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W E LC O M E I’m a graphic/media designer who is passionate about creating bold and functional designs that provoke thought, comment and action. I collaborate with non profits, community organizations and arts organizations, as well as corporations to create materials with longevity in mind: annual reports and campaign collateral that develops awareness, sparks interest, and has a powerful impact. My role as a designer is to act as a creative filter. Through observation and a critical eye I approach each new project as an opportunity for innovation, to create practical visual solutions that are meaningful and precisely functional.

WE MOVE YOU Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

National Ballet of Canada and TTC 2016 Art direction, photoediting

The National Ballet of Canada and the TTC collaborated to produce a creative campaign by combining two of Toronto’s top infrastructure and cultural organizations. We Move You provides TTC customers with enhanced beauty and art during their commutes with a collection of images and video. The campaign features striking images of five National Ballet dancers at various TTC locations across the city. The campaign appears in TTC stations and onboard vehicles across Toronto.

MY SEX LIFE Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

CATIE and ACT 2013 Illustration, art direction, editorial

With content for the resource written primarily by (and for) young people living with HIV, who represented a range of sexualities and gender identities, a clear visual strategy emerged: create something that was sex-positive and representative of diversity, the audience, and their needs Because of the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, it can be difficult for many, particularly those living with HIV/AIDS, to find trusted information that is not only up-to-date, but also accessible and affirmative in tone. The use of colourful and provactive vector artwork moves away from deficit-based imagery that further stigmatizes or discriminates in favour of visuals that promote resilience and empowerment and encourages people to live their best lives.

LE PETIT PRINCE Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

National Ballet of Canada 2016 Environmental design, photoediting

Campaign design and photo editing for The National Ballet of Canada’s World Premiere of Le Petit Prince. Material included: exterior large-scale signage, programme design, online ads, invites.

FASHION CARES Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

Fashion Cares 2012 Editorial/layout design

Commemorative book to honour 25 Years of Fashion Cares. Fashion Cares, an iconinc fundraising gala, raised almost $12 million during the 25 years it was produced. In recognition of the final celebration of Fashion Cares in 2012 a commemorative, limited-edition, programme was created as a keepsake for exclusive guests and donors.

ACT ANNUAL REPORT Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

ACT 2014 Illustration, art direction, information design

The 2014 annual report celebrates the financial and community engagement achievements of the 13/14 fiscal year and represents ACT’s vision and brand strongly, taking complicated information and visually displaying it in an easily understood manner to make sure that the content was accessible for both internal and external stakeholders.

WOMEN AND HIV/AIDS INITIATIVE Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

Ministry of Health and Long-term Care 2013 Identity design, UI/UX

Identity, stationary, mobile, web and presentation collateral created for program workers to use in the provision of programs and services related to initiatives throughout Ontario. During conversations with network representatives there were a number of references of how the logo should reflect the initiative as a network that addresses the intersectionality of issues that affect women living with and affected by HIV. A number of brand icons were considered but ultimately the logo became a wordmark (with intersecting letters) with a suite of brand colours and accompanying typeface to be used on all promotional collateral.

ACT STRATEGIC PLAN Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

ACT 2016 Editorial design, illustration

The design approach for ACT’s 2016/2020 Strategic Plan features colourful prisms which represent the diversity of the communities ACT serves and also how reflections (of history, stories, and information) that contributed to the articulated goals of the plan to create a dynamic landscape of HIV services in Toronto in 2016, with an eye to the future.

CONNECT WITH CATIE Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

CATIE 2016 Motion graphics

Motion graphic/promotional video created to promote the four key benefits CATIE delivers to the frontline service community: indicate the fact that CATIE shows leadership in providing up-to-date information about HIV and hepatitis C, encourage the reader to visit the website and employ a ‘call to action’ that encourages readers to start or enhance their connection with CATIE (subscribing to publications, using inquiry service, becoming CATIE members, etc.).

TFS HANDBOOK Client :: Year :: Skill(s) ::

Toronto Film School 2018 Editorial design

Content and layout created for Portfolio Development resource for graphic design students.


Kyle Greenwood :: Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio

Kyle Greenwood :: Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio