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The team

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executive summary Over 1,000 first-year students move at the end of every August to Elon University. Over 50% of these students come from the north, mid-west, or west to experience a different part of the country; to assimilate and embrace North Carolina’s rich culture. Then there are the students who have been at Elon for a couple years, grew up in the south, and do not want their North Carolina culture to be drowned in a northern school/atmosphere. They are nostalgic and on a college budget, and want nothing more than Grandma Sally’s comfort food on their dinner table. And the busy soccer moms, cannot forget about them and their hungry children. After a long day of work, carpooling from band practice to the fields, all she wants is a hassle-free meal that her children will love. She wants to break the monotony of typical delivery options and support a local business that gives back to the community. What are they to do? Tickle-My-Ribs should capitalize on this new business opportunity. It has the potential to reach existing and new customers by implementing a delivery service. Through strategic planning and creative advertising, Jaguar Solutions will increase brand awareness of the only Southern Meal on Wheels

Situation Analysis Tickle-My-Ribs is year-old Carolina BBQ restaurant located in West Burlington, North Carolina. The restaurant provides a modern fast-casual dining experience, while staying true to the traditional tastes of Carolina BBQ. This differentiates the establishment from any other in the area. In order to expand its business and capitalize on the establishment’s modern feel, Tickle-My-Ribs is considering implementing a delivery service. This opportunity allows the restaurant to reach new customers and differentiate itself in the BBQ marketplace.

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The big picture General delivery

“youth� ages 14-18

elon students moms, office workers, etc.

high schoolers ages 16-18

After considering the potential target markets for delivery service, the youth in Alamance County (ages 14-18) does not seem to be an audience that would give the restaurant the biggest bang for their buck. The demographic is more inclined to get out of the house, and drive to a local restaurant and meet their friends for dinner (now that they have their license!). Therefore, the campaign does not focus on this group. We have considered the families who already dine at Tickle-My-Ribs, and who may find delivery appealing. This target audience may include the high school students mentioned above.

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why research Through primary and secondary research, the team aimed to find food service trends, demographic insight and other key information that would drive the campaign. Through qualitative and quantitative information, key insights would be found to contribute to implementing a new delivery service to increase the restaurants profits. Another major component of the research conducted was to determine who would order delivery from Tickle-My-Ribs, and why they would choose BBQ cuisine over other more traditional delivery options, such as Italian or Chinese Food. Thus, the campaign will focus on the most profitable target audience.

research objectives • Determine target audience(s) for Tickle-My-Ribs’ delivery service. • Discover the factors involved in choosing to order delivery. • Gauge the benefits and opportunities of delivering BBQ from the client’s perspective. • Uncover the channels the target segment uses to discover delivery services. • Gain insight into the Carolina BBQ and delivery marketplaces within Alamance County.

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secondary research CONSUMER

A study conducted by Compete showed that fifty-two percent of college students, in comparison to other demographics, order take-out or food through a delivery service at least once a week. This segment orders through smart phone applications or the company’s website where its easy to view the full menu, customize orders, and see current deals and promotions. These tech-savvy consumers will stray away from ordering pizza and Chinese food as long as deals are enticing and service is timely. A secondary segment emerges that includes families, specifically mother’s who are beginning to order delivery more often. This audience listens to other mom’s through mommy blogs and word-of-mouth. They are more likely to listen to the advice of other mom’s over doctors and nutritionists. 33% of mom’s are looking to make fewer trips to the grocery store meaning delivery service can be a viable option for this target group. Additionally, they seek to support local brands and restaurants that are contributing to the community.


Carolina BBQ: Tickle-My-Ribs is broadly defined as a fast-casual restaurant in Burlington, and more specifically defined as a restaurant that serves Carolina BBQ. Tickle-My-Ribs conforms to the traditional tastes and flavors of Carolina BBQ yet veers away from the classic restaurant atmosphere. Delivery: A delivery service refers to when a restaurant establishment brings food directly to the customer. The service usually is contained to a certain radius around the restaurant and has a minimum delivery fee and driver fee.

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secondary research COMPETITION

Tickle-My-Ribs has two types of competitors: tangible and intangible. In regards to the tangible competitors, other restaurants, ranging from BBQ to Italian restaurants can be seen as significant adversaries. Specifically, restaurants, like Hursey’s Bar-B-Q and Stokely’s, have positive reputations for both taste and service that Tickle My Ribs is competing with. Both of these establishments use a traditional pit for cooking, giving their food a smoky taste. Other competitors include restaurants with delivery services. As a result, Tickle-My-Ribs is generally competing with larger chain restaurants that mainly deliver pizza/Italian style food, Chinese food, or classic American wings and fries cuisines. The second type of competitors are the intangibles. These competitors include individuals that are unaware of Tickle-My-Ribs and those who choose not to eat meat (such as vegetarians or vegans). Finding a way to reach out to those who are unaware of the restaurant can increase the number of customers and having food alternatives for those who do not eat meat can give Tickle-My-Ribs leverage to attract more customers.


Tickle-My-Ribs is branded as a restaurant that is adopting a new, modern method of BBQ. The restaurant enters a growing market in the fast-casual restaurants. According to the Huffington Post, a new study showed from Nation’s Restaurant Reports (2013) “85 percent of consumers surveyed said they eat at fast-casual restaurants at least once a month, and 82 percent reported visiting a traditional casual-dining brand once a month.”

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On Saturday, February 22 around dinnertime, the team ate at Tickle-My-Ribs and spoke with the client, Mark Gibbons, and discovered the following: • Customer demographics • Restaurant atmosphere and style • Menu, service quality, cleanliness, location, etc.


Using SurveyMonkey to create a survey taht was distributed via social media platforms, we were able to reach 98 Elon students. Our specific objectives for the survey were to discover: • A narrowed in target audience, within the Elon population • Demographics, psychographics, values, upbringing, etc. of this audience • Delivery and food eating habits of audience


Through interviewing young professionals in Burlington, NC (age 20-25) and Elon students, we discovered: • Perceptions of southern food and Carolina BBQ • Perceptions of people who eat Carolina BBQ • Tickle-My-Ribs brand awareness


GENDER DEMOGRAPHICS (98 Respondents) 65% Women, 35% Men WHAT DO RESPONDENTS LOOK FOR IN GOOD DELIVERY SERVICE? 1. Fast/quick service 2. Low minimum delivery fee 3. Online Ordering

HOW OFTEN DO RESPONDENTS ORDER DELIVERY? 75% order delivery 1-3 times per week WHEN DO RESPONDENTS WANT DELIVERY? 25% Dinner on Weekdays 30% Dinner on Weekends 45% Late-Night on Weekends


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58% of respondents would order delivery BBQ from Tickle-My-Ribs at least once.

SO WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? 1. Underclassmen females, not from the south who want to conform to anything southern. 2. Upperclassmen (typically males), who grew up eating BBQ.


WORD ASSOCIATION GAME Southern food is “homey, greasy, comfort food, delicious” Southern food includes “fried chicken, hush puppies, green beans, biscuits and gravy” BBQ is “sauce, messy, what you put on chicken” (Northern Respondents) BBQ is “juicy, method of preparing meat, tasty” (Southern Respondents) People who eat BBQ are “southern foodies, not vegetarians, not afraid to get messy” Reasons for ordering food delivery: “hosting a day-drink or cookout, affordable, fast service” I would order delivery BBQ if “there were many side options, cheap, delicious sauces, lazy, fast”

key insights Three Target Audiences

1. Underclassmen females from out of state 2. Upperclassmen from the South 3. Busy parents with children to feed


The majority of these target audiences order delivery during dinnertime on weekends. Late Night delivery on weekends would appeal to the college students, however this is not realistic or feasible for a new delivery service.

People Would Order North Carolina BBQ Delivery because...

• Convenient (no car and fast service) • Cheap • Provides customers with southern flavors of traditional BBQ • Plunge into NC culture • Untraditional delivery cuisine choice • Quality meal (bang for your buck) • Great leftover option Page 11

target audience narratives

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three target audiences Underclassmen females

Not from the south Want to conform to anything southern No car Values hanging out with friends and learning about the community

Upperclassmen males (primarily)

From the south (or grew up eating BBQ) May have a car, but lazy Values convenience, low cost, a good meal

Moms with children

From Burlington, Elon or Gibsonville Busy life juggling work and children Values providing a good meal for family on a low budget and fast




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He’s 22 year old marketing major suffering from extreme senioritis. John plays club baseball at Elon and enjoys a late dinner after a long day on the field. A native of Charlotte, he grew up eating BBQ at Sauceman’s, and is never opposed to eating a plate of BBQ beef brisket with a side of hush puppies and sweet tea. JOHN’S PERSONAL MEDIA NETWORK Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram WSML 104.5FM- Sports Radio Station in the Triad Area Pandora Online Radio The Pendulum ESPN Spotify Urban Spoon/ Yelp

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She’s an 18-year old first-year student from Buffalo, New York. Sara is majoring in Anthropology, and came to Elon for North Carolina’s warm weather and the beautiful campus. Although you may dismiss her as a Yankee, she embraces Southern culture and wants to experience all it has to offer. Carless, on a tight budget and sick of Elon dining halls, Tickle-My-Ribs BBQ chopped chicken sandwich with a side of corn on the cob and Dr. Pepper is the perfect dinner for Sara and her friends. SARA’S PERSONAL MEDIA NETWORK Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest WTQR 104.1 FM- Country Music Radio Pandora Online Radio The Pendulum Urban Spoon/ Yelp

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She’s a 36-year-old mother of two children. She has an 11-year-old son Sean Jr., and a five-year old daughter Grace. Robin teaches at Elon Day School, but lives in West Burlington with her husband and kids. She is the coach of her daughters T-Ball team, and is constantly carpooling her son and his friends to their soccer practice at Joe C Davis Park. Both she and her husband Sean Sr. grew up outside of Charlotte and attended North Carolina State University. They found themselves in Burlington through job opportunities and the welcoming community. They enjoy supporting local businesses and causes. Robin is a good mother and friend in the community, but sometimes finds herself without enough time to cook dinner for her family. On a tight budget and limited time, Tickle-My-Ribs delivery is a very appealing option to serve to her family. Robin’s Personal Media Network: Social Media- Facebook, Mommy Blogs, TWC Fox 14 News Burlington Times News Urban Spoon/ Yelp

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the strategy

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brand positioning statement Tickle-My-Ribs is the one and only BBQ restaurant in Burlington, NC to provide the classic Carolina BBQ experience directly to young adults’ doors who crave a delicious home cooked dinner without having to empty their wallets and feeling as if their southern grandmother cooked it herself in the kitchen.

Communications objectives Tickle-My-Ribs is the one and only BBQ restaurant in Burlington, NC to provide the classic Carolina BBQ experience directly to young adults’ doors who crave a delicious home cooked dinner without having to empty their wallets and feeling as if their southern grandmother cooked it herself in the kitchen. Tickle-My-Ribs delivery is a fast, convenient, and cheap dinner option when you are sick of Dominos, have no groceries left in the fridge, or simply don’t feel like cooking up a meal. And for those who don’t have a car, it’s your only Southern food delivery option. Tickle-My-Ribs provides customers with the southern flavors of traditional BBQ. For the southerners, it provokes nostalgic aromas of their grandparents’ house. For the northerners, eating Tickle-My-Ribs allows them to plunge into North Carolina culture. Tickle-My-Ribs is the only Southern Meal on Wheels serving Alamance County.

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Messaging Hierarchy Tickle-My-Ribs delivery is a fast, convenient, and cheap dinner option when you are sick of Dominos, have no groceries left in the fridge, or simply don’t feel like cooking up a meal. And for those who don’t have a car, it’s your only Southern food delivery option. Tickle-My-Ribs provides customers with the southern flavors of traditional BBQ. For the southerners, it provokes nostalgic aromas of their grandparents’ house. For the northerners, eating Tickle-My-Ribs allows them to plunge into North Carolina culture. Tickle-My-Ribs is the only Southern Meal on Wheels serving Alamance County.

our tone When speaking to all three of our demographic groups - Elon first-year northern females, Elon upperclassmen southerners, and the moms of Alamance County - we want to have a fresh, conversational voice that parallels Tickle-My-Ribs’ current tone.

single most important idea Through implementing a Tickle-My-Ribs delivery service, the company has the opportunity to increase sales and entice new customers by positioning itself as the only Southern Meal on Wheels. Page 19

brand manifesto Tickle-My-Ribs cares; about pork, beef, dry rubs, and sauces, but most importantly, about its customers. We cherish and value our community. Tickle-My-Ribs supports the community, and in turn our community supports us. From Hometown Heroes to youth sports, we are present, but we do not want to stop there. When Grandma Sally retires, we want to celebrate with her. When John graduates from high school, we want to sign his yearbook. At Tickle-My-Ribs, we want to be present at all life’s important events. We aim to deliver a bite of joy into all of life’s important moments no matter how big or small.

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the campaign

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Strategy and tactics CONCEPT 1

Northern girls conforming to the southern lifestyle. Welcome, now get Southern. You won’t get this after your graduate; you only have four years to integrate.


Target first-years and promote Tickle-My-Ribs as Burlington’s upcoming BBQ restaurant and delivery service.


Place Tickle-My-Ribs menus around first-year dorms during the first few weeks of the fall semester.


Add Tickle-My-Ribs delivery into the Elon fliers, agenda, and online page with delivery service information.


Promote the restaurant’s services among firstyears during Elon 101 through free koozies, stickers and a discount coupon.


Host the first annual “Welcome, now get Southern” event. Have a tent with free sweet-tea and a quick bite of Tickle-My-Ribs menu items during move-in day at a location on campus where parents will be shuffling their first-year’s items into dorms. Position the tent as an easy and quick location for parents and families to satisfy their hunger and grab their attention as Alamance County’s upcoming and best southern food option.


Nominate your Northerner to be Southern. This campaign will allow friends to nominate their most northern friend, and make them conform to the south. The biggest northerner will be selected, randomly delivered Tickle-My-Ribs free delivery and their reaction will be recorded. There will be a new Tickle-My-Ribs “Southerner” each semester.

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Bring grandma Mary-Jo’s BBQ straight to your door without breaking the bank. Target upperclassmen southerners to order Tickle-My-Ribs delivery because it is convenient, cheap and not pizza.


Create a presence at Elon sport games (specifically football, basketball and baseball) through sponsorship packages. TACTIC 1: Basketball Games • Sponsorship banner on scorer’s table. • Run advertisement on the scoreboard. • If the team hits 10 three-pointers, everybody in the crowd gets a free side dish. • In game PA announcements (advertisement reads) • Run commercial that features grandma Mary-Jo as the delivery woman.

TACTIC 2: Baseball Games • Sponsorship banner on outfield wall • Run an advertisement on the scoreboard • Free samples for a pulledpork sandwich, first come first serve

TACTIC 3: Football Games • Sponsorship banner on walls of stadium • Advertisement in the gameday program • Tickle-My-Ribs sponsored dance cam • Kids coloring book featuring Tickle-My-Ribs piglets and logos


Use social media as a channel to promote Tickle-My-Ribs delivery service. TACTIC 1 • Instagram Photo challenge: #TMRdelivery with a picture of your food to enter to win a free delivery dinner up to $15.

TACTIC 2 • Facebook Sharing: Share articles related to BBQ or delivery, or anything fun that represents the TickleMy-Ribs brand for friends to read.

TACTIC 3 • Twitter Hashtag Challenge: #TMRdelivery with a brief message about how your food delivery experience or food was.

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Use Elon University on-campus resources to promote Tickle-My-Ribs delivery service. TACTIC 1 • Print and online advertisement in the Pendulum, promoting the delivery service.

TACTIC 2 • Put menus and discount coupons in student mailboxes.

TACTIC 3 • Consider accepting Phoenix Cash as a payment option.


BBQ on the table with no effort. Cheap BBQ for the whole family.


Use local media to inform parents about Tickle-My-Ribs delivery.

TACTIC 1 • Radio spot on WSML 104.5 FM, Sports Radio Station.

TACTIC 2 • Radio spot on WTQR 104.1 FM, Country Music Station

TACTIC 3 • Print advertisement in Burlington Times News


Use community events and mommy blogs to promote Tickle-My-Ribs delivery.

TACTIC 1 • Sponsorship banners at local high school games

TACTIC 2 • Entice authors of mommy blogs to write about TickleMy-Ribs community focused culture and its new delivery service.

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Loyal Piglets. You tickle our ribs and we’ll tickle yours back.


Create a loyal audience of Tickle-My-Ribs delivery. TACTIC 1 Implement a loyalty program with customer rewards using a business card. • Get a punch for every purchase the client makes. Every fifth purchase, the customer will get a free side. • Every third time you order delivery, customers get 10% off their order. • Flash sales: Strategically place their menu items on sale, depending on time of year, day part and menu item. TACTIC 2 Update website by creating a new tab for online delivery • Make ordering delivery easy and convenient for customers • An interactive experience: Track your order along the way. Model this off Domino’s web site.

TACTIC 3 Create a mobile app for loyalty program customers and online delivery. • This will be a central hub for Tickle-My-Ribs customers, and would include everything with in Tactic 1 and 2 above. • The app will be interactive, easy to read and navigate, and align with the Tickle-My-Ribs brand colors and themes. TACTIC 4 Punch the Pig! Create a mobile app game for delivery customers to play and rack up points while waiting for their food to be delivered. • There will be an option to play after ordering online or through the app. • The app will expire when food arrives. The game can continue through multiple delivery purchases. Once they reach a certain number of points, they will receive 50% off their next delivery. 1183 University Drive, Suite 101 Burlington, NC 27215 336.506.6897


Receive a punch for every purchase over $5 at Tickle-My-Ribs. On your fifth punch, you will receive a free side dish. On your tenth punch, you will receive $10 off your next Tickle-My-Ribs delivery!


Package Tickle-My-Ribs delivery boxes and vehicle in a way that satisfies the consumer and promotes the service. TACTIC 1 TACTIC 2 Have consistent packaging between delivery Decorate the vehicle used for delivery with the Tickle-My-Ribs logo, phone number, and a and bulk: piglet sign on the top.

• Use a paper bag with the Tickle-My-Ribs logo to carry the food • Include a menu and sticker, plastic utensils and napkins • Re-heatable containers for left-overs

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tactics explained

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WELCOME, NOW GET SOUTHERN. Date and Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm; August 22, 2014 Location: Young Commons, Speakers Corner The Idea:

On orientation day, students and their families run all around campus moving their freshman into dorms. It’s a long day, and students and families find themselves hungry and thirsty. For this event, Tickle-My-Ribs will set up a tent in front of Moseley and give out free food and drink samples. This will advertise and promote Tickle-My-Ribs as Alamance County’s southern food, and southern food delivery, of choice. Permission from Elon: Reserve through SPACES two months in advance.;jsessionid=F03758966 865D1CAA10ADBF41C11240F Need permission from ARAMARK, may be some small cost.

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Elon is known as a “northern” university in the heart of the south. 41 percent of the class of 2015 are from northern states, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. Most of these northerners coming down to North Carolina are doing so to experience a different part of the country and be southern for four years. The point of this campaign is to not only build Tickle-My-Ribs awareness to the Elon community, but also to bridge the gap between the university and Alamance County community. The Alamance County community may find it funny and entertaining to see a Northerner try to be southern! The northerner must not know they have been nominated. The friends that nominated them has to convince Tickle-My-Ribs that this is the most northern, out of place student at Elon. How they choose to convince Tickle-My-Ribs is up to them, but ideas range from recording their northern accents to taking pictures of the clothes they wear. When the ultimate northerner who needs to be a southerner has been selected, Tickle-My-Ribs will tell the friends who nominated them. At a mutually convenient time, free delivery food will be brought to the winner’s dorm, along with a camera to record their reaction. Friends are encouraged to come, and not only will the whole gang get free BBQ but also Tickle-My-Ribs goodies (koozies, stickers, coupons, etc.). The video of the northerner’s reaction will be placed on social media and the restaurant website (obviously with permission). This campaign can be done every semester.

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Tired of ordering pizza and Chinese food every time a big crowd is coming over or you’re simply too tired to cook? Well Burlington’s own Tickle-My-Ribs BBQ Restaurant can bring the delicious taste of grandma’s cooking straight to your doorstep. Whether you’ve grown up loving BBQ or simply crave something new—you will be sure to find something you will love in our extensive menu. For more information visit us at or download the Tickle-My-Ribs smartphone application. Remember, grandma’s home style cooking is only a call or click away.



While delivery customers are waiting for their order to be brought to their front door, they have the chance to play a free game on their mobile device. The app, called Punch the Pig, will be offered to customers after they place their order online on the website. With their order summary, a code will be given to them to enter once they download the app. When ordering through the online app, at the order summary they will be asked if they want to play the game. The point is for customers to rack up points that can be used towards their next delivery purchase. If people create an account with TickleMy-Ribs online delivery, then their points from the game will be saved and carried on to their next delivery purchase. The game is timed out upon the driver delivering the food.

The Target Audience:

The game will be appropriate for customers 10 and older, as we think this app will be more appealing Page 29

to families with children ordering delivery.

The Game:

Pigs will be running on a pasture at different paces, back and forth on the screen. The player will move the mobile device left and right, forward (or down) to go straight and tap the screen to jump in order to chase the pig and punch it. (The concept of moving the mobile device is similar to race car games.) Some pigs will be running faster than others, so punching them will reward different points, ranging from 5 - 25. The maximum number of points customers can get during one delivery time is 200. Once the customer hits 400 (so at least two deliveries), they get 50% off their next delivery purchase. At that point, the game times out and they can start over on their next delivery.

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defining success and budget

Page 31

media budget

Page 32


Page 33

return on investment plan Tickle-My-Ribs’ competitive advantage is the delivery service. The plan is to have a 5% market share of all delivery services among the Elon and Burlington community. This number is a low start, as the service will be brand-new and a step-by-step implementation.

tracking and metrics 1. Google Analytics - Measure the number of hits the Tickle-My-Ribs website gets, and the demographics of who is visiting the site. 2. Social Media - Count the increase in number of followers, friends, mentions, etc. Use Twitter Analytics and Facebook Analytics to gather demographic information. 3. Coupons + Discounts - Count how many Tickle-My-Ribs coupons and discounts were given out versus the amount customers actually use. During each event that hands out a coupon or discount, each will be either a different color or offer a certain discount. This will allow for the restaurant to track which events were successful and which promotions customers enjoy the most. 4. Point of Purchase - Have employees ask how they heard of Tickle-My-Ribs. Try to find out if the radio or billboard advertisements had an effect. 5. Radio - Consistently track how many people tune into the radio stations within our demo- graphic to gage effectiveness. 6. “Nominate Your Northerner” – If there are five nominees during the first semester event and ten for the second, it will be considered successful. 7. #HowDoYouTMR – If more classes want to get involved in this campaign, and the videos are shared on social media platforms and each get over 100 impressions, that would be successful. 8. Punch The Pig + Loyalty Program – A 10% increase per month of customers who download each of these mobile apps would be successful.

loyalty program metrics Consumer Retention Rate - A successful loyalty program will increase the numbers of consumers. As the number of loyalty program members grows, customers should increase. • By running an A/B test against members of the loyalty program, against non-members, we can determine how effective the loyalty program is.

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Tickle My Ribs Strategic Campaign  
Tickle My Ribs Strategic Campaign  

Strategic Campaign planning a delivery service for Tickle My Ribs (Burlington, NC BBQ restaurant).