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Latino Alumni Association

The Yale Latino Alumni Association serves alumni and current Yale students from over 45 countries around the world. The YLAA is a truly global network and we strive to meet the needs of our diverse community.

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Yale Latino Alumni

History Established in November 2007, the YLAA Board consolidated various efforts to organize a national alumni association for all Yale Latino alumni. The initial Interim Board laid the groundwork necessary to conduct formative outreach to and secure participation from our alumni. They developed databases and formalized the structure for today’s National YLAA. The work of the Interim Board culminated in the first-ever Yale Latino Alumni Reunion in April of 2009, at which time a new Board was created. By January 15, 2009, the group incorporated in Texas and by September 22, 2010, the Board incorporated in California. The New York Tri-State Chapter (NY, CT, NJ) incorporated in 2012. The Board receives active support from the Association of Yale Alumni, La Casa Cultural, the Yale College Dean’s Office, and the Yale Office of Development. Vision The Yale Latino Alumni Association envisions a Yale and a world where Latinos are recognized, rewarded, and valued for their meaningful contributions to Yale, society, and the world. Mission The mission of the Yale Latino Alumni Association (YLAA) is to actively engage Yale Latino alumni in identifying and positively addressing the critical issues facing Latinos at Yale and within Latino communities in the United States and abroad. The YLAA will achieve its mission by offerings its membership meaningful and sustainable opportunities for networking, collaboration, and advocacy. Purpose Reflecting the interests and needs of diverse Latinos from different national origins and Yale University schools, the YLAA will function as the primary conduit for Latino alumni interaction with Yale and serve as a primary advocate of its national and international networks. The YLAA will provide vision, leadership, and support to its national network while nurturing symbiotic relationships with its regional chapters. Core Values/Guiding Principles We will conduct our business and carry out our mission with honesty, transparency, and accountability. These are basic values with which we live our individual lives and that we strongly affirm as elected representatives of the Yale Latino Alumni Association. As a representative body, we aspire to balanced representation of all Yale Latino alumni. We will strive for inclusion of Yale Latino alumni representing the different schools, nationalities, ethnicities, class years, and geographies of residence. While our communities continue to work for social justice, we will continue

to promote positive social change and community empowerment as desired outcomes of our work. Respect is an important value in Latino cultures and will be a guiding principle of our work. An important aspect of respect is the acknowledgement of the fundamental dignity of each human being. As a community, we promote inclusion, compassion, and understanding. We reject racism, sexism, and homophobia, as well as the demonization of documented and undocumented immigrants. Structure The YLAA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization. This corporation will serve as an umbrella organization supporting the diverse communities of Latinos joined by their connection to Yale University. It will promote, harness, and support existing regional chapters (such as: Texas, Southern California, and the Tri-State area (NY, CT, NJ)) in addition to developing affiliates wishing to become chapters. While maintaining a broad-based national and international perspective, the YLAA will strive to bond all Yale Latinos, respecting the diversity of our network, understanding the interests of each local chapter, and supporting our shared interests across the YLAA network. Methodology The YLAA will systematically carry out its mission, in large measure, by: A. Establishing and maintaining consistent and enduring collaboration and communication with Yale University, including key departments and individuals, for the purpose of forging mutually beneficial partnerships to address critical Latino issues at the local, national, and international levels B. Advocating for progress at Yale in areas such as: Undergraduate and Graduate Latino student recruitment; the retention of all Latino students; the recruitment, development, and retention of diversified faculty; and the integration of relevant, interdisciplinary curricula of relevance to Latinos, among others C. Creating meaningful networking and collaboration opportunities for alumni, with the focused intention of facilitating and promoting greater professional development and personal growth opportunities for all alumni D. Assisting the University in promoting staff and faculty employment opportunities at all levels, within our network of Latino communities E. Mentoring and supporting current Yale Latino students during their course of studies and to help ensure their successful educational and social advancements F. Striving for a strong alumni platform where potential alumni legacies can be supported and nurtured; where the spouses, family members, and descendants of alumni may also benefit from opportunities within and because of Yale

Yale Latino Alumni Association Brochure  
Yale Latino Alumni Association Brochure  

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