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Kyle W. Proefke 727.744.5519 571 East New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11225

Education University of Florida 2005-2009 B.Des. Arch. 2009-2011 M. Arch.

Education Abroad Fall 2008

Vicenza Institute of Architecture- semester design studio and theory class based in Vicenza, Italy. Studied Palladian architecture of Vicenza and other cities of the Veneto region. Studied contemporary and historic architecture throughout Italy and other countries with trips to Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Valencia, and Vals. Design projects included interventions into historic urban contexts of Barcelona and Rome.

Summer 2010 PI:C Mexico- Summer design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Studied contemporary and historic architecture of Guadalajara, Guanajuato, and Mexico City with focus on the modern architecture of Luis Barragan. Design projects included a preliminary pavilion charette addressing issues pertinent to the Tequila Valley region and further investigation of these issues with an intervention into the village of San Martin de las Canas.

Teaching Spring 2008

TA- for Design 2 Studio. Assisted GTAs and professor Mark McGlothlin during class exercises intended to develop sketching, drafting, and modeling skills.

Spring 2010

GTA- for Advanced Digital with professor Ruth Ron. Instructed lab section of 15 students once a week providing supplemental lessons, exercises, and assistance with projects. Explored use of different digital modeling, drafting, and rendering tools including AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and Rhino as well as paneling tools and Grasshopper scripting plugins for Rhino.

Out of Studio Design Projects Summer 2009 Spot on Schools Exhibition at Visions 9th International Festival for Architecture and Media in Florence, Italy- Collaborative design and construction of an installation to represent the University of Florida School of Architecture and the work of its students. The summer project consisted of concept design, fabrication, transport to exhibition site in Florence, and reassembly on location for the 2 week festival. This was UF’s first appearance at the festival. Fall 2010 Award Competition- Utilized Paracloud GEM generative modeling software to design an innovative water-treating building skin

Dec. 2009Jan. 2010

UF Grad-1 Performance Driven Design Workshop Publication- Worked with professor Ruth Ron to produce layouts for a publication highlighting a two week intensive workshop led by Yasha Grobman.

Employment Summer 2012 Intern at Voorsanger Architects PC, New York, NY: Produced presentation renderings and assisted with schematic design drawings, design development, and model building for different projects.

Design Related Skills and Programs Fabrication: Handmade models Soldering Laser cutting 3D printing Mock-ups

Drawing: Sketching Drafting by hand Autocad Adobe Illustrator Rhino 3D Storyboarding

3D Model/Render: Rhino 3D Vray Google Sketchup 3DsMax Viz Paracloud

Layouts/Images: Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge

This small house on a canal on Big Pine Key, FL is an intimate fishing lodge for one or two occupants. With a raised volume, two porches, ground level patio and boatlift located under the living volume, the house is a useful complement to a fishing trip. In addition to the house design, a full scale fish-cleaning station was designed and built. The surface is made from poured concrete with embedded rebar and mesh, coated with polyurethane, and sits on a base of stacked and reinforced CMUs.

Shadow Vs. Shade

Gainesville, FL

Fabrication and modeling experiments studying the effects of sequences of variable rib shapes on shadow and shade quality. The fluctuating sequence of profiles results in changing shadow shape and density, and a range of shade quality throughout the day

Spot on Schools Exhibition Visions 9th International Festival for Architecture and Media Stazione Leopolda; Florence, Italy

The project involved collaborative design and construction of an installation to represent the University of Florida School of Architecture and the work of its students. The summer project consisted of concept design, fabrication, transport to exhibition site in Florence, and reassembly on location for the 2 week festival. This was UF’s first appearance at the festival.

Golden Pavilion The pavilion is a siteless space based on a set of environmental parameters. The geometry is derived from a series of golden proportion rectangles, attributing the space with a heirarchy and flow. The system of shades is designed to allow the maximum amount of diffuse light while the tinted glass and steel roof permits controlled light and shadows.

San Martin Bullring Community Plaza Formerly used as a bull fighting ring, this public plaza and pedestrian crossroads is extended as a park and recreational center towards the mountainous landscape. The park shelters an open ended volume for recreational use by the community

Scaled Stone Facade

Madison Manor Apartments; Huntington, WV Paracloud generative modeling workshop led by Dr. Eyal Nir and Professor Ruth Ron

The scaled facade demonstrates a new facade for an apartment building in a West Virginia town that experiences sub-par water quality as a result of acid rain and runoff. The new facade addresses acid water neutralization and collection for use by residents, and water treatment before being released back into the environment. The proposal deals with both of these problems through paneling and drainage systems made of acid neutralizing limestone and landscape features that treat water before allowing it to drain back to the ground.

Florida House Study After analyzing the wooded landscape of a north central Florida site, studies of the elements of a dwelling led to the sloping forest house. The roof shades and allows controlled light through small apertures. Rainwater collects in a cistern and pools surrounding the house. The resulting home peals the ground away to allow for a protected, transparent space that facilitates immersion into the wooded site.

Fabrication Excercises Led by Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP Architects

Rocking Chair Independent design charette Molded plastic rocking chair maintains low center of gravity and rocking ability with a heavy steal “axle� bar that pierces the base and holds the brushed stainless steel frames of the stained and satin polished wood armrests.

Materials and Methods II Group Design and Document Production Exercise Students are required to research precedent projects in order to learn about methods of construction and how different materials are used. Students study construction documents in order to become more familiar with the conventions of how documents are drawn and organized. Each group submits a set of drawings that are properly labeled and organized, and clearly represent the architecture designed by the group


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