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Night Bites Dark Poems

Assorted poems written by Kae Grove

Call of the night Do you hear the call of the night? Can you find a way? Does the appeal of the moon entice To turn from the light of day

To leave what you love behind Can you say farewell To follow me love blind Knowing your life I will dispel

I will hold you close to my breast I will soothe your fear My love, my heart my conquest Making your path clear

Come the gentle twilight We will rise together Where the night awaits filled with delight Our hearts and minds bonded forever

Listen to the call of the night Step out of the light with me Let the power of the moon excite Our love eternal was meant to be

Whisper my name I shiver inside As your eyes stake your claim

There’s nowhere to hide

Just one touch My skin burns Oh god this is too much As my whole soul yearns

Pressed against you Lust finally ignites This can’t be real or true As into my skin you bite

My head spins As you enthrall Drawing me deeper into your sins As together we fall

Heart pounding faster Lost in bliss Never before feeling safer I drown in your never-ending kiss

Out of control I give all My heart, my body, my soul Completely in your thrall

Nightmare made dream Stars slowly fade In your arms i shudder and scream A vampire freshly made

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Night Bites  
Night Bites  

Collection of dark poetry