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Kyle Marvell

Hamworth vs Tillington

Hamworth United 4-1 Tillington Town Royston Vasey went from hero to zero as his red card ruled him out of the six pointer against Cansdale City. The London side were the bookies favourites to win the game and didn’t let the bookmakers down despite Royston Vasey’s controversial sending off in the second half. The game started off brightly as United were the first to threaten the goal when Johnson put through Vasey whose quick shot was denied by the big hands of Sasha Grcnic. Tillington overcome the early pressure and weathered the storm on 24 minutes when United were hit by the counter attack. Weston cleared the ball with his head which fell into the feet of Rentall who launched a diagonal ball into the path of winger George Wiggins. The Hamworth defence were struggling immensely as Wiggins found Rentall who stroke home and startled keeper James David. The saying “your most vunerable when you’ve just scored” couldn’t have suited this period of play anymore as Vasey was quick to respond to the shock lead. Johnsons crunching tackle on Diaz’s international teammate Pable Jones opened up space for Vasey who took it past the Tillington defence and slotted home to equalise. Vasey celebrated by taking off his jersey and jumping into the crowd to the joy of all united fans. His celebration was too inciting in the referees eyes and brandished a yellow card to the goalscorer. As the home fans encouraged the team chanting “United” through the stadium the second goal could only be minutes away. Right on queue as Vasey collected the ball in Tellington’s half and danced through the Tellington’s defence in the penalty area to slot home and take the lead. This time his celebration was less animated, he showed sheer delight as they held the lead till half time. On the 52nd minute Vasey once again showed the world why he was the Premier League’s top goalscorer as he rapped up the victory just 7 minutes into the second half. Le Pouffe capped off an impressive performance down the left wing and whipped in a testing cross into the box which saw Vasey rise above the Tellington defence and powerfully headed home. Vasey was set for the match ball and 10 out of 10 ratings in the Sunday newspapers but his tackle’s proved not as perfect as his finishing when we went in for a late challenge on Pablo Jones. The ref blew his whistle as Jones tumbled rolling on the floor anguishing in pain. Tellington’s pyhsio came sprinting on the pitch as Jones’s teammates surrounded Vasey in anger. The referee took time to make his decision but willingly reached for his pocket to show Vasey his second yellow card of the game and a red card to send Vasey to an early bath. Hamworth weren’t finished there though as Vasey’s strike partner Hans Anfeet lobbed the stranded Grcnic to seal the match. Hamworth manager was delighted about the result “Were on course for a Champions League spot”

Hamworth vs Tillington Match Report  

Match report for Hamoworth vs Tillington game