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By Kylee Turnbaugh

A​ ​is for ArrowHead Stadium 

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The Kansas City Chiefs stadium is known as one of the loudest stadiums  in the NFL.       

B​ ​is for Bank of America Stadium 

Image taken from Carolina Panthers 

The field of Bank of America Stadium was designed to fit a  regular-size soccer field. 

C​ ​is for CenturyLink Field   Images taken from CenturyLink Field 

Seattle's stadium CenturyLink Field has an Enter Center. One thing that  is unique about the Enter Center is  that it is huge and is often converted  into into an intimate music theater  to host a wide array of musical acts  from Paul Simon to Snoop Dogg.   

D ​is Davis Wade Stadium

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Davis Wade Stadium has the largest screen out of all the other college  teams in college football. 


E ​is for EverBank Field  

Image taken from TickPick Blog 

EverBank Field became the proud home of the world's largest  in-stadium video boards in 2014.   


F ​is for Ford Field

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The Detroit Lions stadium is one of NFL's unique fields. One of the  unique features of Ford Field is the  south wall is from 1920s Hudson  Warehouse.   

G ​is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium  

Image taken from Fine Art America  

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has been called the ¨Swamp¨ ever since coach  Steve Spurrier in the 90s noted that  "A swamp is where gators live. We  feel comfortable there, but we hope  our opponents feel tentative. A  swamp is hot and sticky and can be  dangerous."   

H​ ​is for Heinz Field

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Heinz Field is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers that have played  eight super bowls and won 6 of  them. Not only did they win 6 super  bowls, but they won the most super  bowls.   

I ​is for Independence Stadium

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Home of the most celebrated bowl game in Northern Louisiana, The  Independence Bowl. Televisions  have been put around concession  areas so you don´t miss a action  packed moment. 

J ​is for Jordan-Hare Stadium

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Pat Dye, who served as head coach and athletics director at Auburn  from 1981-92 and then he was  introduced into the College Football  Hall of Fame in December 2005.  Also he led Auburn to a 99-39-4  record and four SEC Championships  in his 12 seasons on the Plains.   

K ​is for Kyle Field

Image taken from ​Texas Aggie Football 

Kyle Field was named after Edwin Jackson Kyle, who served as Texas  A&M´s dean of agriculture and  athletic council president. He  donated a 400 x 400-foot area of the  southern edge of campus that was  assigned to him for horticultural  experiments.  

L​ ​is for Lambeau Field  

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Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay  Packers have won more  championships than any other in  National Football League history.  They have won 13 championships. 

M​ ​is for Mercedes Benz Stadium

Image from Stadium Journey 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts a lot of sports games. Not only does the  stadium host ATL UTD, but also  fellow AMB Sports &  Entertainment organization and the  National Football League´s Atlanta  Falcons.   

N ​is for Nissan Stadium

Image taken from nissannews. 

An interesting fact about Nissan Stadium is that it had three other  names before they decided to name  the stadium Nissan Stadium. The  three names were Adelphia Coliseum  until 2002 the Coliseum until 2006,  LP Field through the 2014 season.   

O​ ​is for Oakland Coliseum

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Something that is very unique about Oakland Coliseum is the shape of the  field is a baseball field. It was more  built for baseball than football, but  just because it was meant more for  baseball it did not stop the Oakland  Raiders from playing football on  that baseball field at the stadium.  

P ​is for Paul Brown Stadium

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The best part about Paul Brown Stadium is that the fans attending  the game or games at Paul Brown  Stadium can see beautiful views of  the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio  River. 

Q ​is for Quicken Loans Arena

Image taken from FanRag Sports 

To fill the Quicken Loans Arena it would take more than 53 million  basketballs. That is a lot of  basketballs to fill the whole Arena. 

R​ ​is for Raymond James Stadium 

Image taken from Stadiums of Pro Football  

Raymond James Stadium is the only stadium in the country that you will  find a replica of a pirate ship! 

S ​is StubHub Center

Image taken from FOX Sports    

StubHub is home to the the United States Tennis Association’s (USTA)  High-Performance Training Center,  the national team training  headquarters for the U.S. Soccer  Federation (USSF). 

T ​is Tiger Stadium

Image from The Advocate 

Tiger Stadium becomes the fifth largest city in the state of Louisiana  seven days a year over 100,000 fans  pack the stadium to watch the Tigers  play. 

U ​is for University of Phoenix 

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The University of Phoenix is home to the annual Fiesta Bowl and the  stadium was named 'Event Site of  the Year' by Event Solutions  Magazine in 2007. 

V ​is for Veterans Stadium

Image taken from Ballparks of Baseball 

The Philly´s stadium Veterans Stadium hosted the every year  Army-Navy game seventeen times. 

W ​is for War Memorial Stadium 

Image taken from ​ 

The stadium is over 60 years old but it continues to grow and stay part of  Central Arkansas. 

X​ ​is for Xcel Energy Center

Image taken from Xcel Energy Center   

As one of the finest arenas in the world, Xcel Arena Center is a special  place, multi-purpose sports and  entertainment facility located in  downtown Saint Paul, is home to  more than 150 sporting and  entertainment events and about 1.7  million visitors each year.   

Y ​is for Yankee Stadium  

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They remodeled the new Yankee Stadium to look like the original  Yankee Stadium in 1970s.  

Z ​is for Zephyr Stadium  

Image taken from Gametime 

Zephyr Stadium is the older stadium of what is known of the stadium is  called is Shrine On Airline.    


Summary   My book is about America's  stadiums that are found only  in the United States. In this  book you will see football  stadiums from professional  football like the NFL and  college football. Also you will  see some baseball stadiums.  You will see stadiums in all 

different sizes, shapes and colors.  

Kylee turnbaugh unit 2 lesson 7 american places (6)  

Summary My book is about America's stadiums that are found only in the United States. In this book you will see football stadiums from pro...

Kylee turnbaugh unit 2 lesson 7 american places (6)  

Summary My book is about America's stadiums that are found only in the United States. In this book you will see football stadiums from pro...