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Chris Hemsworth Workout The Chris Hemsworth Workout to gain 20 lbs in less than 3 months is a great example of a Hollywood workout that works. Thor’s Director, Kenneth Branagh, told Chris to get as big as he can in preparation for his role as Thor. Three months later, the director told him he was too big, and he needed to slim down. This video will cover the exact strategies Chris used to get big, and then how he cut back to reduce his bulky, hour-glass figure. Chris Hemsworth Workout Phase One: Bulking Up Chris used compound training, which is one of the easiest ways to grow muscle fast. Compound muscle training involves using multiple muscle groups at a time, as opposed to isolated training, which is just one muscle group at a time.

The 3 most common Compound Training exercises are:

1. Squats 2. Deadlifts 3. Bench Press The problem with these exercises is that they create a curvy, hour-glass waist which as a guy you don’t want. Chris was told 3 weeks before shooting he needed to lose bulk and tighten his skin because he no longer fitted into the Thor costume. Chris Hemsworth Workout Phase Two: The Shrink Wrap Chris used a common technique in Hollywood, called “The Shrink Wrap Effect”. Other stars that have used this technique include Taylor Lautner (Twilight: New Moon) and Brad Pitt. The Shrink Wrap Effect works by tightening your skin around your muscles. Click the link below to watch the video that will explain what that is

This technique is one of those rare ones that gets results fast. So to achieve the Shrink Wrap Effect, Chris reduced his rep range, resulting in fast tightening of the skin around his muscles, particularly his abs and arms, which you see in the film. Chris’ trainer insisted on using the Shrink Wrap Effect as soon as he knew Chris only had 3 weeks to get the results.

So if you’re wanting to look like Chris in Thor, what you want to do is lose body fat by going for smaller rep ranges. After this, you want to focus on sarcoplasmic growth.

So get pumped, if you follow the exact Chris Hemsworth Workout as explained you too will be able to achieve the same results he did, and best of all, in under three months.

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Chris Hemsworth Workout Chris Hemsworth Workout. To gain 20 lbs in less than 3 months is a great example...