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Kyle Vincent T. Rosario Candidate for Vice President of External Affairs Elevate • Strengthen • Connect • Sustain

Personal Information Full name:

Kyle Vincent T. Rosario


3rd year BS Industrial Engineering

Current Position:

Project Manager for Indie Engineering

Position applying for:

Vice President of External Affairs Committee

List of past positions held: UP Industrial Engineering Club (UP IE CLUB) Project Manager for Indie Engineering, Finance Committee, June 2012-present Project Manager for Company Database, Externals Committee, March 2012-June 2012 Project Manager for Applicants Project, Memberships Committee, June 2011 – March 2012 Overall Apps Head, Applicant, October 2010- February 2011 Minor Positions Head of Jammeng’g 2011 Head of Opening Week presentation 2011

UP Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students (UP CAPES) Project Manager for Company Requirements, June 2012-present Marketing Associate, June 2012-present Engineering Registration Committee (Eng’g RegCom) Member, Marshals Committee, June 2011 – Present


General Plan of Action

Sustain An Externals committee under my leadership will use the momentum gained from the previous administration to forward its goals. Last year’s administration did an excellent job of fixing the internal organization of the committee so as to provide a more uniform process when it came to meeting the expectations other organizations have for us. I will continue this as well as institute the Mentor Program detailed below. This will ensure that people who choose to enter externals in the future have a clearer idea of what to expect and how to improve.

Elevate I have a vision for IE Club. In this vision when people think of Engineering they think IE Club. When people look for partners they think IE Club. When people want the best they think IE Club. I will focus on elevating our projects such as Good Karma and Indie Eng’g to a more visible level. Good Karma will become the brand name of IE Club outreaches. We will keep the shirts, however, when Externals goes on an outreach program, say Giveng’g back, it will be branded as a Good Karma outreach. As for Indie Eng’g I will push for the project to become an Ad Hoc project. It needs its own time and dedicated set of members.

Strengthen I want to focus more on strengthening our current projects than adding to that very long list. I will not pursue more projects which will add additional strain to the org but rather focus on projects we have now so they get the backing and work force they need. We have baby projects which need a lot of focus and care so that they may grow to the projects we dream them to be. Good Karma will receive more people. Indie Eng’g will have a set rule book and structure. Tricamp will be established in cooperation with Ateneo and LaSalle.

Connect Last year we won a seat in the executive committee of PIIE. This year we will push for even more visibility in these student congresses by gunning for executive committee seats in both. We will also increase our connections outside of engineering by increasing smart partnerships with student organizations in and around UP. IE Club will take the active role in looking for possible partners and participating in PIIE and ORSP events by making the first move. We will approach organizations and offer our services and databases in exchange for lasting connections and sustained partnerships.

Proposed Projects

Mentorship Program Problem: Last year, due to the year round nature of Externals work, no positions opened up for new members and interested clubbers in the second semester. This means no new blood entered the system to learn from the old members and heads. Proposed Solution: The program aims to open up “apprentice” positions under all PMs and Associates, allowing the current heads to mentor a set of possible new officers and members. These “apprentices” will learn what they can from their mentors but will be under no obligation to become officers in the following year. Rational: The project aims to make the process of turning over within externals smoother and more efficient. Participants in the project will have a personal peek into the inner working of externals so that, when the time comes for them to becomes officers in the committee, they have a clearer idea on how to improve the system or change what is necessary.

IE-Club Card Rational: A card system where clubbers or clubber alumni can sign up to receive a benefits card they can use to avail of discounts in certain restaurants or shops. Cards will be renewed annually or clubbers may choose a lifetime package. This card will serve as a way to connect with our alumni and push the clubber spirit and pride outside the confines of Melchor hall. Breakdown of action steps

Step 1: Find interested partners. We will begin by looking for restaurants, salons, and other types of stores who are willing to give discounts in exchange for sustained publicity within the org. We will start within Katipunan and Maginhawa, places ripe with willing possible partners.

Step 2: Card creation We will find a place that do cards like these and we will compile the booklet of all affiliated companies and their respective discounts or offers.

Step 3: Selling the Card The card will be open for all current and past-clubbers. Two types of packages will be offered Lifetime and Annual.

Proposed Projects Project Consulting Firm (together with ACAD COMM) Problem: Last year this project was already attempted by Ricky and I. Sadly the project did not push through. I believe the problem may lie in the approach of the project. I called companies and then offered to them to be part of a database. This meant I was approaching companies who had no prior history of allowing students to look into their systems and conduct studies. Proposed Solution: Unlike last year where we marketed the idea to as many possibly interested companies, this year we will instead specifically target certain companies. This will be done by sending letter through the students who are currently working on projects in companies. This is a bottom up approach. We will send letters on invitation to companies we already know as being interested in having projects done. Companies will be given the option to withhold certain pieces of information or have brief descriptions if they wish. They will also be given a “menu” of courses and possible studies. Rational: The project aims to ease future students in looking for possible project sites and help establish IEC outside of Eng’g by providing a unique service.

Organizational Chart This chart shows the structure I will utilize for Externals. It features the implementation of a Director for Operations and a PM for Database Management under him. The main role of these two people is to collate databases created within the committee and submit these to Fin Comm as well as coordinate the marketing efforts of each project. They will also be in charge of attempting to make Externals less dependent on Fin Comm. The PMs for new projects are also shown below.

Associate for   ORSP  

Director for   Affiliates  

Associate for  PIIE  

Associate for   Aimes  


Director for   Community   Development  

Director for   Campus   RelaGons  

Director for   OperaGons  

PM for  Tri-­‐Camp  

PM for  Ibang   Klase   PM  for  Good   Karma   Associate  for   Engineering   OrganizaGons   Associate  for   Non-­‐engineering   OrganizaGons   PM  for  Database   Management  

PM for  Eng'g   Staff  Event  

PM for   Clubber  Card   PM  for   Company   Database  

Affiliates TRI CAMP – This year, IEC will be in charge of the newly made Tri-camp, a day or overnight trip to a community like GK Enchanted farms. This provides a venue for participants to mingle and learn from a number of families who make a sustainable form of living from the little given them. This project replaced Tri-seminar and thus is very young and full of potential. Externals will maximize this potential and work hand in hand with our partners to help this project grow.

TRI PARTY AND TRI MEET – IE Club, through externals, will always give our support to our partners in AIMES in these events. We pledge to send participants to these events and provide whatever help our friends in these schools may require. From speakers to a possible venue, Externals aims to continue our good rapport with these institutions.

Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers – This year, IE Club in cooperation with CIEM will be spearheading the PIIE Congress to be held somewhere in Manila. This presents a prime opportunity for IE Club to establish itself in PIIE and establish rapport amongst our peers from all over the country. Aside from this, Externals will push for more clubbers to attend PIIE events such as the amazing race and Quiz Bee to further strengthen our presence outside the confines of UP. Externals and IEC will also be 100 percent behind our PIIE presidential candidate, PJ Tolentino.

Operations and Research Society of the Philippines – Aiming for more involvement in these two Student Chapters, this year externals will push to install a clubber in the executive board of ORSP. This will bring a host of opportunities for clubbers to participate and grow on a national scale. We will coordinate closely with the current executive committee of ORSP to better understand their events and congress so as to entice clubbers better with choice incentives. We will submit the calendar of their activities as soon as possible to Internals together with a list of incentives that may be given by some professors.

Current Projects IBANG KLASE on its SIXTH YEAR – Always in the constant pursuit of something greater, Ibang Klase this year will continue to renovate the facilities of schools that need it most. Whether it be a new coat of paint or replacing a few lost screws, Externals, together with our numerous orgpartners, aims to help renovate over 20 classrooms in two different schools over the course of the entire school year. This year, I also wish to add a book drive to this event so not only do we work on the classrooms the students use but we take part in ensuring the future of the students as well. GOOD KARMA – Coming off a successful run last year, Good Karma aims to expand its brand by becoming the IE CLUB OUTREACHES brand. It is my hope that by doing this we can start with creating the brand name we have been working on for so long. All outreach programs of IEC, such as the Eng’g staff event, will be branded as a GOOD KARMA OUTREACH PROGRAM thus attempting to establish Good Karma as the uniquely IEC thing it is. INDIE ENG’G – One of the biggest learning experiences I have ever had, Indie Eng’g is fraught with points for improvement. As I mentioned, I first want the contest to become an Ad Hoc organization. I will fix the current structure and add the departments I have learned are necessary. I will also propose to open the competition to all courses by getting org partners in that, once an org partners with us, their course may now join the competition. I will also push to better utilize our resources and try to lean away from our current sponsors. DATABASE MANAGEMENT – I want IEC to get serious on keeping, collating, and updating its databases. From possible sponsors to alumni, I want to know who we have contacted and if we can contact them again. For years it has been every marketer’s nightmare figuring out where to start simply because our databases are scattered across all committees. The PM for Accounts Management is something I want to see in each committee thus providing us with a set of people who constantly have the latest on the companies of our alumni or which companies are willing to sponsor our events.

GPOA Kyle Rosario  
GPOA Kyle Rosario  

My GPOA for the External Affairs Committee