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DEA Headquarters- Day

STEVE MINCEY walks into the main office in his all black SWAT uniform. He walks over to his computer and prints out a map of the houses they are about to raid. He walks over to Agent JOHN ROGERS and Agent NATHEN PENDERS to discuss the raid. 1. Agent Mincey We are going to drive across town and raid the suspect’s house. I need you guys to be ready at all times and have each other’s backs. Agent Rogers How many men are we talking about? And when are we doing the raid? Agent Penders I will take the lead SUV and I will also raid the backdoor. We will also have three guys taking out the side doors and two guys at the rear of the house. Agent Mincey The raid will take place tomorrow at three o’clock. We will be using eight men altogether. Make sure you wear your vest and make sure you have your mind right. Agent Roger After the raid is over we will search the house and take anybody into custody that we need too. Agent Mincey

We need to do this as best we can so we can have no problems or injuries. This is why we practice all the time now we need to go execute.

Dea, paper  
Dea, paper  

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