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about floyd Floyd is a tool that gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture. Taking cues from its industrial birthplace, the leg pairs a clean, simple form with an age old utilitarian device: the clamp. Without damaging the material, the legs simply clamp to your desired surface, giving you an unbounded range of table possibilities. Designed and made in Detroit.


The Floyd Legs emerged from a personal need and curiosity of mine three years ago. I was living a rather nomadic lifestyle with work and school taking me to different cities. In each new place, I found myself buying (and ultimately) discarding furniture. To solve this problem, I was looking for a work desk that was easy to pack up and move around with. In addition, I wanted something that was beautiful (don’t we all?). It occurred to me that if I built a set of legs with a minimal and functional design, any surface material could be changed out; simply pack up the legs and then find a flat work surface in the next city. It wouldn’t require any building knowledge and only a few minutes to set up. Searching out material palettes would be an interesting and low-cost endeavor. It was sustainable because no alterations to the surfaces were being made. Thus, the legs were born.

I met Alex while designing and building out a workspace in the North Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. The building itself was formerly an auto-garage. With this history in mind, our philosophy was a minimal use of materials in order to contrast the new with the old. After completion of the space, the Floyd Legs became our next project with these same values in mind: simple, useful, adaptive. We see the legs as a tool for people to be inventive with their furniture and reflective of their lives—without needing the skills and expertise to build from scratch. Floyd is the name of my father and grandfather, both steel mill workers. In the same spirit of local manufacturing, our legs are produced in Detroit through our partnerships with local machine shops. Thanks for checking out the legs.

What materials could you find to work with in your city?

Our finds.

contact 2808 14th Street Detroit, MI 48216 Kyle Hoff

Alex O'Dell

Floyd catalogue v1 -- Floyd is a tool that gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture. Taking cues from its industrial birthp...

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