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The things someone carries and the bag they use to carry it all in can tell a lot about a person. Boys With Bags is an on-going project that began out of curiosity. As a gay man who carries a bag almost everywhere I go, I often wondered what other LGBTQ+ men are carrying around with them on a daily basis. Boys With Bags helps to dispute the heteronormative idea that carrying a bag is only for women while challenging the socially constructed definition of masculinity.

computer keys passport lighter fidget spinner housebound: selfhood and domestic space in contemporary german fiction by omnika shafi 3d printed models chapstick phone charger computer charger eye drops lotion credit cards school id beanie phone case water bottle receipts 2 dollar bills pen cap pill bottle i think when a guy carries a tote bag it shuts down hyper-masculinity. that’s not necessarily what i’m trying to do when I wear one, but i think it says ‘hey i don’t care about other hyper-masculine opinions.’”

EDWARD montclair, new jersey

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brooklyn, new york

RON brooklyn, new york

“i’m an unpacker–i like to unpack my bag when i get home, and repack before i leave. it’s an act of self care that i find valuable. it helps me recount the day, and see what i needed or didn’t need. repacking the bag makes it so i don’t have to carry anything i don’t need through the next day.”

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REILLY woonsocket, ri

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“i carry a bag because it’s useful. depending on the week i will switch up between backpack or tote bag. i’ll buy a bag when i really like the design of it and think it reflects my overall personality. for example, i’m a designer and really enjoy clean and fresh visuals that are also graphic at the same time.”

JAMES dartmouth, ma

planner laptop the girl on the train by paula hawkins

“i think my bag represents me–i’m fairly transparent and i have nothing to hide. i think it’s really fun, and carrying it makes me feel youthful. and because it’s transparent, it doesn’t clash with anything.”

ANDREW boston, ma


boston, ma

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“no matter what, i always have headphones. i probably have a pair of headphones in every bag that i own.�

TIM boston, ma

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“i think my bag is always so full because i like to always be prepared, so i carry everything. i never clean it out down to just the essential things because i never know what i’m going to need or what type of situation i’ll be in”

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“i carry a bag because i have a lot of shit that i like to keep on me. i carry this bag specifically because it was the best thing i could find at the time, and it’s black so it goes with everything. but, i’m always on the look out for a new one.”

, ng.

providence, ri

JULIO providence, ri

camera film notebook gloves micron pens two pairs of 3D glasses the new simplicity in graphic design: stuart tolley

“i pretty much carry my bag everywhere i go, and then when i get home, i throw it right on my bed�

kyle richer 2017 @kyle.richer illustration, photography, and design by kyle richer fonts used: apercu and average

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Boys With Bags  

Boys With Bags