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i a r u m a S MAY 2018 ISSUU.4 VOL.5

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Table Of Contents 1 . Cover  2.  Table Of Contents  3 .  Due Dates  4 .  Lt. G. Letter  6 .  Monthly Highlights 8 .  Key Club information 10.  District project  12.  A goodbye to Seniors 16.  Key Club Information 18.  Calling all Officers!! 20. Key Club 101 22. Division 101 24. End Page

Due Dates

Secretary Reports

(The 5th of Every Month)

Lt. Governor

L e t t e r

Hellooooo everyone!! My name is Kyle Torres and I am the Lieutenant Governor for your Division D20i. To all samurai's out there, how do you feel? Hopefully amazing since it's finally summer and now is the time to go out and have as much fun with your friends and family! Summer break will go by quickly so lets all make the most out of it! Well anyways, I hope you have an amazing summer and I can't wait to see all of you soon! I will always be here for y'all, I'm just a text message away, bye everyone!! In Love and Service Lieutenant Governor of D20i Kyle Torres

Monthly Highlights

This months activites were filled events. South Whidbey Key Club volunteered at their local fair and hosted an end of the year banquet for their club. Orcas Island Key Club did a "Senior Present" event in honor of ther graduating seniors. Oak Harbor Key Club volunteered in the at their local carnival and participated in Kiwanis Breakfasts. Anacortes Key Club did a surplus sail, hosted a beach cleanup, and helped their local businesses. Congrats to all the clubs in D20i for an amazing month filled with Key Club activity!!

D i s t r i c t P r o j e c t C h a l l e n g e The District Project Committee challenges all of you to #SquatforSwazi in Instagram in order to raise awareness of the 6 to 8 hours that people in Swaziland are forced to walk in order to obtain water. All You have to do is post a video of you squating 8 times while carrying a jug of water. Them you spread the word by nominating your friends and or fellow Key Clubbers. The due date for this challenge is July 2nd so lets get squating!!Â

Goodbye Seniors

Anacortes High School Key Club

Oak Harbor High School Key Club

Orcas Island High School Key Club

South Whidbey High School Key Club

Calling Calling Calling calling All all all All all OFficers officers officers OFficers officers

On October 29th at the Washington Park in Anacortes Division 20i's Officer Training Course (OTC) will be held. The OTC will prepare each and every officer for their position. The OTC will also be the place where officers from all over the gets to come together and also learn from each other. All of this will give each and every club a strong start of the school year.

Division 101

Clubs : -Anacortes High School -Friday Harbor High School -Oak Harbor High School -Orcas Island High School - South Whidbey High School Area Administrator: Joshua Blackmer ( Lieutenant Governor: Kyle Torres ( Division Colors : Red and Black Division Mascot: SamuraiÂ

In Honor of Past Lt. G's Michael Lym (2017-2018) Kristen Pagala (2016-2017) Jhon Dimaculangen (2015-2016) Ria Bains (2014-2015) Jacky Dejesus (2013-2014)

D20i July Newsletter  

Hope you enjoy!!

D20i July Newsletter  

Hope you enjoy!!