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Creative Platform   The All-In-One Card The All-In-One Card is a credit card shaped device that you can update with any account information. It can be used as a substitute for debit, credit, and club cards, essentially anything with a chip or magnetic strip. Some of the All-In-One Card’s basic features are: 10 BAR water resistance, touch screen technology, and a loss prevention security feature that allows you to lock it from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Problem The basic problem or issue the advertising must address is that no one in the market knows about the AllIn-One Card. It is new to the market and relatively unknown. The All-In-On card has not been introduced into the market yet so it will be a challenge to get customers to buy something involving their account security if they are not familiar with it.

Target Audience   We want to target consumers between the ages of 30 and 50 that use more than one type of transaction card. It would make the most sense to target consumers who have had time to amass a larger collection of cards, but are still young enough to be technology savvy. We also feel that business professionals are likely to have more cards, as they tend to have company cards and personal cards. A device that could organize these cards and reduce clutter would be very beneficial to them.

Communication Objective Over the next year we want consumers to become familiar with the basic features and benefits of the AllIn-One Card. We must inform the consumer enough about our product to create awareness and buzz. Ultimately this will lead to a purchase, but that is not the direct aim of the advertising yet.

Key Customer Benefits • •

Streamlines paying for things in an easier and faster way Reduces need to carry around thick card organizers

Creative Strategy Theme: An overlying theme to the ads should be convenience, but we also want consumer to feel secure using the All-In-One Card. Appeal: We want our advertisements to have a rational appeal on the consumer focusing on the consumers’ practical need for owning our brand; it should make sense to them how the All-In-One Card helps them. Humor appeal should be used carefully since we want to appear to be a serious company that can be trusted. Executional Techniques: Since the All-In-One Card is new, the consumer needs to be informed about the product before purchasing it. We want to execute our ads with a “straight sell”; we will rely on directly communicating the basics. Any other details can be found when the consumer does an information search to learn more about the All-In-One Card.

All In One Card Creative Platform  
All In One Card Creative Platform  

The Creative Platform for a school project.