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is a collaboration between Photographer, Kyle Diorio, and Producer and Live Act, Ron Schubert, pairing photos and videos spanning 5 years and over 10 countries, with a minimal and experimental electronica sound. T h e ph o to s , v i d e o s & mu s i c w i l l be showc ased in an e x h ibitio n s t y l e e ve nt a t l o c a ti ons in t he USA & E u ro p e. T he i m a ge s a re ta k e n f rom C h i n a, Turke y, Icelan d, Isra el, Italy, Fra n c e, G e r m a n y, S pa i n , Pa n a m a, Cos ta R i c a & USA, and reminds us o f th e i m p o r ta nce o f s i m p l i cit y and det ail , w hic h highl ight s t he f re e d om s a nd b e a u ti e s th a t we c an exp er ience du r ing o u r i m m e r s i on i n o u r cit ies and in nat u re.

A BO U T | 2

A l ive m u s i c s e t f rom S ch u be r t cre a t es at mosphere and int ro sp ect ion r at h e r th a n i m m e d i a te re co gni ti on , and hel p s br ing u s fu r t her int o th i s s u sp e nd e d s ta te o f a u dio and v isu al p l easu re.

Ron Schubert


Kyle Diorio

A RT I ST | 3


Spending much of the past decade in the studio, Ron Schubert is a musician and producer based in Barcelona and Washington DC. Under a dozen aliases, ‘Schubert’ has released music crossing genres and blurring experimental techniques and dance floor ready production. Over the past few years, Schubert has balanced the roles of a capable producer, live act, versatile artist and manager of Reverse Replay, which supports the catalogs of Black Swan Recordings and Aurora Music. In 2011, his debut on Sci+Tec, Cubist emerged and was played at nearly every festival by Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, and many other leading DJs eventually being used for one of the official Time Warp videos. Soon after, releases on Sci+Tec, Minus’s digital label Minus12, which was featured as a DJ Mag cover mount disc, and Black Swan have continued to reach an international audience. Drift, a concept beginning on January 1, 2012, embarked on a yearlong succession of single releases. With a belief in the spontaneous nature of creativity, each piece represented continuous artistic inspirations and movements during that period either

stylistically or composed just prior. Each week, music was presented for download creating a cohesive yet intricate 53-piece ‘album.’ As a live act, Schubert has performed as a headlining and supporting act with dates in Paris, Budapest, New York, Ibiza, Miami, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Toulouse. Alongside Dubfire, he has performed as a live act across Europe during Sci+Tec events. 2014 is set to be another productive year with more live dates and releases on Sci+Tec, as well as a collaboration weaving his anticipated LP with visual elements and gallery events.

A RT I ST | 4

Ron Schubert


Discography GORK EP Sci+Tec


Black Swan Recordings

DOPPLER SHIFT EP [Occam] Black Swan Recordings

LISTEN TO FIGURE EP [Occam] Black Swan Recordings

LE CERCLE [Schubert Remix] T im e War p O f fi c i al M o v i e Tra c k I D: Cubist [Schube r t ]

Es c a p e f rom Wonde r l a nd 2 0 1 3 Tra c k ID : Moo n D o g [S ch ube r t ]

Night Light Records


Live Set / Tracks

[Dj Mag Cover Mount]


[Dj Mag Cover Mount]



ASYMMETRY EP Black Swan Recordings


URKNALL PT. II Aurora Music


Aurora Music


I nt e r m is s i on s P r omo Live Se t

Tr ac e s I ( M ay F i re ) R ele ase V i d e o

A RT I ST | 5

Aurora Music

A coastal dweller from the northern regions of the Americas, now spending his days on the shores of Europe, calling Barcelona home. Kyle got his training and style over these last four years living and studying in both Italy and Spain, already establishing himself as a well respected Photographer, Videographer and Graphic Designer. A constant duality exists in his works between the ethereal and witty, often with a tone of melancholic optimism. His visual work is focused in the power of simplicity, with strict attention to composition and colour. Kyle has also traveled to over 20 countries, and the majority of his work is inspired from these cultures, sensations, and diverse environments that he explores in subjects such as Fashion, Underwater & Landscape Photography. His last year being the most monumental, having held a conference at the Apple Store in Barcelona, winning the first annual Barcelona 080 Fashion Week Photography Competition, and working with Djs such as Dubfire and Paul Van Dyk, and clients from Spain, Italy, France, Iceland & the USA.

His plans for 2014 include various photography exhibitions and documentary projects in Brazil, Panama & Spain. Clients Dubfire Armin Van Buuren Paul Van Dyk Christian Burns Sci+Tec Digital Audio Octopus Recordings United Colors of Benetton Ocean Beach Club Ibiza Anfibios Deportes Nauticos Ibiza Global Radio SOMETIME Music Barcelona 080 Fashion S Moda


A RT I ST | 6

Kyle Diorio


0 8 0 Ba rcelona Fa s hion 2013

Unit ed C olors of Benet t on 2012

D u bfire 2013

A RT I ST | 7


Video Showreel


A RT I ST | 8

ht t p s :/ / 8 2 5 5 1 6 9 1

Exhibition Photography Selected Photos from Kyle Diorio Tech Rider Equipment List & Materials Graphics/Guest Artist Event Artwork & Guest Artist

E XH I B I T I O N | 9

Videos Additional visuals


photos approx.

Barcelona - Berlin - Bocas del Toro - Florence - Ibiza - Istanbul - Jerusalem - Maratea - Rome - Ăžingvellir - Reykjavik - San Francisco - Santa Teresa - Shanghai - Yangshuo

1x1 3x2 50cm max

70cm max

Shot on a mix of digital and film. Canon 5D Mark III / Canon 550D / Holga 120 / TTV

All prints for sale.

E XH I B I T I O N | 10



E XH I B I T I O N | 11

China - Shanghai

E XH I B I T I O N | 12

China - Yangshuo

E XH I B I T I O N | 13

Turkey - Istanbul

E XH I B I T I O N | 14

Iceland Ăžin gvel lir

Iceland- Reyjkavik

E XH I B I T I O N | 15

Sigur R贸s / Iceland Airwaves 2012

E XH I B I T I O N | 16

Israel Jer usa l em

Italy - Maratea

E XH I B I T I O N | 17

Italy - Florence

USA - San Francisco

E XH I B I T I O N | 18

USA - Bodega Bay

E XH I B I T I O N | 19

France Alps

E XH I B I T I O N | 20

Germany Ber l i n

E XH I B I T I O N | 21

Spain Barcel ona

E XH I B I T I O N | 22

Spain Barcel ona

E XH I B I T I O N | 23

Spain I biz a

I biz a / Ar min Va n B uuren

E XH I B I T I O N | 24

Spain -

E XH I B I T I O N | 25

Spain - Barcelona

E XH I B I T I O N | 26

Costa Rica - Santa Teresa

E XH I B I T I O N | 27

Panama - Bocas Del Toro

E XH I B I T I O N | 28


tech rider

Two monitor speakers One subwoofer

E XH I B I T I O N | 29

Allen Heath 92 Mixer [preferred]

E XH I B I T I O N | 30


guest artist Artist Criteria

A guest artist will be chosen in each location whose works and personalities reflect the ethos of Intermissions. Marco Gasser, a swiss born graphic designer and grafitti artist for the location of Barcelona.

Marco Gasser / BARCELONA Live Grafitti in exhibition space.

Shannon Gentry / NEW YORK

Photography & Illustrations.

E XH I B I T I O N | 31

Shannon Gentry, a photographer and illustrator from New York for the show in Brooklyn.

videos / visuals


TURKEY Additional visuals and VJ option with footage from China, Turkey, Spain, Iceland, Germany & Panama. *depends on technical setup and equipment availability of each location.

CHINA......htt ps:// TURKEY....... htt ps:// SPAIN.......htt ps:// password...inter missions

E XH I B I T I O N | 32



gracias / thank you c o n t e n t s u b je c t t o c hange -24 Fe br u ar y 2014


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