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  POST  EVENT  REPORT   JOURNALISM  TRAINING  FOR  CAMPUS  WRITERS  AND  TREE  PLANTING   October  18-­‐19,  2013  |  St.  Mary’s  School  of  Sagada,  Mountain  Province  

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INTRODUCTION   The  Third  Cordillera  Pine  Tree  Festival  is  a  unique  festival.  With  the  purpose  of   educating  the  young  on  enriching  their  literary,  creative  and  journalistic  writing   skills  and  of  teaching  them  how  to  plan  trees  and  care  for  the  environment,   Cordillera  Ecological  Center  (CEC)  and  A  Tree  A  Day  (ATAD)  organized  and   implemented  a  Journalism  Training  for  Campus  Writers  and  Tree  Planting  for  the   youth  of  Sagada  and  Besao  on  October  18  -­‐19,  2013  at  the  St.  Mary’s  School  of   Sagada,  Mountain  Province.       CEC  and  ATAD  also  put  together  2  teams—a  team  of  campus  journalism  key  opinion   leaders  for  lectures,  workshops  and  critiquing  sessions  with  young  campus  writers   and  another  team  of  environmental  specialists  and  foresters  for  the  tree  planting.       As  one  of  the  few  journalism  trainings  conducted  in  Sagada  and  Besao,  it  was  seen   as  an  opportunity  for  the  target  participants  to  be  more  equipped  with  the  right   knowledge  and  skills  necessary  to  become  effective  campus  writers.       To  maximize  the  learning  opportunity  for  the  participants,  the  topics  were   broadened  to  include  not  only  Basic  Campus  Journalism  topics  but  also  Investigative   Reporting  and  Photojournalism.  The  organizer  tapped  resource  speakers  who  had   been  in  campus  journalism  and/or  are  in  the  journalism  field  for  a  significant  period   of  time,  and  who  are  in  a  position  to  share  their  knowledge  and  skills.       RESOURCE  SPEAKERS   1. Dr.  Michael  A.  Bengwayan,  Director,  Cordillera  Ecological  Center  (CEC)   2. Engr.  Oliver  Masillem,  Engineer,  Ground  Specialist,  Inc;  ATAD  Member   3. Romulo  A.  Bagacina,  Officer,  Curriculum  Development  and  Evaluation   Department,  Monol  International  Institute;  Traner/Coach,  Center  for   technical  Excellence  and  Integrated  School,  Inc;  ATAD  Member   4. Paul  Joseph  Nuval,  Instructor,  Department  of  Development  Communication,   Benguet  State  University,  ATAD  Member     OVERVIEW  OF  THE  TOPICS     1. What  is  Campus  Journalism?     2. Feature  Writing     3. News  and  Sports  Writing   4. Essay  and  Poetry  Writing     5. Lay-­‐outing   6. Investigative  Reporting  –  Trainees  will  learn  to  express  the  essence  of  nature,   adding  context  to  perspectives  and  telling  how  humans  must  interact  with   the  environment   7. Photojournalism  –  Trainees  will  learn  how  to  tell  stories  with  pictures  and   how  pictures  can  expand  the  meaning  of  words  by  stirring  emotions  through   atmosphere  and  mood.      

RESOURCE MATERIALS     A  set  of  handouts  was  given  to  each  participating  school.  Engr.  Masillem  also  gave   out  books  on  Digital  Photography  for  Dummies  to  the  Photojournalism  participants.       PARTICIPANT  PROFILE     There  were  a  total  of  130  participants  including  the  advisers  from  13  schools  in   Sagada  and  Besao.  They  were  a  combination  of  elementary  and  high  school  writers,   from  editors-­‐in-­‐chief  to  staff  writers.  Students  from  St.  Mary’s  School  handled  the   registration  process.       School   Number  of  Participants   Agawa  National  High  School   8   Ambasing  Elementary  School   7   Ankileng  Elementary  School   11   Ankileng  National  high  School   10   Antadao  National  High  School   7   Bangaan  Elementary  School   12   Bangaan  National  High  School   9   Besao  National  High  School   7   Sagada  Central  School   7   Sagada  National  High  School   12   St.  James’  High  School     10   St.  Mary’s  School  of  Sagada   18   Tetepan  Elementary  School   12     130     PROGRAM       The  training  started  with  a  prayer  from  a  representative  from  Antadao  National   High  School  and  the  singing  of  the  National  Anthem  led  by  a  representative  from   Ankileng  National  High  School.  Ms.  Nemia  N.  Lite,  Principal  of  St.  Mary’s  School  of   Sagada,  welcomed  the  participants  before  Dr.  Michael  A.  Bengwayan  gave  an   overview  of  the  training.  After  some  participants  from  Sagada  National  High  School   gave  an  intermission,  the  participants,  the  organizers  and  the  sponsors  were   acknowledged.  The  opening  program  ended  with  the  surfacing  of  expectations  from   a  representative  from  Bangaan  Elementary  School.       The  lecture  sessions  started  with  a  discussion  on  “What  is  Campus  Journalism?”  by   Mr.  Romulo  A.  Bagacina.  He  discussed  Repiublic  Act  No.  7079,  An  Act  Providing  for   the  Development  and  Promotion  of  Campus  Journalism  and  for  Other  Purposes,  and   went  through  significant  details  on  the  Rules  and  Regulations  for  the   implementation  of  such  republic  act.      

The lecture  ended  with  an  open  forum,  during  which  the  participants  asked  the   following  questions:         1. What  is  the  tense  of  verbs  used  in  writing  news?   2. We  are  in  an  extension  school  –  a  beginner.  How  can  I  motivate  the  students   and  teachers  to  appreciate  writing?     3. Mainstream  media  was  said  to  control  the  mindset  of  the  nation.  Usually,  the   media  would  hide  some  facts,  effectively  giving  the  viewers  the  wrong   information.  Is  this  against  the  proper  conduct  of  journalism?   4. Why  do  we  produce  newspapers?   5. Why  should  we  plant  trees?   6. What  is  the  best  thing  to  do  during  a  writer’s  block?   7. May  patutunguhan  ba  ang  pag  susulat?   8. What  do  you  call  an  effective  writing?   9. What  are  problems  a  writer  can  have?   10. What  characteristics  should  a  person  have  to  become  a  good  writer?   11. Ano  ang  mga  dapat  tandaan  pag  ng  lalay-­‐out?   12. Ano  ang  dapat  isulat  sa  editorial?  Paano  ito  dapat  isinusulat?   13. How  can  someone  improve  his/her  writing  skills  if  it  is  not  his/her  interest?   14. What  is  the  best  way  to  start  writing  a  news  article?   15. What  do  you  get  from  writing?   16. What  are  the  courses  related  to  writing?   17. What  are  the  benefits  of  being  a  writer?   18. What  is  the  soul  of  the  newspaper  and  why?   19. As  a  writer,  how  will  you  encourage  the  younger  generation  to  read  your   articles  especially  now  that  the  generation  is  evolving?     After  lunch,  the  parallel  sessions  started.  In  the  first  hour,  Dr.  Bengwayan,  Engr.   Masillem,  Mr.  Bagacina  and  Mr.  Nuval  has  small  group  lectures  on  Investigative   Reporting,  Photojournalism,  Essay  Writing/Editorial  Writing  and  Lay-­‐outing   respectively.       On  the  second  hour,  while  Engr.  Masillem  continued  his  lecture  on  Photojournalism,   Dr.  Bengwayan,  Mr.  Bagacina  and  Mr.  Nuval  started  separate  sessions  on  Feature   Writing,  Poetry,  and  News/Sports  Writing.       Workshops  started  as  soon  as  all  the  parallel  sessions  were  over.  Photojournalism   participants  went  out  to  take  shots,  as  instructed  by  their  resource  speaker,  while   the  others  were  given  topics  to  write  about.       While  the  workshops  were  ongoing,  the  organizers  and  speakers  gathered  the   advisers  for  meeting.  The  advisers  shared  their  concerns  in  their  respective  schools.   It  was  agreed  upon  that  both  the  campus  journalists  and  writers  need  further   training.      

One specific  concern  was  the  lay-­‐outing  of  the  school  paper  and  the  coming  up  with   an  e-­‐publication.  In  most  school  publications,  the  adviser  does  the  lay-­‐outing,  and   most  of  them  uses  Miscrosoft  Publisher;  very  few  uses  Adobe  Pagemaker.       The  president  of  the  organization  of  School  Paper  Advisers  suggested  that  a  training   for  both  the  campus  writers  and  advisers  be  scheduled  sometime  in  December  or   next  year.       The  meeting  ended  and  the  outputs  were  collected  at  5:30  PM.       On  the  second  day,  the  resource  speakers  had  another  set  of  parallel  sessions  for  the   critiquing  of  the  outputs.  Each  speaker  pointed  out  strengths,  weaknesses,  and  areas   for  improvement.  Outputs  were  given  back  to  the  students  for  their  reference.       TREE  PLANTING  COMPONENT       The  tree  planting  was  conducted  in  the  morning  of  the  second  day.  There  were   about  1000  pine  tree  seedlings.  Dr.  Bengwayan  first  gave  a  brief  introduction  on  the   advantages  of  planting  pine  trees,  and  then  demonstrated  how  the  seedlings  should   be  planted.       In  addition  to  the  journalism-­‐training  participants,  ATAD  members  from  Bontoc   arrived  to  help.  They  were  divided  into  small  groups,  given  a  number  of  seedlings   and  assigned  to  plant  in  specific  areas  around  the  school,  the  dorm  and  the  church.       CLOSING  PROGRAM       The  journalism  trainees,  tree  planters,  and  organizers  were  treated  to  a  spectacular   performance  by  the  St.  Mary’s  School  of  Sagada  Choir  at  the  start  of  the  closing   program.  The  participants  shared  their  impressions  on  the  training  and  gave  a   synthesis  of  the  two-­‐day  activity.  Dr.  Bengwayan  and  Engr.  Masillem  awarded  the   certificates  to  participants  and  resource  speakers.  Dr.  Bengwayan  also  gave  his   message,  thanking  all  those  who  made  the  training  and  tree  planting  activity   possible,  including  ATAD,  the  resource  speakers,  St.  Mary’s  School  of  Sagada  for   hosting  the  activity,  the  schools  and  parents  of  the  students  for  allowing  the   students  to  join  and  the  students  for  actively  participating.       Finally,  a  student  from  St.  Mary’s  School  of  Sagada  gave  the  closing  program,  three   students  from  Sagada  Central  School  sang  a  closing  song  and  Ms.  Lite  gave  the   closing  prayer.       Both  the  opening  and  closing  program  were  facilitated  by  Pharysa  Dean  Pekas  and   Jennifer  Bidang,  SMSS  students.    

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Training Management  Team       Name   Position   Michael  A.  Bengwayan,   Director,  Cordillera   Ph.D.   Ecological  Center   Kylie  Anne  C.  Binay-­‐an   Event  Coordinator   Training  and  Tree  Planting  Volunteers   Constancia  Jane  Cadias     Dobbels  Wallang     Darwin  Pandosen     James  Lingbanan       II. Resource  Speakers   Name     Position/Address   Michael  A.  Bengwayan,   Director,  CEC   Ph.D.     Engr.  Oliver  Masillem   Civil  Engineer,  Ground   Specialist,  Inc   ATAD  Member   Romula  A.  Bagacina   Officer,  Curriculum   Development  and   Evaluation  Department,   Monol  International   Institute   Trainer/Coach,  Center  for   Technical  Excellence   Integrated  School,  Inc   ATAD  Member   Paul  Joseph  A.  Nuval   Instructor,  Department  of   Development   Communication,  Benguet   State  University   ATAD  Member     III. Participants     School     Name     Position   Agawa   National   High   School      

Contact Details   (04)  422  1652   63  929256295          

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Post Event Report - Journalism Training for Campus Writers and Tree Planting - October 18-19, 2013  

This is the post event report on the Journalism Training for Campus Writers and Tree Planting conducted on October 18-19, 2013 in Sagada, Mt...

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