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LTPR Healing Rooms Training, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 Healing Rooms occur every Saturday from 9am-10am 1310 RR 620S, Suite C-10, Lakeway, TX 78734 I. The vision of healing rooms. Over ten years ago, I came back from a pastors conference at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, with two mandates I believe God put on my heart for River In The Hills. “Make My house a house of prayer and go after healing.” It is my belief that these two activities should happen simultaneously, like they do at the IHOPKC Healing Rooms. Just like the RITH food pantry has been sustained by the power of God with relatively little need to “prop it up”, I’m believing the same thing for the healing rooms. II. A normal Saturday will look like the following: Worship will be taking place in the prayer room, either live worship or the webstream from IHOPKC. A table with sign in forms will be set up in the lobby, and a volunteer will be seated at the table. The prayer room doors will remain closed for the hour with the video feed playing on the lobby screen. People enter the building, sign up at the table, and then take a seat in the prayer room. Volunteers will pray in the prayer room as they make themselves available for ministry. A microphone will be set up in the prayer room so that folks can lead out in prayer or make prophetic declarations while the worship is going on. Communion elements will be available next to the couch for those desiring to take communion. Depending upon the number of folks needing prayer, we will use the three back rooms. No special set up is necessary for the rooms. Pastor Nate will go over the forms people will are asked to fill out. Volunteers are asked to stay in the prayer room worshiping and connecting with the Lord during the time they are not ministering. Pastor Glenn will be available on most Saturdays to handle any situations that may arise. III. Prophetic team training: Shawn Bolz video, Translating God -- Part 1. For ongoing training, I suggest Shawn’s book with the same title, Graham Cooke’s book Developing Your Prophetic Gifting, and Mike Bickle’s book Growing In The Prophetic. A. Some things to consider: 1. I showed the Shawn Bolz video to challenge us to set the bar high and grow in the prophetic. 2. An illustration of “hearing” the internal audible voice of God. Count to ten silently in your head. You may also see pictures in your mind’s eye, or “hear” Scripture verse references. You may get words and pictures before you get to the church. 3. Don’t embarrass the person by exposing sin. Instead, share something of how God sees them in their destiny. Also, 1 Cor. 10:13 is a good verse to declare over them if you see sin in their life. 4. Don’t prophesy gender of babies. 5. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. God will bless those who have integrity and don’t embellish. 6. Be humble: “we prophesy in part” (1Cor. 13). Don’t say “thus says the Lord” …. Instead “I’m sensing” or “I believe the Lord wants you to know…” or “The word I have for you is ___________”. 7. Be careful about “cold reads”. For example, if they look athletic, don’t start thinking “maybe God’s calling them into ministry with athletes.” Just dial down and listen. IT’S OK IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING. 8. If you have an initial impression, many times the Holy Spirit will give you more “on the fly”, and as you speak more revelation will come.

9. As a general rule: don’t touch the person. If you do, ask permission and only lightly touch them on the shoulder or in another appropriate place like the upper arm or your index finger or thumb touching their open palm. 10. If the person begins to act inappropriately, it may be any number of things. Pastor Glenn will always be available for back-up. 11. Remember to ask them if they’d like to turn on their recorder (phone) before giving your words. 12. Grace’s texts as examples. “As a follower of Me let the simple truth that I will never leave you nor forsake you ,comfort you.....humble your selves before Me and never quit letting Me lead you in all things” I heard that as I was driving through really bad fog on 620 this morning but because I had driven that road hundreds of time I was confident and didn’t slow down but then I realized that there are other factors then just the path of the road and so I slowed down and became more cautious Jesus we need to always let Him lead us even if it’s something we have done a hundred times Healing Words-“I heard I am healing wrists and elbows - then I specifically heard left wrist right elbow” Healing Words 1. Arthritis 2. I heard I want to show my mercy and unexplainable Love by healing physical conditions that were caused by past sins .....You are no longer that person therefore you should not have to deal with those things anymore ! You have been made completely new by Me Heard “ I want to break off fear that is distorting the truth” I saw a pair of glasses with fear written on the lenses and those being taken off and broken. Words for todayI heard “I want to Restore confidence in MY character so that you my have unwavering confidence to be a Witness of my Love to the world” I saw light bulbs above peoples heads Turing on - which to means that people will have encounters with the Father that will restore their confidence in Him. Romans 8:31,34,39 Healings: 1.infections 2.Night blindness Words For Today Healing : 1. Heard complete healing for ankles, feet , Achilles’ tendons Heard “ I want to break off the fear and mindsets that have warped your view of my character” Words For Today Healing : 1. Complete restoration of the endocrine system 2. I want heal the “little things” I got a picture of a boat being tossed violently in the sea then I head the scripture 1 Peter 5:6 which to me is a reminder of who our God is and how important it is to humble ourselves especially in the tough Times

B. A Scriptural explanation for New Testament prophecy. “Build up, stir up, cheer up” 1 Corinthians 14:3 “But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.”

C. Three stages of prophecy: revelation, interpretation, application. It’s ok to only get the first one, but ask the Holy Spirit follow up questions. “Why?” “What does this mean?” “What should they do about it?”

Prophetic Encouragement Handout  
Prophetic Encouragement Handout