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BANGS Shoes Fall 2014 Campus Tailgate Tour

Bailey Nuckols, Carly Springman, Kyle Hart

CONTENT The Mission College Campuses The Tour Team Engagement & Presentation Press Release Social Media Campaign Promotion Final Reflection

THE MISSION The objective of BANGS’ fall 2014 tailgate West Coast campus tour is to generate awareness around BANGS Shoes as a brand, in addition to providing an inclusive understanding of the social entrepreneurship business model that drives BANGS Shoes and their team of leaders. From the tour, we want BANGS to be able to successfully accomplish: •

Gain college ambassadors that will keep the BANGS energy and presence alive on each campus visited.

Expose West Coast students to the BANGS brand and product, creating brand awareness and pushing West Coast sales numbers.

Inform students of the social organizations and causes that BANGS believes in and actively supports.

COLLEGE CAMPUSES We feel that BANGS will gain quality tangible results from visiting a smaller number of larger schools with strong sporting and tailgating communities. These types of schools already show a strong sense of campus engagement and community, which BANGS can feed off of directly. We have constructed a full list of 50 schools that BANGS would benefit from visiting during the tour. However additionally we have highlighted the 20 schools that we see as the best fit for the BANGS bus fall tailgate tour. We researched campus engagement activity, size of the student body, proximity and location, social entrepreneurial course programs, as well as the degree of a tailgate culture that might exist. Essentially we wanted to provide Hannah with schools that she would get the most bang for her buck.

THE TOUR TEAM The tour team is a vital aspect of BANGS’ time spent with each campus. The tour team shows students what makes up the bigger concept of the BANGS team, who the BANGS family is and additionally, is a great representation of what type of people future ambassadors look like. We feel that representatives should include, if possible:

• • • •

Hannah Davis (of course!) Chairman or Business Partner (or both!) A College Ambassador (or two!) Social Media Guru

Each member of the tour team embodies a different element of the BANGS brand. We want the schools and students exposed to a complete picture of who exactly BANGS is and what exactly they work towards.

ENGAGEMENT AND PRESENTATION Engagement The BANGS bus will stop at each campus's tailgating location. Schools designate open fields, parking lots, or closed off streets for the tailgating that already takes place during each home game. The energy that consumes large college tailgating communities is unmatchable and this a perfect opportunity for BANGS to latch on to that energy and additionally foster support for BANGS.

The bus will be decked out in colorful BANGS graphics. That in it-self is a great marketing tool to send up and down the roads all across the West Coast! We want you to create an environment around the bus itself, a fun energized ambiance that will drive student participation and interest. We suggest you play music through an outdoor sound system. Set up funky tables and ottomans for participants to lounge in and around. Additionally we suggest you try to partner with a food or beverage company that promotes similar business morals and is relatable and relevant to college students. We researched Verve all natural energy drinks and think they could be a great fit! We have also come up with three specific engagement activities to be featured at the tailgating site.

Promotional Spin Wheel: "Spin to Win" •

Offer 8 different giveaways

One 50% off a pair of BANGS

Four 10% off BANGS product

Three 1 free pair of laces

"Show Us How You BANG" Photo Booth

Try on a pair of BANGS and snap some creative shots with your friends

Have props and fun items to spice up the images

Allow them to use the I Support.... with my "xyz" BANGS whiteboard

Encourage them to use the hashtags #ShowUsHowYouBANG and #GreatShoesGreaterGood

BANGS Pop-Up Shop •

Offer a full size run for trial

A comfy place for them to try them on and mirrors to see how they look

Utilize iPad ordering system, Square, on site giving them 5% off if they order on the spot and share an image on a social media site showing off their new shoes.

Additionally, informational material should be available on the social organizations, the ambassador program, and the lecture taking place the following day. Also continually run the video on the social causes and organizations BANGS supports. Hopefully the amount of people stopping by the bus will severely out number the amount of mouths BANGS has brought along to talk up the brand, we want to make sure there is plenty of interesting material and activity to keep the tailgaters coming. Presentation The oral presentation should be not only informative but also exciting for both the student bodies and the BANGS team. We suggest that the content change slightly from what BANGS presented on their East Coast tour. Depending on the type of students viewing the presentation, whether you book your lecture through the business school or the arts department, the content should be tailored to the audience. When the team speaks to a group of young entrepreneurial-minded students studying some business related fields the presentation should focus on the process that Hannah went through in developing BANGS. This should include where and how she got her idea; what successes and failures she has

experienced as a founder and CEO; and the direction she anticipates BANGS moving towards from a business and branding perspective. If the program is scheduled through an arts department or fashion-related course of study rather, the tone of the presentation should be focused on the creative side of BANGS. Speak to how the shoe is manufactured (fabric, sourcing, design elements), as well as the creative progressions BANGS could be making in future years to come. Following the introduction of Hannah and her team members as well as the short 15-minute presentation either anchored on business fundamentals or creative elements, we suggest you briefly talk about what makes you a social organization. Instead of introducing every cause BANGS contributes to (it may off as overwhelming due to the amount of information given), craft about a 3-minute long video showcasing each organization. More importantly, through the short film, you should be highlighting what actions the proceeds that BANGS provides has enabled. Students do not gravitate towards hearing the devastating social issues swamping the world, rather inspire them to buy BANGS and combat those issues in a creative achievable way. The presentation should then quickly move into the ambassador program BANGS offers. Share sentiments from current and previous ambassadors and highlight what BANGS will do for them as a student (resume builder, real life industry exposure, networking opportunities, product) Lastly, conclude with a question and answer session. Invite students to come up on stage and interact with the product, the team, and the social organizations material you have displayed. BANGS is a casual, creative, progressive brand and we want the student to feel those qualities through their interactions with the product and team.

Overall we think the presentation should be short, sweet, and to the point. Students sit through hundreds of lectures each semester and we don’t want BANGS to feel like another monotonous 45 minutes. Outline

Introduction (3-5 min.) •

Hannah (educational background, BANGS related interests, i.e. service based traveling)

Team (short intro for each member)

Brand (what they do and the short story behind the shoe itself)

Start Up process

Idea and Product line

Building the Leadership Team

Successes and Failures

Design (fabric, sourcing, manufacturing)


Social Organizations Video

Explanation of how BANGS chose its partners

How exactly does BANGS contribute

What an Ambassador is…(responsibilities and expectations)

Ambassador(s) talk about their personal experiences working with BANGS

Campus Involvement

What BANGS Ambassador program does for the them

Wrap up the presentation. Give some sort of sales pitch; give details on

Business Highlights( 10 -15 min.)

Design Highlights

Social Organizations and Causes (video 3 min, talk 2-5min,)

BANGS Ambassadors (5-10 min.)

Conclusion (2-5)

how to become an ambassador; ask for questions; give your thanks to the staff and students; give 10% off to all that are there.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2014 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Emma Dunlap-Grube Administrative Assistant 555-555-5555

BANGS Shoes Launches Fall West Coast College Tailgate Tour Las Vegas – BANGS Shoes founder, Hannah Davis, and her team hit the road beginning August “x” to kick off the three week long campus tour exposing West Coast students to the BANGS Shoes business model and product line. The BANGS bus will visit various western schools, focusing their attention on campuses with a strong sense of community and a lively tailgating presence. The tour will include an engaging social entrepreneurship discussion with Davis and her team, as well as a pop-up shop featuring several activities. BANGS is hoping to promote their product and brand to the West Coast demographic as well as expose each campus to the business model and successful modern day practice of social entrepreneurship. Hannah announces, “I am excited to reach out to young entrepreneurial spirits with a passion for social change. BANGS is thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce our amazing product to west coast campuses and we aim to additionally foster a strong energy around social business as well. We plan to capitalize on the liveliness that tailgating communities embody on their own, and optimistically anticipate adding to that culture with our BANGS bus.” BANGS Shoes is ingrained in a social entrepreneurship business model, meaning

- more the company’s mission includes the pursuit of innovative solutions to social problems. Through this approach they are able to create and maintain a business that dynamically addresses social causes and creatively combats the problems. BANGS actively connects consumers with amazing non-profit organizations that are dedicated to working towards long-term methods of development while also turning over a profit. When a customer buys a pair of BANGS shoes, they are additionally fostering support for international social issues. ###

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN The social media campaign should focus on creating a strong online presence for BANGS prior, during, and after the tour takes place. We want the social media anchored around the tour to energize the social media around the entire BANGS brand into the future. The following platforms would be best for BANGS to use to successfully interact with colleges and their student bodies while trying to establish an ongoing relationship individually with each school. Instagram Instagram should be BANGS’ strongest source for developing this relationship. This is because Instagram will be the main platform used while on each campus and is a vital part of our campus engagement plan.

Recommendations: •

Tag each school in multiple photos while on each campus.

Engage with students – tag personal Instagram pages– as well as regram photos from the photo booth.

Use #GreatShoesGreaterGood as the main hashtag in photos.

Let photos speak louder than words. Captions should be kept fairly short, to the point, and hashtags can be used more heavily.

If a specific college does not use Instagram, hashtag that school.

Facebook Facebook should be used to give the most amount of information about not only the tour, but also the brand itself. Content should express more than what is on Instagram and Twitter due to the amount of space allotted vs. what other platforms give.


Update all content on page and keep up with current happenings within the BANGS brand.

Use Facebook to for longer posts that require thing such as dates and times for events, fliers, etc.

Use Facebook Promotions during the time of the tour to reach students prior and during each visit.

Keep content flowing, whether it be about inspiration, office photos, etc.

If a specific college does not use Facebook, hashtag that school.

Twitter Twitter should be used to give BANGS an alternate voice in a sense. Tweets should give a humanistic quality to the BANGS brand and can also be used to bounce information from one platform to another. This is where customers and the BANGS team can interact virtually. Ask questions about dates, times, product inquiries or questions, as well as simply give a shout out to one another.

Recommendations: •

Constantly tweet about the current happenings while on each campus and while traveling to each school.

Converse with colleges by tagging them and creating a strong interaction with each school’s individual page.

Keep tweets short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Tweet links from other platforms to create a bouncing effect between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If a specific college does not use Twitter, hashtag that school.

THANK YOU With the use of our recommendations for BANGS’ fall 2014 tailgate tour, we greatly hope that BANGS Shoes will be able to accomplish any and all goals

associated with their next tour and beyond. Our goal for our Decision Making

course was to be able to use all that we have learned throughout our college

career and apply it to one all encompassing final project. This process has surely

helped us achieve our goals and has given us direct insight as to what kind of time and work to expect come graduation.

Hannah, we want to thank you gratefully for allowing us the opportunity to work

with you on such a vital part of the growth and development of the company that

you and your team have created. We wish you the utmost amount of success this fall and in all your future ventures. Thank you, Bailey, Carly, and Kyle

Marketing Plan – BANGS Shoes