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Kyle Wilson Urban Planning Portfolio 2016

Kyle Wilson

Urban Planner 513-502-8265 3223 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Oh 45220



Bachelor of Urban Planning (3.87 GPA) University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio University Honors Program (March 2015- Present) Cincinnatus Scholar (March 2015-Present) Ladislas and Velma Segoe Planner (March 2016-Present)

Aissistant Director of Clean up Cincy

Saint Xavier High School Cincinnati, Ohio (June 2015) College Preparatory Diploma (4.0 GPA) National Honors Society (October 2013- May 2015) National Merit Commended Scholar (November 2014)

Experience University of Cincinnati Sustainability Advocate (August 2016-Present) fixing bikes in the Bike Kitchen, maintaining the University garden, and overseeing all recycling for on campus events including athletics

Vector Marketing (June 2015-Present) Achieved over $15,000 in career sales and was inducted into President's Club as Senior Advisor Recruited and trained several training classes in the role of Assistant Manager Ran my own office as a Branch Manager in Owensboro, Kentucky in charge of recruiting, hiring, training, paying, and firing my own team of sales representatives and receptionists.

McDonalds (June 2013-June 2015) Prepared and served food to customers as well as taking orders and stocking supplies Named employee of the month twice and trained new crew members

(January 2016-Present) Spearheaded Marketing for the event through increased Social Media presence Handled organizational interaction with outside media as well as the city commissioner's office.

Social Media Chair: School of Planning Recruitment Team (September 2015-Present) Worked with the Dean of the School of Planning to educate area students on Urban Planning Assisted in facilitating charettes with high school students and ran organization Facebook page

Lector and Altar Server at Church (December 2009-Present) Volunteered as both Altar Server and Lector at multiple churches and throughout Catholic School

Hall Government (September 2015-April 2016) Elected Floor President of the 5th Floor in Turner Hall Planned events utilizing a budget and communicating with residents

Construction Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (October 2014-June 2015) Renovated many old, derelict homes for impoverished families to move into at little cost

Skills Computer Skills Advanced: Adobe Creative Suite, Google SketchUp Intermediate: Adobe Creative Suite, ArcGis Software Basic: AutoCad Soft Skills: Public Speaking, Recruiting, Sales/Marketing, Writing

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Who Am I? I dream to make an impact. I consistently strive to leave positive impressions on the people around me, helping others in any way possible. I am passionate about being a good friend, family member, and peer. As a result of this desire to always make a difference, I have chosen to pursue a major in Urban Planning where I hope to graduate with a focus on sustainability which will allow me to spread this positive change around the world. Wanderlust has plagued me from a young age and this yearning to experience the world has brought me on many adventures across over a dozen countries, exposing me to so many varying ways of life. I am an avid reader and my interest in science fiction has always inspired me to plan for the future. There appears to be an overwhelming sense of pessimism in the literary community surrounding the impact our race is having on this planet. This negative view has inspired in me a desire for change. I strongly believe that we can better coexist with the world we inhabit and I look forward to being on the forefront of this shift towards greener living.

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Contour Mapping/ Modeling In Fall 2016, our studio was tasked with interpreting an abstract piece of art as a physical landscape. I was given the piece below which is Morton Livingston Schamberg's "Geometric Patterns". My process disecting this painting is shown to the right.

In this study I analyzed the Initial Shapes of the painting and found those that stood out to me. I also was intrigued by how "imaginary lines" seemed to effect the way I saw shapes.

I chose Zone 2 because I especialy like the shape on the left that I have originally depicted as curving up like a spiral staircase. I also could really begin to see a lake and wilderness scene in this section, which appealed to me.

My shade study really focused on how shade influenced my perception of the painting and really helped me see where the "imaginary lines" from the last step greatly affected the shading of the shapes.

This exercise focused on my isolation zone and started to eliminate shapes that I found irrelevant as well as adjusting the frame of the view so that the focus was more on my preferred elements.

In my efforts to find a focused zone for my painting I broke it up into 4 different isolation zones. Zones 3 and 4 were both too small for me to really work with on a larger scale and zone 1 didn't include enough of the significant shapes for that area of the painting.

In this exercise I attempt to convey how I am imagining this landscape in order to establish precedence for my contour model.

This final study looked at the shapes as a connected landscape in an attempt to determine how this landscape evolved over time. This study helped me to realize the lake's origins in glaciation.

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Contour Mapping/ Modeling This is my final 24x24 isolation zone of the painting. Using this zone I was able to generate the contour map shown below. Once that map was complete, the model depicted in the images to the right was created using foam core cut by an e-xacto Knife.

After being cut out the pieces were held together by glue and paint was applied over-top for the finishing touches.

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Ludlow Gaslight District The first studio my freshman year focused on an area not far from the University of Cincinnati called the Ludlow Gaslight District. We walked the neighborhood and used hand renderings to analyze different aspects of the neighborhood, gaining a valuable understanding of how these aspects work together and make the neighborhood the vibrant community that it is. Below are several of my studies including some sketches of prominent buildings in the neighborhood and several figure grounds of the neighborhood itself which really depict how the buildings themselves interact with the street that they are on.

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Ludlow Gaslight District Our final project for the analysis of the Ludlow Gaslight District was the below collage of several different aspects which really hit at the essence of the neighborhood. I chose to include a lot of the ornamentation that is unique to the district as well as a couple of the most prominent buildings in the neighborhood. The sections really focus on how the buildings interact with the street through large sidewalks and the figure ground really looks at footprint of the area.

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ine Lorra

Bryant Ave

Middleton Ave

Shiloh St

Ludlow Av e

Hosea Ave

Clifton Ave

Whitfield Ave

Ormond Ave

Sherlock Ave


Senator Pl

Telford St

Whitfield Ave

Cornell Pl

Pl Lyleb urn

Howell Ave

Ormond Ave

Gano Ave

Manor Hill Dr

Ludlow Gaslight District

Terrace Ave

While we learned in studio how the old craft of physical rendering is still a very effective way to gain a deep understanding of a neighborhood, we were also using computer-aided design in a seperate class to analyze the Ludlow area with technologically advanced methods. This class utilized sketch up on the left and V-Ray renderings seen on the right. The bottom row includes an autocad street map and a photoshop edited rendering of Ludlow, exploring other ideas of how Ludlow may look if it were in a different part of the World. Clifton Gaslight District Birds Eye View Kyle Wilson





Key Clifton Gaslight 1 inch = 500 Feet Traffic Systems Map - Group Impact

Clifton Gaslight Street View Kyle Wilson

Clifton Gaslight District Birds Eye Kyle Wilson

Main Road

Neighborhood Side Street

Park Road


Kyle Wilson, Billy Dinan, Kevin Miller, Catherine Clark

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Land Suitability Analysis Tasked with running a land suitability analysis of the area for a chosen topic using chosen indicators, I decided to analyze the suitability of new park spaces within Hamilton County. My process choosing indicators and forming the final suitability map are shown below.

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Hyde Park Neighborhood Analysis In Spring of 2016, our studio was broken into neighborhood Analysis teams. My team was given the affluent neighborhood of Hyde Park. The Analysis looked at all aspects of the neighborhood from its origins all the way through future plans. Our work was culminated in a booklet depicting a complete analysis of Hyde Park. I personally took on most of the historical research for the analysis as well as modern day demographics.

My demographic reserach was manifested in the shape of infographics which do a much better job of conveying the message via images than numbers on their own would have.

Our team also produced a post card for the neighborhood using several significant aspects of the neighborhood in a more unique way.

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Hyde Park Neighborhood Analysis Our analysis also included a lot of mapping including the excerpts I have shown below. We made impervious and Tree cover Maps to really look at the physical layout of the neighborhood. On the right side we studied the walkability of the neighborhood with school systems particularly in mind. This map looks at how much of the neighborhood is within walking distance of at least one school. Below that, a land use map shows the various uses that can be found in the existing footprint of the neighborhood.

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Camp Washington Site Inventory

In Fall 2016 our studio has been given the task of creating a Green Master Plan for the neighborhood of Camp Washington. The first step in this process was a site inventory of the neighborhood itself. My site inventory really looked at the overall health of the neighborhood. Camp Washington is a heavily industrial neghborhood surrounded by a highway on its East Side and a massive Trail Railyard to the west. I did a lot of research into how these factors may impact potential residents in the area and the results of this research were not exactly encouraging. My data is shown in the presentation board to the left.

As part of my inventory I looked at Camp Washington in context of the larger Mill Creek corridor, then slowly broke the area down into its smaller parts. The yellow areas on the figure grounds to the left are the CSX Railyard. The contour map on the far left shows how Camp Washington lies within a bowl which may have the affect of trapping smog and pollution within its confines. The infographics peppering the board show the affects that many of these pollutants may have on nearby residents.

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Google Sketch-Up is one of my favorite digital sources to work with. I have shared here a few of my larger projects including a model of my home on the upper left, a model of the Castel Del Monte found in Italy, a model of the King's Island Eifel Tower, and Finally a home that I designed and named "Waterfront Cove".

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Extra Sketches

Going into the program I had never been a serious artist. I always doodled as a child, but nothing I was drawing would be considered the work of a prodigy, or really a kid of any talent at all. Knowing all of this made me skeptical that I would ever become proficient in drawing, however after a lot of practice I have become relatively pleased with my abilities. These are a few of my favorite drawings including my high school, a friend's high school, the home I grew up in, the Taj Majal, and finally the Castel Del Monte in Apulia, Italy (The same monument as in the Sketch Up model shown above).

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Freshman Portfolio  

My professional portfolio presenting all personal planning projects and relevant material.

Freshman Portfolio  

My professional portfolio presenting all personal planning projects and relevant material.