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Many people are asking how did Taylor Lautner bulk up for his movie roles in twilight. I have read and watched his interview videos to see how he did this. I will help you as best I can, as to how did Taylor Lautner bulk up for Twilight. How Did Taylor Lautner Bulk Up: Motivation Firstly; Taylor had massive motivation. Having a big budget Hollywood film role and contract would do that to anyone. Unfortunately us normal people do not have that luxury or access to expert trainers and nutritionists. Not to worry though, as you can motivate yourself. Using holidays, big events or even just the thought of having a great body is all you need. Picture yourself looking like Taylor, then keeping pushing and motivating yourself. How Did Taylor Lautner Bulk Up: Train Hard Taylor bulked up so fast by training hard and eating right. He has said in interviews that he was training seven days a week for two hours a day at one point. Do not worry though as you will not have to do this. Taylor actually began to lose weight while doing this because he was over-training himself. If you are a beginner then you only need to start training 3 times a week for around an hour at a time. You can then add more volume and frequency to suit your body type and requirements. How Did Taylor Lautner Bulk Up: Eat Right As I said before Taylor began to lose weight from over-training. The other reason for this is because he was not eating enough. He was training so much that he was burning more calories than he was eating, which makes you lose weight. Therefore Taylor Lautner had to start eating more to supplement his training and ensure that he was eating more calories than he was burning. This is how he added muscle to his frame so fast. I know this goes against the normal advice about eating less, but you have to eat more to put on muscle. Taylor Lautner is a perfect example of how good you can look if you eat properly to supplement your muscle building workouts. How Did Taylor Lautner Bulk Up There are more advanced ways and details of how Taylor bulked up for Twilight. After his initial training to get him used to bodybuilding training. He would have started using something called specialisation workouts. These workouts are aimed at adding muscle to specific body parts such as the chest, shoulders and abs. This type of training is great for giving an impression that you have put on more muscle than you have. What do you think would look more impressive? Adding 20 pounds of muscle to your entire body, or 20 pounds of muscle to your chest, shoulders and abs? Obviously adding 20 pounds to your 'show off' muscles will be more impressive.

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Taylor Lautner is one of the best looking teen actors of our time and in his role as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga he showed how fit he r...