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Andy Murray

Tim Henman believes Andy Murrays groin injury was at fault for his disappointing defeat to David Ferrer in the opening match at the ATP World Tour Finals. Before the match Andy was struggling with groin problems but decided to play the game in front of an expectant home crowd. Despite the defeat to the Spaniard, Henman was quick to defend the Scotsman “We’ve got to appreciate his physical condition.” From Murray’s first serve Henman was sceptical over his condition. His trainer was seen on court assisting the injured Murray. Henman reiterated that regardless of his injury the result was still a disappointing showing at the O2. He also questioned whether Murray could be fit for his next match against Tomas Berdych on Wednesday. “Andy has got to try to get himself 100% healthy” Andy Murray has recovered from injuries quickly before but Henman spotted signs of a comeback being very unlikely “He looked uncomfortable throughout” Murray clearly struggled with his leg and so it proved. Although Tim has his doubts on whether he’ll recover in time he hopes that Andy and his coaches find a way to get him back on court. “Fingers cross it’s something he can manage because it will be very sad and disappointing for everybody to lose him at this stage” With the limelight on Murray the former British tennis player heaped praise on the Spaniard “There was, of course, another player involved on Monday and you’ve got to give Ferrer a lot of credit” Henman judged Ferrer’s performance as very professional “ He was as dogged as ever, really consistent, and made Andy work hard at all times” By beating Murray the 5th ranked Spaniard couldn’t have wished for a better start at the O2 and can take this performance into the rest of the tournament with huge confidence. Henman ended by stating that there’s no doubt in Murray’s ability as a tennis player but maybe certain things need to be worked on. “It’s about dealing with adversity and certainly, for me, there was too much dialogue going back and forth from him to his box” Which in Tim’s views put him off concentrating on the game. Tim criticised Murray’s communication “I just don’t think that gives him the best environment to concentrate on the next point” Murray will hope to recover in time for Wednesday but Tim Henman doubts whether he’ll be fit to play.

Tim Henman on Andy Murray's injury  
Tim Henman on Andy Murray's injury  

Tim Henman quotes article on Andy Murray's injury at the ATP