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Toms River North Football Booster Club MINUTES of [TRN Booster Club] Meeting date: 5/3/2012 Call to order: A regular meeting of the TRN Football Booster Club, was held in TRHSN on 5/3/2012. The meeting convened at 7pm, President Kyle Morris (excused) George Klag, and Alex Scherer, secretary. Members in attendance: 23 Approval of minutes: Motion was made by [ Scherer / Klag ], and seconded to approve the minutes of the March meeting. Motion carried. Officers' reports: President: No report President Morris away on business trip.

Treasurer: (Rose MacLaine) Booster club welcomes our new treasurer. (See Report) $11,975 current bank statement

Board and Committee reports: Hirtes Hike: The Booster Club agreed to use 12-15 cases of water from the field house to donate to the Hirtes Hike on May 12. 2012. Coach Labarca has agreed to encourage at least 10 players to donate their time at the Hike. The football players will support the water stations giving out water to the runners. Alex Scherer will help in facilitating this effort.

Mentoring Program / Community Service: Mr. & Mrs Scafani and Phil Hueston (All Star Sports) has expressed an interest in coordinating the mentoring program. Coach Labarca has agreed to begin a study hall and a light exercise program prior to practice after school. He is planning to make off hours at the school a little more structured. Coach indicated a study hall for varsity will be on Tue / Thurs nights, freshmen will be on Mon/ Wed nights.

Ad Journal Sales: Robert Dietlmeier and Richie Campanella have been contacting the 2011 sponsors for the ad journal and signing them up for the 2012 season. As of May, 2012 the Ad journal has raised $2000.00 Richie has encouraged the members to contact their sponsors ASAP. They are looking to go to print by August.

Meet the Coaches Night will be on June, 7 2012 at 7pm. We still need members to volunteer to register players, 50/50 tickets, and sell apparel and to sign up parents for different events. Contact Ms. Gulla if you would like to volunteer. Apparel: George Klag presented the membership with the 2012 t shirt design “Mariner Pride”. It was well liked by the membership. George received the approval to move forward with updating the 2012 apparel and stock. Applebee’s Breakfast: Applebee’s has a program were they charge $3 per person to open for breakfast Pancakes/ sausages. We decided to find a date to have breakfast with the team and charge extra for a fund raising event. This event is scheduled for August, 5 2012 and we will be selling tickets for $7

Spirit: George Klag secured 400 mini footballs for the cheerleaders sponsored by Ray Catena Lexus. Coach Labarca will help in promoting the four home games this year. Suggested having a week long theme “Mariner Manics” “White Out Game” ect. The school may be also paying for a spirit coordinator for the facility.

New business: We are looking for a super 50/50 coordinator. There were no takers last night. Announcements: N/A

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm. Alex Scherer Secretary

5/4/2011 Date of approval

2012 May 03 Minutes for Booster Meeting  

TRN HS Football Booster Club minutes recorded by Alex Sherer, REcording Secretary.