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Name: Kyle Daugherty


Work Cited: B o b , P a r k e r . " W h a t s t o s e e i n t h e O c e a n . " a r t i c l e . I n P e r s o n . < h t t p : / / w w w . d e e p s e a w a t e r s . c o m/ w h a t - t o - s e e - i n m>. Article Summary: The ocean plays a big role in controlling the earth’s climate system. It absorbs about half of the earths heat. The heat then escapes from ocean through evaporation. The three earth mantles under the ocean can hold more heat than the atmosphere and the ocean together. The winds are also controlled by the oceans. The climates shift the wind. The climate in Australia is influenced by the Pacific ocean. The sea surface temperatures usually relate very closely to the temp outside in Australia. The oceans also create large circulating patterns that range from the north pole to the south pole. In regions near the equator, water in the gyres also moves vertically, bringing cooler water towards the surface. When warmer water moves south towards the Antarctic, it releases its heat into the atmosphere. Surface waters come very dense when its cold, which can turn this water into ice or glaciers. There are physical components of the ocean also. Engineers must have a knowledge of the potential force of waves in extreme conditions when they design coastal shipping facilities and oil drilling platforms. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current, the world's largest ocean current, can move around 150 times the volume of Sydney Harbour per second (500,000 megalitres) and even the much smaller Leeuwin Current transports five to ten 'Sydney Harbours' per second down the coastline of Western Australia. You can compare the ocean as a onion. It has many layers you have to peel back.

Article Reflection: I looked up this article on the internet and really just picked it randomly I didn’t really like it and it was painful to read. I fought through it though. I will probably never go to that cite again for other article. I just read it because I thought I should read a article I didn’t like. It was also not worded very easy, it was very confusing and im not going to remember it at all.


Tyler Storm is super gay and i hate him so much. Trevor is watching me type this.

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