Page 1 An Ordinary Guy in Extraordinary Situations Logline A cultural explorer the likes of Ira Glass ("This American Life") with the spirit of Sasha Baron Cohen ("Borat"), is a mission-based, docu-reality series that tells the story of an ordinary guy diving headfirst (sometimes literally) into extraordinary situations. What is Every episode begins with an idea and a mission. Whether it's crashing the Redneck Olympics with aspirations to compete, wanting to meet PJ Harvey with fake "filmmaker" credentials, or organizing a Smirnoff-based Easter egg hunt made out of jello shots, Kyle creates a challenge and takes you on it. No invitation required. He doesn't have one. No reason you should.

Who is Kyle? Kyle is a pure-spirited Everyman, only a little bit gayer. He's the friend that gets you into a little bit of trouble but you have the best time doing it. In success or "failure," he'll inspire you, have fun with you, and maybe even change your life. The way Kyle sees it, obstacle is opportunity. Put him in a new situation and he approaches it with a simple question: you gonna eat that? He is also an award-winning filmmaker (having captured the "You Suck" award at Georgia's Redneck Olympics), a formal mayoral candidate of Atlanta (the electoral process belongs to the people!), and the former face of CNN's iReport (in commercials worldwide). Moderation is Fine, but Don’t get Carried Away with It Build Your Audience is a social series, incorporating the best ideas of his "followers" and making sure to include them in every episode. Kyle openly invites viewers to participate and some even make it into the episode. Why? He's friendly, inclusive, and prefers his couch potatoes fried. This natural, "social inclusion" is a fresh approach for both social media and television. Including viewers is also a setup for viral content, as would-be “friends of Kyle” share content and ideas across media. Audience growth is potentially exponential. Watching a guy who's willing to make a fool of himself is, well, addictive. And your ability to be included, plus the rave reviews (usually starting with "omg did you see…") will only fan the flames at social media's water cooler of choice. How Do You Want Your Every episode starts with an idea. An idea that becomes a mission. Caution and convention are cast aside in favor of the burning question: What if…? Whether it's a cultural event (like the Democratic National Convention), or a newsmaker (Beyonce? Bill O'Reilly?), or a brand (think Mini Cooper or Roomba, perhaps), creates adventures out of what's rivetingly cool and what's rivetingly not. Episodes are natural platforms for all types of sponsorships. unapologetically welcomes everybody into its sprawling tent and each episode is whatever it needs to be. Sky's the limit. (Or is it?) As long as it's unadulterated fun, solves one or more profound mysteries of the Universe, and can be postponed for a bad hair day,'s whimsical, mission-based adventures will take you on a ride that is unique on the television landscape. After all, they are stories only Kyle can tell. So what will bring today?

Sizzle Reel: Copyright 2014, Itsmyvoodoo Productions, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Your Backstage Pass to Planet Earth A Taste of What’s Behind the Curtain • The self-help group for owners of gay house pets in Medford, Oregon. It doesn’t make him a bad poodle. • The school in Council Bluffs that promises to make you a mortician in three days! Free scalpel and eyebrow pencil. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Deprogrammers summer camp. A cult favorite. The surrogate mother Olympics. Baby Mama pentathlon. Public transportation confessions. Move over HBO. The convention of those hoping to be abducted by aliens. Toothbrushes packed and probe-ready! Corporate Lecture Circuit: Thinking Inside the Box. How to Rein in that Pesky Imagination. The Hollywood school for extras. Learn how to stand in the background! The windshield washing hustlers of Vancouver, B.C. The running of the bulls in Pamplona -- the after party. The Uniform King -- the number one provider of Doorman's uniforms in Manhattan, is asked the most pressing questions Secrets of the velvet rope. The toughest clubs in L.A. to crash. A guide to Texas’ Best Trailer Parks. Some with sewer hookups! Music lessons for the tone deaf. Do you have any other hobbies? Crossword puzzle championships. Five-letter word for get a life. Intestinal fortitude. Annual Convention of the International Association of Competitive Eating. Secrets of a Spanish nunnery. Robot dancing is allowed! Prison yard basketball refs -- I ain't calling that a foul Rookie detectives, your first and last subpoena to a Mafia kingpin The Real Housewives of Paris, Texas. Dish dirt. Actual dirt. Dumpster Diving in Portland – trash talk with the pros Russian Roulette. Casino school in St. Petersburg. Try This at Home There has never been a show quite like It’s a reality series that never underestimates the intelligence of the viewer & takes its audience to where it’s never been before. From the war-torn streets of Beverly Hills to the beach clubs at the edge of the world. From the locked doors of the nation’s capitol to a search for the maintenance man with the keys. From a front row seat at Fashion Week in New York, to the worst seat at Madison Square Garden. This is the one they’ll be talking about. sets a high bar. And we drink till it closes.

Sizzle Reel: Copyright 2014, Itsmyvoodoo Productions, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.

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A treatment for the best show on earth, sans elephants. (Maybe.)

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