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June 2K16

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LUCKY (RECORDS) all about the store!

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We dedicate this issue to all the victims, families and friends of people who have lost their lives during the terrible attack in Orlando.



JUNE 2016, #10

4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar That famous bum! 8. What‘s new? Kylie performs for the Queen‘s 90th bday Kylie to return to the Voice ? Waitrose Gala Kids Part 2 ? Kylie Minogue‘s self-titled album is being reissued Bocelli & Zanetti Night Agenda : House Festival & Singapore GP One 4 The Boys Absolutely Fabulous 12: Kylie Summer Let‘s spend our holidays in a total Kylie mood 18. LUCKY RECORDS: All about the record store!

3 www.kylie-world.com


Summer summer summertimeeeeee! Last year, Kylie summer was starting and we wish we could turn back time, but since we‘re not Cher, we can only have a look back....

06/02/1998 Intimate and Live

06/10/2002 Love at first sight

06/19/2000 Spinning around

06/28/2004 Chocolate

06/11/2010 All the lovers

En, April 2k16

06/24/2013 Skirt

06/09/2014 Crystallize

06/12/2015 Kylie Summer

En, June 2k16


THAT BUM As Kylie said herself, she‘s a high heeled stunt woman, and as she also said herself, them heels and running around in them for her whole life have made her bum the phenomen it is. You might have thought it was pretty good even before, but the real golden age of Kylie‘s assets definitely kicked off when she started SPINNING IT AROUND! Oh, those hotpants.... They became a thing. A decade later, there still hasn‘t been an interview where Kylie would not be asked about them. Her bum has had several instagram and twitter accounts, and in general it has a life on it‘s own. She sometimes even asks it during interviews if she can continue talking about it. Kylie Minogue‘s bum is simply a thing.


Who made this gold masterpiece? We will never know! Those are not designer shorts, but 5 pence ones from some super random shop. It was Kylie‘s bestie, Katerina Jebb, who bought them for her. She once wore them to a themed party once, and then they were meant to stay burried in her closed forever. William Baker, her creative director, knew that was not their destiny, and when coming across them while picking Kylie‘s outfit for the filming of her upcoming music video, he suggested them (PRAISE THE QUEEN). And here we are! The world was changed forever. You can now see them along with a couple more Ky-

lie outfits in her hometown museum. Not even she is allowed to touch them without glowes anymore. Well, what can we say... they do deserve to be exhibited forever! Golden hotpants, we luv you!

6 www.kylie-world.com

NEWS KYLIE MINOGUE PERFORMS AT THE QUEEN‘S 90TH BIRTHDAY This was her first public performance since December. Kylie Minogue sang her song "I Believe In You" in orchestral version in front of a crowd of 1,500 people and the royal family for the Queen’s 90th birthday. This performance, which reminded us of the Abbey Road Sessions Version, was praised by all the critics. Here’s the A big thank you goes to the excepdwarf pony tional work of the orchestra and Steve Anderson & Cliff Masterson for arrangements. During her performance, Jean-François Pignon, a french horse trainer who organizes many shows, guided his horses troupe around the central scene to the delight of the Queen (with a dwarf pony). Over 900 horses were gathered, they indeed are Queen’s favorite animal (tho when she saw cows and screamed COWS so loud, so we doubted that). Kylie looked awesome in her white dress (which made us hear wedding bells), created by Ralph & Russo (Spring Collection 2016). Other singers were present at the event, such as Andrea Bocelli, Gary Barlow (with whom she did a backstage photo), James Blunt, Jess Glynne or Shirley Bassey who closed the evening by singing "Diamonds Are Forever" . The notes of "Looking For An Angel" were also heard in orchestral version.

KYLIE MINOGUE TO RETURN TO THE VOICE UK ? Kylie Minogue is back in The Voice for the new season which will begin in the fall. Well, at leastthat is what the rumours say AGAIN. The rights of the show were recently bought by ITV to the BBC, so it is no surprise that new cast is in talks. It is Kylie and Tom Jones who are rumoured to be returning. A source told the Mirror: «We all know Kylie loves her spinning around and it would be just brilliant to have her back. She knows how the show works and is an international star – fingers crossed she’ll say yes». ITV also said they would like Will I Am to be present and to stay in the show. Jennifer Hudson, singer and actress could join the panel of artists. «Jennifer is huge in America, where she’s won an Oscar and an Emmy. The offer has gone out and everyone’s very excited at the thought of getting her.» However, according to the latest Kylie has said no. Seems like another boring tv year to us... 8 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

KYLIE MINOGUE PERFORMS FOR WAITROSE GALA DINNER Kylie Minogue appeared in London at Waitrose Gala Dinner for a private performance for a charity dinner for Grocery Aid. This British organization aims to help people who have worked or are working in the fields of food industry, but who need additional support to live decently, or with financial support, but also through everyday items that many take for granted. They also help people in need for food. The event took place at Battersea Evolution in London near Battersea Power, and was orga-

nized by the supermarkets chain Waitrose. Regarding the concert, Kylie sang for about an hour, with a setlist that we already know and that she adapts according to each concerts, but that is more or less the same one. We also recognized her long sequined suit, but we got a little surprised by the yellow dress with patterns, which suited her perfectly! (And we also noted the return of the curls). Fleur East also attended the event.

KYLIE MINOGUE & ROBBIE WILLIAMS TO COLLABORATE AGAIN ? We talked about it a few months ago and it looks confirmed... Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams could work together again for a song on the new album of the singer, 16 years after the success of Kids which has been certified silver disk and which was in the top 10 worldwide. Robbie Williams, who left his label Universal to sign with Sony wants to "‘recreate his pop magic" A source said: "His deal with Sony proves he has big intentions for his comeback and getting someone as famous as Kylie on the album only confirms that. It’s a great move for Kylie too as she is keen to revive her music career after a few difficult years for her professionally. Robbie and Kylie are great friends and as Kids was such a big success back in the day, he thought it was about time they teamed up again”. Robbie Williams had said in October that he has a great song for his new album and he would love Kylie to sing with him. The singer is currently in the studio for his 11th album, with Guy Chambers. Remember, Kylie was also in the studio with him at the beginning of the year... 9 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

AGENDA HOUSE FESTIVAL The news came while we did not expect it at all. Indeed, even if we know that she recorded some demos and she is currently working on her new single, Kylie Minogue is not really very present on the social medias as she spends so much time with Joshua Sasse, her fiance, and she holidays and chills (we hope). Despite many private performances, we did not expect that Kylie would be present on the stages of festivals this summer ... But we were wrong! She will sing at the House Festival in London on July 7th. Headlining this day, she will perform alongside Tinie Tempah, Jess Glynne, John Newman and many others. You also want to have your place? Three bad news. The first is that the event is already sold out. Second, that the ticket was £ 200 (yes it is expensive). And last, none is in re-sale on the Internet. Now we just have to wait and pray that some nice people will make some videos and photos of this show!

SINGAPORE GP And another new date to add to the agenda of Kylie ! The singer was booked for September 16th headlining the Singapore GP 2016 for a concert to be held alongside the circuits. Some other concerts were announced, as Queen & Adam Lambert or Bastille, and will run from September 16th to 18th. Kylie will play on the Padang Stage (Zone 4), probably alongside other artists whose names have not been announced yet. Tickets are available on the event’s website at the price of 78$ !

KYLIE MINOGUE‘S SELF-TITLED ALBUM IS BEING REISSUED Great news for people who love to collect ! Be ready to step back in time: the album "Kylie Minogue" released in 1994 will be re-released! This re-release will come by the end of the year by Vibe On Records, and should include two CDs with "an incredible number of rarities and unreleased tracks." It is currently the only details we have on this project, no further announcement has not been made. Recall that this album was the first that was not produced by the trio Stock Aitken Waterman. The album was released under the label Deconstruction Records for the world, and Mushroom Records in Australia and New Zealand, and includes songs as Confide In Me, Where Is The Feeling and Put Yourself In My Place.


Surprise for the Italian fans. Kylie Minogue went to Milan for three days to attend the evening "Bocelli & Zanetti", organized to raise funds for different associations. Scheduled to sing at the concert, Kylie Minogue was forced to cancel her performance at the last minute following a bad flu. "Ciao Milan! I was to perform this evening at the 'Bocelli & Zanetti Night' but have been advised to be on voice rest after fighting a bad cold. I was hoping to be much better by now and am so disappointed I can’t take to the stage, but I'll still be attending to lend my full support to 10 www.kylie-world.com

the wonderful charities that will benefit from this concert " Sick but still radiant, Kylie made a notable appearance at this event with a makeup and a haircut rarely seen on her (probably because it is not Christian Vermaak who took care of her for that evening) but that suited her very well according to our point of view, despite the different opinions on social networks and websites. As Italy kind of requires, Kylie Minogue picked for a floral dress signed Dolce & Gabbana, following the spring 2016 collection of the brand, available on the internet. Laeti, June 2k16

KYLIE MINOGUE ON THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE MOVIE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS This is also a good news of this month: Kylie Minogue has recorded the soundtrack of Absolutely Fabulous movie "This Wheel's On Fire". This song was originally the soundtrack of the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous broadcasted in the 90s on the BBC and written by Bob Dylan and Bob Danko. “As a huge fan of the Ab Fab

series and both Jennifer and Joanna, I’m over the moon to be singing the theme song,” Kylie told The Sun. The song was also recorded during a secret session. The film will be released in the UK on July 1st and in the US from July 22nd ... and the soundtrack is available on iTunes and Google Play!


On June 12th Kylie attended the One For The Boys ball, a charity gala organized with the aim to encourage men to take care of their health and prevent the risk of cancer, but also to obtain funds for research and treatment against cancer for men. The event was held at Victoria And Albert Museum, and this was a surprise for us to see that Kylie popped up there not only for the evening, but also to sing one of her classics. The beautiful Australian wore a long strapless emerald dress and very colorful shoes alongside her fiance Joshua Sasse, who had meanwhile opted for a black suit

with his classic hat. The lovebirds seemed to be more in love than ever in front of photographers (see by yourself the looks they exchanged, it's just wow wow wow #LoveStoryGoals) and Kylie even took the time to take some pictures with fans who were there. During the ceremony, the singer gave a very good performance of her song I Believe In You in an acoustic version, just after the opening speech. Joshua was obviously here to pick her up from the exit of the stage - such a gentleman, right?? #WeWantHim

11 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16



This title must necessarily remind you of something, because a year ago we had the pleasure to live a 100% Kylie Summer with 6 shows across Europe. And we must admit, it was the best summer that we could ever have. It will be more quiet this year (no shows schedule unless you have had the chance to get a ticket for the House Festival), we thought it was cool to have a bit of Kylie with you during the holidays. If you are going on holidays (or not, because you spent too much money into Kylie the three past years #Us), discover how to have a Kylie Summer without pay so much because it is also important, and learn some facts on Kylie !

12 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

13 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

Where to go on holidays ? Portofino

The South of France The sea, hot weather, ice-creams and beautiful French men. You need more to convince yourself ? No, it looks like a dream we know.

It's - I think - the place were we’ve seen Kylie on holiday most of the time in the past years, especially because her Dolce & Gabbana friends are there, but also because the place is pretty awesome. This small village offers a haven of peace (ok, a little less in summer because of all the tourists), but it really allows you to relax in front of beautiful landscapes.

Greece Kylie Minogue went there recently with Joshua Sasse, and it must be said, this is a fantastic place on the summer to spend holidays. Her fiance has denied all the rumors about any wedding on a Greek island, but who knows, you’ll maybe bump into our two lovebirds this summer!

Chile E X PAT R I AT I O N MY CHILDREN. Yes, it is good to clear your head sometimes and nothing better than traveling far far away. Kylie Minogue went there in 2007, where we saw her on a boat (like so many times when she’s on holidays) and she looked happy!

Let‘s read some books ! La La La Book



If you have not yet purchased, it's the great time! Although the format is impressive and will not fit in your beach bag, this book traces the beginnings of Kylie with many photos she herself talks about and her experiences with William Baker. We love absolutely love it !

By Milan Kundera. This is the favorite book of Kylie. However, if you were looking for calm and non-reflection we advise you to not pick this book because it is quite complex.

The Showgirl Princess: Ideal if you go on vacation with your children or your cousins ​​/ brothers / sisters to try to share your Kylie passion with them. And yes, do not forget that we must educate them early.

14 www.kylie-world.com

A book of crosswords or soduku Well yeah, it's the holidays after all.

Laeti, June 2k16

What to watch ?

Cinema Paradiso


This is the favorite film Because last year we saw of Kylie. Advice : take Kylie with a bag full of tissues. Friends DVD during the Kiss Me Once Tour and we thought she must like this series but also because it is super long and if you are bored it will make you pass the time faster.

Absolutely Fabulous


As the movie comes out on July 1st and that Kylie is on the soundtrack, this is a good opportunity to go to the cinema right?

Because we never gonna be tired of Kylie singing alongside her fiance Joshua Sasse and also because the series is very funny, even if you're not a fan of medieval series.

Get the look ! The sunglasses Although we doubt this is the best UV deal, the sunglasses of Kiss Me Once Tour will make you see life in pink (or almost) and give youa great look on the beach. This is about the only other place where it is possible to bring them apart a Kylie concert without sounding too ridiculous. A Hat Yes yes my children, you need to protect you from sunstroke! Nothing like a nice little hat in the same style of Kylie : you'll find it in most of shops along the beach or on little markets. Merchandising Ideal for this summer, the new spring / summer collection will accompany you on the beach. The pink crop top is also perfect to walk along the beach or put over your suimsuit. The swimsuit It was used during Kiss Me Once Tour and was seen on Kylie last summer, this beautiful swimsuit (not very useful for you gentlemen) is available in some online shops for the price of 40 euros. How can you resist? However, it is not recommended if your skin is really really white. The diamonds due to your sunburns on the body are not too much in the summer trends. 15 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

Healthy Life ! We all know Kylie, she is not someone who doesn’t take care of her. Here are some tips to stay fit during holidays.

Drink smoothies

Eat healthy

Pratice sport

Relax !

Super healthy and refreshing, they will be your best friends after exuberant parties.

No we don’t prohibit you McDonalds, but do not eat that every day either. If you are at the seaside, take the opportunity to test their seafood, and prefer an ice-cream on the beach than a large greasy donut (especially when it's hot).

I kinda feel like the Ministry of Health with this topic, but nothing is better than sport to eliminate errors of the past day. Go jogging or biking on the beach, it will be so nice !

Well yes, after all it's the holidays! So enjoy it to rest, and why not discover the activities that will acentertain you throughout the year such as meditation or yoga (For any private lesson, ask Nicole, she became specialist of that).

That's all and we hope that will inspired you for your holidays! Of course, do not forget to download all the Kylie Times issues to accompany you on the beach and follow us on social networks to be informed of the latest events! That’s all for us, we will be back in September for more news (hopefully) ... By then you’ll maybe have a few surprises! Happy holidays and feel free to send us your holidays photos in a total Kylie mood on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook ! Heart and glitter on you <3

16 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2k16

FOCUS NEW PARTNERSHIP : NEW SURPRISES ! Who : Lucky Records Where : 66 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris What : A record store ! How to go there : • Stop : Hôtel De Ville • Exit number 3, Rue du Renard

Lucky Records is a very famous record store here in Paris. The store opened its doors in January 1992 and was created by Christophe Coatanaon we have not had the chance to know, Maurice Robert and Georges Vidal. Pascal, the webmaster also joined the Lucky Records family. They are all passionate by the music and everything around. Lucky Records is a partner of "Spotlight Magazine" you probably know if you're a fan of Madonna. The store is specialized in records, news, books, merchandising and collectors of Madonna and many pop and rock artists. Lucky Records is THE reference for any collector and is now an obligatory passage during a stopover in Paris. The biggest French and international artists are represented: Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Johnny Hallyday, Boy George, Rihanna, Stromae, U2, Indochine, etc ... I'll let you wait a little bit more before revealling you what we have prepared for you! But first : no, Kylie World is not releasing a record, not Kylie World does not sing with Kylie (but well, with our superb voices everything is possible!) Anyway I will explain you everything. It’s been a couple of weeks since I was scrolling through our website, and I noticed that Lucky Records was already our partner, but we had never made a project with them. Being a head 'known' by the store I told myself that it was so sad not to organize something with them! I have therefore talked to Boss Laeti and from this moment, we did a presentation for Lucky Records. I went to the store and I presented the project, and they say YES !!! (You see

what I mean?) In short, after another walk to the shop with Laetitia and I, we really got everything organized, well ... To implement our CONTEST !!!! It is said!!! You know, I don’t miss any birthday songs or albums of Kylie, so in honor of her birthdays, we will give you a single or an album every month, everything will depends on the anniversary we choose and will be in 18 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, June 2k16

be spoiled! And the cherry on the cake, all the competitions for each month will be worldwide, no matter that you live in France or on the other side of the world (Hellooooo Australia !) you can participate !!


Why did you choose Lucky Records as name ?


We decided in 1991 to name our company "Lucky What was the first vinyle you’ve bought ? Star" but the name was already taken so we kept Lucky and we added Records which was a wink to Kylie « Mr John B » by Sylvie Vartan - Maurice « Banana Split » by Lio - Pascal with her famous song "I Should Be So Lucky"! « Holidays » by Michel Polnareff - Georges What made you want to be record seller ? Find a good record store has become a difficult A passion for the music, Pop, Rock and variety and task compared to the reception given, and proalso the pleasure to exchange and share with cus- ducts proposed. Your shop is very well known here in Paris, also by foreigners. As anyone tomers. who loves discs, the way to the record store is It looks like the vinyl has been coming back to an obligation! How did you make your fame? fashion. Do you confirm that ? We have always tried to work as good as possible by Yes, there is a very significant return of vinyl with nu- offering competitive rates and especially articles in an merous reissues and also some new ones which allow excellent condition. If Lucky Records has acquired many people to rediscover the pleasure of handling such notoriety during these 25 years of existence, it is thanks to our customers. and listen to a vinyl record. It is for us, who have always sold vinyl, a great satis19 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, June 2k16

Let‘s talk about Kylie... Kylie came to your store a few years ago. Could you tell us ? We keep the memory of a fresh person, simple and sincere. By the time Kylie lived in Paris, close to Lucky Records, we had sent her our wishes for the New Year and then she came to the store to thanks us personally and she signed for Lucky Records two of her discs and a large picture. These signed items still exposed in the store. What is the most beautiful piece of Kylie you sold here ? We sold over the years so many beautiful and valuable pieces about Kylie because she has a very rich international career. There are probably a very few parts of those we have probably forgotten but recently we sold a beautiful jacket "bomber" made in Japan for the album «Rhythm of

Love» in 1990 and super trendy right now!

You have the gold disc of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, why was it given you? Kylie is one of the artists we always defended and promoted in our store and EMI gave us this record to thanks us for our work and our collaboration. We were very touched by this gesture. Why are you attached to Kylie ? Some things can not be explained because we have always had a special affection for Kylie, who is an essential artist of the International Pop. In brief I Still Love You, "Je ne sais pas pourquoi'!!

20 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, June 2k16

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The Kylie Times #10 • June 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : a focus on Lucky Records shop, everything about the golden hot pants, everything to spend a Kylie Summer and...

The Kylie Times #10 • June 2016  

This month in the Kylie Times : a focus on Lucky Records shop, everything about the golden hot pants, everything to spend a Kylie Summer and...