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For more information Contact: Kyle Evoy-Bitterman Kyle Bitterman Foundation 864.276.6442

Kyle Bitterman Foundation Seeking Donations for AMA Pro Motocross Nationals Since 1999, Kyle Evoy-Bitterman has spent the majority of his life on a dirt bike. His dedication, determination and unwavering passion are not only remarkable to see, but also key characteristics of a winner. Kyle’s current focus includes three major races in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross, including Unadilla National, Moto-X 338 National and Steel City National, all of which span through the end of August to early September. In 2008, Kyle and his father decided it was time to take his career to the next level. Although it was hard emotionally and financially, the two of them moved to South Carolina to help Kyle pursue his dream of becoming a pro motocross rider. Living in the south has enabled him to ride year-round, connect with others who share his love of riding and meet potential sponsors. Kyle is so committed to making his dream become a reality that he began homeschooling and will graduate from high school this year. Kyle works hard on and off the track to prepare for each motocross race he attends. Between training, practicing, raising money and completing his homework, he has little time to focus on anything else. Kyle Bitterman has been competing in motocross since the age of seven. To date he has won 10 championships gaining him national recognition through magazines such as Cycle News. This year marked Kyle’s 18 th birthday, as well as his status as a pro motocross rider. Although he has achieved his dream of reaching pro status, he knows he can achieve even more. However due to the extensive costs associated with the sport, Kyle’s ability to do what he loves has come to a standstill. Even though he has a huge fan-base, faithful sponsors and supportive parents, he has yet to achieve a factory sponsorship. Kyle knows great achievements in motocross can’t be achieved alone; he needs a team of people to lead him to success! Ultimately, Kyle needs to raise a staggering $10,000 to compete in the upcoming nationals. However, this large sum of money can be raised through support from his community, friends and other local investors. His team is looking to find 30 sponsors, each offering $350. The perks of being a sponsor is more than just free swag and tax write-offs, it’s the chance to help a kid achieve his life-long dream. We ask that you please consider donating to the Kyle Bitterman Foundation, a small sum of money can help change the life of this young rider. For more information, please contact the Kyle Bitterman Foundation,!/kylebitterman


More information about becoming a sponsor: To donate to the Kyle Bitterman Foundation, please send an e-mail to containing your name, contact information and the amount of money you would like to donate. From there, you will receive an invoice via PayPal. All sponsors will receive a “Thank You” t-shirt, listing all sponsors and signed by Kyle. Sponsor’s name will be placed on dirt-bike and they will also receive an autograph card. More information about where the funds will go: All of the money raised will go towards helping Kyle compete at the three motocross nationals. These expenses include lodging, food, travel and racing fees and registration. The money will also go towards rebuilding Kyle's bike. In order to run at a pro level at the national motocross championships, the bikes will need to be equipped with updated necessary parts. Lastly, the donated funds will help cover Kyle’s new safety equipment. Motocross injuries are usually very severe and sometimes even fatal, it is important that Kyle has updated, safe equipment when competing. Below is a break-down of the expense. It is only a rough-estimate and does not include taxes. A more detailed and accurate breakdown can be provided upon request. Equipment Helmet $600 Neck-brace $700 Boots $ 550 Riding gear $1,000 Knee-braces $549 Moto socks / knee sleeves $100 Goggles $350 Chest protector $100 Total: $3,949 Parts Handlebars $80 Gripes $15 Unbreakable Levers $79/ea (need 2) RG3 Triple Clamps $556 UFO Plastic Kid $129 DNA Wheels and Hubs $550 Full Rebuild of Motor $2200 Race Gas $125/ea (need 4~ 20 gallons) Dunlop Mx 51 Tires $89/ea (need 6) New Seat and Seat Cover $150 FMF Full Exhaust $700 Vortex Rear Sprocket $79 RK Gold Series Chain $109 Graphics $180 Motohose Radiatior Hoses $144 ICW Radiators $220 T.M Design Works Chain Guide $170 Air Filters $70/ea (need 3) Light Speed Engine Guard $189 Boysen Water Pump $90 CV4 Tanks Wrap $80 Clutch Cover $100 Total: $7,145

More information about Motocross: The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship features the world’s fastest outdoor motocross racers, racing aboard the best bikes each factory offers, on the roughest, toughest tracks in the world. Motocross racing is survival of the fittest as well as the fastest every weekend; it’s where legends like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, James Stewart, and Ryan Villopoto were built. Motocross is the original extreme action sport, and the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is the pinnacle of pure motocross. The 12-rounds series, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, begins at Hangtown in May and ends at Pala Raceway in September. It includes stops at the premier motocross racing facilities in America, with events in Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, New York, Maryland and Michigan. The pro riders meet up on Saturday afternoon, with competition divided into two classes: one for 250cc bikes, and one for 450cc machines. Also, eight of the rounds feature the rapidlygrowing Pro Women’s Motocross Championship. Each track presents its own unique blend of jumps, hills, corners and whoops, but all the races run under the same format: two thirty-minute-plus-two lap motos (races) per class, with the scores from each race combined to determine the overall winner. The competition also tests fitness, as motocross at this speed is arguably the most physically demanding sport in the world. The AMA Pro Motocross Championship began in 1972. Back then, American riders were still learning the ropes from their European counterparts who invented the sport. They learned soon, though, and ultracompetitive riders like Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Jimmy Weinert, Tony DiStefano, and Kent Howerton pushed the sport to new heights. By the early-1980s, American stars were leading the way, as the likes of Rick Johnson, Broc Glover, Mark Barnett, Jeff Ward, Johnny O’Mara, and David Bailey met to battle at every round, surpassing the European masters in speed and technique. Those men paved the way for modern legends like Jeff Stanton and Damon Bradshaw, Jeremy McGrath and Jeff Emig, and of course Ricky Carmichael, who became known as “the GOAT,” which stands for “Greatest Of All-Time,” after his amazing run at the top landed him ten consecutive AMA Pro Motocross Championships. Motocross fans are a unique breed of action sport consumer – edgy, energetic, enthusiastic, and athletic. Motocross is a lifestyle sport, and for 12 weekends each summer, the best athletes on the planet do battle on the toughest tracks in the land. The real winners are the thousands of fans who get a spot at the fence and cheer for their heroes through every second of the action.

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