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TIMES November 2016

A Kylie Christmas : Snow Queen Edition

Hello Lovers ! Welcome to the Kylie World again! We are very excited to finally be able to present you some news! It’s been a while but our Aphrodite is finally back reincarned to a winter goddess aka the Snow Queen, coming to save another Christmas! Yes, it’s true: The album re-issue is coming and so are two sold out shows in the Royal Albert Hall! The team of Kylie world is attending, and we hope you are, too! Don’t hesitate to come to us and say hi if you see us, we promise being in an over-excited fangirl mode, throwing glitter all around! Hope you’ll enjoy the Kylie Times as well and see you soon!

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En, November 2k16



NOVEMBER 2016, #13

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Come Into My World 8. INVESTIGATION ON KYLIE‘S PROFIL AND COVER PICTURE 11. Flammable Children 14. News Snow Queen Edition Everybody‘s Free to Feel Good x Boots UK Can‘t Get Kylie Out Of Our Heads! 16. Fashion 18. A Meeting With Kylie

#STEPBACKINTIME NOVEMBER 1987 - 2016 S 11/0L3OW /2003

IN DID IT AGA 7 9 11/24/19




BODY LANGUAGE 11/10/2003

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Laeti, November 2k16



OVE 11



Y S ON M TEAR LOW PIL 1989 11/12/

OU FOR Y Y L L IA 8 ESPEC11/28/198


CELE 11/1B6RATION /1992

ARS 2 HE9/2007 11/0

X 07 /20 2 / 11 1


IE CH RISTM E AS P 11/30 /2010

HIGHER 11/26/2010

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Laeti, November 2k16

COME INTO MY WORLD Come Into My World is a hit produced by Rob Davis and Cathy Dennis who also worked on first single from Fever that we all know, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. La La La... Anyway, back to Come into my world. what mostly marked this song is its video, shot in a very original way in the suburbs of Paris. A last minute addition to the album Last single from the album Fever, „Come Into My World“ nearly failed to be on the 8th album. The song was added up last minute and ended up being a perfect addition to Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, In Your Eyes and Love At First Sight. Many critics highlighted the fact that this song was similar to Can’t Get Out Of My Head, due to its nu-disco musical composition with the average tempo of a dance-pop song. Kylie invites her partner into her life. The cover of the single (which we love) was photographed by Nick Knight, who also photographed the cover of „Love At First Sight“. The different colors projected on Kylie recall the cover of Impossible Princess.

An original music video

Even though charts as it was supposed to be (8th position in the UK, the worst score on Fever’s charts songs), one thing marked the spirits: the video music, shotted in an original way. Directed by Michel Gondry, a French guy, shot in the suburbs of Paris, and more precisely in Boulogne-Billancourt, the video music takes the concept used by Neneh Cherry on her song „Feel It“, also directed by Michel Gondry. We can the singer who repeated several times the same action. Filmed on September 8, 2002, the video music required more than 50 people, including the Russian actor Sasha Bourdo. We see the singer 6 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, November 2k16

walking in the streets, in a circle. Whenever a circle is completed, a duplicated Kylie appears from one of the shops. And this, 4 times, until the end of the video. A making off of the video is also available on Youtube, to see how it was shot. Kylie had small crosses on the ground to know where she has to go. After the filming, the work on the video took more than 15 days, but it was worth it since the critics put the clip in the best videos of the decade.

What does the neighborhood look like today? Filmed at the crossroads of Rue du Point du Jour and Rue de Solferino, the video clips local businesses, such as a fruit merchant, a dry cleaner, a bakery, a cinema ... So, what does the neighborhood looks like 14 years after? Well, everything has changed. No more merchants of fruits, bakery, or cinemas. The area has been renovated to make room for many buildings. the Artistic Palace, which retained its facade has been transformed into a luxury residence. Among the things that did not move: the signs indicating a forbidden direction or the driveway to park cars. The world of Kylie has changed a lot :(

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Laeti, November 2k16

INVESTIGATION WHAT DOES KYLIE‘S NEW PROFILE AND COVER PICTURE MEAN? The same day as Royal Albert Hall double concert got confirmed, Kylie’s profile picture and heather on twitter changed. We haven’t talked about it yet but since it’s still up and we still know nothing, it’s time to start the investigation. Clearly, it has nothing to do with Kylie Christmas re-issue because huh,doesn’t look much Christmasy, does it? Who knows, maybe she just liked the layout? Let’s have a closer look.

Hypothesis 1: Kylie did a new photoshoot, perfect to go with K30 Why not, after all... As we approach of the end of the year and the K30 is coming, we can only wonder if it’s gonna be a thing. K25 was full of surprises (and it’s already been 5 years, can you believe?). Can we expect something now? Maybe a best off? A series of concerts?

Hypothesis 2: Kylie will release a new album soon

This is, in fact, the most favourite hypothesis of all of us. The profile picture (which reminds us a bit of the Christmas one chosen for the cover of the album, especially with the background very graphic) could be the cover of the new album. It reminds us a little bit of Aphrodite, more modern. Concerning the cover picture, we have had several visions. The most reliable: these are the 4 natural elements, fire, water, air and earth. According to Google, the vertical bar would represent the body / spirit. Well, we only hope that it will not be an album about nature and discoverey...LOL. Some people even went further on analysis with symbols. The first triangle would be an A, the next two would form a X which would already give us AX then the last two means IV. (Be careful the following analysis is a bit of illuminati). If you followed well, you end up with AXIV, which would represent A for album, X in Roman numeral means 10, and IV in Roman numeral means 4. Do you follow us? Yes, we end up with A for album 14. And it will be the 14th album of Kylie Minogue. This is magic. Or maybe we are just going nuts. We also remind you that Kylie had been in studio with Guy Chambers to work on new tracks, and that the singer had declared on social networks that she was working on a new album ... So that could come a little earlier than planned ! If you are on the Say Hey forum, you will surely see messages announcing it for the first months of 2017 … Let’s wait and see ! 8 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, Novembre 2k16

Hypothesis 3: Kylie wants to start a revolution, create a sect and a tattoo of the elements will be a secret sign of membership After the Brexit and Donald Trump getting elected for the president the United States, anything can happen. Kylie has decided to create a sect representing love for everyone, unicorns and glitter. Probably the best movement to join at the moment,to be honest. Actually, it all works for us perfectly, even with the tattoo as your membership ID. Our first reaction to the cover was «WOW, whatever it is, it would make a cool Kylie tattoo.» It’s super duper cool and no one won’t really know it’s a Kylie tattoo unless you tell them and so you avoid all the questions like «wow are you really that crazy?» We did this experiment with the K Tag, everyone thinks it’s some kind of a star... We also think it might work the same way like Harry Potter, except for our boss won’t be Lord Voldemort but Kylie Minogue. Each time she wants us to come, she’ll call us through the tattoo. The more powerful our sect is, the thicker and more obvious our tattoo gets... Our friend Mathias decided to do the first step and get into this super secret love sect. Yes, he got the symbols tattooed! Look at the result, we love it!

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Laeti, Novembre 2k16

FOCUS FLAMMABLE CHILDREN It was announced back in April that Kylie and former Neighbours co-star Guy Pearce would reunite to film new Australian comedy- drama Flammable Children (alongside Australian actors Radha Mitchell and Julian McMahon). The movie, set in the 1975, is directed and written by Stephan Elliott, who also directed the fabulous Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (which also stars Pearce). The storyline of Priscilla focus on two drag queens and a transgender woman, who travel around Australia in a tour bus they named ‘Priscilla’. The film was a worldwide hit and helped introduce LGBT themes to a mainstream audience. The film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. In 2006 Priscilla became a musical, which opened in Sydney before travelling to New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and New York. Kylie’s other Neighbours co-star Jason Donavan has spent some time staring in the musical, and the musical features a wonderful medley of Kylie songs! Flammable Children is said to possibly be the story of what came before Priscilla, and the director-writer Stephan Elliott has called it “the ‘Priscilla’ reunion”.

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Kirstie, November 2k16

The storyline for Flammable Children is expected to be about two teenagers in the beach suburbs that revolves around surfing, baby oil and boxed wine. A character called Jeff, is trying to find his way in the world while coping with the changes being a teenager brings, plus dealing with his crush on Melly a quiet girl-next-door. Their beach town unexpectedly hits the spotlight when a massive whale washes up on shore. Meanwhile, their eccentric parents are exploring the sexual revolution taking over 1975 Australia, but things are all about to go terribly wrong. Filming began on the Gold Cost at the end of October and is still on going. The first week of filming took place at a beach and we got our first glimpse of Kylie in her 70s costumes accompanied by a 70s do! All her co-stars where also suitably attired for the 70s and a huge fake whale could be seen on the sand. We also got to see Kylie frolicking on the beach and in the sea with what appears to be her on-screen children, there were also pictures where Kylie looks less than impressed with them – perhaps the role of a strict mum?! There has yet to be an official release date, but back in May Stephan Elliott said that he hopes he will have the film ready for next year’s Cannes (film festival), which will take place between May 17th-28th 2017.

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Kirstie, November 2k16

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Kirstie, November 2k16


Last year Kylie released her first Christmas album: A Kylie Christmas. An album that was on the top of the charts, led by the single «Only You», and the highly acclaimed «100 Degrees», a duet with her sister Dannii Minogue. Kylie Minogue was very proud to finally release this album, which she had wanted to do for a long time without necessarily finding the right time. After all, she did find the perfect time and we were blessed with not just an awesome album, but a concert in Royal Albert Hall as well. It sold out within a few minutes and was broadcasted on TV for those who didn’t have the chance to be there later.

bert Hall, and they’re both sold-out already. She also declared in the press that she was working on new songs and the reissue of her first Christmas album will be available soon ! If its release is later than last year (scheduled for November 25th) some songs have however been added: Stay Another Day At Christmas Wonderful Christmastime (With Mika) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Christmas Lights Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday was sung last And this year, the history repeats itself ! Ky- year at RAH. The only original song is At Christlie has announced two dates at the Royal Al- mas, which will be the lead single on the reissue.

EVERYBODY‘S FREE TO FEEL GOOD CHOSEN FOR BOOTS UK‘S CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN The song of Kylie Minogue, «Everybody’s Free To Feel Good», from the reissue of the album «Kylie Christmas, Snow Queen Edition» was chosen to illustrate the Boots campaign. The company, which has just launched its Christmas promotion campaign, wants to celebrate women who sacrifice their holiday season to work and help others. Women from all walks of life For this operation, women from all kinds of worlds were chosen: pharmacists, farmers, nurses, midwives, nurses, police officers and volunteers. The goal ? To allow these inspiring women to have a Christmas gift a little early, inviting them to a day where they are pampered. 14 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, November 2k16

Simone Williams, who works on palliative care as a nurse, worked last year on Christmas Day and accompanied her patients to celebrate Christmas. For her, this experience is a recognition of her work, which is an incredible privilege. This gave her a real boost of confidence, she feels like a princess every day. For the communications director, Helen Jeremiah, « these are gifts (beauty products) make them feel special. We wanted to give this gift to inspiring women, who spend their time - even on Christmas Day - helping others. For all they do, we wanted to give them a Christmas gift a little earlier ».

Kylie Minogue’s Everybody’s Free to Feel Good And to illustrate this campaign, it is the song «Everybody’s Free To Feel Good», originally sung by Rozalla and covered by Kylie Minogue on her reissue «A Kylie Christmas - Snow Queen Edition» that got chosen. The audio campaign was produced by Steve Anderson, who is also behind most of Kylie’s superb intro of concerts, and who worked on this opus.

CAN‘T GET KYLIE‘S SONG OUT OF OUR HEAD ! Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is really a song that we can not get out of our head. This is at least what a study conducted by the American Psychological Association that identified 9 songs that will not leave you once you have heard them. They are generally recognized thanks to their fast tempo, their repetitive melody and lyrics not too complicated to sing. (Even though Madonna struggled with La La La and preferred Na Na Na). These are songs like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance or Katy Perry’s California Girls. It also works with kids... All these catchy annoying songs that you make your kids listen to in their nursery age and then they won’t shut up singing them... it’s the same principe, they are easy to memorize because of their simple lyrics and catchy melodies. But which are these songs? Let’s go back to the study conducted by Americans. Researchers at the University of Durham asked 3,000 people

about somgs they couldn’t get out of their heads. Obviously, the results showed mainly songs that were charting by that time. But when they looked at the analysis of the melodies, they discovered mainly an unexpected interval in the structure of the songs. These are also mainly pop songs ... Here is the list of the 9 songs that stay the most in our heads according to the American Psychological Association: «Bad Romance,» Lady Gaga « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,» Kylie Minogue «Do not Stop Believing,» Journey «Somebody That I Used To Know,» Gotye «Moves Like Jagger,» Maroon 5 «California Gurls,» Katy Perry «Bohemian Rhapsody,» Queen «Alejandro,» Lady Gaga «Poker Face,» Lady Gaga

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Laeti, November 2k16

Kylie Minogue - Calendar 2017 Sweet : Vetements

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Laeti, November 2k16

A MEETING WITH KYLIE Isabelle, from Germany, talked to us about her first meeting with Kylie, in Berlin. Kylie went there for the launch of her collection with Sloggi, in 2015. Isabelle has been a Kylie Lover since she saw Can’t Get You Out Of My Head on TV for the first time - many of us can relate, right? Her favorite album is X.

ISABELLE : „ I ASKED HER IF SHE REMEMBERED THE DAY SHE HAD MICROFOLLOWED ME. SHE SAID SHE DID.“ I met Kylie in front of the Hotel Zoo in Berlin on Sloggi Night Party. I spent the whole day waiting for her eventhough I didn’t really know if there was any point, no one knew if she would leave the hotel by the main entry. At the end, I had nothing to lose... There were a few other Lovers waiting as well as photographers. Somewhen a man left the hotel and came to us fans to tell us Kylie would be with us in about 10minutes. So I realized it was her manager. And suddenly she actually came, signed our stuff and took a picture with each of us. Meanwhile she was signing mine, I asked her if she remembered the day she had microfollowed me. She said she did and smiled as I showed her one of my Kylie tatts. It was amazing and I will never forget this day. She even waved at me again from her car before they left the place. Cherry on top. Later this evening I saw her again entering the Sloggi Night Party on the red carpet. The day passed by like a dream (which finally came true)...

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Laeti, November 2k16

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The Kylie Times #13 • November 2016  

The Kylie Times #13 • November 2016 This month in The Kylie Times : Throwback on Come Into My World, focus on Flammable Children and the Sno...

The Kylie Times #13 • November 2016  

The Kylie Times #13 • November 2016 This month in The Kylie Times : Throwback on Come Into My World, focus on Flammable Children and the Sno...