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Spring Hieronymi Reading 02:

I believe pervasive games have risen in part to mobile devices but more from GPS and Internet accessibility. The communities on the internet, for example or , are largely responsible for connecting a sparse demographic of dedicated pervasive games and developers. Also, their presence on the web has inspired interest in others since many people are not familiar with this genre of games. Pervasive games often include many components that live outside a mobile device and since games are not contained to the device they feel less accessible to many players of casual games. They also often require energy, resources and preparation that does not fit into the routine of a busy adult life. 2D mobile devices have created a boom in this genre but I believe the climax will come once sixth sense devices are like the type described in this video “Pranav Mistry @ TEDs” become commonplace. Pervasive games try to combine Virtual words with Reality. Today's mobile devices are fleshing out a relational schematic of real and virtual space which is necessary to pervasive games; but will become more functional, and will be leveraged more effectively and efficiently, in next gen “Pervasive Devices”. I believe these devices are probably less the ten years around the development corner--Exciting!, but don't hold your breath.

Two Pervasive games not mentioned by Grant are: Yourself!Fitness and Torpedo Bay Yourself!Fitness is a pervasive “exergame” for xbox, playstation, and PC. Respondesign is the company that created this game. They partnered with Ubisoft to produce My Fitness Coach and Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy. These games, which fall in the same genre, sold over 2 million units world-wide. Exercise games will certainly emerge as one of the most common divisions of pervasive games as people and gamers become more health conscious and discover that “exergames” can fulfill both desires for health and gaming. More creative games not confined to workout routines will be sure to follow.

Torpedo Bay is another pervasive game that uses the area around you to avoid being destroyed by ocean warships. You must move around in your neighborhood to reload ammo and replenish health. Boost Mobile and Nextel have carried this game on their network. It utilizes GPS functionality and is published by Blister Entertainment. Articles on the web (such as ) state that was the first commercially GPS-enabled Java games in the U.S. It was released in 2005 for $5.99 for the first month and $2.99 for additional months. I believe this game would be fun when used in “urban exploration” but with the iPhone and other advanced device today, we should be able to do much better for a much lower cost.


Torpedo Bay is another pervasive game that uses the area around you to avoid being destroyed by ocean warships. You must move around in your...

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