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October 2016


launches marriage equality



HI EVERYONE! First of all, let us say THANK YOU for staying with the Kylie Times and supporting us. We were a little worried that after our summer break, we would not have as many fans as before, especially since there are no news and the fanbase is very quiet. The opposite became reality and we were welcomed back by all of you, so for once again: THANK YOU. Now, let‘s have a look at what this issue brings. Typically, it will be a throwback one. We prepared a little article about things you might not know about WTWRG, another fan‘s story, a little review of our Kylie holiday, SAY I DO DOWN UNDER, and more... hope you‘ll enjoy! Love and kisses, Laeti, En, Melanie and Kirstie

Kylie photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth now and then. 2 www.kylie-world.com



OCTOBER 2016, #12

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Where the wild roses grow 8. SAY I DO DOWN UNDER! 10. Fashion 14. News Kylie in Singapore Disco Symphony Kylie At Home Night Fever A Kylie Christmas 18. Kylie On Stage 22. Interview : Margot (Kylie On Stage) 24.Kylie World in Barcelona 26. A meeting with Kylie


OCTOBER 1987 - 2016


LET‘S G 10/14ET TO IT /1991


WHIT ED 10/16/IAMOND 2007

PSULE K25 TIME6/C2A012 10/2

WH E RO RE T H S 10/ ES G E WI 02/ RO LD 199 W 5

THE AB BE SESSIOYNROAD 10/24/20 S 12 4 www.kylie-world.com

En, October 2k16


M DREA N I O DISC /02/1988 10


ELF 10




STEP BACK IN TIME 10/20/1990

LATE O O RT 89 NEV1E0/23/19

KIDS2000 / 10/09

GBI1998 / 10/19


SSIBL 10/02E PRINCE /1997 SS

FEVER 10/01/2001

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En, October 2k16

En, september 2k15

WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW Many fans’ favourite, one of the most artsy songs, a masterpiece which brought Kylie into brand new circles.

„She had management that was very protective of her and protective of her image and all of that sort of thing.“

Where the Wild Roses Grow is a duet by Kylie and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It is the lead single from the band‘s ninth studio album, Murder Ballads released in 1996. It was written by the band‘s frontman Nick Cave and produced by Tony Cohen and Victor Van Vugt. Cave was inspired to write „Where the Wild Roses Grow“ after listening to the traditional song, „Down in the Willow Garden“, a tale of a man courting a woman and killing her while they are out on a date. It does not feature on any Kylie’s studio albums, but it can be found on many of her compilations, most importantly then on The Abbey Road Sessions.

„I’d just written this song, Where The Wild Roses Grow, and wanted her to sing on it. And we were just trying to find out how to get to Kylie and she had management that was very protective of her and protective of her image and all of that sort of thing. But she happened to be going out with Michael Hutchence. So we managed to get hold of Michael and she was sitting next to him when we rang. We said, “Can you ask Kylie if she’ll come in and sing a song for us? We have this song…“ And we ended up on Top Of The Pops. And that whole event, around Kylie kind of lives in this sort of weird kind of bubble where life for that brief time was kind of different, because we were suddenly thrown into this weird situation of having a hit record, and then, obviously, people bought the album and listened to it, and realised that, you know, that would be the last time they would anything to do with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds again. But in that moment, it was kind of a… for me, a very special moment in time, you know.“ - Nick Cave, 20 000 days on Earth, 2014 The ballad about a killer and his victim was an iconic moment of both Kylie’s and Nick’s careers. It

The ballad about a killer and his victim was an iconic moment of both Kylie’s and Nick’s careers. It defines the whole 90s Kylie era, the Michael Hudchence and Indie Kylie…. The two artists remain friends ever since, Kylie was one of the most important people joining his documentary movie released in 2014.

„He could do 10 of documentary movies and we‘d still have a million questions left. That’s what makes an enigma and a superstar and someone that will constantly have your interest. He‘s constantly on an exploratory mission of who he is and how he becomes his art, or how his art comes through him. What a mind. If we could just get into his mind! He‘s in his own realm. My experiences with him... they take me out of my comfort zone, but also somehow into another comfort zone. I feel safe but challenged, inspired and liberated.” - Kylie for NME, 2012

The song lives on - as the good ones always do. In 2012, it got Kylie casted to Leos Carax’s movie Holy Motors.

I was working on a film in London which I wasn’t able to finish, but when I was struggling with the casting, my french friend recommended me Kylie. Later when I wrote this, I remembered… So I looked into who Kylie was because I only knew the name and her duet with Nick Cave. We had lunch in Paris and she turned out to be the angel that I needed. - Leos Carax for the Guardian, 2012

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En, October 2k16

Say „I do“

„I was shocked to find out earlier this year that same-sex marriage in Australia is still illegal. There are many hurdles in order to achieve marriage equality, but we are now the closest we’ve ever been to that change.


Let’s raise our voice and public support for change. Get a shirt. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Support Australians 4 Equality, a coalition of organisations working to deliver a winning campaign so we can legalize all love in this country and SAY “I DO” DOWN UNDER. Sincerely, „Have you ever been in love? Are you in love? Could you imagine yourself there one day? Imagine too then, having your government deny you that right — what if you couldn’t marry that person. Your person.” Joshua Sasse, Kylie’s fiance, stands up against Australian law forbidding gay couples getting married. He previously tweeted his concerns about this topic, and it seems like tweets are not where it ended. He is now launching an online campaign to spread the world. YOU GO, BOY!

Joshua Sasse”




O O T O,


What am I supposed to do to support? AY SIA S M A TE I DO!

Spread the world! Share tweets or instagram posts with the hashtag #sayidodownunder, let your friends know… simply pass the message to anyone you can. That itself helps.

Where do I get the t-shirt? You can actually buy it on sayidodownunder.com !

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En, October 2k16

Kylie Minogue in Singapore Dress : ChloĂŠ 10 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

Kylie Minogue in Singapore Top : The Row Jeans : Stella Mc Cartney Bag : Hillier Bartley Bynny Clutch 11 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16



JEAN PATTE D’EPH Code# W63A20D27S0 EUR 109.90


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Laeti, October 2k16


Kylie was in Singapore for the Formula 1 Grand Prix on September 16th. She sang her classics in front of over 45 000 people. Finally a concert for the fans, the first one since the beginning of the year... It had it all: disco balls, incredible outfits and new backdrops - Kylie definitely impressed the audience of her third concert in Singapore.

change... maybe not that mayor, but we all have to agree that Kylie has a great show to offer but she can also add a few intimate moments that allow the singer to show her superb voice. Next new thing on this concert was the number of costume changes in an hour and a half. Kylie began with the famous red dress that we had already seen several times before, but later she made three other changes: a kind of jumpsuit dress for Act 2, a long jumpsuit for Act 3 and a total denim look for the final (Into the Blue). She finished the concert with "I hope to be back very soon" ... So do we!

It was an hour and a half long show, with a setlist that we are now familiar with. With the choreography, Kylie proved she is still not aging and is still fit - our personal favorite was La La La, moves from the music video! Check it out on youtube! The atmosphere was hot and so was the weather. And we mean HOT! To be exact, it was over 30 degrees. One thing is certain, when we saw the number of posts made on social networks by Kylie, the singer loved the A mayor change from the show we already know was concert and the atmosphere there! Double YAY! I believe in you in an acoustic version. Well, mayor

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Laeti, October 2k16

KYLIE MINOGUE & ROBBIE WILLIAMS : DISCO SYMPHONY New surprises in Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams’ case! We told you several months ago that a new duet of the two singers would happen. Kylie herself confirmed it a few weeks ago, but when Robbie’s album’s tracklisting came out, we got to know no Kylie was on it. We waited a little longer for the deluxe version and... nothing even there. Disappointment for everyone, knowing that both of them had described it as a really good song. But surprise ! During an interview for Kyle & Jackie, Robbie Williams confirmed this track is called "Disco Symphony." He also said it was «too camp» for his albm and that he did have it. So all we can do now is pray for one of them to release it at some point. PS: We do like you less Robbie.

KYLIE AT HOME : THE NEW COLLECTION IS COMING !!! The new Kylie At Home collection is here! As always, there are new accessories for your home, including some very nice cushions and houses duvets and linens, curtains and blankets to be warm this winter in front of a Kylie DVD ! Brand new item you can purchase are candles and diffusers. Each product comes in 3 colors: black, gray and white, with the signing Kylie At Home on it. Different flavors are available: Tranquility, Rose Cassis and Dark Noir. You can find this products in stores : BHS, House Of Fraser or Next. If you do not live in the UK it will maybe be difficult for you to get the international shipments cause they are limited.

15 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16


We mentioned this a while ago already, Kylie Minogue has recorded a song for the musical Saturday Night Fever, a French show with the french dancer Fauve Hautot as the lead, who will perform at the Palais des Sports in Paris from February 9th.

Saturday Night Fever - the Dancing Musical tells this story during this legendary period by honouring the music and the party, while respecting the dramatic passages and challenges they represent using strong and poignant characters. Tony Manero represents a past and current generation; his questions about the futuIt tells the story of Tony Manero, a young New Yorker re, his doubts about the society, his relationship with coming from a disadvantaged area of Brooklyn and family, friends and love are all current topics which is trying to find his emancipation and fulfilment eve- the younger generation can also relate to. ry Saturday night on the dancefloor of the nightclub „the Odyssé“. He starts as a simple underpaid seller And we got the answer on what song Kylie is singing of pantings, and becomes god of the dance floor, ado- ! It is „Night Fever“, the Bee Gees classic, released in red by women and envied by men. But being a young 1977! The song will be part of the show and on the New Yorker in the 70‘s is not so simple and his success CD, which will be released in stores in November. also brings him trouble with his family, rival gangs, and women ....

SHE IS BACK AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL FOR TWO NIGHTS ! She said that new songs were recorded for Christmas celebrations and she had huge success with her concert „A Kylie Christmas“ last year, the singer, who had also said, „I should do this every year!“ -kept her promise!

with your family. The announcement of the shows was made in the new edition of « Hello » magazine, before Kylie announced it on social media.

Following the ticket sales, which were a disaster again, we invite you to subscribe to the Facebook group: Indeed, Kylie Minogue will be back for not one, but „Selling / Looking for a Kylie Christmas Tix“ which two dates at the Royal Albert Hall on December 9th aims to enable you to sell any extra tickets and help and 10th. you find tickets at the correct price. What to expect ? Like last year, there will be Kylie Minogue’s Christmas songs as well as many of her classics, A great party before celebrating Christmas 16 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

NEWS KYLIE ON STAGE : THE PREMIERE WITH KYLIE MINOGUE We knew she would go but we did not know when. Finally, one day before the opening to the public, Kyli traveled to Melbourne Arts Centre to inaugurate an exhibition in her honor, Kylie On Stage, in front of a hundred journalists and fans. Kylie appeared on stage in a beautiful silver dress, saying she had dressed herself in a casual way (we would also like to be casual like that every day!), and answered questions from fans & journalists. A pretty emotional moment for the singer, because she went back on hard times as her cancer, and the Showgirl costume just after this battle.

«There’s a whole lot of my life and stress and triumph and tears and blood and cuts and all sorts of things that are now on display.. Seeing friends and crew in old footage, many of whom are still with me, I thought, “wow, we look so young.” We had no idea what was waiting for us. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head hadn’t been written. All The Lovers hadn’t been written. There were so many parts of my life and my journey to come, so seeing those pieces is very moving»

and they practically had to kick me out ! These costumes are taken such good care of, which is a far cry from the way I remember them. Backstage you’re just “quick, get it off me, into the next one!” Quick changes are pretty hectic!» She also talked about the zips are sometimes not strong enough to withstand the costume changes... «I’ve

worked with Dolce and Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier a lot. We have a friendship and an understanding, and that’s pretty cool. Some pieces you’ll have doubles or triples of, but couture pieces – that you have just one of, so we try not to wreck it! There’s an amazing technicality, that no one is ever going to see in the audience, but up close the artistry and the technical aspect of these clothes is amazing». She said, adding that nothing would be

the same without the incredible work of their This exhibition brings together about 60 cos- teams. tumes of Kylie, and reflect her 30-year career.

This also allows to see the evolution of the

«I had a sneak preview of the exhibition yesterday career of the singer, through her costumes. 19 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

«I think my original wardrobe for my first tour could have fitted into a couple of shoeboxes. From a slight distance, to see that in the displays and that now I have huge gig cases and I’ve worked with incredible international designers… I’d never have reached that time and that place without the lycra and home-made costumes my Grandmother sewed, throwing a few beads on something, back in 1989».

– in fact, I think we could share the same manikin, I think we were just about the same size». she joked.

«I think it’s a great opportunity for fans, but also people who just appreciate design and fashion, and anyone who wants to learn more about how fashion works on stage because it’s very different to what you’d wear on the red carpet».

Kylie also hopes to deliver some inspiration for And if Kylie had to keep only one outfit (or future designers who could create costumes two), she would choose the hot pants and overalls Charlene had in Neighbours. through this exhibition.

«If I had the opportunity to see Prince’s wardrobe The Arts Centre Melbourne presents Kywhen I was 14, I would have been there every day lie On Stage at Gallery 1 to 22 Jan 2017 20 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

INTERVIEW Margot, who is working at the Arts Centre Melbourne and who worked on Kylie On Stage exhibition took the time to answer to our questions about the organization and origin of the project.

So… how did this whole Kylie on Stage thing happen?

ld of international touring, it all started to come together. I had the support of a great team behind me here at Arts Centre Melbourne and we worked pretty The idea for the Kylie on Stage exhibition grew out intensely for a good three or four months in the lead of Kylie’s most recent donation to Arts Centre Mel- up to the install. bourne’s Performing Arts Collection. This donation included costumes from the X2008 tour and the Aph- How did the costumes get picked? Was it Kyrodite Les Folies tour (2011) and their addition to the lie’s personal choice or some other aspects? collection really strengthened the representation of And actually, where were they before? All the Kylie’s concert tours. The costumes are so amazing fans picture them in Kylie’s closet… that we really wanted to get them on display and the idea started to grow about an exhibition that would The costumes for the exhibition were chosen to refocus purely on Kylie’s tours and reflect the develop- flect the way Kylie’s stage persona has developed over time. We were keen to include designers that she had ment of her stage persona over time. worked with at different times throughout her career. How did you guys come up with the first idea There were some celebrated looks that just had to be included, like the showgirl costumes from Kylie Showof a Kylie exhibition? girl: The Greatest Hits tour (2005) and Kylie Showgirl The first exhibition, back in 2005, was in response to Homecoming tour (2006) but with such a complete Kylie’s donation of hundreds of costumes that spa- collection to draw on, we were able to go right back nned many aspects of her career, including costumes to the beginning and create a visual journey of Kylie’s worn in video clips, tours, one-off performances, pho- costume highlights starting with the Disco in Dreams tour (1989). The costumes had been stored in London to shoots and on the red carpet. and Melbourne and were clearly treasured as they all How long did the process take? From the first arrived at Arts Centre Melbourne in amazing condithought to actually opening the door earlier tion. this month? How does it feel to be literally working with I started developing the themes and content for the something like this every day? Do you still get exhibition about a year ago and started working with to absorb some of its atmosphere even thouthe exhibition designer Anna Tregloan early this year. gh you walk past every day? Once I had the opportunity to travel to London and meet with Kylie’s team and learn more about the wor- I never get tired of looking at Kylie’s costumes and 22 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

find myself making frequent trips into the exhibition space every day. There is footage of Kylie wearing every costume that’s on display and it’s great to see them in action on stage and then be able to appreciate them up close. I have to say that walking through the exhibition every morning on my way to the office is a particularly uplifting way to start the day!

Kylie was talking about a special structure that had to be constructed for one… It’s absolutely unbelievable that a dress needs so much of special care and I don’t think fans can imagine how this whole process works...

Yes, we had some concerns about the PVC corset Kylie wore in the Rhythm of Love tour (1991) because Do you have any favourite costume of yours? the material has become very fragile over time. We had initially aimed to display the corset with its matI couldn’t choose a favourite. They are all very lovab- ching shorts on a Kylie torso but the shorts had reale. Having said that, I’ve seen a lot of visitors struck lly deteriorated and didn’t like being handled. After by the Kyborg from the opening act of the KylieFe- having the costume assessed and treated by a Conver2002 tour. You don’t see costumes like that every servator, the decision was made to only display the day! corset on a purpose built support that would basically cushion it during display and storage. Both pieces are now stable, but due to the nature of PVC we will keep monitoring this costume. Are there any souvenirs to purchase at the exhibition? At this stage we have a room brochure available for a gold coin donation, but there has been a lot of interest in merchandise for the exhibition and we’re looking into this at the moment. Sneaky question - any chance we could get to see this on the other side of the planet later? If not, what’s gonna happen with the costumes next? It would be lovely to see the exhibition tour and there has been a lot of interest from your neck of the woods. We’re looking into the prospect of touring at the moment and its looking positive but nothings locked in at this stage. Thank you again for taking your time and congratulations on a great project! Thank you for your interest and some great questions. It has been a pleasure. All the best Margot

Special thanks to Margot & Jessica Picture by Gordon Wakefield 23 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16


This year, as we all know, is very Kylie-boring. I keep on repeating that I’m really glad she’s taking a holiday and spending time with Joshua and their friends. After all, she has dedicated her whole life mostly to her career (and us fans).She is happy, we are happy, everyone is happy… But where do I go for my holiday? WHAT DO I DO NOW WHEN THERE’S NO KYLIE SHOWS? I have been taking days off for everything I could have gone to since Les Folies until… now. This year, me and my vacancy partner in crime Laeti had to figure out something else. For the first time in our lives, we looked at a map… You can always count on me to sneak Kylie into anything. We decided to go to Barcelona. After all, we advised this to you guys in one of the previous issues of Kylie times. Let’s go to where Slow music video was filmed!! We decided to go in September and so I was a little worried the olympic pool, which was main attraction for both of us lovers, might be closed. Website said it will not be. Joined by another lover friend, me and Laeti happily headed to Spain.

Guess what. The swimming pool really was closed. Being the queen of crazy, I decided to sneak us in. It didn’t work… which simply means we have to go to Barcelona again soon. Now we have an extra experience and we all had fun anyway. For more, check video blog we uploaded on our Facebook. :)

A MEETING WITH KYLIE Ellena, from Nottinghamshire in the UK, is telling us her meeting with Kylie in Ibiza, when Kylie has sung at the Ushuaia Ibiza a month before the beginning of the Kiss Me Once Tour in 2014. Fan since 2009, her favorite album is X.

ELLENA : „KYLIE GAVE ME A HUG !!“ I met Kylie in Ibiza when she was playing at the hotel next to the one I was staying at 2 years ago... Me and my family had gone for my 21st birthday especially to see her as I'm a big fan. At the night of her gig there was about 200 of us waiting for her after for pictures and autographs... When she came out the only two people she came up to was me and my mum! I felt so lucky. Little did I know she was staying in the same hotel as I! The next day we was about to leave for the day when I saw her walking towards the lift! She signed me another lovely autograph addressed to myself and said she had just done the ice bucket challenge for MND foundation. She then started to walk away and asked me if Id come all the way from England to just see her. I said I had for my birthday and she came back to me and gave me a hug!!!! I'll remember it forever. The only sad part is the fact I didn't get a photo with her that day as her body guard said no photos :/ I wish one day to be able to get one with her

26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, October 2k16

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The Kylie Times #12 • October 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Throwback to Where The Wild Roses Grow, focus on Say I Do Down Under, Kylie On Stage with an interview of Ma...

The Kylie Times #12 • October 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : Throwback to Where The Wild Roses Grow, focus on Say I Do Down Under, Kylie On Stage with an interview of Ma...