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TIMES January 2017


What’s next for Kylie ?

K30 DIY:

Your own diary with Kylie Minogue’s events !

Happy New Year Lovers ! And here it is… 2017! ... What else could we wish you than happiness, love, a good health, and a year full of concerts and new Kylie songs ! This year’s beginning is rather calm, again ... A few pictures of Kylie and Joshua appeared in the press, the ones where she wears two hats (Is she about to launch a double-hats collection along with the sunglasses? ). The Kylie Times are very calm too ... But we are happy to finally present a new project! We have created a thing called Kylie bullet journal, a diary you’ll be able to use through the year, note down your goals, wishes, best and worst day, have a look on your savings for the next tour and most importantly find all the highlights of Kylie’s career ... You will see that you can customize it as you want, and it can be a good way to memorise your personal K30 and have a look at what touched you the most later! You will also find the throwback, a focus on Kylie’s projects for this new year and a few news, even if there is not that much at the moment. xx Laeti, En, Mélanie & Kirstie

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Laeti, January 2K17



JANUARY 2017, #15

4. K30 In My Kylie World! 10. Bullet Journal 36. Throwback Calendar Into The Blue 38. Focus : The Hills Are Alive... 40. Focus : Lookback at 2016 and what to expect next ? 43. News Kylie On Stage In Geelong, Australia Holidays in Ireland 44. A Meeting With Kylie


# 30 IN MY



Dear Lovers, let me welcome you to… tahh daaaah… K30! Yes, it’s already been that long since our Kylie released da bomb called Loco-motion back in 1987 and we get to celebrate the 30th anniversary with her, while she’s still on it!

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En, January 2K17

What are WE up to? Months ago, the thought of K30 crossed my mind and I was wondering what kind of stuff we’d get. Obviously it wouldnt’t be a party like 2012, I was telling myself… K25 was basically a year where all the projects were dedicated to celebrating one big career. Then I thought, who knows what Kylie will do, but what are WE going to do? And then it happened. I had a BRILLIANT idea.

What measures time that we can all use daily ? A calendar. A diary, to be exact. Wherever you go - school or office, we all need them to keep a track of our lives (or at least pretend to - totally my case). So how about creating one and replacing all the national holidays with Kylie’s releases, concerts, performances, movies… you know, all the Kylie happenings? How genius. First plan was to sell them to raise money for APREC (just like we did with the Too Minogue badges). Unfortunately time passed by fast and we didn’t manage to find the time we needed and I still hate myself for that. I secretly hoped Kylie’s team would come up with a similar idea and I’d at least get one as a „from-me-to-me“ kind of presents for Christmas. That never happened either, and I was sad thinking I had waisted such a good idea. And then it happened again…

Do we all remember the Print me once concept made by Chandelier Creative? Already got the same thought as me? :)

A PRINT ME ONCE DIARY! My other half Laeti joined the brainstorming and directed me to a thing that I had done before, but never knew it was a thing - Bullet Journals. The idea is simple. You get a diary, notebook, whatever… and you create the journal yourself - by your drawings, calligraphy, quotes… We connected these two thoughts together and created the DIY „#K30KW” diary. Here’s the plan.

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En, January 2K17

Step 1: Go to your local shop and buy a notebook with spiral binding. Size is all up to you - the diary pattern will suit A4 to A6. Get also a glue in case you don’t own one already, pencils, markers, stickers… any decorative item you like

Step 2: Download the #K30KW Print me once on our webpage every 15th of the month - along with the Kylie Times. You’ll get a diary pattern for the upcoming month

Step 3: Print it with no crop. It’s going to be about 12 pages each month. Don’t get frightened - they are black and white and with really little writings on them, so you won’t need much ink. As I’ve already mentioned, the size depends on the notebook you bought. The pattern is suitable for A4 to A6. I personally recommend A5 because it’s not too small and not too big either, like a regular book. But then A6 would look really cute, too. So yes, all up to you.

- In case you picked A4, print 1 page on 1 sheet of paper - In case you picked A5, print 2 pages on 1 sheet of paper - In case you picked A6, print 4 pages on 1 sheet of paper 6 www.kylie-world.com

En, January 2K17

Step 5:

Step 4:

Cut the paper to break it into single Do whatever you feel like… Glue them on, cover them with glitter, cut pages. hearts in them then cover them in glitter and then glue them on… Whatever your heart desires.

Page 2:

AN E Page 1:


The diary starts just like many others - with new year‘s resolutions. I kinda re-created this whole page on my own.


Next one is the whole year‘s calendar. I cut the months titles off and used only the actual days. Black paper as a background, write - on tape and a pink paper for the 2K17

Print me once version

w My o

shed n fini

n versio

7 www.kylie-world.com

En, January 2K17

Page 3: Number 3 is a summary of all the events that have happened in the specific months over the years including shows or tours. You can highlight the ones you attended! The only thing is... the releases are missing the dates. You need to find them out and connect it to the calendar yourself !

Page 5

, 6, 7

, 8:

Next The ones ar e o any nly diffe regular natio rence diary na The Kylie l holiday is, you w pages. liday on‘t date relea s is „L in Kylie ses are s from th get y e Worl Whic rics of d :) national m. the h son S h oecon w As g des you cribe eek“ on d updo zy d you t can and rs: W he top. s e e, deco r I w ite it in rated mine ent cr ! A L aOT

ple. m i s nd re mo onth a cs, y n m yri ea ‘t b m this n the l iman d ul fro ei ur e co event , writ use yo ho :D) n o w t s .. n Thi se or a an dra azine. shing“ c g fi a rele :) You m a ma w I go a k e o o Pic reativ cut fr is is h c be c in a pi y „Th m glue tion! ( a n gi

: 4 e Pag

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En, January 2K17

Page 9:

Use your imagination is your m again. Wh ost favouri at te throwba month eve c k from th r? A song is you decide your wedd d to play ing, a tune at you spent cing on th hours dane dance fl oor to? O show you sa r maybe a w? Draw, w rite, do wh at you feel! Mine is Yo ur always rem Disco Needs You be cause it‘ll ind me o f when L me a lesso aeti gaving n on the correct pro nunciation :)

Page 10:

Let‘s have some fun... look back w Fill this in hen a new and album is ou much you t to see how guessed co rrectly! :) (T obviously g his page is oing to be changing e very month )

...and that is all you need to know to get started! Hope you‘ll love this as much as we do and don‘t forget to share your masterpieces with us on social medias! :) #K30KW

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En, January 2K17

# 30 IN MY


This year


two thousands


January February









November December


1992: Give me just a little more time 1996: Bio - Dome 1998: Impossible Princess (AUS) 2001: Your Disco Needs You 2014: Into The Blue 2015: Right Here Right Now


Showgirl Homecoming

London: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th Manchester: 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd

__ years ago,

_____________________ was released.

Week #1

January 2nd - January 8th

Mon 2nd

• 10 years ago, Homecoming tour kicked off in London!

Tue 3rd

• Impossible Princess‘ 19th b-day!

Wed 4th

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 5th Fri 6th

Sat 7th

Sun 8th

Week #2

January 9th - January 15th

Mon 9th Tue 10th

Wed 11th

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 12th

• Bio - Dome‘s 21st b-day!

Fri 13th

• Give me just a little more time‘s 25th b-day!

Sat 14th

Sun 15th

My ultimate fave throwback from JANUARY is...

Album #13

PREDICTIONS... Kylie‘s next studio album (called ..... ...............................) is going to be released on .............................. The title was inspired by ........................................................ because ............ .................................... It contains ......... songs, a collaboration with .......................... among them. I would have never thought that Kylie would ...................................................... .............................. In general, the music style is very ...................................... this time. I personally really like ........................... about it. The cover picture was taken by .............................., Kylie is wearing ........ .......................... on it. The inspiration for the artwork came from ............................ ........................ The lead single was written by ...................................... and is about ........................ Kylie is going to perform it live at .......................for the first time. She is also gonna go on a tour in ........................... The opening night is going to be in ........................................ in ................ .........................

Week #3

January 16th - January 22nd

Mon 16th Tue 17th

Wed 18th

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 19th Fri 20th

• Right Here Right Now‘s 2nd b-day!

Sat 21st

• Into The Blue‘s 3rd b-day!

Sun 22nd

• Your Disco Needs You‘s 16th b-day!

Week #4

January 23rd - January 29th

Mon 23rd Tue 24th

Wed 25th

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 26th Fri 27th

Sat 28st

Sun 29nd


2002: In Your Eyes 2004: Money Can‘t Buy (DVD) 2008: Wow 2008: In My Arms 2011:


Rhythm of love tour Brisbane 10th, Perth 13th, Adelaide 15th, Melbourne 16th, Euroa 17th, Melbourne 19th & 20th, Brisbane 22nd, Sydney 23rd & 24th & 26th & 27th

2000: Cut

Aphrodite - Les Folies tour

Herning 19th, Helsinki 22nd, Tallin 23rd, Riga 25th, Vilnius 26th, Hamburg 28th


Enjoy Yourself tour Brisbane 3rd, Sydney 5th, Melbourne 9th

__ years ago,

_____________________ was released.

Week #5

January 30th - February 5th

Mon 30th Tue 31st

Wed 1st

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 2nd Fri 3rd

• 27 years ago, Enjoy Yourself tour kicked off in Brisbane!

Sat 4th

Sun 5th

Week #6

February 6th - February 12th

Mon 6th Tue 7th

Wed 8th

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 9th Fri 10th

• Money Can‘t Buy DVD‘s 13th b-day! • 26 years ago, Rhythm of Love tour kicked off in Canberra!

Sat 11th

Sun 12th

• In Your Eyes‘ 15th b-day!

My ultimate fave throwback from FEBRUARY is...

My savings


For next tour, I want to see ___ concerts •

I need to have ___ saved up

I hope to go to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jan 1st

Week #7

February 13th - February 19th

Mon 13th Tue 14th

Wed 15th • Wow‘s 9th b-day!

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 16th

• In My Arms‘ 9th b-day!

Fri 17th

Sat 18th

Sun 19th

• 6 years ago, Aphrodite Les - Folies tour kicked off in Herning!





BIO - DOME 01/12/1996


DO I AVE 01/21H /1991 TO DO

INTO THE BLUE 01/27/2014

RIGHT H ERE IG HT 01/20/R 2015 NOW

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Laeti, January 2K17

THROWBACK Into The Blue : When things don't go exactly as planned Officially released on January 27th, Into The Blue, first single from Kiss Me Once, experienced many adventures. The song was first announced by Kylie on January 1st through her social media. She posted a picture on Instagram with the message "Happy New Year Lovers ... I wish you all the best and I look forward to share new music with you in #KM2014 #IntoTheBlue". Of course everyone assumed it was gonna be a song, and these thoughts were right. Into the blue was recorded in 2013, exactly on May 28th, the day of Kylie’s 45th birthday, in London. Tease Kylie shared the hashtag on her instagram under a picture of ocean, on summer 2013, but no one knew it was a song she was talking about. At first, the official release date was in March. Unfortunately the song leaked on a Tumblr on January 19th. At the beginning, it was only 30 seconds, then the whole song got all over the internet. It's sad to think that it spread out mainly through fans and fan pages, which is pure disrespect to Kylie's work, but well, what can we do? Even though it was said not to be the final version, the one aired on BBC on January 27th sounded nearly the same.

Although many fans were complaining, we loved this choice of the first single. It was a good way to introduce this album, and the reviews were very positive despite the fact that it struggled to get to the top of the charts and have broadcasts in radios. It was also probably why Kiss Me Once wasn’t that successful, as the song was not necessarily supported and the audience more "basic" - by basic I mean the radio listeners and not the fans - were not aware of the release of this new single. The clip was shot in January and was released a few days after the first radio broadcast, on February 3rd. And I must admit that this one remains one of my favorite clips. Kylie filmed it with the French actor Clément Sibony, who we must say reminds us a lot of Kylie’s ex, Andres Velencoso. We can only wonder if it was the purpose.... How about you? Tweet us if you liked Into The Blue, if you also think Clément Sibony looks very similar to Andres, and what single you would have chosen to launch the album Kiss Me Once!

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HOT HOT HOT Laeti, January 2K17


with the sound of Kylie Minogue‘s singing voice

I was playing Fever tour DVD. I love the beginning… The hills are alive with the sound of muuuuusiiiic… and then I thought, what do I even know about the sound of music? I mean, of course. It was included in the tour because Kylie played The Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge, a movie that was hitting the records back then. This itself could be an article and I believe it will at some point. Admit it, who doesn’t love a bit of a green fairy. I played the “How much do you have to drink to see one” game many many times (never worked, I wonder why…). Anyway, let’s focus on the actual original song…

What is Sound of Music about? You‘d hardly find someone less suitable for the position of a nun in Salzburg‘s monastery than Maria. Despite her effort, she can not cope with the religious orders, the magical beauty of Alpine mountains attracts her way more than the monastic discipline.

Mother Superior fortunately knows exactly what to do with her. She sends her as a governess to the family of a retired naval capitan who has lost his wife. A task that sounds easy, yet the realization is way much more difficult... After his dear‘s death, the capitan bosses around the house as if it was his boat and his 7 kids are desperately trying to get his attention by driving their nuns crazy, to the point where they leave. Maria is the 12th one in a row... 38 www.kylie-world.com

En, January 2K17

The complicated history of getting

First premiered in 1965 with Julia Andrews as Maria. The birth of this now called classic musical was way more complicated than that, though. It first appeared as a Broadway play in 1959. The topic was inspired by a book written by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, and their book was based on an autobiography of the real Maria von Trapp, who by the way appeared for a little while in the 1965 movie as well. So, basically... Maria wrote an autobiography about her life. Howard and Russel noticed it and wrote a book inspired by Maria‘s story. This book became an inspiration for a Bro-

to Fever tour and us lovers

adway play. Well, it didn‘t end with Broadway . London premiered it two years after New York and many more followed. Anyway, this musical became inspiration for a movie, that got the story famous on the stages it hadn‘t reached by then. The actual song, The Sound of Music, made it to another musical movie - Moulin Rouge. That is where Kylie took it from and included this one sentence in the opening act of her tour. What a way! Both musical and movie won multiple awards. The story lives on through current social media and its memes :)

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En, January 2K17


Lookback at 2016 and what to expect next? After a year considered as really calm by the fans, Kylie herself might describe it a bit different... as it seems, she’s already been busy working on a new album that should, as she said in the press, come out at some point this year. In general, it might have been one of the more important years for the singer....

First «event» was rather personal - a public announcement of her engagement to Joshua Sasse. The actual marriage hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t for a while as both of them now run a marriage equality project in Australia and we heard that there won’t be a wedding until they reach their goal. No words for how awesome they are... Anyway, even engagement was a real shock for the fans, even though we could smell it in the air when paparazzi pics with a giant ring on her finger appeared. By the way, the way they made this announcement public was far too cute!

Another highlight was the performance of Kylie at the Queen’s 90th birthday, with a superb performance of I Believe In You. What struck us the most? Well, except for the little pony, of course - we still haven’t recovered from seeing this creature. Anyway, what struck us the most it was the dress Kylie wore...

like a bride. It was only a stage costume, but we really can’t wait to see her as a bride.

While many private concerts took place in 2016, fans were able to catch up with the singer’s concert at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. A highlight in this performance: a temperature of more than 30 degrees in front of 45,000 fans! As this destination was too far away for some of us, Kylie gave us the pleasure of doing not only one but two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall later in the year,

40 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, January 2k17

for Christmas, to be more specific. Even though getting the tickets was an expensive nightmare, it was definitely worth it. It was honestly one of the best Kylie shows ever for me. The Australians have not been left aside (this time)! They had - well, still have - the opportunity to see an unbelievable exhibition, Kylie: Kylie On Stage. The singer also came to promote it and joined the official opening evening. Still in Australia, she shot the film Flammable Children alongside Guy Pearce, expected to be released sometime this spring.

obviously England, with one little trip to Italy.

What’s new on the music side? We got the soundtrack of the movie Absolutely Fabulous with song called Wheels On Fire, and the single from the Saturday Night Fever - Night Fever, which Kylie performed at several shows in France. And yes, only in France because most of the promotion for the re-edition of her Christmas album, which included 6 new songs was done there and then

What to expect in 2017? You think the year starts calmly? You’re wrong ! The rumours have it that the singer has signed to a new record company (Sony) and should release an album this year. Some people are talking about a tour this summer, others this winter or early 2018, but what we know for sure is that something is up. We finished 2016 with the Kylie eyewear, a collection of specs designed by Kylie, and we will begin the 2017 with it’s actual launch! It will be available in Specsavers stores from February 14th, on Valentine’s Day ... And speaking of Valentine’s Day, Kylie has mentioned in the media that she would like to work again on a lingerie collection (love Kylie) this year, following a great demand. It is only a project for now but we already love the idea ! The release of Flammable Children, scheduled for spring, indicates that we will have a few red carpets and film premieres early this year, including the Cannes Film Festival if the film is nominated. Kylie goes there a lot, even though the last time she was promoting something was at the time of Holy Motors. Some are already wondering whether a new Christmas album will be available at the end of the year. For now, no information or rumor on this subject, but the singer should be back at the Royal Albert Hall not for one date, nor for 2 days, but according to rumors, for a whole week ! This information remains to be confirmed, but Kylie herself said she was going to be back. We hope the rumours are true and we get as many concerts as possible, so everyone can get their ticket without any drama this time!

41 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, January 2k17

NEWS KYLIE ON STAGE IN GEELONG, AUSTRALIA While you can still visit the Kylie On Stage exhibition at the Arts Center in Melbourne (up to January 22th), other fans (still only Australian ones) will be able to attend the exhibition in Geelong from December. It will last 4 months. The exhibition centre is making all possible efforts to make sure it’s appealing, in order to attract thousands of new patrons and helps develop the economy of Geelong. The director of the gallery, Jason Smith, said: «It’s going to be the culmination of a very big year for us, with the Archibald Prize happening just before Kylie and our Fred Williams exhibition. There’s no doubt it will be popular because, let’s face it, she’s a popular cultural icon with a long history ... it is really important for us to engage with the community and this is a great opportunity for us to do that». The exhibition in Melbourne has met a huge success: more than 200,000 visits since September!


While she did not really know where she was going to spend her holiday for Christmas, Kylie finally chose a small and quiet village of Scotland. The singer went to a confectionery shop where she bought some candies and got pictured - that is how we know.. A few students from a dance school were also invited to perform in front of her, and a photo was taken, where we can see the girls with a tartan, a local custom. 43 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, Janvier 2K17

A MEETING WITH KYLIE ISABELLE : KYLIE REMEMBERED ME AND SAID „IT‘S NOT EVERY DAY I SEE A PREGNANT WOMAN WAITING FOR ME SINCE 6 AM“ When I was 8, my mum and I moved to the UK because she had to go there for work (I’m French by the way). Neighbours was a big thing over there at the time, and I soon became addicted, like every other little girl and boy my age. One day Kylie appeared, and I immediately loved how she punched Jason lol, she just wasn’t like the others for me. When Loco-Motion came out, I absolutely loved it, and can clearly remember myself dancing to it in my living room (non-stop – my poor mum !). I became a huge Kylie Minogue fan. I had posters of her everywhere (even on the ceiling), my mum brought me all the singles, albums, I was at the fan club and everything. Basically I grew up with Kylie, and having no brothers nor sisters, she was a big part of my life. First time I saw her live was at her “LET’S GET TO IT” concert in Birmingham, in October 1991, I was too young before that. Anyway, at one point, my best friend and I screamed our heads off “KYLIIIIIE” and I swear she turned around, looked at us and smiled. From that day, I’ve always been desperate to meet her and tell her just how important she was to me.

I would say to her when she would be near me. I can remember it was raining so hard that night, just imagine me, absolutely soaking wet with all my merch in my hands, the poster I wanted her autograph on and my pen. Sidenote: While I was getting soaked, my boyfriend actually spent his time discussing with the taxi driver, who even suggested he come under his umbrella, they were THAT close to becoming best friends. I did try to get him to corrupt the driver, but it didn’t work). But, when she came out, she just waved at us from afar and entered in the car. And that was it! I swear I cried my heart out that night. Let’s say I had many (many many) occasions like this, when I missed out, or when she did not stop by. The worst being in 2003, when at the time my boyfriend had taken part in a competition, and did everything he could to get me on this show called “Stars à Domicile” where you could meet Kylie and spend some time with her, without me knowing a thing, and he won! Thing is, they didn’t know I was pregnant, and when they found out, they immediately refused for me to come. I gave birth to my daughter Sharleen on the 17th of November (the day when Body Language came out), and found out just after that I was meant to be recording a TV show in Paris with Kylie at this exact same time. Not gonna lie, I was over the moon to have had my baby girl but cried my heart out because once again, I missed out on something big.

Thing is, I then moved back to France in 1992, and clearly, Kylie Minogue here isn’t half as famous as in the UK. I was still a massive fan, but at the time, there was no internet, so it was hard to keep up with the news and if you don’t live in Paris, you have even less chance to follow-up on her career. I missed her so much back then. For years, Kylie had more or less disappeared from my radar, I still had posters everywhere, but had definitely left aside the idea of ever Then there was Fever tour where I spent hours in meeting her. front of her hotel and/or at the concert room gate – but never got to see her. And then came the album Light Years and the On a Night like This Tour. There was finally my chance to I remember at that time there had been a competition see her from close-up. Of course I went to the concert on FUN RADIO to win a trip to New York and meet at the Bataclan (now sadly famous concert room), and Kylie over there. I rang them so many times that they I was so close that I could nearly touch her (Ok so finished by calling me back, and guess what? I won a I’m exaggerating a little). After the concert, I had all ….CALENDAR (that I already had)…. the merchandise in my hands, and told my boyfriend I was going to wait for her at the exit door. I hadn’t But my luck turned end 2007 and I will always call been sleeping for days trying to figure out everything 2008 “my Kylie year”. 44 www.kylie-world.com

In November 2007, Kylie made an appearance at the NRJ Music Tour in Lyon. Ok so I waited for hours outside before the concert, saw the car arrive, but it didn’t stop. Fine (getting used to it really). I went to the concert (god only knows who there was there other than Kylie lol), and as soon as she finished singing, I ran out of the concert room as fast as I could and once again waited at the gate, this time with my mum who had come with me. We saw the car arrive, and it was clearly not going to stop when a miracle happened! The gate didn’t open entirely, so the car was stuck and had to stop. And next thing you know, the car windows are opening, and my mum is rushing and sticking her head through the car window saying “hello Kylie” just like you would talk to your best friend. You know what? I couldn’t even move. Then finally I did when my mum took her head out of the car (you should have seen it, it was sooo funny). I gave her assistant the “Showgirl Princess” book I had with me, and Kylie signed it. And I’d been dreaming of this moment forever, I wanted to tell her I loved her, and thank her for everything, ask her for a pic etc… and all I could say was “You’re beautiful Kylie”. OK I was ridiculous, but the whole thing got me shaking for like an hour afterwards, and again, I cried, but this time because I was so happy (yeah I’m kind of sensitive).

The next day, we went to her hotel before going to the concert and waited until about 1pm, but she never showed-up. And then, as before every concert, I waited the other half the day outside at the gate, but knew I could actually forget it when I heard rehearsals had started. My mum had been queuing instead of me and had made friends. The concert Next thing you know, it’s May 2008, and Kylie starts was AMAZING, I can’t even describe what I feel her X Tour with a concert in Paris on May the 8th. when I see Kylie live. Anyway, as usual, I waited On the 6th, while I was checking out train tickets outside after the concert, but again, she didn’t stop. to go to Paris on the 8th in the morning, my totally over-excited mum calls me: “she’ll be in Paris tomor- In June 2008, she was back in France for her date in row to be made Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”. Lyon. I had bought a big bouquet of flowers for her OMG ! I had to be there. Next morning really early birthday. And I waited nearly all day at the gate (yes we went to Paris by car, got parked where this whole I know, I could have figured out by now that she nething was, and waited. Have you ever tried pushing ver stops before and after a concert, but Kylie said paparazzi? I swear it’s like trying to move a brick to keep believing in dreams), and guess what ? Car wall. Anyway, I ended up RIGHT IN FRONT OF didn’t stop. I saw her come of the car but from realHER (yeahhhhhh), she was being interviewed and ly far away. Can you imagine me screaming “Kythere I was in front of everyone (who were swearing liiiiiiiiiiie, I have some flowers for your birthday” at me a couple of minutes before). I filmed her, but like 2000 times? Looking back I think everyone I was shaking so much it would give you a headache there thought I was probably dangerous with my if you saw the video), we talked for a second about flowers, as I looked completely crazy. So anyway, at her love for France, and she signed my Red Blooded the concert, I end up at the very front on the right. Woman Vinyl with a big smile, then waved at us all At some point finally she saw the flowers and talked and disappeared in her car. I was on cloud 9 for the to me “Is that for me?”, “Yes it’s for your birthday”, rest of the day. “Aww thank you, you can throw them with a big throw”, and of course guess what, my flowers (and card I had written) fell right on the floor in front of me (it’s creepy right when you lose all your senses like 45 www.kylie-world.com

that). One of the security guys picked them up, gave them to her, and I started singing “Joyeux Anniversaire”, and the whole concert room followed me! It was CRAZY – such an intense moment lovers! I was particularly proud to have initiated that wave of love. And of course, I waited after the concert, and you already know what’s next: car didn’t stop.

thing I came up with was “fat”. I mean WTF again? But anyway, then she was lovely, we spoke a couple of minutes, and I asked her if she could sign my belly. I saw that she got a bit frightened and she said “well I can sign your t-shirt” (which is what I meant), and so she did. And that lovers, is one of the best memories I have, and it’s all thanks to Laeti.

In 2010, Kylie made a concert appearance with Taio Cruz in Paris, for this TV show called “STARFLOOR” and I was there with a couple of friends. I had bought 2 tickets for the concert, one to go once to the concert, and another one, knowing that I’d run at the concert gate again to see her, to be able to come back in case other artists were going to sing after her (yeah I know, I’m crazy). And when I arrived at the gate after she’d sung, she had already gone, and I had a second ticket for nothing. The next day, I decided to go at her hotel because I knew at what time she would be leaving. Annnnnnnnnnd I arrived 1 minute late! I saw her head go into the car and started running like a psychopath. I could hear people saying “who was that? Oh it’s that Australian actress?” (WTF?) and I arrived at the car level, but no one opened the windows, so I watched the car go away and I cried. The best or worse (not sure) part is, my mum was also in Paris that day, and she was just walking past the hotel when Kylie came out, so she asked her an autograph for me. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WALKED PAST AND SHE CAME OUT? That never happened to me, see. Then Aphrodite tour, same as always. Waited but no result. But I was in the splash zone, and that was such a great place to be!!! Honestly, the best place ever, so I’m not complaining on that one ;-) Then came 2014 and Kiss Me Once. That was my second “Kylie Year”. She came to FNAC in Paris to promote Kiss me Once on 19 March 2014 and thanks to Laeti who got me a ticket before I arrived, I didn’t have to queue from 6am, which was kind of brilliant as I was so pregnant ! When I arrived in Paris, there were already loads of people in the queue, and I joined everyone and waited in a cold staircase. After a while, the security guys came to get me, and gave me a chair for me to sit inside nice and comfy. When Kylie arrived, I saw her even more tiny than ever, but she was absolutely beautiful. I was first to go (thanks baby Ethan), and again I wanted to tell her lots of things but then she looked at me and said “wow, how are you feeling ?” and the only 46 www.kylie-world.com

But the BEST moment ever was when I was offered my meet and greet in November 2014 in Paris (thanks again mum!). When I saw her, I immediately asked her if I could hug her, and she said yes. I showed her pictures of me and her at the FNAC, and she remembered me “it’s not every day I see a pregnant woman waiting for me since 6am”. And then quickly took the picture because otherwise she would be late. I showed her a picture of Ethan, asked her if she could sign my wrist, to get a tattoo done later, but it turned out awful. I said “it’s OK”, but she insisted on doing another one, which was actually awful too (so never got tattooed in the end). I gave her assistant a letter (containing CD covers to sign, which I received back really After the FNAC, she was on LE PETIT JOURNAL quickly), and that was it. But it was AWESOME. I and I couldn’t go because they had no seated places, loved every second of it, and I’ll never forget that very and they didn’t want me to sit on the floor as I was special moment after all those years of “chasing” her pregnant (too many risks they said…). (hate that term but honestly it’s the most appropriate word). But the next day, I was going to see her again anyway as she was coming to Colette’s store to sign her album again. But this time around was totally different. I had to be there really early to get a ticket, and basically had to stay around all morning outside with my huge belly. I even paid an extra night at the hotel just to be able to go there and rest for a while. And when I came back there were a lot of people, but hey I had my ticket. It’s only like 10 minutes before Kylie arrived at the end of the day that the staff let me sit down in the store. Kylie arrived and spent like 5 minutes with the couple that was before me and their kid, and when I arrived in front of her, it was a real mess. Because we were in a shop, people coming shopping could actually enter and go pass you, which made it difficult to actually get to Kylie. They were all screaming “no photos” when I got my phone out, and she signed my Collector’s edition without even looking at me. I was disappointed because honestly I’d struggled all day to see her.

OK I hope I didn’t bore you with my stories, I really tried to make it as short as possible, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you feel you fail all the time, because if you believe in your dreams, one day they DO come true. And also, I will never thank Kylie enough for enabling me to meet so many lovely people along the way. And Kylie, if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to see you again (and I promise I won’t run after your car anymore!). 47 www.kylie-world.com

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The Kylie Times #15 • January 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on Kylie Minogue’s plans for 2017, a K30 diary you can do yourself and more !

The Kylie Times #15 • January 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : focus on Kylie Minogue’s plans for 2017, a K30 diary you can do yourself and more !