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Windows 8 What’s different?

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Best Mobiles of 2012


must have apps and accesorries


best mobiles of 2012


Windows 8. Whats different?

must have apps and accessories So lets kick it off with the best games for your smartphone. whether your sitting on the tube or having a sneaky shot under the desk everyone loves a good game.

Angry Birds Star Wars The Angry Bird strikes back, with their latest edition of the mobile game. Just along side the billion dollar deal to seal Star Wars under Disney. Rovio Entertainment has created Angry Birds Star Wars. The game keeps its usual user friendly drag and fire technique, but on a galaxy far far away. The “Bad Piggies” are dressed as the villains and the “Angry Birds” as the jedis. A definite must have app which wont cost you a penny on android and only £1.49.


Rayman - Jungle Run

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile

No arms. No legs. No buttons. Rayman has brought his 2d wonderful world to our touchscreen smartphones. With 40 levels of exactly what brought the love to Rayman. For only £1.99 its a game that should grab anyones attention. Ubisoft of certainly hit there goal to put Rayman on all platforms by the looks of it.

If you love a good arcade fighting game look no further. Street Fighter and Tekken have joined forces to create a mobiel version of the game. Capcom have stressed the fact that this version has been created specifically for your touchscreen device with new controls and special levels just for your phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy SIII has even outsold the Iphone 4s since its arrival with over 30 million handsets being sweeped off the shelves. The phone has been put forward as Samsungs main flagship phone this year and so far it has not dissapointed. The phone comes in an array of colours. White, blue, amber brown, garnet red and titanium silver.

For Android lovers, it’s hard to fault the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is without a doubt one of the best smartphones around with exceptional features and innovations. But, be warned, it’s going to be too big for some hands thus the arrival of the Galaxy s3 mini. The S3 is a mighty big phone that’s powerful, feature-packed and exceptionally desirable.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the best smartphone for taking pictures in low light. It features one of the best smartphone experiences when it comes to the core software. Rooms, Maps, People Hub, Kids Corner, and customisable Lock Screens all make this a cracking phone. The 920 also has one of the best displays in the industry. Images are vivid and you can use it with your gloves on. But on the downside its a very very heavy phone, this does decrease the chance of damage but

also increases the chance of a staved wrist. Also the Windows marketplace is still a long way away from that of Android and IOS. There is definitely no denying that Windows has improved though, with more capabilities and a smoother UI. Its just a case if windows is for you which to pick. The Nokia Lumia 920. (Amazing camera and vast apps) or the HTC 8X (feels good in the hand and is much lighter). So is it spec or feel your after in your Windows.

Best mobil


So, what to make of this latest upgrade. There’s no denying that the iPhone 5 is a lovely thing, and the best iPhone to date. It could well be Apple’s best-selling unit ever.

a Samsung, Android, Windows, Nokia, Sony or HTC fan saying “my phone already does that.” Giving the fact that 4s users can also upgrade to IOS6 it leaves alot to be answered by Apple. But a lot has changed in a But on the other hand the year, and the current crop titanium back, the largof Android hybrids and er screen and the gorilla the beginning of windows glass are all a step in the 8 have closed the gap. right direction. For nearly every “new” feature announced at the keynote, there was

les of 2012

When you get the Note 2 long time. It manages to out of its box, your first invalidate the tablet to reaction will be to its enor- some extent, because it’s mous size. Some will find big enough to be a powit absurd, but those who erful media device, but want a big screen with small enough to carry loads of beautiful detail, everywhere. a much better battery and some cool pen features It isn’t a phone for everywill “get” it within 10 min-one, but those who love utes of holding it for the gadgets will take to it, and first time. it will change their lives. The Note is a device that shouldn’t work. A device that the Koreans dreamt up after too little sleep, and too many energy drinks. But somehow, it’s the most captivating phone we’ve used for a


Windows 8. Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience on mobile devices such as tablets to rival other mobile operating systems (such as Android optimized for touchscreen and iOS) taking advan- environments and have tage of new or emerging smaller scope in relation technologies, new security to desktop applications. features, along with other Apps can run either in a changes and performance full-screen mode, or be improvements. docked directly to the Windows 8 introduces side of a screen. They can a new style of applicaprovide notifications and tion, Windows Store apps; a “live tile” on the Start according to Microsoft screen for dynamic condeveloper Jensen Harris, tent. Apps can use “conthese apps are to be tracts” ; a collection of


hooks to provide common functionality that can integrate with other apps, such as search and sharing. Apps can also provide integration with other services; for example, the People app can connect to a of different social networks and services (such as Facebook), while the Photos app can aggregate photos from services such as Facebook and Flickr. Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s user interface, providing an easier and more fluent ride for the newbies and the windows fan boys.

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