some love and show her that we are always gonna be here for her no matter what. Let's make a book for her, full of love from all the Lovers who want to spread some her way. You can send just a little note, or explain why you love her, what she changed in your life, whatever you want ! However, we will refuse everything nasty about Joshua - we are not here for that. You can send us your messages here: contact@ kylie-world.com or in our comments, DM on Facebook or on Twitter or instagram with hashtag #WeLoveYouKylie



FEBRUARY 2017, #16

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Cut! 8. BULLET JOURNAL 18. News Kylie Minogue at the Glock Horse Performance Center Prince‘s letter to Kylie Minogue to be auctioned Kylie Minogue at the Paris Fashion Week 20. A meeting with Kylie 22. Kylie Minogue, a fashion icon 24. Launch of her eyewear collection with Specsavers 27. Interview : Kylie Minogue gives her fashion and beauty tips 29. What can we expect from Kylie‘s next album ? 32. Kylie Minogue VS Kylie Jenner 33. Let‘s play !

#STEPBACKINTIME FEBRUARY 1987 - 2016 In case you need help for your #K30 bullet journal... :)

02/03/1990 Enjoy Yourself tour

02/10/1991 Rhythm of love tour

02/12/2002 In Your Eyes

02/15/2008 Wow

08/16/2014 In My Arms

02/23/2000 Cut

02/10/2004 Money Can‘t Buy DVD

02/19/2011 Les Folies tour



The movie starts on a set. A horror movie called Hot Blooded! is being shot and Hilary (Kylie), the director of the movie is really fed up with the killer’s actor’s on-screen behaviour. She tells him off and makes him look stupid in front of the whole crew right before she calls it a night. Brad, the movie killer, visits her in her office right after. Hilary, still angry, continues insulting him and explaining how easily replaceable he is. In fact, as she says, she could put a monkey in his place to do a better job than him. But Brad didn‘t come to discuss. Putting the killer costume and sharpening his scissors he gets ready while Minogue’s character has her back turned to him, fixing some papers, still fumimg. Soon she realises how things are… “Get out of here or I’ll scream” she says. “It’s hard to scream without a tongue” Brad replies, ready to end her life. Next scene we see her tongue cut out. And that’s how Kylie’s character makes it through 3 minutes into the movie. Typically. Why does she never survive in one? Like, really? Anyway, to continue… Another crew member gets killed and the murderer himself, too. Hot Blooded! never gets finished. Twelve years later, a bunch of students decide to re-film the movie as their school project despite warnings. People say it’s cursed. Everyone who attemps to either screen it or finish it gets murdered under weird and mysterious circumstances. This information works the opposite ways with young students - the temptation to try is too much not to take. They start the filming… and guess what happens next. To be absolutely honest, I have never seen the whole movie. It’s probably the only one with Kylie I have never finished, but to my apology Kylie dies first so it kind of ruins the atmosphere, and also the only language I found it in back in the days was some bulgarian or magyar something… Not to insult anyone, but gosh, I really could not help but turn it off. I think we should all meet up at some scary looking cottage in the woods on summer and watch it together… After all, internet discussions say that it’s rather boring and very common topic, but the movie itself isn’t bad at all. You know, nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible. When are you all coming over with the popcorn then?

released on the 2nd of Feb, 2000 5 www.kylie-world.com

En, February 2k17 En, Février 2k17

Week #8

February 2Oth - February 26th

Mon 20th Tue 21st

Wed 22nd 6 www.kylie-world.com

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Lyrics of the week:

Thu 23rd

• Cut premiered 17 years ago! RIP Hilary...

Fri 24th

Sat 25th

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Week #9

February 27th - March 5th

Mon 27th Tue 28th

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1998: Breathe 2004: Red blooded woman 2005: Giving you up 2008: All I see 2014: Kiss me once 2001:

On a night like this Glasgow 3rd, 4th, 5th, Manchester 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, Brighton 12th, 13th, Cardiff 14th, Bournemouth 15th, London 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, Copenhagen 23rd, Berlin 25th, Hamburg 26th, Cologne 27th, Paris 28th, London 30th, 31st


Rhythm of love Telok Blangah 1st, Bankog 2nd, Kuala Lumpur 3rd, Tokyo 4th, Osaka 6th, Nagoya 8th, Fukukoa 10th


Les Folies Berlin 1st, Prague 2nd, Leipzig 4th, Munich 5th, Mannheim 6th, Milan 8th, Zurich 9th, Toulouse 11th, Barcelona 12th, Metz 14th, Paris 15th, Amsterdam 17th, Oberhausen 18th, Antwerp 19th, Dublin 22nd, 23rd, Cardiff 25th, 26th, Glasgow 28th, 29th


Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Glasgow 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, Paris 26th, Rotterdam 27th, Antwerp 28th, Vienna 30th, Munich 31st



Kiss me once

Anti - tour Melbourne 18th (double) Sydney 20th (double)

Perth 14th, Adelaide 17th, Melbourne 18th, Sydney 20th, Brisbane 21st 10 www.kylie-world.com

En, February 2k17

__ years ago, _____________________ was released.

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Week #10

March 6 - March 12th

Mon 6th Tue 7th

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Lyrics of the week:

Thu 9th Fri 10th

• Red blooded woman‘s 13th b-day! • All I see‘s 9th b-day!

Sat 11th

Sun 12th 13 www.kylie-world.com

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Week #11

March 13th - March 19th

Mon 13th Tue 14th • Kiss me once‘s 3rd b-day!

Wed 15th 14 www.kylie-world.com

En, February 2k17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 16th • Breathe‘s 19th b-day!

Fri 17th

Sat 18th

• 5 years since Anti - tour started in Sydney!

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Sun 19th • 9 years ago, Showgirl - The greatest hits tour kicked off in Glasgow!

En, February 2k17

My ultimate fave throwback from MARCH is...

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En, February 2k17

Wishlist for my

Kylie collection:

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En, February 2k17

NEWS KYLIE MINOGUE PERFORMING AT THE GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Surprise! We did not expect to see her soon on stage, especially after the split with Joshua Sasse, but Kylie has appeared at a concert in Austria for the Glock Horse. You are probably wondering what it is... we were, too. It was that kind of jumping riding competition with a posh dinner, you know. It was a mix between Kylie’s private shows she was able to do last year, and the Kylie Summer Tour, when she sang after horse races. The evening was attended by many famous guests, including John Travolta and Chuck Norris. Kylie appeared as a «surprise guest» that was scheduled according to the website. On the few videos available on Instagram, Kylie was of course amazing with a fantastic show, smiling ear to ear (if you wanna know the setlist, it is more or less always the same, but they now included Night Fever). We also noted the fact that she

PRINCE‘S LETTER TO KYLIE TO BE AUCTIONED A few hours after his death, Kylie reported a previous collaboration with him, on a song called ‘Baby Doll’ which has never been released. And now, an auction of a letter from the singer to Kylie appeared on the internet. It’s a handwritten letter written by Prince, which was supposed to be read by Kylie during the acceptance speech for his award as Best International Artist at the Brit Awards in 1993.

Dear Kylie, please read this note in acceptance 4 the Best International Artist Award—’Thank u! P.S.—In all my trips abroad, I can honestly say, I’ve never felt very far from home. As long as I live and there is an appreciation of what I do, I will continue to do...my best. Peace and New Power, Prince What is rather funny about this letter is that when Prince talks about himself as « I », he draws an eye. Unfortunately, Kylie did not have the chance to express Prince’s thanks on stage: in the last minutes, the producers of the show decided to ask Cher to do the speech instead. Kylie was on stage at the time as she was hosting the ceremony. The auction is still open, and the letter (plus an envelope with Kylie’s name written on it) are estimated at more than 2500 euros. If you want to win it, do not hesitate to look on the internet to make an offer! (And also En says that if you’re secretly in love with her and think about a decent Valentine’s day gift, this is it)

18 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17

KYLIE MINOGUE AT THE PARIS FASHION WEEK Kylie Minogue was invited to the Paris Fashion Week by the Schiaparelli’s brand to attend their fashion show. An unexpected presence for most of the fans, cause it has been a while since Kylie had not attend to the show and we would have expected to see her at the show of her friend Jean Paul Gaultier. The brand, which has just obtained the highest label in fashion, haute couture, presented its new autumn winter collection, a collection that perfectly matches with Kylie’s style, and some outfits remind us of the period of Kiss Me Once.

Guest of honor, Kylie Minogue wore a purple dress of the brand with a star on it from the fall/winter 2016 collection. This dress is often worn as tee-shirt tucked into pants ... But Kylie has decided to face the cold Parisian weather in a dress without tights (you need to know that the temperature was around minus 5 degrees). She was accompanied by Katerina Jebb to attend this event, as well as other artists such as Pixie Lott or Thandie Newton. Kylie’s hair and make-up was made by Christian Vermaak. About Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli was born on September 10th, 1890 in Rome and died on November 13rd, 1973 at 83 years old. Fashion designer, she held a haute couture house in Paris during the years 1930 to 1950. She is known to use a very fuchsia pink called the «Rose Shocking». In 2007, Diego Della Valle from Tod’s group bought the brand, and it is in July 2012 that Schiaparelli made its return place Vendôme, where Elsa Schiaparelli worked. On the cover of Vogue Australia in May 2014, Kylie Minogue wears Schiaparelli. 19 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17

A MEETING WITH KYLIE HOW MELANIE FOUGHT PAPS TO GET KYLIE‘S AUTOGRAPH It was January 22nd, 2017, about noon when I got a text message from Laeti. «Are you working tomorrow?» Well, no, I was about to have a day off and I couldn’t have been any happier about it. And I didn’t even know what was coming - next message from Laeti and I got to know Kylie was coming to a fashion show!! 10am, Paris! I didn’t even know the address of the place, but I was determined to try and see her. As the day was slowly going by, I was quickly turning into a detective. I was desperate for finding some information as I didn’t know what to do. Do I go to her hotel? Isn’t that too awkward? What if I end up standing in front of a wrong one? No, this one wouldn’t work... Somehow we finally found the place of the show. That’s the place to go! I was all set up to go the next morning - a cam in my bag to take pics for Kylie World, a vinyl I wanted to get signed, the 1st Kylie Times... I was wondering if to take this picture, too.

It sure looks familiar to you... think harder! Yes, Kylie retweeted it last summer and also posted it on Instagram with the message «Thanks Melanie from France» Yes yes, it was me! Well no, not me, but Mi-Août on the photo ... I was thinking, maybe it would ring some bells to Kylie and she’d remember me a bit more « easily ». I left the house and jumped into the train headed to Paris. As always, it took about 10 years just to get there. I noticed that if you don’t have any problems trying to get to Kylie, you end up not seeing her. Nicole and Laeti confirmed this theory of mine... and so it started. The second I got into the underground, I knew things were about to go wrong. My train stopped at the 3rd station and wouldn’t go on. I only had 20 minutes left until the beginning of the fashion show and walking would have taken me forever. Realising that I didn’t have a choice, I left the station, turned maps on and walked walked walked. Somehow I made it there just ten minutes late, but I couldn’t find the exact place and maps typically made me walk in circles..... As always.. But after all, problems are a good thing. When I finally found my way, I saw about 6-7 paparazzis and that was the moment when I realised I would see Kylie. Just 5 minutes after I finally got there, a car arrived and droped Melissa George, then another car came with French actress Virginie Efira followed by other women I did not know.

20 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, February 2k17

Everything was cool, paps were acting nice, honestly I said to myself it was a cool event. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, a car arrived and stopped first in front of the Ritz (it is like 20 meters away from the Schiaparelli shop). And after that, I didn’t understand anything anymore : A RIOT of paparazzis came out of nowhere, I couldn’t even see who had arrived, then I noticed Katerina Jebb and I was saying to myself shit shit shit Kylie is there what can I do? It was impossible to approach her because of the number of paparazzis around her… I decided to wait close to the door of the shop. I put the camera inside my bag and I just thought about having my autograph. Kylie made her way through the paps and came closer to the door, posed for a few pictures... I shouted «KYLIE! «and I was trying to get her to see the Kylie Times but apart from a look (she has such blue eyes oh my gooooood...), I didn’t get much attention. I was kinda sad and disappointed, but she had no other choice. Honestly all she wanted was to get though the door and disappear from all those crazy paps that appeared literally out of nowhere. Other famous people arrived later, such as Anna Wintour who snub all these paparazzis with chic (QUEEN ANNA). By that time, I already hated these disrespectful people jumping onto each other just to take one pic..... They shouted at Ines De la Fressange saying she deserves a slap for refusing to pose for them.... Soooo so stupid. It must have been around 11am, when the security forced us to make a way to let the celebrities leave the show. Guess who went crazy and did not want to move from the door... Yes, you got it right, the paparazzis! There was a young girl by the side, probably also waiting for someones autograph, she was not in anyone’s way yet they still yelled at her that they’d knock her down and walk over he if she didn’t go further. How can someone be SO RUDE, I’ll never understand.

I thought that Kylie would follow, and then, just help me please… She did - followed by bodyguards. I got pushed to all sides by those paparazzis, that I had absolutely no chance to get any close again. I decided to just leave the crowd for my own sake and I was soon mad. I did not wait outside in minus 5 degrees to come home empty-handed! And so I ran in front of this whole crazy pap crowd with Kylie somewhere in the middle, and with a brand new energy, I sneaked back in again. «Kylie! Can you sign this please! Kylie! «. And she finally saw me!!! I struggled to pass her the pen and she struggled to catch it, too, as we were surrounded by so many people. But she SIGNED MY VINYL. AMEN. I did not have any pics for Kylie World, I did not get a selfie, but at least I made some kind of contact with her at all... It was all very awkward and crazy and you know, far from «meeting» her as I was imagining, but I still don’t regret going and I’m so happy I finally got to see her face to face. And I’ll never forget how annoying the paps can be!

People began to go out, and I saw Kylie, Katerina and Christian (he is so handsome in real life and so young!) Katerina came out first and instead of following the path made by the paparazzis, she choose to just pass next to me.

21 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, February 2k17

FOCUS KYLIE MINOGUE : A FASHION ICON At the start of the year we saw Kylie rocking at Paris fashion week, this inspired us to look back at some of her stand out fashion moments over the eras. You have to admit, even if you don’t always love what Kylie wears, she has been a fashion icon from the start.

Flashing back to that unforgettable brim hat from her very first album (KYLIE 1988) Kylie is responsible for many perms in the late 80s... we wonder how many tried to recreate the brim hat look too? Perhaps with a paper plate...

Moving onto Enjoy Yourself (1989) and again a hat is another stand out item! - teamed with a matching skirthow fabulous!! Sequins and sparkles will forever be one with Miss Minogue!

This brings us to 1990 and Rhythm Of Love - the time of Better Devil You Know and perhaps the start of sexy Kylie (and straight hair!!) The rain coat teamed with the slow motion dramatic running at the opening of the official video of BDYK is an image that always stuck in my head.

The following year brought Let’s Get To- It influenced by Kylie’s love of club music at the time. It certainly was a big time for lip liner as seen on the album cover- We LOVE it!! (The original Kylie was rocking the big lips way before a certain person was even born... real ones)

Next we have Kylie’s second self titled album, Kylie Minogue - her first after leaving PWL and joining Deconstruction Records. Confide In Me being a single from this album. The video from this single provided many stand out looks and a highly memorable video. Kylie did say whilst filming she was almost reduced to tears because of a certain latex outfit- the things she does for fashion!

Carrying on with Indie Kylie we have her 1997 album, Impossible Princess. This album has faced many critics but does remain a fan favourite. Kylie was heavily involved in the writing of this album and the tracks prove her talents not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. One stand out moment from this era is definitely the Did It Again music video. The video is essentially one big cat fight between 4 different Kylies. Kylie has said before she has many different personas, and I think this is a great example of how fashion can be used to express ourselves and individual moods.

Flash forward to 2000 and we are at Light Years (released by Parlophone). This is known as one of Kylie’s «comebacks» and bringing back possibly the Pop Princess Kylie that many know today. We cannot talk about Light Years without giving a shoutout to those gold hot paints (those 50p hot pants!!... thanks Jebb!). This outfit in the Spinning Around music video resulted in Kylie’s bum being declared a national treasure! 22 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, February 2k17

The next year brought us Fever. Iconic is the word that describes this album. One of Kylie’s most successful albums to date. This album is the definition of pop perfection. Of course a highlight from this album was the massive single Can’t Get You Outta My Head (which reached number one in 40 countries across the globe). In the video Kylie wears a striking white jumpsuit and everyone went crazy.

Jump forward to 2003 and we are at Body Language. This album was influenced by the music from the 1980s and unlike some of Kylie’s other albums it took inspiration from genres like synthpop electroclash, and R&B. The images for the album saw Kylie become very alike to Brigitte Bardot. A look that stands out for this era and people know it’s from the Body Language album.

Kylie worked on a greatest hits and a world tour, but there wasn’t another studio album until 2007. Kylie made a spectacular return, after beating breast cancer, with the release of X - her 10th studio album. The first single from the platinum album was 2 hearts and rumour has it the video saw Kylie drew inspiration from playing DJ in a London club! With the new bleached blonde curls there was a certain Marilyn Monroe vibe to her look.

2010 brought us Aphrodite. Kylie’s 11th studio album where she enlisted the help of Stuart Price (who became the executive producer of the album). The album met a great success peaking at the top of UK albums chart and made her the first solo artist to have a number one album in four different decades (in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. - what a queen!) This album just screams love and joy, the cover art shows the euphoria brought by the album. Aphrodite gained Kylie the title Goddess of Pop.

Now we arrive in 2014 and Kylie released her first (and last) album under the management of Roc Nation, Kiss Me Once. The album cover is made very memorable by the image of Kylie ready to give a kiss. The theme of this is carried on to the Kiss Me Once tour, where Kylie ascends to the stage on a giant pair of lips! (Some fans were lucky enough to practice their Minogue poses on these very lips at the Kylie Christmas pop up shop!)

This brings us to Kylie’s last studio album released to date, Kylie Christmas (2015). At first the fans got to see a cover showing Kylie in a full length golden sequin D&G gown but when the album was officially released the cover changed to one with a very sexy red outfit - very miss Christmas. This plus 3 sell out Christmas concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, a 2016 Snow Queen addition, some poptastic Christmas songs and Kylie can add Queen of Christmas to her many deserved titles!

These are just tiny snippets of stand out moments through the eras, of course there are far too many to list! Please let us know some of your favourites or any you would like to see make a comeback! With a new album on the way, signing to a new record label (BMG), the release of Flammable Children, a eyewear collection and possibly the return of Love Kylie underwear (yes please Kylie!) there is so much yet to come from- and Kylie we can’t wait to see what comes next!

23 www.kylie-world.com

Kirstie, February 2k17


The petite pop star is renowned as a style icon, having worn some of the most memorable stage outfits in history. So much so, that London’s Victoria and Albert Museum dedicated an entire exhibition to her style in 2007. Kylie is at the helm of her famous stage wardrobe, working closely with famous designers from Jean Paul Gaultier to Dolce & Gabbana. And now Kylie has put all that fashion experience towards designing her first eyewear collection for Specsavers.

Again, keeping true to her own eclectic style, the collection is built upon three key themes: modern classics, subtle bling and reinvented vintage. « I am a Gemini and so I change my mind all the time. I like to shape shift into different characters and different styles, so luckily I have been able to design quite a large collection to cover all those bases. That’s why the Specsavers two pairs for £99 works so well for me. Style for me is twofold – there’s the show version, which is usually quite over the top, and then my real-life style is more classic».

« I’m very proud’, she enthuses. ‘I’ve absolutely loved designing this collection. Glasses are a big part of my life; day in, day out. So it’s been enormous fun to actually stop and think: What do I wear? What are my favourite styles? When do I wear them and how do I wear them? I really tried to inject my personality into the collection, and for me that means functional-daytime-but-still-fabulous glasses, which can transition to a dinner date or an evening show ». It was this idea of designing glasses for every occasion that grew the collection into an extensive range of 25 glasses and five sunglasses, each marked with the distinctive gold Kylie ‘K’ tag.

« Modern classics is just as it sounds – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! There are certain styles that always work for most people, so we took those styles and put my twist on them to deliver them freshly baked, especially for you! Subtle bling is another part of the collection – I think I will probably always have a bit of sparkle in my life somewhere – thank goodness I have a job where I can indulge myself in that a lot! I thought it was important to have that within the collection, but keep it subtle and keep it wearable, so that it’s not overpowering you. Reinvented vintage is something close to my heart because I have loved vintage since I was a kid. I think if you’re ever stuck, the golden era of Hollywood is a good place to go back to for reference points, because it was beautiful and classic and things were well made. And then, of course, add your own style. It’s always important to inject some of your personality into what you are wearing. Clothing is clothing – it depends on how you wear it!»

« It’s amazing how the inspiration was all already there. Once I went through my drawers and cupboards and realised: I’ve had these glasses for 20 years and held on to them because I love them, these are brand new, these I found at a market, these I picked up at the airport… I’ve had a lot of glasses! So to find out what the essence of my personal collection was and interpret that through a new collection for Specsavers, it’s really been pretty easy. I’m really excited and I hope that people love what we’ve done ».

25 www.kylie-world.com

Credits : Specsavers

Laeti, February 2k17

26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17

INTERVIEW KYLIE MINOGUE GIVES HER BEAUTY AND FASHION TIPS TO THE DAILY EXPRESS Which beauty products do you swear by? I use whatever I can find – I’m not too fussy! The most important part of my beauty regime is washing my face thoroughly morning and night, and I do think a cloth helps because it gives a gentle exfoliation. Do you have a bursting cosmetics bag? Yes, I love make-up. I’m girly like that, for sure, and I’m always chatting to make-up artists to find out about products and pick up tips. But I’m also a fan of going make-up free. Taking it all off after a concert or show is such a great feeling. Can you share any beauty tips? Wear sun block, even on a cloudy day. I’m a sun block maniac – I think it must be an Aussie thing. How do you stay in shape? I don’t really work out, but I’m constantly on the go. I do the occasional Pilates class, but I’m not that girl you see trotting down the street with her yoga matt. Has your attitude to fitness changed over the years? Definitely. When I was younger, I was much more into exercise. I loved aerobics and I used to do callanetics. I would travel everywhere with this home workout on a VHS tape and put it on in hotel rooms.

Do you diet? No, but I’m a healthy eater. I haven’t had it confirmed by a doctor, but I’m pretty sure I’m hypoglycaemic, which means I need to eat more regularly than most people. I became interested in following a low-GI diet a long while ago and it works for me. How would you describe your style? Luckily, in my job I get to live out fashion fantasies and experiment with different looks. But although I’m known for going over the top with my stage style, in my everyday life I’m a fan of casual clothes. I love to be chic and relaxed and comfy. Are you a hard person to buy for? Not at all. I actually like presents that I need, even if that’s just a pair of new kitchen tongs. Are you a shoes or handbag kind of girl? I must say, I have a million pairs of shoes! I love handbags, too, but the thing I’m guiltiest of is putting too much in them. You’ve just designed your own range of glasses for Specsavers. Have you always worn glasses? I’ve worn them since I was 21. I’m long sighted and now I’m at an age where I need a bit of extra help anyway. When I started wearing glasses more regularly, I was surprised by how many people would compliment me on them. Thankfully, there’s no stigma these days. Who would you love to see wearing your glasses? The Queen! What is your favourite pair in the range? I love them all for different reasons. I wanted to include styles that suit me, but that also suit other people. I want young people and older people to wear them. Who are your style icons? I always go back to the classics, like Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn. I also saw Lauren Hutton, who’s in her seventies, on a catwalk recently and she looked fantastic. Credits : Daily Express

27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17


NOV 15

Kylie wants to make a « classic pop record »

She was busy with promoting Christmas album update, but she still found time to talk about her future projects, especially a new studio record. The singer wants to return to her pop classics, and collaborate with artists such as Richard Stannard or Karen Poole.

FEB Kylie is back to the studio with 8TH, 16 Guy Chambers In October 2015, Robbie Williams claimed to have had worked with Kylie agian. A song that was supposed to meet the daylight last year, but it never happened - Robbie never included it on his album. Kylie recorded with Guy Chambers, who had worked on Kids back in time, but did not give out details about the recording session. Was it the song with Robbie Williams being recorded at that time? Is this a song for her new album? Mystery…

AVR Kylie was in the studio with Bon9TH, 16nie Mckee, Daniel Davidson, Peter Wallevik and Cutfather

Kylie, who was in Los Angeles, made a trip to the studio. She was worked with a team we already know : Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen and Cutfather (Get Outta My Way, Sexy Love, Million Miles …). Bonnie McKee, a California singer-songwriter, was also present. Bonnie is well known for co-writing eight Billboard songs, including Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, as well as songs for Britney Spears, Taio Cruz, Rita Ora , Leona Lewis or Christina Aguilera. The little band worked at Nightbird Studio and it seems that it all went well, since the caption of the photo was «What a great pre-birthday session!» ... Whoop!

29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17

SEP September 5th 2016 - Kylie wor5TH, 16 king on new songs We didn’t know much about what she was working on except for the fact that she was working on something by this time. In Kylie’s own words, she was «working on different projects» and later «working on new songs». She also spoke a little about the song with Robbie Williams that day, saying she could not provide details but that it was «very good» before adding that she would like to redo songs in the spirit of « Slow ».

DEC Kylie says she wants to release a 12TH, 16 new album in 2017 During the launch of her glasses collection, Kylie spoke with various journalists who have asked her plans for 2017. The singer replied that she would like to «make a new pop record and why not start a new tour». A news that delighted us, since everyone expected something special to celebrate Kylie’s 30-year career.

JAN 17TH, Back to the studio 17 After a well-deserved Christmas holiday, Kylie officially went back to the studio again, posting a picture of a microphone on Instagram, with the caption «And yes, this is happening»

JAN 26TH, 17

Another studio session completed

After a break in Paris for the Fashion Week, Kylie went back to the studio where she spent a good part of the week to finish a session.

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Laeti, February 2k17

JAN 28TH, Kylie still in the studio, this time with a new team! 17 Kylie made a recording and writing session in London, alongside Gina Kushka, Grace Barker (who also worked for Jonas Blue), and The Invisible Men, a trio of producer already nominated for the Grammy Awards. They worked mainly for Iggy Azalea, DJ Fresh or Conor Maynard. And since we are wannabe FBI members, we investigated and checked insta stories of all these people... they posted some lyrics! Were they Kylie’s? We suppose so!

JAN 30TH Kylie 17 BMG

officially signed under

It’s official! Kylie signed a contract with BMG for a new album. The president, Alexi Cory-Smith, spoke for Music Week and said «We want to make a good pop album.» Kylie has been in music for 30 years and is even better than before. We think of many opportunities and with our reach in several media, we have the opportunity to make a documentary or a book with her, everything is possible, she is just the ultimate artist ».

FEV 2ND Kylie announces her 17 contract to her fans


After a visit of BMG’s main building, Kylie posted a picture confirming she now has a new contract! She also said she was very happy to join this company, before adding «I promise you will have my heart and soul in this next album.»

FEV 8TH Kylie still records her album


No rest for the beautiful Australian! The singer has been seen in the studio alongside Biffco, who worked on many tracks for Kylie already, including Love At First Sight, In My Arms, In Your Eyes and The One. Lauren Aquilina, a songwriter, was also present.

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Laeti, February 2k17


KYLIE VS KYLIE It has been more than a year since the lawsuit it... between Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner regarding the commercial use of the first name Kylie began. And the final decision has just been made by the court! To remind you the story, it was Kylie Jenner who started the whole thing by launching her brand of products under her first name and therefore she wanted to use it as a trademark. Kylie Minogue decided not to allow her to do so, since she uses it herself (and it was a stupid idea anyway). Minogue’s lawyers opposed Jenner’s application where they called Jenner «only a secondary reality television personality» and recalling that their client is an «internationally renowned performing artist, humanitarian, and breast cancer activist » and that she (Minogue) has had the domain name « kylie.com « registred since 1996. Even though our Kylie won her legal battle against Kylie Jenner on February 4th, the drama continues.... «Kylie thinks that Kylie Minogue is washed up and she still wants to have rights to use her first name Kylie to continue to develop her brand. She really wants to create an empire and she feels that Kylie Minogue is the only person who gets in the way and prevents her from realizing this dream ». Kylie Jenner will open a new shop soon, and despite of the decision the court, she did not hesitate to use «Kylie» on the front of 32 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, February 2k17

LET‘S PLAY Here’s a word search grid special Kylie Find out all the Kylie’s songs and at the end you’ll have only 9 letters left to find out another song !

Here’s the songs : All I See All The Lovers Always Find The Time Better The Devil You Know Boombox Butterfly Closer Come Into My World Confide In Me Do You Dare Dreams Drunk Especially For You Fever Fine Get Outta My Way Giving You Up Glow Got To Be Certain

Higher If Only Illusion I’m So High In Your Eyes Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Jump Kids Kiss Me Once Koocachoo Les Sex Let It Snow Like A Drug Limpio Look My Way Loveboat Made In Heaven More More More Nothing To Lose Obsession Oh Santa 33 www.kylie-world.com

On A Night Like This Only You Red Blooded Woman Say Hey Secrets Sexercize Sexy Love Stars Step Back In Time Surrender The Locomotion The One This Girl Too Far Too Much Turn It Into Love Wait What Do I Have To Do Wouldn’t Change A Thing Wow Jérôme, February 2k17

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