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Representation of my Target Audience I have chosen to represent my target audience in a way that interests and appeals to them and in a way that encourages them to be natural and be themselves. This is presented throughout the three different pages of the magazine I have created. My target audience is 16-26 year olds, primarily males but I have made it gender friendly and so it would also appeal to women. My target audience would favourite the genre of ‘indie rock’ but would also listen to alternative rock. My front cover is a large representation of my target audience. It begins with the masthead. ‘AIR’ is an acronym of ‘Alternative Indie Rock’ because this is the genre of music and so it would straight away appeal to them because they know that the magazine is about their favourite genre of music and so they will want to purchase it to see what it is about. The main image on the front cover is of an attractive girl that both men and women will benefit from. Males will generally be attracted to this kind of female because she is dressed to fit the genre of music that they like. Also, women will be appealed by this image because they will admire her clothing and know that she plays music of the same genre as them. The cover lines on the front cover suggest the genre of music that my target audience will enjoy because I have used bands such as Arctic Monkeys which are of the indie rock genre, and I have mentioned contents that relate to the genre so that they will want to read and purchase the magazine. I have done this, assuming that they will be the type of people that don’t want to waste money because they need to be careful with it and also are the type of people to only read something if they like the look of it and know it will be suitable for them. I have not used gender-related material in my magazine because the target audience for my magazine are not stereotypical people, and so I wanted to ensure that my magazine didn’t use colours, fonts or content that are related to a particular gender. I think that overall I have used a very fair representation of my target audience and have not shown them in a negative way and have made sure that I have made them seem normal but different at the same time and not stereotypical.

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